Horæ subsecivæ 1777 (MS. Devonshire glossary)

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        Works a1773 (1828)

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        The history of Newmarket, and the annals of the turf 1885–86

Hore beate marie virginis 1510 (1531)

Horizon: a review of literature and art 1940–50

Horlock, Knightley W. (‘Scrutator’)
        The country gentleman 1862

Horman, William
        Vulgaria 1519

Horn, Thomas & Robotham, John
        See Comenius, J. A.

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Hornaday, William T.
        Two years in the jungle 1885

Hornby, Lady Emelia B.
        In and around Stamboul 1858
—another ed., entitled Constantinople during the Crimean War 1863

Hornby, William
        The scourge of drunkennes 1618 (Halliwell 1859)

Horne, Bp. George
        Works a1792 (1809, 1818)
        A commentary on the Book of Psalms 1776
        Discourses on several subjects and occasions a1792 (1827)
        Letters on infidelity 1784

Horne, John
        A year in Fiji 1881

Horne, Richard H.
        Gregory VII; a tragedy 1840

Horne, Thomas H.
        An introduction to the critical study and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures 1818–21

Horneck, Anthony
        The crucified Jesus 1686
        The great law of consideration 1677 (1704)
        The happy ascetick 1681

Horner, Susan & Joanna
        Walks in Florence 1873 (1884)

Hornsby, Henry
        Lonesome valley 1949

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        The amateur cracksman 1899
        The black mask 1901
        Mr. Justice Raffles 1909
        Under two skies 1892

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ed. Masses in Latin American 1970
ed. The new sociology 1964

Horrobin, David Frederick
        Science is God 1969

Hors, shepe, and ghoos c 1470 (Caxton 1479; Roxb. Cl. 1822)
See also Lydgate, J.

Horse and hound 1884–

Horsey, Sir Jerome
        Travels in Russia a1627 (Hakluyt Soc. 1856)

Horsfield, Thomas
        Zoological researches in Java, and the neighbouring islands 1824

Horsley, John W.
        Jottings from jail 1887

Horsley, Bp. Samuel
        Charges 1790–1806 (1813)
        A sermon preached before the Lords, Jan. 30 1793
        Sermons a1806 (1816)
        Speeches in parliament a1806 (1813)

Horsley, Terence
        Find, fix and strike: the work of the Fleet Air Arm 1943

Horsley, William
        The fool 1746–47 (1748)

Horstmann, Carl
ed. Altenglische Legenden (Childhood of Jesus; Birth of Jesus; Baarlaam and Josaphat; St. Patrick’s purgatory) (1875)
—2nd series (1881)
        Sammlung Altenglischer Legenden (1878)

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        Village sermons a1892 (1897)

Hort, Abp. Josiah
        Instructions to the clergy of the diocese of Tuam, July 8 1742
        Sermons on practical subjects a1751 (1757)

Horton, Robert F.
        The teaching of Jesus 1895

Horton, Thomas
        Wisdomes judgment of folly 1653

Hortop, Job
        The trauailes of an Englishman 1591 (in Hakluyt, Voy. III. 1600)

Hortus Anglicus 1822
        See Clarke, Stephen

Hortus third: a concise dictionary of plants cultivated in the United States and Canada (Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium) 1976

Horwill, Herbert William
        A dictionary of modern American usage 1935
—(ed. 2) 1944

Horwood, Harold Andrew
        Newfoundland 1969

Hosie, Alexander
        Three years in Western China 1890

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        Talpa; or, the chronicles of a clay farm 1852 (1854)

Hosmer, James K.
        A short history of Anglo-Saxon freedom 1890

Hospitalier’s (E.) Modern applications of electricity tr. by J. Maier 1882

Hospitall of incurable fooles 1600
        See Blount, E.

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        It’s a racket! 1929

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        Technical terms of the printing industry 1949
—(ed. 3) 1959

Hot car 1968–

Hotel world, The 1875–

Hotten, John C.
        A dictionary of modern slang, cant, and vulgar words 1859 (1860, 1864, 1874)

Houdin (R.) tr.
        See Wraxall, Sir F. C. L.

Houghton, R. M. Milnes, 1st Baron
        A selection from his works 1867
        Life, letters, and friendships, by T. W. Reid (1890)
        Palm leaves; poems 1844

Houghton, John
ed. A collection of letters for the improvement of husbandry and trade 1681–83
        A collection for improvement of husbandry and trade 1692–1703

Houghton, Thomas
        The laws of the miners in the Forrest of Dean 1687
        The ancient laws of the miners in the King’s Forrest of Mendipp 1687
        Rara avis in terris; or the compleat miner; containing the liberties, laws and customs of the lead-mines in Derbyshire, the art of dialling and levelling grooves. With an explanation of the miners terms of art 1681 (E.D.S. 1874)

Houghton, William
        Sketches of British insects 1875

See Holland, Sir R.

Hoult, Powis
        Dialogues on the efficacy of prayer 1892

House and garden (New York) 1901–
UK ed. 1920–4
—(new series) 1946–

House of Commons, Complaint to 1642

House of Commons
        Journals 1547– (1803– )

House of Lords
        Journals 1509– (c 1800– )

House that Jack built, The (nursery rime) ?a 1750

Household, Geoffrey Edward West
        Doom’s caravan 1971
        Rogue male 1939

Household ordinances (A collection of ordinances and regulations for the government of the Royal Household, Edward III to King William and Mary; also receipts in ancient cookery) v.d. (Society of Antiquaries of London 1790)

Household words; weekly journal, conducted by C. Dickens 1850–59

Householder, Fred Walter
        Linguistic speculations 1971

—— & Saporta, Sol
eds. Problems in lexicography [report of the Conference on Lexicography, Indiana University, 1960] 1962

Housewife 1939–

Housman, Alfred E. (1859–1936) Collected poems 1939
        Letters ed. H. Maas 1971
        More poems 1936
        A Shropshire lad 1896

Housman, Lawrence
        The unexpected years 1937

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        A dictionary of electrical words, terms and phrases 1889 (1898)

Houston, Margaret Bell
        The witch man 1922

Houston Chronicle (Houston, Texas) 1901–

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        Texas and the Gulf of Mexico; or yachting in the New World 1844
        Twenty years in the Wild West; or, life in Connaught 1879

Hovering craft and hydrofoil 1961–

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        Experiments on mass communication 1949

How, Frederick D.
        Bishop Walsham How; a memoir 1898

How, William 1650
        See Howe, W.

How a man may chuse a good wife from a bad, A pleasant conceited comedie, wherein is shewed 1602 (in Hazl., Dodsley)

How the good wijf taugte hir doughtir c. 1430 (in Babees book, E.E.T.S. 1868; Hazlitt, Early pop. poetry I. 1864); a 1450 (‘The thewis off gudwomen’ in Ratis Raving, etc., E.E.T.S. 1870); a 1487 (in Barbour’s Bruce, II. S.T.S. 1894); 15.. (in Q. Eliz. Achad., E.E.T.S. 1869)

How to make useful things 1902

Howard, Alexander Liddon
        A manual of the timbers of the world 1920
—(rev. ed.) 1934

Howard, Edward
        The six days adventure, or the new Utopia. A comedy 1671

Howard, Edward G. G.
        Jack ashore 1840
        The old commodore 1837
        Rattlin the reefer 1836

Howard, Elizabeth Jane
        After Julius 1965

‘Howard, Hartley’ (Leopold Horace Ognall)
        Highway to murder 1973
        Nice day for a funeral 1972

Howard, Henry
        See Surrey, Earl of

Howard, Henry, Earl of Northampton
        A defensative against the poyson of supposed prophesies 1583

Howard, John
        The state of the prisons in England and Wales 1777 (1780)

Howard, John A.
        Aerial photo-ecology 1970

Howard, John E.
        The quinology of the East Indian plantations 1869–76

Howard, Luke
        On the modifications of clouds 1830 (1865)

Howard, Middleton
        The conquest of Quebec: a poem 1768

Howard, Richard
tr. S. de Beauvoir’s Force of circumstance 1965

Howard, Sir Robert
        The committee; or, the faithful Irishman. A comedy 1665
        Preface to Four new plays (The surprisal; The committee; The Indian queen; The vestal virgin) 1665 (in Arber, Eng. Garner III)
        Preface to The great favourite, or the Duke of Lerma 1668 (ibid.)

Howard, Lord William of Naworth Castle, Selections from the household books of 16.. (Surtees Soc. 1878)

Howard household books (Household books of John Duke of Norfolk, and Thomas Earl of Surrey) 1481–90 (Roxb. Cl. 1844)

Howard journal 1921–

Howarth, Thomas Graham
        South’s British butterflies, based extensively on the classic by Richard South 1973

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eds. Dictionary of world history 1973

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ed. The London compositor: documents relating to wages, working conditions and customs of the London printing trade 1785–1900 1947

Howe, Henry
        Historical collections of Ohio 1847

Howe, John
        Works a1705 (1724, 1862–63)
        The blessedness of the righteous 1668 (1826)
        The living temple 1675

Howe, William
        Phytologia Britannica, natales exhibens indigenarum stirpium sponte emergentium (anon.) 1650

Howel, Laurence
        Desiderius, or the original pilgrim 1717

Howell, James
        Dodona’s grove, or the vocall forrest 1640 (1649)
        England’s teares for the present warres 1644
        Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ: familiar letters domestic and forren 1645; a new volume of letters 1647 (1650, 1655, 1726, 1890–92)
        Giraffi’s (A.) Exact historie of the late revolutions in Naples tr. 1650–52
        Historical discourses of the late popular insurrections in Great Britain and Ireland 1661
        Instructions for forreine travell 1642 (Arber 1869)
        Lexicon tetraglotton, an English-French-Italian-Spanish dictionary 1660
        Londinopolis; an historicall discourse, or perlustration of the City of London 1657
        Lustra Ludovici; or the life of the late victorious king of France Lewis the XIII 1646
        Parables reflecting upon the times (anon.) 1643
        A perfect description of the people and country of Scotland 1649
        The preheminence and pedigree of parliament 1644
        A survay of the signorie of Venice 1651
        the parley of beasts 1660
        The tru informer 1642 (in Historical discourses 1661)
        A particular vocabulary or nomenclature in English, Italian, French, and Spanish, of the proper terms belonging to several arts and sciences 1659 (Pt. II of Lexicon)
        The vote; or a poeme royall presented to his maiestie for a new-yeares-gift 1642

