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        Tom and Jerry, or life in London 1821 (1828)

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        Knocking about in New Zealand 1871

Money, E. Erule
        A little Dutch maiden, a South African sketch 1887 (1888)

Money, Walter
ed. Parish church goods in Berkshire 1552 1879

Money masters all things, or satyricall poems 1698
See also Pecuniæ

Money-makers, The: a social parable 1885

Monfart’s (H. de Feynes de) Exact and curious survey of all the East Indies tr. 1615

Monier-Williams, Sir Monier
        See Williams, Monier

Monipennie, John
        The abridgement or summarie of the Scots chronicle etc. 1612 (1633, 1818)

Monist, The: a quarterly magazine devoted to the philosophy of science 1890–

Monitor, The; or British freeholder 1755–60

Monk, Bp. James H.
        The life of Richard Bentley 1830 (1833)

Monk of Evesham, The revelation to the c 1482 (Arber)

‘Monkshood, G. F.’ & Gamble, George
        Rudyard Kipling, the man and his work: an attempt at an appreciation 1902

Monmouth, Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of
        Bentivoglio’s (G.) Compleat history of the warrs of Flanders tr. 1654
        Bentivoglio’s (G.) Historicall relations of the United Provinces and of Flanders tr. 1652
        Biondi’s (G. F.) History of the civill warres of England betweene the houses of Lancaster and Yorke tr. 1641–46
        Boccalini’s (T.) Advertisements from Parnassus..with the politick touch-stone tr. 1656 (1674)
        Malvezzi’s (V.) Romulus and Tarquin tr. 1637
        Paruta’s (P.) History of Venice tr. 1658
        Paruta’s (P.) Politick discourses tr. 1657
        Senault’s (J. F.) Man become guilty tr. 1650
        Senault’s (J. F.) Use of passions tr. 1649

Monographic medicine 7 vols. 1916 (by various authors)

Monro, Alexander
        The anatomy of the human bones 1726 (1741)
to which is added, an anatomical treatise of the nerves 1732 (1741)
        An essay on comparative anatomy 1744 (1782)

Monro, Alexander Jr.
        Monro’s (A.) Anatomy of the bones, nerves etc. 1782
        A treatise on comparative anatomy 1783

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        A description of the western isles of Scotland called Hybrides 1549 (1774, 1805)

Monro, Robert
        His expedition with the worthy Scots regiment called Mac-keyes regiment etc. 1637

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        The cruel sea 1951
        This is the schoolroom 1939

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        Naval tracts a 1642 (Churchill’s Collection of voyages and travels III, 1704; 1752)

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        Bacon’s (F.) Wisdom of the ancients tr. 1825

Montagu, Charles
        See Halifax, Earl of

Montagu, Edward, 2nd Earl of Manchester
        The lord Kimbolton his speech in parliament 1642

Montagu, Elizabeth
        Letters a 1800 (1809–13)

Montagu, George
        Ornithological dictionary; or alphabetical synopsis of British birds 1802. Suppl. 1813
—ed. by J. Rennie (1831, 1833)
        Testacea Britannica, or natural history of British shells 1803–08

Montagu, Sir Henry M., 1st Earl of Manchester
        See Manchester

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        Works a 1762 (1803)
        Complete letters ed. R. Halsband 3 vols. 1965–7
        Letters (1763–67, 1790, 1820)
        Letters and works (1837, 1893)
        Poetical works (1768, 1785)

Montagu, Bp. Richard
        The acts and monuments of the church before Christ incarnate a 1641 (1642)
        Appello Cæsarem, a just appeale from two unjust informers etc. 1625
        Articles of enquiry and direction for the diocese of Norwich, in the first visitation 1638
        Diatribæ on the first part of the late History of tithes (by J. Selden) 1621
        A gagg for the new gospell ? 1624
        Immediate addresse unto God alone 1624

Montagu, Walter
        The accomplish’d woman tr. 1656
        Miscellanea spiritualia or devout essaies 1648–54

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        Court and society from Elizabeth to Anne 1864

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        Disenchantment 1922
        A hind let loose 1910

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        The delights of Holland, or a three months travel about that and the other provinces 1696

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        Dunblane traditions 1835 (1887)

Monteith, Robert
        A theater of mortality 1704

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Montgomerie, Alexander
        Poems a 1605 (1821; S.T.S. 1887, 1910)
        The cherrie and the slae a 1585
        The flyting betwixt M. and Polwart a 1585
        Miscellaneous poems a 1568, a 1586, 1592
        Sonnets c 1585

Montgomery, Florence
        Misunderstood (a tale) 1869
        Tony, a sketch 1898

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
        Anne of Avonlea 1909
        Anne of Green Gables 1908
        Anne of Ingleside 1939

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        Poetical works a 1854
        Pelican island, and other poems 1827

Montgomery Ward & Co.
        Catalogue and buyers’ guide No. 57, Spring & Summer 1895

Month, The; an illustrated magazine of literature, science and art 1864–

Monthly magazine and British register, The 1796–1825

Monthly packet of evening readings for younger members of the English church, The (ed. C. M. Yonge) 1851–99

Monthly repository of theology (title varies) 1806–38

Monthly review, The 1749–1828

Monypenny, William Flavelle & Buckle, George Earle
        The life of Disraeli 6 vols. 1910–20

Moodie, Susannah
        Life in the clearings versus the bush 1853

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        Suffolk words and phrases 1823

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        The surnames and place-names of the Isle of Man 1890

Moore, Brian
        Catholics 1972

Moore, Doris Langley
        E. Nesbit: a biography 1933

Moore, Edward
        The gamester, a tragedy 1753

—— & Brooke, H.
        Fables for the female sex (anon.) 1744

Moore, Francis
        Travels into the inland parts of Africa 1738 (1740)

Moore, Francis Cruger
        How to build a home 1897

Moore, Frank
ed. Songs and ballads of the American revolution 1856

Moore, Frank Frankfort
        A gray eye or so 1893
        I forbid the banns, the story of a comedy which was played seriously 1893 (1899)

Moore, George
        The lost tribes and the Saxons of the east and of the west 1861

Moore, George
        Esther Waters, a novel 1894
        A mummer’s wife 1884

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        A narrative of the campaign of the British army in Spain 1809

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        A mappe of mans mortalitie 1617

Moore, John
        Columbarium; or the pigeon-house 1735 (1879)

Moore, John
        A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland and Germany (anon.) 1779 (1789)
        A view of society and manners in Italy 1781 (1790)

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ed. A new and complete collection of voyages and travels c 1785
        The practical navigator and seaman’s new daily assistant 1772 (1828)

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        Poetical trifles (Absence, The debtor etc.) 1778 (1783)

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ed. The goods and chattels of our forefathers: Frampton Cotterell and district probate inventories 1539–1804 1976

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        M.’s Arithmetick 1660
        Modern fortification a 1679 (1689)
        A new systeme of the mathematicks a 1679 (1681)

Moore, Marian
        Lascelles 1802

Moore, Philip
        The hope of health, wherein is conteined a goodlie regiment of life 1564 (1565)

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        Drilling practices manual 1974

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        Introduction to historical geology 1949
ed. Treatise on invertebrate paleontology 1953–

——, Lalicker, C. G., & Fischer, A. G.
        Invertebrate fossils 1952

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        Candlemas Bay 1950

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tr. K. Marx’s Capital: a critical analysis of capitalist production 1887

Moore, Stuart A.
        A history of the foreshore, and the law relating thereto etc. 1888

Moore, Thomas
        Poetical works a 1852
        Alciphron, a fragment 1839
        The Epicurean, a tale 1827 (1839)
        Epistles, odes and other poems 1806
        The Fudge family in Paris 1818
—(sequel) The Fudge family in England 1835
        Intercepted letters; or the twopenny post-bag 1812 (1813)
        Irish melodies 1807–35
        Lalla Rookh, an oriental romance (The veiled prophet of Khorassan, Paradise and the peri, The fire-worshippers, Nourmahal) 1817
        Letters and journals of Lord Byron, with notices of his life 1830 (1860)
        Memoirs, journal, and correspondence a 1852 (1853–56)
        Memoirs of the life of R. B. Sheridan 1825
Odes of Anacreon
tr. 1800
        The poetical works of Thomas Little 1801
Rhymes on the road
        Tom Crib’s memorial to congress 1819
        Travels of an Irish gentleman in search of a religion 1833

