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        Institutiones grammaticæ 1633
        Vocabula cum aliis Latinae linguae subsidiis a 1646 (1673)

Wedderburne (David)
See Compt buik

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        General view of the agriculture of the County Palatine of Chester 1794

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        The trial of Charles I 1964

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        A dictionary of English etymology 1859–65

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        A catalogue of the different articles of Queen’s ware, manufactured by J. Wedgwood ? 1770
        Selected letters ed. A. Finer & G. Savage 1965

Wednesday’s fast (Here beginneth a lytel treatyse that sheweth how every man and woman ought to fast on ye wednesday) 1500 (W. de Worde; 1532)

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        Autobiography a 1882 (ed. Harriet A. Weed 1883–84)

Weeden, William B.
        The social law of labor 1882

Week in Wall Street, A, by one who knows 1841

Week-end review 1930–4

Weekend world (Johannesburg) 1968–

Weekes, John
ed. Truth’s conflict with error 1650

Weekley, Ernest
        Something about words 1935
        Words and names 1932

Weekly dispatch 1914–28

Weekly memorials for the ingenious 1682–83

Weekly News (Auckland) 1863–

Weekly notes, The: being notes of cases heard and determined by the House of Lords, the Superior Courts of Equity and Common Law, the Courts of Probate and Divorce, etc. 1866–

Weekly register 1811–14

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        The life of General F. Marion 1809
        The life of George Washington 1800 (1810, 1877)

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        Journal of a governess, 1807–1825 2 vols. 1969 (reprint of 1936–9 ed. with new editorial matter by J. J. Bagley & E. Hall)

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        Ancient funerall monuments 1631
        The mirror of martyrs 1601

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        Anatomy of the chordates 1951

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        I can get it for you wholesale 1937 (UK 1939)

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        An American dictionary of slang and colloquial speech 1954

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        The historical basis of modern Europe 1886 (1889)

Weir, Robert
        Riding 1891 (Badminton Library)

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        Germ-plasm tr. by W. N. Parker & H. Rönnfeldt 1893

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        Wit, humour, and Shakspeare 1876

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        Poems 1844 (1867)

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        History of the Tower bridge 1894
        History of the worshipful Company of Pewterers of the city of London 1902

Welcker, Adair
        Tales of thewild and woolly West’ 1891

‘Welcome, John’ (John Brennan)
        Hell is where you find it 1968
        Stop at nothing 1959

Weld, Charles R.
        A history of the Royal Society 1848
        Notes on Burgundy, ed. by his widow 1869

Weldon, Sir Anthony
        The court and character of King James 1650
whereunto is now added the court of King Charles 1651

Weldon’s Practical needlework 1886–

Welford, Richard
        History of Newcastle and Gateshead 1884–87

Well of Woman Hill, Aberdeen (Ane breif descriptioun of the qualiteis and effectis of the Well of the Woman Hill, besyde Abirdene) 1580 (1884)

Wellek, René & Warren, Edward Austin
        Theory of literature 1949

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        A selection from his despatches, treaties, and other papers during his government of India a 1842 (ed. Sidney J. Owen 1877)

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of
        Dispatches 1799–1818 (compiled by Lieut.-Col. Gurwood 1834–38)
Supplementary despatches 1797–1805 (ed. by his son 1858–72)
        A selection from his despatches, memoranda, and other papers relating to India v.d. (ed. Sidney J. Owen 1880)

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        Southern Africa: a geographical study 1955

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        Outline of historical geology 1938

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        Bauderon’s (B.) Expert phisician tr. 1657

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        Joseph and his brethren, a scriptural drama 1824

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        Our merchant marine 1882

Wells, Helena
        Constantia Neville, or the West Indian 1800

Wells, Herbert G.
        All aboard for Ararat 1940
        The anatomy of frustration: a modern synthesis 1936
        Ann Veronica: a modern love story 1909
        Apropos of Dolores 1938
        The autocracy of Mr. Parham 1930
        Babes in the darkling wood 1940
        Brynhild; or, The show of things 1937
        Experiment in autobiography 2 vols. 1934
        The first men in the moon 1901
        The food of the gods and how it came to earth 1904
        The history of Mr. Polly 1910
        The holy terror 1939
        The invisible man: a grotesque romance 1897
        Joan and Peter: the story of an education 1918
        Kipps, the story of a simple soul 1905
        Love and Mr. Lewisham 1900
        Men like gods 1923
        Mr. Britling sees it through 1916
        The new Machiavelli 1910 (UK 1911)
        The new world order 1940
        The outline of history 1920
        The shape of things to come 1933
        Things to come: a film story based on ‘The shape of things to come’ 1935
        The time machine: an invention 1895
        Tono-Bungay 1909
        The war in the air 1908
        The war of the worlds 1898
        The wheels of chance 1896
        The work, wealth and happiness of mankind 1931 (UK 1932)
        You can’t be too careful: a sample of life 1941
See also Gissing, George Robert & Wells, H. G.

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        The Owl Pen reader 1969

Wells, Robert
        The pastrycook and confectioner’s guide 1889

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        Dead by the light of the moon 1967 (UK 1968)

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        Memoirs of the most material transactions in England for the last hundred years preceding the Revolution in 1688 1700

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        Development of English literature and language 1882

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        Account of the life and writings of T. Brown 1825

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        Military reminiscences; extracted from a journal of nearly forty years active service in the East Indies 1830

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        Works a 1747 (1787)

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        The substance of Christian faith and practice 1724

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        The optimist’s daughter 1973

Welwood, James
        See Wellwood, J.

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        American dialect dictionary 1944

—— & Flexner, Stuart Berg
        Dictionary of American slang 1960
—(new ed.) 1967
—(new ed.) 1975

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        In the balance 1941 (UK ed. 1942 with title Danger point)

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        A statistical, historical, and political description of the colony of New South Wales 1819 (1820)

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        Protozoology 2 vols. 1926

Werburge, Saint
See Bradshaw, H.

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        The captain of the locusts 1899

Wertheim’s (Willem Frederik) Evolution and revolution: the rising waves of emancipation [anon. tr.] 1974

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        Crowell’s dictionary of English grammar and handbook of American usage 1928
        A dictionary of American slang 1934 (UK 1935)

Wesker, Arnold
        Chicken soup with barley (in New English dramatists I) 1959
        Chips with everything 1962
        I’m talking about Jerusalem 1960
        The kitchen (in New English dramatists II) 1960
        Roots 1959

Wesley, Charles
        Hymns and sacred poems 17.. (1749)
        Hymns on the great festivals and other occasions 1746
See also Wesley, John

Wesley, John
        Works a 1791 (1829–31, 1872)
        The character of a Methodist 1742 (1747)
        Collection of psalms and hymns 1738
—enlarged by J. & C. Wesley 1743
        An extract from J. W.’s journal from his embarking for Georgia to his return to London 1737–90
        Hymns and sacred poems, by John and Charles Wesley 1739, 1742
        Journal ed. N. Curnock 8 vols. 1909–16
        Primitive physick 1747
        The principles of a Methodist 1746

Wesleyan-Methodist magazine 1822–1913

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        English grammar for beginners 1895 (1907)

West, Anthony
        The trend is up 1960 (UK 1961)

West, Elizabeth
        Memoirs or spiritual exercises 1766

West, Gilbert
        Observations on the history and evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ 1747
        Odes of Pindar, with several other pieces tr. 1749
        Poems a 1756 (1810)

West, Jane
        Alicia de Lacy 1814
        A gossip’s story (anon.) 1796
        The infidel father 1802
        A tale of the times 1799

West, John
        The history of Tasmania 1852

‘West, Rebecca’ (Cicily Isabel Andrews)
        Black lamb and grey falcon: the record of a journey through Yugoslavia in 1937 2 vols. 1941 (UK 2 vols. 1942)
        The fountain overflows 1957
        The harsh voice: four short novels 1935
        The modern ‘Rake’s progress’ 1934
        St. Augustine 1933
        The strange necessity: essays and reviews 1928
        The thinking reed 1936

West, Richard Gilbert
        Pleistocene geology and biology, with especial reference to the British Isles 1968

West, Richard Leaf
        Sketches from Vietnam 1968

West, Thomas
        The antiquities of Furness 1774 (1805, 1822)

West, William
        Symbolæographia; the art, description or image of instruments 1590
Symbolæography. The first part. Newly corrected 1592
The third time corrected. Three treatises of the second part of Symboleographie 1594

West India sketch book 1834

West Lancashire Evening Gazette (Blackpool) 1929–

West Somerset word-book 1886
        See Elworthy, F. T.

Westall, William
        The old factory: a Lancashire story 1881

Westcote, Thomas
        A view of Devonshire in 1630 a 1636 (1845)

Westcott, Bp. Brooke F.
        Christian aspects of life 1897
        The gospel of life 1892
        The gospel of the resurrection 1866
        An introduction to the study of the Gospels 1860

Westcott, Edward N.
        David Harum: a story of American life 1898

Western Mail (Cardiff) 1869–

Western martyrology, The; or the bloody assizes 1705

Western Morning News (Plymouth) 1860–

Westfield, Bp. Thomas
        Englands face in Isrels glasse a 1644 (1646)

Westgarth, William
        The colony of Victoria 1864

Westheimer, David
        Going public 1973

Westlake, Donald Edwin
        Bank shot 1972
        Cops and robbers 1972 (UK 1973)
        I gave at the office 1971 (UK 1972)
        Up your banners 1969 (UK 1970)
See also ‘Coe, Tucker’

Westmacott, Charles M. (‘B. Blackmantle’)
        The English spy 1825–26 (1907)
        Points of misery; or fables for mankind 1823

Westmacott, William
        sive historia vegetabilium sacra; or a scripture herbal 1694

Westminster assembly of divines. A confession of faith 1643–47 (1648)
A shorter catechism 1647

Westminster drollery: or, a choice collection of the newest songs and poems 1671 (1875)

Westminster gazette, The 1893–1927

Westminster magazine, The 1773–85

Westminster review 1824–

Weston, Carolyn
        Poor, poor Ophelia 1972 (UK 1973)
        Rouse the demon 1976 (UK 1977)

