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Welcome to Oxford English Dictionary subscriber services. These pages contain information on accessing OED Online, managing your subscription, and getting help if you have a problem.

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Accessing the site

Before you log in to the site:

Technical problems?

Please consult our support pages and get in touch.

Help with using the site

Detailed help is available from every page of the site.
If you can’t find an answer on the site, you can also contact us.

Managing your account

To see usage reports, or for any other aspect of account management, see our accounts management page.

MARC records

MARC 21 records can be downloaded here by library professionals free of charge.

Promoting the site to users

We have a range of resources to help librarians promote the site.
Get downloadable posters, flyers, logos, toolbars, and more

SRU service

OED Online supports federated and other automated queries through the use of our SRU service.

Contact us

Please do get in touch with any requests or queries you may have.