R., C(oun)t(e)ss of
        See Rosenberg

R., B. 1584
        See Rich, B.

R., B.
        A letter from a catholic gentleman to his popish friends now to be exil’d from London 1678

R., C. C. ‘Up for the seasonand other songs of society 1887 (1889)

R., D. 1633
        See Rogers, D.

R., G.
        Le Grand’s (A.) Man without passion; or the wise stoick tr. 1675

R., H.
        News from the Levane seas 1594

R., H. T.
        See Vidocq, E. F.

R., I. 1615
See Trades increase

R., I.
        A lady’s ranche life in Montana 1887

R., J. 1658
        See Rowland, J.

R., Maria 1792
        See Riddell, M.

R. N. 1635
        See N., R.

R., R. 1678
        See Russel, R.

R., S. 1582, –85
        See Robson, Simon

R., S. 1598 etc.
        See Rowlands, S.

R., S. (S. Rowley)
        The noble souldier, a tragedy 1634 (Bullen, Old plays I, 1882)

R., T. 1609
        See Ravenscroft, T.

R., T.
        A view of government in Europe 1689

R.A.F. journal
See Royal Air Force journal

R.A.F. news
See Royal Air Force news

RCA review 1936–

‘Rabelais, Robert’
        A nineteenth century and familiar history of the lives, loves and misfortunes of Abeillard and Heloisa, a poem 1819

Rabinowitch, Eugene Isakovich
        Photosynthesis and related processes 2 vols. (Vol. II in 2 parts) 1945–56

Rachel’s secret (by Eliza Tabor) 1866

Rackham, Bernard
tr. E. Hannover’s Pottery and porcelain Vol. I 1925 (Vols. II & III, also 1925, tr. by W. W. Worster; whole work ed. by B. Rackham)

Radcliff, Thomas
        A report on the agriculture of eastern and western Flanders 1819

Radcliffe, Alexander
        Bacchinalia coelestia: a poem in praise of punch 1680

Radcliffe, Mrs. Ann
        Gaston de Blondeville, a romance 1802 (1826)
        The Italian, or the confessional of the black penitents, a romance 1797
        The mysteries of Udolpho, a romance 1794
        Posthumous works a 1823 (1833)
        The romance of the forest 1791

Raddall, Thomas Head
        Hangman’s beach 1966

Radin, Paul
tr. J. Vendryès’s Language 1925

Radio communication handbook, The See Amateur radio handbook

Radio review: a monthly record of scientific progress in radiotelegraphy and telephony 1919–22

Radio times, The 1923–

Radiology 1923–

Rae, Hugh Crauford
        A few small bones 1968
        The marksman 1971
        The shooting gallery 1972

Rae, John
        Contemporary socialism 1884
        Life of Adam Smith 1895

Rae, John
        The custard boys 1960

Rae, William F.
        Newfoundland to Manitoba 1881

Raffald, Mrs. Elizabeth
        The experienced English housekeeper 1769 (1778)

Raffé, Walter George
        Dictionary of the dance 1964

Raffles, Sir Thomas Stamford
        The history of Java 1817

Rafinesque Schmaltz, C. S.
        New flora and botany of North America 1836

Ragozin, Zenaide A.
        The story of Chaldea 1886 (1887)

Railroad and engineering journal 1887–92

Railway magazine 1897–

Railways of America, The. By various writers 1890

Rainbow, Bp. Edward
        A (funeral) sermon 1649
        Labour forbidden and commanded (a sermon) 1634 (1635)

Raine, James
        The history and antiquities of North-Durham 1852
        A memoir of the rev. J. Hodgson 1857–58

Raine, James
        A brief memoir of Mr. Justice Rokeby 1861 (Surtees Soc.)

‘Raine, Richard’ (Raymond Harold Sawkins)
        Night of the hawk 1968

Raine, William Macleod
        Bucky O’Connor: a tale of the unfenced border 1910 (UK 1920)
        Troubled waters 1924

Rainolds, John
        A defence of the judgment of the reformed churches (against Bellarmine) a 1607 (1610)

Ralegh, Sir Walter
        Works a 1618 (1829)
        Advice of a son See Remains, below
        Arts of empire See Cabinet-council
        The cabinet-council, containing the chief arts of empire and mysteries of state a 1618 (1658)
        The discoverie of the..empyre of Guiana 1596 (Hakluyt, Voyages 1598; Hakluyt Soc. 1848)
        The history of the world 1614 (1634, 1736)
        Introduction to a breviary of the history of England 1605 (1693)
        The last fight of theRevenge’ See Report, below
        The life and death of Mahomet a 1618 (1637)
        Maxims of state, with instructions to his son and the sons advice to his aged father. Whereunto is added Observations touching trade and commerce a 1618 (1651, 1656)
        The prerogative of parliaments in England a 1618 (1628)
        The prince, or maxims of state a 1618 (1642)
        Remains, viz. Maxims of state, Advice to his son: his sons advice to his father, His sceptick, Observations concerning the causes of the magnificency and opulency of cities, Observations concerning trade and commerce, The prerogative of parliaments in England, Letters to divers persons of quality a 1618 (1664)
        A report of the truth of the fight about the Iles of Açores, this last sommer, betwixt the Reuenge..and an armada of the King of Spaine (page-heading The last fight of the Reuenge at sea) 1591 (Arber)
        Sceptick or speculations, and Observations on the magnificency and opulency of cities, His seat of government, and letters a 1618 (1651)
        Tubus historicus: an historicall perspective; discovering all the empires and kingdomes of the world a 1618 (1636)
        A declaration of the demeanor and cariage of Sir W. Raleigh 1618

