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O.H.S., = Oxford Historical Society

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Oates, Joyce Carol
        Bellefleur 1981

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        An exact discovery of the mystery of iniquity as it is now in practice amongst the Jesuits 1679
        A true narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the Popish party against the life of his sacred majesty 1679

Oath of pacification, The 1643

O’Brien, Donat H.
        Narrative, containing an account of his shipwreck, captivity, and escape from France 1814

O’Brien, Edna
        August is a wicked month 1965
        Country girls 1971
        The lonely girl 1962

‘O’Brien, Flann’ (Brian O’Nolan)
        At Swim-Two-Birds 1939
        The hard life: an exegesis of squalor 1961
See also ‘Na Gopaleen, Myles’

O’Brien, Henry
        The round towers of Ireland 1834
        Villanueva’s (J. L.) Phoenician Ireland tr. 1832 (1837)

O’Brien, S. E. & Stephens, A. G.
        Material for a dictionary of Australian slang, 1900–1910 (typescript in Mitchell Library, Sydney)

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Observations both historical and moral upon the burning of London, Sept. 1666 1667 (in Harl. Misc. III. 1745)

Observations on (Hickeringill’s) late famous sermon, intituled, Curse ye Meroz 1680

Observations on the present state of the parochial and vagrant poor (by John Scott) 1773

Observations upon the Methodists ? 1740
        See Gibson, Bp. E.

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Observer, The (A collection of essays by R. Cumberland) 1786–91

Observer, The 1792–W

Obstetrics and gynecology 1953–

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        The plough and the stars 1926
        The star turns red 1940
        Two plays [Juno and the paycock and The shadow of a gunman] 1925
        Windfalls: stories, poems and plays 1934

Occleve, Thomas
        See Hoccleve, T.

Oceanography and marine biology: an annual review 1963–

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        The conquest of Syria, Persia and Ægypt by the Saracens 1708; vol. II, entitled The history of the Saracens 1718 (1847)

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        Correspondence ed. M. R. O’Connell 1972–

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        Bones of contention, and other stories 1936

O’Connor, Jimmy
        The eleventh commandment 1976

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        Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield: a biography (anon.) 1879
        Lord Beaconsfield; a biography 1879

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ed. Rerum Hibernicarum scriptores veteres 1814–26

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Octovian Imperator a 1400 (in Weber, Metrical romances III. 1810)

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ed. Annals of the New York stage 15 vols. 1927–49

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        The face of the crime 1968 (UK 1969)

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        Sabre-tooth 1966
        The silver mistress 1973

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ed. The annals of Ireland. Three fragments copied from ancient sources by D. MacFirbisigh 1860
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        A grammar of the Irish language 1845

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        Turkey in Europe 1900

Of ye olde God and the newe 1523
        See Coverdale, M.

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        No country for young men 1980

O’Faolain, Sean
        A nest of simple folk 1933

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Offshore engineer 1975–

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—— & Richards, Ivor Armstrong
        The meaning of meaning: a study of the influence of language upon thought and of the science of symbolism 1923

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tr. K. Koffka’s The growth of the mind: an introduction to child-psychology 1924

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        The entertainment of Charles II in his passage through the city of London to his coronation 1662 (1685)
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        The works of P. Virgilius Maro tr. 1649 (1684)

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        Poems on various subjects 1762 (1769)

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—New ed., greatly augmented, ed. C. Annandale 1881–83

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        A hand-book to the game-birds 1895–97

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        Excursions in number theory 1966

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        Confessions of an advertising man 1963 (UK 1964)

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        Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne. Part II. (anon.) 1881

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        A general history of Ireland to the close of the twelfth century 1778

O’Hara (——)
        The history of New South Wales (anon.) 1817

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        Appointment in Samarra 1934 (UK 1935)
        Pal Joey 1940 (UK 1952)

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        Midas: an English burletta 1764

O’Hara, Kenneth
        The bird-cage 1968
        The ghost of Thomas Penry 1977

Ohio archaeological and historical quarterly (title varies) 1887–

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        Flora of Japan 1965

Oil and gas journal 1910–

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        Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra 1814

O’Keeffe, John
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        Wild oats: or, the strolling gentlemen 1791

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        An introduction to the art of basket-making 1912

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        A sketch of the fisheries of Japan 1883 (Fisheries exhibition literature)

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        A. d’Assier’s Posthumous humanity: a study of phantoms tr. 1887
        Theosophy; religion and occult science, with a glossary of eastern words 1885

Old cheque-book of the Chapel Royal
See Chapel Royal

Old commodore, The (by E. G. G. Howard) 1837

Old English chronicle
See Anglo-Saxon chronicle

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Old English martyrology a 900 (E.E.T.S. 1900)

Old English miscellany, An 12..–13.. (E.E.T.S. 1872)

Old man’s favour 1887
        See Elliot, Anne

Oldcastle. The first part of the true and honorable historie of the life of Sir John Old-castle 1600 (in Shakespeare Apocrypha, 1908)

Oldcastle, Hugh
        A briefe instruction and maner how to keepe bookes of accompts..newly augmented..by J. Mellis 1588

Olde, John
        Walther’s (R.) Antichrist tr. 1556

—— & Coverdale, Miles
        The seconde tome of the paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Newe Testamente tr. 1549

Oldest English texts v.d. (ed. H. Sweet, E.E.T.S. 1885)

Oldham, John
        His remains in verse and prose a 1683 (1684)
        Works, together with his remains a 1683 (1686, 1703)
        Satyrs upon the Jesuits 1679 (1681)

Oldham (Doctor) at Greystones, and his talk there (by C. S. Henry) 1860

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        The odes, epodes and carmen seculare of Horace tr. 1712–13

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        A pastoral poem on the victories at Schellenburgh and Blenheim 1704

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        A short view of the life and writings of Dr. Thomas Moffat, or Moufet 1746 (prefixed to Moufet’s Health’s improvement)

Oley, Barnabas
        View of the life of Mr. George Herbert (anon.) 1652 (prefixed to Herbert’s Priest to the temple)

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        Altiora peto 1883
        Episodes in a life of adventure; or, moss from a rolling stone 1887
        Fashionable philosophy and other sketches 1887
        Haifa, or life in modern Palestine 1887
        The land of Gilead, with excursions in the Lebanon 1880
        Narrative of the Earl of Elgin’s mission to China and Japan in 1857–59 1859
        Piccadilly: a fragment of contemporary biography 1870
        Sympneumata; or evolutionary forces now active in man 1885

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        Agnes 1866
        Annals of a publishing house. William Blackwood and his sons, their magazine and friends 1897–98
        Carita 1877
        Chronicles of Carlingford. The rector and the doctor’s family 1863; Salem Chapel 1863
        He that will not when he may 1880
        Innocent; a tale of modern life 1873
        It was a lover and his lass 1883
        Katie Stewart (anon.) 1853
        The laird of Norlaw 1858
        The last of the Mortimers 1862
        The life of Edward Irving; illustrated by his journals and correspondence 1862
        Madonna Mary 1867
        Magdalen Hepburn: a story of the Scottish reformation 1854
        The makers of Florence 1876
        Passages in the life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland 1849
Phoebe, junior; a last chronicle of Carlingford
        A poor gentleman 1889
        The railway man and his children 1891
        Sheridan 1883
        Within the precincts 1879
        Autobiography and letters a 1897 (ed. Mrs. H. Coghill 1899)

Oliphant, T. L. Kington-
        See Kington-Oliphant

Oliver, Daniel
        Lessons in elementary botany 1864 (1872)

Oliver, George
        The history of Exeter 1821 (1861)
        Monasticon dioecesis Exoniensis 1846

Oliver, Paul
        Savannah syncopators: African retentions in the blues 1970
        Screening the blues 1968

Oliver, Peter
        The Scripture lexicon (anon.) 1784 (1810)

Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook
        New Zealand birds 1930

Oliver, William
        A collection of original local songs and other pieces 1824

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        The cotton kingdom 1861
ed. The Englishman in Kansas by T. H. Gladstone 1857
        A journey in the Back Country 1860
        A journey in the Seaboard slave states 1856 (1861)
        A journey through Texas 1857

Olsson, Yngve
        On the syntax of the English verb 1961

Omniana 1812
        See Southey, R.

