COUNTER Usage Statistics

Explaining changes due to standards move from ICOLC to COUNTER:

Over the last year we have been transitioning our online products from ICOLC to COUNTER usage reporting, to come in line with industry standards in usage statistic reporting.

As a result of the change of these reporting formats, you may have noticed a significant change in the usage figures you are seeing. This is because of the difference in how ICOLC and COUNTER statistics are reported, not due to any sudden changes in actual user behaviour. We absolutely understand that this may have caused concern, so have produced a document to help explain how COUNTER works – COUNTER, What is it and how does it affect me?

We are fully committed to help you to understand the differences between ICOLC and COUNTER reporting and the impact this has had on your usage reports. We urge you to monitor statistics since the change to identify any changes in behaviour, rather than comparing ICOLC directly with COUNTER. We will also continue to work alongside you to support the growth of usage across your portfolio of online products.

More information:

If you have any questions, or would like a copy of our COUNTER Help File, please contact us at or visit our usage statistics page for FAQs and further information.