Raleigh, Walter Alexander R.
        Letters ed. Lady Raleigh 2 vols. 1926
—(new ed.) 2 vols. 1928
        Shakespeare 1907

Raleigh’s ghost. Sir W. Rawleighs ghost or Englands forewarner (by T. Scott) 1626 (Harl. Misc.)
        Rawleigh his ghost or a feigned apparition to a friend of his, for the translating into English the boke of L. Lessius..entituled De Providentia numinis tr. by A. B. 1631 (1651)

Ralfe, Charles H.
        Outlines of physiological chemistry 1873

Ralphson, J.
        See Raphson

Ramadge, Francis H.
        The curability of consumption 1850 (1861)

Rambling fuddle-caps, The (by E. Ward) 1709

Ramée, Louise de La
        See ‘Ouida’

Ramesey, William
        Astrologia restaurata, or astrology restored 1653

Rampini, Charles J. G.
        Letters from Jamaica 1873

Ramsay, Allan
        Poems 1721, 1728 (Poetical works 1877)
        Christ’s kirk on the green (cantos ii and iii) 1715, 1718
        A collection of Scots proverbs 1737 (1750, 1797)
ed. The ever-green, being a selection of Scots poems wrote by the ingenious before 1600 1724
        The gentle shepherd, a Scots pastoral comedy 1725
ed. The tea-table miscellany, or a collection of Scots songs 1724 (1733)

Ramsay, Sir Andrew C.
        The physical geology and geography of Great Britain 1863 (1878)

Ramsay, Balcarres D. W.
        Rough recollections of military service and society 1882

Ramsay, David
        The history of South-Carolina 1809

Ramsay, Diana
        Descent into the dark 1975
        A little murder music 1972
        No cause to kill 1974

Ramsay, Edward B.
        Reminiscences of Scottish life and character 1858, 1861 (1870, 1874)

Ramsay, Edward P.
        Notes on the food fishes and edible mollusca of New South Wales 1883 (Fisheries exhibition literature)

Ramsay, Sir James H.
ed. Bamff charters 1232–1703 1915

Ramsay, John
        Scotland and Scotsmen in the eighteenth century a 1814 (1888)

Ramsay, Sir William Mitchell
        The church in the Roman empire before A.D. 170 1893

Ramsbotham, Francis H.
        The principles and practice of obstetric medicine and surgery 1841 (1856)

Ramsbottom, John
        Mushrooms and toadstools 1953

Ramsden, Evelyn
tr. E. Gram & H. Weber’s Plant diseases in orchard, nursery and garden crops 1952

Ramsey, Frederic & Smith, Charles Edward
        Jazzmen 1939 (UK 1940)

Ramsey, Leonard Gerald Gwynne
ed. The Connoisseur new guide to antique English pottery, porcelain and glass 1961

Ramson, William Stanley
        Australian English: an historical study of the vocabulary, 1788–1898 1966

Rand, Austin Loomer
        Mammals of the eastern Rockies and western plains of Canada 1948

Rand, William
        Gassendi’s (P.) Mirrour of true nobility..being the life of N. C. Fabricius, lord of Peiresk tr. 1657

Rand Daily Mail (Johannesburg) 1902–

Randall, Henry S.
        The life of T. Jefferson 1858

Randall, John
        The semi-Virgilian husbandry, deduced from various experiments 1764

Randall-Diehl, Anna
        Two thousand words and their definitions; not in Webster’s Dictionary 1888

Randolph, Mrs.
        Mostly fools 1886
        Wild hyacinth 1875

Randolph, Bernard
        The present state of the islands in the archipelago 1686 (1687)
        The present state of the Morea 1686

Randolph, George
        An enquiry into the medicinal virtues of Bath-water 1752
of Bristol-water 1745 (1750)

Randolph, Thomas
        Aristippus, or the ioviall philosopher 1630
        The jealous lovers, a comedie 1632 (1668)
        a pleasant comedie entitled Hey for honesty a 1635 (1651)
        Poems: with The muses looking-glasse; and Amyntas a 1635 (1638)
Poetical and dramatic works (1875)

