Sea-board 1860
        See Warter, J. W.

Sea breezes 1919–39; 1946–

Seafarer a 1000 (Grein)

Seafarers’ log 1939–

Seager, F.
        The schoole of vertue and booke of good nourture for chyldren and youth to learne theyr dutie by, by F. S. 1557 (Babees book, E.E.T.S. 1868)

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        Hermann’s (J. G. J.) Elements of the doctrine of metres abridged and tr. 1830
        A supplement to Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary 1819

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        An analysis of the Greek metres 1784 (1802)

Seaman, Donald
        The bomb that could lip-read 1974

Seaman, Sir Owen
        The battle of the bays 1897
        In cap and bells 1899

‘Search, Edward’
        See Tucker, A.

Sears, Roebuck & Co.
        Catalogs c 1876–

Sears, Edmund Hamilton
        Athanasia; or foregleams of immortality 1858
        The fourth gospel the heart of Christ 1872 (1874)
        Regeneration 1853 (1873)
        Sermons and songs of the christian life 1874

Sears, George W.
        Forest runes, poems 1887

Seasonable advice to all true protestants in England, A 1679

Seasonable advice to protestants, containing some means of reviving and strengthening the protestant interest 1745

Seasonable expostulation with the Netherlands, A (by F. Osborne ?) 1652

Seasonable speech 1659
        See Shaftesbury, 1st Earl of

Seaton, Albert Edward
        A manual of marine engineering 1883

Seaton, Sir Thomas
        A manual of fret cutting and wood carving 1875

Sebright, Sir John S.
        Observations on hawking 1826

Secker, Abp. Thomas
        Lectures on the catechism of the church of England c 1735 (1769)
        Sermons on several subjects a 1768 (1770–71)

Secker, William
        The nonsuch professor in his meridian splendor (sermons) 1660

Second discourse of the religion of England, A 1668

Second maiden’s tragedy, The 1611 (Hazl. Dodsley)

Second narrative of the late parliament (so-called), A 1658 (Harl. Misc.)

Second narrative, A 1697
        See Keith, G.

Second plea. The conformist’s second plea for the nonconformists (by E. Pearse) 1682

Second sight. A treatise on the second sight, dreams and apparitions, byTheophilus Insulanus’ 1763

Secret history of the reigns of Charles II and James II, The 1690

Secret service. Moneys received and paid for secret services of Charles II and James II 1679–88 (Camden Soc. 1851)

Secreta secretorum, Three prose versions of 1450–80; c 1400; 1422 (E.E.T.S. 1898)

Securis, John
        A detection and querimonie of the daily enormities and abuses committed in physick 1566

Sedgwick, Adam
        A student’s text-book of zoology 1898

—— & Heathcote, F. G.
        Claus’ (C.) Elementary textbook of zoology tr. 1884–85

Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
        The little French girl 1924

Sedgwick, Miss Catherine M.
        Hope Leslie; or early times in the Massachusetts 1827 (1872)
        Letters from abroad to kindred at home 1841
        The Linwoods; or sixty years since in America 1835
        Live and let live 1837 (1873)

Sedgwick, Obadiah
        The anatomy of secret sins (sermons) a 1658 (1660)
Christ the life, and death the gain of every true beleever
        Christ’s counsell to his languishing church of Sardis 1640
        England’s preservation (a sermon) 1642

Sedley, Sir Charles
        Works a 1701 (1722, 1778)
        Bellamira, or the mistress, a comedy 1687
        The mulberry garden, a comedy 1668

Seebohm, Frederic
        The English village community examined in its relations to the manorial and tribal systems 1883 (1884)
        The Oxford reformers of 1498 (Colet, Erasmus, More) 1867

Seebohm, Henry
        A history of British birds 1883–85
        Siberia in Asia 1882

Seeley, Sir John R.
        Ecce homo; a survey of the life and work of Jesus Christ (anon.) 1865 (1866)
        The expansion of England 1883
        Lectures and essays 1869 (1870)
        The life and times of Stein 1878
        Natural religion 1882
        A short history of Napoleon the first 1886

Segar, Sir William
        Honor, military and civill 1602

Sege off Melayne, The c 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1880)

Segrè, Emilio Gino
        Experimental nuclear physics 3 vols. 1953–9

Séguin, Lisbeth G.
        The Black forest, its people and legends 1879

Seidel’s (J. J.) The organ and its construction tr. 1852

Seile, Henry
        Augustus; or an essay of those means..whereby the commonwealth of Rome was alter’d..unto a monarchy 1632

Sela, Owen
        The Bengali inheritance 1975

Selbie, William Boothby
        The psychology of religion 1924

Selborne, Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of
        The book of praise, from the best English hymn writers. Selected 1862 (1865)
        Memorials a 1895 (1896–98)

Selby, Charles
        London by night, a drama a 1863 (1886)

Selby, Prideaux J.
        A history of British forest-trees 1842
        Illustrations of British ornithology 1825–33

Selden, John
        The duello or single combat 1610
        England’s Epinomis a 1654 (Tracts 1683; 1726)
        The historie of tithes 1618
        Illustrations (to Drayton’s Poly-olbion) 1612
        Table-talk a 1654 (1689; Arber)
        Titles of honor 1614
(For Discourse of the government of England See Bacon, N.)

