J. C. 1708
        See C., J.

J. D. 1613
        See Dennys, J.

J. S. 1758
        See Sparrow, J.

J., St. N.
        The widow’s mite 1695

J., W.
        Bruyn’s (C. de) Voyage to the Levant tr. 1702

Jack, John
        An historical account of St. Monance, Fifeshire 1844

Jack Horner, The history of ?a 1750

Jack Juggler. A new enterlued for chyldren to playe, named Jacke Jugeler c 1563 (Hazl. Dodsley)

Jack Straw. The life and death of Jacke Straw a notable rebell 1593 (Hazl. Dodsley)

Jack Upland 1402 (Wright, Polit. poems and songs, Rolls series; Skeat, Chaucerian pieces)

Jackson, Benjamin D.
        A glossary of botanic terms with their derivation and accent 1900

Jackson, Edward S.
        The cabinet of the earth unlocked 1867

Jackson, Emily
        A history of hand-made lace 1900

Jackson, George
        Soledad Brother: the prison letters of George Jackson 1970 (UK 1971)

Jackson, Georgina F.
        Shropshire word-book 1879–81

Jackson, Helen Hunt
        Sonnets and lyrics 1886
        Verses 1887–88

Jackson, James G.
        An account of the empire of Marocco 1809

Jackson, John
        The booke of conscience opened and read (a sermon) 1642
        The true evangelical temper; three sermons 1641

Jackson, Bp. John
        A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln, Oct. 1864

Jackson, John
        The practical fly-fisher 1880 (1899)

Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone
        Language and history in early Britain 1953

Jackson, Louis E. & Hellyer, C. R.
        A vocabulary of criminal slang, with some examples of common usages 1914

Jackson, Mary C.
        A chaperon’s cares 1878

Jackson, Richard A.
        Mechanism: an introduction to the study of organic reactions 1972

Jackson, Samuel
        Krummacher’s (F. W.) Elisha tr. 1838
        Strauss’ (G. F. A.) Reminiscences from the early life of a Lutheran clergyman tr. 1838

Jackson, Thomas
        Works a 1640 (1673; 1844)
        Christs answer unto Johns question 1624 (1625)
        Commentaries upon the apostles creed 1613–40 (bks. i, ii. 1613; iii. 1614; iv. 1615; v. 1625; vi. 1628, 1629; vii. 1634; viii. 1635; ix. 1638; x, xi. a 1640 (1654, 1657); xii. 1627)
        The eternal truth of scriptures a 1640 (1653)
        Judah must go into captivitie, six sermons 1622
        The worthy churchman 1628

Jackson, William
        The new and complete Newgate calendar, or villany displayed c 1780 (1800–08)

Jackson, William
        The doctrine of retribution (Bampton lectures) 1875

Jackson, William Hatchett
        See Rolleston, G.

Jackson’s recantation 1674
        See Head, R.

Jacob, Edward
        The history of..Faversham in..Kent 1774
        Plantæ Favershamienses. A catalogue of..plants growing..about Faversham 1777

Jacob, Giles
        The compleat court keeper, or land steward’s assistant 1713 (enlarged 1764, 1819)
        The compleat sportsman 1718
        A new law dictionary 1729 (1744)
—enlarged ed. 1797 See Tomlins, T. E.

Jacob, Gordon Percival Septimus
        Orchestral technique 1931

Jacob, Henry
ed. On the choice of a common language 1946
        A planned auxiliary language 1947

Jacob, Hildebrand
        Works v.d. (1735)

Jacob, John
        Annals of..the bailiwick of Guernsey 1830

Jacob, Violet
        The sheep-stealers 1902

Jacob and Esau, A new merry and witty comedie or enterlude..treating upon the historie of 1568 (Hazl. Dodsley)

Jacobi, Charles T.
        The printers’ vocabulary 1888
        Printing: a practical treatise on the art of typography 1890

Jacobite conventicle, a poem, The 1692

Jacobite relics
See Hogg, J.

