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—— & Wilmot, Catherine
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        See Wilson, James Harold

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        See Wilson, Thomas Woodrow

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        ed. The art of needlework [by E. Stone] c 1840

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        See Dartnell, G. E.

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        See Pote, J.

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        —(ed. 2) 1968

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        or the construction, and use of the logarithmeticall tables tr. 1635 (ed. 2)

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        Vincentius Lirinensis, for the antiquitie and veritie of the Catholik fayth tr.

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Winslow, Edward
        A briefe narration of the true grounds or cause of the first planting of New England 1646 (Appendix to next)
        Hypocrisie unmasked 1646
        A relation or journall of the beginning and proceedings of the English plantation setled at Plimoth in New England 1622

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        On obscure diseases of the brain, and disorders of the mind 1860

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        The inner life, its nature, relapse, and recovery 1850

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        The counsellor heart 1980
        Death of an angel 1975
        The Witch Hill murder 1977

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        Christopher Columbus and the spirit of discovery 1891
        From Cartier to Frontenac 1894
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‘Winter, John Strange’ (Mrs. Arthur Stannard)
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        Red coats 1894

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        Shakespeare’s England 1886

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        An account of the native Africans in the neighbourhood of Sierra Leone 1803

Winter’s crimes ed. G. Hardinge et al. 1969–

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        The history of New England a 1649 (1825–26, 1853)

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        The canoe and the saddle a 1861 (1862)
        John Brent 1862 (UK 1883)
        Life in the open air 1863

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        ed. A dictionary of economic terms (ed. 3) 1951

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        Clinical hematology 1942

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        Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I, collected (chiefly)from the original papers of Sir R. Winwood a 1617 (1725)

Wireless world 1913–

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        Sketches of the life and character of Patrick Henry 1817 (1818)

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        tr. K. Mannheim’s Ideology and Utopia: an introduction to the sociology of knowledge 1936

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        Reports and collections (title varies) 1855–

Wisden cricketers’ almanack (title varies) 1864–

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        High-performance driving for you 1966

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        The Churches quarrel espoused 1772

Wise, John R.
        The New Forest; its history and its scenery 1862

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        Fabiola; or the Church of the Catacombs (anon.) 1855
        Recollections of the last four Popes and of Rome in their times 1858
        Twelve lectures on the connection between science and revealed religion 1836

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        Severall chirurgical treatises 1676
        A treatise of wounds 1672

Wister, Owen
        The Virginian: a horseman of the plains 1902

Wit and science, Marriage of
        See Marriage

Wit and science, Moral play of c 1530
        See Redford, J.

Wit and wisdom, Marriage of
        See Marriage

Wit restor’d, in severall select poems, not formerly publish’t (by Sir J. Mennes & J. Smith) 1658

Wit’s recreations
        See Witts

Withals, John
        A shorte dictionarie (English and Latin) for yonge begynners 1553 (1556, 1568)
        —The seconde tyme corrected by Lewys Evans
1574 (1602)

Wither or Withers, Fabian
        Dariot’s (C.) Breefe introduction to the astrologicall iudgement of the starres 1583 (1598)
        Indagine’s (J. ab) Briefe introductions vnto the art of chiromancy or manuel diuination, and physiognomy
tr. 1558
        —ed. 1651, entitled The book of palmestry and physiognomy

Wither, George
        Workes 1620
        Juvenilia 1622, 1633
        Miscellaneous works a 1667 (Spenser Soc. 1872–78)
        Abuses stript and whipt 1613
        —also the scourge. Epigrams 1613 (1614)
        Britains remembrancer, containing a narration of the plague lately past 1628
        Campo-Musæ, or the field-musings of Capt. G. W. 1643
        A collection of emblemes, ancient and modern 1634–35
        Epithalamia: or nuptiall poems 1612
        Faire virtue, the mistresse of Philarete (anon.) 1622 (1633; in Arber, Eng. Garner IV)
        Fidelia (anon.) 1615 (1617; in Arber, Eng. Garner VI)
        Meditations upon the Lord’s Prayer 1665
        Prince Henries obsequies 1612
        The shepherds hunting (anon.) 1615
        Vox pacifica 1645
        Withers motto. Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo 1621

Withering, William
        A botanical arrangement of all the vegetables naturally growing in Great Britain 1776
        —ed. 2, entitled A botanical arrangement of British plants 1787–92; ed. 3, 1796
        —ed. 4, enlarged by W. Withering (the younger) (1801); ed. 5 (1812)

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        The orders, lawes, and ancient customes of swanns 1632 (1664; in Harl. Misc.)

Withers, Robert
        A description of the Grand Signour’s seraglio (ed. J. Greaves) 1650 (1653)

Wittfogel, Karl August
        Oriental despotism: a comparative study of total power 1957

Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef Johann
        Tractatus logico-philosophicus [anon. tr.] 1922
See also Anscombe, Gertrude E. M.

Wittie, Robert
        Primrose’s (J.) Popular errors; or, the errours of the people in physick tr. 1651
        Pyrologia mimica; or, an answer to Hydrologia chymica of W. Sympson

Witts, Francis Edward
        The diary of a Cotswold parson ed. D. Verey 1978

Witts recreations (by Sir J. Mennes & J. Smith), with a thousand outlandish proverbs (selected by Mr. G. Herbert) 1640 (1663)

Witwer, Harry Charles
        Fighting blood 1923
        From baseball to Boches 1918
        The leather pushers 1921

Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville
        The adventures of Sally 1923
        Aunts aren’t gentlemen: a Jeeves and Bertie story 1974
        Bill the conqueror 1924
        Blandings Castle and elsewhere 1935
        Carry on, Jeeves! 1925
        The clicking of Cuthbert 1922
        The code of the Woosters 1938
        The coming of Bill 1920 (US ed. 1919 with title Their mutual child)
        Company for Henry 1967
        A damsel in distress 1919
        Eggs, beans and crumpets 1940
        Frozen assets 1964
        The heart of a goof 1926
        Hot water 1932
        The inimitable Jeeves 1923
        Jill the reckless 1921 (US ed. 1920 with title The little warrior)
        Laughing gas 1936
        Leave it to Psmith 1924
        Lord Emsworth and others 1937
        Louder and funnier 1932
        The luck of the Bodkins 1935
        Meet Mr. Mulliner 1927
        Money in the bank
1942 (UK 1946)
        Mr. Mulliner speaking
        Much obliged, Jeeves
        Pearls, girls and Monty Bodkin
        Performing flea: a self-portrait in letters
        Plum pie
        Right ho, Jeeves
        Sam the sudden
        Service with a smile
1961 (UK 1962)
        Something fresh
        Tales of St. Austin’s
        Uncle Fred in the springtime
        Very good, Jeeves!

Wodenote, Theophilus
        Hermes theologus; or, a divine Mercurie despatcht with a grave message of new descants upon old records 1649

Wodroephe, John
        The spared houres of a souldier in his travels; or the true marrowe of the French tongue 1623 (1625)

Wodrow, Robert
        Collections upon the lives of the reformers and most eminent ministers of the Church of Scotland a 1734 (Maitland Cl. 1834–45)
        Correspondence 1694–1732 (Wodrow Soc. 1842–43)
        History of the sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restauration to the Revolution 1721–22 (1828–30)
        The life of James Wodrow a 1734 (1828)

Wodrow Society
        Publications (1842–47)
        Miscellany (1844)

Woglom, Gilbert T.
        Parakites. A treatise on the making and flying of tailless kites for scientific purposes and for recreation 1896

Wohunge of ure lauerd, The a 1240 (in Old English homilies, I, E.E.T.S. 1868)

Wolcot, John (‘Peter Pindar’)
        Works 1794–1801, 1809, 1812, 1816, a 1819 (1824)
        A benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban 1790
        The Lousiad, an heroi-comic poem 1785–95
        Lyric odes to the royal academicians 1782
        More lyric odes to the royal academicians 1783
        Subjects for painters 1789

Wolf, Frederick Adolph & Wolf, Frederick Taylor
        The fungi 2 vols. 1947

Wolfe, Bernard
        Limbo 1952 (UK ed. 1953 with title Limbo ’90)
        See also Mezzrow, Milton

Wolfe, Thomas Clayton
        Look homeward, angel: a story of the buried life 1929 (UK 1930)
        The web and the rock 1939
        You can’t go home again 1940

Wolfe, Tom
        The electric kool-aid acid test 1968
        The kandy-colored tangerine-flake streamline baby 1965 (UK 1966)

Wolfenden, R. Norris
        Joal’s Respiration in singing tr. 1895

Wollaston, William
        The religion of nature delineated (anon.) 1722 (1738)

Wolley, Charles
        A two years’ journal in New York 1701 (1860)

Wolley, Edward
        See Scudery, G. de

Wolley, Hannah
        See Woolley, H.

Wollocombe, John B.
        From morn till eve: reminiscences 1898

Wollstonecraft (afterwards Godwin), Mary
        An historical and moral view of the origin and progress of the French Revolution 1794
        Letters to Imlay a 1797 (1879)
        Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark 1796
        Posthumous works a 1797 (1798)
        A vindication of the rights of woman 1792

Wolseley, Garnet J. W., Viscount
        The life of John Churchill, duke of Marlborough, to the accession of queen Anne 1894
        The soldier’s pocket-book for field service 1869

Woman 1937–

Woman of fashion, The 1767

Woman of honor, The 1768

Woman’s day (New York) 1937–

Woman’s journal 1927–

Woman’s own 1932–

Women saints. The lives of women saints of our contrie of England c 1610         (E.E.T.S. 1886)

Women’s Group on Public Welfare. Hygiene Committee
        Our towns: a close-up, 1939–42 1943

Womock, Laurence
        Aron-bimnucha 1663
        The examination of Tilenus before the triers 1658

Wonders of the physical world 1875

Wood, Alphonso
        The American botanist and florist 1866
        A class-book of botany 1845 (1850)

Wood, Anthony
        Athenæ Oxonienses. An exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in the university of Oxford from 1500 to 1690; to which are added, the fasti or annals of the said university 1691–92 (1721, 1813–20)
        The history and antiquities of the colleges and halls in the university of Oxford; from the original MS. in the Bodleian Library; with continuation by John Gutch a1695 (1786–90)
        The history and antiquities of the university of Oxford; from the original MS. in the Bodleian Library a 1695 (1792–96)
        Life, from 1632 to 1672, written by himself; continued till 1695 a 1695 (1772, 1848, O.H.S. 1891–1900)
        Survey of the antiquities of the city of Oxford 1661–66 (ed. Andrew Clark, O.H.S. 1889– 99)

Wood, Christopher ‘Terrible hard’, says Alice 1970

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        Dictionary of American slang 1926

Wood, Ellen P.
        See Wood, Mrs. Henry

Wood, Eric Stuart
        Collins field guide to archaeology 1963

Wood, Ernest Egerton
        Yoga dictionary 1956

Wood, George B.
        A treatise on therapeutics and pharmacology or materia medica 1856

Wood, H. Freeman
        The Englishman of the Rue Caïn 1889
        The passenger from Scotland Yard 1888

Wood, Mrs. Henry
        The Channings 1862
        East Lynne 1861
        Elster’s folly 1866
        Lady Adelaide’s oath 1867
        A life’s secret 1867
        Lord Oakburn’s daughters 1864
        The master of Greylands 1873
        Mildred Arkell 1865
        Mrs. Halliburton’s troubles 1862
        Orville college 1867
        Oswald Cray 1864
        Parkwater 1876
        Pomeroy Abbey 1878
        The shadow of Ashlydyat 1863
        St. Martin’s eve 1866
        Trevlyn Hold 1864
        Verner’s pride 1863

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        A treatise on the limitation of actions at law and in equity 1883

Wood, Horatio C.
        A contribution to the history of the freshwater algæ of North America 1872 (Smithsonian Contrib. knowl. XIX)
        A treatise on therapeutics 1874 (1879)

Wood, James
        The elements of optics 1798 (1828)
        The principles of mechanics 1796 (1803)

Wood, James Alex F.
        North beat 1973

Wood, John G.
        The (boy’s) modern playmate 1870 (1890)
        The common objects of the sea shore 1858
        Homes without hands 1865 (1868)
        The illustrated natural history 1853 (1855, 1859–63)
        Out of doors: a selection of original articles on practical natural history 1874
        The popular natural history 1867
        Sketches and anecdotes of animal life 1854; second series 1855

Wood, Mary A. E.
        See Green, M. A. E.

