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See Defensor

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        See Gillespie, G.

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        See Campbell, W. F.

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        See Hopley, Catherine C.

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See Marly

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See Katherine, St.

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        See ‘Lelius, Lord’

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        See Lily, P.

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        See Lyly, J.

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        Anima astrologiæ tr. 1676
        Christian astrology 1647
        His history of his life and times from 1602 to 1681 a 1681 (1715)
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—— & Moore, Thomas
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See Balmerino

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        See Tomkis, T.

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        See ‘Blaisdell, Anne’; ‘Egan, Lesley’; ‘Shannon, Dell’

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        Proceedings 1838–
        Transactions 1791–

Linnean Society of New South Wales
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Linnen and woollen manufactory discoursed 1691

Linnet’s trial 1864
        See Smedley, Menella B.

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        See Phillip, W.

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ed. Sheffield and its region 1956

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        My love! 1881
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        Through the long night 1889
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        See D., W.

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        Decorative wrought ironwork in Great Britain 1957

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        Granby 1826 (1836)

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        Poetical remains a 1645 (1863)
        The totall discourse of the rare adventures and painefull peregrinations of long nineteen yeares travayles 1632 (1682, 1906)
        A true experimentall and exact relation upon that famous siege of Newcastle 1645 (1820)

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        A monument of Christian munificence; or, an account of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross, and of the Hospital of Christ in Abingdon 1627 (1871)

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        On the nature and treatment of the deformities of the human frame 1853
        A treatise on the nature of club-foot and analogous distortions 1839

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        Plain reasons against joining the Church of Rome 1880

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        Reports 1683

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See also Coke, E.

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        Dictionnaire de la langue française 1863–77

Liturgies and occasional forms of prayer set forth in the reign of Queen Elizabeth 15.. (Parker Soc. 1847)

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        A treatise on the law of principal and agent 1818

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Lives of saints
See Ælfric; Bokenham; Saints’ lives; etc.

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        Particle physics: the high energy frontier 1968

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        See Lluelyn, M.

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        See Lloyd, L.

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        Folk song in England 1967

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        The treasury of health conteynyng many profitable medycines gathered out of Hypocrates, Galen and Avycen, by one Petrus Hyspanus tr. c 1550
See also Powel, David

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        Field sports of the north of Europe 1830
        Scandinavian adventures 1854

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        A briefe conference of divers lawes 1602
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        The first part of the diall of daies 1590
        The pilgrimage of princes 1573 (1586, 1607)
—another ed., entitled The marrow of history: or, The pilgrimage of kings and princes, corrected by R. C(odrington) (1653)

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        Poetical works a 1764 (1774)

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        An historical account of Church government 1684
        Pretences of the French invasion examined (anon.) 1692 (in Harl. Misc.)

Lloyd’s Natural history
See Sharpe, R. B.

Lloyd George, David
        See George, David Lloyd

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        Men-miracles. With other poems 1646

Llwyd, Humphrey
        See Lloyd, H.

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—ed. 2, with large additions 1694; ed. 4, with large additions 1700; ed. 5, with many large additions (1706)
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        A paraphrase and notes on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians, the first and second Epistles to the Corinthians, and the Epistles to the Romans and Ephesians a 1704 (1705–07)
The reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the Scriptures
A vindication of the reasonableness of Christianity from Mr. Edwards’s reflections
1695; a second vindication 1697
        Some considerations of the consequences of the lowering of interest and raising the value of money in a letter 1691 (1692)
        Further considerations concerning raising the value of money 1695
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ed. Guillemin’s (A.) Heavens 1866
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        The British Museum is falling down 1965
        Changing places 1975

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        A defence of poetry, music, and stage-plays 1579 (Shaks. Soc. 1853)
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        Rosalynde. Euphues golden legacie 1590
        Seneca’s Workes tr. 1614
        The wounds of ciuill war 1594
See also Greene, R.

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        Come and see. The blisse of brightest beautie: shining out of Sion 1614

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        Runnamede, a tragedy 1783

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Lommel’s (E.) Nature of light, with a general account of physical optics tr. 1874 (1875)

London, Bishop of 1696
        See Compton, Bp. Henry

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—— & Wise, Henry
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See Philosophical magazine

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        See Lovelich, H.

