March 2008 update: new words list


aer to aery

affect to affectuously

air to airy-fairy

Amerasia to Amerind


apple to applyment

ball to ballyhoo

cancer to chancrous

climacta to climature

computability to computus

culturable to culturology

disable to disabling

eco to ecotype

effect to effectuousness

electral to electroweak

euro to eurozone

evolute to Evolvulus

feck to F-word

free to free-woman

gaietry to gaylies

gene to genotypically

girl to girly-girly

heaven to heaven-wide

hell to helly

immune to immunology

language to languorous


sad to sadza

thing to thingy


List of new words

In addition to these new entries, a number of new subordinate entries were added to existing entries. These included:

Finally, new meanings were added to the following entries: