N., C.
        A poem on the happy union between England and Scotland 1707

N. D. (‘Doleman, N.’)
        Three conversions of England 1603–04
        See Parsons, R.

N., M.
        See Needham, M.

N., N.
        Du Boscq’s (J.) Compleat woman tr. 1639

N., N.
        A narrative of all the proceedings in the drayning of the great level of the Fenns 1661 (in Arber, Eng. Garner I)

N., N.
        The heu and cry: or, a relation of the travels of the Devil and Towzer 1682

N., N.
        Old popery as good as new 1688

N., N.
        Boccalini’s (T.) Advertisements from Parnassus tr. 1704

N. O.
        See O., N.

N., R. (Robert Norton) 1635
        See Camden, W.

N., T.
        Calvin’s Institution tr. 1561
        See Norton, T.

N., T.
        Cortes’ (H.) Conquest of the Weast India tr. 1578
        See Nicholas, T.

N., T. (Richard Neve)
        The city and country purchaser, and builder’s dictionary 1703 (1726, 1736)

N., W.
        Barley-breake; or a warning for wantons 1607 (Grosart 1877)

        Automatic translation of languages: papers presented at NATO Summer School held in Venice, July 1962 1966

        See New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Nabbes, Thomas
        The bride, a comedie 1640
        Covent garden, a pleasant comedie 1638
        Microcosmus, a morall maske 1637

Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
        Bend sinister 1947
        The defence tr. by M. Scammell in collaboration with the author 1964
        The gift tr. by M. Scammell and the author 1963
        Invitation to a beheading tr. by D. Nabokov and the author 1960
        Lolita 2 vols. 1955 (US 1 vol. 1958)
        Look at the harlequins! 1974 (UK 1975)
        Nabokov’s dozen: a collection of thirteen stories 1958 (UK 1959)
        Pale fire 1962
        Pnin 1957
        The real life of Sebastian Knight 1941
        Speak, memory (US ed. with title Conclusive evidence) 1951
—(UK ed. 2) 1967

Nadell, Aaron
        Projecting sound pictures: a practical textbook for projectionists and managers 1931

Nagel, Ernest
        The structure of science: problems in the logic of scientific explanation 1961

‘Na Gopaleen, Myles’ (Brian O’Nolan) (1911–66) The best of Myles: a selection fromCruiskeen Lawn’ ed. K. O’Nolan 1968
See also ‘O’Brien, Flann’

Naipaul, Shivadhar Srinivasa
        Black and white 1980

Naipaul, Vidiadhar Surajprasad
        An area of darkness 1964
        In a free state 1971
        The mimic men 1967
        The mystic masseur 1957

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        General view of the agriculture of the county of Clydesdale 1798

Nall, John G.
        Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft 1866

Namier, Lewis Bernstein
        Conflicts: studies in contemporary history 1942

Nansen, Fridtjof
        Farthest North 1897
        The structure and combination of the historical elements of the central nervous system 1887

Napheys, George H.
        Prevention and cure of disease 1871

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        Contributions to Old English lexicography 1906 (Philol. Soc. Trans.)
ed. Old English glosses chiefly unpublished 1900 (Anecdota Oxon.)

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        Excursions in Southern Africa 1849
        Scenes and sports in foreign lands 1840

Napier, James
        A manual of the art of dyeing 1853

Napier, Macvey
        Selections from the correspondence of M. Napier a 1847 (1879)

Napier, Mark
        Memoirs of the marquis of Montrose 1856
        Memorials and letters illustrative of the life and times of J. Graham of Claverhouse, viscount Dundee 1859–62

Napier, Robina
ed. Johnsoniana: anecdotes of Samuel Johnson; with diary of Dr. Campbell, and extracts from that of Madame D’Arblay (1884)
ed. A noble boke of cookry (1882)

Napier, Sir William F. P.
        History of the war in the Peninsula, and in the South of France from 1807–14 1828–40

Narborough, Sir John
        Journal 1694 (in Account of several late voyages; 1711)

Narcissus, a Twelfe Night merriment 1602 (1893)

Nares, Edward
        Thinks-I-to-myself 1811

Nares, Sir George S.
        Narrative of a voyage to the Polar Sea 1875–76 1878
        Seamanship 1862 (1865, 1868, 1882)

Nares, Robert
        Elements of orthoepy 1784
        A glossary; or, collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc. in English authors 1822
—new ed., with additions by J. O. Halliwell & T. Wright (1859)

Narlikar, Jayant
        The structure of the universe 1977

Narragansett historical register 1882–91

Narratiunculae Anglice conscriptae a 1000 (ed. Cockayne 1861)

Narrative of the bloudy murders committed by Sir John Fites, alias Fitz, 1605, with an account of his suicide at Twickenham 1605 (ed. J. O. Halliwell 1860)

Narrative of the late parliament (so called), their election and appearing etc. 1657 (in Harl. Misc.)

Narratives of the days of the Reformation, chiefly from the manuscripts of John Foxe 15.. (Camden Soc. 1859)

Narrien, John
        Practical astronomy and geodesy 1845

Nash, Frederic Ogden
        The face is familiar 1940 (UK 1942)
        Family reunion 1950 (UK 1951)
        Good intentions 1942 (UK 1943)
        I’m a stranger here myself 1938
        Versus 1949
        You can’t get there from here 1957

Nashe, Thomas
        Works a 1601 (Grosart 1883–85; McKerrow 1904–10)
        The anatomie of absurditie 1589
        Christ’s teares over Jerusalem 1593
        A countercuffe given to Martin Junior, by the venturous, hardie and renowned Pasquill of England 1589
        Four letters confuted 1592 = Strange newes
        Have with you to Saffron-walden 1596
        Nashes Lenten stuffe 1599
        The first parte of Pasquils apologie (anon.) 1590
        Pierce Penilesse his supplication to the diuell 1592
        A pleasant comedie, called Summers last will and testament 1600
        The returne of the renowned Cavaliero Pasquill of England from the other side the seas, and his meeting with Marforius at London upon the Royall Exchange (anon.) 1589
        Strange newes, of the intercepting certaine letters, and a convoy of verses (i.e. G. Harvey’s Foure letters and certaine sonnets) 1592 (Head-title Foure letters confuted)
        The terrors of the night, or, a discourse of apparitions 1594
        The unfortunate traveller 1594
        A wonderfull, strange and miraculous astrologicall prognostication for this yeer of our Lord God, 1591 1591
See also Almond; Pappe

Nasmith, Joseph
        Modern cotton spinning machinery 1890
        The students’ cotton spinning 1892

Nasmyth, James
        J. Nasmyth, engineer, an autobiography ed. by S. Smiles 1883

Nason, Leonard Hastings
        Chevrons 1926 (UK 1927)

Nathan, Mrs. Eliza
        Langreath, a tale 1822

Nation, The (New York) 1865–

Nation, The 1907–21
The Nation and The Athenæum 1921–

Nation, The (Barbados) 1973–

Nation review (Melbourne) 1958–

National Academy of Sciences (Washington)
        Proceedings 1863–94; 1915–

National Bureau of Standards
        See United States. ——

National cyclopædia of useful knowledge 1847–59

National encyclopædia, The; a dictionary of universal knowledge 1868

National geographic magazine, The 1888–

National MSS., Facsimiles of v.d. (1865– )

National observer 1890–

National observer (US) 1962–77

National police gazette (US) (title varies) 1845–

National responsibility for the opium trade, Our 1880

National review, The 1883–

Natura breuium newly corrected in Englisshe 1532 (1535, 1544)

Natural history 1919–

Natural history of coffee (? by J. Chamberlayne) 1682

Natural history review and quarterly journal of science 1854–65

Natural phenomena 1846 (1850)

Natural philosophy 1829–35 (Library of useful knowledge)

Natural science: a monthly review of scientific progress 1892–

Nature, a weekly illustrated journal of science 1869–

Naunton, Sir Robert
        Fragmenta regalia a 1635 (1641; Arber 1870)

Naval accounts and inventories of the reign of Henry VII 1485–97 (Navy Records Soc. 1896)

Naval chronicle, The 1799–1818

Navy news 1954–

Navy Records Society
        Publications (1894– )

Naworth Household books 16..
See Howard, Ld. William

Nayler, Joseph Lawrence
        Dictionary of aeronautical engineering 1959

Naylor, Francis H.
        The civil and military history of Germany 1816

Naylor, Samuel
        Reynard the Fox: a renowned apologue of the middle age, reproduced in rhyme (anon.) 1845

Neal, Daniel
        The history of the Puritans or Protestant Non-Conformists 1732–38 (1754)

Neal, John
        Brother Jonathan; or the New Englanders (anon.) 1825

Neal, Joseph C.
        Charcoal sketches; or scenes in a Metropolis 1838 (1841, 1865)

Neale, Edward V.
        The analogy of thought and nature investigated 1863

Neale, John M.
        A history of the Holy Eastern Church 1847–50
        A history of the so-called Jansenist Church of Holland 1858
        Hymns, chiefly mediæval, or the joys and glories of Paradise tr. and ed. 1865
        Hymns for the sick (anon.) 1843 (1863)
        Hymns of the Eastern Church tr. 1862
        Mediæval hymns and sequences tr. 1851 (1863)
        Notes, ecclesiological and picturesque, on Dalmatia 1861
        The Rhythm of Bernard de Morlaix on the Celestial Country ed. and tr. 1859 (1864)
        Seatonian poems 1864
        Sequences, hymns, and other ecclesiastical verses 1866

Neale, John P.
        Views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland 1818–23

Neale, R. E.
ed. Whittaker’s electrical engineer’s pocket-book 1920
See under title

Neander’s (J. A. W.) General history of the Christian religion and church tr. by J. Torrey 1847–55 (Bohn 1850–58)

Neasham, George
        North-country sketches etc. 1893

Neblette, Carroll Bernard
        Photography: its principles and practice 1927

Necessary doctrine and erudition for any Christen man, sette furthe by the kynges maiestie 1543 (1825)

Needham, John T.
        An account of some new microscopical discoveries 1745

Needham, or Nedham, Marchamont
        A discourse concerning schools and school-masters 1663
        Medela medicinæ; a plea for the free profession and a renovation of the art of physick 1665
        A pacquet of advices and animadversions sent from London to the men of Shaftesbury 1676; a second pacquet 1677
        Selden’s (J.) Of the dominion, or the ownership of the sea. Written in Latin, and entituled, Mare clausum tr. 1652

Nehru, Jawaharlal
        An autobiography 1936

Neil, Samuel
        The elements of rhetoric 1854

Neill, Alexander Sutherland
        A dominie’s log 1915 [dated 1916]         Neill! Neill! Orange peel!: a personal view of ninety years 1972
—(rev. ed.) 1973
        Summerhill: a radical approach to education 1962

Neill, P.
        An account of British horticulture. Drawn up for the Edinburgh Encyclopedia 1817
        List of fishes found in the Firth of Forth, and rivers and lakes near Edinburgh, with remarks 1810 (also in Memoirs of the Wernerian Nat. Hist. Soc. I. 1811)
        A tour through some of the Islands of Orkney and Shetland 1806

Neilson, James M.
        Poems and songs chiefly in the Scottish language 1877

Nelson, George & Wright, Henry Niccolls
        Tomorrow’s house 1945

Nelson, Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount
        Dispatches and letters a 1805 (1844–46)
        Letters to Lady Hamilton a 1805 (1814)

Nelson, James H.
        The Madura country 1868

Nelson, Robert
        An address to persons of quality and estate 1715
        A companion for the festivals and fasts of the church of England 1704 (1739)
        The life of Dr. George Bull 1713 (1714)
See also Hickes, George

Nelson, Stanley R.
        All about jazz 1934

Nelson, William
        The laws of England concerning the game 1727 (1736)
        Lex maneriorum: or the law and customs of England, relating to manors and lords of manors 1724 (1726)

Nemnich, Philipp A.
        Allgemeines Polyglotten-Lexicon 1793–98

Nepos’ (C.) Lives of illustrious men tr. 1684

Neri’s (A.) Art of glass tr. 1662
        See Merrett, C.

Nero. The tragedie of Claudius Tiberius Nero, Romes greatest tyrant 1607

Nero, The tragedy of 1624 (in Bullen, Old plays I. 1882)

Nesbit, Edith
        Five children and it 1902
        The phoenix and the carpet 1904
        The railway children 1906

Nesse, Christopher
        An antidote aainst Arminianism 1700 (1827, 1838)
        A compleat and compendious church-history 1680
        A compleat history and mystery of the Old and New Testament 1690–96
        A distinct discourse and discovery of the person and period of Antichrist 1679
        A protestant antidote against the poyson of popery 1679

Nethersole, Sir Francis
        Parables reflecting upon the times, newly past and yet present 1648
        A project for an equitable and lasting peace, designed in the yere 1643 1648
        The self-condemned; or, a letter to Mr. Jo. Goodwin 1648

Nettleship, Henry
        Lectures and essays on subjects connected with Latin literature and scholarship 1885
—2nd series a 1893 (1895)

Nettleship, John T.
        Essays on Robert Browning’s poetry 1868

Nettleship, Richard L.
        Philosophical lectures and remains a 1892 (1897)

Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 1899–

Neurology 1951–

Neve, Richard
        See N., T.

Nevile, Thomas
        Imitations of Horace 1758
        Imitations of Juvenal and Persius 1769
        Virgil’s Georgics tr. 1767

Neville, Alexander
        The lamentable tragedie of Oedipus the sonne of Laius Kyng of Thebes out of Seneca 1563 (1581)

Neville, Henry
        Machiavelli’s (N.) Works tr. 1675
        The parliament of ladies 1647
        Plato redivivus: or a dialogue concerning government 1681
See also Shuffling

‘Neville, Margot’Ladies in the dark 1965

Nevin, Charles Merrick
        Principles of structural geology 1931

New acronyms and initialisms
See Acronyms dictionary

New American cyclopædia, ed. by G. Ripley and C. A. Dana 1858–63

New and complete dictionary of arts and sciences, A 4 vols. 1754–5

New Bath guide 1766
        See Anstey, C.

New biology ed. M. L. Johnson et al. 31 vols. 1945–60

New Botanic garden 1812

New British theatre, The; a selection of original dramas not yet acted 1814–15

New canting dictionary 1725
See also E., B.

New Castle (Delaware)
        Records of the court of New Castle on Delaware (Colonial Society of Pennsylvania) 1904

New Catholic encyclopedia ed. W. J. McDonald 15 vols. 1967

New custom. A new enterlude no lesse wittie then pleasant, entituled new custome 1573 (in Hazl., Dodsley)

New discovery of an old intreague (by D. De Foe) 1691

New England historical and genealogical register 1847–

New England Journal of education 1875–88

New England journal of medicine, The 1928–

New English weekly: a review of public affairs, literature and the arts (title varies) 1932–49

New Gould medical dictionary 1949
—(ed. 2) 1956

New Hampshire (Colony)
        Probate records of the province of New Hampshire 9 vols. 1907–41

New Hampshire, Provincial papers, documents, and records relating to the province of 1623– (1867– )

New Hampshire Historical Society collections (1824– )

New Jersey
        Archives of the State of New Jersey 16 vols. 1880–1917

New Jewish encyclopedia, The ed. D. Bridger 1962

New left review 1960–

New light of chirurgery put out 1695
        See Colbatch, John

New London magazine, The 1785–89

New Mills, Haddingtonshire, The records of a Scottish cloth manufactory at 1681–1703 (S.H.S. 1905)

New mirror, The 1843–44

New monthly magazine, The 1821–59

New musical express 1952–

New notborune mayd upon ye passion of cryste c 1520 (Roxb. Club. 1820; in Anc. poet. tracts, Percy Soc. 1842)
See also Not-browne mayd

New Oxford history of music, The ed. J. A. Westrup et al. 1954–

New phytologist 1902–

New Princeton review, The 1886–

New republic, The 1914–

New review, The 1889–97

New scientist, The 1956–

New Shakspere Society
        Publications (1874–)

New society 1962–

New spectator, The; with the sage opinions of John Bull 1784–86

New sporting magazine 1831–70

New statesman, The (title varies) 1913–

New Sydenham Society
See Sydenham (New) Society

New Test of the Church of Englands loyalty 1687 (in Somers’ Tracts, I. 1748)

New Testament (versions)
See also Bible
        Tindale 1526, 1534
        Geneva 1557
        Rhemes 1582

New Testament. A fourteenth century English biblical version a 1400 (ed. Anna C. Paues 1904)

New view of London (By E. Hatton) 1708

New Virginians, The (By Mary Allan-Olney) 1880

New world, The 1840–42

New York 1968–

New York Academy of Sciences
        Annals 1877–

New York dramatic news 1894–6

New York Evening Post 1802–1919

New York Herald, The 1859–

New York Herald Tribune (title varies) 1841–

New York Herald Tribune International (title varies) 1887–

New York law journal 1949–

New York medical journal 1865–1923

New York review of books 1963–114016130031New York State Documents relative to the colonial history of the State of New-York
See under title

New York State. Department of Correctional Services
        Guidelines to volunteer services 1974