Weston, Hubert Claude
        Sight, light and efficiency 1949
—(ed. 2, with title Sight, light and work) 1962

Weston, Richard
        The universal botanist and nurseryman 4 vols. 1770–7

Weston, Stephen
        A Trimester in France and Switzerland, July to October 1820. By an Oxonian 1821

Westropp, Hodder M.
        Ancient symbol worship 1874

Westward for smelts, an early collection of stories 1620 (Percy Soc. 1848)

Westwater, Frank Lorimer
        Teach yourself electronic computers 1962
—(rev. ed.) 1964

Westwood, John O.
        British butterflies and their transformations 1841
        British moths and their transformations 1843–45
        The entomologist’s text book 1838
        An introduction to the modern classification of insects 1839–40

Wetheral, Mabel
        Two north-country maids 1887

‘Wetherell, Elizabeth’
        See Warner, Susan

Wever, R.
        An enterlude called lusty iuuentus c 1565 (in Hazl., Dodsley)

Weyl, Alfred Richard
        Guided missiles 1949

Weyl, Claus Hugo Hermann
        The classical groups: their invariants and representations 1939

Weyman, Stanley J.
        The abbess of Vlaye 1904
        Chippinge 1906
        The man in black 1894
        The new rector 2 vols. 1891
        Shrewsbury: a romance 1898
        Sophia 1900
        The story of Francis Cludde 1891
        Under the red robe 1894

Weymouth, Richard F.
        On euphuism 1871 (Trans. Philol. Soc., part iii)

Whaley, John
        A collection of poems 1732

Whalley, Peter
        The works of Ben Jonson, with notes 1756

Wharton, Edith
        The custom of the country 1913
        The fruit of the tree 1907
        The greater inclination 1899
        The hermit and the wild woman and other stories 1908
        The house of mirth 1905
        Human nature 1933
        Summer 1917

Wharton, Sir George
        Works a 1681 (1683)
        Rothmann’s (J.) tr. 1652

Wharton, Henry
        A defence of pluralities (anon.) 1692
        Dellon’s (C.) History of the inquisition at Goa tr. 1688
        The enthusiasm of the Church of Rome 1688
        Fourteen sermons preached in Lambeth Chapel 1688–89 (1700)
        A specimen of some errors and defects in (Burnet’s) History of the reformation 1693

Wharton, Henry T.
        Sappho: memoir, text, selected renderings, and a literal translation 1885 (1895)

Wharton, John J. S.
        A law lexicon 1848
Fifth edition, revised by J. S. Will 1872

Wharton, Philip Wharton, Duke of
        The true Briton 1723–24

Wharton, Thomas I.
        Digest of cases in the Circuit Court of the United States, Third District, and in the Courts of Pennsylvania 1822–36 (1853)

Whately, Abp. Richard
        Elements of logic 1826 (1827, 1836)
        Elements of rhetoric 1828 (1836)
        Miscellaneous remains from his commonplace book 1816–60 (1864)
        Life and correspondence a 1863 (ed. E. Jane Whately 1866)

Whately, William
        A bride-bush, or a wedding sermon 1617
        A care-cloth: or a treatise of the cumbers and troubles of marriage 1624
        Gods husbandry: the first part 1619; 2 pts. 1622
        The oyle of gladnesse. Certaine sermons 1637
        Prototypes or the primarie precedent a 1639 (1640)
        The redemption of time; or a sermon 1606 (1634)

Whatley, Robert
        The Christian: a sermon on the words of King Agrippa to St. Paul 1746

Whatmough, Joshua
        Language: a modern synthesis 1956

Wheat and tares 1861
        See Cunningham, Sir H. S.

Wheatley, Dennis Yates
        The man who missed the war 1945

Wheatley, Henry B.
        A dictionary of reduplicated words in the English language 1865 (Philol. Soc.)

Wheatly, Charles
        The Church of England man’s companion; or a rational illustration of the harmony and usefulness of the Book of Common Prayer 1710

Wheaton, Henry
        History of the Northmen, or Danes and Normans 1831
        Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States 1816–27 1826–27

Wheaton, Nathaniel S.
        A journal of a residence in London 1830

Wheatstone, Sir Charles
        Scientific papers a 1875 (1879)

Whedon, Daniel D.
        The freedom of the will 1864

Wheel of fortune, The: or nothing for a penny 1698

Wheeler, Alwynne Cooper
        The fishes of the British Isles and north-west Europe 1969

Wheeler, Ann
        The Westmorland dialect, in three familiar dialogues 1790
in four familiar dialogues 1802 (1821)

Wheeler, James T.
        Early records of British India 1878 (1879)
        Madras in the olden time 1861

Wheeler, John
        A treatise of commerce 1601

Wheeler, Keith
        Epitaph for Mr. Wynn 1971 (UK 1972)

Wheeler, Robert Eric Mortimer
        Archaeology from the earth 1954

Wheeler, William H.
        History of the fens of South Lincolnshire 1868 (1897)

Wheeler, William Morton
        Social life among the insects 1922

Wheelock, Eleazar
        Sermon 1763

Wheelwright, Charles A.
        The comedies of Aristophanes tr. 1837

Wheelwright, Horace W.
        A spring and summer in Lapland (anon.) a 1863 (1864)

Wheler, Sir George
        An account of the churches, or places of assembly of the primitive Christians described by Eusebius 1689
        A journey into Greece 1682

Whellan, William
        The history and topography of the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland 1859
        History, topography, and directory of the county palatine of Durham 1856

Where: information on education (Advisory Centre for Education) 1960–

Whetstone, George
        The English myrror 1586
        A mirour for magestrates of cyties 1584
        A remembraunce of the wel imployed life of G. Gaskoigne 1577
        The right excellent historye of Promos and Cassandra 1578
        The rocke of regard 1576

Whetton, Harry
ed. Practical printing and binding 1946

Whewell, William
        Architectural notes on German churches (anon.) 1830 (1842)
        Astronomy and general physics considered with reference to natural theology 1833
        Grotius (H.) On the rights of war and peace tr. 1853
        History of the inductive sciences, from the earliest to the present times 1837 (1847–57)
        History of scientific ideas; being the first part of the Philosophy of the inductive sciences 1858
        Indications of the creator 1845
        Novum organon renovatum; being the second part of the Philosophy of the inductive sciences 1858
        The philosophy of the inductive sciences, founded upon their history 1840 (1847)
        Tides 1849 (1851–59; in Manual of scientific enquiry)
        Life, and selections from his correspondence, by Mrs. Stair Douglas (1881)
See also Todhunter, Isaac

Which? (Consumers’ Association Ltd.) 1957–

Whichcote, Benjamin
        Several discourses a 1683 (1701–07)

Whicker, John
        An account of the adventures of my (H. Pitman’s) companions, since I left them at Saltatudos 1689 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VII)
See also Pitman, Henry

Whig and Tory: or, wit on both sides. Being a collection of poems, by the ablest pens of the High and Low parties, upon the most remarkable occasions, from the change of the ministry, to this time 1712

Whig examiner, The (by Jos. Addison) 1710–12

Whig-Standard (Kingston, Ontario)
See Kingston Whig-Standard

Whigg. A true and faithful account of the last distemper and death of Tom Whigg, Esq. 1710

Whimzies 1631
        See Brathwait, R.

Whip. A fresh whip for all scandalous lyers 1647

Whipple, Edwin P.
        Character and characteristic men 1866
        Essays and reviews 1850
        Success and its conditions 1871

Whishaw, Lorna
        As far as you’ll take me 1958

Whistle-Binkie; a collection of comic and sentimental songs 1832
—ed. 2, entitled Whistle-Binkie; or the piper of the party 1839 (1878, 1890)

Whistler, Henry
        Aime at an up-shot for infant baptisme by the good will of Christ 1653

Whiston, William
        The genuine works of F. Josephus tr. 1737 (1777)
        A new theory of the earth 1696 (1722)
        A short view of the chronology of the Old Testament 1702
        Memoirs of the life and writings of W. W. Containing memoirs of several of his friends also, and written by himself 1749–50

Whitaker, Alexander
        Good newes from Virginia 1613

Whitaker, Jeremiah
        The danger of greatnesse; or, Uzziah his exaltation and destruction 1646

Whitaker, John
        The ancient cathedral of Cornwall historically surveyed 1804
        The genuine history of the Britons asserted 1772
        The history of Manchester 1771–75
        Mary Queen of Scots vindicated 1787

Whitaker, Nathaniel
        Two sermons on the doctrine of reconciliation 1768 (1770)

Whitaker, Thomas D.
        The history and antiquities of the deanery of Craven, in the county of York 1805 (1812)

Whitaker, Tobias
        The tree of humane life; or the bloud of the grape 1638 (1654)

Whitaker’s (W.) Disputation
See Fitzgerald, W.

Whitaker’s Almanac 1868–

Whitbourne, Richard
        A discourse and discovery of New-found-land 1620 (1623)

Whitby, Daniel
        A discourse concerning 1. The true import of the words election and reprobation, etc. a 1726 (1735)
        A paraphrase and commentary on the New Testament 1703

Whitby, Lionel Ernest Howard
        Medical bacteriology 1928
—(ed. 4) 1944
—(ed. 5, by Whitby & M. Hynes) 1951
For later eds. see Hynes, Martin

—— & Britton, Cedric John C.
        Disorders of the blood 1935

Whitby glossary
See Robinson, F. K.

Whitcher, Frances M.
        The widow Bedott papers 1846–47 (1855, 1883)

White, Abraham, Handler, P., & Smith, E. L.
ed. Principles of biochemistry 1954
—(ed. 4) 1968

White, Adam
        List of the specimens of crustacea in the collection of the British Museum 1847
of British animals. Part IV. Crustacea 1850; Part VIII. Fish 1851
        A popular history of mammalia 1850

White, Alan
        The long silence 1976

White, Arnold
        Tries at truth 1891

White, Edward
        Life in Christ 1875 (1878)
        The tone and teaching of the New Testament on certainty in religion 1880

White, Elwyn Brooks
        Letters [1908–76] ed. D. L. Guth 1976

White, Florence
        Good English food, local and regional 1952

White, Bp. Francis
        A replie to Jesuit Fishers answere 1624
        A treatise of the Sabbath-day 1635

White, Gilbert
        The natural history and antiquities of Selborne 1789

White, Harvey Elliott
        Introduction to atomic spectra 1934

White, Henry Kirke
        Poetical works a 1806 (1837)
        Remains; with an account of his life by Rob. Southey (1816–22)

White, Howard
ed. Raincoast chronicles, first five: stories and history of the B.C. coast 1975

White, James
        The English verb; a grammatical essay, in the didactive form 1761

White, James
        Earl Strongbow: or, the history of Richard de Clare and the beautiful Geralda 1789

White, James
        Falstaff’s letters 1796 (1877)

White, John
        Works a 1615 (1624)

White, John
        A rich cabinet with variety of inventions 1651 (1668)

White, John
        The country-man’s conductor in reading and writing true English 1701

White, John
        Journal of a voyage to New South Wales 1790

White, Jon Ewbank Manchip
        The garden game 1973
        Nightclimber 1968

White, Joseph
        A comparison of Mahometism and Christianity in their history, their evidence and their effects (Bampton lectures) 1784

White, Joseph W. Gleeson
        Ballades and rondeaus, chants royal, sestinas, etc., selected by Gleeson White 1887

White, Judith
tr. N. Poulantzas’s Fascism and dictatorship: the Third International and the problem of fascism 1974

White, Kirke
        See White, Henry Kirke

White, L.
        The Dutchman’s acknowledgement of his errors. Or a Dutch ballad translated into English 1672

White, Osmar Egmont D.
        Silent Reach 1978

White, Patrick Victor Martindale
        The eye of the storm 1973
        Riders in the chariot 1961
        The tree of man 1955 (UK 1956)
        Voss 1957

White, Percy
        A king’s diary 1895

White, Peter Royden
        Planning for public transport 1976

White, R.
        Digby’s (K.) Late discourse touching the cure of wounds by the powder of sympathy tr. 1658 (1660)

White, Richard Grant
        England without and within 1881
        Every-day English 1880
        Studies in Shakespeare 1885
        Words and their uses, past and present 1871

White, Stewart E.
        Arizona nights 1907
        The blazed trail 1902
        Blazed trail stories, and Stories of the wild life 1904
        The claim jumpers 1901
        Conjuror’s house: a romance of the free forest 1903
        The forest 1903
        The riverman 1908
        The rules of the game 1910 (UK 1913)
        The silent places 1904
        The westerners 1901
        White’s (T.) Peripateticall institutions tr. 1656

White, Terence Hanbury
        The elephant and the kangaroo 1947 (UK 1948)
        The once and future king 1958
        The sword in the stone 1938

White, Theodore Harold
        The making of the President 1960 1961 (UK 1962)
1964 1965
1972 1973 (UK 1974)

White, Thomas Holt
        A review of Johnson’s criticism on the style of Milton’s English prose 1818

White, Tristram
        The martyrdome of Saint George of Cappadocia 1614

White, Walter
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        Eastern England, from the Thames to the Humber 1865

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        Journal of a voyage from Madras to Columbo 1800

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        History, gazetteer, and directory of Staffordshire 1851

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        Mark Rutherford’s deliverance 1885
        Miriam’s schooling, and other papers 1890 (1904)

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        A select collection of letters written to his most intimate friends 1734–70 (1772)

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        A discourse of liberty of conscience 1649
        The doctrines of the Arminians and Pelagians truly stated 1652
        A treatise tending to shew that the just God may have a hand in the unjust actions of sinful men 1653

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        North American Indian arts 1970
—(new ed.) 1973

Whitefriars 1844, Whitehall 1845
        See Robinson, Jane

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        Adventures of ideas 1933
        The concept of nature 1920
        An enquiry concerning the principles of natural knowledge 1919
        Process and reality: an essay in cosmology 1929
        Science and the modern world 1925 (UK 1926)

—— & Russell, Bertrand Arthur William
        Principia mathematica 3 vols. 1910–13

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        Richard Savage; a romance of real life 1842 (1845)

Whitehead, Charles
        Hops: from the set to the sky-lights 1881

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        Manners; a satire 1739
        Poems a 1774 (1790)

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        Daft Davie, and other sketches of Scottish life and character (incl. A tale of Hallowe’en) 1876

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        Plays and poems 1774
        Essay on ridicule 1743
        Variety, a tale for married people (anon.) 1776

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        Macchiavelli’s (N.) Arte of warre tr. 1560
        Certain waies of the orderyng of souldiers in battelray 1562 (1573)

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        Poems 1787

Whiteing, Richard
        No. 5 John Street 1899
        Ring in the new 1906

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        The book of Scottish ballads 1844 (1874)
        The book of Scottish song 1844 (1875)

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        A journal of the Swedish ambassy 1653–54 (1772)
        Memorials of the English affairs (anon.) a 1675 (1682, 1732, 1853)

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        Liber famelicus 1609–31 (Camden Soc. 1858)

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        Jazz 1926

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        Italy in the nineteenth century 1848 (1860)

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        Works a 1604 (Parker Soc. 1851–53)
        An answere to a certen libel intituled An admonition to the parliament 1572
        The defense of the aunswere to the admonition, against the replie of T(homas) C(artwright) 1574

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        Le hore di recreatione: or, the pleasant historie of Albino and Bellama 1637 (1639)
        Old Jacob’s altar newly repaired 1659

Whitinton, or Whittington, Robert
        The thre bookes of Tullyes offyces tr. 1534 (1540)
        Vulgaria 1520 (1527)

Whitlock, Richard
        or observations on the present manners of the English 1654

Whitman, Charles
        Death out of focus 1970

Whitman, Walt
        Daybooks and note-books ed. W. White 3 vols. 1978
        Leaves of grass 1855
        Drum-taps 1865
        November boughs 1888
        Passage to India 1871
        Poems, selected and edited by W. M. Rossetti 1868
        Specimen days and Collect 1882–3 (1 vol.)

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        Organic chemistry 1937

Whitmore, Walter J.
        Croquet tactics 1868

Whitney, Adeline D. T.
        Faith Gartney’s girlhood 1863
        The Gayworthys: a story of threads and thrums 1865
        Odd, or even? 1880
        The other girls 1873
        Patience Strong’s outings 1868
Sights and insights
        A summer in Leslie Goldthwaite’s life 1866
        We girls 1870

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        A choice of emblemes and other deuises 1586

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tr. A. I. Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag archipelago 3 vols. 1974–8

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        The life and growth of language 1875
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Whittaker’s electrical engineer’s pocket-book ed. K. Edgcumbe 1903
—(ed. 4, ed. R. E. Neale) 1920

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        Writings v.d. (Riverside ed. 1888–89)
        Poetical works v.d. (1880, 1894)
        Prose works 1866

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        The complete book of trades 1837 (1842)

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        An account of Russia, as it was in the year 1710 a 1725 (1758)

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        An Anglo-Indian dictionary: a glossary of Indian terms used in English 1885

Whitworth, Richard
        The advantages of inland navigation 1766

Whole duty of man, The (anon.; ascribed to R. Allestree) 1658 (1684)

Whole duty of nations, The 1681

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        Bible characters 1896–99

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        History of the British turf 1840

Whyte, Laurence
        Poems 1740

Whyte, William Hollingsworth
        The organization man 1956 (UK 1957)

Whyte-Melville, G. J.
        See Melville, G. J. Whyte

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        Naturall philosophy 1631 (ed. 2)

Widdowes, Giles
        The schysmaticall puritan 1630

Widdowes treasure
See Partridge, J.

Widow, The a 1627
        See Middleton, T.

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        The history of Yiddish literature in the nineteeth century 1899

Wiesengrund-Adorno, Theodor, et al.
        The authoritarian personality 1950

Wife lapped..
See Wyfe

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        Aonian hours, and other poems 1819 (1820)
        Tasso’s Jerusalem delivered 1824

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        The diary of a goose girl 1902
        New chronicles of Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm 1912
        Polly Oliver’s problem 1893
        Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1903 (UK 1904)

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        The practice of embanking lands from the sea 1852

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ed. The foxfire book: log dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods;..and other affairs of plain living 1972
ed. Foxfire 3 1975

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        The life of insects 1964

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        Mornings at Bow Street 1824

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        The Church and the empires a 1873 (1874)

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        Lawn tennis 1889

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        Life of the right rev. Samuel Wilberforce 1881–82

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        The doctrine of holy baptism 1849
        The doctrine of the incarnation 1848 (1852)
        Rutilius and Lucius; or stories of the third age 1842

Wilberforce, Bp. Samuel
        Addresses to the candidates for ordination 1860
        Essays contributed to theQuarterly Reviewa 1873 (1874)
        A history of the protestant episcopal church in America 1844
        Speeches on missions a 1873 (1874)

Wilbour, Charles E.
        The life of Victor Hugo 1887

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        The Cheshire pilgrims 1862

Wilbraham, Roger
        An attempt at a glossary of some words used in Cheshire 1818 (in Archaeologia XIX)
with additions 1820 (1826)

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        The first set of English madrigals 1598 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VII)

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        Stavorinus’ (J. S.) Voyages to the East Indies tr. 1798

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        The sea-fisherman 1865 (1875)

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        Works a 1608 (1624)

Wilcox, Ruth Turner
        The dictionary of costume 1969 (UK 1970)

Wild or Wylde, Robert
        Iter boreale (anon.) 1660
        A letter to his friend Mr. J. J. upon occasion of his majesty’s declaration for liberty of conscience. Together with his Poetica licentia, and a friendly debate between a Conformist and a non-Conformist 1672
        Oliver Cromwell’s ghost 1679

Wild and tame. Pictures and pages of animal life 1892

Wild life in a southern county 1879
        See Jefferies, R.

Wild sports of the west 1832
        See Maxwell, W. H.