Selden, Joseph
        The trades man’s help. An introduction to arithmetick 1694

Seldon, Arthur & Pennance, F. C.
        Everyman’s dictionary of economics 1965

Select cases in the court of requests 1497–1569 (Selden Soc. 1898)

Select charters (1870)
        See Stubbs, Bp. W.

Select pleas of the court of admiralty 1390–1602 (Selden Soc. 1892–97)

Select pleas of the court of star chamber v.d. (Selden Soc. 1902–10)

Select pleas of the forest v.d. (Selden Soc. 1899)

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Select poetry, chiefly sacred of the reign of king James the first 16.. (ed. E. Farr, 1847)

Selection from the Harleian Miscellany of tracts, A v.d. (1793)

Self, Margaret Cabell
        The horseman’s encyclopedia 1946

Self instructor, The, or young man’s best companion 1807 (1811)

Selimus, emperour of the Turkes, The first part of the tragicall raigne of 1594 (Grosart, Greene’s works XIV)

Sellar, Eleanor M.
        Recollections and impressions 1907

Selous, Frederick C.
        African nature notes and reminiscences 1908
        A hunter’s wanderings in Africa 1881
        Travel and adventure in south-east Africa 1893

Selvon, Samuel
        A brighter sun 1952

Selwyn, William
        An abridgment of the law of Nisi prius 1808 (1817)

Semper, Karl
        The natural conditions of existence as they affect animal life 1879 (1881)

Sempill, Sir James
        A pick-tooth for the pope, or the pack-mans paternoster tr. out of Dutch a 1625 (1669)
        Sacrilege sacredly handled, that is, according to scripture onely 1619
See also Sempill, R.

Sempill, Robert
        The Sempill ballates, a series of..Scotish poems ascribed to Robert Sempill 1567–83, to which are added poems by Sir J. Semple of Beltrees 1598–1610 (1872)

Semple, George
        A treatise on building in water 1776

Semple, Robert Hunter
        Memoirs on diphtheria. Selected and tr. 1859 (New Syd. Soc.)

Senault’s (J. F.) Paraphrase upon Job tr. 1648

Sendivogius, M.
See French, J.

Seneca’s (L. A.) Tenne tragedies tr. (by Jasper Heywood, Alex. Neville, et al.) 1581

Senhouse, Roger
tr. Colette’s Chéri, and The last of Chéri 1951

Senior, Nassau W.
        Historical and philosophical essays a 1864 (1865)

Senior, William
        Pike and perch 1900

Senn, Charles Herman
        The new century cookery book: practical gastronomy and recherché cookery 1901

Sennett, Richard
        The marine steam engine, a treatise 1882

Sequel, The; or moderation further display’d, a poem (by W. Shippen or D. De Foe) 1705

Ser John Mandevelle. The commonyng of Ser J. Mandevelle and the gret Souden ?c 1400 (Hazlitt, Early popular poetry 1864)

Sergeant, Miss E. F. Adeline
        No saint, a study 1886

Sergeant, John
        An account of the chapter erected by William, titular bishop of Chalcedon 1706 (1853)
        The history of monastical conventions, by J. S. (? J. Sergeant) 1686
        A letter of thanks to Mr. J. T(illotson) 1666
        Schism dispach’t, or a the replies of Dr. Hammond and the lord of Derry, by S. W. (i.e. J. Sergeant) 1657
        Solid philosophy asserted against the fancies of the Ideists 1697
        Sure-footing in christianity, or rational discourses on the rule of faith, by J. S. 1665
        Transnatural philosophy, by J. S. 1700
        White’s (T.) Peripateticall institutions tr. (? by J. Sergeant) 1656

Serling, Robert J.
        The president’s plane is missing 1967 (UK 1968)

Sermo pro episcopo puerorum (by Bp. J. Alcock) c 1496 (W. de W.)

Serpent of division, The (by J. Lydgate) c 1400 (1590, 1911)

Serra, José Autures
        Modern genetics 3 vols. 1965–8

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        The life and recollections of Doctor Duguid (a novel) 1887
        Thir notandums 1890

Service, Robert William
        Ballads of a cheechako 1909 (UK 1910)
        Ploughman of the moon: an adventure into memory 1945 (UK 1946)
        Rhymes of a rolling stone 1912 (UK 1913)
        Songs of a sourdough 1907 (UK 1908)
        The trail of ’98: a northland romance 1910 (UK 1911)

Sessions papers [series of reports of criminal cases heard in London]:
1. The whole proceedings of the Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer for the City of London and County of Middlesex 1730–1824
2. Sessions’ paper..held at the Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey 1825–33
3. Central Criminal Court Minutes 1835–1913

Seth, Andrew
        Scottish philosophy, a comparison of the Scottish and German answers to Hume 1885

Seton, Ernest Evan Thompson
        Trail of an artist-naturalist 1940

Seton-Karr, Walter S.
        The Marquess Cornwallis (Rulers of India) 1890

—— & Sandeman, H.
ed. Selections from Calcutta gazettes of the years 1784–1823 (1864–69)

Seton-Watson, Christopher
        Italy from liberalism to fascism, 1870–1925 1967

‘Setoun, Gabriel’ (Thomas N. Hepburn)
        Robert Urquhart 1896

Settle, Elkanah
        Eusebia triumphans, The Hannover succession to the imperial crown of England 1702 (1705)
        Reflections on several of Mr. Dryden’s plays 1687

Settlers and convicts 1847
        See Harris, A.

Seven sages, The. The proces of the seuyn sages 13.. (Weber, Metrical romances III, 1810)
        The seven sages, in English verse c 1425 (Percy Soc. 1845)
See also Rolland, J.

Several discourses and characters address’d to the ladies of the age, wherein the vanities of the modish women are discovered 1689

Severson, John Hugh
ed. Great surfing 1967

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        Diary 1674–1729 (1878–82)
        Letter-book 1686–1729 (Collections of Mass. Hist. Soc. 1886)

Sewall, William
        Diary, 1797–1846 ed. J. Goodell 1930

Sewanee review 1892–

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        Letters 1784–1807 (1811)
        Memoir of the life of Dr. Darwin 1804
        Poetical works a 1809 (1810)

Seward, William
        Anecdotes of some distinguished persons 1795–97

Seward, William
        A tour to Yordes cave 1801
—(A dialogue from the above, in Nine specimens, E.D.S. 1896)

Sewel, William
        The history of the..Quakers a 1720 (1722, 1795)
        A large dictionary English and Dutch 1708 (1766)
        A new dictionary English and Dutch 1691

Sewell, Anna
        Black Beauty: the autobiography of a horse 1877

Sewell, Edward Humphrey D.
        Rugby football up to date 1921

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        Amy Herbert, by a lady 1844
        Cleeve Hall 1855
        A glimpse of the world 1863
        Ursula, a tale of country life 1858

Sewell, George
        The tragedy of Richard I a 1726 (1728)

Sewell, George Harold
        Amateur film-making 1938
—(ed. 2) 1951

Sewell, William
        The domestic virtues and manners of the Greeks and Romans (Oxford prize essay) 1828
        Hawkstone; a tale of and for England in 184– 1845 (1846)

Sexby, Edward
        See Titus, Silius.

Seyd, Ernest
        Bullion and foreign exchanges theoretically and practically considered 1868

Seymour, Edward J.
        Thoughts on the nature and treatment of several severe diseases of the human body 1847

Seymour, Gerald
        The glory boys 1976

Seymour, Richard
        The court gamester 1719 (1720)
The compleat gamester 1720 (1734)

Shackleton, Ernest Henry
        South: the story of Shackleton’s last expedition, 1914–1917 1919

Shacklock, Richard
        Hosius’ (S.) A most excellent treatise of the begynnyng of heresyes in oure tyme tr…and intituled by him, The hatchet of heresies 1565

Shadbolt, Maurice Francis Richard
        Among the cinders 1965
        The New Zealanders: a sequence of stories 1959
        Strangers and journeys 1972

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        The fair Quaker of Deal, or, the humours of the navy, a comedy (anon.) 1710
        The humours of the army, a comedy 1713

Shadwell, Thomas
        The dramatic works a 1692 (1720)
        The amorous bigotte 1690
        Bury-fair 1689
        Epsom Wells 1672 (1673)
        Fountain’s (J.) Royal shepherdess 1669
        The humorists 1670 (1671)
        The Lancashire-witches, and Tegue ODivelly, the Irish priest 1682
        The libertine 1676
        The medal of John Bayes: a satyr against folly and knavery 1682
        The miser 1672
        The scowrers 1691
        The squire of Alsatia 1688
        The sullen lovers, or the impertinents 1668
        The tenth satyr of Juvenal tr. 1687
        The true widow 1679
        The virtuoso 1676
        The volunteers, or the stock-jobbers a 1692 (1693)
        The woman-captain 1680

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of
        A seasonable speech made by a worthy member of parliament in the House of Commons, concerning the other House, March, 1659 1659 (Harl. Misc.)

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of
        Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times (anon.) 1711 (1737)
        A letter concerning enthusiasm (anon.) 1708
        The moralists, a philosophical rhapsody (anon.) 1709
        Soliloquy; or advice to an author (anon.) 1710

Shaftesbury, Antony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of
        Diary a 1885 (in E. Hodder, Life 1886)

Shairp, John Campbell
        Aspects of poetry 1881
        Culture and religion in some of their relations 1870
        Robert Burns (English men of letters) 1879

