Map or Mapes, Walter
        The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes (c 1200). Appendix (containing translations and imitations) v.d. (Camden Soc. 1841)

Maplet, John
        A greene forest or a naturall historie, wherein may be seene..the most sufferaigne vertues in all..stones and mettals,..plantes, herbes..brute beastes etc. 1567

Marais, Eugène Nielen
        My friends the baboons [anon. tr.] 1939

Marana’s (J. P.) Letters writ by a Turkish spy who lived five and forty years undiscovered at Paris tr. 1692–94

Marbeck, John
        A book of notes and common places with their expositions, collected and gathered out of the workes of divers singular writers 1581

Marbury, Edward
        A brief commentarie..upon the prophecy of Obadiah 1649 (1865)
        A commentarie..upon the prophecies of Habakkuk 1650 (1865)

Marbut, C. F.
tr. K. D. Glinka’s The great soil groups of the world and their development 1927

Marcel, Claude
        Language as a means of mental culture and international communication; or, manual of the teacher and the learner of languages 1853

Marcelline, George
        Epithalamium Gallo-Britannicum 1625
        The triumphs of king James I 1610

Marcet, Alexander
        An essay on the chemical history and medical treatment of calculous disorders 1817

Marcet, Jane
        The seasons, stories for very young children 1832–33

Marcet, William
        On chronic alcoholic intoxication 1859 (1860)

March, Francis A.
        A comparative grammar of the Anglo-saxon language 1870

March, John
        Actions for sclaunder 1647

Marchant, Edgar Walford
        Radio telegraphy and telephony 1923

Marcus, Stanley
        Minding the store: a memoir 1974 (UK 1975)

Marcus, Steven
        The other Victorians 1966

Marcy, Randolph B.
        The prairie traveller: a handbook for overland expeditions 1859

Marder, Irving
        The Paris bit 1967

Mardon, Edward R.
        Billiards 1844 (1849, 1858)

Marett, Robert R.
        Anthropology 1911
ed. Anthropology and the classics: six lectures 1908

Margaret, Saint. Seinte Marherete c 1200: Seinte Margarete c 1300: Meidan Maregrete c 1250 (E.E.T.S. 1862)

Margerison, Donald & East, George C.
        An introduction to polymer chemistry 1967

Marin, Alfred C.
        The clash of distant thunder 1968 (UK 1969)
Rise with the wind

Marin’s (M. A.) Perfect religious tr. 1762

Marine engineer (title varies) 1879–1972

Mariner, William 1817
        See Martin, John

Mariner’s mirror 1911–

Marion, Fulgence
        Wonderful balloon ascents [anon. tr.] 1870

‘Mariotti, Luigi’
        See Gallenga, A.

        The fluff-hunters 1903

Markby, Sir William
        Elements of law considered with reference to general jurisprudence 1871 (1874)

Markfield, Wallace
        To an early grave 1964 (UK 1965)

Markham, Albert H.
        The great frozen sea: a personal narrative of the voyage of theAlertduring the arctic exploration of 1875–76 1878

Markham, Sir Clements R.
        The life of the great Lord Fairfax 1870
ed. Narratives of the mission of G. Bogle to Tibet and of the journey of T. Manning to Lhasa 1876
Peruvian bark: a popular account of the introduction of chinchona cultivation into British India

Markham, Francis
        The book of honour, or five decads of epistles of honour 1625
Five decades of epistles of warre

