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See also Capgrave, J.

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        See B., O.

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See also K., J.; Phillips, E.

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        See Van Buren, W. H.

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        See Montagu, Edward, 2nd Earl of Manchester

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        See Cook, Captain James

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(anon.) 1700
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ed. Black short story anthology 1972

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King Horn
See Horn

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King: see also Kyng(e

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        See Beatty-Kingston

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See also Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie

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See Head, R.
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        See Knox, William

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Nineteen years’ captivity (from the above, in Arber, Eng. Garner I)

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See Jeronimo; Soliman

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Kyng Horn
See Horn

Kynge Arthure (Copland 1557)
        See Malory, Sir T.

        See Kingsmill, A.