Shakespeare, William
        Comedies, histories & tragedies a 1616 (First folio 1623)
—The Cambridge Shakespeare (1863–66, 1891–93)
—The Globe edition (1866)
        Alls well, that ends well 1601
        The tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra 1606
        As you like it 1600
        The comedie of errors 1590
        The tragedy of Coriolanus 1607
        The tragedie of Cymbeline 1611
        The tragedie of Hamlet, prince of Denmarke 1602
The tragicall historie of Hamlet, prince of Denmarke (1603, 1604)
        The first part of Henry the fourth 1596
The history of Henrie the fourth (1598)
        The second part of Henry the fourth 1597
The second part of Henrie the fourth (1600)
        The life of Henry the fift 1599
The cronicle history of Henry the fift (1600, 1619)
        The first part of Henry the sixt 1591
The second part 1593
The third part 1593
        The famous history of the life of king Henry the eight 1613
        The life and death of king Iohn 1595
        The tragedie of Ivlivs Cæsar 1601
        The tragedie of king Lear 1605
His true chronicle historie of the life and death of king Lear and his three daughters (1608)
A louers complaint
1597 (at end of Sonnets 1609)
        Loues labour’s lost 1588
A pleasant conceited comedie called Loues labors lost (1598)
        Lucrece 1593 (1594; The rape of Lucrece 1616)
        The tragedie of Macbeth 1605
        Measure for measure 1603
        The merchant of Venice 1596
The most excellent historie of the merchant of Venice (1600, 1619)
        The merry wiues of Windsor 1598
A most pleasaunt and excellent conceited comedie, of Syr Iohn Falstaffe and the merrie wiues of Windsor (1602)
        A midsommer nights dreame 1590 (also 1600, 1619)
        Much adoe about nothing 1599 (also 1600)
        The tragedie of Othello, the Moore of Venice 1604 (also 1622)
        The late and much admired play, called Pericles, prince of Tyre 1608 (1609)
        The phoenix and the turtle 1601 (in R. Chester’s Loves martyr, repr. New Shaks. Soc. 1878)
        The life and death of king Richard the second 1593
The tragedie of king Richard the second (1597)
        The tragedy of Richard the third 1594 (also 1597)
        The tragedie of Romeo and Ivliet 1592
An excellent conceited tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet (1597, 1599)
        Sonnets c 1600 (1609)
        The taming of the shrew 1596
        The tempest 1610
        The life of Tymon of Athens 1607
        The lamentable tragedy of Titus Andronicus 1588
The most lamentable Romaine tragedie of Titus Andronicus (1594)
        The tragedie of Troylus and Cressida 1606
The historie of Troylus and Cresseida (1609)
        Twelfe night, or what you will 1601
        The two gentlemen of Verona 1591
        Venus and Adonis 1592 (1593)
        The winters tale 1611

—— et al.
        The passionate pilgrime 1599

Shakespeare Apocrypha, The: being a collection of fourteen plays which have been ascribed to Shakespeare ed. C. F. Tucker Brooke (1908)

Shakespeare jest-books ed. W. C. Hazlitt (1864)

Shakespeare Society
        Publications (1841–53)
        Papers (1844–49)

Shakespeare’s Centurie of prayse ed. C. M. Ingleby (1874, also New Shaks. Soc. 1879)

‘Shallow, J.’ (J. Y. A. Morshead)
        The Templars’ trials 1888

Shand, Alexander I.
        The life of General Sir E. B. Hamley 1895

Shand, Philip Morton
        A book of wine 1926

Shands, Harley Cecil
        Semiotic approaches to psychiatry 1970

Shands, Hubert Anthony
        Some peculiarities of speech in Mississippi 1893

‘Shannon, Dell’ (Barbara Elizabeth Linington)
        Murder with love 1971 (UK 1972)
        No holiday for crime 1973 (UK 1974)
        Rain with violence 1967 (UK 1969)
        The ringer 1971 (UK 1972)
        Unexpected death 1970 (UK 1971)
        With a vengeance 1966 (UK 1968)

Shapiro, Nat & Hentoff, Nat
eds. Hear me talkin’ to ya: the story of jazz by the men who made it 1955

Sharcott, Margaret
        A place of many winds 1960

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        The voyages and adventures of Capt. B. Sharp and others in the south sea 1684 (Collection of voyages IV, 1729)

Sharp, Sir Cuthbert
        Chronicon mirabile; or extracts from parish registers (anon.) 1841

Sharp, Abp. John
        Works a 1714 (1754)

Sharp, Lester Whyland
        Introduction to cytology 1921
—(ed. 3) 1934

Sharp, Margery
        Cluny Brown 1944
        The gipsy in the parlour 1954
        The nutmeg tree 1937
        Something light 1960

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        A treatise on the operations of surgery 1739

Sharp, Thomas
        A dissertation on the pageants or dramatic mysteries anciently performed at Coventry 1825

Sharp, William
        D. G. Rossetti, a record and a study 1882
ed. Sonnets of this century 1886

Sharpe, Charles K.
ed. A ballad book 1823 (1880)
        Letters a 1851 (1888)

Sharpe, Frederick Dew
        Sharpe of the Flying Squad 1938

Sharpe, May Churchill
        Chicago May: her story 1928

Sharpe, Reginald R.
ed. Calendars of letter-books the Guildhall 1899–
        London and the kingdom 1894–95

Sharpe, Richard Bowdler
        Catalogue of the birds in the British Museum 1874–88
        A handbook to the birds of Great Britain (= Lloyd’s Natural history, British birds) 1894–96

—— & Dresser, H. E.
        A history of the birds of Europe 1871–81

Sharpe, Samuel
        Egyptian inscriptions 1837–41
        The history of Egypt under the Ptolemies 1838
under the Romans 1842
till the conquest by the Arabs 1846 (1859)
        Rudiments of a vocabulary of Egyptian hieroglyphics 1837

Sharpe, Thomas Ridley
        Porterhouse blue 1974
        Wilt 1976

Sharpham, Edward
        The fleire (a comedy) 1607

Sharps, Wallace Samuel
        Dictionary of cinematography and sound recording 1959

Sharrock, Robert
        The history of the propagation and improvement of vegetables 1660

Shaw, Sir Charles
        Personal memoirs and correspondence, comprising a narrative of the Portugal and Spain 1837

Shaw, Cuthbert
        A monody to the memory of a young lady, with An evening address to a nightingale 1768

Shaw, Dennis Frederick
        An introduction to electronics 1962
—(ed. 2) 1970

Shaw, Frank, Spiegl, Fritz, & Kelly, Stan
        Lern yerself Scouse: how to talk proper in Liverpool 1966 (For Vol. 2 see ‘Lane, Linacre’

Shaw, George
        General zoology, or systematic natural history 1800–12
—continued by J. F. Stephens (1815–26)
        Musei Leveriani explicatio, Anglica et Latina 1792–96
        Vivarium naturæ..The naturalists’ miscellany 1789–1813
        Zoological lectures delivered at the Royal Institution 1809

Shaw, George
        A manual of electro-metallurgy 1842 (1844)

Shaw, George Bernard
        The admirable Bashville (in Cashel Byron’s profession, rev. ed.) 1901
        Androcles and the lion: a fable play 1914
        The apple cart: a political extravaganza 1930
        Back to Methuselah: a metabiological Pentateuch 1921
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        Buoyant billions 1949
        Caesar and Cleopatra See Three plays for Puritans
        Captain Brassbound’s conversion See Three plays for Puritans
        Collected letters ed. D. H. Laurence 1965–
        The common sense of municipal trading 1904
        The Dark Lady of the sonnets See Misalliance
        The devil’s disciple See Three plays for Puritans
        The doctor’s dilemma, Getting married, and The shewing-up of Blanco Posnet 1911
        Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw: a correspondence See Terry, Ellen & Shaw, George Bernard
        Everybody’s political what’s what? 1944
ed. Fabian essays in Socialism 1889
        Fanny’s first play See Misalliance
        Geneva 1939
        Getting married See The doctor’s dilemma
        Heartbreak House, Great Catherine, and Playlets of the War 1919
        How to become a musical critic ed. D. H. Laurence 1960
        In good King Charles’s golden days 1939
        The intelligent woman’s guide to socialism and capitalism 1928
        John Bull’s other island 1904
        Letters See Collected letters
        Letters to Granville Barker ed. C. B. Purdom 1956
        London music in 1888–89 as heard by Corno di Bassetto 1937
        Man and superman 1903
        The millionairess See The simpleton of the Unexpected Isles
        Misalliance, The Dark Lady of the sonnets, and Fanny’s first play. With a treatise on parents and childen 1914
        On the rocks See Too true to be good
        Our theatres in the Nineties: criticisms contributed week by week to The Saturday Review 3 vols. 1932
        Peace Conference hints 1919
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—(Standard ed.) 1932
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—(combined ed. with Androcles and the lion and Overruled) 1916
        The quintessence of Ibsenism 1891
now completed to the death of Ibsen 1913
        Saint Joan 1923 (1924)
        The shewing-up of Blanco Posnet See The doctor’s dilemma
        The simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, The six of Calais, and The millionairess 1936
Three plays for Puritans
(The devil’s disciple, Caesar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound’s conversion) 1901
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        What I really wrote about the War 1930
—(Standard ed.) 1931
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        See ‘Billings, Josh’

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        Rich man, poor man 1970
        The troubled air 1951

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—new ed. by J. F. S. Gordon (1882)

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—Suppl. 1746

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—(ed. 2) 1923
—(ed. 3) 1940

—— & Austin, Elaine
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She 1955–

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        Newfoundland, its fisheries and general resources 1883 (Fisheries exhibition literature)

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        Transmission networks and wave filters 1930

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        Athletics and football (Badminton library) 1887 (1899)

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        Lydia, or filial piety 1755 (1769)
        The marriage act (anon.) 1754
—(another ed.) Matrimony, a novel 1755 (1766)

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        A history of christian doctrine 1864

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tr. K. W. J. H. Riemann’s Dictionary of music 1893

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        My contemporaries (1830–70) 1893

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        Running and being: the total experience 1978

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        Works a 1721 (1723, 1753)
        An essay on poetry (anon.) 1682

Sheffield glossary 1888–91
        See Addy, S. O.

Sheilds or Shields, Alexander
        The life and death of..J. Renwick a 1700 (1724; Biographia presbyteriana 1827)

‘Shelby, Brit’ (James Grady)
        The great pebble affair 1976

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        The minstrelsy of the English border, being a collection of ballads 1847

Sheldon, George
        A history of Deerfield, Massachusetts 1895–96
See also Temple, Josiah H.

Sheldon, John P.
        Dairy farming 1881

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        Flaubert’s (G.) Salammbô tr. 1886

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        The first sermon after his conversion, S. Martins in the field 1612
        A survey of the miracles of the church of Rome, proving them to be Antichristian 1616

Sheldon, Sidney
        Bloodline 1978

Shelford, Robert
        Five pious and learned discourses 1635

Shell aviation news 1931–

Shell International Petroleum Company
        Bitumen (Shell Briefing Service) 1977
        Information handbook, 1974–5 1974
        Protecting the world’s crops (Shell Briefing Service) 1977

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        Workshop appliances 1873 (1893)

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ed. Shelley memorials 1859

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        Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus 1818

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        Poetical works a 1822 (1853, 1882, 1904)
        Prose works (1880, 1888)
        Adonais, an elegy on the death of John Keats 1821
        Alastor; or the spirit of solitude 1815
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        Charles the first 1821–22
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        Hellas, a lyrical drama 1821
        Julian and Maddalo 1818
        Laon and Cythna: see Revolt of Islam, below
        Lines written among the Euganean hills 1818
        The mask of anarchy 1819
        Oedipus tyrannus; or Swellfoot the tyrant, a tragedy 1820
        Peter Bell the third 1819
        Prince Athanase 1817
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        Queen Mab, a philosophical poem 1813
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        The witch of Atlas 1820
        Letters ed. F. L. Jones 2 vols. 1964
        Shelley papers, The (1833) See Medwin, T.

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        Flowers by the wayside (poems) 1868

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ed. Hepcats jive talk dictionary 1945

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        The salt-box house: eighteenth century life in a New England hill town 1900

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        A voyage round the world 1726 (1757)

Shelvocke, George (the younger)
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        Tales, songs and miscellaneous poems..chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1831

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        Works in prose and verse (Elegies, Odes and other poems, Essays, Letters) a 1763 (1764–69, 1777)
        Essays on men and manners a 1763
        The judgment of Hercules, a poem (anon.) 1741
        Poems upon several occasions 1737 (1798)
        The school-mistress, a poem (anon.) 1742

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        The elements of inorganic chemistry 1900
        The methods of glass blowing 1886 (1889)

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        Treatise on mineralogy 1832–35

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        The clear sun-shine of the gospel breaking forth upon the Indians in New-England 1648

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        Telephone apparatus 1917

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        The military aeroplane 1941

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        Guéranger’s (P. L. P.) The liturgical year tr. 1867–79

Shepherd, William
        Prairie experiences in handling cattle and sheep 1884

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        Charles Auchester, a memorial (anon.) 1853

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        The fall of Rome and the rise of the new nationalities 1861

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        Taman indera: a royal pleasure ground. Malay decorative arts and pastimes 1972

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        Before an audience; or the use of the will in public speaking 1886

Sheppard, Samuel Edward
        Photo-chemistry 1914

—— & Mees, Charles Edward Kenneth
        Investigations on the theory of the photographic process 1907

Sheppard, Thomas 1648
        See Shepard, T.

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        Dictionary of railway slang 1965
—(ed. 2) 1966

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        A daughter of the south and other poems 1889

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        The sphere of M. Manilius made an English poem 1675

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        At home and in India 1882 (1883)
        The conjurer’s daughter, a tale 1880

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        Notes and reflections during a ramble in Germany (anon.) 1826
        Sketches of India (anon.) 1821

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tr. J. Lacan’s Écrits 1977

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        Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph 1761–66 (1761–67)

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        Plays as he wrote them (1902)
        The critic, or a tragedy rehearsed 1779
        The duenna 1775 (1783)
        Pizarro (adapted from Kotzebue) 1799
        The rivals 1775
        St. Patrick’s day 1775
        The school for scandal 1777
(The stranger (from Kotzebue) 1798)
        A trip to Scarborough 1777

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        Letters etc. a 1738 (Swift’s works)
        The satyrs of Persius tr. 1728 (1739)

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        British education 1756 (1769)
        A general dictionary of the English language 1780
A complete dictionary of the English language 1789
        Lectures on the art of reading 1775
        The life of Dr. Jonathan Swift 1784

Sheridaniana; or anecdotes of the life of R. B. Sheridan 1826

Sherif, Muzafer
        The psychology of social norms 1936

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        His relation of his travels into Persia 1613

Sherley, Sir Robert, his royall entertainement into Cracovia etc. 1609 (Harl. Misc.)

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        Sermons (various) a 1761
        Several discourses preached at the Temple church 1754–58 (1759)
        The tryal of the witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus 1729
        The use and intent of prophecy in the several ages of the world, in six discourses 1725

Sherlock, William
        A practical discourse concerning death 1689
        A practical discourse concerning a future judgment 1692

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        Two Victorian girls: with extracts from the Hall diaries ed. A. R. Mills 1966

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        The integrative action of the nervous system 1906

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        A treatise of the figures of grammar and rhetorike 1555
        A treatise of schemes and tropes c 1550

S’hertogenbush, A jornall of certain principall passages in and before the towne of tr. 1629
See also Pelegromius

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        A gazetteer of the State of Georgia 1827

Sherwood, Mrs. Mary Martha
        The history of the Fairchild family 1813 (1818–47)
        The history of Henry Milner, a little boy 1822–36
The history of little Henry and his bearer
1810 (1832)
The history of Susan Grey
        The lady and her ayah c 1813 (1816)
        The lady of the manor 1823–29
        Stories explanatory of the church catechism c 1813 (1822)

Sherwood, Robert
        See Cotgrave, R.

Sherwood, Robert Emmet
        Idiot’s delight 1936

Sherwood, William E.
        Oxford rowing, a history of boat-racing at Oxford 1900

Shevelov, George Yury
        A prehistory of Slavic: the historical phonology of common Slavic 1965

Shields, Alexander a 1700
        See Sheilds

Shields, Charles Woodruff
        The final philosophy, or system of perfectible knowledge, issuing from the harmony of science and religion 1877

Shields, Michael
        Faithful contendings displayed, being an historical relation of the state..of the suffering remnant of the church of Scotland (1681–91) c 1691 (1780)

Shillaber, Benjamin Penhallow
        The life and sayings of Mrs. Partington 1854

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        Letters and papers 1447–50 (Camden Soc. 1871)

Shipley, Orby
ed. A glossary of ecclesiastical terms 1872

Shipman, Thomas
        Henry the third of France stabb’d by a fryer, a tragedy 1678

Ship-money. The case of ship-money briefly discoursed (by H. Parker) 1640

Shipp, John
        Memoirs of the extraordinary military career of J. Shipp,..written by himself 1829

Shippen, William
        Moderation display’d, a poem (anon.) 1704

Shipway, William
        The campanologia, or universal instructor in the art of ringing 1813–16

Shirburn ballads, The 1585–1616 (1907)

        See Skelton, Sir J.

Shirley, Henry
        The martyr’d souldier, a tragedy a 1627 (1638; Bullen, Old plays I, 1882)

Shirley, James
        Dramatic works a 1666 (1833)
        Andromana, or the merchant’s wife, by J. S. (? Shirley) 1660 (Dodsley)
        The ball 1632 (1639)
        The bird in a cage 1633
        The brothers 1626 (1652)
(Captain Underwit: see Newcastle, 1st Duke of)
        The cardinal 1641 (1652)
        Changes: or Love in a maze 1632
        A contention for honour and riches 1632 (1633)
        The coronation 1635 (Beaumont and Fletcher 1679)
        The court secret 1653
        The gamester 1633 (1637)
        The gentleman of Venice 1639 (1655)
        Hide park 1632 (1637, 1660)
        Honour and mammon 1659
        Love tricks: see Schoole, below
        Loves crueltie 1640
        The maides revenge 1639
        The opportunitie 1634 (1640)
        Poems 1646
        St. Patrick for Ireland 1640
        The schoole of complement 1631
—(another ed.) Love tricks, or the school of complements (1667)
        The sisters 1642 (1652)
        The traytor 1631 (1635)
        The triumph of peace 1633 (1634)
        The wedding 1626 (1629, 1660)
        The wittie faire one 1628 (1633)
See also Fletcher, J.

Shirley, John
        A..cronycle of the dethe and false murdure of James Stewarde, kyng of Scotys tr. 1440 (1818)

Shirley, John
        The triumph of wit 1688 (1707)

Shirley, William
        A letter to..the Duke of Newcastle, with a journal of the siege of Louisburg 1746

Shirra, Robert
        Remains a 1803 (1850)

Shirreff, John
        General view of the agriculture of the Orkney islands 1814
of the Shetland islands 1814

Shirrefs, Andrew
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1790

Shoberl, Frederick
tr. I. Titsingh’s Illustrations of Japan 1822
        Klaproth’s (H. J. von) Travels in the Caucasus and Georgia tr. 1814

Shooting times and country magazine 1882–

Shoreham, William of
        Poems c 1315 (Percy Soc. 1849; E.E.T.S. 1902)

Short, Eirian
        Embroidery and fabric collage 1967

Short, Thomas
        Medicina Britannica: or a treatise on such physical plants as are generally to be found in the fields and gardens in Great Britain 1747

Short catechism, A, or playne instruction, conteynynge the summe of christian learninge, sett fourth by the kings maiesties authoritie 1553 (Two liturgies etc., Parker Soc. 1844)

Short dialogue 1605
        See Hieron, S.

Short explication 1724
See Music

Short (schorte) somme of the buik of discipline, Ane c 1570 (Collection of confessions of faith etc. 1719–22)

Short view of the prælaticall church of England, A (by R. Bernard) 1641

Shorter, Thomas (‘T. Brevior’)
        The two worlds 1864

Shorter catechism of the Westminster Assembly of divines, The 1647 (1648, 1718)

Shorthouse, Joseph H.
        The Countess Eve (a novel) 1888
        John Inglesant, a romance 1880 (1881)
        Sir Percival, a story of the past and of the present 1886

Shrader, Robert Louis
        Electronic communication 1959

Shrine, The; a collection of occasional papers on dry subjects c 1000 (ed. T. O. Cockayne 1864–70)

Shropshire Archæological and Natural History Society
        Transactions 1878–

Shrubsole, William & Denne, S.
        The history and antiquities of Rochester and its environs (anon.) 1772

Shuckard, William E.
        British bees 1866
        Burmeister’s (H.) Manual of entomology 1836
See also Swainson, W.

Shuckford, Samuel
        The sacred and prophane history of the world connected 1728–37
The creation and fall of man, a supplemental discourse 1753

Shuffling, cutting, and dealing, in a game at pickquet, by O. P(rotector) and others (by H. Neville) 1659 (Harl. Misc.)

Shulman, Max
        Barefoot boy with cheek 1943

Shurr, Gertrude & Yocom, Rachael Dunaven
        Modern dance: techniques and teaching 1949

Shute, John
        Cambini’s (A.) Two very notable commentaries of the originall of the Turcks tr. 1562

Shute, John
        The first and chief groundes of architecture 1563

Shute, Josias
        Judgement and mercy (sermons) a 1643 (1645)
        Sarah and Hagar: or Genesis the sixteenth chapter opened in xix. sermons 1641–42 (1649)

‘Shute, Nevil’ (Nevil Shute Norway)
        Beyond the black stump 1956
        The chequer board 1947
        The far country 1952
        In the wet 1953
        Landfall 1940
        Lonely road 1932
        No highway 1948
        On the beach 1957
        Pastoral 1944
        Pied piper 1942
        The rainbow and the rose 1958
        Requiem for a Wren 1955
        Round the bend 1951
        Ruined city 1938
        A town like Alice 1950
        Trustee from the toolroom 1960

Shuttleworth, Charles
        Malayan safari 1965

Shuttleworth family. The house and farm accounts of the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall, in the county of Lancaster 1582–1621 (Chetham Soc. 1856–58)

Sibbald, James
        Chronicle of Scottish poetry, which is added a glossary 1802

Sibbald, Sir Robert
        The description of the isles of Orknay and Zetland 1711
        The history ancient and modern of..Fife and Kinross 1710 (also 1803)
        Scotia illustrata, sive prodromus historiæ naturalis Scotiæ 1684

Sibbes, Richard
        Complete works a 1635 (Grosart 1862–63)
        A conference between Christ and Mary a 1635 (1656)

Sibly, Ebenezer
        Key to physic and the occult science of astrology a 1800

Siborne, William
        History of the war in France and Belgium in 1815 1844

Sibree, James
        The great African island; chapters on Madagascar 1880
        Madagascar and its people 1870

Sibthorp or Sybthorpe, Robert
        Apostolike obedience, a sermon 1627

Sichel, Allan
        The Penguin book of wines 1965

Sickelmore, Richard
        Agnes and Leonora, a novel 1799

Siddons, Henry
        The maid, wife, and widow, a tale 1806

Siderfin, Thomas
        Les reports des divers special cases argue et adjuge en le court del bank le roy etc. 1683–84 (1714)

Sidgwick, Arthur & Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred
        Henry Sidgwick: a memoir 1906

Sidgwick, Cecily
        Sack and sugar 1926
        Victorian 1922

Sidgwick, Henry
        The methods of ethics 1874
        The principles of political economy 1883

Sidgwick, Nevil Vincent
        The chemical elements and their compounds 2 vols. 1950
        The electronic theory of valency 1927

Sidney or Sydney, Algernon
        Works a 1683 (1772)
        Discourses concerning government a 1683 (1704)

Sidney, Sir Philip
        Works a 1586 (1724–25; Miscellaneous works 1829; Complete poems, Grosart 1877)
        An apologie for poetrie (1598 ed. of the Arcadia The defence of poesie) a 1586 (1595; Arber)
        The countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia a 1586 (1590, 1598, 1621, 1629; Sommer 1891; Feuillerat 1912–22)
        Astrophel and Stella a 1586 (1591; edd. of the Arcadia)
        Mornay’s (P. de) Woorke concerning the trewnesse of the christian religion tr. (begun by Sir P. Sidney and finished by A. Golding) (1587, 1592, 1617)
        The psalmes of David tr. (begun by Sir P. Sidney i–xliii, and finished by his sister, the Countess of Pembroke) (1823)
(Valour anatomized in a fancie 1581 (1651))
        Wanstead masque, The lady of May 1578 (in Arcadia 1605– ; J. Nichols, Progr. Eliz. II, 1823)

Sidney, Richard John Hamilton
        In British Malaya to-day 1927

Sidney, Samuel
        The book of the horse 1875 (1898)

Sidney state papers. Letters and memorials of state in the reigns of Mary, Elizabeth, James, Charles I, Charles II, and Oliver’s usurpation, written by Sir H. Sydney, Sir P. Sydney (and others) ed. A. Collins (1746)

Sidonia. Meinhold’s (W.) Sidonia the sorceress tr. Lady Jane F. S. Wilde 1849 (1859)

Sieff, Israel
        Memoirs 1970

Siege of Jerusalem, The c 1400 (Laud MS. 656; Steffler 1891)

Siege of Limerick. A diary of the siege and surrender of Lymerick 1692

Siege of Rouen, The
See Page, J.

Sierra Club bulletin (San Francisco) 1893–

Sieveking, I. Giberne
        Memoir and letters of F. W. Newman 1909

Signs before judgment a 1300 (Early English poems, Philol. Soc. 1862)