New words list March 2010

In addition to revised versions of Second edtion entries, the revised range requalify to Rg contained the following new entries:

• requinto, n.
• requisitionary, adj.
• reradiating, adj.
• re-raise, n.
• re-rate, v.
• re-reeled, adj.
• re-reform, n.
• re-regulate, v.
• re-regulation, n.
• re-rendering, n.
• re-resolved, adj.
• rerig, v.
• rerigging, n.
• re-rub, n.
• res, n.2
• resacralize, v.
• resample, n.
• resample, v.
• res angusta domi, n.
• resarciating, n.
• resarciation, n.
• rescindible, adj.
• resculpt, v.
• resculpting, n.
• re-season, v.
• Reserva, n.
• reserve grade, n.
• resharpening, n.
• reshipping, n.
• reshoot, n.
• residing, adj.
• residuate, v.
• resight, v.
• resiliating, adj.
• resinated, adj.
• resiner, n.
• resining, n.1
• resining, n.2
• res inter alios acta, phr.
• -resist, comb. form
• resize, v.
• resold, adj.
• resolubility, n.2
• resonation, n.
• re-sorting, n.2
• respecify, v.
• respecting, n.
• respecting, adj.
• resplendour | resplendor, v.2
• respring, v.2
• respringing, n.2
• res publica, n.
• ressie, n.
• restarter, n.
• restio, n.
• resto, n.
• restorator, n.
• restrictivism, n.
• restrictory, adj.
• restructure, n.
• restyle, n.
• resubdue, v.
• re-subjected, adj.
• resue, n.
• resue, v.
• res universitatis, n.
• resupine, v.
• resurrectable, adj.
• resurrectible, adj.
• resurveying, n.
• resus, n.
• Ret, n.3
• retainage, n.
• retally, n.
• retally, v.2
• retardency, n.
• retax, v.
• retching, adj.
• ret’d, v.
• reteam, v.
• retem, n.
• retempering, n.
• retender, n.
• retexture, n.1
• retexturize, v.
• rethatching, n.
• reticulopodial, adj.
• reticulopodium, n.
• Retin-A, n.2
• retinoscope, n.
• retitle, v.
• retortable, adj.2
• retracing, n.
• retractibility, n.
• retractible, adj.
• retracting, adj.2
• retractor, n.2
• retributionist, n.
• retrigger, v.
• retro, adj. and n.2
• retroceding, n.
• retroceding, adj.
• retrocess, v.
• retroduce, v.
• retroperitoneum, n.
• retroreflection, n.
• Retrovir, n.
• retrusible, adj.
• retry, n.
• Rett, n.
• return rate, n.
• revaccination, n.
• revaluating, n.
• revelrous, adj.
• reventing, n.
• reverize, v.
• reversed-out, adj.
• reverse-engineer, v.
• reverse engineering, n.
• revestment, n.2
• revibrating, n.
• revibrating, adj.
• reviewee, n.
• revirginize, v.
• revision, v.
• revisioning, n.
• revisioning, adj.
• revisualization, n.
• revisualize, v.
• revivicate, v.
• revivificating, adj.
• revoicing, n.
• revolutionaire, n.
• revolutionalize, v.
• rewatch, v.
• reweight, v.
• rewild, v.
• rework, n.
• rewound, adj.
• rewrap, v.
• Rf, n.
• Rg, n.

In addition to these new entries, a number of new subordinate entries were added to existing entries. These included:
• (Under request, n.1)
o request for proposal
• (Under request, v.1)
o requestable
o requesting
• (Under requisition, v.)
o requisitioned
• (Under re-rate, v.)
o re-rating
• (Under re-roof, v.)
o reroofing
• (Under resacralize, v.)
o resacralization
• (Under resample, v.)
o resampling
• (Under rescind, v.)
o rescinded
• (Under rescue, n.)
o rescue bid
o rescue dog
o rescue drug
o rescue fantasy
o rescue finance
o rescue financing
o rescue medication
o rescue package
o rescue remedy
o rescue attempt
o rescue centre
• (Under research, n.1)
o research hospital
o research park
o research activity
o research agency
o research agenda
o research analyst
o research associate
o research board
o research budget
o research centre
o research chemist
o research data
o research design
o research director
o research establishment
o research facility
o research finding
o research funding
o research group
o research initiative
o research institute
o research material
o research method
o research methodology
o research model
o research organization
o research paper
o research proposal
o research rocket
o research scholar
o research scientist
o research ship
o research skill
o research staff
o research study
o research team
o research technician
o research technique
o research tool
o research topic
o research trip
o research university
• (Under reserve, n. and adj.)