Randolph Enterprise (Elkins, West Virginia) 1874–

Random recollections 1836
        See Grant, James

Rands, William B.
        Chaucer’s England, byMatthew Browne’ 1869
        Lilliput levee (anon.) 1864

Ranjitsinhji, Kumar Shri
        The Jubilee book of cricket 1897

Ranken, Alexander
        The history of France 1801–22

Ranken, William
        Poems on different subjects 1812

Rankine, William John Macquorn
        A manual of applied mechanics 1858
        A manual of machinery and millwork 1869
        A manual of the steam engine and other prime movers 1859
        Miscellaneous scientific papers a 1872 (1881)

Ransome, Arthur Michell
        Autobiography ed. R. Hart-Davis 1976
        Great Northern? 1947
        Secret water 1939

‘Ransome, Stephen’ (Frederick Clyde Davis)
        The deadly Miss Ashley 1950 (US ed. published under author’s real name)
        Without a trace 1962

Rao, G. Subba
        Indian words in English: a study in Indo-British cultural and linguistic relations 1954

Rape of Helen, The tr. (from Coluthus Thebæus) 1731

Raper, John Robert
        Genetics of sexuality in higher fungi 1966

Raphael, Chaim
        A feast of history: the drama of Passover through the ages 1972

Raphael, Frederic Michael
        The glittering prizes 1976
        The limits of love 1960

Raphael, John E.
        Modern Rugby football 1918

Raphson, Joseph
        A mathematical dictionary 1702
        Newton’s (Sir I.) Universal arithmetick tr. 1720

Rare triumphs of love and fortune, The 1589 (Roxburghe Club 1851; Hazl. Dodsley)

Rashdall, Hastings
        The universities of Europe in the Middle ages 1895

Raspail’s (F. V.) New system of organic chemistry tr. 1834

Rastell, John
        A new boke of purgatorye 1530
        Of gentylnes and nobylyte; a dyaloge (anon.) ?1525
        The pastyme of people, the cronycles of dyvers realmys 1529 (1811)

Rastell, John, S. J.
        A confutation of a sermon pronounced by Mr. Juell 1564
        A treatise intitled Beware of M. Jewell 1566

Rastell, William
        The exposicions of the termes of the lawes of England a 1565 (1567, 1579)
See also Termes de la ley

Ratcliffe, John Ashworth
        The physical principles of wireless 1929

Rates of the custome house bothe inwarde and outwarde, The 1545;
—(another ed.) 1583
        The rates of marchandizes as they are set downe in the booke of rates for the custome..of poundage etc. 1608
—(another ed.) 1642

Rathbone, Julian
        Diamonds bid 1967
        Joseph 1979
        Kill cure 1975

Ratis raving, and other moral and religious pieces (Craft of deyng, Wisdom of Solomon etc.) a 1500 (E.E.T.S. 1870)

Rattigan, Terence Mervyn
        The deep blue sea 1952
        Flare path 1942
        French without tears: a play 1937
        Ross: a dramatic portrait 1960
        While the sun shines 1944
        Who is Sylvia? 1951
        The Winslow boy 1946

Rattray, Robert Sutherland
        Ashanti 1923

Ratzel’s (F.) History of mankind tr. 1895

Rauf Coilyear. The taill of Rauf Coilyear c 1475 (E.E.T.S. 1882; Sc. alliterative poems, S.T.S. 1897)

‘Ravelin, Humphrey’
        See Proctor, G.

Raven, John J.
        The church bells of Cambridgeshire 1869

Raven, Simon Arthur Noël
        The survivors 1976

Ravenscroft, Thomas
        Deuteromelia; or the second part of musicks melodie by T. R. 1609
        Melismata; musical phansies by T. R. 1611
        Pammelia, musicks miscellanie 1609
        The whole book of psalms, with hymnes etc. 1621

Raverat, Gwendolyn Mary
        Period piece: a Cambridge childhood 1952

Rawley, William
ed. Bacon’s (F.) History naturall and experimentall of life and death 1638 (1650)
        Resuscitatio, or bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works hitherto sleeping..of F. Bacon, Viscount St. Albans, together with his lordship’s life 1657 (1661)

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
        The yearling 1938

Rawlins, Thomas
        Tunbridge Wells, a comedy (anon.) a 1670 (1678)

Rawlinson, George
        The five great monarchies of the ancient eastern world 1862–67
        History of ancient Egypt 1881
        A manual of ancient history 1869
        The origin of nations 1877
        The religions of the ancient world 1882

Rawlinson, John
        The dove-like soule, a sermon 1618
        Fishermen, fishers of men, a sermon 1609

Rawlinson, Richard
        Lenglet du Fresnoy’s (N.) New method of studying history tr. 1728

