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        See Pierce, R. & T.

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        A course of chemistry 1771
        View of Sir Isaac Newton’s philosophy 1728

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        The phantom army 1898
        Queen of the jesters 1897

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Pembroke, 10th Earl of
        See Herbert, Henry

Pembroke, Mary Herbert, Countess of
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        The tragedie of Antonie tr. 1595

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ed. American handbook for electrical engineers 1914

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        Some fruits of solitude 1693
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        Literary life, by himself 1793
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—another ed., entitled History of quadrupeds 1781
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        A collection of Scots poems on several occasions a 1722 (1756, 1787)
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        See Carter, Elizabeth

Pennington, Lady Sarah
        Letters on different subjects 1766–67

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Pennsylvania, Memoirs of the Historical Society of (1826–76)

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        The romance of a dull life (anon.) 1861

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        Journal 1815

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        Poems a 1779 (1781)

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‘Pentecost, Hugh’ (Judson Pentecost Philips)
        Girl watcher’s funeral 1969 (UK 1970)
See also under real name

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        The guardian’s instruction (anon.) 1688 (1897)

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People’s Journal (Dundee) 1858–

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— J. Minsheu 1599

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ed. Reliques of ancient English poetry 1765 (1839, 1876–77)Bishop Percy’s folio manuscript. Ballads and romances c 1650 (ed. J. W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall 1867–68)

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        See Kaye, Sir J. W.

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—ed. 2, greatly enlarged, ed. B. Powell (1854)
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        Pigeon’s blood 1970

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        Baby, it’s cold inside 1970
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        Westward ha! or, Around the world in eighty clichés 1947

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        The joy of CB 1976

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        The royal martyr, or the life and death of King Charles I (anon.) 1676

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        See Thomson, William

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        The history of the Church of England 1861–64

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        The state of Russia under the present Czar 1716

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—(ed. 3) 1950

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        Historical collections relating to the American Colonial Church 1870–73

Persecutio undecima; the churches eleventh persecution 1648

Person, David
        Varieties: or, a surveigh of rare and excellent matters 1635

Personal and literary memorials 1829
        See Best, H. D.

Personal computer world 1978–

Persuasive to mutual compliance 1652
        See Osborne, F.

Pervin, William Joseph
        Foundations of general topology 1964

Perwich, William
        Despatches 1669–77 (Camden Soc. 1903)

Peter, John
        A relation or diary of the siege of Vienna 1684

Peter Parley’s annual 1840–92

Peter Wilkins 1751
        See Paltock, R.

Peterkin, Alexander
        Notes on Orkney and Zetland 1822
        Rentals of the ancient Earldom and Bishoprick of Orkney 1820

Peters, Charles
        A critical dissertation on the Book of Job 1751

‘Peters, Ellis’ (Edith Mary Pargeter)
        Black is the colour of my true-love’s heart 1967
        The piper on the mountain 1966

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        A general history of Connecticut 1781

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ed. Encyclopædia of firearms 1964

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        Wild America 1956

Peterson magazine (U.S.) N. S. IV. 1894

Petherick, John & Mrs. B. H.
        Travels in central Africa, and explorations of the western Nile tributaries 1869

Petition of Eastern association 1648
        See Ward, Nathaniel

Petition of the ministers of the gospel lately commissioned for the review and alteration of the liturgy, The 1661

Petiver, James
        Aquatilium animalium Amboinæ, etc. icones et nomina 1713
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        Petiveriana seu naturæ collectanea 1716–17

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        Elizabetha quasi viuens, Eliza’s funerall 1603 (in Harl. Misc.)

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        A compendious history of the Catholick Church 1662

Petrie, George
        The ecclesiastical architecture of Ireland 1845

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ed. Monumenta historica Britannica, or materials for the history of Britain 1848

Petrie, Rhona
        Despatch of a dove 1969
        Murder by precedent 1964

Petroleum refiner 1942–61

Petroleum review 1968–

Petronilla. The parfite lyfe to put in remembraunce of a virgyn moost gracious called Petronylla c 1493

Petticoat 1966–76

Pettie, George
        Guazzo’s (S.) Ciuile conuersation tr. 1581
—with addition of Book IV tr. by B. Young 1586
        A petite pallace of Pettie his pleasure 1576 (1908)