o reserve bench
o reserve champion
o reserve clause
o reserve number
o reserve ticket
• (Under reserved, adj. and n.)
o reserved word
• (Under reservoir, n.)
o reservoirful
• (Under resettlement, n.)
o Resettlement Administration
• (Under reshift, v.)
o reshifting
• (Under residence, n.1)
o residence hall
o residence order
• (Under residency, n.)
o residency application
o residency director
o residency order
o residency papers
o residency permit
o residency programme
o residency requirement
o residency rights
o residency status
o residency training
• (Under resident, adj. and n.1)
o resident alien
o resident ambassador
o residents’ association
• (Under residential, adj.2 and n.)
o residential care
o residential home
o residential school
• (Under residual, adj.)
o residual body
o residual current
o residual current device
o residual herbicide
o residual oil
o residual sugar
o residual volume
• (Under residual, n.)
o residual hypothesis
• (Under resight, v.)
o resighting
• (Under resin, n. and adj.)
o resin flux
o resin-gall
o resin-gall moth
o resin grass
o resin midge
o resin-coated
• (Under resinic, adj.)
o resinic acid
• (Under resistance, n.)
o resistance band
o resistance gene
o resistance level
o resistance wire
o resistance training
• (Under resist, n.)
o resist-dyed
• (Under resistive, adj. and n.)
o resistive heating
• (Under resistivity, n.)
o resistivity measurement
• (Under resize, v.)
o resizable
o resized
• (Under resolved, adj.)
o resolved flaking
• (Under resolving, n.)
o resolving gel
• (Under resonance, n.)
o resonance level
• (Under resort, n.)
o court of resort
o court of last resort
o resort complex
o resort course
o resort development
o resort community
o resort destination
o resort property
• (Under resource, n.)
o resource area
o resource person
o resource recovery
o resource room
o resource teacher
o resource availability
o resource book
o resource conservation
o resource consumption
o resource content
o resource depletion
o resource development
o resource exploitation
o resource guide
o resource management
o resource mobilization
o resource use
o resource utilization
o resource-dependent
o resource-sharing
o resource-hungry
o resource-rich
o resource-starved
• (Under resourceful, adj.)
o resourcefully
• (Under resow, v.)
o resowing
• (Under respiratory, adj.)
o respiratory acidosis
o respiratory alkalosis
o respiratory chain
o respiratory distress syndrome
o respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn
o adult respiratory distress syndrome
• (Under respite, n.)
o respite care
o respite centre
o respite home
o respite service
• (Under respite, v.)
o respited
• (Under response, n.)
o response curve
o response variable
• (Under restaurant, n.)
o restaurant critic
• (Under restauration, n.1)
o restauration day
• (Under rest, n.1)
o restward
• (Under resting, n.1)
o resting potential
o resting stage
o resting tremor
o resting wimble
• (Under restless, adj. and adv.)
o restless legs
o restless legs syndrome
• (Under restoration, n.)
o Restoration Day
o restoration ecology
o restoration programme
o restoration project
• (Under restorative, adj. and n.)
o restorative justice
• (Under restoring, adj.)
o restoring force
• (Under restraint, n.)
o restraint order
o restraint summons
• (Under restriction, n.)
o restriction fragment
o restriction fragment length polymorphism
o restriction map
o restriction site
• (Under restrictor, n.)
o restrictor plate
• (Under result, n. (and int.))
o result-driven
o result-oriented
o results-driven
o results-focused
o results-oriented
• (Under resumptive, adj. and n.)
o resumptive pronoun
• (Under resurrection, n.)
o resurrection pudding
• (Under resuspend, v.)
o resuspended
• (Under retail, n.1, adj., and adv.)
o retail bank
o retail banker
o retail banking
• (Under retention, n.)
o retention bonus
o retention cyst
• (Under reticular, adj.)
o reticular fibre
• (Under reticulate, adj.)
o reticulate python
• (Under retinal, adj.)
o retinal image
• (Under retino-, comb. form)
o retinomotor
o retinotopically
• (Under retinopathy, n.)
o retinopathy of prematurity
• (Under retinoscopy, n.)
o retinoscopist
• (Under retinue, v.)
o retinued
• (Under retirement, n.)
o retirement flat
o retirement annuity
o retirement asset
o retirement benefit
o retirement fund
o retirement income
o retirement package
o retirement pay
o retirement plan
o retirement portfolio
o retirement scheme
• (Under retitle, v.)
o retitled
o retitling
• (Under retool, v.)
o retooled
• (Under retort, n.1)
o retort cell
o retort stand
o retort-shaped
• (Under retractile, adj.1)
o retractile activity
o retractile mesenteritis
• (Under retreat, n.)