New York Times, The 1857–

New York Times book review 1896–

New York World 1860–1931

New York World-Telegram 1931–66 (1950–66 with title New York World-Telegram and Sun)

New Yorker, The 1925–

New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives
        Appendix to the journals 1858–

New Zealand Expeditionary Force
        Chronicles 1916–19

New Zealand Expeditionary Force Times (2nd N.Z.E.F.) 1941–?5

New Zealand illustrated magazine 1901–5

New Zealand Institute (from 1935 Royal ——)
        Transactions and proceedings 1868–

New Zealand journal 1840–52

New Zealand journal of agriculture (title varies) 1910–

New Zealand listener 1939–

New Zealand News 1927–

New Zealand short stories 1953
        See Davin, Daniel Marcus
—(2nd ser.) 1966 See Stead, Christian Karlson

New Zealand timber journal 1954–

New Zealand woman’s weekly 1934–

Newbery, Thomas
        A booke in Englysh metre of the great marchaunt man called Diues Pragmaticus 1563 (in Huth, Fugitive tracts, 1875)

Newbold, Thomas John
        Political and statistical account of the British settlements in the Straits of Malacca, viz., Pinang, Malacca and Singapore 2 vols. 1839

Newbolt, Sir Henry J.
        Admirals all and other verses 1897

Newby, Mrs. C. J.
        Common sense 1866

Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of
        The life of William Cavendishe, duke, marquess and earl of Newcastle 1667
To which is added the true relation of my birth, breeding and life (1886)
        Natures pictures drawn by Fancies pencil to the life 1656

Newcastle, William Cavendish, 1st Duke of
        The country captaine; a comoedye (anon.) 1649 (= Captain Underwit, a comedy, in Bullen, Old Plays, II. 1883; sometimes attributed to J. Shirley)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Extracts from the municipal accounts of v.d. (1848)

Newcomb, Simon
        Popular astronomy 1878

Newcome, Abp. William
        An attempt toward revising our English translation of the Greek scriptures 1796

Newcourt, Richard
        Repertorium ecclesiasticum parochiale Londinense; an ecclesiastical parochial history of the diocese of London 1708–10

Newdigate-Newdegate, Anne Emily
        The Cheverels of Cheverel Manor 1898

Newell, William W.
        Games and songs of American children 1883

Newgate calendar, The, or malefactor’s bloody register, with the last dying speeches of the most notorious criminals, from 1700–73 1775

Newgate calendar, The new
See Jackson, William

Newland, Henry G.
        Three lectures on tractarianism 1852

Newman, Arthur
        Pleasures vision: with deserts complaint 1619 (1840)

Newman, Edward
        A familiar introduction to the history of insects 1841
        A history of British ferns 1840
A history of British ferns and allied plants 1844
        An illustrated natural history of British butterflies 1870–71
        An illustrated natural history of British moths 1869

Newman, Edwin
        Sunday punch 1979

Newman, Francis W.
        A history of the Hebrew monarchy 1847
        Miscellanies; chiefly addresses, academical and historical 1869
        The odes of Horace tr. 1853
        Phases of faith 1850 (1853, 1860)
        The soul, her sorrows and her aspirations 1849
See also Sieveking, I. G.

Newman, Gordon F.
        The price 1974
        Sir, you bastard 1970
        You nice bastard 1972

Newman, John
        Scamping tricks and odd knowledge occasionally practised upon public works 1891

Newman, John Henry
        Apologia pro vita sua 1864
        The Arians of the fourth century 1833 (1876)
        Callista, a sketch of the third century 1856
        Certain difficulties felt by Anglicans in Catholic teaching considered 1864, 1874 (1876)
        The Church of the Fathers 1833–40 (1840)
        Discourses on the scope and nature of University education 1852
        The dream of Gerontius 1866
        An essay in aid of a grammar of assent 1870
        An essay on the development of Christian doctrine 1845
        An essay on miracles 1842 (Prefixed to Fleury’s Eccl. Hist.)
        Historical sketches v.d. (1872–73)
        Lectures on the history of the Turks in its relation to Christianity 1854
        Lectures on the present position of Catholics in England 1851
        Lectures on the prophetical office of the church 1837
        A letter addressed to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk on occasion of Mr. Gladstone’s recent expostulation 1875
        A letter to the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D., on his recent Eirenicon 1866
        Letters and correspondence v.d. (1891)
        Loss and gain 1848
        The office and work of the Universities 1856
        Parochial sermons 1834–42
        Tracts for the times (various numbers) 1833–41
        Tracts, theological and ecclesiastical v.d. (1874)
        Verses on various occasions 1868
        Life, based on his private journals and correspondence, by Wilfrid Ward (1912)

Newman, Maxwell Herman Alexander
        Elements of the topology of plane sets of points 1939

Newminster Cartulary (Chartularium Abbathiæ de Novo Monasterio) v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1878)

Newnes complete amateur photography ed. M. L. Hall 1958

Newnes concise encyclopaedia of electrical engineering ed. M. G. Say 1962

Newnes concise encyclopaedia of nuclear energy 1962

Newnham-Davis, Nathaniel
        Three men and a god; and other stories 1896

Newport, William
        The fall of man by sinne 1644

Newrobe, Richard
        Farewell Myter, or Canterburies meditations, and Wrenn’s syllogismes 1641

News and Courier (Charleston, South Carolina) 1873–

News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) 1872–

News and Press (Darlington, South Carolina) 1903–

News Chronicle 1930–60

News from the channel: or, the discovery and perfect description of the isle of Serke 1673 (in Harl. Misc.)

News from France 1682
        See Burnet, G.

News from Hell, Rome, and the Inns of Court 1641 (in Harl. Misc., VII, 1746)

News from the Lowe-Countreys; or Podex his encomium, held out for publick information 1652

News from Scotland, declaring the damnable life and death of Dr. Fian 1591 (Roxb. Cl. 1816)

News review 1936–50

Newspaper and general reader’s pocket companion 2 parts 1855–6

Newsweek 1933–

Newte, Thomas
        A tour in England and Scotland in 1785 (anon.) 1788

Newth, George S.
        A text-book of inorganic chemistry 1894
—(ed. 12) 1907

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        A dictionary of birds 1893–96

Newton, Charles T.
        Essays on art and archæology 1880

‘Newton, Francis’ (Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm)
        The jazz scene 1959

Newton, George
        Exposition and notes on the 17th Chapter of John 1660

Newton, Sir Isaac
        Works a 1727 (1779–85)
        The chronology of ancient kingdoms amended a 1727 (1728)
        Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John a 1727 (1733)
        Optical lectures tr. 1728
        Opticks 1704 (1721)
        A treatise of the system of the world tr. 1728

Newton, John
        Cardiphonia: or, the utterance of the heart 1781 (1857)

Newton, Joseph
        Introduction to metallurgy 1938

Newton, Kenneth & Steeds, William
        The motor vehicle 1929 (and several later editions used)

Newton, Peter
        High country days 1949
        Sheep thief 1972
        Wayleggo 1947

Newton, Richard
        Sermons a 1753 (1784)

Newton, Thomas
        Cicero’s Worthye booke of old age tr. 1569
        Daneau’s (L.) True and Christian friendshippe. Together with a right excellent invective against diceplay tr. 1586
        Gratarolus’ (G.) Direction for the health of magistrates and studentes tr. 1574
        Lemnie’s (L.) Touchstone of complexions tr. 1565 (1576, 1633)

Newton, Thomas
        Dissertations on the Prophecies 1754–58
        Milton’s Paradise lost 1749
        Milton’s Paradise regain’d 1752

Niccholes, Alexander
        A discourse of marriage and wiving 1615

Niccols, Richard
        The cuckow 1607
        Englands Eliza; A winter nights vision 1610 (parts of Mirror for magistrates 1610)
        Expicedium. A funeral oration upon the princesse Elizabeth (anon.) 1603

Nice wanton, A preaty interlude called 1560 (in Manly, Specim. pre-Shaks. drama I. 1897; Hazl., Dodsley)

Nichol, John
        Byron 1880

Nichol, John P.
        The architecture of the heavens 1850 (1851)
        A cyclopædia of physical sciences 1857
        Thoughts on some important points relating to the system of the world 1846

Nicholas, Thomas
        Cortes’ (H.) Pleasant historie of the conquest of the Weast India tr. 1578 (1596)

Nicholas, Thomas
        The pedigree of the English people 1868

Nicholas papers, The. Correspondence of Sir E. Nicholas 1641–60 (Camden Soc. 1886–1920)

Nicholay’s Voyages tr. 1585
        See Washington, T.

Nicholls, William
        An answer to an heretical book called The naked gospel 1691
        A comment on the Book of Common Prayer 1710

Nichols, David
        Echinoderms 1962

Nichols, Francis M.
        Britton, the French text carefully revised with an English translation, introduction and notes 1865

Nichols, John
        Bibliotheca topographica Britannica 1780–90
        A collection of all the wills, now known to be extant, of the kings and queens of England, to that of Henry VII exclusive 1780
        The history and antiquities of the county of Leicester 1795–1815
        Illustrations of the literary history of the eighteenth century 1817–22, a 1826
—completed by J. B. & J. G. Nichols (1828–58),
        Illustrations of the manners and expences of antient times in England 1797
        Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century 1812–15
        The progresses and public processions of Queen Elizabeth 1788–1805 (1823)
        The progresses, processions and magnificent festivities of K. James the first 1828

Nichols, John Beverley
        The sweet and twenties 1958

Nichols, Philip
        Sir Francis Drake revived 1626 (in Arber, Eng. Garner, V)

Nichols, Thomas L.
        Forty years of American life 1864
        Nichols’ Health manual 1887

Nicholson, Edward W. B.
        Golspie 1897

Nicholson, George
ed. The illustrated dictionary of gardening 1885–88

Nicholson, Henry A.
        Introduction to the study of biology 1872
        An introductory text-book of zoology 1871
        A manual of palæontology 1872 (1879)
        A manual of zoology 1870 (1873, 1878, 1887)

Nicholson, James
        Idylls o’ Hame, and other poems 1870
        Kilwuddie and other poems 1863 (1895)

Nicholson, John
        The operative mechanic and British machinist 1825 (1853)

Nicholson, John
        Historical and traditional tales in prose and verse, connected with the south of Scotland 1843

Nicholson, John
        Folk lore of East Yorkshire 1890
        The folk speech of East Yorkshire 1889

Nicholson, John Kenyon
        The barker 1927

‘Nicholson, Kate’ (Judith Fay)
        Hook, line and sinker 1966

Nicholson, Meredith
        A Hoosier chronicle 1912

Nicholson, Peter
        An architectural dictionary 1819
        Mechanical exercises 1812
        The new carpenters’ guide 1792
        The new practical builder and workman’s companion 1823

Nicholson, Samuel
        Acolastus his after-witte 1600 (Grosart 1876)

Nicholson, W. E.
        A glossary of terms used in the coal trade of Northumberland and Durham 1888

Nicholson, Bp. William
        A plain but full exposition of the catechism of the Church of England 1663

Nicholson, William (Abp. of Cashel) a 1727
        See Nicolson, W.

Nicholson, William
        Poetical works a 1849 (1897)
        Tales in verse and miscellaneous poems 1814

Nicholson, William
        The British encyclopedia; or, dictionary of arts and sciences 1809
        A dictionary of chemistry 1795
        Fourcroy’s (A. F. de) General system of chemical knowledge tr. 1804
        An introduction to natural philosophy 1782
        A journal of natural philosophy, chemistry, and the arts 1797–1813

Nickerson, Elinor Barkley
        Kayaks to the Arctic 1967

Nicodemus, Gospel of 13.. (E.E.T.S. 1907)

Nicol, Abioseh
        The truly married woman, and other stories 1965

Nicol, Alexander
        Nature without art: or nature’s progress in poetry: being a collection of miscellany poems 1739
        Poems on several subjects, both comical and serious 1766

Nicol, James
        Poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1805

Nicol, James
        Manual of mineralogy 1849

Nicol, Thomas
        Recent archæology and the Bible 1899

Nicol, Walter
        The Scotch forcing gardener 1797

Nicolas, Sir Nicholas H.
        The dispatches and letters of Vice-admiral Lord Viscount Nelson, with notes 1844–46
        History of the orders of knighthood of the British empire and of the order of the Guelphs of Hanover 1841–42
        A history of the royal navy 1847
        Memoirs of the life and times of Sir Christopher Hatton 1847
ed. Privy purse expenses of Elizabeth of York (1830)
ed. The privy purse expences of King Henry the Eighth (1827)
        Testamenta vetusta: being illustrations from wills, of manners, customs, etc. from the reign of Henry II to the accession of Queen Elizabeth (1826)

Nicolay, John G. & Hay, John
        Abraham Lincoln, a history 1890

Nicoll, Henry J.
        Great movements and those who achieved them 1881

Nicoll, Robert
        Poems a 1837 (1842)

Nicoll, Sir William R.
        Literary anecdotes of the nineteenth century 1895–96

Nicolls, Philip
        A godly newe story of xii men that moyses sent to spye out the land of canaan 1548

Nicolls, Thomas
        The hystory writtone by Thucidides tr. 1550

Nicolson, Harold George
        Curzon: the last phase, 1919–25; a study in post-war diplomacy 1934
        Diaries and letters, 1930–1939 ed. N. Nicolson 1966

        1939–1945 ed. N. Nicolson 1967

        1945–1962 ed. N. Nicolson 1968
        King George V: his life and reign 1952
        Public faces 1932

Nicolson, John
        Sprigs o’ aithstin’ hedder 1899

Nicolson, Joseph & Burn, Richard
        The history and antiquities of the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland 1777

Nicolson, Abp. William
        The English historical library 1696–99
        Leges Marchiarum, or Border-laws 1705
        Letters on various subjects to and from W. Nicolson 1683–1727 (1809)
        The Scottish historical library 1702

Nida, Eugene Albert
        Morphology: the descriptive analysis of words 2 vols. 1944
—(another ed.) 1946
—(‘ed. 2’) 1949
        Toward a science of translating 1964

Niebuhr’s (C.) Travels in Arabia tr. 1811 (in Pinkerton’s Collect. voy. X)

Nielsen, Helen
        After midnight 1966 (UK 1967)
        The brink of murder 1976
        The severed key 1973

Niesewand, Peter
        The underground connection 1978

Nightingale, Benjamin
        The ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland 1911

Nightingale, Florence
        Notes on nursing 1860

Niland, D’Arcy
        The big smoke 1959
        Call me when the Cross turns over 1957 (UK 1958)
        The shiralee 1955

Niles’ weekly register 1814–37; continued as Niles’ national register 1837–49

Nilson, Arvid
        The timber trees of New South Wales 1884

Nimmo, A.
        Songs and ballads of Clydesdale 1882

Nimmo, James
        Narrative 1654–1709 (S.H.S. 1889)

Nimmo, William
        A general history of Stirlingshire 1777

Nine specimens of English dialects v.d. (ed. W. Skeat, E.D.S. 1896)

Nineteenth century, The; a monthly review 1877–

Nipotismo. Leti’s (G.) Il nipotismo di Roma; or the history of the pope’s nephews tr. by W. A. (i.e. John Dodington) 1669 (1673)

Nisbet, Alexander
        An essay on additional figures and marks of cadency 1702
        A system of heraldry 1722
—vol. II by R. Fleming (1742)

Nisbet, Hume ‘Bail up!a romance of bushrangers and blacks 1890
        A bush girl’s romance 1894

Nisbet, John
        British forest trees and their sylvicultural characteristics and treatment 1893

Nisbet, Murdoch
        The New Testament in Scots: being Purvey’s revision of Wycliffe’s version turned into Scots c 1520 (S.T.S. 1901–05)

Nisbett, Alex
        The technique of the sound studio 1962

Nissena 1653
        See Carmeni, F.

Nitsch, F. A.
        A general and introductory view of Professor Kant’s Principles concerning man, the world and the Deity 1796

Niven, Richard
        The British angler’s lexicon 1892

Nixon, Anthony
        The christian navy 1602

Nixon, Randal C. J.
        Euclid revised 1886

Nkosi, Lewis
        The rhythm of violence 1964

No church (by F. W. Robinson) 1861

No droll but a rational account 1660

Noad, Henry M.
        A course of eight lectures; on electricity, galvanism, magnetism, and electro-magnetism 1839 (1844)
—ed. 3, greatly enlarged 1849
        The student’s text-book of electricity 1867
—new ed., enlarged by W. H. Preece (1879)

Noake, John
        Worcestershire relics 1877

Nobbes, Robert
        The compleat troller, or, the art of trolling 1682

Noble, Charles
        Inexpediency of the expedient 1659

Noble, Charles F. 1762
See Voyage to East Indies

Noble, Louis L.
        After icebergs with a painter 1861

Noble, Mark
        A biographical history of England; being a continuation of J. Granger’s work 1806
        A history of the College of Arms 1804
        Memoirs of the illustrious House of Medici 1797
        Memoirs of the Protectorate-House of Cromwell 1784
        Two dissertations upon the mint and coins of the Episcopal-Palatines of Durham 1780

Noble, Montague Alfred
        ThoseAshes: the Australian tour of 1926 1927

Noble, Samuel
        Swedenborg’s (E.) Treatise concerning Heaven and its wonders, and concerning Hell tr. 1839 (revised 1851)

Noble boke of cookry 14.. (ed. R. Napier 1882)

Noble lyfe c 1520
        See Andrew, L.

Noble wanderers, The 1802

No-body and some-body 1606 (in Simpson, School of Shakspere, I. 1878)

Noel, Edward H.
        Richter’s (J. P. F.) Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces tr. 1845

Noel, Thomas
        The cottage muse 1833
        Rymes and roundelayes 1841

Nohara, Komakichi
        The true face of Japan 1936

Nolan, Frederick
        The Oshawa project 1974

Noli me tangere, is a thinge to be thought on (by E. Udall) 1642

Noller, Carl Robert
        Chemistry of organic compounds 1951
        Textbook of organic chemistry 1951

Nomenclator navalis (Harl. MS. 2301) a 1625 (= Manwayring (Sir H.) Sea-man’s dictionary)

Nominale sive verbale c 1340 (Philol. Soc. Trans. 1906)

Nonconformist 1841–90

——continued as
        Independent and Nonconformist 1890–97

Noorthouck, John
        A new history of London, including Westminster and Southwark 1773

Nordau, Max Simon
        Degeneration [anon. tr.] 1895

Norden, John
        A progresse of pietie 1596 (Parker Soc. 1847)
        Speculum Britanniæ; a discription of Middlesex 1593; Essex 1594 (Camden Soc. 1840); Hartfordshire 1598; Northamptonshire 1610 (1720); Cornwall 1610 (1728)
        The surveyors dialogue 1607

Nordhoff, Charles
        The Communistic societies of the United States 1875

Norfolk and Norwich Archæological Society
        Papers v.d. (1847– )

Norfolk antiquarian miscellany, The 1873–87

Norfolk miscellany, The 1847

Norgate, Edward
        Miniatura, or the art of limning a 1650 (ed. from the MS. by M. Hardie 1919)

Norman, Barry
        The matter of mandrake 1967

Norman, Frank
        Bang to rights: an account of prison life 1958

Norman, John Roxborough
        A history of fishes 1931
—(ed. 2, by P. H. Greenwood) 1963

Norman, Richard Oswald Chandler
        Principles of organic synthesis 1968

Norman, Robert
        The safeguard of sailers tr. 1584

Norman and Bertha, or exalted attachment; a novel. Written by a lady 1790

Normanby, Marquis of
        See Phipps, C. H.

Norris, Henry H.
        An introduction to the study of electrical engineering 1907

Norris, John (of Bemerton)
        Christian blessedness: or (practical) discourses upon the beatitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To which are added, Reflections upon a late essay (by J. Locke) concerning human understanding 1690 (1692, 1694)
        Practical discourses upon several divine subjects (A continuation of ‘Christian blessedness’) 1691–98 (1707, 1711)
        A collection of miscellanies: consisting of poems, essays, discourses, and letters 1687 (1699)
        An essay towards the theory of the ideal or intelligible world 1701–04
        Hierocles upon the golden verses of the Pythagoreans tr. 1682
        Poems and discourses 1684
        A practical treatise concerning humility 1707
        The theory and regulation of love. To which are added letters philosophical and moral between the author and Dr. H. More 1688
        A treatise concerning Christian prudence 1710

Norris, John P.
        Rudiments of theology 1876

Norris, William E.
        Adrian Vidal 1885
        Matrimony 1881
        Misadventure 1890
        Nature’s comedian 1904
        Thirlby Hall 1883

Norris, William Fisher & Oliver, Charles A.
eds. System of diseases of the eye 4 vols. 1897–9

North, Barbara & North, Robert
tr. M. Duverger’s Political parties 1954
—(ed. 2) 1959

‘North, Christopher’
        See Wilson, John

North, Dudley North, 4th Baron
        Light in the way to Paradise; with other occasionals a 1677 (1682)

North, George
        Philibert’s (de Vienne) Philosopher of the court tr. 1575

‘North, Gil’ (Geoffrey Horne)
        Sergeant Cluff and the day of reckoning 1967
        Sergeant Cluff rings true 1972

North, John David
        The measure of the universe 1965

North, Lockhart
        The parasites 1928

North, Roger
        Examen; or, an enquiry into the credit and veracity of a pretended complete history a 1734 (1740)
        The life of Francis North, baron of Guilford a 1734 (1742)
        The life of the hon. Sir Dudley North, and of Dr. John North a 1734 (1744)
        The lives of F. North, Sir D. North, and J. North a 1734 (1826, 1890)
        Memoirs of musick 1728 (1846)

North, Sir Thomas
        The morall philosophie of Doni tr. 1570 (1888)
        Guevara’s (A. de) Diall of princes tr. 1557
—newly revised, with an amplification of a fourth book 1568
        Plutarch’s Lives of the noble Grecians and Romanes tr. 1579 (1595, 1603, 1612, 1657, 1676, 1895)

North American review, The 1815–

North British review, The 1844–71

North Carolina (Colony)
        Colonial records ed. W. L. Saunders 10 vols. 1886–90

North country wills, being abstracts of wills relating to the counties of York, Nottingham, Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland 1383–1604 (Surtees Soc. 1908–12)

North Riding Record Society for the Publication of original documents relating to the North Riding of the county of York (1884–97)

Northall, G. F.
        English folk-rhymes 1892
        Folk-phrases of four counties 1894 (E.D.S.)
        A Warwickshire word-book 1896 (E.D.S.)