Wood, Michael
        Gardiner’s (S.) De vera obedientia tr. 1553

Wood, Nicholas
        A practical treatise on rail-roads 1825 (1838)

Wood, Mrs. Nugent & Lapham, H.
        Waiting for the mail 1875 (Melbourne)

Wood, Owen
        An alphabetical book of physicall secrets, for all those diseases that are most predominant and dangerous in the body of man 1639

Wood, Robert
        An essay on the original genius of Homer (anon.) 1769
        —ed. 2, with a comparative view of the ancient and present state of the Troade a 1771 (1775)

Wood, Shakspere
        The new curiosum urbis: a guide to ancient and modern Rome 1875

Wood, Thomas
        An institute of the laws of England 1720 (1722)

Wood, Thomas
        Cobbers: a personal record of a journey..to Australia 1934

Wood, William
        New Englands prospect 1634 (1865)

Wood, William
        A survey of trade 1718 (1719)

Wood, William
        The great advantages of our colonies and plantations to Great Britain 1775

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        The surgions mate 1617
        —with a treatise of ye cure of ye plague 1639
        Viaticum, being the path-way to the surgions chest 1628

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        The encyclopædia of photography 1892

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Wooden world dissected, The 1706
        See Ward, E.

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        An excellent new comedie, intituled: The conflict of conscience 1581 (in Hazl.,      Dodsley)

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        tr. M. Gignoux’s Stratigraphic geology 1955

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        Elementary atomic structure 1970

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        Florence Nightingale, 1820–1910 1950

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        The life of S. Teresa (anon.; tr. from Spanish) 1671
        Motives to holy living a 1678 (1688)

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        Blue bone 1973
        Mama doll 1972
        Rock baby 1968
        Tree frog 1966

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        An elementary treatise on astronomy 1812

Woodhouse, Thomas
        Artificial silk 1927

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        The trotting horse of America: how to train and drive him 1868

‘Woodruff, Philip’ (Philip Mason)
        The island of Chamba 1950
        Whatever dies 1948

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        Rural crafts of England 1949

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        Works 1851
        Lectures on Church government 1844

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        The Prince of Wales in Canada and the United States 1861

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        Done to death 1974
        Enter certain murderers 1966
        Enter the corpse 1973

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        Outlines of vertebrate palæontology 1898

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        The geology of England and Wales 1876

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        An attempt towards a natural history of the fossils of England a 1728 (1728–29)
        An essay towards a natural history of the earth 1695 (1723)

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        A treatise on heraldry 1892 (1896)

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        An account of the rise and progress of religious societies in the city of London 1697 (1701)

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        A manual of the mollusca; or, a rudimentary treatise of recent and fossil shells 1851–56

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        Experimental psychology 1938
        —(rev. ed., by Woodworth & H. Schlosberg) 1954
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        —(2nd ser.) 1932
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        Roger Fry: a biography 1940
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        To the lighthouse 1927
        The voyage out 1915
        The waves 1931
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        The years 1937

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        While Rome burns 1934

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        Alalakh: an account of the excavations at Tell Atchana, in the Hatay, 1937–1949 1955

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        The gentlewoman’s companion 1675
        The queen-like closet 1670

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        Journal of the life, gospel labours and Christian experiences of J. W. 1776

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        Communism and socialism in their history and theory 1880
        Introduction to the study of international law 1860 (1864, 1875)

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        Anne; a novel 1883
        Jupiter lights: a novel 1889

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        Social science and social pathology 1959
        Testament for social science 1950

Worboise, Emma J.
        Sissie 1882

Worcester, Bp. of 1690
        See Stillingfleet, E.

Worcester, Earl of
        See Tiptoft, J.

