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Prof Kingsley Bolton

Prof Kingsley Bolton, OED consultant for Hong Kong English

Kingsley Bolton is Professor Emeritus at the University of Stockholm. He has published widely on English in China and across the Asian region. His (2003) monograph, Chinese Englishes: A Sociolinguistic History (Cambridge University Press) traced the history of English in China from the seventeenth to the early twenty-first century. His latest book, the Handbook of Asian Englishes (2020, co-edited with Werner Botha and Andy Kirkpatrick, Wiley-Blackwell), received the 2021 PROSE Award from the Association of American Publishers (AAP) for outstanding academic research in the category ‘Language and linguistics’. He is Co-Editor of the journal, World Englishes (Wiley-Blackwell), and Series Editor of the Routledge book series, Multilingual Asia. 

Dr Lisa Lim

Dr Lisa Lim, OED consultant for Hong Kong English

Lisa Lim is Associate Professor in the School of Education at Curtin University in Perth, having held positions at the National University of Singapore, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Hong Kong, where she was Head of the School of English from 2016-2018, and in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Sydney, where she was Chair of Department from August 2019 to December 2020. Her interests centre around contact dynamics in New, especially Asian, Englishes, in multilingual ecologies; issues of language shift, endangerment, and postvernacular vitality in minority and endangered language communities; and the sociolinguistics of globalisation, with attention to migration and mobility, computer-mediated communication, and urban linguistic diversity, and their impact on contact dynamics. She is co-author of Languages in Contact (with Umberto Ansaldo, Cambridge University Press, 2016), and writes a fortnightly ‘Language Matters’ column for Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post’s Sunday Post Magazine