Markham, Gervase
        The art of archerie 1634
Cavelarice, or the English horseman: contayning all the arte of horsemanship
etc. 1607 (1617)
Cheape and good husbandry for the well-ordering of all beastes and fowles
etc. 1614 (1623)
Country contentments in two bookes: the first containing the whole art of riding great horses,
etc.: the second intituled The English huswife 1615 (1631, 1649, 1668)
The country housewifes garden, together with the husbandry of bees,
etc. 1617 (1623, 1648)
The dumbe knight, a historicall comedy by Jarvis M.
(and L. Machin) 1608 (Dodsley)
The English husbandman
1613–15 (1635)
The English hus-wife
(part of Country contentments) 1615
(C.) and Liebault’s (J.) Maison rustique; or the countrey farme tr. (cf. Surflet, R.) and augmented 1616
Hungers prevention, or the whole arte of fowling by water and land
1621 (1655)
The inrichment of the weald of Kent, or a direction for the husbandman
etc. 1625 (1631)
M.’s Farwell to husbandry, or the inriching of all sortes of barren and sterril grounds
1620 (1649)
M.’s maister-peece or what doth a horse-man lacke, containing all possible knowledge whatsoever which doth belong to any smith, farrier or horse-leech
1610 (1623)
M.’s master-piece revived (1688)
        The most honorable tragedie of Sir Richard Grinvile 1595 (Arber, The last fight of ‘The Revenge’ at sea)
The pleasures of princes or good mens recreations
(part of The English husbandman) 1615 (1635)
The poem of poems or Sions muse, contayning the divine song of king Solomon,
by I. M. 1595
A way to get wealth
(re-issue of several of the above) 1631–38 (1648–49, 1660, 1688)

Markham, William O.
        Skoda’s (J.) Treatise on auscultation and percussion tr. 1853

 Marks, Percy
        Collector’s choice 1972
The plastic age

Marks, Robert W.
        The dymaxion world of Buckminster Fuller 1960

Marlborough, John Churchill, 1st Duke of
        Letters and despatches 1702–12 (1845)

Marlorat’s (A.) Catholike exposition upon the revelation of saint John tr. 1574
Catholike exposition uppon the two last epistles of John tr. 1578 (1580)

Marloth, Hermann Wilhelm Rudolf
        The flora of South Africa 4 vols. 1913–32

Marlowe, Christopher
        The famous tragedy of the rich Jew of Malta c 1592 (1633)
        Hero and Leander (finished by G. Chapman) a 1593 (1598)
        Lucan’s First booke tr. a 1593 (1600)
        The massacre at Paris 1592 (c 1600)
        All Ovid’s elegies a 1593 (c 1597)
        Tamburlane the great (2 parts) 1586, –87 (1590)
        The tragical history of Doctor Faustus c 1590 (1616)
        The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the second a 1593 (1594)

—— & Nashe, Thomas
        The tragedie of Dido queene of Carthage a 1593 (1594)

Marly; or a planter’s life in Jamaica 1828

Mar-Martine (attrib. to T. Nashe) 1589 (1843–45)

Marmion, Shackerley
        The antiquary, a comedy 1636 (1641; Dodsley)
        A fine companion, a comedy 1633
        Hollands leaguer, an excellent comedy 1632

Maroccus extaticus, or Bankes bay horse in a trance 1595 (Percy Soc. 1843)

Marples, Morris
        Public school slang 1940
        University slang 1950

‘Marprelate, Martin’
        Hay any worke for Cooper 1589 (1844)
        Oh read over D. John Bridges (preliminary Epistle to the terrible priests of the Confocation House) 1588 (1842)
        Oh read over D. John Bridges..or an epitome of the fyrste booke..written against the Puritanes 1588 (1843)
        Theses Martinianæ: that is, certaine demonstrative conclusions sette downe and collected by M. M. the great 1589 (1843–45)
See also Almond 1590; Harvey, R. 1589; Mar-Martine 1589; Martins months minde 1589; Nashe, T. 1589; Pappe with an hatchet 1589

Marquand, Allan
        Greek architecture 1909

Marquand, John Phillips
        H. M. Pulham, Esquire 1941 (UK 1942)
        Wickford Point 1939

Marquard, Leopold
        The peoples and policies of South Africa 1952

Marriage. A new and pleasaunt enterlude intituled The marriage of witte and science c 1570 (Hazl. Dodsley)
        The marriage of wit and wisdom a 1590 (Shaks. Soc. 1846)

Marriage broaker, The; or the pander, (a comedy) by M. W. 1662 (Gratiæ theatrales 1662)

Marriot, Robert
        A sermon in commemoration of Mris. E. Dering 1641

Marriott, Harry
        Cariboo cowboy 1966

Marriott, Sir James
        The rights and privileges of both universities..defended 1769

Marriott, Wharton B.
        Vestiarium christianum: the origin and gradual development of the dress of holy ministry in the church 1868

Marriott, William
        Hints to meteorological observers 1881
—(ed. 6) 1906

Marryat, Florence (Mrs. F. Lean)
        The blood of the vampire 1897
        Open sesame 1875
        Under the lilies and roses 1884