Rawlinson, William
        Modern foundry operations and equipment 1928

Rawnsley, Hardwicke D.
        Life and nature at the English lakes 1899

Ray, Cyril
ed. The compleat imbiber 1956–71
        Merry England 1960

Ray, John
        An account of some errors and defects in our English alphabet 1691 (with Collection of words)
        A collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678 (1768, 1855)
        A collection of English words not generally used,..in two alphabetical catalogues, the one of such as are proper to the northern, the other to the southern counties.
With catalogues of English birds and fishes: and an account of the preparing and refining such metals and minerals as are gotten in England
—Second ed. augmented 1691
—ed. W. W. Skeat (E.D.S. 1874)
        Correspondence 1659–1705 (Ray Soc. 1848)
        Creation See Wisdom, below
        Itineraries 1658–62 (Select Remains 1760: Ray Soc. 1846)
        Miscellaneous discourses concerning the dissolution and changes of the world 1692
—Third ed. Three physico-theological discourses (1713, 1732)
        Observations made in a journey through part of the Low-countries, Germany, Italy and France, with a catalogue of plants not native of England 1673
—(another ed.) Travels (1738)
        Philosophical letters between Mr. Ray and several of his correspondents a 1705 (1718)
        Select remains a 1705 (1760)
        Synopsis methodica avium et piscium a 1705 (1713)
        Travels See Observations, above
ed. Willughby’s (F.) De historia piscium 1686
        Willughby’s (F.) Ornithology tr. 1678
        The wisdom of God manifested in the works of the creation 1691 (1692, 1701, 1704, 1777)
See also Rea, John

Ray Society
        Publications (1844–)

Rayleigh, John William (Strutt), 3rd Baron
        Scientific papers 1869–1919 (1899–)
        The theory of sound 2 vols. 1877–8

Raymond, Ernest
        The jesting army 1930

Raymond, Henry Jarvis
        The life and public services of Abraham Lincoln 1865

Raymond, John
        An itinerary, contayning a voyage made through Italy 1646–47 (Il mercurio Italico) 1648

Raymond, Rossiter W.
        Glossary of mining and metallurgical terms 1881
        Statistics of mines and mining in the states and territories west of the Rocky mountains 1870 (1872, 1874, 1877)

Raymond, Walter
        In the smoke of war 1893
        Misterton’s mistake 1888
        Two men o’ Mendip 1898

Raynalde, Thomas
        Roesslin’s (E.) Byrth of mankynde, otherwyse called the womans booke tr. 1545 (1552, 1564)

Raynbird, William and Hugh
        On the agriculture of Suffolk 1849

Rayner, Dorothy Helen
        The stratigraphy of the British Isles 1967

‘Rayner, Mrs. Olive P.’
        See Allen, Grant

Raynolds, John
        Dolarnys primerose 1606 (Grosart 1880)

Rayson, John
        Miscellaneous poems and ballads, chiefly in the dialects of Cumberland and the English and Scottish borders a 1857 (1858)

Rea, John
        Flora, seu de florum cultura, or a complete florilege 1665 (1676)

Read, Alexander
        Works 1650 (1659)
        The chirurgical lectures of tumors and ulcers 1632–34 1635
        A treatise of the first part of chirurgerie 1638

Read, Herbert Edward
        Annals of innocence and experience 1940
        Art and industry 1934
        Art and society 1937
        Collected poems, 1913–25 1926
        A concise history of modern painting 1959
        The contrary experience: autobiographies 1963
        Education through art 1943
        Icon and idea: the function of art in the development of human consciousness 1955
        The meaning of art 1931
        The tenth muse: essays in criticism 1957

Read, Herbert Harold & Watson, Janet V.
        Introduction to geology 2 vols. (Vol. II in 2 parts) 1962–75

Read, John
        Arcæus’ (F.) Most excellent and compendious method of curing woundes tr. 1588

Read, John
        A text-book of organic chemistry 1926

Read, Piers Paul
        The Villa Golitsyn 1981

Reade, Charles
        Christie Johnstone 1853
        The cloister and the hearth 1861
        The course of true love never did run smooth 1857
        The eighth commandment 1860
        Griffith Gaunt; or jealousy 1866 (1867)
        Hard cash 1863
It is never too late to mend’ 1856
Love me little, love me long’ 1859
        Peg Woffington 1852 (1853)
        Put yourself in his place 1870
        A simpleton: a story of a day 1873
        A woman-hater 1877

Reade, Thomas M.
        The origin of mountain ranges considered 1886

Reade, William Winwood
        Liberty hall, Oxon 1860

Reader, The; a review of literature etc. 1863–66

Reader’s digest 1922–

Reader’s digest family guide to the law 1971

Reading, The churchwardens’ accounts of St. Mary’s, 1550–1662 (1893).
See also Churchwardens

Real estate review 1923–

Reall and unfeigned testimonie concerning Iacob Beme, A tr. 1649

Realm (newspaper), The 1864

Reaney, Percy Hide
        The origin of English place-names 1960

Reasons of the new convert’s taking the oaths to the present government, The (by T. Brown) 1691

Recent progress in hormone research 1947–

Record, Samuel James & Hess, Robert William
        Timbers of the New World 1943