Worcester, Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquis of
        A century of..inventions 1655 (1663, 1865)
        An exact and true definition of the most stupendious water-commanding engine 1663

Worcester, Joseph E.
        A dictionary of the English language 1860
        A universal and critical dictionary of the English language 1846

Worcester, William
        See Botoner, W.

Worcestershire (West) glossary 1882
        See Chamberlain, Mrs.

Word 1945–

Word study 1925–69

Words 1934–41

Words by an eyewitness 1901
        See ‘Linesman’

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        Annals of my early life, 1806–45 1891
        Annals of my life, 1847–56 a 1892 (1893)

Wordsworth, Christopher (of Trinity College, Cambridge)
        Ecclesiastical biography 1810 (1853)
        Who wrote ? considered and answered in two letters, addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury 1824
        —Documentary supplement 1825
        King Charles the first, the author of Icôn Basilikè, further proved

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        Memoirs of William Wordsworth 1851
        Miscellanies: literary and religious v.d. (1879)
        Theophilus Anglicanus; or, instructions concerning the Church and the Anglican branch of it 1843 (1850)
        Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, 1807–1885. By J. H. Overton & Elizabeth Wordsworth
(1888, 1890)

Wordsworth, Christopher
        Rutland words 1891 (E.D.S.)
        Scholae academicae; some account of the studies at the English universities in the eighteenth century 1877
        Social life at the English universities in the eighteenth century

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        Journals ed. E. de Sélincourt 2 vols. 1941

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        Poetical works v.d. (1849, 1888, 1895)
        Poems (1807)
        Prose works v.d. (Grosart 1876)
        The Borderers; a tragedy
1795–96 (1842)
        The excursion
        Peter Bell
        The prelude; or, growth of a poet’s mind
1799–1805 (1850)
        The white doe of Rylstone

Worfat, William de
        See Hutton, William

Work, Milton Cooper
        Complete contract bridge 1929

Work 1889–1924

Worke for cutlers; or a merry dialogue betweene sword, rapier and dagger 1615

Workhouses. An account of several work-houses for employing and maintaining the poor         1725 (1732)

Workman, Fanny B. & William H.
        Algerian memories. A bicycle tour over the Atlas to the Sahara 1896

Workshop receipts 1873–85
        See Spon, Ernest

World, The 1874–1921

World and the child. A propre new interlude of the worlde and the chylde, otherwyse called         Mundus & infans c 1500 (Roxb. Club 1817; Hazl., Dodsley; Manly, Pre-Shaks.         drama)

World archaeology 1969–

World of cricket monthly 1976–

World review 1936–53

World’s work (New York) 1900–32

Worlidge, John
        Apiarium; or a discourse of bees 1676
        Systema agriculturæ; the mystery of husbandry discovered 1669 (1681)
        —To which is added, Kalendarium rusticum and Dictionarium rusticum 1675 (1681)
        Vinetum Britannicum; or a treatise of cider 1676 (1691)

Wornum, Ralph N.
        Analysis of ornament 1856
        —ed. 2, entitled The characteristics of styles 1861
        ed. Lectures on painting, by the Royal Academicians Barry, Opie, and Fuseli v.d. (1848)

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        English idioms for foreign students 1932

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        The industrial arts of Denmark from the earliest times to the Danish conquest of England 1882

Worsley, Peter Maurice
        The trumpet shall sound: a study ofcargocults in Melanesia 1957

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        tr. E. Hannover’s Pottery and porcelain
        See Rackham, Bernard

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        The socialist myth 1971

Worthington, John
        Miscellanies a 1671 (1704)

Wotton, Anthony
        An answere to a popish pamphlet, entituled, Certaine articles discovering the absurdities of the Protestants religion 1605
        Runne from Rome 1624

Wotton, Henry
        A courtlie controversie of Cupids cautels tr. 1578

Wotton, Sir Henry
        Reliquiæ Wottonianæ; or a collection of lives, letters, poems, etc. a 1639 (1651, 1654, 1672, 1685)
        The elements of architecture 1624
        A short view of the life and death of George Villiers duke of Buckingham 1639 (1642)
        See also Smith, L. P.