o retreat centre
• (Under retroact, v.)
o retro’acting
• (Under retroactive, adj.)
o retroactive amnesia
• (Under retro, adj. and n.2)
o retromania
• (Under retro-, prefix)
o retrocurved
o retrodeflect
o retrodeviation
o retroduct
o retroelement
o retrolocation
o retromorphosis
o retrosynthetic
o retrotransposition
• (Under retrofit, v.)
o retrofittable
• (Under retrograde, adj., n., and adv.)
o retrograde ejaculation
• (Under retrograde, v.)
o retrograded
• (Under return, n.)
o clause of return
o return to work
o return carriage
o return catch
o return fire
o return key
o return man
o return pass
o return path
o return stall
o return boat
o return bus
o return coach
o return horse
o return train
o return trip
o return fixture
o return line
• (Under return, v.1)
o return-to-zero
• (Under returning, adj.)
o returning board
• (Under reunify, v.)
o reunified
• (Under reunion, n.)
o reunion tour
• (Under reusable, adj.)
o reusable launch vehicle
• (Under revalue, v.)
o revalued
• (Under rev, n.2)
o rev limiter
• (Under revenge, n.)
o revenge fantasy
o revenge mission
o revenge plot
• (Under revenue, n.)
o revenue bill
o revenue bond
o revenue enhancement
o revenue-neutral
o revenue stream
o revenue tax
o revenue deficit
• (Under reverend, adj. and n.)
o Reverend Mother
o reverend-like
• (Under reversal, n.)
o reversal potential
• (Under reverse, adj. and adv.)
o reverse arch
o reverse auction
o reverse curve
o reverse dictionary
o reverse genetics
o reverse micelle
o reverse mortgage
o reverse phase
o reverse plate
o reverse premium
o reverse psychology
o reverse racism
o reverse split
o reverse stock split
o reverse swing
o reverse transcribe
o reverse video
o reverse polarized
o reverse-tapered
• (Under reversed, adj.)
o reversed charge
o reversed phase
• (Under reverse-engineer, v.)
o reverse-engineered
• (Under reversible, adj. and n.)
o reversible error
• (Under reversion, n.1)
o reversion spectroscope
• (Under review, n.)
o house of review
o review book
o reviews page
• (Under revirginize, v.)
o revirginization
o re-virginized
• (Under revisable, adj.)
o revisability
• (Under revised, adj.)
o Revised Standard Version
• (Under revitalize, v.)
o revitalizer
o revitalizing
• (Under revolutionary, adj. and n.)
o Revolutionary War
• (Under revolver, n.)
o revolver bullet
• (Under revolver, v.)
o revolvering
• (Under revolving, adj.)
o revolving rifle
• (Under rewardable, adj.)
o rewardability
• (Under reward, n.)
o reward card
o reward claim
• (Under reweight, v.)
o reweighted
o reweighting
• (Under re-wet, v.)
o rewetting
• (Under rewild, v.)
o rewilding
• (Under rex, n.1 and adj.)
o rex sole
Out-of-sequence new entries
11 March 2011 also saw the publication of the the following new entries from across the alphabet:
• amour fou, n.
• anacidity, n.
• anterograde, adj.
• anti-inflammatory, adj. and n.
• anti-inflation, adj.
• anti-inflationary, adj.
• anti-inflationist, n. and adj.
• arf, int.
• awayday, n.
• backslap, n.
• beauty contest, n.
• bendy bus, n.
• canola, n.
• cointegrate, n.
• corpocracy, n.
• enter, n.2
• Francoism, n.
• Francophonie, n.
• French colonial, adj. and n.
• French cut, n. and adj.
• French English, n.
• French-English, adj.
• French harp, n.
• frenching, n.
• French lock, n.1
• French polishing, n.
• generationally, adv.
• Generation Y, n.
• generativism, n.
• generativity, n.
• genericity, n.
• Genevating, adj.
• Heimlich manoeuvre | Heimlich maneuver, n.
• info-, comb. form
• info age, n.
• infoliate, adj.
• infoliated, adj.
• in-form, adj.2
• informalize, v.
• informance, n.2
• informatic, adj.
• informatization, n.
• informator choristarum, n.
• Infortiatum, n.
• over-resourced, adj.
• Paul Revere, n.
• rasour, n.
• superbug, n.
• tech, n.3
• techne, n.
• technicity, n.
• technikon, n.
• technocentric, adj.
• techno-head, n.
• technoid, adj. and n.
• technomic, adj.
• techy, adj.1
• techy, adj.2
• under-resourced, adj.