Moore, Thomas
        The history of Devonshire 1829

Moore, Thomas
        British ferns and their allies 1859
        A handbook of British ferns 1848 (1857)

Moore, Walter John
        Physical chemistry 1950

Moore, Wilfred George
        A dictionary of geography 1949

Moorehead, Alan McCrae
        No room in the ark 1959
        Rum Jungle 1953

Moores baffled, being a discourse concerning Tanger, The 1681

Moorhouse, Walter Wilson
        The study of rocks in thin section 1959

Moral ode, A (Versions)
        a 1200 (O.E. Homilies I, E.E.T.S. 1868)
        c 1200 (O.E. Homilies II, E.E.T.S. 1873)
        c 1250 (O.E. Miscellany, E.E.T.S. 1872)
        c 1275 (E.E. Poems, Philol. Soc. 1862)

Moral state. Angliæ speculum morale; the moral state of England 1670

Moran, James
        The composition of reading matter 1965

Moran, Patrick Alfred P.
        An introduction to probability theory 1968

Moray, A survey of the province of 1798

Morden, Robert
        Geography rectified, or a description of the world 1680 (1688)

More, Hannah
        The bas bleu
See Florio, below
        Celebs in search of a wife 1808
        An estimate of the religion of the fashionable world 1790 (1791)
        Florio; a tale: and The bas bleu; or conversation, two poems 1786 (1827)
        Letters ed. R. B. Johnson 1925
        Sacred dramas (Moses, David and Goliath, Belshazzar, Daniel, Hezekiah, Sensibility) 1782 (1827)
        A search after happiness, a pastoral 1773
        Strictures on the modern system of female education 1799

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        A collection of several of his philosophical writings 1662 (1712)
        Complete poems 1614–87 (Grosart 1878)
        The theological works a 1687 (1708)
        Annotations upon J. Glanvill’s Lux orientalis 1682
        An answer to..a learned psychopyrist 1681 (1688)
appendix 1655–87 (1712)
        An antidote against idolatry 1669 (with Exposition seven epistles)
An appendix 1673
        Apocalypsis apocalypseos; or the revelation of St. John unveiled 1680
An answer to several remarks on M.’s Expositions of the apocalypse and Daniel, as also upon his Apology 1684
        His apology 1664 (with Mystery of iniquity)
        A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the celebration of the holy eucharist (anon.) 1686
        Conjectura cabbalistica; or a conjectural essay of interpreting the minde of Moses according to a threefold cabbala 1653
The defence of the threefold cabbala 1653
        A continuation of J. Glanvill’s collection of remarkable and true stories of apparitions and witchcraft 1682
        Democritus platonissans; or an essay upon the infinity of worlds out of platonick principles 1646
        Divine dialogues 1668 (1713)
        Enthusiasmus triumphatus, or a discourse of the nature, causes, kinds and cure of enthusiasme 1656 (1712)
An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness
        An exposition of the seven epistles of the seven churches 1669
        An illustration of the book of Daniel and the revelation of St. John, by continued..notes 1685
        The immortality of the soul 1659 (1713)
        Letters on several subjects a 1687 (1694)
        A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity (second part Synopsis prophetica; the apology) 1664
        Observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica and Anima magica abscondita 1650 (with Euthusiasmus 1656)
        Paralipomena prophetica, containing several supplements and defences 1685
        A plain and continued exposition of the prophecies of Daniel 1681
        platonica; or a platonicall song of the soul 1642
—(ed. 2) Philosophicall poems 1647
        Remarks upon two late ingenious discourses (by Sir M. Hale) 1676
        Some cursory reflections made upon Mr. R. Baxter 1685
        Synopsis prophetica 1664 (2nd pt. of Mystery of iniquity)

More, Robert Jasper
        Under the Balkans 1877

More, Sir Thomas
        Workes a 1535 (1557)
        Answer to Frith See Letter, below
        The answere to the fyrst parte of the poysened booke 1533 (1534, 1557)
        The apologye made by hym 1533 (1557)
        The confutation of Barnes 1532 (with next)
        The confutacyon of Tyndales answere 1532; the seconde parte 1533 (1557)
        De quatuor novissimis See Treatyse, below
        The debellacyon of Salem and Bizance 1533 (1557)
        A dialoge of comforte against tribulation 1534 (1557, 1847)
        A dyaloge wherin he treatyd dyvers maters as of the veneration and worshyp of ymagys etc. (= A dialoge concerning heresyes) 1528 (1529, 1557)
        The history of kyng Richard the third unfinished 1513 (1557; 1883)
—(see also Hardyng, J. (1543); Hall, E. 1548; Grafton, R. 1568)
The historie of the pitifull life and unfortunate death of Edward V (1641)
        A letter impugnynge the erroneouse wryting of John Fryth agaynst the blessed sacrament of the aultare (= Answer to Frith) 1533 (1557)
        The lyfe of Jhon Picus tr. c 1510 (1557)
        The supplycacyon of soulys made..agaynst the supplycacyon of beggars 1529 (1557)
        A treatice upon the passion of Chryste unfinished 1534 (1557; a part tr. Mary Basset)
        A treatyse uppon these wordes of holye scripture Memorare novissima etc. (= De quatuor novissimis) 1522 (1557)
        Utopia tr. See Burnet, G.; Robinson, Ralph

More, Sir Thomas (a play) c 1590 (Shaks. Soc. 1844; Shakespeare Apocrypha 1908)

Morecambe Guardian 1920–

Morehead, Robert Page
        Human pathology 1965

Morer, Thomas
        A short account of Scotland 1702

Moresby, John
        New Guinea and Polynesia: discoveries and surveys in New Guinea etc. 1876

‘Moreton, Andrew’
        See De Foe, D.

Moreton, J. B.
        Manners and customs of the West Indies 1790

Morfill, William R.
        The dawn of European literature, Slavonic literature 1883
        Russia (Story of the nations) 1890

Morfit, Campbell
        The arts of tanning and currying 1852 (1853)

Morgan, Conwy Lloyd
        Animal biology 1887
        Animal life and intelligence 1890–91
        Habit and instinct 1897

Morgan, J.
        A complete history of Algiers 1728–29

Morgan, J.
        Phoenix Britannicus, being a miscellaneous collection of scare and curious tracts 1731–32

Morgan, Charles Langbridge
        The flashing stream 1938
        The fountain 1932
        The judge’s story 1947
        Portrait in a mirror 1929
        The voyage 1940

Morgan, John Glanfil
        Involved 1967

Morgan, Lewis H.
        Ancient society; or researches in the lines of human progress, from savagery..into civilization 1877

Morgan, Mary Ella
        How to dress a doll 1908

Morgan (formerly Owenson), Sydney, Lady Morgan
        Florence Macarthy, an Irish tale 1818
        France 1817 (1818)
        The life and times of Salvator Rosa 1824
        Passages from my autobiography 1818–19 (1859)
        The wild Irish girl 1846

Morgan, Sylvanus
        The sphere of gentry 1661

Morgan, Thomas
        The moral philosopher (anon.) 1737–40

Morgan, Thomas H.
        Evolution and adaptation 1903
        Regeneration 1901

——et al.
        The mechanism of Mendelian heredity 1915

Morgan, William A.
ed. TheHouseon sport, by members of the London stock exchange 1898
—(suppl. vol.) 1899

Morgans, William
        Manual of mining tools 1871

Moriarty, Denis I.
        The husband hunter 1839

Morice, Anne
        Killing with kindness 1974
        The men in her death 1981
        Murder in mimicry 1977

Morice, William
        C The new-inclosures broken down, and the Lords supper laid a diatribe, and defence thereof 1657

Morier, James J.
        The adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan 1824
        Ayesha, the maid of Kars 1834