Omond, Thomas S.
        English metrists 1903

Once a week; an illustrated miscellany of literature, art, science, and popular information 1859–74

O’Neill, Charles
        A dictionary of calico printing and dyeing 1862

O’Neill, Eugene Gladstone
        Ah, wilderness! and Days without end: two plays 1933 (UK 1934)
        Anna Christie See below: The hairy ape
        Beyond the horizon 1920
        Desire under the elms 1925
        Dynamo 1929
        The Emperor Jones 1921 (UK 1925)
        The great god Brown, The fountain, The moon of the Caribbees, and other plays 1926
        The hairy ape, and other plays 1922 (UK 1923)
        Hughie 1959
        The iceman cometh 1946 (UK 1947)
        Lazarus laughed 1927
        Long day’s journey into night 1956
        Marco Millions 1927
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        The moon of the Caribbees, and six other plays of the sea 1919 (UK 1923)
        More stately mansions ed. D. Gallup 1964 (UK 1965)
        Mourning becomes Electra: a trilogy 1931 (UK 1932)
        Strange interlude 1928
A touch of the poet

Onions, Charles T.
        An advanced English syntax 1904

Onions, Oliver
        Back o’ the moon and other stories 1906
        The compleat bachelor 1900
        Widdershins 1911

Ophthalmic review 1881–1916

Opie, Iona M. B. & Opie, Peter M.
        Children’s games in street and playground 1969
        The lore and language of schoolchildren 1959
See also Oxford dictionary of nursery rhymes, The

Opie, John
        Lectures on painting a 1807 (ed. Wornum 1848)

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        A history of the administration of the royal navy and of merchant shipping in relation to the navy from 1509 to 1660 1896

Oppert, Ernest
        A forbidden land: voyages to the Corea 1880

Oppression. A poem. By an American. With notes, by a North Briton 1765

Optical Society of America
        Journal 1917–

Optick glasse of humors
See Walkington, T.

Optometry today: the vision care profession (American Optometric Association) 1971

Ora and Juliet; or, influence of first principles 1811

Orczy, Emmuska, Baroness
        Lady Molly of Scotland Yard 1910
        The Scarlet Pimpernel 1905

Order of the hospitalls of K. Henry the viijth and K. Edward the vith 1557

Order of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the regulating of printing 1643 (in Milton’s Areopagitica, Arber 1868)

Order whych a prince in battayll muste observe ? 1540

Orderson, J. W.
        Creolana; or social and domestic scenes and incidents in Barbados in days of yore 1842

Ordinance of the Lords and Commons for the speedy establishing of the presbyteriall government 1646

Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, with rules and directions, concerning suspention from the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper in cases of ignorance and scandall, Oct. 20 1645

Ordinance of Parliament concerning the subsidie of tonnage and poundage 1642

Ordinances of royal household (1790)
See Household ordinances

Ordonances and instructions for musters 1590

Ordway, Frederick Ira, Gardner, J. P., & Sharpe, M. R.
        Basic astronautics 1962

Ordynarye of crysten men 1502 (W. de Worde; 1506)

O’Reilly, Eleanor G.
        Sussex stories 1880

O’Reilly, Harrington
        Fifty years on the trail 1889

‘O’Rell, Max’ (L. P. Blouët)
        A Frenchman in America 1891
        John Bull & Co. 1894
        John Bull and his island tr. 1883

Orem, William
        A description of the Chanonry in Old Aberdeen 1782 (1791)

Orfeo, Sir c 1325 (in Ritson, Metr. rom. II; Zielke 1880)

Orford, Henry
        Modern optical instruments and their construction 1896

Organ voicing and tuning; a guide to amateurs 1879

Organization in daily life 1862
        See Helps, Sir A.

Orgill, Douglas William
        The Jasius pursuit 1973

Oriental Ceramics Society
        Transactions 1923–

Orientator, The; a simple contrivance for ascertaining the orientation of churches 1844 (Cambr. Camden Soc.)

Origen and his opinions 1661
        See Rust, Bp. G.