Pettigrew, James Bell
        Animal locomotion 1873

Pettijohn, Francis John
        Sedimentary rocks 1949
—(ed. 2) 1957

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        Africanderisms: a glossary of South African colloquial words and phrases of place and other names 1913

Pettus, Sir John
        Fleta minor: the laws of art and nature in assaying metals 1683 (1686)
        Fodinæ regales: or the history, laws, and places of the chief mines and mineral works in England, etc. 1670

Petty, Sir William
        The advice of W. P. to Mr S. Hartlib, for the advancement of some particular parts of learning 1648
        The discourse made before the Royal Society concerning the use of duplicate proportion 1674
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        Political arithmetick, or a discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, etc. a 1687 (1690; in Arber, Eng. Garner VI)
        A treatise of naval philosophy a 1687 (in Hale, Account of several new inventions 1691)
        A treatise upon taxes and contributions (anon.) 1662 (1769)
        Will 1685 (in Ld. E. Fitzmaurice, Life 1895)

Peyton, Sir Edward
        The divine catastrophe of the kingly family of the House of Stuarts 1652 (1731)

Peyton, Thomas
        The glasse of time, in the two first ages diuinely handled 1620

Pfeiffer’s (I. L.) Journey to Iceland tr. by Charlotte F. Cooper 1852

Phaer, Thomas
        Goeurot’s (J.) Regiment of life tr. 1544
The regiment of life, whervnto is added a treatyse of the pestilence, with the booke of children, newly corrected and enlarged 1545–46 (1553, 1560)
        The seuen first bookes of the Eneidos of Virgill tr. 1558
the nyne fyrst bookes, (and part) of the tenthe booke a 1560 (1562)
the whole xii bookes (books X–XII tr. by T. Twyne) (1573)

Pharmaceutical journal and transactions 1842–

Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America 1820–

Phelps, Austin
        The still hour 1860

Phelps, Elizabeth S.
        Hedged in 1870
        Sealed orders 1880
        The silent partner 1871
        The story of Avis 1877
        Trotty’s wedding tour 1874

Phelps, John D.
        Collectanea Glocestrensia 1842

Phemie Millar 1854
        See ‘Tytler, Sarah’

Phenix, The: or, a revival of scarce and valuable pieces 1707–08 (1721)

Phenix nest, The 1593 (= Phoenix nest)
        See S., R.

Philadelphia Bulletin (title varies) 1847–

Philadelphia Inquirer (title varies) 1829–

Philadelphian society. The state of the Philadelphian society or the grounds of their proceedings considered 1697

Philanthrope, The; after the manner of a periodical paper 1797

Philatelic record, The 1879–

Philatelist, The: an illustrated monthly magazine for stamp collectors 1866–74

‘Philidor, A. D.’
        See Danican, F. A.

Philip, John
        Researches in South Africa 2 vols. 1828

Philip Quarll 1727
        See Dorrington, E.

Philipot, Thomas
        Villare Cantianum: or Kent surveyed and illustrated 1659

Philipps, Fabian
        Considerations against the dissolving and taking away the Court of Chancery 1653
        Regale necessarium: or the legality of the rights claimed by the King’s servants 1671

Philipps, Jenkin T.
        Thirty four conferences between the Danish missionaries and the Malabarian Bramans tr. 1719

Philips, Ambrose
        Poems a 1749 (1810)
        The distrest mother; a tragedy 1712
        The life of John Williams, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal 1700
        Pastorals 1709 (1710)

Philips, John
        Poems a 1709 (1715, 1810)
        Blenheim 1705
        Cyder 1708
        The splendid shilling 1701

Philips, John
        An authentic journal of the expedition under Commodore Anson 1744

Philips, Judson Pentecost
        A dead ending 1962 (UK 1963)
        Escape a killer 1971 (UK 1972)
        The twisted people 1965
        The vanishing senator 1972 (UK 1973)
See also ‘Pentecost, Hugh’

Philips, Katherine
        Poems a 1664 (1667)

Philips, Samuel
        The voice of blood, in the sphere of nature and of the spirit-world 1864

See also Phillippes, Phillips

Philips technical review 1936–

Philipson, John
        The art and craft of coachbuilding 1897

Phillip, Arthur
        Voyage to Botany Bay 1789

Phillip, William
        J. H. van Linschoten his discours of voyages into ye Easte and West Indies tr. 1598 (Hakluyt Soc. 1885; partly in Arber, Eng. Garner III)

