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Ms Glenys Collard

Glenys Collard, OED consultant for Australian English

Glenys Collard is a Nyungar woman who has been working for and with the Nyungar people across WA for over 30 years. She has contributed extensively to understanding history, language and culture in Nyungar country and beyond.  She was the first to record the Nyungar language with key community elders and has chaired multiple state-level and national committees. Glenys is a published author and has taught workshops to thousands of teachers and university students in Australia. 

Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro

Celeste Rodriguez Louro, OED consultant for Australian English

Dr Celeste Rodriguez Louro is a Senior Lecturer and Australian Research Council Fellow in Linguistics at The University of Western Australia. She is also Vice-President of the Australian Linguistic Society. Trained in Argentina, the USA and Australia, her research tracks language change across time. Celeste is also interested in macro sociolinguistic issues including standard language ideologies, language contact and multilingualism and decolonization. Her publications have appeared in high-ranking international journals. Her work has featured in more than 50 peer-reviewed conferences, including recent invited plenaries and panels. She has won multiple research and teaching awards and has a solid record of media appearances, a testament to her commitment to making linguistics available to a wide audience.