Marryat, Frank S.
        Mountains and molehills: or, recollections of a burnt journal 1855

Marryat, Frederick
        The children of the New forest 1847 (1848)
        A diary in America 1839
        The dog-fiend See Snarleyyow, below
        Frank Mildmay See Naval officer, below
        Jacob Faithful 1834
        Japhet in search of a father 1836
        Joseph Rushbrook; or the poacher 1841
        The king’s own 1830
        Masterman Ready; or the wreck of the Pacific 1841
        Mr. Midshipman Easy 1836
        Narrative of the travels and adventures of Monsieur Violet in California etc. 1843 (1873)
        The naval officer; or scenes and adventures in the life of Frank Mildmay 1829
        Newton Forster; or the merchant service 1832
Olla podrida
(Diary on the continent 1835–37, etc.) (1840)
        The pacha of many tales 1835
        Percival Keene 1842
        Peter Simple 1834 (1863)
        The phantom ship 1839
        The pirate, and the three cutters 1836
        The poacher See Joseph Rushbrook, above
        Poor Jack 1840
        Rattlin the reefer See Howard, E. G. G.
        Snarleyyow; or the dog-fiend 1837 (1840)
        Valerie, an autobiography 1847 (1849)

Marryat, Horace
        One year in Sweden 1862

Marryat, Joseph
        Collections towards a history of pottery and porcelain 1850
        A history of pottery and porcelain 1857 (1868)

Marsden, John B.
        The history of the early puritans 1850 (1853)

Marsden, Reginald G.
ed. Select pleas in the court of admiralty (1390–1404, 1527–45, 1547–1602) (Selden Soc. 1894–97)

Marsden, William
        The history of Sumatra 1783

Marsh, Mrs. Anne
        Emilia Wyndham; a novel 1846
        Evelyn Marston 1856
        Father Darcy 1846
        Ravenscliffe 1851

Marsh, Edward Howard
        Rupert Brooke: a memoir 1918

Marsh, George P.
        Lectures on the English language 1858–59 (1862)

Marsh, John
        An argument..of the great question concerning the militia, by J. M. (formerly ascribed to Milton) 1642

Marsh, John Thompson
        Self-smoothing fabrics 1962

Marsh, Ngaio Edith
        Artists in crime 1938
        Black as he’s painted 1974
        Colour scheme 1943
        Dead water 1963 (UK 1964)
        Death and the dancing footman 1941 (UK 1942)
        Death in a white tie 1938
        Death in ecstasy 1936
        Death of a fool 1956 (UK ed. 1957 with title Off with his head)
        Death of a peer 1940 (UK ed. 1941 with title Surfeit of Lampreys)
        False scent 1959 (UK 1960)
        Final curtain 1947
        Grave mistake 1978
        Hand in glove 1962
        A man lay dead 1934
        Off with his head See above: Death of a fool
        Opening night 1951
        Overture to death 1939
        Singing in the shrouds 1958 (UK 1959)
Surfeit of Lampreys
See above: Death of a peer
        Swing, brother, swing 1949
        Tied up in tinsel 1972
        Vintage murder 1937

Marshak, Robert Eugene
        Meson physics 1952 (UK 1953)

Marshall, Agnes B.
        Mrs. A. B. Marshall’s cookery book 1888
—(‘tenth thousand’) 1889
        Mrs. A. B. Marshall’s larger cookery book of extra recipes 1892

Marshall, Alfred
        Principles of economics 1890

Marshall, Bruce
        George Brown’s schooldays 1946

Marshall, Charles
        A plain and easy introduction to the knowledge and practice of gardening: with hints on fish-ponds 1796 (1813)

Marshall, Emma
        Memories of troublesome times 1880

Marshall, Henry
        Military miscellany, comprising a history of the recruiting of the army, military punishments, etc. 1846

Marshall, Humphry
        Arbustrum Americanum: the American grove; or, An alphabetical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the American United States 1785

Marshall, John
        The writings of J. Marshall upon the federal constitution a 1835 (1839)

