June 2017 update

More than 600 new words, phrases, and senses have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary this quarter, including hygge, post-truthgin daisy, and widdly. You can read about other new and revised meanings in this article by Katherine Connor Martin, Head of US Dictionaries, and explore our timeline of veil words.

As this update also includes revisions to the word come, Denny Hilton, Senior Editor of the OED, explores the evolution of the term to come out in our release notes. You can also brush up on your serveor your backhand or volleyin our discussion of tennis terms.

Selected Letters of Norman Mailer (2014, edited by J. Michael Lennon) has recently been read as part of the OED’s reading programme, and the letters have provided several antedatings and some interesting insights into the challenges of finding evidence for swear words in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. You can read about this here.

See a full list of new words, subentries, and senses added in this update.

The OED publishes four updates a year. The next update will be added to the dictionary in September 2017.