New words list June 2009

In addition to these new entries, a number of new subordinate entries were added to existing entries. These included:

o             Réaumur’s thermometer

o             reap day

o             Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom

o             Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

o             rear commodore

o             rearsight

o             rear-wheel drive

o             rear yard

o             rearfoot striker

o             rearing vat

o             reasonable cause

o             reasonable doubt

o             beyond reasonable doubt

o             reasonable force

o             reasonable suspicion

o             rebooking

o             reboring

o             rebound tenderness

o             rebreeding

o             recanalized

o             recapitulated

o             recarbonization

o             receipt box

o             receipt man

o             receiving water

o             receiving place

o             receptive field

o             receptive language

o             receptor-destroying enzyme

o             recession buster

o             recession-proof

o             rechargeability

o             recharged

o             re-chipping

o             reciprocal altruism

o             reciprocal hybrid

o             recitable

o             reclosable

o             recluse spider

o             brown recluse spider

o             Recognizance Rolls

o             recoil-operated

o             recoined

o             recollectingly

o             recombinant DNA

o             recombination line

o             recompacted

o             reconfigured

o             reconfiguring

o             recontextualization

o             recontextualizing

o             recontextualized

o             recontoured

o             recontouring

o             recordability

o             record contract

o             record deal

o             record locking

o             record producer

o             record-buying

o             record promoter

o             record-sized

o             recorder’s nose

o             recording artist

o             recording artiste

o             recording contract

o             recording deal

o             recording secretary

o             recovery movement

o             recovery party

o             recovery programme

o             recovery stock

o             letter of recreance

o             recreational vehicle

o             recreation day

o             recriminating

o             recruiting book

o             recruiting drum

o             recruiting order

o             recruiting duty

o             recruiting expenses

o             recruiting post

o             recruitment agency

o             recruitment campaign

o             recruitment consultant

o             recruitment drive

o             recruitment office

o             rectal pad

o             rectangularwise

o             rectory book

o             rectovesical pouch

o             recurrence rate

o             recurrent fever

o             recurrent nova

o             recurrent polyserositis

o             recycle bin

Out-of-sequence new entries

11 June 2009 also saw the publication of the the following new entries from across the alphabet:

In addition to these new entries, the following out-of-sequence subordinate entries were added:

o             ABO

o             amateur hour

o             baggage claim

o             baggage reclaim

o             bikini waxing

o             blockwork

o             blue balls

o             blue line

o             boot sale

o             car boot

o             congressionally

o             corridor of uncertainty

o             disco ball

o             to eat in

o             email address

o             fact file

o             forefoot striker

o             front crawl

o             gender dysphoria

o             gender dysphoric

o             giant redwood

o             hang-up

o             high bush cranberry

o             IVM

o             Irish breakfast

o             Irish breakfast tea

o             irrebuttable presumption

o             knock down ginger

o             lard-arse

o             lard-arsed

o             leap of faith

o             down the river

o             shit-faced

o             shit fit

o             snow alga

o             sticky catchfly

o             sunder-reeveland

o             to take away

o             to take out

o             TMI

o             tent pole

o             tent-pole man

o             tumble turn

o             WTF

o             well-received

o             wolfberry

Finally, new meanings were added to the following entries: