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T., D. 1608
        See Tuvil, D.

T., D.
        Hieragonisticon; or, Corah’s doom. Being an answer to (J. Eachard’s) two letters of enquiry into the grounds and occasions of the contempt of the clergy and religion 1672

T., F.
        The case is altered. How? Aske Dalio and Millo 1604

T., F. 1712
        See Tanner, F.

T., I. 1596
        See Tanner, I.

T., I.
        Grim, the collier of Croydon: or the devil and his dame a 1600 (Gratiæ theatrales 1662; Dodsley, Old plays)

T., R. (= Christopher Carlile)
        A discourse, wherein is plainly proued..that Peter was neuer at Rome etc. 1572

T., W.
        Nannini’s (R.) Civill considerations upon many and sundrie histories tr. 1601

T., W.
        The compleat gunner 1672 (Book III of T. Venn’s Military & maritime discipline)

T., W.
        See Tomlinson, W.

TV times 1955–

Tablet, The 1840–

Tabor, Eliza
        Rachel’s secret 1866

        Holiday sailor 1945

‘Taffrail’ (Henry Taprell Dorling)
        Carry on!: naval sketches and stories 1916
        Pincher Martin, O.D.: a story of the inner life of the Royal Navy 1916

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        The hogge hath lost his pearle 1614 (Dodsley)

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        Mind in matter: a short argument on theism 1884; ed. 3, enlarged 1892

Tait, Peter G.
        An elementary treatise on quaternions 1867 (1873)
        Lectures on some recent advances in physical science 1876
See also Stewart, B.; Thomson, Abp. W.

Tait’s Edinburgh magazine 1832–61

Tak, Montie
        Truck talk: the language of the open road 1971

Takagaki, Shinzo & Sharp, Harold E.
        The techniques of judo 1957

Talbot, Catherine
        See Carter, Elizabeth

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        Meliora, or better times to come ed. Viscount Ingestre 1852–53

Talbot, Christopher R. M.
        Newton’s (I.) Enumeration of lines of the third order tr. 1861

Talbot, Frederick Arthur Ambrose
        Moving pictures: how they are made and worked 1912
—(rewritten) 1923
        Practical cinematography and its applications 1913

Talbot, Patrick Henry Brabazon
        Principles of fungal taxonomy 1971

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        The peoples of southern Nigeria 4 vols. 1926

Talbot, Bp. William
        Charge to the clergy of his diocese (of Oxford) at his visitation 1712

Tales and quicke answeres, very mery, and pleasant to rede ? 1535 (in Shakspeare’s Jest book 1814–15)

Talfourd, Sir Thomas N.
        The Athenian captive; a tragedy 1838
        The Castilian; an historical tragedy 1853
Final memorials of Charles Lamb
        Glencoe; or the fate of the Macdonalds; a tragedy 1840
        Ion: a tragedy 1835
        The letters of Charles Lamb, with a sketch of his life 1837
        Vacation rambles and thoughts 1845

Tallentyre, Stephen G.
        Life of Voltaire 1903

Talmage, Thomas de Witt
        Crumbs swept up 1871
        The jewels of the soul 1877
        Sermons delivered in the Brooklyn tabernacle 1872

Tamarack review 1956–

Taming of a shrew, A pleasant conceited historie called 1594 (Shaks. Soc. 1844)

Tancred and Gismund
See Wilmot, R.

Tandy, William
        Sangermano’s (V.) Description of the Burmese empire tr. 1833

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        Poetical works a 1810 (1825)
        Poems and songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect a 1810 (1815)
        The soldier’s return; a Scottish interlude in two acts, with other poems and songs 1807

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        The plainest, easiest, and prettiest method of writing short-hand 1712

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        A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, by I. T. 1596

Tanner, Thomas H.
        A manual of the practice of medicine 1854 (1865, 1869, 1875)
        On the signs and diseases of pregnancy 1860

Tannhäuser 1861
        See Fane, J. C. H.

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        The British islands and their vegetation 1939

—— & Chipp, Thomas Ford
eds. Aims and methods in the study of vegetation 1926

Tapping, Thomas
        The rhymed chronicle of Edward Manlove concerning the liberties and customs of the lead-mines within the wapentake of Wirksworth, Derbyshire, from the original ed. of 1653, to which is affixed a glossary 1851 (E.D.S. 1874)

Tararua (Tararua Tramping Club, NZ) 1947–

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        The gentleman from Indiana 1899
        In the arena 1905
        Penrod 1914

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        Newes out of purgatorie a 1588 (1590; Shaks. Soc. 1844)
        Tarltons jests 1611 (1638; Shaks. Soc. 1844)

Tarquin and Tullia (a poem attributed to Dryden) c 1700 (in Poems on affairs of state III, 1704)

Tarras, William
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1804

Tasistro, Louis F.
        Comte de Paris’ History of the civil war in America tr. 1875

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        The physics of elementary particles 1973

Tasso’s Aminta tr. 1628

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        King Edward II’s household and wardrobe ordinances tr. 1601 (Chaucer Soc. 1876)

Tate, George
        The geology of the district traversed by the Roman wall 1867 (in J. C. Bruce, Roman wall 1867)

Tate, James
        An introduction to the principal Greek tragic and comic metres 1827

Tate, Nahum
        Elegies 1699
        Poems 1677
        Portrait-royal; a poem upon her majesty’s picture set up in Guildhall 1703
        The triumph; or warriour’s welcome 1705
See also Cowley, A.; Garth, Sir S.; and Heliodorus

—— & Brady, Nicholas
        A new version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used in churches 1696 (1698, 1751)

—— & Dryden, John
        The second part of Absalom and Achitophel 1682

Tate, Ralph
        A plain and easy account of the land and fresh-water mollusks of Great Britain 1866

‘Tate, Richard’ (Anthony Masters)
        Birds of a bloodied feather 1974

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        Aqua triumphalis; being a relation of the city of London entertaining their Majesties upon the Thames 1662
        The distracted state; a tragedy 1641 (1651)
        London’s tryumph 1659
        The Scots figgaries: or, a knot of knaves; a comedy 1652

Tatler, The By Isaac Bickerstaff (i.e. Sir R. Steele, J. Addison, et al.) 1709–11

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        The painter’s dictionary of materials and methods 1973

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        London’s triumph, or the goldsmith’s jubilee 1687

Taunt, Henry W.
        A new map of the river Thames from Oxford to London 1872

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        The English Black Monks of St. Benedict 1897

Taunton, William P.
        Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas 1810–23

Tautphoeus, Baroness von
        At odds; a novel 1863
        Cyrilla; a tale 1853
        The initials; a novel (anon.) 1850
        Quits; a novel 1857

Taverner, John
        Certaine experiments concerning fish and fruite 1600

Taverner, Richard
        The garden of wysdom 1539
        Prouerbes or adagies with newe addicions, gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus 1539 (1545, 1552)

Tavernier’s travels 1677–78
        See Phillips, John

Tawney, Richard Henry
        Religion and the rise of capitalism 1926

Taylor, Alan John Percivale
        The course of German history 1945
        English history, 1914–45 1965
See also Howat, G. M. D. & Taylor, A. J. P.

Taylor, Alfred S.
        Poisons, in relation to medical jurisdprudence and medicine 1848

Taylor, Ann (a 1866) & Jane (a 1824) Poetical works a 1866 (1878)
        Original poems for infant minds 1808–14 (1843)
        Rhymes for the nursery 1836

Taylor, Anne Marjorie
        The language of World War II 1944
—(rev. ed.) 1948

Taylor, Bayard
        Critical essays and literary notes 1880
        Eldorado; or, adventures in the path of empire 1850
        Goethe’s Faust tr. 1871 (1886)
        Hannah Thurston: a story of American life 1863
        Northern travel 1858
        Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily, and Spain; or, the lands of the Saracen 1855
        Poems 1856
        Prince Deukalion 1878
        Studies in German literature 1879

Taylor, Benjamin Franklin
        Between the gates: summer rambles in California 1878
        January and June: being out-door thinkings and fireside musings 1854
        Summer-savory, gleaned from rural nooks in pleasant weather 1879
        The world on wheels, and other sketches 1874

Taylor, Charles
        An introduction to the ancient and modern geometry of conics 1881

Taylor, Charles Fayette
        The internal-combustion engine in theory and practice 2 vols. 1960–8

Taylor, Edith
        The serpent under it 1973 (UK 1974)

Taylor, Edward
        Behmen’s theosophick philosophy unfolded 1691

Taylor, Elizabeth
        At Mrs Lippincote’s 1945
        The sleeping beauty 1953

Taylor, Francis E.
        The folk-speech of South Lancashire 1901

Taylor, Frederick
        A manual of the practice of medicine 1890

Taylor, Sir Henry
        Edwin the fair; an historical drama 1842
        Isaac Comnenus: a play 1827
        Philip van Artevelde; a dramatic romance 1834
        St. Clement’s Eve; a play 1862
        The statesman 1836
        Autobiography 1800–75 1885

Taylor, Hugh Stott
ed. A treatise on physical chemistry 2 vols. 1924

Taylor, Isaac (of Ongar)
        The ship; a description of different kinds of vessels a 1829 (1846)

Taylor, Isaac (of Stanford Rivers)
        Ancient Christianity, and the doctrines of the Oxford tracts for the times 1839–42
        Elements of thought; or, first lessons in the knowledge of the mind 1822 (1824)
        Fanaticism 1833
        Four lectures on spiritual Christianity 1841
        History of the transmission of ancient books to modern times 1827
        Home education (anon.) 1838
        Logic in theology, and other essays 1830–31 (1859)
        Loyola: and Jesuitism in its rudiments 1849
        Natural history of enthusiasm (anon.) 1829
        Physical theory of another life (anon.) 1836
        The process of historical proof exemplified 1828
        The restoration of belief (anon.) 1852 (1855)
        Saturday evening (anon.) 1832
        The spirit of the Hebrew poetry 1861
        Spiritual despotism (anon.) 1835
        Ultimate civilization, and other essays 1860
        Wesley and Methodism 1851

Taylor, Isaac (Canon of York)
        The alphabet; an account of the origin and development of letters 1883
        Etruscan researches 1874
        The origin of the Aryans 1889
        Words and places: or etymological illustrations of history, ethnology, and geography 1864 (1873)

Taylor, James
        The Scottish covenanters 1882

Taylor, Jeremy
        Works a 1667 (1822, 1828, 1831, 1847–54)
        Clerus Domini: or, a discourse of the divine institution of the office ministerial 1651
        Contemplations of the state of man a 1667 (1684, 1699)
        Deus justificatus; two discourses of original sin 1656
        A discourse concerning prayer ex tempore, or by pretence of the Spirit, in justification of authorized and set formes of lyturgie (anon.) 1646
—enlarged ed., entitled An apology for authorized and set forms of liturgie 1649
        A dissuasive from Popery to the people of Ireland 1664, 1667 (1668)
        Ductor dubitantium; or the rule of conscience in all her generall measures 1660
        a course of sermons for all the Sundaies of the year 1653–55
A funeral sermon (on 2 Sam. xiv. 14) preached at the obsequies of the Countess of Carbery
        The golden grove; or a manuall of daily prayers and letanies 1655
        The great exemplar of sanctity and holy life 1649
        Of the sacred order and offices of episcopacy 1642
        The real presence and spirituall of Christ in the blessed sacrament proved against the doctrine of transubstantiation 1654
        The rule and exercises of holy living 1650 (1676)
        The rule and exercises of holy dying 1651 (1686)
        A sermon preached at the funeral of John (Bramhall) late Lord Archbishop of Armagh 1663
        A sermon preached in Saint Maries Church in Oxford upon the anniversary of the Gunpowder-treason 1638
        A discourse of the liberty of prophesying 1647
        Unum necessarium: or, the doctrine and practice of repentance 1655
        The worthy communicant 1660
See also Artificial handsomeness

