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Much about the site has changed, but we are confident that it will be an improvement for regular users and an enticement to new users. Below are some answers to questions you may have – If you have other questions, do get in touch with our online marketing team.

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General questions

I am used to working with the old website. Is it still available?

From 1 April 2011 the older OED site at (the old subscriber homepage) will no longer be available and a redirect will be in place for all access methods directly from to

How should library card users login on the new site?

If you currently point people to you will need to change the link to You may have this link at more than one place on your site; please check your holdings. If you do not change the link users will see an interim page which will redirect them to the new site.

How does IP authentification work on the new site?

Users from within your institution may currently have links to either or

Links to do not need to change as these now automatically go to the new site. It would be advisable to update to to enable users to go straight to the new site, bypassing the interim page.

For users outside of North and South America, how does the new site affect Athens/Shibboleth logins?

Athens: if logging in via MyAthens users will automatically be sent to the new OED site; if users go directly from a link on your library pages you will need to ensure that the link is updated to
Shibboleth: users will need to be sent straight to to login rather than to If using WAYFless urls you will need to contact us in order for us to provide you with new details.

Should I update my bookmarks?

Any bookmarks to should be updated to for users to be able to view the new site. Bookmarks further into the site, e.g. to an entry, advanced search, or to any public page, deliver an interim page prompting users to visit the new site via the homepage.  We are unable to provide a direct mapping of old pages to new pages within the site.

Public Pages: most public pages on the old site have been transferred to the new site; thereafter users will not be able to access public pages on the old site.

Will my old search boxes work with the new site?

The old search box which you may have embedded will not work with the new site. We advise you to change it to the new search box which you will be able to find through Subscriber Services.

Are usage statistics still available?

The statistics for the OED are now COUNTER compliant. General Information about OUP Usage Statistics is available here and further information from the COUNTER help file. 

Usage statistics are available for the current OED online site only since the time of relaunch in November 2010.  It is not possible to capture any data about visits to the previous site after 29 November 2010.  Following the switch off of the previous site hosted at from 1 April 2011 you may have seen an upsurge in statistics as usage is no longer split between the old and new sites.

If you have any questions about COUNTER or your usage statistics please contact us:

Customers outside North and South America

Customers in North and South America

What browsers does the new site support?

All current standard web browsers are supported. These include Internet Explorer for Windows (version 7 and higher), Firefox Mac and Windows (versions 3 and higher), Safari Mac and Windows (versions 3 and higher), Opera Mac and Windows (versions 9 and higher), and Google Chrome Mac and Windows. If you are currently running Internet Explorer 6 we advise you to upgrade for a better experience.

How is the relaunched OED related to Oxford Dictionaries Online?

A full differentiation is available here.

I have an individual subscription to the OED. Does my username and password remain unchanged?

Yes, you are still able to use your existing username and password, and login through

Is the new site accessible through mobile devices?

The site is accessible on mobile devices but is not specifically optimized for those platforms.

Does the new site support SRU?

Yes. The SRU service (search/retrieve via URL) is documented here.

Is training available?

We are currently running training online following relaunch. In addition, do visit our help section to learn how to get the most out of the new content and functionality.

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Library customers

Am I able to compare usage from the old and new OED sites?

No, as we have moved to COUNTER (which is a different standard to the current ICOLC reporting), they will not be directly comparable.

Is SUSHI supported?

Yes, SUSHI will be part of the COUNTER-compliant usage reports.

Have remote institutional usernames and passwords migrated?


Is there space for institutional branding logos?


Is federated search supported by the new OED?

Yes. We recommend that you use the SRU service.

Has administrator access migrated to the new OED?


Does the new site offer support for OpenURL linking?


Do entries have DOIs?

No. Each entry will not have a DOI; this is in line with how the current OED site works.