Marshall, John
        Outlines of physiology, human and comparative 1867

Marshall, Julian
        The annals of tennis 1878

—— et al.
        Tennis, rackets, fives 1890

Marshall, Percival
        Metal working tools and their uses 1902

Marshall, Stephen
        A copy of a letter a friend 1643
        A peace offering to God, a sermon 1641
        A sacred panegyrick or a sermon of thanksgiving 1644
        A sermon, Nov. 17, 1640 1641

Marshall, Sybil
        An experiment in education 1963

Marshall, Thomas Humphrey
        Citizenship and social class, and other essays 1950

Marshall, W. G.
        Through America; or nine months in the United States 1881

Marshall, Walter
        The gospel-mystery of sanctification opened in sundry discourses 1692 (1764, 1780)

Marshall, William E.
        A phrenologist among the Todas 1873

Marshall, William H.
        Minutes of agriculture made on a farm..near Croydon 1778
        Planting and rural ornament (anon.) 1796
        A review of the reports of the Board of agriculture from the northern (western etc.) department of England (5 parts) 1808–18
        The rural economy of Glocestershire 1789 (1796)
Provincialisms from the above (E.D.S. 1873)
        The rural economy of the midland counties 1790 (1796)
Provincialisms (E.D.S. 1873)
        The rural economy of Norfolk 1787 (1795)
Provincialisms (E.D.S. 1873)
        The rural economy of the southern counties 1798
        The rural economy of the west of England 1796
Provincialisms (E.D.S. 1873)
        The rural economy of Yorkshire 1788 (1796)
Provincialisms (E.D.S. 1873)

Marston, John
        Works v.d. (1633; also 1856, 1887)
        The history of Antonio and Mellida 1600 (1602)
—(part 2) Antonios revenge 1600 (1602)
        The Dutch courtezan, a comedy 1605
(The insatiate countess, a tragedie 1613)
        The malcontent 1604
        The metamorphosis of Pigmalions image; and certaine satyres 1598 (1764)
        Parasitaster, or the fawne, a comedy 1606
        The scourge of villanie, three books of satyres 1598 (1764)
corrected, with the addition of newe satyres 1599
        What you will, a comedy 1607
        The wonder of women, or the tragedie of Sophonisba 1606

—— et al.
        Jacke Drums entertainment or the comedie of Pasquill and Katherine 1600 (1601; R. Simpson, School of Shaks. 1878)
See also Martin, Henry N. & Moale, W. A.
        A hand-book of vertebrate dissection 1881–84

Martin, James
        Discourses a 1834 (1835)

Martin, James
        Keil’s (C. F.) Biblical commentary on the prophecies of Ezekiel tr. 1876

Martin, John
ed. Mariner’s (W.) Account of the natives of the Tonga islands,..with..grammar and vocabulary of their language 1817

Martin, Joseph
ed. A new and comprehensive gazetteer of Virginia, and the District of Columbia 1835

Martin, Laurence Cleveland & Hynes, Martin
        Clinical endocrinology for practitioners and students 1948
—(ed. 3, by Martin alone) 1961

Martin, Martin
        A description of the western islands of Scotland 1703
        A late voyage to St. Kilda 1698

Martin, Mary Ann
        Our Maoris 1884

Martin, R. F.
        Havrez’ (J.) On recent improvements in winding machinery tr. 1875

Martin, Robert Denis
tr. W. Wickler’s Mimicry in plants and animals 1968

Martin, Sir Theodore
        The Æneid of Virgil books i–vi tr. 1896
        A life of Lord Lyndhurst 1883
        The odes of Horace tr. 1860

—— & Aytoun, W. E.
        Bon Gaultier’s Book of ballads 1855

Martin or Martyn, Thomas
        A traictise declaryng..that the pretensed marriage of no mariage 1554

Martin, William
        The New Zealand nature book 1929 (UK 1930)

Martin, William C. L.
        The ox (Farmer’s Libr. I) 1847

Martindale, Adam
        The countrey-survey-book: or land-meters vade-mecum 1682

Martindale, William
        The extra pharmacopoeia of unofficial drugs etc. 1883 (1890)

Martine, George
        Reliquiæ divi Andreæ: or the state of the see of St. Andrews 1683 (1797)

Martine, John
        Reminiscences of the royal burgh of Haddington 1883

Martineau, Harriet
        Autobiography 1855 (1877)
        A complete guide to the English lakes 1855
        Feats on the fiord 1841
        The history of England during the thirty years’ peace 1816–46 1849–50
        Introduction to the history of the peace 1851
        Illustrations of political economy 1832–33
        Berkeley the banker 1833
        Briery creek 1833
        Brooke and Brooke farm 1833
        The charmed sea 1833
        Cinnamon and pearls 1833
        Demerara 1832
        Ella of Garveloch 1832
        The hill and the valley 1832
        Homes abroad 1832
        Ireland 1832
        Life in the wilds 1832
        The loom and the lugger 1833
        A Manchester strike 1832
        A tale of the Tyne 1833
        Weal and woe in Garveloch 1832
        Society in America 1837

Martineau, James
        Endeavours after the christian life 1843–47 (1867)
        Essays philosophical and theological v.d. (1866–69)
        Essays, reviews and addresses v.d. (1890–91)
        Hours of thought on sacred things 1876–79
        Miscellanies 1852
        The seat of authority in religion 1890
        Studies of christianity 1858
        Types of ethical theory 1885

Martini’s (M.) Bellum tartaricum, or the conquest of the great..empire of China tr. 1654

Martiniere’s (P. M. de la) New voyage into the northern countries tr. 1674

Martins months minde, that is, a certaine report..of the death and funeralls of olde Martin Marre-prelate 1589

Martyn, Benjamin
        Timoleon, a tragedy 1730

Martyn, Thomas
        The language of botany 1793 (1796)
ed. Miller’s (P.) Gardener’s and botanist’s dictionary 1807
        Rousseau’s (J. J.) Letters on the elements of botany tr. 1785 (1794)

Martyn, William
        Youths instruction 1612

Martyn, William F.
        The geographical magazine 1782–83

Martyr’d souldier, The (1638)
        See Shirley, H.

Marvell, Andrew
        Works a 1678 (1776; Grosart 1872–75)
        An account of the growth of popery and arbitrary government in England (anon.) 1678
        A collection of poems on affairs of state (1689)
        Correspondence 1653–78 (Grosart II)
        Mr. Smirke, or the divine in mode..With a short historical essay concerning general councils etc. 1676
        Poems a 1678 (1776, 1872)
        The Rehearsal transprosed 1672, 1673 (1674)
        Upon Appleton house a 1678

Marwick, Sir James D.
        Edinburgh guilds and crafts (v.d.) a 1908 (1909)

Marx, Groucho (Julius Henry Marx)
        The Groucho letters: letters from and to Groucho Marx 1967

Marx, Heinrich Karl
        See Moore, Samuel & Aveling, E. B.

Mary. The song of Mary the mother of Christ containing the story of his life and passion 1601

Mary, princess.
        Privy purse expenses of the princess Mary, daughter of K. Henry VIII 1536–44 (1831)

Mary Magdalene c 1620
        See Robinson, T.

Maryland, U.S. Acts of assembly 1692–1715 (1723)
        The laws of Maryland v.d. (1799–1800)

Maryland historical magazine 1906–28

Mascall, Eric Lionel
        Christian theology and natural science: some questions on their relations 1956
        The recovery of unity: a theological approach 1958

Mascall, Leonard
        A booke of the arte and maner howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees, etc. Englished by L. M. 1572 (1592, 1652)
        The first (second, third) booke of cattell 1587 (1596, 1627)
        A profitable boke declaring dyuers approoued remedies to take out spottes and staines..With diuers colours how to die velvets and silkes tr. out of Dutch by L. M. 1583 (1588)

Masefield, John E.
        Ballads 1903
        Ballads and poems 1910
        The bird of dawning 1933
        Captain Margaret: a romance 1908
        The Conway, from her foundation to the present day 1933
        Dauber, a poem 1913
        Dead Ned: the autobiography of a corpse 1938
        The everlasting mercy 1911
        Gautama the enlightened, and other verse 1941
        The hawbucks 1929
        Live and kicking Ned 1939
        Lollingdon Downs and other poems, with sonnets 1917
        Odtaa 1926
        Reynard the fox; or, The ghost heath run 1919
        Salt-water ballads 1902
        Sard Harker 1924
        A tarpaulin muster 1907
        The tragedy of Nan, and other plays 1909
        The widow in the bye street 1912