Morison, David
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1790

Morison, James Cotter
        Gibbon (English men of letters) 1878
        The life and times of St. Bernard 1863
        The service of man: an essay towards the religion of the future 1887 (1889)

Morison, Sir Richard
        Vives’ (J. L.) Introduction to wysedome tr. 1540

Morison, Samuel Eliot
        The European discovery of America: the northern voyages 1971
        The European discovery of America: the southern voyages 1974

Morison, William M.
        The decisions of the Court of the form of a dictionary 1811
        —Supplement to the dictionary, by M. P. Brown (1826)

Moritz’ (C. P.) Travels, chiefly on foot, through several parts of England in 1782 tr. 1795

Morland, Sir Samuel
        The Count of Pagan’s method of delineating all manner of fortifications 1672
        Tuba stentoro-phonica, an instrument of excellent use as well at sea as at land etc. 1671

Morland, Samuel
        A specimen of a dictionary English and Latin 1723

Morley, Christopher Darlington
        Thorofare 1942 (UK 1943)
        Kitty Foyle 1939

Morley, Henry
        Cornelius Agrippa. The life of Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim 1856
        A first sketch of English literature 1873 (1886)
        Of English literature in the reign of Victoria 1881

Morley, Henry F.
        See Muir, M. M. Pattison

Morley, John
        Burke (English men of letters) 1879
        Critical miscellanies 1871, 1877
        Diderot and the encyclopædists 1878
        Edmund Burke: an historical study 1867
        The life of R. Cobden 1881
        The life of W. E. Gladstone 1903 (1908)
        Modern characteristics 1865
        Oliver Cromwell 1900
        On compromise 1874
        Rousseau 1873
        The struggle for national education 1873
        Voltaire 1872 (1886)

Morley, Thomas
        A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke 1597

Morning Chronicle, The 1780–1832

Morning Herald and Daily Advertiser 1780–1869

Morning Post, The 1772–

Morning Star, The 1856–69

Morning Star 1966–

‘Morphy, Marcelle, Countess’ (Marcelle Azra Forbes)
        ed. Recipes of all nations 1935

Morrall, Michael T.
        History and description of needle making 1852

Morrell, Robert Selby, et al.
        eds. Synthetic resins and allied plastics 1937

Morris, Alexander
        Canada and her resources 1855

Morris, Alfred J.
        Religion and business 1853

Morris, Charles William
        Signs, language and behavior 1946

Morris, Clara (Clara Morris Harriott)
        Life on the stage: my personal experiences and recollections 1901

Morris, Desmond John
        The mammals: a guide to the living species 1965
        Manwatching: a field guide to human behaviour 1977
        The naked ape 1967
        See also Morris, Ramona

Morris, Edward E.
        Austral English, a dictionary of Australasian words, phrases and usages 1898

Morris, Francis Orpen
        A history of British birds 1851–57
        A history of British butterflies 1853
        A natural history of British moths 1859–70

Morris, George S.
        Ueberweg’s (F.) History of philosophy tr. 1872–74

Morris, Gouverneur
        See Sparks, J.

Morris, John
        A catalogue of British fossils 1843

Morris, John
        ed. The troubles of our Catholic forefathers, related by themselves 1872–75

‘Morris, John’ (John Hearne & Morris Cargill)
        Fever grass 1969

Morris, Joseph
        Sermons 1743

Morris, Sir Lewis
        The epic of Hades 1877
        The ode of life 1880
        Songs of two worlds 1871–75

Morris, Marmaduke C. F.
        Yorkshire folk-talk 1892

Morris, Mowbray
        Claverhouse 1887

Morris, Ramona & Morris, Desmond John
        Men and apes 1966
        Men and pandas 1966
        Men and snakes 1965

Morris, Richard
        Historical outlines of English accidence 1872
        Specimens of early English 1867 (1872–87)
        See also Skeat, W. W.

Morris, Robert
        An essay in defence of ancient architecture 1728

Morris, Terence & Morris, Pauline
        Pentonville: a sociological study of an English prison 1963

Morris, William
        The Æneids of Virgil tr. 1875
        The earthly paradise, a poem 3 vols. 1868–70
        The life and death of Jason 1867
        News from nowhere; or, An epoch of rest 1890 (UK 1891)
        The Odyssey of Homer tr. 1887
        Poems by the way 1891
        The story of Sigurd the Volsung, and the fall of the Niblungs 1876 (1877)

—— & Bax, E. B.
        Socialism: its growth and outcome 1893

Morris owner’s manual 1925

Morrison, Arthur
        A child of the Jago 1896
        Tales of mean streets 1894

Morrison, Richard J.
        Zadkiel’s grammar of astrology 1840 (1852)

Morrison, Robert
        Memoirs of William Milne, compiled from his own documents 1820

Morrison, William Douglas
        Lombroso’s (C.) Female offender tr. 1895

Morrow, W. C.
        Bohemian Paris of to-day 1899

Mors, Roderigo
        See Brinklow, H.

Morse, Eric Wilton
        Fur trade canoe routes of Canada: then and now 1969

Morse, Jedidiah
        The American geography 1789 (1794)
        The American universal geography 1796

Morse, Mary
        The unattached: a report of the project carried out by the National Association of Youth Clubs 1965

Morse, Philip McCord
        Vibration and sound 1936

Morselli’s (E.) Suicide, an essay on comparative moral statistics tr. 1881

Morte Arthur, Le, a romance a 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1903; Roxb. Club 1819; Furnivall 1864)

Morte Arthure, or the death of Arthur ?a 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1865, revised 1871)
        See also Arthur; Malory, Sir T.

Morten, Honnor
        Sketches of hospital life 1888

Mortimer, Mrs. Favell Lee
        Far off: or Asia and Australia described 1852
        —Africa and America described 1854

‘Mortimer, Geoffrey’ (Walter M. Gallichan)
        Like stars that fall 1895
        Pyrotechny: or a familiar system of recreative fire-works 1852 (1853)

Mortimer, John
        The whole art of husbandry 1707 (1721)

Mortimer, John Clifford
        A voyage round my father 1971

Mortimer, Penelope
        Daddy’s gone a-hunting 1958

Mortimer, Thomas
        Every man his own broker 1761 (1762)
        A general dictionary of commerce etc. 1810 (1819)

Morton, Henry Canova Vollam
        In search of England 1927
        In search of South Africa 1948

Morton, John
        The natural history of Northamptonshire 1712

Morton, John C.
        A cyclopedia of agriculture, practical and scientific 1855 (1856)

Morton, Nathaniel
        New-Englands memoriall 1669

Morton’s (R.) Phthisiologia: or a treatise of consumptions tr. 1694

Morton, Bp. Thomas
        A direct answer (to T. Higgons) 1609
        A discharge of five imputations 1633
        or the episcopacy of the church of England justified to be apostolical a 1659 (1670)
        The opinion of T. Morton concerning the peace of the church 1641 (Good counsels 1641)
        A preamble unto an incounter with P. R. 1608

Morton, Thomas
        New English Canaan or new Canaan, containing an abstract of New England 1637

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        See Morison, Sir Richard

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        An itinerary 1617
        —Shakespeare’s Europe, unpublished chapters of F. Moryson’s Itinerary (1903)

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        Football 1972

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        In the track of speed 1957

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        See Russell, W. C.

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        History of the united Netherlands 1860–67 (1868)
        The life and death of John of Barneveld 1874 (1879)
        The rise of the Dutch republic 1855 (1866)

Motor, The 1903–

Motor boat 1904–

Motor-car world 1899–1905

Motor cycle, The 1903–

Motor manual, The 1903–59

Motoring annual and motorist’s year book, The 1903

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        See Lawrence, J.

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        The silkwormes and their flies: lively described in verse by T. M. 1599
        M.’s Theater of insects: or lesser living creatures tr. J. R(owland) 1658 (appended to Topsell, Hist. four-footed beasts)

—— & Bennet, C.
        Healths improvement (a 1604) Corrected and enlarged by C. Bennet 1655 (1746)

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        See Montagu

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Mourtray family, The 1800
        See Hervey, Mrs.

Movie 1962–

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Moxon, Joseph
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        Mathematicks made easie: or a mathematical dictionary 1679 (also 1701)
        Mechanick dyalling 1668
        Mechanick exercises, or the doctrine of handy-works 1677–1700 (1683, 1703)
        —, printing 1683 (repr. De Vinne 1896)
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        Dead men don’t ski 1959
        Murder à la mode 1963
        Who saw her die? 1970

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        Sermons before the university of Oxford and on various occasions v.d. (1876)

M. P.’s Letter on Royal Navy 1758
        See Letter

Mr. Gray and his neighbours 1876

Mrs. Raven’s temptation, by the author of Dr. Hardy’s marriage 1882

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‘Mucklebackit, Samuel’
        See Lumsden, J.

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        Thoughts on the means of improving watches 1763 (1799)

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        Man, in his physical structure and adaptations 1839

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        ed. Watts’ (H.) Dictionary of chemistry 1888–94

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—— & Ritchie, James
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        Characteristics of old church architecture &c. in the mainland and western islands of Scotland 1861

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        Pagan or christian ? or, notes for the general public on our national architecture 1860

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        Observations of an orderly: some glimpses of life and work in an English war hospital 1917

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        The institutes of Gaius and rules of Ulpian tr. 1880

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        Positions, wherin those primitive circumstances be examined, which are necessarie for the training up of children 1581 (1888)

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        Fortescue’s (Sir J.) Learned commendation of the politique lawes of England tr. 1567 (1573)

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        Bar-20 1907 (UK 1914)
        The Bar-20 three 1921
        Black Buttes 1923
        The coming of Cassidy—and the others 1913
        Cottonwood Gulch 1925
        Hopalong Cassidy 1910
        Hopalong Cassidy’s protégé 1926
        Johnny Nelson 1920 (UK 1921)
        The man from Bar-20: a story of the cow-country 1918
        The orphan 1908
        Rustlers’ valley 1924

—— & Clay, John Wood
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        A treatise of artillery 1768

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        Adventures of a scholar tramp 1925

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        A testimony against periwig and periwig-making 1677 (1881)

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        See Craik, Mrs. Dinah M.

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        City development: studies in disintegration and renewal 1945 (UK 1946)
        The city in history: its origins, its transformations, and its prospects 1961

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        Dorothy; a country story in elegiac verse (anon.) 1880
        See also Hudson, Derek Rommel

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        Busche’s (A. van den; le Sylvain) Orator; handling a hundred severall discourses tr. 1596
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        The downfall of Robert earle of Huntington afterwards called Robin Hood 1599 (1601; Hazl. Dodsley)
        The English Romayne lyfe 1582 (Harl. Misc.)
        The famous history of Palmendos tr. 1589 (1653)
        The first part of the..history of Palmerin of England ? 1581 (1602, 1639)
        A view of sundry examples (anon.) 1580 (with John a Kent etc., Shaks. Soc. 1851)
        The woorthy enterprise of John delivering 266 Christians a 1598 (Hakluyt, Voyages 1598; Arber, Eng. Garner I)
        —The admirable deliverance of 266 Christians by J. Reynard (or rather Fox) (1608)

—— & Chettle, H.
        The death of Robert earle of Huntington, otherwise called Robin Hood 1601 (Hazl. Dodsley)

Mundus et infans c 1500
        See Evelyn

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        Our antipodes: or residence and rambles in the Australasian colonies 1852 (1857)
        Pen and pencil sketches, being the journal of a tour in India 1832

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Muniments of the royal burgh of Irvine v.d. (1890–91)

Munro, George Campbell
        Birds of Hawaii 1944

Munro, Neil
        The daft days 1907
        Doom Castle, a romance 1901
        John Splendid, the tale of a poor gentleman 1898
        The lost pibroch 1896

Munro, Robert
        Prehistoric Scotland and its place in European civilisation 1899

Munroe, Kirk
        The golden days of ’49: a tale of the California diggings 1889

Munroe, Ruth Learned
        Schools of psychoanalytic thought 1955 (UK 1957)

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        Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance 1976

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Munson, Kenneth
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        The Silurian system, founded on geological researches 1839

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        Lilts on the Doric lyre 1873

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        Flight from the enchanter 1956
        Henry and Cato 1976
        Nuns and soldiers 1980
        The sacred and profane love machine 1974
        The sandcastle 1957
        The sea, the sea 1978
        A severed head 1961
        The time of the angels 1966
        Under the net 1954
        An unofficial rose 1962
        A word child 1975

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        eds. Australian short stories 1951
        For 2nd ser. see ‘James, Brian’

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        Works a 1657 (S.T.S. 1898)

Mure, William
        A critical history of the language and literature of antient Greece 1850–57

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        In the Tennessee mountains 1884
        The prophet of the great smoky mountain 1885
        Where the battle was fought 1884 (1885)

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        A treatise on the law of sheriffs 1884

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        Works v.d. (1786)
        All in the wrong, a comedy 1761 (1775)
        An essay on the life and genius of Samuel Johnson 1792
        The Gray’s Inn journal 1752–54
        The way to keep him, a comedy 1760
        The works of C. Tacitus tr. 1793

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        The present state and condition of Ireland 1681

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        Personality 1947

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        Manual of mythology 1873

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        Letters from the United States, Cuba, and Canada 2 vols. 1856

Murray, Charles
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Murray, David Christie
        The church of humanity 1901
        Cynic Fortune 1886
        Hearts, a novel 1883
        The making of a novelist 1894
        Rainbow gold, a novel 1885
        Tales in prose and verse 1898
        The weaker vessel 1888

—— & Herman, H.
        A dangerous catspaw 1889
        One traveller returns 1887

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        Ella Norman; or, a woman’s perils 1864

Murray, Eustace C. Grenville-
        The Russians of to-day 1878

Murray, George
        Islaford and other poems 1845

Murray, Henry Alexander
        Explorations in personality 1938

Murray, Hugh
        Historical account of discoveries and travels in North America 1829

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        The dialect of the southern counties of Scotland 1873 (Philol. Soc.)
        The evolution of English lexicography (Romanes lecture) 1900

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Murray, John Clark
        Solomon Maimon: an autobiography tr. 1888

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        Caught in the web of words: James A. H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary 1977

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        English grammar 1795 (1824)

Murray, Peter John & Murray, Linda
        A dictionary of art and artists 1959

Murray, Robert
        Rudimentary treatise on marine-engines 1852 (1858)

Murray, William Buckley
        The sweet ride 1967

Murray’s Hand-book for travellers in southern Germany 1837

Murrell, John
        Two books of cookerie and carving 1638
        —(another ed.) A new book of cookerie 1641

Murry, John Middleton
        The necessity of pacifism 1937
        Pencillings: little essays on literature 1923
        The voyage 1924

Musarum deliciæ 1655
        See Mennes, Sir J.

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
        Bulletin 1863–

Museum rusticum et commerciale: or select papers on agriculture etc. 1763–66

Musgrave, George Musgrave
        By-roads and battle-fields in Picardy 1861
        Nooks and corners in old France 1867
        A pilgrimage into Dauphiné 1857
        Ten days in a French parsonage 1864

Mush, John a 1617
        See Clitherow, Margaret

Music. A short explication of such foreign words as are made use of in musick books 1724

Musical Association
        Proceedings 1875–

Musical magazine, The 1835

Musical quarterly 1915–

Musical times 1844–

Musical world, The 1836–91

My ducats and my daughter (by H. Hunter & W. Whyte) 1884

My first book: the experiences of Walter Besant, J. Payn (et al.) 1894

Mycologia 1909–

Myers, Arthur Wallis
        Twenty years of lawn tennis 1921

Myers, Ernest
        Poems 1877
        See also Lang, A.

Myers, Frederic
        Catholic thoughts on the Bible and theology (anon.) 1841–48

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        Human personality a 1901 (1903)
        Poems 1870

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        Electron optics: theoretical and practical 1939

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Myrc, John
        Instructions for parish priests a 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1868, revised 1902)
        See also Mirk’s Festial

Myroure See Mirror

Mysterie of iniquitie 1643
        See Bowles, E.