Phillippes or Phillips, Henry
        The purchasers pattern 1654 (1656, 1676)

Phillipps-Wolley, Clive
        Sport in the Crimea and Caucasus 1881

Phillips, Courtenay Stanley Goss & Williams, Robert Joseph Paton
        Inorganic chemistry 2 vols. 1965–6

Phillips, David Graham
        The plum tree 1905
        Susan Lenox: her fall and rise 1917

Phillips, Edward
        Letters of state, written by Mr. John Milton 1649–59. tr. To which is added, An account of his life 1694
        The mysteries of love and eloquence 1658
        The new world of English words: or, a general dictionary 1658 (1662, 1678, 1696; ed. 6 by J. Kersey 1706)
        Theatrum poetarum; or a compleat collection of the poets 1675

Phillips, Fabian
        See Philipps, F.

Phillips, George
        The elements of Syriac grammar 1837

Phillips, Henry
        Chamisso de Boncourt’s (L. C. A. von) Faust tr. 1881
        Historical sketches of the paper currency of the American Colonies 1865–66
        Notes upon the collection of coins and medals now upon exhibition at the Pennsylvania Museum 1879

Phillips, Jenkin T.
        See Philipps, J. T.

Phillips, John
        The way to heaven 1625

Phillips, John
        La Framboisière’s (N. A. de) Art of physick made plain and easie tr. 1684
        A satyr against hypocrites (anon.) 1655
        The six voyages of J. B. Tavernier through Turkey, into Persia and the East-Indies; to which is added, a new description of the Seraglio tr. 1677–78 (1684)

Phillips, John
        A general history of inland navigation 1792–93
        A treatise on inland navigation 1785

Phillips, John
        A glossary of the Devonshire dialect 1839

Phillips, John
        Geology of Oxford and the valley of the Thames 1871
        Manual of geology (in Encyclopædia Metropolitana 1834–35) 1855
        Memoirs of Dr. William Smith 1844
        The rivers, mountains, and sea-coast of Yorkshire 1853
        A treatise on geology 1830
        Vesuvius 1869

Phillips, Mrs. Lionel
        Some South African recollections 1899

Phillips, R.
        The man in the moon: a farce 1818

Phillips, Samuel
        Essays fromThe Times’ 1851–54 (1871)

Phillips, Stephen
        Paolo and Francesca 1900

Phillips, Wendell
        Speeches, lectures, and letters 1863
—second series 1891

Phillips, William
        An elementary introduction to the knowledge of mineralogy 1816 (1823)
        An outline of mineralogy and geology 1815 (1818)

Phillips, William
        Mount Sinai; a poem 1830

Phillips, William
        A manual of the British discomycetes 1887

Phillis of Scyros 1655
        See J. S.

Phillpotts, Eden
        Children of the mist 1898
        Down Dartmoor way 1895
        The good red earth 1901
        The human boy 1899
        Lying prophets 1897
        The portreeve 1906
        The secret woman 1905
        Sons of the morning 1900
        The striking hours 1901
        The thief of virtue 1910

Philo Pater
        The observator reproved 1684

Philobiblon Society
        Bibliographical and historical miscellanies 1854–

Philological museum, The 1832–33

Philological Society
        Proceedings 1842–53
        Transactions 1854–

‘Philopolites, Sir P.’
        The Grumbletonian crew reprehended 1689

Philosophical collections, containing an account of such physical, anatomical, or other mathematical and philosophical experiments and observations, as have lately come to the publishers hands (ed. by R. Hooke) 1679–82

Philosophical magazine (and journal), The. By Alex. Tilloch, etc. 1798–1832
—continued as London, Edinburgh, and Dublin philosophical magazine 1832–

Philosophical review 1892–

Philosophical survey of the south of Ireland (by Thomas Campbell) 1777 (1778)

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society 1665–
—Abridged by John Lowthorp et al. (1716–56)

Philosophy: the journal of the British Institute of Philosophy 1931–

Philosophy of science 1934–

Philotus. Ane verie excellent and delectabill treatise intitulit Philotus 1603 (Bannatyne Cl. 1835)

Philpot, John
        Examinations and writings a 1555 (Parker Soc. 1842)

Phin, John
        A dictionary of practical apiculture 1884

Phipps, Constantine H. (1st Marquis of Normanby)
        The English in France (anon.) 1828

Phipps, Constantine J.
        The journal of a voyage for making discoveries towards the North Pole 1773 (1774)

Phipson, Thomas L.
        Guillemin’s (A.) The sun tr. 1869 (1870)

‘Phoenix, John’ (George Horatio Derby)
        Phoenixiana; or, Sketches and burlesques 1856

Phoenix a 1000 (Grein)

Phoenix nest, The 1593
        See S., R.