Jacobite songs and ballads of Scotland from 1688 to 1746 (1860)

Jacob’s well, an englisht treatise on the cleansing of man’s conscience c 1440 (E.E.T.S. 1900)

Jacobs, Arthur
        A new dictionary of music 1958

Jacobs, Roderick A. & Rosenbaum, Peter S.
eds. Readings in English transformational grammar 1970

Jacobsen, Charles W.
        Oriental rugs: a complete guide 1962

Jacobson, Dan
        The confessions of Joseph Baisz 1977
        A dance in the sun 1956
        The trap 1955

Jacombe, Thomas
        Several sermons preached on (Romans viii) 1672 (1868)

Jacox, Francis
        Aspects of authorship 1872

Jaffe, Rona
        Class reunion 1979
        The fame game 1969 (UK 1970)

Jakobson, Roman & Halle, Morris
        Fundamentals of language 1956

Jaksch’s (R. von) Clinical diagnosis tr. J. Cagney 1890 (1899)

Jal, Auguste
        Glossaire nautique, répertoire polyglotte de termes de marine, anciens et modernes 1848

Jamaica, A new history of 1740

James I, King of Scotland
        The kingis quair: together with a ballad of good counsel 1423 (S.T.S. 1884, revised 1911)

James VI, King of Scotland, afterw. James I, of England
        Works v.d. (1616)
        or his maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne Henry the prince 1599 (1682)
        A counterblaste to tobacco 1604 (Arber)
        Dæmonologie, in forme of a dialogue 1597
        The essayes of a prentise, in the divine art of poesie 1585 (Arber)
        His majesties poeticall exercises at vacant houres (tr. Du Bartas) 1591
        The psalmes of David tr. a 1625 (1631)

James the sext, The historie and life of 1582–88 (1804)

James, Mrs. A. G. F. Eliot
        A guide to Indian household management 1879

James, Brian
        England v Scotland 1969

‘James, Brian’ (John Lawrence Tierney)
ed. Australian short stories (2nd ser.) 1963
For 1st ser. see Murdoch, Walter & Drake-Brockman, Henrietta

James, Charles
        A new and enlarged military dictionary 1802 (1810)

James, Charles T. C.
        The romantic rigmarole of a time out of town 1891

James, Edwin
        Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, performed in the years 1819, 1820. Compiled from the notes of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, and other gentlemen of the party 3 vols. 1823

James, George P. R.
        Agnes Sorel, an historical romance 1853
        Arrah Neil; or times of old 1845
        The brigand: see Corse de Léon, below
        The convict, a tale 1847
        Corse de Léon or the brigand, a romance 1841
Darnley, or the field of the cloth of gold
De l’Orme
        Forest days, a romance of old times 1843
        The gentleman of the old school, a tale 1839
        The gipsy: a tale 1835
        Heidelberg, a romance 1846
        The life and adventures of John Marston Hall 1834
        The life and times of Louis XIV 1838
        The old oak chest, a tale of domestic life 1850
        Philip Augustus, or the brothers in arms 1831
        The robber 1838
        The smuggler, a tale 1845
        The woodman; a romance of the times of Richard III 1849

James, Glenn & James, Robert Clarke
eds. Mathematics dictionary (multilingual ed.) 1959

James, Henry
        Substance and shadow: or morality and religion in their relation to life 1863

James, Henry
        The ambassadors 1903
        The awkward age 1899
        The Bostonians, a novel 1886
        Daisy Miller, a study 1878 (1879)
The Europeans, a sketch
The golden bowl
2 vols. 1904
        The ivory tower 1917
        A little tour in France 1884 (1885)
        The madonna of the future and other tales 1879
        The middle years 1917
        Notebooks ed. F. O. Matthiessen & K. B. Murdock 1947
        A passionate pilgrim and other tales 1875
The portrait of a lady
The reverberator
2 vols. 1888
        Roderick Hudson 1875 (revised 1879)
        The sense of the past 1917
        The spoils of Poynton 1897
        Tales of three cities 1884
        The tragic muse 1890
        Transatlantic sketches 1875
        The wings of the dove 2 vols. 1902 (UK ed. in 1 vol.)