Wotton, William
        The history of Rome from the death of Antoninus Pius to the death of Severus Alexander 1701
        Reflections upon ancient and modern learning 1694 (1697)

Woty, William
        Poetical works 1770
        Poems on several occasions 1780

Wrangham, Francis
        The Pleiad; or, a series of abridgements of seven distinguished writers, in opposition to the pernicious doctrine of          deism 1820

Wraxall, Sir Frederick C. L.
        Hugo’s (V. M.) Les misérables tr. 1862
        Life in the sea; or the nature and habits of marine animals 1860
        Memoirs of Robert-Houdin by himself tr. 1859
        Wild oats 1858

Wraxall, Sir Nathaniel W.
        Historical memoirs of my own time, from 1772 to 1784 1815
        Memoirs of the courts of Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, and Vienna in the years 1777–79 1799
        A tour through some of the northern parts of Europe 1775 (1776)

Wren, Christopher
        Parentalia; or memoirs of the family of the Wrens, compiled by Christopher Wren and published by Stephen Wren a 1747 (1750)

Wren, Bp. Matthew
        A sermon preached before the Kings Majestie 1627

Wren, Matthew
        Monarchy asserted 1659

Wrenn, Charles Leslie
        Word and symbol 1967

Wright, Abraham
        Five sermons in five several styles or waies of preaching 1656

Wright, Barbara
        tr. R. Queneau’s Between blue and blue 1967

Wright, David McKee
        Station ballads and other verses 1897

Wright, Edward
        Certaine errors in navigation 1599 (partly in Arber, Eng. Garner III)
        Stevin’s (S.) Haven finding art, by the latitude and variation tr. 1599

Wright, Edward P.
        Animal life 1879
        Figuier’s (L.) Ocean world tr. 1872

Wright, Frances
        Views of society and manners in America (anon.) 1821

Wright, Frank Lloyd
        Autobiography 1932

Wright, George Payling & Symmers, William St. Clair
        eds. Systemic pathology 2 vols. 1966

Wright, Harold Bell
        The winning of Barbara Worth 1911

Wright, Herbert E.
        A handy book for brewers 1892

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        Camus’ (J. P.) Nature’s paradox tr. 1652

Wright, James
        Historia histrionica 1699 (in Hazl., Dodsley; Arber, Eng. Garner II)

Wright, Joseph
        The English dialect dictionary 1896–1905
        A grammar of the dialect of Windhill, in the West Riding of Yorkshire 1892 (E.D.S.)

—— & Wright, Elizabeth Mary
        Old English grammar 1908

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        The hunting of Antichrist 1589

Wright, Lewis
        The illustrated book of poultry: with practical schedules 1873

Wright, Peter
        The language of British industry 1974

Wright, Thomas
        The passions of the minde 1601 (1621)

Wright, Thomas
        The Celt, the Roman, and the Saxon 1852
        Dictionary of obsolete and provincial English 1857
        Early travels in Palestine 1848
        Essays on archæological subjects, and on various questions connected with the history of art, science and literature in the middle ages 1861
        Essays on subjects connected with the literature, popular superstitions, and history of England in the middle ages 1846
        A history of domestic manners and sentiments in England during the middle ages 1862
        The homes of other days; a history of domestic manners and sentiments in England 1871
        ed. Political poems and songs v.d. (Rolls series 1859–61)
        ed. Political songs of England v.d. (Camden Soc. 1839)
        ed. Popular treatises on science v.d. (1841)
        ed. Specimens of lyric poetry a 1310 (Percy Soc. 1842)
        ed. A volume of vocabularies v.d. (1857); a second volume (1873)
        Anglo-Saxon and Old English vocabularies. Second edition, ed. R. P. Wülcker (Wright-        Wülcker) (1884)

—— & Halliwell, James O.
        ed. Reliquiæ antiquæ v.d. (1841–43)

Wright, Thomas
        The romance of the lace pillow 1919

Wright, Walter R.
        Horæ Ionicæ: a poem descriptive of the Ionian Islands 1809

Wright, William Aldis
        See Eastwood, J.