Phonetic journal, The 1848–

Phonographic journal, The 1842–44

Phonotypic journal, The 1843–49

Photochemistry and photobiology 1962–

Photographic annual, The 1892

Photo-miniature, The 1899–1932

Physical dictionary, A 1657

Physical review 1893– (from 1970 divided into subject series)

Physical review letters 1958–

Physical Society (of London)
        Proceedings 1874–

Physics bulletin 1950–

Physiological abstracts 1916–37

Physiological reviews 1921–

Phytochemistry 1961–

Phytologist, The 1844–62

Phytopathology 1911–

Piatt, John J.
        Landmarks, and other poems 1872

Picart, Bernard
        The ceremonies and religious customs of the various nations of the known world [anon. tr.] 1733

Picayune (New Orleans)
See Daily Picayune

Pick of today’s short stories, The ed. J. S. Pudney 1949–63

Pickard, George Lawson
        Descriptive physical oceanography: an introduction 1963

Picken, Andrew
        The Dominie’s legacy 1830

Picken, David
        Poems and songs 1875

Picken, Ebenezer
        Miscellaneous poems, songs, etc., partly in the Scottish dialect 1813
        Poems and epistles, mostly in the Scottish dialect; with a glossary 1788

Picken, Laurence Ernest Rowland
        The organization of cells and other organisms 1960

Picken, Mary Brooks
        The fashion dictionary 1957
        The language of fashion 1939

Pickering, Ellen
        Nan Darrell; or the gipsy mother 1839

Pickering, John
        A vocabulary, or collection of words and phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the United States of America 1816

Pickering, Robert Easton
        Himself again 1966

Picquenard’s (J. B. ) Zoflora, or, the generous negro girl tr. 1804

Picton, Sir James A.
ed. City of Liverpool. Selections from the municipal archives and records 12..–1835 (1883–86)

Piddington, Rose
        The gain of a loss 1866
        The last of the Cavaliers 1859

Piece of family biography 1799
        See Du Bois, E.

Pierce, Robert
        Bath memoirs 1697

Pierce, Robert Morris
        Dictionary of aviation 1911

Pierce, Thomas
        A correct copy of some notes concerning Gods decrees 1655 (1657)
        The divine philanthropie defended against the declamatory attempts of certain late printed papers 1657

Pierce the ploughmans crede c 1394 (E.E.T.S. 1867)

Pieris, Ralph
        Sinhalese social organization: the Kandyan period 1956

Piers of Fullham a 1500 (in Hazlitt, Early pop. poetry II)

Piers Plowman
See Langland, W.

Piesse, G. W. Septimus
        The laboratory of chemical wonders 1860

Pigault-Lebrun’s (G. C. A.) Monsieur Botte tr. 1803

Piggott, Stuart
        The neolithic cultures of the British Isles 1954

Pigman, William Ward
        Carbohydrates 1957
        Chemistry of the carbohydrates 1948

Pigott, Charles
        The female jockey club 1794

Pigou, Arthur Cecil
        The economics of welfare 1920

Pike, Albert
        Prose sketches and poems, written in the western country 1834

Pike, Kenneth Lee
        Phonetics: a critical analysis of phonetic theory and a technic for the practical description of sounds 1943
        Language in relation to a unified theory of the structure of human behavior 3 parts 1954–60
—(ed. 2) 1967

Pike, Warburton
        The barren ground of northern Canada 1892

Pike, Zebulon M.
        An account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi 1805–07 1810 (1895)

Piles’ (M. de) Art of painting tr. 1706 (1744)

Pilgrimage of the lyf of the manhode; from the French of G. de Guilleville c 1430 (Roxb. Cl. 1869)

Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage of perfection 1526 (1531)

Pilgrimage of princes
See Lloyd, L.