James, John
        Le Blond’s (A. J. B.) Theory and practice of gardening tr. 1712 (1728)

James, Sir John K.
        Tasso’s (T.) Jerusalem delivered tr. 1864 (1865)

James, Leigh
        The chameleon file 1967 (UK 1968)

James, Phyllis Dorothy
        Death of an expert witness 1977
        Shroud for a nightingale 1971
        An unsuitable job for a woman 1972

James, Richard
        Iter Lancastrense; a poem 1636 (Chetham Soc. 1845)
        Minucius Felix his dialogue called Octavius tr. 1636

James, Robert
        A dissertation upon fevers and inflammatory distempers 1748 (1749)
        A medicinal dictionary 1743–45
ed. Moufet’s (T.) Health’s improvement 1746

James, Samuel B.
        Duty and doctrine; a book of sermons 1866 (1871)

James, T. Horton
        Six months in South Australia 1838

James, Thomas
        An apologie for John Wickliffe 1608
        The Jesuits downefall threatened against them 1612
        A manuduction or introduction into divinitie 1625
        A treatise of the corruption of scripture etc…by..the church of Rome 1611 (1612)

James, Thomas
        The strange and dangerous voyage of Captaine T. J. in his intended discovery of the northwest passage into the south sea 1633

James, Walter
        A word-book of wine 1959

James, William
        Collected essays and reviews ed. R. B. Perry 1920
        Essays in radical empiricism ed. R. B. Perry 1912
        Letters ed. H. James 2 vols. 1920
        The meaning of truth: a sequel to Pragmatism 1909
        Memories and studies ed. H. James 1911
        A pluralistic universe 1909
        Pragmatism: a new name for some old ways of thinking 1907
The principles of psychology
Some problems of philosophy: a beginning of an introduction to philosophy
        Talks to teachers on psychology, and to students on some of life’s ideals 1899
        A text-book of psychology 1892
        The varieties of religious experience (Gifford lectures) 1902
        The will to believe, and other essays in popular philosophy 1897
See also Perry, Ralph Burton

Jameson, Mrs. Anna
        A commonplace book of thoughts etc. 1854 (1877)
        Legends of the madonna as represented in the fine arts 1852 (1857)
        Legends of the monastic orders as represented in the fine arts 1850 (1863)
        Memoirs of the early Italian painters 1845
        Sacred and legendary art 1848 (1850)

Jameson, Margaret Ethel Storm
        A richer dust 1931

Jameson, Robert
        Manual of mineralogy 1821
        System of mineralogy 1804–08 (1816, 1820)
        A treatise on the external characters of minerals 1805
—ed. 3, 1817

Jamieson, John
        An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language 1808, Supplement 1825 (1879–82)
See also Donaldson, D.
        Hermes Scythicus, or the radical affinities of the Greek and Latin languages to the Gothic 1814

Jamieson, Robert
        Popular ballads and songs 1806

Jane, Queen (Lady Jane Grey)
        The chronicle of Queen Jane and of two years of Queen Mary 1553–54 (Camden Soc. 1850)

Jane, Frederic T.
        All the world’s fighting ships 1898
        The lordship, the passen, and we 1897
See also Jane’s below.

Jane, Joseph
        The image unbroken 1651

Jane’s all the world’s aircraft (title varies) 1909–

Jane’s fighting ships (title varies) 1898–

Jane’s freight containers 1968–

Jane’s surface skimmer systems (title varies) 1967–

Janeway, James
        Heaven upon earth: or the best friend in the worst of times 1670 (1677, 1847)

Janson, Charles W.
        The stranger in America 1807

Janua linguarum quadrilinguis 1617
        See Barbier, Jo.

Japp, Alex. H.
        See ‘Page, H. A.’

Jaques, Mary J.
        Texan ranch life 1894

Jardine, Sir William
        Contributions to ornithology 1848–52
        The natural history of humming birds 1833–34

Jarman, Thomas
ed. Powell’s (J. J.) Essay on devises 1827

Jarrow, Durham. The inventories and account rolls of the Benedictine houses..of Jarrow and Monk-Wearmouth v.d. (mostly c 1450) (Surtees Soc. 1854)

Jarvis, Charles
        Cervantes’ Life and exploits of..Don Quixote de la Mancha tr. a 1739 (1742)

Jarvis, Derek
tr. D. Hess’s Plant physiology 1975

Jasz-Berenyi’s (P. P.) Fax nova linguæ latinæ, a new torch to the latin tongue 1664

Jaunt in a junk, A; a ten days’ cruise in Indian seas 1884

Jay, William
        Autobiography a 1853 (1855)
        The Christian contemplated in a course of lectures 1826
        The domestic minister’s assistant or prayers for families 1820

Jazz and blues 1971–3

Jeaffreson, John C.
        A book about doctors 1860
        Brides and bridals 1872

Jeake, Samuel
        Charters of the Cinque ports tr. with annotations 1678 (1728)
        Logisticelogia, or arithmetic surveighed and reviewed 1674 (1696)

Jeanes, Henry
        A mixture of scholasticall divinity with practicall 1656
        A treatise concerning the fulnesse of Christ 1656

Jebb, John
        Remarks upon the present mode of education in the university of Cambridge 1772 (1773)

Jebb, Bp. John
        Thirty years’ correspondence between J. J. and A. Knox a 1831 (1834)

Jebb, John
        The choral service of the united church of England and Ireland 1843

Jebb, Richard
        General principles of law 1845 (Encycl. Metrop. II; 1847)

Jebb, Sir Richard C.
        The Attic orators 1876
        Bentley (English men of letters) 1882
        The Characters of Theophrastus tr. 1870
        Modern Greece 1880

Jefferie, J.
See Bugbears

Jefferies, Ian
        Dignity and purity 1960
        House-surgeon 1966
        It wasn’t me! 1961
        Thirteen days 1959

Jefferies, Richard
        The amateur poacher 1879
        Field and hedgerow, being the last essays of R. J. a 1887 (1889)
        The gamekeeper at home 1878
        Greene Ferne farm 1880
        Hodge and his masters 1880
        The life of the fields 1884
        Red deer 1884
        Round about a great estate 1880
        Toilers of the field a 1887 (1892)
        Wild life in a southern county 1879

Jefferson, Thomas
        Writings a 1826 (1859)
        Notes on the state of Virginia 1782 (1787)

Jeffrey, Francis, Lord Jeffrey
        Contributions to the Edinburgh review 1844

Jeffreys, Charles
        Geographical and descriptive delineations of Van Diemen’s Land 1820

Jeffries, Roderic Graeme
        Dead man’s bluff 1970
        Evidence of the accused 1961
        Exhibit no. thirteen 1962
        A traitor’s crime 1968

Jekyll, Gertrude
        Colour in the flower garden 1908
—(ed. 3, with title Colour schemes for the flower garden) 1914
        Wood and garden 1899

Jekyll, Joseph
        Correspondence..with his sister-in-law etc. 1775, 1818–38 (1894)

Jemima, a novel 1795

Jenison, Robert
        The narrative of R. J…containing a further discovery and confirmation of the late..popish plot 1679

Jenkin, Fleeming
        Electricity and magnetism 1873 (1881)

Jenkin, Henrietta C.
        Who breaks—pays (anon.) 1861

Jenkins, Daniel Thomas
        The educated society 1966

Jenkins, David
        Works, upon divers statutes concerning the liberty and freedome of the subject 1648

Jenkins, Elizabeth
        The tortoise and the hare 1954

Jenkins, Geoffrey
        A bridge of magpies 1974
        A twist of sand 1959

Jenkins, Herbert George
        John Dene of Toronto: a comedy of Whitehall 1919

Jenkins, James Travis
        The fishes of the British Isles 1925
—(ed. 2) 1936

Jenkins, (John) Edward
        Ginx’s baby 1870 (1879)
        Lord Bantam 1872

Jenkins, Tobias
        Father Paul’s (P. Sarpi) Treatise of ecclesiastical benefices and revenues tr. 1736

Jenkins, Vivian Gordon J.
        Lions down under: the British Isles Rugby tour of Australia and New Zealand, 1959 1960

Jenkins, Warren
        The Ohio gazetteer, and traveler’s guide 1837

Jenkinson, Anthony
        Early voyages and travels to Russia and Persia by A. J. and other Englishmen 15.. (Hakluyt Soc. 1886)