Wright’s chaste wife, The c 1462 (E.E.T.S. 1865, 1869)

Wrighte, William
        Grotesque architecture 1767 (1790)

Wriglesworth, Captain W.
        MS. Log-book of theLyell’ 1730

Wriothesley, Charles
        A chronicle of England during the reigns of the Tudors 1485–1559 (Camden Soc. 1875–77)

Wroth or Wroath, Lady Mary
        The Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania 1621

Wülcker, R. P.
        See Wright, T.

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        Homilies a 1023 (Napier 1883)

Wundt’s (W.) Lectures on human and animal psychology tr. J. E. Creighton & E. B. Titchener 1894

Wurtz’ (C. A.) Atomic theory tr. E. Cleminshaw 1880

Wyatt (Captain)
        The voyage of Robert Dudley, afterwards earl of Warwick and Leicester and duke of Northumberland, to the West Indies, 1594–95, narrated by capt. Wyatt, by himself, and by Abram Kendall, master c 1595 (Hakluyt Soc. 1899)

Wyatt, Sir Thomas
        Poetical works a 1542 (1810, 1816, 1821, 1913)

Wyburn, George McReath, Warbrick, J. G., & Todd, M. E.
        Concise anatomy 1967

Wyche, Sir Peter
        A short relation of the river Nile tr. 1669 (1798)

Wycherley, William
        Posthumous works a 1716 (1728–29)
        Dramatic works a 1716 (1840)
        The country-wife 1675
        The gentleman dancing-master 1673
        Love in a wood 1672
        The plain-dealer 1676

Wycket, Wycklyffes ?a 1500 (1546; ed. Pantin 1828)

Wyclif, John
        English works c 1380 (E.E.T.S. 1880)
        Select English works c 1380 (1869–71)
        Three treatises c 1380 (ed. Todd 1851)
        The Holy Bible, made from the Latin Vulgate by John Wycliffe and his followers 1382, 1388 (ed. J. Forshall & Sir F.Madden 1850)

Wydeville, Anthony
        See Rivers, Earl

Wyfe lapped in Morrelles skin, The c 1550 (in T. Amyot’s Old taming of a shrew, Shaks. Soc. 1844; Hazlitt, Early pop. poetry, IV, 1866)

Wykes, Alan
        Gambling 1964

Wyl Bucke his testament
See Lacy, John

Wyld, Henry Cecil
        A short history of English 1914

Wylde, James
        ed. The circle of the sciences 1862–67

Wylde, Zachary
        The English master of defence 1711

Wylie, James H.
        History of England under Henry the fourth 1884–98

Wyll of the devill, The c 1550 (c 1825; Jyl of Brentford etc., Ballad Soc. 1871)

Wyllie, John W. S.
        Essays on the external policy of India a 1870 (1875)

Wyllie, Peter J.
        ed. Ultramafic and related rocks 1967

Wylson, Thomas
        Demosthenes’ Three orations in fauour of the Olynthians with fower orations against King         Philip 1570

Wymondham and Attleborough Express 1975–

Wynd, Oswald
        Sumatra seven zero 1968
        Walk softly, men praying 1967

Wyndham, Anne
        Claustrum regale reseratum; or the King’s concealment at Trent 1667 (1681)

Wyndham, Henry P.
        A gentleman’s tour through Monmouthshire and Wales (anon.) 1775

‘Wyndham, John’ (John Wyndham P. L. B. Harris)
        The day of the triffids 1951
        The Midwich cuckoos 1957
        The seeds of time 1956
        Trouble with lichen 1960

Wynn, Sir John
        The history of the Gwedir family a 1600 (1878)

Wynne, family
        The Wynne diaries, 1789–1820 ed. A. Fremantle 3 vols. 1935–40

Wynter, Andrew
        Curiosities of civilization 1860
        Our social bees; or pictures of town and country life 1861

Wynter, Sylvia
        The hills of Hebron 1962

Wyntoun, Andrew of
        Ðe orygynale cronykil of Scotland c 1425 (1795, 1872–79, S.T.S. 1903–08)

Wyrley, William
        The true use of armorie 1592

Wyse, Sir Thomas
        An excursion in the Peloponnesus 1865

Wythe, George
        Decisions of cases in Virginia by the High Court of Chancery 1795

Wyvill, Sir Christopher
        The pretensions of the triple crown examined 1672