‘Q’ (Sir Arthur T. Quiller-Couch)
        The astonishing history of Troy town 1888
        Dead man’s rock 1887
        The delectable duchy 1893
        I saw three ships, and other winter’s tales 1892
        The mayor of Troy 1906
        Noughts and crosses 1891
        Shining ferry 1905
        The splendid spur 1889
ed. The story of the sea 2 vols. 1895–96
Wandering heath
See also under real name

Quack’s academy or the dunce’s directory, The 1678 (Harl. Misc.)

Quain, Jonas
        Elements of descriptive and practical anatomy 1828 (1848, 1864–67)

Quain, Sir Richard
ed. A dictionary of medicine 1882 (1894)

Quaker grandmother, A 1896
        See Caffyn, Kathleen M.

Qualtrough, Edward F.
        The boat-sailer’s manual 1886

Quarles, Francis
        Complete works a 1644 (Grosart 1880–81)
Argalus and Parthenia
1629 (1678, 1708)
See Judgement, below
Divine fancies
        Divine poems (the history of Jonah, Ester, Job, Sions sonets, Elegies etc.) 1630 (1714)
1635 (1718, 1818)
        Enchyridion, containing institutions divine and morall 1640 (1641)
        Esther See Hadassa, below
        A feast for wormes, set forth in a poeme of the history of Jonah 1620
        Hadassa, or the history of queene Ester, with meditations thereupon 1621 (1638, 1717)
        The historie of Samson 1631
        Job militant; with meditations 1624
        Judgement and mercy for afflicted soules a 1644 (1646)
—(part) Barnabas and Boanerges, or wine and oyle for afflicted soules 1644 (1807)
        The loyall convert 1643
        Pentelogia, or the quintessence of meditation 1620
        The shepherds oracles delivered in certain eglogues a 1644 (1646)
Sions elegies, wept by Jeremie the prophet and periphrased
        Sions sonets, sung by Solomon..and periphras’d 1625
        Solomons recantation entituled Ecclesiastes paraphrased a 1644 (1645)

‘Quarles, Francis’
        The school of the heart 1647
        See Harvey, Christopher

Quarles, John
        Fons lachrymarum, or a fountain of tears 1648

Quarll, Philip 1727
        See Dorrington, E.

Quarter sessions records 1605–1786 (North Riding Record Soc. 1884–92)

Quarterly cumulative index medicus 1927–56

Quarterly journal of the Geological Society of London, The 1845–

Quarterly journal of literature, science, and the arts 1817–27

Quarterly journal of medicine 1907–

Quarterly journal of microscopical science 1852–

Quarterly register 1886–1934

Quarterly review, The 1809–

Quarterly review of biology 1926–

‘Quartermain, James’ (James Broom Lynne)
        Rock of diamond 1972

Quatrefages de Bréau’s (J. L. A. de) Human species tr. 1879
Rambles of a naturalist on the coasts of France, Spain and Sicily tr. E. C. Otté 1857

‘Queen, Ellery’ (Frederic Dannay & Manfred Bennington Lee)
        The four of hearts 1938 (UK 1939)
        The fourth side of the triangle 1965
        The French powder mystery 1930
        The Roman hat mystery 1929

Queen, The: an illustrated journal and review (title varies) 1861–1970

Queen’s regulations and orders for the army, The 1844 (1860, 1868)

Quekett microscopical club, Journal 1868–

Quennell, Peter Courtney
        The marble foot: an autobiography, 1905–1938 1976

‘Quentin, Patrick’ (Richard Wilson Webb & Hugh Callingham Wheeler)
        The follower 1950
        Puzzle for fiends 1946 (UK 1947)
        Shadow of guilt 1959
        Suspicious circumstances 1957

Quest of enquirie, by women to know, Whether the tripe-wife were trimmed by Doll yea or no. Gathered by Oliuer Oat-meale 1595 (Grosart 1881)

Questions. Five philosophical questions most eloquently and substantially disputed 1650 (1653)

Questions for a reformed parliament 1867

Questions of profitable and pleasant concernings ed. O. B. 1594

Quick, Herbert
        Yellowstone nights 1911

Quick, John
        A serious inquiry..whether a man may lawfully marry his deceased wife’s sister 1703

Quick, Robert H.
        Essays on educational reformers 1868

Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas
        Foe-Farrell 1918
Hetty Wesley
Major Vigoureux
Nicky Nan, reservist
        On the art of writing 1916
        Poison island 1907
        Studies in literature 3 ser. 1918–29\
        True Tilda 1909
See also ‘Q’

Quin, Mr. James, comedian, The life of 1766 (1887)

Quincey, Thomas De
        See De Quincey

Quincy, John
        The dispensatory of the Royal College of Physicians 1721
Lexicon physico-medicum or a new physical dictionary
1719 (1722)
Pharmacopoeia officinalis et extemporanea, or a compleat English dispensatory

Quincy, Josiah
        The history of Harvard University 1840

Quincy, Josiah Phillips
        Figures of the past 1883 (1884)

Quincy Whig (Quincy, Illinois) 1838–1915 (title varies)

Quine, Willard Van Orman
        From a logical point of view 1953
Mathematical logic
        Methods of logic 1950 (UK 1952)
        Set theory and its logic 1963
        Word and object 1960

Quinland; or, Varieties in American life 2 vols. 1857

Quinn, Arthur Hobson
        Pennsylvania stories 1899

Quinn, Roger
        The heather lintie; being poetical pieces..chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1861 (1863)

Quintessence. The book of quinte essence or the fifth being; that is to say, man’s heaven 1460–70 (E.E.T.S. 1866, revised 1889)

Quinton, Anthony Meredith
        The nature of things 1973

Quirk, Charles Randolph
        The use of English 1962

—— & Smith, Albert Hugh
eds. The teaching of English 1959

——et al.
        A grammar of contemporary English 1972
See also Crystal, David

        The Grand master; or adventures of Qui Hi? in Hindostan 1816