Northbrooke, John
        A treatise wherein dicing, dauncing etc. are reproved 1577 (1579; Shaks. Soc. 1843)

Northcote, James S.
        A visit to the Roman catacombs 1877

Northcote, Sir Stafford
        Life, letters, and diaries of Sir S. Northcote, first earl of Iddesleigh a 1887 (1890)

Northern mothers blessing, The 1597 (Roxb. Cl. 1873)

Northern Territory News (Darwin, Australia) 1952–

Northumberland. A glossary of terms used in the coal trade of Northumberland and Durham (by G. C. Greenwell) 1849 (1851, 1888)

Northumberland glossary 1892–94
        See Heslop, R. O.

Northumberland Household book (The regulations and establishment of the household of Henry Algernon Percy, the fifth Earl of Northumberland) 1512–25 (1770, 1827)

Norton, Caroline E. S.
        The child of the islands 1845 (1846)
        The lady of La Garaye 1861 (1862)
        Lost and saved 1863

Norton, Charles E.
        The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri tr. 1891–92
        Historical studies of church-building in the Middle Ages 1880

Norton, Charles L.
        Political Americanisms 1890

Norton, Edward Felix
        The fight for Everest: 1924 1925

Norton, John Bruce
        Topics for Indian statesmen 1858

Norton, Olive Marion
        Dead on prediction 1970
        Now lying dead 1967
        A school of liars 1966

Norton, Oliver Willcox
        Army letters 1861–1865: being extracts from private letters to relatives and friends from a soldier in the field during the late civil war 1903

Norton, Robert
        Stevin’s (S.) Disme: the art of tenths tr. 1608
See also Camden, W.

Norton, Thomas
        The ordinall of alchimy 1477 (in Ashmole, Theatrum chem. 1652)

Norton, Thomas
        Calvin’s Institution of Christian religion tr. 1561 (1578, 1634)
        Nowell’s (A.) Catechisme, or first instruction and learning of Christian religion tr. 1570 (Parker Soc. 1853)

—— & Sackville, Thomas
        The tragedie of Gorboduc. Sett forth as shewed before the Quenes Maiestie 1561 (1565)
—another ed., entitled The tragidie of Ferrex and Porrex 1570 (Shaks. Soc. 1847)

Norway, Arthur H.
        Parson Peter, a tale of the Dart 1900

Norwich Mercury, Norfolk News and Journal (title varies) 1714–

Norwood, Richard
        Trigonometrie, or, the doctrine of triangles 1631

Not-browne mayd, The c 1500 (in Arnolde’s Chron. 1502; Percy’s Reliques II. 1876)
See also New notborune mayd

Notes and queries 1850–u

Nott, John
        The cook’s and confectioner’s dictionary; or, The accomplished housewife’s companion 1723

Nott, John
        The Gulls Hornbook, by T. Decker, with notes of illustration 1812

Nottingham, Earl of
        The royal entertainment of the Earle of Nottingham, sent ambassador from his Majestie to the Kind of Spaine 1605

Nottingham, Records of the borough of 1155–1760 (1882–1914)

Nourse, Henry Stedman
ed. The early records of Lancaster, Massachusetts
See: Lancaster, Massachusetts

Nourse, Timothy
        Campania Felix; or, a discourse of the benefits and improvements of husbandry 1700 (1706)

Novak, Emil
        Gynecological and obstetric pathology; with clinical and endocrine relations 1940

Nowakowski, T. Z. & Clarke, A. J.
tr. V. L. Kretovich’s Principles of plant biochemistry 1966

Nowell, Alexander
        A confutation as well of M. Dormans last boke as also of D. Sander 1567
        A sermon preached before Queen Elizabeth at the opening of the parliament Jan. 11 1563 (Appended to Catechism, Parker Soc. 1853)
See also Norton, Thomas 1570

Nowell-Smith, Simon Harcourt
ed. Edwardian England 1964

Nowottny, Winifred May T.
        The language poets use 1962

Noyce, Cuthbert Wilfrid Francis
        South Col: one man’s adventure on the ascent of Everest, 1953 1954

Noyes, Alfred
        Poems 1904
        Collected poems 1910–20
        William Morris 1908

Noyes, James
        The temple measured 1647

Nuce, Thomas
        The ninth tragedie of L. A. Seneca called Octavia tr. 1566 (1581)

Nuclear instruments and methods 1957– (1957–8 with title Nuclear instruments)

Nucleonics 1947–

Nugæ antiquæ
See Harington, Sir J.

Nugæ ecclesiasticæ
See ‘Peerie, M.’

Nugæ poeticæ: select pieces of old English popular poetry v.d. (ed. J. O. Halliwell 1844)

Nugent, Robert Nugent, Earl
        Memoir of Robert, Earl Nugent. With letters, poems, and appendices by Claud Nugent a 1788 (1898)

Nugent, Thomas
        The grand tour; or, a journey through the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France 1756
        Isla’s (J. F. de) History of the famous preacher Friar Gerund de Campazas tr. 1772
        Montesquieu’s Spirit of laws tr. 1752 (1758)

‘Number 1500’
        Life in Sing Sing 1904

Numbers: a quarterly review 1954–

Numbers in poetical compositions, Essay on the power of 1749
        See Mason, J.

Numismatic chronicle, The 1839–

Nunn, Thomas Percy
        Education: its data and first principles 1920

Nursing times and journal of midwifery 1905–

Nutbrowne mayd
See Not-browne mayd

Nutt, Alfred
        The voyage of Bran 1895–97
        See Meyer, K.

Nuttall, P. Austin
        The standard pronouncing dictionary of the English language 1863

Nuttall, Thomas
        The genera of North American plants 1818
        A journal of travels into the Arkansa territory, during the year 1819 1821

Nye, Edgar Wilson
        Baled Hay 1884
        Bill Nye and Boomerang; or, The tale of a meek-eyed mule 1881

Nye, Nathaniel
        The art of gunnery 1647 (1670)

Nyren, John
        The young cricketer’s tutor 1833