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See Gammer Gurton

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S., E.
        The discoverie of the knights of the poste 1597

S., E.
        Britaines busse: or a computation as well of the charge of a busse or herring-fishing ship as also of the gaine and profit thereby 1615 (Arber, Eng. Garner III)

S——, E——
        See Smith, E.

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        See Seager, F.

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        Anglorum speculum or the worthies of England in church and state (an abridgement of Fuller’s Worthies) 1684

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S., J.
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S., J. 1661
        See Stephens, John

S., J. 1665, 1700
        See Sergeant, J.

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S., J. capt.
        Military discipline or the art of war ?1685

S., J. (? J. Sergeant)
        The history of monastical conventions and military institutions 1686

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        See Sage, J.

S., J. 1758
        See Sparrow, J.

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        Natures dowrie: or, the peoples native liberty asserted 1652

S., N.
        Simon’s (R.) Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible tr. 1684

S., R. 1591
        See Southwell, R.

S., R.
        The phoenix nest built vp with the moste rare and refined workes of noblemen 1593 (in T. Park, Heliconia II, 1815)

S., R. 1623
        See Speed, R.

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        Fortune’s tennis-ball: or the..history of Dorastus and Fawnia rendred in..English verse 1672

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        See Stocker, T.

S., T. 1624
        See Scott, T.

S., T.
        Arts improvement 1703

S., W.
        A compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints of divers of our countrymen in these our dayes, by W. S. (? W. Stafford) 1581 (New Shaks. Soc. 1876)
A discourse of the common weal of this realm of England c 1550 (1893)

S., W.
        The lamentable tragedie of Locrine 1595 (Shakespeare Apocrypha 1908)

S., W.
        The true chronicle historie of the whole life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell 1602 (Shakespeare Apocrypha 1908)

S., W.
        The Puritaine or the widdow of Watling-streete 1607 (Shakespeare Apocrypha 1908)

S.H.S., = Scottish History Society

S.L.R. camera 1964

        See Society for Pure English

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        Terrestrial magnetism 1851–59 (Manual of scientific enquiry, 1859)

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        The christian triumph, a sermon 1713

Sacheverell (Dr. H.), Tracts relating to the impeachment of 1710

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        The jail diary of Albie Sachs 1966

Sachs, Curt
        The history of musical instruments 1940 (UK 1942)

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        Works a 1608 (1859)
        Induction to the Mirror for magistrates 1563 (see Mirror)
See also Norton, T. 1561

Sackville-West, Victoria Mary
        The Edwardians 1930

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Sacred decretall, A, or hue and cry..for the apprehension of..Martin Mar-priest 1645

Sacrilege sacredly handled 1619
        See Sempill, Sir J.

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        Windswept, and other stories 1969

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        Excursions in Victorian bibliography 1922
        Trollope: a commentary 1927

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        The subject’s joy for the king’s restoration 1660

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        Theory and practice of psychiatry 1936

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        The new language of politics: an anecdotal dictionary of catchwords, slogans, and political usage 1968

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        Cosmetics: science and technology 1957

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        Works a 1711 (Spottiswoode Soc. 1844–46)
        The fundamental charter of presbytery (The article) (anon.) 1695 (1697)
        The principles of the Cyprianic age, by J. S. 1695
A vindication of the principles of the Cyprianic age 1701

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        Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the grand prairies 1846

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        In modern Spain: some sketches and impressions 1899 (1900)

St. Clair, Leonard
        A fortune in death 1976

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St. Foine improved: a discourse shewing the..benefit which England..may receive by the grasse called St. Foine..Written by a person of honour 1671 (1674)

St. George’s Hospital reports 1866–

Saint-German, C. tr. 1531
See Dialogue

St. James’s gazette, The 1880–1905

St. John, Charles W. G.
        Short sketches of the wild sports and natural history of the highlands 1846

St. John, Henry a 1751
        See Bolingbroke, Viscount

Saint John, Henry C.
        Notes and sketches from the wild coasts of Nipon 1880

Saint John, James A.
        History of the four conquests of England 1862

St. John, John Henry Herbert
        Pakeha rambles through Maori lands 1873

St. John, Percy B.
        Amy Moss, or the banks of the Ohio 1854 (1860)
        The snow ship 1865

St. Johnstoun; or John, earl of Gowrie (by Mrs. Eliza Logan) 1823

St. Kathleen, or the rock of Dunnismoyle (by A. Sutherland) 1820

St. Leonards, Edward B. Sugden, 1st Baron
        A handy book on property law 1858

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St. Nicholas: Scribner’s illustrated magazine for girls and boys 1873–

Saint Patrick: a national tale of the 5th century, by an antiquary (Rennie) 1819

Saint Patrick’s purgatory
See Patrick

St. Ursula. The lyf of saynt Ursula after the cronycles of englonde c 1480 (Roxb. Club 1818)

‘Saint Victor, Helen’
        The ruins of Rigonda, a romance 1808

Saints’ lives c 1290 (Early South-English legendary, E.E.T.S. 1887)

Saints’ lives c 1305 (Early English poems, Philol. Soc. 1862) See also Lives of saints

Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman
        Dryden (English men of letters) 1881
        A history of Elizabethan literature 1887 (1890)
        A history of nineteenth century literature 1896
        Notes on a cellar-book 1920
        The peace of the Augustans 1916
        A short history of French literature 1882

Saker, Austin
        Narbonus; the laberynth of libertie 1580

‘Saki’ (Hector Hugh Munro)
        Beasts and super-beasts 1914
        The chronicles of Clovis 1912
        Reginald 1904
        Reginald in Russia, and other sketches 1910

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        Accepted addresses 1862
        America revisited 1882
        The Baddington peerage 1860
        Dutch pictures 1861
        Gaslight and daylight 1859
        Lady Chesterfield’s letters to her daughter 1860
        London up to date 1894
        My diary in America in the midst of war 1865
        Paris herself again 1879
        Quite alone 1864
        The seven sons of Mammon 1862
        The ship chandler and other tales 1862
        The strange adventures of Captain Dangerous 1863
        A trip to Barbary 1866
        Twice round the clock, or the hours of the day and night in London 1859 (1861)

Salak, John Stephen
ed. Dictionary of American sports 1961

Sale, George
        The Koran tr. 1734

See Harington, Sir J.; Paynell, T. 1528

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        A dictionary in Englyshe and Welsh 1547 (1877)

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        The catcher in the rye 1951
        Franny and Zooey 1962

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        The shook-up generation 1958 (UK 1959)

Salisbury, Jesse
        A glossary of words and phrases used in S.E. Worcestershire 1893 (E.D.S.)

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        A treatise of angels 1613
        A treatise of paradise 1617

Salkeld, William
        Reports of cases adjudg’d in the court of King’s bench etc. a 1715 (1721–24, 1773)

Sallustius Crispus, Caius, All the works tr. 1687 (1692)

Salmagundi; a miscellaneous combination of original poetry etc. (by G. Huddesford et al.) 1791 (1795)

Salmagundi 1807–08
        See Irving, W.

Salmon, George
        The infallibility of the church 1888
        Lessons introductory to the modern higher algebra 1859 (1885)
        A treatise on the analytic geometry of three dimensions 1862 (1874)
        A treatise on conic sections 1849 (1855)
        A treatise on the higher plane curves 1852 (1879)

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        A new survey of England 1728–30 (1731)

Salmon, Thomas
        A new abridgement and critical review of the state trials and impeachments for high treason 1737 (1738)
        The universal traveller: or, a compleat description of the several nations of the world 1752–53

Salmon, William
        Diemerbroeck’s (I. de) Anatomy of human bodies tr. 1689 (1694)
        Doron medicum; or a supplement to the new London dispensatory 1683
        The family dictionary or household companion 1696
        Pharmacopoeia Bateana, or Bate’s (G.) Dispensatory tr. 1694 (1713)
        Pharmacopoeia Londinensis or the new London dispensatory tr. 1678
        Polygraphice; or the art of drawing etc. 1672 (1675, 1701)
        Seplasium..The compleat English physician 1693
        Synopsis medicinæ, or a compendium of..physick 1671

Salmond, Stewart D. F.
        The christian doctrine of immortality 1895

Salomon and Saturnus, The dialogue of a 1000 (Ælfric Soc. 1848; Grein 1898)
—(a later version) ? a 1300 (Ælfric Soc. 1848)