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tr. C. G. Jung’s Collected papers on analytical psychology 1916

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ed. Selections from unpublished records of government (Fort William) 1748–67 (1869)

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        Poetical works a 1882 (1910)
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        The divine tragedy 1871
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        Hyperion; a romance 1839
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        Kéramos, and other poems 1878
        The masque of Pandora, and other poems 1875
        The New England tragedies 1868
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Looker-on 1792–94
        See Roberts, W.

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        Ask a policeman 1955
        Murder in the mill-race 1952

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ed. Psycho-analysis today: its scope and function 1933

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        A discoverie of the sect of the Banians; The religion of the Persees 1630

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Lord’s trumpet, The
See Peden, Alex.

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        Van der Keessel’s Select theses tr. 1855

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        Jack Spurlock—prodigal 1908
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        Old Gorgon Graham: more letters from a self-made merchant to his son 1904

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        Homer and the monuments 1950

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Loseley manuscripts and other rare documents preserved at Loseley House, Surrey 15..–16.. (ed. A. J. Kempe 1836)

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        The Hudson, from the wilderness to the sea 1866

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        See Mozley, Mrs. Harriet

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Metaphysic tr. by B. Bosanquet 1884

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—revised and ed. by W. Robinson (1880)
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        Domestic pets 1851

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        Studies in Chaucer 1892

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        Cricket; an heroic poem 1740
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        Bonaventura’s Mirrour of the blessed lyf of Jesu Christ tr. c 1410 (Sherard MS.; W. de Worde 1517; 1908)

Love of fame 1728
        See Young, E.

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        Calprenéde’s Hymen’s Præludia; or, Love’s master-piece; being the first part of that romance intituled Cleopatra tr. 1652; the second part 1654; the third part 1655
        Letters a 1657 (1659, 1663)

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        Lucasta’s epodes, odes, sonnets, songs, etc. To which is added Aramantha, a pastorall 1649
        Lucasta: posthume poems a 1657 (1659, 1864)

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        The history of the Holy Grail tr. c 1450 (Roxb. Cl. 1861–63; E.E.T.S. 1874–75)
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—ed. 2, with many additions 1665
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        The Afghan war, 1838–42. From the journal and correspondence of Major-General Augustus Abbott 1879
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        A tour through the Islands of Orkney and Schetland, containing hints collected in 1774 a 1795 (1879)

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        A natural history of British grasses 1858

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—ed. 2, entitled A discourse of the whole art of chyrurgerie 1612; ed. 3, 1634

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        Extracts from a Lancashire diary 1663–78 (1876)

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        Writings v.d. (1890)
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        Near the ocean 1967
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        English surnames 1842 (1875)

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        The amourous fantasme, a tragi-comedy 1660
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        Diaries and letters 1911–1947 ed. S. Lowndes 1971
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        See Høffding, H.

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        The law of general average 1873 (1878)
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        John Guidfellow 1890

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        Isaiah; a new translation; with a preliminary dissertation, and notes critical, philological, and explanatory 1778
        Lectures on the sacred poetry of the Hebrews tr. by G. Gregory 1787 (1816)
        A letter to the author of ‘The divine legation of Moses demonstrated’ 1765
        The life of William of Wykeham 1758
        Sermons and other remains a 1787 (1834)
        A short introduction to the English grammar (anon.) 1762 (1763)

Lowth, William
        A commentary upon the larger and lesser prophets 1730
        A vindication of the divine authority and inspiration of the Old and New Testament 1692 (1699)

Loyal and impartial satyrist 1694
        See S., S.

Loyal convert 1643
        See Quarles, F.

Loyal songs, A collection of 1639–61 (1731)

Loyer’s (Pierre le) Treatise of specters or straunge sights tr. by Z. Jones 1605

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        Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest 1962

‘Luard, L.’ (William Blaine Luard)
        All hands 1933
        Conquering seas 1935

Luard, Nicholas
        The Robespierre serial 1975
        Travelling horseman 1975

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        Australian roundabout 1963

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        Pre-historic times, as illustrated by ancient remains, and the manners and customs of modern savages 1865 (1869, 1878)
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        Tartaglia’s (N.) Three bookes of colloquies concerning the arte of shooting tr. 1588

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        An essay on waters 1756

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        Over Bemerton’s: an easy-going chronicle 1908
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        Sketches of rural life and other poems 1889

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        Secularia; or, surveys in the mainstream of history 1862

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        The memoirs of gamesters and sharpers 1714

Lucca’s (G. di) Memoirs 1737
See Berington, S.

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        The nature and properties of wool illustrated 1805

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        Seamanship 1863

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        Klondike Kate: the life and legend of Kitty Rockwell 1962

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Luck of Ladysmede 1860
        See Collins, W. L.