—— & Mell, Clayton Dissinger
        Timbers of tropical America 1924

Recorde, Robert
        The castle of knowledge (containing the explication of the sphere, etc.) 1556
        The ground of artes, teachyng the worke and practise of arithmetike 1540 (1542, 1575)
—with additions by J. Dee & J. Mellis (1582, 1590; also 1646)
        The pathway to knowledge 1551
        The urinal of physick 1547 (1548, 1567, 1665)
        The whetstone of witte, which is the seconde parte of arithmetike 1557

Records of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England 1636–1792 (1856–65)

Records of the convention of the royal burghs of Scotland 1295–1738 (1870–90)

Records of the Court of Assistants of the colony of Massachusetts Bay 1673–92 (1901)

Records of the governor and company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1628–86 (1853–54)

Records of St. Mary at Hill. Medieval records of a London city church (St. Mary at Hill) 1420–1559 (E.E.T.S. 1905)

Records of a Scottish cloth manufactory at New Mills, Haddingtonshire, The 1681–1703 (S.H.S. 1905)

Recreations of a country parson 1859–61
        See Boyd, A. K. H.

Recruiter’s bulletin (U.S. Marine Corps) 1915–21

Red book of the exchequer, The v.d. (Rolls series 1896)

Red Cross magazine 1916–20

Redbook (title varies) 1903–

Redding, Cyrus
        A history and description of modern wines 1833 (1851)

Rede, Leman Thomas
        The road to the stage 1827

Redfield, Robert
        Peasant society and culture: an anthropological approach to civilisation 1956

Redford, George
        Holy scripture verified 1837

Redford, John
        The moral play of wit and science c 1530 (Shaks. Soc. 1848; Manly, Pre-Shaks. drama 1897)

Reece, Gordon
tr. F. Hund’s The history of quantum theory 1974

Reece, Richard
        A practical dictionary of domestic medicine 1808

Reece, Robert H.
        Night bombing with the Bedouins 1919

Reed, Sir Edward J.
        Shipbuilding in iron and steel 1869
        A treatise on the stability of ships 1885

Reed, Henry
        Lectures on the British poets a 1854 (1857)
        Lectures on English history and tragic poetry a 1854 (1856)
        Lectures on English literature a 1854 (1855)

Rees, Abraham
        The cyclopædia or universal dictionary of arts etc. 1802–20

Rees, J. Rogers
        The diversions of a book-worm 1886

Reese, John Terence & Dormer, Albert
        The bridge player’s dictionary 1959

Reeve, Clara
        The exiles: or memoirs of the Count de Cronstadt 1788
        The old English baron: a Gothic story 1778 (1780)

Reeve, Henry
        De Tocqueville’s (A. de) Democracy in America tr. 1835

Reeve, Lovell
        Elements of conchology 1860
See also Jephson, J. M.

Reeve, Thomas
        God’s plea for Nineveh, or Londons precedent for mercy 1657
        Sermons 1632

Reeves, Edward
        Homeward bound after thirty years, a colonist’s impressions of New Zealand, Australia, Tangier and Spain 1892

Reeves, William
        Fourteen sermons a 1726 (1729)

Reeves, Bp. William
        Ecclesiastical antiquities of Down, Connor and Dromore 1847

Referee, The 1877–1928

Reflections on a late libel, intituled Observations on a late famous sermon (by E. Hickeringill) intituled Curse ye Meroz 1680

Reflections upon R. Baxter 1685
        See More, Henry

Reflector, The; a quarterly magazine 1810–11

Reflexions. Morvan de Bellegarde’s (J. B.) Reflexions upon ridicule tr. 1706–07

Reflexions upon the oathes of supremacy and allegiance (by H. P. Cressy) 1661

Reformed common-wealth of bees, The 1655
        See Hartlib, S.

Refutation of a late pamphlet 1749
See Examination

Regal rambler, The, or the eccentricall adventures of the devil in London (by T. Hastings) 1793

Regiam majestatem
See Skene, Sir J.

Register of debates in Congress
See United States. Congress. Debates

Register of the guild of Corpus Christi, York, The v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1872)

Register of the Privy council of Scotland, The 1545– (1877– )

Registrum cartarum ecclesie sancti Egidii de Edinburgh 1344–1567 (App. –1648) (Bannatyne Club 1859)

Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum 1306–1424 (1814, 1912)
The register of the great seal of Scotland 1424– (1882– )

Registrum secreti sigilli regum Scotorum, The register of the privy seal of Scotland 1488–1529 (1908)

Regulation and improvement of free-thinking, An essay for the better 1739

Regulations and instructions relating to his majesty’s service at sea 1730 (1772)

Regulations and orders for the army, General 1811

Regulations for the instruction..of the cavalry 1833

Reichenbach, Hans
        Elements of symbolic logic 1947

Reid, Alan
        Songs o’ the heatherland, Scots poems etc. 1894

Reid, Andrew
        Macquer’s (P. J.) Elements of the theory and practice of chymistry tr. 1758

