New words list March 2009

In addition to these new entries, a number of new subordinate entries were added to existing entries. These included:

o             ability group

o             ability grouping

o             ablation area

o             able-bodied seaman

o             abluting

o             abneurally

o             abortion on demand

o             abortion pill

o             abortion storm

o             Abraham cove

o             abrasion resistance

o             abrasion-resistant

o             abscised

o             abscission zone

o             absolute addressing

o             absolute auction

o             absolute brightness

o             absolute convergence

o             absolute monarch

o             absolute pardon

o             acetic fermentation

o             acetified

o             acetoacetic ether

o             achievement gap

o             achievement orientation

o             achievement-oriented

o             acicularity

o             acid anhydride

o             acid bath

o             acid bomb

o             acid drainage

o             acid mine drainage

o             acid hydrolase

o             acid hydrolysis

o             acid indigestion

o             acid mantle

o             acid phosphate

o             acid reflux

o             acid-resistant

o             acid-resisting

o             acid-soluble

o             acid stomach

o             acid suppressant

o             acid-suppressing

o             acid-sweet

o             acid-tolerant

o             acid-washed

o             acid-fried

o             acid-catalysed

o             acid-etched

o             acid etching

o             acid-neutralizing

o             acid-producing

o             acidimetrically

o             acidizable

o             acidizing

o             acid-tongued

o             acknowledgement card

o             acknowledgement form

o             actinopodan

o             alkali basalt

o             alkali blue

o             alkali desert

o             alkali feldspar

o             alkali flat

o             alkali salt

o             alkali soil

o             alkaline battery

o             alkaline cell

o             alkaline earth metal

o             alkaline phosphatase

o             alkylating agent

o             alkyl halide

o             allergenically

o             allergically

o             chaetognathous

o             ciliophoran

o             communication gap

o             communication receiver

o             communications director

o             communications manager

o             communications receiver

o             communications skills

o             communication centre

o             communication device

o             communication link

o             communication medium

o             communication network

o             communication room

o             communication service

o             communication system

o             communication technology

o             communications centre

o             communications device

o             communications link

o             communications medium

o             communications network

o             communications room

o             communications service

o             communications software

o             communications system

o             communications technology

o             communion aisle

o             communion book

o             communion plate

o             communion wafer

o             communist bloc

o             communist block

o             Communist Party

o             community-acquired

o             community action

o             community antenna

o             community antenna television

o             community church

o             community development

o             community education

o             community group

o             community radio

o             community relations

o             community service

o             community council

o             community councillor

o             community dining room

o             community health

o             community kitchen

o             community politics

o             consumer advocate

o             consumer confidence

o             consumer economy

o             consumer society

o             consumer terrorism

o             consumption rate

o             consumption weed

o             consumptionism

o             consumption level

o             consumption pattern

o             human biology

o             human bomb

o             human capital

o             human error

o             human face

o             —— with a human face

o             the human face of ——

o             human immunodeficiency virus

o             human pyramid

o             human-readable

o             human scale

o             human service

o             humanistic psychologist

o             humanistic psychology

o             life assemblage

o             life companion

o             life cover

o             life energy

o             life event

o             life expectation

o             life imprisonment

o             life mask

o             life savings

o             life skills

o             life stage

o             life system

o             life term

o             life zone

o             life-changing

o             life-extending

o             life-loving

o             life-prolonging

o             life-shortening

o             life model

o             life room

o             lifeboatsman

o             live ash

o             livebearing

o             live one

o             to live through ——

o             to live out

o             liver of sulphur

o             liver chestnut

o             liver-lipped

o             liver lips

o             liverman

o             liver mush

o             liver cancer

o             livery cab

o             livery car

o             loriciferan

o             rhizopodist

o             rhombozoan

o             social assistance

o             social audit

o             social commentary

o             social commentator

o             social dumping

o             social entrepreneur

o             social entrepreneurship

o             social fund

o             social housing

o             social ladder

o             social library

o             social network

o             social networking

o             social partner

o             social skills

o             social weaver

o             socio-legal

o             sociopathically

o             trilobitan

o             walk of shame

o             walk test

o             to walk around

o             to walk into ——

o             to walk into (a person’s) affections

o             to walk on

o             to walk through ——

o             walk-along-Joe

o             walking boss

o             walking bus

o             walking epidural

o             walking whale

o             walking cast

o             walking chair

o             walking disease

o             walking pneumonia

o             walking-around money

o             walking companion

o             walking holiday

New entries across the alphabet

12 March 2009 also saw the publication of the the following additional new entries and subordinate entries:

o             amino-alcohol

o             antisocial personality disorder

o             avoidance behaviour

o             avoidance response

o             blood peach

o             bronze liver

o             cartridge fuse

o             Christian humanism

o             circuit board

o             climbing skin

o             closed communion

o             credit crunch

o             dead ball

o             dermal bone

o             differently abled

o             dry vermouth

o             first communion

o             Florence fennel

o             golden groundsel

o             golden ragwort

o             hereditary peer

o             hereditary peerage

o             Indo-Aryan

o             secular humanism

o             secular humanist

o             surface-harden

o             surface-hardened

o             surface hardening

o             sweet vermouth

o             theoretical linguistics

o             vegetable alkaloid

o             volatile acidity

o             wave-cut platform

Finally, new meanings were added to the following entries: