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Korean consultants

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OED Korean project team (2021)

Korean English consultant profiles

Jieun Kiaer

Jieun Kiaer is Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include the formation of translingual/transcultural words and dynamic lexicons. She is particularly interested in the role of social media in the global lexicon. Kiaer is the series editor for ‘Routledge Studies in East Asian Translation’ and has most recently published Translingual Words (Routledge 2019) and Delicious Words (Routledge 2020). 

Jiyoung Shin

Jiyoung Shin is Professor of Korean Linguistics at Korea University. Her primary areas of research are Phonetics and Phonology, the spoken grammar of Korean, and the role of prosody in Linguistics. Jiyoung has most recently published The Tug-of-War of Language (Book 21 2018) and The Linguistic High Jump (Influential 2021). She received a Presidential Commendation for her contributions to family policy in 2020.

Joe-Eun Kim

Joe-Eun Kim is a Pronunciation Linguist at the BBC Pronunciation Unit.