Original & sprynge of all sectes & orders by whome whan or were they beganne tr. 1537

Original canto of Spencer, An 1713
        See Croxall, S.

Origines parochiales Scotiae: the antiquities ecclesiastical and territorial of the parishes of Scotland ed. Cosmo Innes 1850–55 (Bannatyne Cl.)

Origo, Iris
        Images and shadows: part of a life 1970

Orkney, Records of the earldom of 1299–1614 (S.H.S. 1914)

Orleans, Charles, Duke of
        Poems written in English during his captivity in England, after the battle of Agincourt a 1465 (Roxb. Cl. 1827)

Orme, Edward
        An essay on transparent prints, and on transparencies in general 1807

Orme, Robert
        Historical fragments of the Mogul Empire 1782 (1805)
        A history of the military transactions of the British nation in Indostan 1763–78

Ormerod, Eleanor A.
        A manual of injurious insects 1881

Ormerod, George
        The history of the county palatine and city of Cheshire 1819 (1880)

        The Ormulum c 1200 (1878)

Orologium sapientiae or the seven poyntes of trewe wisdom c 1425 (in Anglia, X. 1888)

Orpheo, Sir
See Orfeo

Orr, James
        The Christian view of God and the world as centring in the incarnation 1893
        The problem of the Old Testament considered with reference to recent criticism 1906
        The resurrection of Jesus 1908

Orr, John
tr. I. Iordan’s An introduction to Romance linguistics 1937

Orr’s Circle of the sciences 1854–56
See Circle

Orrery, John Boyle, 5th Earl of Cork and
        Remarks on the life and writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift 1751 (1752)

Orrery, Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of
        Parthenissa, a romance (anon.) 1654–69 (1676)
        A treatise of the art of war 1677

Orton, James
        The Andes and the Amazon 1870 (1876)

Orton, John Kingsley (‘Joe’)
        What the butler saw 1969

Ortus vocabulorum 1500 (1509, 1518)

‘Orvis’, Kenneth (Kenneth Lemieux)
        The damned and the destroyed 1962

‘Orwell, George’ (Eric Arthur Blair)
        Animal farm 1945
        Burmese days 1934
        A clergyman’s daughter 1935
        Collected essays, journalism and letters ed. ‘S. Orwell’ & I. Angus 4 vols. 1968
        Coming up for air 1939
        Critical essays 1946
—(new ed.) 1951
        Down and out in Paris and London 1933
        England your England, and other essays 1953
        The English people 1947
        Homage to Catalonia 1938
        Inside the whale, and other essays 1940
        Keep the aspidistra flying 1936
        The lion and the unicorn: socialism and the English genius 1941
        Nineteen eighty-four 1949
        The road to Wigan Pier: on industrial England and its political future 1937
        Shooting an elephant, and other essays 1950

Osborn, Hon. Mrs. Sarah
        Political and social letters of a lady of the eighteenth century 1721–71 (1890)

Osborn, Sherard
        Quedah; or stray leaves from a journal in Malayan waters 1857

Osborne, Dorothy
        Letters to Sir William Temple 1652–54 (1888)

Osborne, Francis
        Works a 1659 (1673, 1722)
        Advice to a son (anon.) 1656
        Historical memoires on the reign of Queen Elizabeth and King James (anon.) 1658
        A miscellany of sundry essayes, paradoxes, and problematicall discourses, letters and characters 1659
        A perswasive to a mutuall compliance under the present government (anon.) 1652
        Political reflections upon the government of the Turks; Nic. Machiavell; the King of Sweden’s descent into Germany; the conspiracy of Piso and Vindex against Nero; the greatness and corruption of the court of Rome; the election of Leo XI; the defection from the Church of Rome; Martin Luther vindicated 1656
See also Seasonable expostulation

Osborne, John
        Dental mechanics for students 1940

Osborne, John James
        The entertainer 1957
        Look back in anger 1957
        West of Suez 1971
        The world of Paul Slickey 1959

—— & Creighton, Anthony
        Epitaph for George Dillon 1958

Osborne, Lord Sidney G.
        Gleanings in the West of Ireland 1850
        Letters on the education of young children 1866

Osborne, William G.
        The court and camp of Runjeet Sing 1840

Oseney Abbey, The English register of c 1460 (E.E.T.S. 1913)

Osgood, Charles Egerton
        Method and theory in experimental psychology 1953

O’Shaughnessy, Arthur
        Songs of a worker 1881

Osler, William
        The principles and practice of medicine 1892 (also later editions used)

—— & McCrae, Thomas
        A system of medicine 7 vols. 1907–10

Osmond, a tale (by Mary A. Kelty) 1822

See Macpherson, J.