Jenkinson, Charles
        A treatise on the coins of the realm 1805

Jenkinson, Henry I.
        Practical guide to the English lake district 1872 (1879)

Jenkinson, James
        Linnæus’ (C.) Generic and specific description of British plants tr. 1775

Jenkinson, John W.
        Experimental embryology 1909

Jenks, Edward
        The government of Victoria (Australia) 1891

Jenkyn, William
        The blind guide or the doting doctor 1648
        Reformations remora 1646
        A shock of corn coming in in its season 1653 (1654)
        The stil-destroyer or self-seeking discovered 1645

Jenner, Charles
        The placid man, or memoirs of Sir C. Beville 1770 (1773)

Jenner, Edward
        An inquiry into the causes and effects of the variolæ vaccinæ 1798 (1884 repr. of 1801)

Jenness, Diamond
        The Indians of Canada 1932
—(ed. 2) 1934

Jennett, Seán
        The making of books 1951

Jennings, Hargrave
        Phallicism, celestial and terrestrial, heathen and christian 1884

Jennings, James
        Observations on some of the dialects in the west of England, particularly Somersetshire etc. 1825 (1869)

Jennings, Jo.
        Elise: or innocence guilty, a romance tr. 1655

Jennings, Louis J.
        Field paths and green lanes, being country walks chiefly in Surrey and Sussex 1877 (1884)

Jennings, Paul
        The living village 1968

Jennings, Samuel
        My visit to the gold fields in the south-east Wynaad 1881

Jenyns, Leonard
        A manual of British vertebrate animals 1835

Jenyns, Soame
        Poems a 1787 (1790; Chalmers 1810)
        A free enquiry into the nature and origin of evil 1757
        A view of the internal evidence of the christian religion 1776

Jephson, John M. & Reeve, L.
        Narrative of a walking tour in Brittany 1859

Jephson, Robert
        Braganza, a tragedy 1775

Jerdan, William
        Autobiography a 1850 (1852–53)

Jerdon, Thomas C.
        The birds of India 1862–64
        The mammals of India 1867

Jerningham, Frances, Lady
        The Jerningham letters 1780–1843, being excerpts from the correspondence of Lady J. and of her daughter Lady Bedingfield (1896)

Jerome, St. St. Jeremie’s 15 tokens before doomsday c 1350 (Adam Davy etc. E.E.T.S. 1878)

Jerome of Brunswyke
See Brunswyke, H.

Jerome, Jerome K.
        The idle thoughts of an idle fellow 1886 (1889)
        On the stage and off: the brief career of a would-be actor 1885
        Three men in a boat 1889
        Three men on the bummel 1900

Jeronimo, The first part of 1605 (Dodsley; Kyd’s Works 1901)

Jerrard, Harold George & McNeill, Donald Burgess
        A dictionary of scientific units, including dimensionless numbers and scales 1963

Jerrold, Douglas
        The history of St. Giles and St. James 1851
        Men of character 1838
        Mrs. Caudle’s curtain lectures 1846
        Punch’s letters to his son 1843 (1863)

Jerrold, William Blanchard
        At home in Paris: at peace and at war 1871
        London (illustr. G. Doré) 1872

Jersey Evening Post (St. Helier, Jersey) 1890–

Jespersen, Jens Otto Harry
        Essentials of English grammar 1933
        Growth and structure of the English language 1905
        An international language 1928
        Language: its nature, development and origin 1922
        Mankind, nation and individual from a linguistic point of view 1925
        A modern English grammar on historical principles 7 parts 1909–49 (parts 6 & 7 by Jespersen & N. Haislund)
        The philosophy of grammar 1924
        The system of grammar 1933

Jesse, E.
        See Knapp, J. L.

Jesse, George R.
        Researches into the history of the British dog 1866

Jesse, John Heneage
        George Selwyn and his contemporaries 1843–44

Jessop, Constant
        The angel of the church of Ephesus no bishop of Ephesus 1644

Jessopp, Augustus
        Arcady for better or worse 1887
        The coming of the friars, and other historical essays 1889
        Random roaming and other papers 1894
        Studies by a recluse 1893
        Jesuites reasons unreasonable, or doubts proposed to the Jesuits, The 1662 (1675)

Jetzer, The tragical history of tr. 1679
        See Waller, Sir W.

