Guide to the Historical Thesaurus

The Historical Thesaurus of the OED is a huge semantic index of the content of the dictionary. It provides new ways to discover, explore, and browse aspects of the English language and its history. The taxonomic organization of the Historical Thesaurus offers a unique new perspective on the material in the OED.

OED Online integrates the Historical Thesaurus with the OED itself, enabling users to navigate seamlessly between the two.

For more detailed information, see What is the Historical Thesaurus? and How to use the Historical Thesaurus.

For a quick introduction to the main features of the Historical Thesaurus, please view section 4 of the OED Online tour:

Download: oed_tour_s4.pps (2.9 Mb)

The tour is in PowerPoint Show (.pps) format. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to watch it. You can download the free PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft Download Center.

You can also see a slide version of the tour using the slide viewer below. View fullscreen by clicking menu » view fullscreen.