In addition to these new entries, the following out-of-sequence subordinate entries were added:
• (Under astral, adj. and n.)
o astral plane
o astral projection
• (Under balanced, adj.)
o balanced polymorphism
• (Under bargain, n.1)
o bargain bin
o bargain-bin
o bargain break
• (Under barking, adj.1)
o barking mad
• (Under belief, n.)
o belief system
• (Under carriage, n.)
o carriage return
• (Under disease, n.)
o disease-resistant
• (Under enter, v.)
o enter key
• (Under ento-, prefix)
o entorhinal
• (Under equity, n.)
o equity release
• (Under French, adj. and n.)
o French boot
o French-based
o French-born
o French-derived
o French-influenced
o French-inspired
o French-made
o French-trained
o French brandy
o French cruller
o French fact
o French flageolet
o French furlough
o to take (a) French furlough
o to take French furlough
o to take a French furlough
o French Impressionism
o French Impressionist
o French ivory
o French knitting
o French loaf
o French paradox
o French pitch
o French Resistance
o French 75
o French tickler
o French vermouth
o French angelfish
o French grunt
o French tarragon
o French speaker
• (Under Frenchify, v.)
o Frenchifying
• (Under general, adj. and n.)
o general of the army
o general adaptation syndrome
o general admission
o general aviation
o General Certificate of Secondary Education
o general contractor
o General Council of the Bar
o general delivery
o general ledger
o general linguist
o general linguistics
o general manager
o general paralysis
o general precession
o general receiver
o general relativity
o general secretary
o General Synod
• (Under generalized, adj.)
o generalized anxiety disorder
• (Under generating, adj.)
o generating company
o generating plant
• (Under generating, n.)
o generating capacity
• (Under generation, n.)
o generation ship
• (Under Generation Y, n.)
o Generation Yer
• (Under generative, adj.)
o generative-transformational
• (Under genesis, n.)
o genesis rock
• (Under Geneva, n.)
o Geneva motion
• (Under Helmholtz, n.)
o Helmholtz resonator
• (Under hold, v.)
o to hold (a person or thing) responsible
• (Under info-, comb. form)
o infocentre
o infoglut
o infographic
o infoline
o infostructure
o infonaut
o infopreneurial
• (Under infoliate, v.)
o infoliating
• (Under informal, adj.)
o informal settlement
• (Under information, n.)
o information centre
o information-handling
o information broker
o information age
o information architect
o information architecture
o information booth
o information operator
• (Under link, n.2)
o link farm
• (Under source, n.)
o source tree
• (Under stacking, n.)
o stacking gel
• (Under staff, n.1)
o staff-rew
• (Under tech, adj.)
o tech support
o tech talk
• (Under tech, n.4)
o tech wreck
• (Under technical, adj. and n.)
o technical analysis
o technical analyst
o technical drawing
o technical grade
o technical rehearsal
o technical water
• (Under Technicolor, n. and adj.)
o Technicolor yawn
o to do (also have) a (also the) Technicolor yawn
o to do a Technicolor yawn
o to do the Technicolor yawn
o to have a Technicolor yawn
• (Under techno-, comb. form)
o techno-cultural
o techno-environmental
o technoculture
o techno-environment
o techno-fetishism
o techno-fix
o techno-hippy
o techno-jargon
o techno-junkie
o techno-nationalism
o techno-nerd
o technopark
o technophilia
o technophilic
o techno-savvy
o technospeak
• (Under technocratic, adj.)
o technocratically
• (Under wal, n.)
o wal-reif
o wal-rest
Finally, new meanings were added to the following entries:
• abduction, n.
• antiseptic, adj. and n.
• any, adj. and pron.
• anything, pron., n., and adv.
• anyway, adv. and conj.
• arrival, n.
• arrive, v.
• at, prep.
• awesome, adj.
• bag, n.
• bag, v.1
• barking, adj.1
• beating, n.
• belter, n.
• calorific, adj.
• enter, v.
• franchise, n.
• franchise, v.
• French, adj. and n.
• French, v.
• Frenched, adj.
• French kiss, n.
• French lock, n.2
• Frenchy, n.
• generalist, n. and adj.
• generalize, v.
• generant, n. and adj.
• generate, v.
• generation, n.
• generator, n.
• generic, adj. and n.
• generosity, n.
• generous, adj. and n.
• Geneva, n.
• get, v.
• infoliate, v.
• infoliation, n.
• inform, v.
• informal, adj.
• information, n.
• infortunate, adj. and n.
• link, n.2
• saturated, adj.
• schedule, v.
• scheduled, adj.
• specify, v.
• technical, adj. and n.
• technographer, n.
• technography, n.