Reid, John
        The Scots gard’ner 1683 (1721)

Reid, John Cowie
ed. The Kiwi laughs: an anthology of New Zealand prose humour 1961

Reid, John Morrison
ed. Doomed religions: a series of essays on the great religions of the world 1884

Reid, Mayne
        The headless horseman: a strange tale of Texas 2 vols. & 1 vol. 1866
        The rifle rangers; or adventures of an officer in southern Mexico 1850
        The scalp-hunters, or romantic adventures in northern Mexico 1851
        The war-trail, or the hunt of the wild horse 1857
        The young voyageurs 1854

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        Glasgow past and present 1884

Reid, Robert
        Poems, songs and sonnets 1894

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        Works a 1796 (1846–63)
        A brief account (Analysis) of Aristotle’s Logic 1774
        Essays on the intellectual powers of man 1785
        An inquiry into the human mind 1764

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        Life of W. E. Forster 1888

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        A dictionary of new words 1955

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        Japan: travels and researches [anon. tr.] 1884

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        The carpenters’, joiners’, cabinet makers’ and gilders’ companion 1854

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        The jazz titans; includingThe parlance of hip’ 1960

Reisz, Karel
        The technique of film editing 1953
—(ed. 9) 1961

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        The Reith diaries ed. C. Stuart 1975

Relation of the dreadful earthquake..at Lima, A true and particular tr. 1748

Relation of the tryall..of Ann Foster..at Northampton, A full and true 1674 (1881)

Release and resettlement: an explanation of your position and rights Issued by H.M. Government to all serving members of H.M. Forces 1945

Religio clerici (Eng.) 1681

Religion of the fashionable world 1790
        See More, Hannah

Religionism, or popular preachers, alias pulpiteers, a satire 1812

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Religious songs a 1300 (with Owl and nightingale, ed. T. Wright, Percy Soc. 1843)

Religious systems of the world, national, christian, philosophic 1888–89 (1890)

Reliquary, The; a depository for precious relics 1860–94

Reliquiæ antiquæ: scraps from ancient manuscripts ed. T. Wright & J. O. Halliwell 1841–43

Reliquiæ Wottonianæ (1651)
        See Wotton, Sir H.

Relph, Josiah
        A miscellany of poems a 1743 (1747, 1797)

Relton, Francis B.
        An account of the fire insurance companies 1893

Remarks on Mr. Clark’s (Samuel Clarke) sermons preached against Hobbs, Spinoza and other atheists 1705

Remarques on the humours and conversations of the town 1673

See Guy of Warwick

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Remedy for sedition, A 1536

Remedy of love, The c 1532 (Thynne, Chaucer 1532; Chalmers, Poets I. 1810)

Remonstrance 1395
        See Purvey, J.

Remonstrance concerning the present troubles, A. From the meeting of the estates of..Scotland unto the parliament of England 1640

Remonstrance of divers remarkeable passages concerning the church and kingdome of Ireland, A 1642

Remsen, Ira
        An introduction to the study of the compounds of carbon, organic chemistry 1885

Renan’s (J. Ernest) Apostles tr. 1869 (1890)
The book of Job tr. 1889
History of the people of Israel tr. 1888
The life of Jesus tr. 1863 (1864)

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        A guilty thing surprised 1970
        Make death love me 1979
        A new lease of death 1967
        One across, two down 1971
        Some lie and some die 1973

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        Memoir of a map of Hindoostan 1783

Rennie (——)
        St. Patrick, a national tale. By an antiquary 1819

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        General view of the agriculture of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1794 (1799)

Rennie, James
        Alphabet of scientific angling 1833
        A conspectus of the butterflies and moths found in Britain 1832
        Insect architecture (anon.) 1830 (1847)
ed. Montagu’s (G.) Ornithological dictionary 1831 (1833)

Rental book of the Cistercian abbey of Cupar-Angus v.d. (1879–80)

Rentalia et custumaria M. de Ambresbury 1235–52 et R. de Ford 1252–61 abbatum monasterii beatae Mariae Glastoniae v.d. (Somerset Record Soc. 1891)

Reply to a paper of Dr. R. Sanderson containing a censure of A. A(scham) his booke 1650

Reply to the reasons of the Oxford clergy against addressing, A 1687

Report..Indian affairs
See: United States Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Report of a discourse concerning supreme power in affaires of religion, A (by Sir J. Hayward) 1606

Report of the Committee of Inquiry on Decimal Currency
See: United Kingdom. Parliamentary papers

Report of the Committee on Broadcasting 1960 See: United Kingdom. Parliamentary papers

Report of the proceedings and opinions of the board of general officers on their examination into the conduct..of Sir John Cope 1749

Report of the United States Commissioner of agriculture 1868 (1869)