Salt, Henry S.
        The life of H. D. Thoreau 1890

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tr. G. von Georgievics’s Chemistry of dye-stuffs 1903
tr. G. von Georgievics’s The chemical technology of textile fibres 1902

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        The triumphs of the holy Jesus, a divine poem 1692

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        The angler’s guide 1815

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        Zoar; or, The evidence of psychical research concerning survival 1961

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        Of the ancient laws of Great Britaine 1605

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        The practice of policie in a christian life 1639
        Some drops of the viall powred out in a season when it is neither night nor day 1645–46
        Sparkles of glory, or some beams of the morning-star 1647 (1847)

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        Eusebius (Pamphili) his life of Constantine tr. 1637
        Picturæ loquentes, or pictures drawne forth in characters 1631

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        Madame Sapphira: a Fifth Avenue story 1893

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        Poems a 1612 (E.E.T.S. 1914)

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        Anatomy of Britain 1962

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        Statistical survey of the county of Londonderry 1802

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        Linguistic evolution: with special reference to English 1972

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        A truthful woman in southern California 1893

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        Lex ignea: or the school of righteousness, a sermon 1666
        Modern policies, taken from Macchiavel, Borgia, and other choise authors 1652 (1653)
        Occasional sermons a 1693 (1694)

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        Justinian’s Institutes tr. 1859 (1874)

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        The criticism of the fourth gospel 1905
        Inspiration (Bampton lectures) 1893

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        Cornhuskers 1918
        Slabs of the sunburnt west 1922
        Smoke and steel 1920

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Sanders, Leonard
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        Physiognomie and chiromancie, metoposcopie, the symmetrical proportions and signal moles of the body, fully and accurately handled 1653

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ed. Pedigree dogs as recognised by the Kennel Club 1927

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        Works a 1663 (1854)
        De juramento, seven lectures concerning the obligation of promissory oathes tr. 1655
        Episcopacy as established by law in England not prejudicial to royal power 1673
        Five cases of conscience occasionally determined a 1663 (1666)
Two cases (1668); Eight (1674); Nine (1678)
        A sermon 1648 (1653)
        XII sermons 1632 (1635)
        XXXIV sermons a 1663 (1674)
        XXXV sermons (1681)
        XXXVI sermons (1689)

Sanderson, Thomas
        Original poems 1800

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        A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles 1658
        Graphice; or the use of pen and pensill, in designing, drawing and painting 1658

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        On the rise and progress of literature 1847

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ed. Memoirs of Archbishop Temple 1906

Sandford, Mrs. Henry
        Thomas Poole and his friends 1888

Sandford, James
        See Sanford

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        Western Canadian dictionary and phrase-book 1912

Sandivogius, M.
See French, J.

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        Sketches of Tranent in the olden time 1881

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        Writings in prose and verse a 1832 (1834)

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Sandys, Sir Edwin
        Europæ speculum, or, a view or survey of the state of religion in the westerne parts of the world 1599 (1629, 1638)
A relation of the state of religion (1605)

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        Groot’s (H. de) Christ’s passion, a tragedy tr. 1640
        Ovid’s Metamorphosis tr. 1621–26 (1632)
        A paraphrase upon the divine poems (Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations etc.) 1638
        A paraphrase upon the Psalmes of David 1636
        A paraphrase upon the Song of Solomon 1641
        A relation of a journey begun 1610 (Travels) 1615

Sandys, Sir Miles
        Prudence the first of the foure cardinall virtues (Essays) 1634

Sandys, William
ed. Christmas carols, ancient and modern 1833

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        Agrippa’s (H. C.) Of the vanitie and uncertaintie of artes and sciences tr. 1569
        Guicciardini’s (L.) Houres of recreation tr. 1573 (1576)
        The manuell of Epictetus tr. 1567

Sangster, Charles
        Hesperus and other poems 1860

Sangster, Jimmy
        Touchfeather 1968
        Your friendly neighbourhood death pedlar 1971

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        Lectures on mental diseases 1866

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        Japan: a short cultural history 1931

Sansom, William, The face of innocence 1951

Sansone, Antonio
        Dyeing 1888

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eds. Psycholinguistics: a book of readings 1961

‘Sapper’ (Herman Cyril McNeile)
        The black gang 1922
        Bull-dog Drummond: the adventures of a demobilised officer who found peace dull 1920
        The female of the species 1928
        The finger of fate 1930
        The third round 1924

Sapskull, Sir Bartholomew
See Donaldson, W.

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        Manual of the trees of North America 1905

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        Peculiar, a tale of the great transition 1864

Sargent, Epes Winthrop
        The technique of the photoplay 1912
—(ed. 2) 1913
—(ed. 3) 1916

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        I saw in my dream 1949
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—(new ed.) 1944
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        The daring young man on the flying trapeze, and other stories 1934 (UK 1935)

Sarpi, Pietro (Paolo Servita). The life of Father Paul (Sarpi) tr. by a person of quality 1651
—with Sir N. Brent’s History of the council of Trent (1676)
See also B., W.; Brent, Sir N.; Gentilis, R.; Potter, C.

Sarton, George Alfred Leon
        A history of science 2 vols. 1952–9 (UK 1953–9)

Sarum primer (1557)
See Primer

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        The principles and practice of optical dispensing and fitting 1962

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        Collected poems, 1908–56 1961
        Memoirs of a fox-hunting man 1928
        Memoirs of an infantry officer 1930
        Sherston’s progress 1936

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        Provisional index to a glossary of fish names 1879 (E.D.S.)

Satchell, William
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Satirical songs and poems on costume, from the 13th to the 19th century (Percy Soc. 1849)

Saturday evening post: an illustrated weekly magazine (title varies) 1821–1969

Saturday night (Toronto) 1887–

Saturday review (US) 1924– (title varies: 1924–51 with title Saturday review of literature; 1972–3 divided into four: Saturday review of education; society; the arts; the sciences; 1973–5 recombined as Saturday review world; 1975– with title Saturday review)

Saturday review of politics, literature, science and art, The 1855–

Saturday Westminster gazette ? 1899–1922

Satyr against the French, A 1691

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        Principles of meteorological analysis 1955

Saucy stories 1916–25

Saul, Arthur
        The famous game of chesse-play truely discovered 1614 (1672)

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        An illustrated manual of British birds 1888

Saunders, John
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Saunders, Ripley Dunlap
        Colonel Todhunter of Missouri 1911

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        Observations on the superior efficacy of the red Peruvian bark in the cure of agues 1782
        A treatise on the chemical history of some of the most celebrated mineral waters 1805

Saunderson, R.
        See Sanderson

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        The antique collector’s handbook 1959
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        Porcelain through the ages 1954

—— & Newman, Harold
        An illustrated dictionary of ceramics 1974

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        History of the hundred of Carhampton, in the county of Somerset 1830

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        A compleat history of Germany 1702
        A select collection of letters of the antients 1703

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        The bachelor of the Albany 1847 (1854)
        The Falcon family, or young Ireland 1845 (1854)
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Savage, Richard
        Works a 1743 (1775, 1777)
Poetical works (1807)
        The bastard, a poem 1728
        A collection of pieces in verse and prose 1732
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        Love in a veil, a comedy 1718 (1719)
        Miscellaneous poems and translations, by several hands. Publ. 1726
        Of public spirit in regard to public works, an epistle 1737
        The tragedy of Sir T. Overbury 1724
        The wanderer, a poem 1729

Savage, Richard H.
        Brought to bay 1900

Savage, William
        A dictionary of the art of printing 1841

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        The miner’s friend, or an engine to raise water by fire described etc. 1702

Savile, George
        See Halifax, Marquis of

Savile, Sir Henry
        The ende of Nero and beginning of Galba, fower bookes of the histories of Tacitus. The life of Agricola tr. 1591 (1622)

Saville-Kent, William
        A manual of the infusoria 1880–82

Saviolo, Vincentio
        His practice, in two bookes, the first intreating of the use of the rapier and dagger, the second of honor and honorable quarrels 1594–95

Sawles warde a 1240 (Old English homilies I, E.E.T.S. 1868)

Sawyer, Frederic Henry Read
        The inhabitants of the Philippines 1900

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        Poems v.d. (1850, 1877)

‘Saxon’ (Mrs. M. Trotter)
        Galloway gossip sixty years ago 1877

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Saxon chronicle. Two of the Saxon chronicles parallel, with supplementary extracts from the others ed. J. Earle 1865
See also Anglo-Saxon chronicle

——ed. C. Plummer 1892

Saxon leechdoms
See Leechdoms

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ed. Newnes concise encyclopaedia of electrical engineering See under title

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        Busman’s honeymoon 1937
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        The five red herrings 1931
        Gaudy night 1935
        Hangman’s holiday 1933
        Have his carcase 1932
        Lord Peter views the body 1928
        Murder must advertise 1933
        The nine tailors 1934
        Strong poison 1930
        Unnatural death 1927
        The unpleasantness at the Bellona Club 1928

—— & ‘Eustace, Robert’ (Eustace Robert Barton)
        The documents in the case 1930

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Scandal at Tunbridge-Wells, a fable 1760

Scanderbeg (George Castriota). The great Scanderbeg, a novel (by U. Chevreau) tr. 1690

Scanderbeg redivivus 1684
        See G., H.

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        The English Euclide tr. a 1696 (1705)

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See also Herzog, J. J.

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Scheffer’s (J.) History of Lapland tr. 1674

Schele de Vere
        See De Vere

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Scheme for equipping and maintaining sixteen men of war, A 1747

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ed. The philosophy of Bertrand Russell 1944
ed. The philosophy of Rudolf Carnap 1963

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Schmidt’s (E. O.) The doctrine of descent and Darwinism tr. 1875 (ed. 2)

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        Qualitative organic microanalysis 1946

Scholarly publishing 1969–

Scholasticall discourse against symbolizing with Antichrist in ceremonies, A (by R. Parker) 1607

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Scholehouse of women, The, wherin every man may read a goodly praise of the conditions of women c 1541 (1572 in Hazl. Popular poetry IV)

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        Major trends in Jewish mysticism 1941

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        Tim Gamwattle’s jawnt (to see the queen) 1857

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        A description of British Guiana 1840
        The history of Barbados 1848

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        Historical and statistical information respecting the history, conditions, and prospects of the Indian tribes of the United States 1851–60

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        The complete wine book 1935

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        From man to man 1926
        The story of an African farm 1883
        Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland 1897

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        The annals of Yorkshire 1851–52

Schuchert, Charles
        See Pirsson, Louis Valentine

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        Aphasia theory and therapy: selected lectures and papers ed. L. F. Sies 1974

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        A complete dictionary of abbreviations 1955

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        Strategic terminology 1966

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        Modern cosmology 1971

Science abstracts 1898–1940 (from 1903 divided into subject sections)

Science, an illustrated journal (Camb., Mass.) 1883–94, N.S. 1895–

Science-gossip, Hardwicke’s 1865–93
—continued as Science-gossip 1894–1903

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Science lectures for the people, delivered in Manchester 1866–80

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Science survey 1960–

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Scientific monthly 1915–57

Scientific opinion: a weekly record of scientific progress 1869

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        Argentine ornithology 1888–89
        Exotic ornithology 1869

—— & Thomas, M. R. O.
        The book of antelopes 17 parts (4 vols.) 1894–1900
See also Sclater, W. L.

Sclater, William
        A brief and plain commentary upon the prophecie of Malachy 1608 (1650)
        The christians strength, a sermon 1612
        An exposition with notes, on the whole fourth chapter to the Romanes a 1626 (1650)
        An exposition with notes, upon the first epistle to the Thessalonians 1619 (1630)
the second epistle 1627 (1629)
        A key to the key of scripture, or an exposition with notes, upon the three first chapters of the epistle to the Romanes 1611 (1629)
        The ministers portion, a sermon 1612
        The quæstion of tythes revised 1621 (1623)
        Sermons experimentall on Psalms cxvi and cxvii a 1626 (1638)
        The sick souls salve, a sermon 1612
        A threefold preservative against three dangerous diseases of these latter times 1609 (1610)

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        The crowne of righteousness (a funeral sermon) 1653 (1654)
        The worthy communicant rewarded, a sermon 1639

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See also Stark, Arthur Cowell

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ed. A collection of acts and ordinances..made in the parliament 1640–56 (1658)

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See also Orr’s Circle of the sciences

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        His jestes 1613

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ed. Four centuries of English letters v.d. (1880)

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        An account of the artic regions, with a history and description of the northern whale-fishery 1820
ed. Cheever’s (H. T.) Whaleman’s adventures in the southern ocean 1850 (1859)
        Journal of a voyage to the northern whale-fishery 1823

Scot, Sir J.
        See Scott

Scot, Reginald
        The discoverie of witchcraft 1584 (1886)
        A perfite platforme of a hoppe garden 1574 (1578)

Scot, Walter
        A true history of several honourable families of the..name of Scot in..Roxburgh and Selkirk 1688 (1894)

Scot, William
        An apologeticall narration of the state of the kirk of Scotland since the reformation c 1630 (Wodrow Soc. 1846)

Scotch metrical version of the Psalms (1650)
See Scottish psalter

Scotch paraphrases 1745
See Translations

Scotch presbyterian eloquence, The (by ‘Jacob Curate’) 1692 (1738)

Scotland. An account of the present persecution of the church of Scotland, in several letters 1690
        An account of Scotland’s grievances by reason of the duke of Lauderdal’s ministry c 1674 (1693)
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The lawes and actes of parliament (1597)
The acts of the parliaments of Scotland 1124–1707 (1814–75)
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        The acts of the Lords of council in civil causes 1478–95 (1839)
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The acts of the general assemblies of the church of Scotland 1638–49 (1682)
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        The booke of common prayer..for the use of the church of Scotland 1637
        A brief and true account of the sufferings of the church of Scotland..since the year 1660 1690
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        A declaration..from the generall assembly of the kingdome of Scotland 1642
        A declaration of the lords of the secret councell and of the generall assembly of the kingdome and kirke of Scotland 1642
        Miscellany of popular Scottish poems, chiefly of a humorous and descriptive character 1862
        The new statistical account of Scotland, by the ministers of the respective parishes 1845. See also Sinclair, Sir J.
        The petition of the commissioners of the generall assembly of the kirke of Scotland 1642
        The register of the privy council of Scotland 1545– (1877– )
        Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum, The register of the great seal of Scotland 1306– (1814, 1912; 1882– )
        Registrum secreti sigilli regum Scotorum, The register of the privy seal of Scotland 1488–1529 (1908)
        Rotuli scaccarii regum Scotorum, The exchequer rolls of Scotland 1264– (1878– )
        The Scotts declaration in answer to the declaration sent unto them by their commissioners now at London 1642

Scotland’s glory and her shame, being a brief historical account of her glory by presbytery etc. 1752 (1786)

Scots in Poland, Papers relating to the, 1576–1793 (S.H.S. 1915)

Scots magazine, The 1739–1817

Scots observer: a weekly journal of religious and national interest 1926–34

Scots poems. A select collection of Scots poems, chiefly in the broad Buchan dialect 1785

Scots songs. A selection of the most favourite Scots songs, chiefly pastoral, adapted for the harpsichord 1790

Scotsman, The 1817– (1855–9 with title The Daily Scotsman)

Scott, Alexander
        Poems c 1560 (S.T.S. 1896; E.E.T.S. 1902)

Scott, Andrew
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1805 (1808)

Scott, Charles
        The practice of sheep-farming 1886

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        The life and reminiscences of E. L. Blanchard 2 vols. 1891

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        All about the latest dances 1919

Scott, Gavin
        Hot pursuit 1977

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        Gleanings from Westminster Abbey 1861 (1863)
        Lectures on the rise and development of mediæval architecture a 1878 (1879)
        Recollections personal and professional a 1878 (1879)

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        An essay on the history of English church architecture 1881

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        Fasti ecclesiæ Scoticanæ, the succession of ministers in the parish churches of Scotland 1866–71

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        A clutch of vipers 1979

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        To Jamaica and back 1876

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        The staggering state of the Scots statesmen (1550–1650) a 1670 (1754)

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        Works a 1694 (1718)
        The christian life 1681–86 (1730, 1747)
        Practical discourses upon several subjects a 1694 (1697–98)

Scott, John 1773
See Observations

Scott, John
        Amwell; a descriptive poem 1776
        Poetical works 1782

Scott, John
        A visit to Paris in 1814 1815 (1816)
Paris revisited in 1815 1816 (1817)

Scott, John Somerville
        A dictionary of building 1964
        A dictionary of civil engineering 1958

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        Bahar-Danush; or, Garden of knowledge, an oriental romance tr. 1799
        Ferishta’s House of Dekkan tr. 1794

Scott, Joseph Nicol
        Bailey’s (N.) New universal English dictionary Revised 1755 (1764)

‘Scott, Leader’ (Mrs. Lucy E. Baxter)
        Tuscan studies and sketches 1887 (1888)

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        The cruise of the Midge 1834–35 (1863)
        Tom Cringle’s log 1829–33

Scott, Paul Mark
        Staying on 1977

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ed. Gould’s medical dictionary 1926

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        Scott’s last expedition ed. L. Huxley 2 vols. 1913
        The voyage of theDiscovery’ 2 vols. 1905

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        A treatise on the theory of determinants 1880

Scott, Robert Henry
        Elementary meteorology 1883

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        Test of filial duty (anon.) 1772

Scott, Thomas
        The Belgicke pismire stinging the slothfull sleeper (anon.) 1622
        The high-waies of God and the king (sermons) 1620 (1623)
        Newes from Pernassus (anon.) 1622
        A tongue-combat..betweene two English souldiers 1623
        Votivæ Angliæ; or the desires and wishes of England by S. R. N. I. 1624
        Vox populi, or newes from Spayne 1620–24
        Vox regis, by T. S. 1624
See also Raleigh’s ghost

Scott, Thomas
        The holy Bible..with original notes 1788–92

Scott, Thomas
        Poems; with Edwin and Catherine or the distressed lovers, a tragedy 1793

Scott, Virgil Joseph & Koski, Dominic
        Walk-in 1976 (UK 1977)

Scott, Walter
        Miscellaneous prose works a 1832 (1834–71)
        Poetical works a 1832
        Waverley novels (1829–33)
        The abbot 1820
        Anne of Geierstein 1829
        The antiquary 1816
        Auchindrane, or the Ayrshire tragedy 1830
        The betrothed 1825
        The black dwarf 1816
        The border antiquities of England and Scotland 1814–17
        The bridal of Triermain 1813
        The bride of Lammermoor 1818
        Castle Dangerous 1831
        Chronicles of the Canongate (The highland widow, The two drovers, The surgeon’s daughter; Saint Valentine’s day, or The fair maid of Perth) 1827–28
        Count Robert of Paris 1831
        The doom of Devorgoil 1830
        Essays on chivalry, romance and the drama v.d.
        The fair maid of Perth 1828
        Familiar letters a 1832 (1894)
        The fortunes of Nigel 1822
        Guy Mannering; or the astrologer 1815
        Halidon Hill: a metrical drama 1822
        Harold the dauntless 1817
        The heart of Midlothian 1818
        The highland widow 1827
        Ivanhoe, a romance 1819
        Journal 1825–32 (1890)
        Kenilworth 1821
        The lady of the lake 1810
        The lay of the last minstrel 1805
        The legend of Montrose 1819
        Letters ed. H. J. C. Grierson et al. 12 vols. 1932–7
        The letters of Malachi Malagrowther 1826 See Thoughts, below
        Letters on demonology and witchcraft 1830
        The life of Napoleon Buonaparte 1827
        The lord of the isles 1814
        Marmion 1808
        The minstrelsy of the Scottish border 1802 (1803)
        The monastery 1820
        Old Mortality 1816
        Paul’s letters to his kinsfolk 1815 (1816, 1839)
        Peveril of the Peak 1822
        The pirate 1821
        Provincial antiquities of Scotland 1826
        Quentin Durward 1823
        Redgauntlet 1824
        Rob Roy 1818
        Rokeby 1813
        St. Ronan’s well 1824
ed. Sir Tristrem 1804 (1811)
        The surgeon’s daughter 1827
        Tales of the crusaders (The betrothed, The talisman) 1825
        Tales of my landlord (The black dwarf, Old Mortality, The heart of Midlothian, The bride of Lammermoor, A legend of Montrose, Count Robert of Paris, Castle
Dangerous) 1817–32
        The talisman 1825
        Thoughts on the proposed change of currency by ‘Malachi Malagrowther’ 1826
        The two drovers 1827
        The vision of Don Roderick 1811
        Waverley; or, ’tis sixty years since 1814
        Woodstock, or the Cavalier 1826
See also Lockhart, J. G.

Scott, William
        An essay of drapery, or the compleate citizen trading justly 1635

Scott, William Berryman
        An introduction to geology 1897

Scottish alliterative poems a 1400–c 1475 (S.T.S. 1897)

Scottish Burgh Records Society
        Publications (1868–1908)

Scottish field 1903–

Scottish field, The (a poem on the battle of Flodden) 1515 (Miscellanies II, Chetham Soc. 1856)

Scottish History Society
        Publications (1887– )

Scottish journal of theology 1948–

Scottish legends. Legends of the saints in the Scottish dialect of the fourteenth century c 1375 (S.T.S. 1896)

Scottish national dictionary ed. W. Grant & D. D. Murison 10 vols. 1931–76

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Scottish poems of the sixteenth century ed. J. G. Dalyell (1801)

Scottish psalter. The psalmes of David in metre, used in the kirk of Scotland 1596 (1615, 1633, 1635, 1650)

Scottish review 1975–

Scottish Text Society
        Publications (1884– )

(Scottish) Trojan war, The c 1400 (Horstmann, Barbour’s Legendensammlung 1881–82)

Scougal, Henry
        Works a 1678 (1765)
        Discourses on important subjects a 1678 (1735)

Scourge of Venus, The: or the wanton lady, by H. A(ustin) 1613 (1614; Grosart 1876)

Scrafton, Luke
        Reflections on the government of Indostan 1763 (1770)

Screen 1959–

Scribbleomania; or the printer’s devil’s polichronicon, a poem (by W. H. Ireland) 1815

Scribner’s Magazine 1887–

Scribner’s Monthly, an illustrated magazine 1870–81

Scripture, Edward Wheeler
        The elements of experimental phonetics 1902

Scriven, John
        A practical treatise on copyhold tenure and court keeping 1816
A treatise on copyhold, customary freehold and ancient demesne tenure ed. H. Stalman (1846, 1867)
A treatise on the law of copyholds revised by A. Brown (1882)

Scrivener, Frederick H. A.
        Six lectures on the text of the New Testament 1874 (1875)

Scrivener, Scrivener C.
        Our fields and cities; or misdirected energy 1890 (1891)

Scroggs, Sir William
        Practice of courts-leet and courts-baron a 1683 (1701, 1714)

Scrope, George Poulett
        The geology and extinct volcanos of central France 1858 (ed. 2)
        History of..Castle Combe, in the county of Wilts 1852
        Volcanos, the character of their phenomena 1862 (ed. 2)

Scrope, William
        Days and nights of salmon fishing in the Tweed 1843

‘Scrutator’ (K. W. Horlock)
        The country gentleman (a novel) 1862

Scrutiny: a quarterly review 1932–53

Scrutton, Thomas E.
        Commons and common fields 1887

Scudamore, Sir Charles
        A medical visit to Gräfenberg 1843

Scudamore, Edward
        The nomenclator; a technological dictionary containing all the principal terms in use in the arts and sciences 1841

Scudamore, Frank Ives
        The day dreams of a sleepless man 1875

Scudamore, James
        Homer à la mode 1664

Scudder, Henry
        The christians daily walke in holy securitie and peace 1627 (1637)
        A key of heaven: the Lord’s prayer opened 1620

Scudder, Samuel Hubbard
        Butterflies: their structure..and life-histories 1881
        The butterflies of the eastern United States and Canada 1889

Scudery’s (G. de) Curia politiæ: or the apologies of severall princes justifying to the world their most eminent actions tr. (by E. Wolley) 1654

Scully, William C.
        Kafir stories 1895

Sculthorpe, Cyril Duncan
        The biology of aquatic vascular plants 1967

Scupham, Peter
        The hinterland 1977