Luckombe, Philip
        A concise history of the origin and progress of printing (anon.) 1770
—ed. 2, entitled The history and art of printing 1771

Luctus Britannici: or the tears of the British muses for the death of John Dryden 1700

Luctus Britannici; poem to the memory of R. L’Estrange 1705

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See Churchwardens

Ludlow, Edmund
        Memoirs a 1692 (1698–99, 1751, 1894)

Ludlow, Fitz H.
        Little brother, and other genre pictures 1867

Ludlow, John M.
        Popular epics of the Middle Ages of the Norse-German and Carlovingian cycles 1865
        A sketch of the history of the United States from Independence to Secession 1862

Ludlum, Robert
        The Holcroft covenant 1978
        The Matlock paper 1973

Ludus Coventriæ
See Coventry mysteries

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        The charters of London 1793

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        Diaries ed. M. Perham 4 vols. 1959–63

Lull, Richard Swann
        Organic evolution 1917

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        See Puttenham, G.

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        Edinburgh poems and songs 1899
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        Harrovians 1913

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        Flanders 1658
        London and the country carbonadoed and quartred into severall characters 1632 (in Harl. Misc.)

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        A dream of the Deuill and Diues 1584
        Sivqila; too good to be true 1580
        A thousand notable things of sundrie sorts 1579 (1585, 1675)

Lupton, Thomas
        Management and the social sciences 1966
—(ed. 2) 1970

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        Love and friendship 1962
        The nowhere city 1965
        Real people 1969
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        Auckland journals, 1850–63 ed. A. Drummond 1971
        Thames journals, 1868–82 ed. A. Drummond 1975

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        The Italian war 1848–49, and the last Italian poet (Giuseppe Giusti) 1859

Lushington, Thomas
        See ‘Jones, Robert’

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Lusted, Charles T.
        Studies in life and literature 1893

Lusty juventus c 1565
        See Wever, R.

Lutfullah, Autobiography of ed. E. B. Eastwick 1857

Luther’s Commentary upon Galatians tr. 1575
Vautrollier, T.

Luttrell, Narcissus
        A brief historical relation of state affairs 1678–1714 (1857)

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ed. Effie in Venice: unpublished letters of Mrs. John Ruskin written from Venice between 1849–1852 1965
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        Donovan 1882
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        We two 1884
        Won by waiting: a story of home life in France and England 1879

Lyall, Gavin Tudor
        Blame the dead 1972
        Judas country 1975
        The most dangerous game 1964
        Shooting script 1966

Lybeaus Disconus
See Libeaus Desconus

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        Vulgar and decimal arithmetic 1710

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        A true and exact account of the retaking of a ship calledThe Friend’s Adventure of Topsham’ tr. 1693 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VII)

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        The deer of all lands 1898
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        Tale of two merchants See Fabula, above
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Thebes, story of
1420–22 (in Chaucer’s Works, ed. 1561; Chaucer Soc. and E.E.T.S. 1911)
Troy book
1412–20 (1513, 1555; E.E.T.S. 1906–10)
        The vertue of ye masse 14.. (W. de Worde, repr. Huth, Fugitive tracts 1875; Minor poems, E.E.T.S. 1911)
See also Pilgrimage of the soul

—— & Burgh, Benedict
        Secrees of old philisoffres a 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1894)

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        Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum a 1767 (1772)
See also Junius, Francis, Jr.

Lye, Thomas
        New spelling-book 1677 (ed. 2)

Lyell, Sir Charles
        The elements of geology 1838
        The geological evidences of the antiquity of man 1863
        A manual of elementary geology 1851
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        A second visit to the United States of North America 1849
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        The translation of a sinner from death to life by the free grace of God 1648

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        Biology of micro-organisms 1969

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        Complete works a 1606 (1902)
        Dramatic works a 1606 (1858)
        Campaspe (anon.) 1584
—another issue, entitled A moste excellent comedie of Alexander, Campaspe, and Diogenes 1584
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        Euphues, the anatomy of wyt 1579 (Arber 1868)
        Euphues and his England 1580 (Arber 1868)
        Gallathea (anon.) 1592
        Midas (anon.) 1592
        Mother Bombie (anon.) 1594
        Sapho and Phao (anon.) 1584
        The woman in the moone 1597
See also Maid; Pappe with an hatchet

