OED First Edition

An ode to the OED

‘I carted the 20 volumes home with such elation that I stopped at the fishmonger’s to buy some turbot for a celebratory dinner.’ Assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph Christopher Howse on the OED:

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The art of reading for the OED: Chuck Deodene

Previously in this series on the art of reading for the OED, we have heard from Ruth Mateer, Joy Winnington, John Healey, and Vivienne Painting on their work with the dictionary’s Reading Programmes.  Here, Chuck Deodene talks us…

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Appeals update: March 2019

Appeals to you: #wordswhereyouare and #hobbywords Last year saw the ninetieth anniversary of the completion of the first edition of the OED, and as part of the celebration we’ve been…

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The Old Bailey Lady Justice

The art of reading for the OED: John Healey

‘There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a word that isn’t in the dictionary yet. It gives me a real buzz. I think it must be similar to the thrill that scientists feel when they discover a new species or a new sub-atomic particle.’

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