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        Meinhold’s (W.) Sidonia the sorceress tr. 1849 (1859)

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        An ideal husband 1899
        The importance of being earnest: a trivial comedy for serious people 1899
        Lady Windermere’s fan: a play about a good woman 1893
        Letters ed. R. Hart-Davis 1962
        The picture of Dorian Gray 1891 (first published in a shorter version in Lippincott’s monthly magazine, July 1890)
        Poems 1881
        Ravenna 1878 (Newdigate Prize poem)
        A woman of no importance 1894

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        Against the law 1955
        The main chance 1957

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        Anatomical technology as applied to the domestic cat 1882

Wilder, Harris Hawthorne
        A laboratory manual of anthropometry 1920

Wilder, Thornton Niven
        The bridge of San Luis Rey 1927
        Heaven’s my destination 1934
        Our town 1938

Wilenski, Reginald Howard
        The modern movement in art 1927

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        A military dictionary and gazetteer 1881

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ed. The rights of children: emergent concepts in law and society 1973

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        The English moths and butterflies 1749

Wilkes, John
        Correspondence a 1797 (1805)
        The North Briton 1763

Wilkes, William
        Obedience or ecclesiasticall union 1605
—another issue, entitled A second memento for magistrates 1608

Wilkes’ Spirit of the times (title varies) 1859–1902

Wilkie, William
        The epigoniad (anon.) 1757 (1759)

Wilkins, Sir Charles
        The Bhagvat-Geeta or dialogues of Kreeshna and Arjoon tr. 1785

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        Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae 1737
ed. Leges Anglo-Saxonicae ecclesiasticae et civiles 1721

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        The miseries of inforst marige 1607 (Dodsley)

Wilkins, John
        The autobiography of an English gamekeeper 1892

Wilkins, Bp. John
        Mathematical and philosophical works a 1672 (1707–08)
        A discourse concerning a new world and another planet 1640
A discourse concerning the gift of prayer
        The discovery of a world in the moone (anon.) 1638
        Ecclesiastes; or, a discourse concerning the gift of preaching 1646
        An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language (with an alphabetical dictionary) 1668
        Mathematicall magick; or, the wonders that may be performed by mechanicall geometry 1648
        Mercury; or the secret and swift messenger 1641
        Of the principles and duties of natural religion a 1672 (1675)

Wilkins, Mary E.
        By the light of the soul 1906
        A humble romance; and other stories 1887
        The love of parson Lord 1900
        A New England nun, and other stories 1891

Wilkins, William
        Songs of study 1881

Wilkins, William H. & Vivian, Herbert
        The green bay tree 1894

Wilkins, William W.
        Political ballads of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, annotated by W. W. W. (1860)

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        Swedenborg’s Animal kingdom, considered anatomically, physically, and philosophically tr. 1843

Wilkinson, John
        A treatise collected out of the statutes concerning the office and authoritie of coroners and sherifes; together with an easie and plain method for the keeping of a court leet, court baron, and hundred court 1618

Wilkinson, Sir John G.
        Manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians 1837–41

Wilkinson, Robert
        Barwickbridge; or England and Scotland coupled 1617
        The merchant royall 1607
        A paire of sermons 1614

Wilkinson, William
        A confutation of certaine articles deliuered vnto the familye of loue 1579

Wilks, Mark
        Historical sketches of the south of India 1810–17

Will of deuyle
See Wyll

Willan, Leonard
        Astræa, or, true love’s myrrour 1651

Willan, Robert
        A list of ancient words at present used in the mountainous district of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1811 (in Archaeologia XVII; E.D.S. 1873)

Willard, Samuel
        Mercy magnified on a penitent prodigal 1684

Willcock, John
        The great marquess; life and times of Archibald, 8th earl of Argyll (1607–61) 1903

Willdenow’s (C. L.) Principles of botany, and of vegetable physiology tr. 1805 (1811)

Willet, Andrew
        An harmonie upon the first booke of Samuel 1607
        Hexapla in Exodum 1608
        Hexapla in Genesin 1605
        Hexapla; or, a sixfold commentary on Daniel 1610
        A treatise of Salomons mariage 1612

William of Normandy; an historic novel 1787

William of Palerne, The romance of: otherwise known as the romance of William and the Werwolf c 1350 (Roxb. Club 1832; E.E.T.S. 1867, 1881)

William of Shoreham
        See Shoreham

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        Evolution and origins: an introduction to physical anthropology 1973

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eds. A biologist’s guide to principles and techniques of practical biochemistry 1975

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        Man in motion 1959
        Man on a leash 1973 (UK 1974)

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        Works a 1759 (1822)
        Poems a 1759 (1763)
        Odes a 1759 (1775)

Williams, Charles Walter Stansby
        All Hallows’ Eve 1945
        The greater trumps 1932
        The place of the lion 1931
        War in heaven 1930

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        Annals of the Empire; from the reign of Charlemagne. Translated from the French of Voltaire, constituting a part of a complete edition in English of the works of that writer 1781

Williams, David
        Murder for Treasure 1980
        Treasure by degrees 1977

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        Poems, lyric and pastoral 1794

Williams, Frederick S.
        The Midland railway: its rise and progress 1876
        Our iron roads; their history, construction, and social influences 1852

Williams, Gordon John
        Economic geology of New Zealand 1965

Williams, Helen Maria
        Letters containing a sketch of the politics of France 1795 (1796)
        A narrative of the events which have taken place in France, from the landing of Napoleon Bonaparte, till the restoration of Louis XVIII. With an account of the present state of society and public opinion 1815
        Personal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of the new continent during 1799–1804, by A. de Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland tr. 1814–29
        Sketches of the state of manners and opinions in the French republic 1801