Taylor, John (Water poet)
        Works 1630
        Works a 1653 (Hindley 1872; Spenser Soc. 1868–78)
        An apology for private preaching 1642
        An armado, or nauye of a hundred and three ships 1627
        The carriers’ cosmography 1637 (in Arber, Eng. Garner I)
        Divers crabtree lectures 1639
        The great eater of Kent, or part of the exploits of Nicholas Wood 1630
        A kicksey winsey; or a lerry come-twang 1619
        A new discovery by sea 1623
        The nipping or snipping of abuses 1614
        Odcombs complaint: or Coriats funerall epicedium 1613
        The olde old very olde man: or the age and long life of T. Par 1635
        Part of this summers travels, or news from Hell, Hull and Hallifax 1640
        The pennyles pilgrimage 1618
        The praise, antiquity and commodity of beggery, beggers and begging 1621
        The praise of hemp-seed 1620
        A short relation of a long journey..encompassing the Principalitie of Wales 1652
        Sir Gregory Nonsence his newes from no place 1622
        The suddaine turne of Fortunes wheele 1631
        Taylor’s motto: Et habeo, et careo, et curo 1621
        Three weekes, three daies, and three houres obseruation and travel from London to Hamburgh 1617
        A verry merry wherry-ferry-voyage 1622
        The whole life and progresse of Henry Walker the ironmonger 1642
        The world runnes on wheeles 1623

Taylor, John
        Arator: being a series of agricultural essays, practical and political 1813
—(ed. 2) 1814

Taylor, John (of Liverpool)
        Poems and translations 1839

Taylor, Laura W.
        Ballads and songs of Brittany 1865

Taylor, Meadows
        The story of my life 1877 (1878)

Taylor, Michael
tr. C. Metz’s Film language: a semiotics of the cinema 1974

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ed. Early travellers in New Zealand 1959

Taylor, Richard
        Te ika a Maui; or, New Zealand and its inhabitants 1855
—(ed. 2) 1870

Taylor, Sedley
        Sound and music 1873 (1896)

Taylor, Selwyn Francis, Cotton, L. T., & Murray, J. G.
        A short textbook of surgery 1967
—(ed. 2) 1968

Taylor, Silas
        The history and antiquities of Harwich and Dovercourt. First collected by S. Taylor (a 1678) and now much enlarged by Samuel Dale (1730)

Taylor, Thomas
        Beard’s (T.) Theatre of God’s judgements. Part II a 1633 (1642)
        A commentarie upon the Epistle of St. Paul to Titus 1612 (1619)

Taylor, Thomas
        The metamorphosis and philosophical works of Apuleius tr. 1822
        Two orations of the emperor Julian tr. 1793
        Pausanias’ Description of Greece tr. 1794
        The works of Plato tr. (nine dialogues by F. Sydenham, the remainder by T. Taylor) 1804
        The philosophical and mathematical commentaries of Proclus tr. 1788–89 (1792)

Taylor, Tom
        Leicester Square; its associations and its worthies 1874
        Pictures in words 1863 (in B. Foster’s Pictures of English landscape)
        The ticket-of-leave man c 1863
See also Leslie, C. R.

Taylor, Mrs. Tom
        See Taylor, Laura W.

Taylor, William
        Scots poems 1787
—ed. 2, Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1827

Taylor, William
        English synonyms discriminated 1813
        Goethe’s (J. W. von) Iphigenia in Tauris tr. 1793
        Historic survey of German poetry 1828–30
        A memoir of the life and writings of the late W. Taylor, containing his correspondence with R. Southey, etc. By J. W. Robberds (1843)

Teall, Jethro J. H.
        British petrography 1888

Techmer, F.
        Internationale Zeitschrift für allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft 1884–

Technological dictionary, English-German-French 1878 (ed. 3)

Technology: the monthly review of training and education for industry 1957–

Technology week 1966–

Teckely, Count 1693
See Memoirs

Tee emm [training memoranda] (Air Ministry) 1941–6

Tegetmeier, William B.
        The cottager’s manual of poultry keeping 1893
        The poultry book 1867 (1873)
        Profitable poultry 1853 (1854)

Teignmouth, John Shore, Baron
        Memoirs of the life, writings and correspondence of Sir William Jones 1804 (1807)
        Memoir of the life and correspondence of John Shore, baron Teignmouth (1843)

Teilhet, Darwin & Teilhet, Hildegard
        Feather cloak murders 1937

Teixeira’s (P.) Travels tr. by William F. Sinclair 1902 (Hakluyt Soc.)

Telegraph, The (Brisbane) 1872– (title varies)

Telegraph and telephone journal 1914–33

Telegraphic journal, The; and monthly illustrated review of electrical science 1872–

Tell-Trothes new-yeares gift; beeing Robin Good-fellowes newes 1593 (New Shaks. Soc. 1876)

Tempest, Paul
        Lag’s lexicon: a comprehensive dictionary and encyclopædia of the English prison to-day 1950

Tempest, Sir Richard
        An entertainment of solitarinesse 1649

‘Templar’ (Arthur Bassett Hopkins)
        The poker manual 1895

Temple, Frederick The relations between religion and science 1884 (1885)

Temple, Sir John
        The Irish rebellion 1646 (1746)

Temple, Josiah H. &
Sheldon, George
        A history of the town of Northfield, Massachusetts 1875

Temple, Launcelot
        Sketches; or essays on various subjects 1758

Temple, Neville
        See Fane, J. C. H.

Temple, Sir William
        Works a 1699 (1720, 1731, 1757, 1770)
        An introduction to the history of England 1695
        Letters written by Sir W. Temple and other ministers of state v.d. (1700–03)
        Miscellanea 1680–90
        Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands 1673

Temple, William
        Citizen and churchman 1941
        Thoughts in war-time 1940

Temple Bar; a London magazine 1861–

Templeton, William
        The locomotive engine popularly explained 1848 (ed. 2)

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History of English literature Vol. II. tr. by W. C. Robinson 1893
—Vol. III. tr. by L. Dora Schmitz 1896
        Five lectures on Shakespeare tr. by Julia Franklin 1895
        The language and metre of Chaucer tr. by M. Bentinck Smith 1901

Tender father, The 1775

Tenison-Woods, Julian E.
        Fish and fisheries of New South Wales 1882

Tennant, Kylie
        The battlers 1941
        Foveaux 1939
        The joyful condemned 1953
        Lost haven 1946 (UK 1947)
        Ride on stranger 1943

Tennant, William
        Indian recreations 1803

Tennant, William
        Anster concert 1811
        Anster fair; a poem 1812 (1827)
        Anster fair and other poems 1838
        Cardinal Beaton; a drama 1823
        Papistry storm’d 1819 (1827)
        The thane of Fife 1822

Tennent, Sir James Emerson
        Ceylon 1859
        Sketches of the natural history of Ceylon 1861
        The story of the guns 1864

Tenney, William J.
        The military and naval history of the rebellion in the United States 1865

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord
        Works a 1892 (1894)
        Poems 1830, 1833, 1842
        Becket 1884
        The cup: a tragedy 1881
        The falcon 1879
        The foresters 1892
        Harold: a drama 1876
        Idylls of the king. Enid (renamed Geraint and Enid in 1870; divided into two parts, The marriage of Geraint and Geraint and Enid in 1886), Vivien (renamed Merlin and Vivien in 1870), Elaine (renamed Lancelot and Elaine in 1870), Guinevere 1859; Coming of Arthur, Holy Grail, Pelleas and Ettarre, Passing of Arthur 1870; Last tournament, Gareth and Lynette 1872; Balin and Balan 1885
        In memoriam A. H. H. 1850
        Maud, and other poems 1855
        The princess; a medley 1847
        The promise of May 1882
        Queen Mary: a drama 1875
        Tiresias, and other poems 1885

Tennyson, Hallam, 2nd Lord
        Alfred Lord Tennyson. A memoir by his son 1897

‘Tensas, Madison’ (Henry Clay Lewis)
        Odd leaves from the life of a Louisianaswamp doctor’ 1850

Teonge, Henry
        Diary 1675–79 (1825)

Terence tr. 1598
        See Bernard, R.

Teresa, St., Life 1671
        See Woodhead, A.

Terkel, Louis (‘Studs’)
ed. American dreams, lost and found 1980

Terman, Frederick Emmons
        Radio engineering 1932
—(ed. 4, with title Electronic and radio engineering) 1955
        Radio engineers’ handbook 1943

Termes de la ley, Les; or certaine difficult and obscure words and termes of the common lawes of this realme expounded (an enlarged ed. of W. Rastell’s Exposicions of the termes of the lawes) 1624 (1641, 1708)

Terms used in forestry and logging 1905 See United States. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Forestry

Terry, Edward
        A relation of Sir T. Roe’s voyage into the Easte Indies (anon.) 1655. See also Havers, G.

Terry, Ellen & Shaw, George Bernard
        Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw: a correspondence ed. C. St. John 1931

Terton, Alice
        Lights and shadows in a hospital 1902

Test of filial duty (by Sarah Scott) 1772

Testament of love
See Usk, T.

Testamenta Eboracensia; or wills registered at York v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1836–1902)

Testamenta vetusta
See Nicolas, Sir N. H.

Testaments of the twelve Patriarchs 1575
        See Gilby, A.

Tester, William H. L.
        Poems 1867

Tetrahedron letters 1959–

Textile Institute
        Textile terms and definitions 1954
—(ed. 3) 1957

‘Tey, Josephine’ (Elizabeth Mackintosh)
        Brat Farrar 1949
        The daughter of time 1951
        The Franchise affair 1948
        A shilling for candles 1936
        The singing sands 1952
        To love and be wise 1950
See also ‘Daviot, Gordon’

Thacher, James
        A military journal during the American war 1775–83 (1823)

Thacker, Thomas
        The courser’s companion; to which is added the breeder’s guide 1834–35
        Rules for the decision of courses 1843

Thackeray, Anne Isabella
        See Ritchie, A. I.

Thackeray, Christopher (‘Kit’)
        Crownbird 1979

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        Works 24 vols. a 1863 (1869–86)
        The adventures of Philip on his way through the world 3 vols. 1862 [1861–62 in Cornhill magazine and Harper’s magazine]         The book of snobs 1848 [longer version 1846–47 in Punch]         Catherine 1839–40 [in Fraser’s magazine]         The confessions of Fitz-Boodle [1842–43 in Fraser’s magazine], and Some passages in the life of Major Gahagan [1838–39 in New monthly magazine; US 1839] 1852
        Denis Duval a 1863 [1867]         Dr. Birch and his young friends 1849
        The English humourists of the eighteenth century 1853
        Essay on the genius of George Cruikshank 1840
        The four Georges 1860
        The history of Henry Esmond 3 vols. 1852
        The history of Pendennis 2 vols. 1849–50 [1848–50 in parts]         The history of Samuel Titmarsh and the great Hoggarty diamond 1849 [1841 in Fraser’s magazine; US 1848]         The Irish sketch-book 2 vols. 1843
        The Kickleburys on the Rhine 1850
        Lovel the widower 1860
        The luck of Barry Lyndon 2 vols. 1852 [1844 in Fraser’s magazine]         Men’s wives 1852 [1843 in Fraser’s magazine]         Miscellanies, prose and verse 4 vols. 1855–57
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        The Newcomes; memoirs of a most respectable family 2 vols. 1854–55 [1853–55 in parts and Harper’s magazine]         The Paris sketch book 2 vols. 1840
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        A shabby genteel story 1852 [1840 in Fraser’s magazine]         Vanity Fair 1848 [1847–48 in parts]         The Virginians 2 vols. 1858–59 [1857–59 in parts and Harper’s magazine]         The Yellowplush correspondence 1838 [1837–38 in Fraser’s magazine]

Thanes of Cawdor, The book of the. A series of papers selected from the charter room at Cawdor 1236–1742 (Spalding Cl. 1859)

Thausing’s (J. E.) Theory and practice of the preparation of malt and the fabrication of beer tr. by W. T. Brannt 1882

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        See Roest, T.

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        See Madan, M.

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        See Hacket, T.

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eds. Encyclopaedic dictionary of physics See under title

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—(ed. 2) 2 vols. 1778
—(ed. 3) 2 vols. 1789

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ed. Flora of tropical Africa (vols. IV–VIII) 1899–1913
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See also Bennett, A. W.; Trimen, H.

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Thom, William
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        Played out 1866
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A prospect of the sea, and other stories and prose writings
ed. D. Jones 1955
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        An acre of land 1952
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        If you can’t be good 1973 (UK 1974)
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See also ‘Bleeck, Oliver’

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        Principal rules of the Italian grammer, with a dictionarie 1550 (1567)

Thomas of Erceldoune
See Erceldoune, Thomas of

Thomason tracts. Pamphlets, books, newspapers, and manuscripts relating to the Civil War, the Commonwealth, and Restoration, collected by George Thomason 1640–61 (British Museum)

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See John Thompson’s man

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ed. A collection of early prose romances v.d. (1828, 1858)

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        See Lindsay, W. M.

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        Works a 1748 (1773)
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        The tragedy of Sophonisba 1730

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with some other poems 1880
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See Cloud of witnesses

Thomson, Joseph J.
        See Poynting, John H.

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        Death cap 1973
        The long revenge 1974
        A question of identity 1978

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        See ‘Doesticks, Q. K. Philander’

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—— & Thomson, Thomas
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See also Thomson, R. D.

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Thomson, William
        See Watson, Robert

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—— & Tait, Peter G.
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—(ed. 10, by R. W. Jones) 1951
—(ed. 11, by F. E. Perry & F. R. Ryder) 1965

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        The Maine woods a 1862 (1864)
        Walden; or life in the woods 1854
        A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers 1849
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See Lay folks’ catechism

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— & Walford, Edward Old and new London 1873–78

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        A discourse of the right of the Church in a Christian state 1649
        Of the government of churches 1641

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        Yule-tide stories 1853
See also Anglo-Saxon laws; Exeter book; Psalter

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Thrale, Mrs.
        See Piozzi, Hester L.

Thre prestis of Peblis c 1500
See Peebles

Three early English metrical romances (The anturs of Arther, Sir Amadace, The avowynge of King Arther) 14.. (Camden Soc. 1842)

Three fifteenth-century chronicles 14.. (Camden Soc. 1880)

Three Germans tr. 1807

Three Gil Blas 1804
See La Martelière, J. H. F.

Three in Norway 1882
        See Lees, J. A.

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Three kings’ sons, The c 1500 (E.E.T.S. 1895)

Three ladies of London 1584
        See Wilson, R.

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        See Thoroton, R.

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        A treatise on the pathology of the urine 1858

—— & Dupré, August
        A treatise on the origin, nature, and varieties of wine 1872

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        The years with Ross 1959

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        A collection of state papers 1638–59 (1742)

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ed. Heptateuchus, Liber Job, et Evangelium Nicodemi; Anglo-Saxonice (1698)

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ed. Early western travels, 1748–1846: a series of annotated reprints 32 vols. 1904–7

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        Emblemes and epigrames 1600 (E.E.T.S. 1876)
See also Debate; T., F. 1604