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See also Munday, A.

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        See Ziegler, E.

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See also Dacres, E.

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        See Mencken, Henry Louis

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Works of fancy and imagination

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ed. The lethal sex: the 1959 anthology of the Mystery Writers of America 1959 (UK 1962)
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See ‘Macdonald, Ross’

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See Macchiavelli, N.

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—(ed. 2) 1893

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The dark tower, and other radio scripts
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tr. Goethe’s Faust 1951
I crossed the Minch
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See also Auden, Wystan Hugh

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        See Blessington, Countess of

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See also Garth, Sir S. 1717; Medley 1710

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        See Manwayring

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See also Pollock, Sir F.

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ed. Shakespeare’s Works 1790 (1821)
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        See M., W.

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See Mills, M. A.

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ed. A collection of all the statutes made in the reigns of Charles I and Charles II (1667)

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        See Montagu, W. D.

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—(enlarged ed., see Fable of the bees, above)
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        See Maundeville

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        See Dominis, M. A. de

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See Boke

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Manning of Brunne, Robert
        See Brunne

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        Two discourses; the first shewing the chief criterions of philosophic truth..; the second, manifesting how all the foundations of the intellectual world..have been undermin’d by popish doctrines and policies 1681

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on the epistle of Jude 1658 (1871)
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See Herschel, Sir J. F. W.

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