Lynch, Hannah
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        Lectures in aid of self-improvement 1853
        Memorials of Theophilus Trinal 1850
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        The quickening 1906

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        A case for the spectacles, or a defence of Via tuta a 1636 (1638)

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        Works a 1555 (1571, 1879, E.E.T.S. 1865–71)
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        The complaint and publict confessioun of the Kingis auld hound callit Bagsche c 1536
The complaynt
        The dreme 1528
        The historie (and testament) of ane nobil and waileand squyer, William Meldrum 1550 (1594)
        Kitteis confessioun c 1540
        The monarche (Ane dialog betuix experience and ane courteour) 1552
        Ane satyre of the thrie estaits 1540 (1602)
        The testament and complaynt of our soverane lordis papyngo 1530

Lyndewode, William
        Provinciale (seu Constitutiones Angliæ) 1433; Eng. transl. (1534)
Cui adjiciuntur Constitutiones Legatinæ D. Othonis, et D. Othoboni, cum annotationibus Johannis de Athona (1679)

Lyon, Francis Hamilton
tr. T. Heyerdahl’s The Kon-Tiki Expedition: by raft across the South Seas (US ed. with title Kon-Tiki: across the Pacific by raft) 1950

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        Journal of a residence and tour in the republic of Mexico in 1826 1828

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        The white hare, and other poems 1934

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        Introduction to theoretical linguistics 1968
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Lyra apostolica 1836 (1849)

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Lyrical ballads 1798; ed. 2, 1800

Lysons, Daniel
        The environs of London 1792–96

Lysons, Samuel
        An account of Roman antiquities discovered at Woodchester in Gloucester 1797

Lysons, Samuel
        Claudia and Pudens; or the early Christians in Gloucester 1861

Lyte, Henry
        Dodoens’ (R.) Niewe herball or historie of plantes tr. 1578

        The golden south: memories of Australian home life 1843–88 1890

Lytteil, William
        Landmarks of Scottish life and language 1877

Lyttelton, George, 1st Baron
        Works a 1773 (1774)
        Dialogues of the dead (anon.) 1760
—ed. 4, (with) four new dialogues 1765 (1776)
        The history of the life of King Henry the Second 1767–71
        Letters from a Persian in England to his friend at Ispahan 1735 (1744)
        Observations on the conversion and apostleship of St. Paul, in a letter to Gilbert West (anon.) 1747

Lyttelton, Robert H.
        See Steel, A. G.

Lyttelton, Sarah Spencer, Lady
        Correspondence 1787–1870 (1912)

Lyttleton, Raymond Arthur
        Mysteries of the solar system 1968

Lytton, David
        The goddam white man 1960

Lytton, Edward G. E. L. Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron
        Works a 1873 (1873–75)
        Alice, or the mysteries 1838
        Athens, its rise and fall 1837
        Calderon the courtier 1838
        Caxtoniana: a series of essays on life, literature, and manners 1863
        The Caxtons, a family picture 1849
        The coming race 1871
The disowned
        Ernest Maltravers 1837
        Eugene Aram 1832
        Falkland 1827
        Godolphin 1833
        Harold, the last of the Saxon kings 1848
        Kenelm Chillingly, his adventures and opinions a 1873
        King Arthur 1848–49
        The lady of Lyons; or love and pride; a play 1838
        The last days of Pompeii 1834
        The last of the barons 1843
        Leila; or the siege of Granada 1838
        Lucretia, or the children of night 1846
        My novel; or varieties in English life 1853
        The new Timon; a romance of London 1846
        Night and morning 1841
        The Parisians a 1873 (1874)
        Paul Clifford 1830
        Pausanias the Spartan a 1873 (1876)
        Pelham; or the adventures of a gentleman 1828
        The pilgrims of the Rhine 1834
        Richelieu; a play, with historical odes 1838
        Rienzi, the last of the tribunes 1835
        A strange story 1862
        What will he do with it? 1858
        The wooing of Master Fox (the separate publication in 1894 of ch. xii of The pilgrims of the Rhine)
        Zanoni 1842
        Zicci 1841 (a short sketch of prec., in Monthly chronicle)

Lytton, Edward R. Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of
        King Poppy a 1891 (1892)
        Lucile 1860
        Orval, or the fool of time 1869
        The ring of Amasis 1863
        The wanderer 1857
See also Fane, Julian C. H.

Lytton, Rosina Bulwer-Lytton, Baroness
        Cheveley; or the man of honour 1839

Lyvys of seyntys 1447
        See Bokenham, O.