Maskell, William
        Ivories ancient and mediæval 1872 (1875)
        Monumenta ritualia ecclesiæ anglicanæ 1846–47

Maskelyne, John N.
        Sharps and flats, a complete revelation of the secrets of cheating at games of chance and skill 1894

Maskelyne, Mervin H. N. Story-
        Crystallography: a treatise on the morphology of crystals 1895

Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley
        The house of the arrow 1924
        Miranda of the balcony 1899
        The truants 1904

Mason, Charles P.
        English grammar 1858 (1881)

Mason, Charlotte M.
        The forty shires: their history, scenery, arts and legends 1880 (1881)

Mason, Francis
        The authoritie of the church in making canons and constitutions..a sermon 1605 enlarged 1607

Mason, Francis
        The natural productions of Burmah 1850

Mason, Frederick A.
tr. G. von Georgievics’s A text-book of dye chemistry 1920

Mason, George
        A supplement to Johnson’s English dictionary 1801

Mason, Henry
        The epicures fast 1626
        The new art of lying covered by Jesuites under the vaile of equivocation discovered and disproved 1624

Mason, James
        The anatomie of sorcerie 1612

Mason, James
        The principles of chess in theory and practice 1894

Mason, John
        A briefe discourse of the New-found-land 1620 (Bannatyne Club 1867)

Mason, John
        Select remains a 1694 (1828)
        Spiritual songs or songs of praise 1683

Mason, John
        An essay on elocution (anon.) 1748
        An essay on the power and harmony of prosaic numbers (anon.) 1749
        An essay on the power of poetical compositions 1749
        Self-knowledge, a treatise shewing the nature and benefit of that important science and the way to attain it 1745 (1853)

‘Mason, Margery’
        The tickler tickled 1679

Mason, Monck
        Aeronautica; or, Sketches illustrative of the theory and practice of aerostation 1838

Mason, Richard Lakin
        The world of Suzie Wong 1957

Mason, William
        Caractacus, a dramatic poem 1759
        Correspondence See Gray, T.
        Elfrida, a dramatic poem 1752
        The English garden 1772–81
        Essays historical and critical on English church music 1795
        An heroic epistle to Sir W. Chambers 1773
        An heroic postscript to the public 1774
        Musæus, a monody to the memory of Mr. Pope 1744 (1747)

Masque of poets, A 1878

Massachusetts. Agricultural Survey
        First report on the agriculture of Massachusetts by H. Colman 1838
        Second report 1839

Massachusetts (Colony). House of Representatives
        Journals 1919–

Massachusetts Bay
See Records

Massachusetts Historical Society
        Collections 1792– (1806–)

Massachusetts spy, or the Worcester gazette, The 1772–1830

Massey, Gerald
        The natural genesis 1883

Massey, William
        The origin and progress of letters 1763

Massey, William N.
        A history of England during the reign of George the third 1855–63 (1863)

Massie, Joseph
        Reasons humbly offered against laying any farther tax on malt or beer 1760 (1770)

Massinger, Philip
        Dramatic works a 1640 (1840)
        The bashful lover, a tragicomedy 1636 (1655)
        Believe as you list, a tragedy 1631 (Percy Soc. 1849)
        The bond-man, an antient storie 1623 (1624)
        The city-madame, a comedie 1632 (1659)
        The duke of Millaine, a tragædie 1623
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—— & Dekker, T.
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—— & Field, N.
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Mathematical reviews 1940–

Mathematical tables and other aids to computation 1943–59

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—(new ed.) The history of king Philip’s war (1862)
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ed. A dictionary of Americanisms on historical principles
See under title

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        Theatre 1937
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        The voiage and travaile of Sir J. M. kt. c 1400 (Halllw. 1839)
Mandeville’s Travels (E.E.T.S. 1919)
See also Ser John Mandevelle

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—Glossary (repr. E.D.S. 1881)

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        See Müller, Friedrich Max

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See also Campbell, L.

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ed. Peninsular sketches 1845
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A continuation of Lucan’s historicall poem 1630
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Poetical translation of the verses in Barclay’s
(J.) Argenis 1628 (1629)
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—(UK ed.) 1951
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—(ed. 3) 1969

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See also Skeat, W. W.

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Mayhew, Henry
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