New words list June 2008

In addition to these new entries, a number of new subordinate entries were added to existing entries. These included:

o             rod pod

o             rod rest

o             rod white

o             rod fibre

o             Rogationtide

o             rogue nation

o             rogue trader

o             rogue wave

o             rogue agent

o             rogue cop

o             rogue operation

o             rogue operator

o             rogue soldier

o             roke penny

o             role behaviour

o             roled

o             roll of honour

o             Rolls House

o             roll cloud

o             roll scale

o             to roll along

o             to roll around

o             to roll away

o             to roll back

o             to roll by

o             to roll in

o             to roll out

o             to roll over

o             to roll up

o             roll up, roll up!

o             to roll in ——

o             to roll into ——

o             to roll off ——

o             rolled-out

o             roller bit

o             roller boot

o             roller cloth

o             roller coating

o             roller coating machine

o             roller drier

o             roller furling

o             roller pump

o             roller rink

o             roller shop

o             roller top

o             rollercoaster ride

o             rolling grass

o             spring rolling grass

o             spiny rolling grass

o             rolling maul

o             rolling start

o             rolling paper

o             rolling over

o             rollover contract

o             roly-poly bug

o             Roman arch

o             Roman bath

o             Roman blind

o             Roman brick

o             Roman chair

o             Roman mole

o             Roman Question

o             Roman road

o             Roman shade

o             Roman Wall

o             romancized

o             romantic comedy

o             romper room

o             romper suit

o             roofball

o             roof ladder

o             roof prism

o             roof scraper

o             roof tax

o             roof work

o             roof area

o             roof shingle

o             roofed terrapin

o             roofed turtle

o             roofing bone

o             roofing nail

o             roofing tin

o             roofless tenement

o             room-heart

o             room land

o             roomset

o             room-size

o             room-sized

o             room tone

o             room heater

o             room key

o             roosterfish

o             root and brancher

o             root collar

o             root crown

o             root divergence

o             root excretion

o             root-feeding

o             root-fill

o             root-filled

o             root fly

o             root ginger

o             rootkit

o             root sign

o             root tuber

o             roots music

o             rope swing

o             rope fender

o             rope mat

o             rope factory

o             rope shop

o             rose of May

o             rose berry

o             rose lift

o             rose lichen

o             rose oak

o             rose aphid

o             rose gall wasp

o             rose slug

o             rose slug sawfly

o             rose-ringed parakeet

o             rose robin

o             rose arch

o             rose-breasted robin

o             rose-coloured cockatoo

o             Rosehill parakeet

o             rosemary pine

o             Ross seal

o             Ross River virus

o             rostering

o             rostrate bone

o             rosy barb

o             rosy boa

o             rosy feather star

o             rosy pastor

o             rotary drill

o             rotary hoe

o             rotary kiln

o             rotary power

o             rotary quern

o             rotary switch

o             rotary tiller

o             rotary-winged

o             rotational latency

o             rotational quantum number

o             rotational symmetry

o             rotation crop

o             rotation curve

o             rotation rate

o             rotator cuff

o             rotatory power

o             optical rotatory power

o             rotisserie oven

Out-of-sequence new entries

16 September 2010 also saw the publication of the the following new entries from across the alphabet:

In addition to these new entries, the following out-of-sequence subordinate entries were added:

o             acute mountain sickness

o             alpha-hydroxy acid

o             ataxia telangiectasia

o             backward caste

o             backward class

o             other backward classes

o             backward compatibility

o             backward-compatible

o             backward difference

o             backward integration

o             backward masking

o             backward roll

o             backwardly compatible

o             backwards compatibility

o             backwards-compatible

o             BOD

o             B chromosome

o             B-mode

o             B-scan

o             B-scanning

o             birthing pool

o             Cape plane

o             central difference

o             compound body

o             coordinate geometry

o             crown pea

o             Darwin’s finch

o             DHTML

o             dynamic HTML

o             FET

o             fire-penny

o             flash drive

o             flash memory

o             forward difference

o             forward integration

o             forward roll

o             gust front

o             heel flip

o             scientific romance

o             sheep roddin

o             siege engine

o             simple body

o             slant distance

o             toxic waste

o             two-step

o             Viennese Actionism

o             Viennese Actionist

Finally, new meanings were added to the following entries: