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Rites of Durham
See Durham

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See Kingsley, J. S.

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        See Marvell, A.

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——et al.
tr. S. Freud’s Collected papers 5 vols. 1924–50

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        See Brunne

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—later texts v.d. (Rolls series 1887, Appendix)

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See Spinster

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of Midlothian 1793

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        The history of Scotland during the reigns of queen Mary and of king James VI etc. 1759 (1813)

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Robin Hood
        See Ritson, J.

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        Grandmother’s money (anon.) 1860
        High church (anon.) 1860
        Mattie:—a stray (anon.) 1864
        No church (anon.) 1861
        Owen:—a waif (anon.) 1862

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        The wild garden 1870 (and several later editions used)

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        See Cunliffe, H.

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        See Sprat, T.

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—(South Kensington art handbook) 1876

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Essays selected from contributions to the Edinburgh review
v.d. (1850–55)
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        Italy, a poem c 1820 (1822–28)
        The pleasures of memory, a poem 1792
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        The faith, doctrine and religion..professed..in..England expressed in thirty-nine articles 1607 (1633; Parker Soc. 1854)
        Geveren’s (S. A.) Of the ende of this world and seconde comyng of Christ tr. 1575 (1578)
        Of the imitation of Christ tr. 1580 (1629)
        A right christian treatise entituled S. Augustines praiers tr. 1581 (1597)
        Two dialogues..concerning kneeling in the very act of receiving the sacramental bread and wine 1608

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        The romances of Rouland and Vernagu, and Otuel, from the Auchinleck manuscript a 1330 (Abbotsford Club 1836; with Rauf Coilyear, E.E.T.S. 1882)

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        See Hampole

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—(ed. 2) Revised and enlarged by W. H. Jackson 1888

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The Rolliad, in two parts; probationary odes for the laureatship; and political miscellanies (1795)
Probationary odes for the laureatship (pretended to be) by Sir John Hawkins (part of the Rolliad) 1785

Rollin’s (C.) Ancient history of the Egyptians..and Greeks tr. 1734–37 (1827, 1840–41)
Roman history tr. 1739 (1768)

Rolling stone 1967–

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        Lectures upon the epistles..to the Thessalonians a 1599 (1606)
        Lectures upon the history of the passion, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ a 1599 (1616)

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ed. The human sum 1957
ed. Women of the streets 1955

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—lines 1706–end (anon.) c 1400 (Skeat, Chaucer I 1894; Kaluza 1891)

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        The vertebrate body 1949
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—— & Grinnell, G. B.
ed. Hunting in many lands 1895

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        Lessons in elementary chemistry 1866 (1871, 1874)
— & Schorlemmer, C. A treatise on chemistry 1877–88

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        Cellini’s (B.) Memoirs tr. 1822
        Sismondi’s (J. C. L. de) Historical view of the literature of the south of Europe tr. 1823 (1846)

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        Works a 1685 (1709, 1750)
        An essay on translated verse 1684 (1709)
        Horace’s Art of poetry tr. 1680

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        Four years in southern Africa 1829

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        The story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 1920

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        The Æneis of Virgil tr. 1867
        The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil tr. 1866
The Fasti of Ovid
tr. 1866
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ed. An outline of modern knowledge 1931

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        Australia 63 1963
ed. The cricketer’s companion 1960

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        Mystagogus poeticus, or the muses interpreter 1647 (1675)

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        The fortunate shepherdess, a pastoral tale..in the Scotish dialect 1768
—Third ed. corrected. Helenore, or the fortunate shepherdess (1789)

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        The Dunfermline affair 1973
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        Introduction to oceanography 1970

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Ross, James
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        A treatise on the diseases of the nervous system 1881

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        A voyage of discovery and research in the southern and antarctic regions during 1839–43 1847

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Ross, Sir John
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‘Ross, Jonathan’ (John Rossiter)
        The burning of Billy Toober 1974
        Dead at first hand 1969
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Rouen, Siege of
See Page, J.

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Academia coelestis: the heavenly university (1702)
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The royal convert, a tragedy
1707 (1708)
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        The tragedy of Lady Jane Gray 1715
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See Roland

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More knaves yet? the knaves of spades and diamonds (by S. R.) 1613
The four knaves (Percy Soc. 1843)
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        Looke to it; for ile stabbe ye, by S. R. 1604
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        The melancholie knight, by S. R. 1615
        The night-raven, by S. R. 1620
        A paire of spy-knaves?1620
        A sacred memorie of the miracles wrought by..Jesus Christ 1618
        A terrible battell betweene the two consumers of the whole world: time and death ?1606
        Tis merrie when gossips meet (anon.) 1602 (1609)
        A whole crew of kind gossips all met to be merry 1609

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See also Fletcher, John; Middleton, T.; Webster, J.

——, Dekker, T., & Ford, J.
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        See Roule

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Roxburghe Club
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Royal Air Force news 1961–

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——: Straits Branch (later Malayan Branch)
        Journal 1878–1920; 1923–63

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        See Asiatic ——

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        See Entomological Society ——

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— abridged by J. Lowthorp et al. (1716–56)
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Tales of a Scottish parish (1889)

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ed. Virgil’s Æneis tr. into Scottish verse by Bp. G. Douglas. To which is added a large glossary, explaining the difficult words: which may serve for a dictionary to the Old Scottish language 1710

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Rudim. navig. 1850
        See Greenwood, James

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ed. The consumer’s car glossary (Consumers’ Association) 1966
—(ed. 2) 1967
ed. Wills and probate (Consumers’ Association) 1967

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See Benedict, St.

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ed. Language learning by a chimpanzee: the Lana project 1977

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        See Lutyens, Mary

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The stones of Venice
1851–53 (1874)
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Unto this last’, four essays on the first principles of political economy 1860 (1862)
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—ed. P. Russell (1794)

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—(rev. ed.) 1936

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tr. Aziz Ahmad’s The shore and the wave 1971

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Russell, William
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Rustamji Nasarvangi Khore
See Khory

‘Rutherford, Douglas’ (James Douglas Rutherford McConnell)
        The creeping flesh 1963
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        The long echo 1957

Rutherford, Ernest
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——Chadwick, J., & Ellis, C. D.
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‘Rutherford, Mark’
        See White, William Hale

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Letters 1627–61 (1675; 1881; 1891)
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        See Wordsworth, Christopher

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        Gracian’s (B.) Critick tr. 1681
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See also Anderson, R. B.

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ed. The life and correspondence of John Foster 1846
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        Foedera, conventiones, literæ, et cujuscunque generis acta publica, inter reges Angliæ et alios quosvis imperatores, reges, pontifices, principes, vel communitates..ab anno 1101 ad nostra usque tempora, habita et tractata (1704–35; 1816–30)
        A short view of tragedy 1693
        The tragedies of the last age consider’d 1678

Ryves, Sir Thomas
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