Pilgrimage. The pylgremage of the sowle; from the French of G. de Guilleville c 1400 (MS. Egerton 615; Caxton 1483; 1859)

Pilgrimage to Parnassus, The 1597 (1886)

Pilgrims sea-voyage and sea-sickness, The c 1460 (E.E.T.S. 1867)

Pilgrim’s tale, The c 1540 (in Thynne’s Animadversions, E.E.T.S. 1865)

Pilkington, Bp. James
        Works a 1576 (Parker Soc. 1842)
        Aggeus the prophete declared by a large commentarye 1560
        Aggeus and Abdias prophetes, both at large declared 1562
        An exposition vpon Abdyas 1562
        The true report of the burnyng of the steple and churche of Paules (anon.) 1561
        The burnyng of Paules church in London 1563

Pilkington, James
        A view of the present state of Derbyshire 1789

Pilkington, Mary
        Celebrity; or, the unfortunate choice 1815

Pilkington, Matthew
        Remarks upon several passages of scripture 1759

Pilley, Dorothy Eleanor
        Climbing days 1935

Pillsbury, Donald Marion, Shelley, W. B., & Kligman, Albert M.
        Dermatology 1956

Pilton churchwardens’ accounts
See Churchwardens’ accounts

Pimlyco, or runne red-cap, tis a mad world at Hogsdon 1609 (1891)

‘Pindar, Peter’
        See Wolcot, John

Pinero, Arthur Wing
        The magistrate 1892
        The second Mrs. Tanqueray 1895

Pinkerton, John
        Ancient Scotish poems from the MS. collections of Sir R. Maitland 1786
        An enquiry into the history of Scotland, preceding the year 1056 1789
        An essay on medals 1784 (1789)
        A general collection of voyages and travels in all parts of the world 1808–14
        The history of Scotland from the accession of the House of Stuart to that of Mary 1797
        Petralogy; a treatise on rocks 1811
        Scotish poems, reprinted from scarce editions 1792
        Scottish tragic ballads 1781
—ed. 2, entitled Select Scotish ballads 1783; vol. II. Ballads of the comic kind 1783

Pinkerton, Robert
        Russia 1833

Pinkney, Nathan
        Travels through the South of France in 1807–08 1809

Pinner, David
        Ritual 1967

Pinter, Harold
        The birthday party 1959
        The caretaker 1960
        The dumb waiter 1960
        The homecoming 1965
        The room 1960

Pinto, Edward Henry
        Treen and other wooden bygones: an encyclopædia and social history 1969

Pioneer, The (Lucknow) 1865–

‘Piot, Lazarus’ = Munday, A.

Piozzi, Hester Lynch (Mrs. Thrale)
        Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson 1786
        British synonymy 1794
        Observations and reflections made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany 1789
        Letters to and from the late Samuel Johnson v.d. (1788)

Pipe Roll Society
        Publications (1884– )

Piper of Peebles, The; a tale 1794

Pique, a novel (by Mrs. Sarah Ellis) 1850

Pirie, Antoinette
ed. Lens metabolism in relation to cataract: proceedings of a symposium 1962

Pirie, Norman Wingate
        Food resources, conventional and novel 1969

Pirie, William R.
        An inquiry into the constitution, powers and processes of the human mind 1858

Pirkis, Catherine L.
        Judith Wynne 1884

Pirsson, Louis Valentine & Schuchert, Charles
        A text-book of geology 2 parts 1915 (Pt. I by Pirsson, Pt. II by Schuchert)
—(ed. 2, by Pirsson alone) 2 parts 1920–4

Pistill of Susan, The a 1400 (in D. Laing, Sel. rem. anc. poetry Scot. 1822; Scott. allit. poems, S.T.S. 1897)

Pitcairn, Robert
        Ancient criminal trials in Scotland (1488–1624); compiled from the original records and MSS. v.d. (Bannatyne Cl. 1833)

Pitman, Emma R.
        Mission life in Greece and Palestine; memorials of Mary B. Baldwin 1881

Pitman, Henry
        A relation of the great sufferings and strange adventures of H. P. 1689 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VII)

Pitt, Christopher
        Poems a 1748 (1810)
        Poems and translations 1727
        The Æneid of Virgil tr. 1740
The works of Virgil in Latin and English. The Aeneid transl. by C. Pitt. The Eclogues and Georgics, by J. Warton 1753 (1778)

Pitt, William
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Stafford 1794

Pitt, W., Anecdotes of 1792
        See Almon, J.