Report to the government of the United States on the munitions of war (at the Paris exhibition 1867) by C. B. Norton and W. J. Valentine 1868

Report to the House of representatives on precious metals in the United States 1882

Reporter: the magazine of facts and ideas (New York) 1949–

Reports of artisans selected by..The Society of arts to visit the Paris universal exhibition 1867

Reports of the Deputy keeper of the public records 1840–

Reports of the royal commission on historical manuscripts 1870–

Repository of arts, etc., The 1809–28

Reprobate, The; a novel tr. (from A. H. J. La Fontaine) 1802

Republican Review (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1870–3

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        Memoirs a 1689 (1734)

Residence in France during the years 1792–95, A 1797

Respublica, A merye enterlude entitled 1553 (E.E.T.S. 1905; Brandl 1898)

Retrospective review, The 1820–28
—(another) 1852–54

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Returne from Pernassus, The (part II): or the scourge of simony 1601 (Arber; Macray 1886)

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        Ethical forecasts: essays 1887

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Review of the British pharmacopoeia (repr. from ‘The chemist and druggist’) 1898

Review of the churches, The 1891–95

Review of English studies 1925–

Review of reviews, The 1890–

Review of scientific instruments 1930–

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        See Munday, A.

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        See Caxton, W.

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        Rules for the government of the tongue 1656

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        Works v.d. (1658)
        Israels petition in time of trouble (a sermon) 1642
        Israels prayer in time of trouble,..an explication of the fourteenth chapter..of Hosea 1645 (1649)
        The rich mans charge (a sermon) 1658
        A sermon (at Westminster) 1666
        A sermon touching the peace..of the church 1637 (1638)
        The shieldes of the earth: a sermon..preached..1634 (1636)
        A treatise of the passions and faculties of the soul 1640 (1658)

Reynolds, Henry R.
        John the baptist 1874

Reynolds, John
        The flower of fidelitie 1650
        The triumphes of Gods revenge against..murther 1621–24 (1622–29)

Reynolds, John
        Death’s vision represented in a philosophical sacred poem (anon.) 1687 (1713)

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        The pioneer history of Illinois, 1673–1818 1852

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        The fancy: a selection from the poetical remains of Peter Corcoran 1820 (1906)

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        The diagnosis of diseases of the brain 1855

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        Works a 1792 (1797)
        Discourses delivered to the students of the Royal academy 1769–90 (1846, 1876)
        Du Fresnoy’s (C. A.) Art of painting tr. W. Mason..with annotations by Sir J. Reynolds 1782 (1783)

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        After some tomorrow 1967

Reynolds, Michael
        Engine-driving life 1881
        Locomotive-engine driving 1877

Rheims. The new testament, tr. in the English college of Rhemes 1582

Rhode Island Historical Society
        Collections 1827–1941

Rhode Island
See Records

Rhodes, Hugh
        The boke of nurture or schoole of good maners c 1530 (Babees book, E.E.T.S. 1868)

Rhodes, William B.
        Bombastes furioso, a burlesque tragic opera 1810 (1830)

‘Rhoscomyl, Owen’ (O. Vaughan)
        For the white rose of Arno 1897

Rhymers’ Club, The Book of the 1892, 1894

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        Voyage in the dark 1934
        Wide Sargasso Sea 1966

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        Early Britain. Celtic Britain 1882
        Lectures on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by Celtic heathendom (The Hibbert lectures 1886) 1888
        Lectures on Welsh philology 1877

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        An account of..places and curiosities in Spain and Portugal 1749

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The psychology of the emotions tr. 1897

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        A history of vagrants and vagrancy 1887

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        On the principles of political economy and taxation 1817

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Riccoboni’s (L.) Historical..account of the theatres in Europe tr. 1741

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        Dictionary of geological terms 1940

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        English art, 871–1100 1952

Rice, Elmer Leopold
        A voyage to Purilia 1930

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        History of the British turf 1879
See also Besant, Sir W.

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        An invective againste vices taken for vertue 1579

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        Allarme to England 1578
        The famous history of Herodotus tr. B. R. 1584
        His farewell to militarie profession 1581
—repr. as Eight novels employed by English dramatic poets (Shaks. Soc. 1846)
Phylotus and Emelia (from the Farewell) 1581 (Bannatyne Club 1835)
        Faultes faults, and nothing else but faultes 1606
        Greenes news both from heaven and hell 1593
        The honestie of this age 1614 (1615; Percy Soc. 1844)
        The Irish hubbub, or the English hue and crie 1617

Rich, Jack C.
        The materials and methods of sculpture 1947

Rich cabinet furnished with varietie of excellent descriptions etc., The (Epitome signed T. G., i.e. Thomas Gainsford) 1616

Richard III, king of England Letters and papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III and Henry VII (Rolls series 1861–63)

Richard Coer de lion 13.. (in Weber, Metrical romances II, 1810)

Richard the redeles
See Langland, W.