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        Petrography 1954

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        The Apocalypse, with notes and reflections 1852
        The baptistery 1842–44
        The Psalms interpreted of Christ 1864

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        Great Britains Salomon: a sermon 1625
        The holy table 1637
        Perseverantia sanctorum: a sermon 1628
        A sermon of apparell 1620

Williams, Bp. John
        The history of the gunpowder treason, collected from approved authors (anon.) 1678
        Pulpit Popery, true Popery; being an answer to a book intitled Pulpit-sayings (by J. Gother) 1688

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        Authentic memoirs of Warren Hastings 1793
        A cabinet, etc. 1794
        A calm examination 1793
        The children of Thespis, a poem 1786–87
        A crying epistle from Britannia to Col. Mack 1794
        The life of the late Earl of Barrymore 1793
        Shrove Tuesday, a satiric rhapsody (anon.) 1790 (1794)

Williams, John
        The ancient Welsh grammar compiled by Edeyrn tr. 1856

Williams, John Lee
        The territory of Florida 1837

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        Principles of the law of real property 1845 (1877)
        Rights of common and other prescriptive rights 1877 (1880)

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        The State of Israel 1957

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ed. The art of jazz: essays on the nature and development of jazz 1959 (UK 1960)

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        Culture and society, 1780–1950 1958
        Keywords 1976
        The long revolution 1961

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        The actions of the Lowe Countries a 1595 (1618)
        A briefe discourse of warre 1590

Williams, Roger
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        A key into the language of America 1643

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        The natural and civil history of Vermont 1794 (1809)

Williams, Samuel Robinson
        Magnetic phenomena 1931

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        A Chinese commercial guide 1856
        The Middle kingdom: a survey of the geography, etc. of the Chinese empire 1848
—greatly enlarged and in part rewritten 1883

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        Cat on a hot tin roof 1955
        The glass menagerie 1945
        Orpheus descending 1958
        A streetcar named Desire 1947

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        A glossary of provincial words and phrases in use in Somersetshire 1873

Williams, William
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        Collected earlier poems 1951
        Collected later poems 1950
        Selected essays 1954

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        The fuel of the sun 1870
        Through Norway with a knapsack 1859

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        Religious progress: discourses on the development of the Christian character 1850 (1854)

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        An elementary treatise on the integral calculus 1875

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—(rev. ed.) 1929
        Tarka the otter 1927

Williamson, Hugh
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—(ed. 2) 1966

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        Goulart’s (S.) Wise Vieillard, or old man tr. 1621

Williamson, Thomas
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        Oriental field sports 1807

Williamson, William Durkee
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—(US ed., with additions by J. Mease) 5 vols. 1803–4
        Elements of the critical philosophy 1798

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        Notitia parliamentaria; or an history of the counties, cities, and boroughs in England and Wales 1715–16

Willis, John
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Willis, John C.
        A manual and dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns 1897

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        Lady Jane, and other poems 1844
        Melanie, and other poems 1835
        Pencillings by the way 1835
        Poems, sacred, passionate and humourous 1846
        Poems of early and after years 1848
        Sketches 1827

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        Architectural nomenclature of the middle ages 1844 (Cambr. Antiq. Soc.)
        Remarks on the architecture of the middle ages 1835

—— & Clark, John W.
        The architectural history of the University of Cambridge, and of the colleges of Cambridge and Eton 1886

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        Pathology of tumours 1948

Willis’ (T.) Remaining medical works tr. 1681

Willison, John
        The balm of Gilead for healing a diseased land 1742 (1800)

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        Adolescent boys of East London 1966
        The evolution of a community: a study of Dagenham after forty years 1963

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        Avisa; or, the true picture of a modest maid 1594 (1635, 1880)

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        Death at flight 1956
        Death in covert 1961
        The enormous zoo: a profile of the Uganda national parks 1964

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        Voyages and adventures, (with) remarks on different countries in Europe, Africa and America 1798

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        Alaskans all 1933

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        De historia piscium libri quatuor a 1672 (ed. J. Ray 1686; engraved title Icthyographia 1685)
        Ornithologiæ libri tres a 1672 (ed. J. Ray 1676)
—translated, and enlarged by J. Ray (1678)

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        In the land of the Lion and the Sun; or modern Persia 1883

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eds. Handbook of management technology 1967

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        Life’s foreshadowings; a novel (anon.) 1859

See Earliest English wills; Lancashire and Cheshire wills

Wills and inventories from the registers of the Commissary of Bury St. Edmund’s 13..–16.. (Camden Soc. 1850)

Wills and inventories, illustrative of the history, manners, language, etc. of the northern counties of England 13..–15.. (Surtees Soc. 1835)
—Parts II and III entitled Wills and inventories from the Registry at Durham 15..–16.. (Surtees Soc. 1860, 1906)

Wills from Doctors’ Commons 1495–1695 (Camden Soc. 1863)

Willsford, Thomas
    Nature’s secrets 1658
        The scales of commerce and trade; and Architectonice, or the art of building 1660