Pittington churchwardens’ accounts
See Churchwardens’ accounts

Pittman, Philip
        The present state of the European settlements on the Mississippi 1770

Pitts, Denis
        This city is ours 1975 (UK ed. 1976 with title Target Manhattan)

Pitts, Joseph
        A true and faithful account of the religion and manners of the Mohammetans 1704 (1738)

Pix (Sydney) 1938– (title varies)

Plaifere, T.
        See Playfere, T.

Plain English 1643
        See Bowles, Edward

Plain hints 1880
        See Floyer, Mrs. L. S.

Plain man’s pathway 1601
        See Dent, A.

Plain sense; a novel 1796

Plaine Percival
See Harvey, R.

Planché, James R.
        A cyclopædia of costume; or dictionary of dress 1876–79
        Descent of the Danube from Ratisbon to Vienna 1828
        Extravaganzas ed. T. F. D. Croker & S. Tucker 5 vols. 1897
        History of British costume 1834 (1847, 1874)
        Love and fortune 1859

Planning: a broadsheet (PEP: Political and Economic Planning) 1933–

Plant physiology 1926–

Plantin, Christoffel
        Thesaurus Theutonicæ linguæ 1573

Planting 1831–32 (Library of useful knowledge)

Plat or Platt, Sir Hugh
        Delightes for ladies, to adorne their persons, tables, closets and distillatories 1602 (1605)
        The jewell house of art and nature (Divers new experiments. Diverse new sorts of soyle. Divers chimicall conclusions concerning the art of distillation. The art of molding and casting. An offer of certaine new inventions) 1594

Plath, Sylvia
        Ariel 1965
        The bell jar 1963
        The colossus 1960
—(another ed.) 1967
        Crossing the water 1971

Platt, J. W.
        The history and antiquities of Nantwich in the County Palatine of Chester 1818

Platt, Kim
        The pushbutton butterfly 1970 (UK 1971)

Platts, John
        The book of curiosities 1822

Play of the sacrament, The c 1460 (Philological Soc. 1861; Non-cycle mystery plays, E.E.T.S. 1909)

Play of Stucley (The famous historye of the life and death of Captaine T. Stukeley) 1605 (in Simpson, School of Shaks. I. 1878)

Player, Robert
        Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs 1975

Player, Sir Thomas 1679
See Vindication

Playfair, John
        Illustrations of the Huttonian theory of the earth 1802
        Outlines of natural philosophy 1812–16 (1819)

Playfere, Thomas
        Sermons a 1609 (1617–23)

Playford, Henry
        Wit and mirth; an antidote against melancholy 1682

Playford, John
        A brief introduction to the skill of musick; in two books 1658 (1662)
—ed. 3, enlarged To which is added, a third book, entituled, the art of descant by Thomas Campion 1660 (1674)
        Select musicall ayres and dialogues 1652–53 (1659)
        Plays of the year ed. J. C. Trewin 1949–

Pleydell-Bouverie, E. O.
        See Heathcote, C. G.

Pliny’s Natural history tr. by J. Bostock & H. T. Riley 1855–57 (Bohn)

Plomer, William Charles Franklyn
        I speak of Africa 1927
        Museum pieces 1952

Plot, Robert
        The natural history of Oxfordshire 1677
        The natural history of Staffordshire 1686

Plowden, Edmund
        Les comentaries, ou les reportes de dyuers cases esteantes matters en ley 1571

Plowman’s tale, The c 1395 (in Chaucer’s Works, ed. Thynne 1542; Chaucerian and other pieces, ed. Skeat 1897)

Plues, Margaret
        Rambles in search of wild flowers 1863

Plume, Thomas
        Life of John Hacket 1675 (in Hacket’s Century of sermons 1675)

Plummer, Alfred
        Döllinger’s (J. J. T. von) Hippolytus and Calistus tr. 1876

Plumpton correspondence 1460–1552 (Camden Soc. 1839)

Plumptre, Anne
tr. H. Lichtenstein’s Travels in southern Africa 2 vols. 1812–15

Plumptre, Edward H.
        The tragedies of Sophocles tr. 1865 (1877)

Plunket, Thomas
        The character of a good commander 1689

Plutarch’s Morals tr. by several hands 1684–94

‘Plymley, Peter’
        See Smith, Sydney

Pocklington, John
        Altare Christianum; or, the dead vicars plea 1637

Pocklington (John), Petition against 1641
        See H., I.