Jevons, William Stanley
        Elementary lessons in logic 1870
        Logic (Science primer) 1876
        Money and the mechanism of exchange 1875 (1878)
        Political economy (Science primer) 1878
        The principles of science 1874 (1879)
        Pure logic; or the logic of quality apart from quantity 1864
        The theory of political economy 1871

Jewel, John
        Works a 1571 (1611; Parker Soc. 1845–50; 1848)
        An apologie..in defence of the church of England tr. (anon.) 1562
—tr. (Lady Ann Bacon) 1564 (Parker Soc.)
A defence of the apologie 1567 (also 1569)
        Certaine sermons a 1571 (1583, 1611, Parker Soc.)
        The copie of a sermon..at Paules crosse 1560
        An exposition upon the two epistles..to the Thessalonians a 1571 (1583)
        A replie unto M. Hardinges answeare 1565 (1611)
        A treatise of the sacraments a 1571 (1583)
        The true copies of the letters betwene J. and Dr. Cole 1560
        A viewe of a seditious bul 1569 (1582)

Jewett, Sarah Orne
        A country doctor 1884
        Deephaven 1877 (1893)
        Tales of New England 1893

Jewish Chronicle 1841–

Jewish encyclopedia, The ed. I. Singer 12 vols. 1901–6

Jewish manual, the; or, Practical information in Jewish and modern cookery, with a collection of valuable recipes & hints relating to the toilette, ed. by a Lady 1846

Jewitt, Llewellyn F. W.
        The ballads and songs of Derbyshire 1867
        The ceramic art of Great Britain 1878

Jewry, Mary
        Warne’s model cookery and housekeeping book 1868

Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer
        Get ready for battle 1962
        The householder 1960
        A new dominion 1972
        To whom she will 1955

Joceline, Elizabeth
        The mothers legacie 1624

Jodrell, Richard P.
        The Persian heroine, a tragedy 1786
        Philology of the English language 1820

Joesten, Joachim
        They call it intelligence 1963

Johannsen, Albert
        A descriptive petrography of the igneous rocks 4 vols. 1931–8
—(ed. 2) Vol. I 1939

Johannsen, Hano & Robertson, Andrew
        Management glossary eds. E. F. L. Brech 1968

John, king of England, The troublesome raigne of (2 parts) 1591 (1611, 1764)

John, Griffith
        A voice from China 1907

John a Kent. The book of John a Kent and John a Cumber, a comedy by A. Munday 1595 (Shaks. Soc. 1851)

John Edwards Memorial Foundation
        Quarterly (title varies) 1965–

John o’London’s weekly 1919–54; revived as John o’London’s 1959–

John Thompson’s man; or, a short survey of the difficulties and disturbances that may attend a married life 1829

Johns, Charles A.
        British birds in their haunts 1862
        Flowers of the field 1851
        A week at the Lizard 1848 (1874)

Johns Hopkins Hospital
        Bulletin 1889–1966

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
        Studies from the biological laboratory 1881–
        Studies in historical and political science 1882–

Johnson, Mrs. Anna M.
        Monmouth (a novel) 1790

Johnson, Bryan Stanley
        Travelling people 1963

Johnson, Charles
        The country lasses, or the custom of the manor, a comedy 1714
        The tragedy of Medea 1731

Johnson, Cuthbert W.
        The farmer’s encyclopædia and dictionary of rural affairs 1842

Johnson, Daniel
        Sketches of field sports as followed by the natives of India 1822 (1827)

Johnson, Edward
        A history of New England..untill..1652: or the wonder-working providence of Sions saviour 1654 (1867)

Johnson, Edwin
        Antiqua mater: a study of Christian origins (anon.) 1887
        The rise of Christendom 1890

Johnson, George W.
ed. The cottage gardeners’ dictionary 1852
        A dictionary of modern gardening 1846

Johnson, H. C. Ross
        A long vacation in the Argentine Alps 1868

Johnson, James
        The Scots musical museum 1787–1803

Johnson, John
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See also Boswell, J.

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See Cassell’s ——
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