Ossoli, Sarah M.
        See Fuller, S. M.

Oswald, Father; a genuine Catholic story 1842

Ottawa Citizen, The (title varies) 1844–

Ottawa Journal 1885–

Ottaway, Andrew Kenneth Cosway
        Education and society: an introduction to the sociology of education 1953

Otté, Elise C.
See Humboldt, F. H. A. von; Pauli, R.; Quatrefages de Bréau, J. L. A. de

Otto, John C.
        New York Medical repository 1803

Otuel a 1330 (Abbotsford Cl. 1836; E.E.T.S. 1882)

Otway, Thomas
        Works a 1685 (1768)
        Alcibiades; a tragedy 1675
        The atheist; or the second part of The souldier’s fortune 1684
        The cheats of Scapin; a farce (tr. from Molière) 1677
        Don Carlos, Prince of Spain 1676
        Friendship in fashion; a comedy 1678
        The history and fall of Caius Marius; a tragedy 1680
        The orphan; or the unhappy marriage; a tragedy 1680
        The souldier’s fortune; a comedy 1681
        Titus and Berenice; a tragedy 1677
        Venice preserv’d; or a plot discover’d; a tragedy 1682

Oughtred’s (W.) Circles of proportion and the horizontall instrument tr. by Will. Forster 1632
        The description and use of the double horizontall dyall 1636
—(with) the description of the generall horologicall ring 1652
        The key of the mathematicks new forged and filed tr. 1647
—newly translated (by E. Halley) 1694
        The solution of all sphærical triangles both right and oblique by the planisphære 1651

‘Ouida’ (Mlle. L. de La Ramée)
        Cecil Castlemaine’s gage, and other novelettes 1867
        Frescoes, etc.: dramatic sketches 1883
        ‘Held in bondage’; or Granville de Vigne; a tale of the day 1863
        Idalia; a romance 1867
        In a winter city; a sketch 1876
        In Maremma; a story 1882
        The Massarenes; a novel 1897
        Moths; a novel 1880
        Pascarèl; only a story 1873
        Puck: his vicissitudes, related by himself 1870
        A rainy June; a novelette 1885
        Strathmore; a romance 1865
        Two little wooden shoes; a sketch 1874
        Under two flags; a story of the household and the desert 1867
        Wanda 1883

Our towns: a close-up, 1939–42 (Women’s Group on Public Welfare, Hygiene Committee) 1943

Ouseley, Sir Frederick A. G.
        A treatise on counterpoint, canon, and fugue based upon that of Cherubini 1869
        A treatise on harmony 1868 (1875)
        A treatise on musical form and general composition 1875

Ouseley, Sir William
        Travels in various countries of the East 1819–23

Out west 1902–23

Outing, an illustrated monthly magazine of recreation 1886–

Outlines of the history of religion 1877
        See Carpenter, J. E.

Outlook, The 1898–1928

Outlook (New York) 1893–1935 (title varies)

Outram, George
        Lyrics, legal and miscellaneous 1874 (1887)

Outram, William
        Twenty sermons preached upon several occasions a 1679 (1682)

Outred, Marcelline
        Cope’s (M.) Godly and learned exposition vppon the Prouerbes of Solomon tr. 1580

Outward bound 1920–4

Ovalle’s (A. de) Historical relation of the kingdom of Chile tr. 1704 (in Churchill’s Collect. Voy. III)

Overbury, Sir Thomas
        Miscellaneous works in verse and prose a 1613 (1756, 1856)
        Observations in his travailes upon the state of the XVII. Provinces as they stood a.d. 1609 1626 (in Arber, Eng. Garner IV)
        A wife now the widdow of Sir T. Overbury. A poem of the choice of a wife. Whereunto are added many witty characters a 1613 (1614, 1638)
        A true and historical relation of the poysoning of Sir T. Overbury 1651

Overbury, Sir Thomas (nephew of prec.)
        A true and perfect account of the examination, confession, tryal, condemnation, and execution of Joan Perry, and her two Sons, John & Richard Perry, for the supposed murder of William Harrison..sent in a letter (by Sir T. O.) to T(homas) S(hirley). Likewise Mr. Harrison’s own account. 1676 (Later edd. c 1820 ‘The Campden wonder’)

Overland monthly 1868–75; 1883–1935

Overton, John H.
        William Law, nonjuror and mystic; a sketch of his life, character, and opinions 1881
See also Wordsworth, Bp. C.

Overton, Richard
        Defyance of the Act of Pardon 1649
        Man’s mortalitie 1643

Ovid’s Epistles tr. by several hands 1716

Ovington, John
        A voyage to Suratt in 1689 1696

Owain Miles c 1330 (ed. D. Laing 1837)

Owen, David Edward
        English philanthropy, 1660–1960 1964 (UK 1965)

Owen, Francis
        Diary, 1837–38 ed. G. E. Cory 1926

Owen, George
        The description of Pembrokeshire 1603 (1892–97)

Owen, Hugh & Blakeway, John B.
        A history of Shrewsbury 1825

Owen, Jean A.
        See Jordan, Denham

Owen, John
        Words a 1683 (1850–55)
        The chamber of imagery in the church of Rome laid open a 1683 (1870)
        A discourse concerning evangelical love 1672
        The doctrine of the saint’s perseverance explained 1654
        The duty of pastors and people distinguished 1644
        Exercitations on the Epistle to the Hebrews 1668–84 (1790)
        How we may bring our hearts to receive reproofs 1674
        The nature of apostasie from the profession of the gospel 1676
        The nature, power, deceit, and prevalency of the remainders of indwelling-sin in believers (anon.) 1668
        Of schisme: the true nature of it discovered and considered 1657
        Of temptation: the nature and power of it 1658
        Of the mortification of sinne in believers 1656 (1668)
        A peace offering or plea for indulgence 1667
        or, a discourse concerning the Holy Spirit 1674 (1693)
        Salus electorum, sanguis Jesu; or, the death of death in the death of Christ 1648
        The stedfastness of promises and the sinfulness of staggering 1650
        Two discourses concerning the Holy Spirit and his work a 1683 (1693)

Owen, John
        Travels into different parts of Europe in 1791–92 1796

Owen, John
        Calvin’s Commentaries on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah and the Lamentations tr. 1850; the twelve Minor Prophets 1846; the Catholic Epistles 1855; the Epistle of Paul to the Romans 1849; to the Galatians 1845
        England’s sins 1854
        Memoir of the rev. T. Jones 1851

Owen, John
        Evenings with the skeptics 1881

Owen, Lewis
        The running register: recording a true relation of the state of the English colledges in all forraine parts 1626
        Speculum Jesuiticum, or the Jesuites looking-glasse 1629
        The unmasking of all popish monks, friers and Jesuits 1628

Owen, Richard
        A history of British fossil mammals and birds 1846
        Instances of the power of God as manifested in His animal creation; a lecture 1864
        Lectures on the comparative anatomy of invertebrate and vertebrate animals 1843–46
—ed. 2, Lectures on comparative anatomy and physiology of the invertebrate animals 1855
        Odontography; or, a treatise on the comparative anatomy of the teeth 1840–45
        On the anatomy of vertebrates 1866–68
On the classification and geographical distribution of the mammalia
        On the nature of limbs; a discourse 1849
        Palæontology, or a systematic summary of extinct animals and their geological relations 1860
        Structure of the skeleton and teeth 1854 (in Orr’s Circle of the sciences I)
        Zoology 1849 (in Manual of scientific enquiry 1859)
        Life, by his grandson, the rev. R. Owen (1894)

Owen, Sidney J.
ed. A selection from the despatches..and other papers of the Marquess Wellesley during his government of India v.d. (1877).
See also Wellington, 1st Duke of

Owen, Wilfred Edward Salter
        Collected letters ed. H. Owen & J. Bell 1967
        Collected poems ed. C. Day Lewis 1963

Owen: a waif 1862
        See Robinson, F. W.

Owenson, Sydney
        See Morgan, Sydney

Owl and the nightingale, The a 1250 (Percy Soc. 1843; Stratmann 1868; MS. Jesus Coll. Oxford 29, MS. Cotton Calig. A. ix)

Owles almanacke, The 1618
        See Dekker, T.

Ox 1967–73

Oxenden, Ashton
        Our church and her services 1866

Oxenford, John
        Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann and Soret tr. 1850
        The illustrated book of French songs from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century tr. and ed. by J. O. 1855

Oxenham, Henry N.
        Short studies in ecclesiastical history and biography 1884

‘Oxenham, John’ (W. A. Dunkerley)
        The loosing of the lion’s whelps, and other stories 1917
        A weaver of webs 1904

Oxford. Enactments in Parliament specially concerning the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge v.d. (1869)

Oxford, Bishop of 1712
        See Talbot, Bp. W.

Oxford book of birds, The by B. Campbell 1964

Oxford book of food plants, The by S. G. Harrison, G. B. Masefield, & M. Wallis 1969

Oxford book of invertebrates, The by D. Nicholls & J. A. L. Cooke 1971

Oxford book of wild flowers, The by S. Ary & M. Gregory 1960

Oxford chronicle, The 1837–

Oxford classical dictionary, The ed. M. Cary et al. 1949
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Oxford companion to art, The ed. H. Osborne 1970

Oxford companion to French literature, The by P. Harvey & J. E. Heseltine 1959

Oxford companion to music, The by P. A. Scholes 1938 (also later editions used)

Oxford companion to ships and the sea, The ed. P. Kemp 1976

Oxford companion to sports and games, The ed. J. Arlott 1975

Oxford companion to the decorative arts, The ed. H. Osborne 1975

Oxford companion to the theatre, The ed. P. M. Hartnoll 1951
—(ed. 2) 1957

Oxford computer explained, The: data processing at Oxford University Press 1967

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Oxford essays, contributed by members of the University 1855–58

Oxford Historical Society
        Publications (1884– )

Oxford history of South Africa, The ed. M. Wilson & L. Thompson 2 vols. 1969–71

Oxford journal (Jackson’s) 1753–

Oxford junior encyclopaedia ed. L. E. Salt et al. 13 vols. 1948–56

Oxford magazine, The 1883–

Oxford Mail 1928–

Oxford Methodists, The; being some account of a society of young gentlemen in that city, so denominated 1733
—ed. 2, enlarged 1738

Oxford night-caps; being a collection of receipts for making various beverages used in the University (by Richard Cook) 1827

Oxford poetry 1910–13 1913

Oxford sausage, The: or, select poetical pieces, written by the most celebrated wits of the University of Oxford ed. T. Warton 1764

Oxford Times, The 1862–

Oxford University
        Report of Commission of Inquiry 2 vols. 1966

Oxford University. Ashmolean Museum
        Report of the Visitors 1889–

Oxford University calendar 1810–

Oxford University gazette 1870–

Oxoniensia (Oxford Architectural and Historical Society) 1936–

Ozell, John
        Aubert de Vertot’s (R.) History of the revolutions that happened in the government of the Roman Republic tr. 1720 (1740)
        Boileau’s Lutrin tr. 1708
        Bourdeilles’ (P. de; Seigneur de Brantôme) Spanish Rhodomontades tr. 1741
        Cervantes Saavedra’s (M. de) History of Don Quixote Motteux’s tr. revised 1719
        The life of Michael de Cervantes Saavedra tr. 1738
        Mission’s (H.) Memoirs and observations in his travels over England tr. 1719
Montesquieu’s Persian letters
tr. 1722
        Pitton de Tournefort’s (J.) Voyage into the Levant tr. 1741
        Rabelais’ (F.) Works Urquhart’s tr. revised 1737