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        Old-soldier sahib 1936

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        Practical criticism: a study of literary judgment 1929
        Principles of literary criticism 1925
See also Ogden, Charles Kay

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        A treatise on the construction and operation of wood-working machines (= Operator’s handbook) 1873

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eds. A. D. Imms’s A general textbook of entomology (ed. 9) 1957

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ed. A dictionary of Christian theology 1969

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An introduction to geology (1851)

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        The fortunes of Richard Mahony 1917

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        Travels in the great desert of Sahara 1848

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        Choice observations..upon the Old Testament a 1654 (1655)

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        A dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English 2 vols. 1777–80
        A dissertation on the languages, literature, and manners of eastern nations 1777

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        Fauna boreali-americana; or the zoology of the northern parts of British America 1829–37

——et al.
        The museum of natural history 1859–62 (1868)

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        An account of some of the statues etc. in Italy 1722
        Explanatory notes and remarks on Milton’s Paradise lost 1734

Richardson, Joseph
        The fugitive, a comedy 1792

Richardson, Moses A.
        The local historian’s table book of remarkable occurrences etc. Historical division. Legendary division 1841–46
—reissued as The borderer’s table book 1846

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        A discourse of the torments of hell (anon.) 1658 (Phenix 1708)

Richardson, Samuel
        Clarissa (Harlowe); or the history of a young lady 1747–48 (1768, 1811)
        Correspondence a 1761 (1804)
        De Foe’s Tour thro’..Great Britain. Ed. with additions 1742
        The history of Sir Charles Grandison 1753–54 (1783)
        Pamela; or virtue rewarded 1739–40 (1824)

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        Tasmanian poems; grave and gay 1867

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        The history of the royal genealogy of Spain tr. 1724

Richler, Mordecai
        Cocksure 1968

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Richmond, William
        Christian economics 1888

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Richmond News-Leader (Richmond, Virginia) 1903–

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia) 1903–

Richmond Whig (Richmond, Virginia) 1824–88 (title varies)

Richmond-Atkinson papers, The ed. G. H. Scholefield 2 vols. 1960

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        Textbook of organic chemistry 1938

Richter, Gisela M. A. & Milne, Marjorie J.
        Shapes and names of Athenian vases 1935

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        Moral philosophy; or ethics and natural law 1888

Rickert, Edith
        The beggar in the heart 1909
        The golden hawk 1907
        The reaper 1904

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        Painting in Britain: the Middle Ages 1954

Rickman, Eric
        Come racing with me 1951

Rickman, Thomas
        An attempt to discriminate the styles of English architecture 1817 (1848, 1862)

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        Poems, songs, and miscellaneous pieces 1847
        Poetical works a 1870 (1871)
        Songs of the ark, with other poems 1831

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        Above suspicion 1876
        Austin Friars, a novel 1870
        City and suburb 1861
        Daisies and buttercups 1882
        Princess Sunshine and other stories 1889
        Too much alone 1860
        The senior partner 3 vols. 1881
        The world in the church 1863

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        Voyages to the Madeira and Leeward Caribbean isles 1792

Riddles a 1000 (Grein 1897)

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Rider, Bp. John
        Bibliotheca scholastica: a double dictionarie Part I. English and Latin 1589
R.’s Dictionarie corrected..by F. Holyoke 1606 (1617, 1649)

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        Affectionate regards 1929
        Mord Em’ly 1898

Ridgeway, William
        The early age of Greece 1901
        The origin and influence of the thoroughbred horse 1905

Ridgley, J. 1656
        See Smith, John

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        Cecilia: the life and letters of Cecilia Ridley, 1819–1845 ed. Viscountess Ridley 1958

Ridley, Mark
        A short treatise of magneticall bodies and motions 1613

Ridley, Bp. Nicholas
        Works a 1555 (Parker Soc. 1841)
        A breef declaration of the Lords supper a 1555 (1586)
        A piteous lamentation of the miserable estate of the churche a 1555 (1566)

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Ridpath, John C.
        History of the United States 1874

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        A glossary of genetics and cytogenetics, classical and molecular 1968

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——, Denney, R. N., & Glazer, N.
        The lonely crowd: a study of the changing American character 1950

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Rigging and seamanship, The elements and practice of 1794

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        The Syrian Christ 1919

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        How the other half lives: studies among the tenements of New York 1890 (UK 1891)

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        Henry Fox, first Lord Holland 1911

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        Puddleford and its people 1854

Riley, Henry T.
        Liber albus..of the city of London (1419) tr. 1861
        Memorials of London and London life in the xiiith, xivth, and xvth centuries (1270–1419) 1868
See also Pliny

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ed. American encyclopædia of printing 1871

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ed. The new American cyclopædia 1858–63

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        Memorials of the church of SS. Peter and Wilfrid, Ripon v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1882–1908)

Risdon, Tristram
        The chorographical description or survey of..Devon c 1630 (1714, 1811)