Pocklington Canal act 1815 (Local act 55 Geo. III cap. lv)

Pocknee, C. E.
        See Dearmer, Percy

Pocock, Nicholas
        Records of the Reformation; the Divorce 1527–33. Collected and arranged by N. Pocock. v.d. (1870)

Pococke, Edward
        A commentary on the Prophecy of Hosea 1685

Pococke, Bp. Richard
        A description of the East 1743–45
        Travels through England 1750–57 (Camden Soc. 1888–89)

Poe, Edgar A.
        Works a 1849 (1865)
        The complete poetical works, with three essays on poetry a 1849 (1909)
        Poems a 1849 (1859, 1864)

Poem on the times of Edward II c 1325 (Percy Soc. 1849; Political songs, Camden Soc. 1839)

Poems in the Buchan dialect (A select collection of Scots poems, chiefly in the broad Buchan dialect) 1785

Poems on affairs of state 1697–1707

Poetical museum, The (publ. by G. Caw) 1784

Poetry (Chicago) 1912–

Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
See Anti-Jacobin

Pohl, Frederik & Kornbluth, Cyril M.
        The space merchants 1953 (UK 1955)

Poisson de Gomez’s (M. A.) La belle assemblée, or, the adventures of six days tr. 1725 (1729)

Polack, Joel Samuel
        Manners and customs of the New Zealanders 2 vols. 1840
        New Zealand: being a narrative of travels and adventures 2 vols. 1838

Polehampton, Edward T. W. & Good, John M.
        The gallery of nature and art 1814–15

Police journal 1928–

Police review (title varies) 1893–

Polimanteia 1595
        See Covell, W.

Polite lady, The 1760
        See Portia

Polite philosopher, The 1734
        See Forrester, J.

Political and other poems, Twenty-six c 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1904)

Political ballads 16..–17.. (annotated by W. Walker Wilkins 1860)

Political ballads 16.. (ed. T. Wright, Percy Soc. 1841)

Political poems and songs relating to English history, A collection of 13..–15.. (Rolls series 1859–61

Political quarterly 1930–

Political, religious, and love poems 13..–15.. (E.E.T.S. 1866, 1903)

Political science quarterly 1886–

Political songs of England 12..–13.. (Camden Soc. 1839)

Pollen, John H., the elder
        Ancient and modern furniture and woodwork in the South Kensington Museum 1874

Pollen, John H., the younger
        Acts of English martyrs hitherto unpublished 1891

Pollexfen, Sir Henry
        A discourse of trade and coyn (anon.) a 1692 (1697)

Pollitt, John
        Depression and its treatment 1965

Pollock, Albin Jay
        The underworld speaks 1935

Pollock, Frederick
        The land laws 1883 (1896)
        Oxford lectures and other discourses 1890

—— & Holmes, Oliver Wendell (the younger)
        The Pollock-Holmes letters: correspondence of Sir Frederick Pollock and Mr. Justice Holmes, 1874–1932 ed. M. de W. Howe 2 vols. 1942

—— & Maitland, Frederick W.
        The history of English law before the time of Edward I 1895

Pollock, Walter H.
        Fencing, by W. H. Pollock, F. C. Grove, & C. Prevost 1889 (Badminton Library)

Pollok, FitzWilliam T.
        Sport in British Burmah, Assam, and the Cassyah and Jyntiah hills 1879

Pollok, Robert
        The course of time 1827

Polson, Archer
        Law and lawyers 1840 (1858)
        The law of nations 1845 (in Encycl. Metrop. II)

Polunin, Nicholas Vladimir
        Introduction to plant geography and some related sciences 1960

Polwart (= Sir Patrick Hume of Polwarth)
        Flyting with Montgomerie a 1585 (in Montgomerie’s Poems, S.T.S. 1887, 1910)

Polwhele, Richard
        A Cornish-English vocabulary 1808
        The history of Cornwall 1803–06 (1816)
        The history of Devonshire 1793–1806
        Traditions and recollections 1826

Polydore Vergil
See Vergilius, P.