Howell, Mary J.
        The hand-book of dress-making 1845

Howell, Thomas
        Poems a1581 (Grosart 1879)
        The arbor of amitie wherein is comprised pleasant poems and pretie poesies 1568 (1879)
        His deuises, for his owne exercise, and his friends pleasure 1581 (1879)
        Pleasant sonnets and prettie pamphlets 1568 (1879)

Howell, Thomas B. & Thomas J.
        Cobbett’s Complete collection of state trials, with notes by Thomas B. Howell 1809–14
—continued by Thomas J. Howell 1817–26

Howells, William D.
        Annie Kilburn 1888
A foregone conclusion
A hazard of new fortunes
        Impressions and experiences 1896
        Italian journeys 1867
        The Kentons 1902
        The lady of the Aroostook 1879
        The landlord at Lion’s head 1897
        Literature and life: studies 1902
        An open-eyed conspiracy: an idyl of Saratoga 1898
        The rise of Silas Lapham 1884–85
        Suburban sketches 1871
        The undiscovered country 1880
        Their wedding journey 1871
        A traveller from Altruria 1894
        Venetian life 1866
        A woman’s reason 1883

Howie, John
        Reformation principles 1787

Howitt, Mary
        An autobiography a 1888 (ed. Marg. Howitt 1889)
        Ballads and other poems 1847
        Bremer’s (F.) Greece and the Greeks tr. 1863
        Sketches of natural history 1834 (1851)

Howitt, Richard
        Impressions of Australia Felix 1845

Howitt, William
        The book of the seasons 1831
        Land, labour, and gold; or, two years in Victoria 1855
        The rural and domestic life of Germany 1842
        The rural life of England 1838 (1862)
        The year-book of the country 1850

Howitt’s journal of literature and popular progress 1847–8

Howorth, Sir Henry H.
        The glacial nightmare and the flood 1893

Howson, Albert Geoffrey
        A handbook of terms used in algebra and analysis 1972

Howson, Edmund W. & Warner, George T.
        Harrow school 1898

Howson, Bp. John
        A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 4 of December 1597

Howson, John S.
        The metaphors of St. Paul 1868 (1870)

Hoy, Thomas
        Agathocles, the Sicilian usurper; a poem 1683

Hoyle, Edmond
        An essay towards making the game of chess easily learned 1761
        Hoyle’s games modernized (new ed., rev. by L. H. Dawson) 1923
        A short treatise on the game of back-gammon 1745; brag 1751; piquet 1744; quadrille 1745; whist 1742
See also ‘Crawley, Capt. R.’; Hardy, F.; Jones, C.

Hoyle, Fred
        The black cloud 1957
        Frontiers of astronomy 1955
        Galaxies, nuclei and quasars 1965 (UK 1966)
        Ice 1981
        The nature of the universe: a series of broadcast lectures 1950

See Carew, R.

Hubbard, Clifford Lionel Barry
        Dogs in Britain 1948
        The observer’s book of dogs 1945

Hubbard, Philip Maitland
        The custom of the country 1967 (UK 1969)
        High tide 1970 (UK 1971)
        Picture of Millie 1964

Hubbard, William
        The happiness of a people in the wisdome of their rulers directing 1676
        A narrative of the troubles with the Indians in New-England 1677
—another ed., entitled The present state of New England, being a narrative of the troubles etc. 1677
—entitled The history of the Indian wars in New England (1865)

Hubbert, Thomas
        Pilula ad expurgandam hypocrisin. A pill to purge formality 1650

Hubble, Edwin Powell
        The realm of the nebulæ 1936

Hubbocke, William
        An apologie of infants, in a sermon prouing that children preuented by death of their baptisme may be saued 1595

Hubert, Sir Francis
        The deplorable life and death of Edward the Second (anon.) 1628
—another ed., entitled The historie of Edward the Second 1629

Huddesford, George, et al.
        Salmagundi; a miscellaneous combination of original poetry 1791 (1795)

Hudibras redivivus 1705–07
        See Ward, E.

Hudiger, Paul
        The Didoniad, a semi-Virgilian nautic epic 1831

Hudson, Charles Thomas & Gosse, P. H.
        The rotifera 2 vols. & Suppl. 1886–9

Hudson, Derek Rommel
        Munby: man of two worlds. The life and diaries of Arthur J. Munby 1828–1910 1972

Hudson, Henry N.
        Hamlet 1879

Hudson, Kenneth
        The jargon of the professions 1978

Hudson, Michael
        The divine right of government 1647

Hudson, Thomas
        Du Bartas’ (G. de S.) Historie of Judith in forme of a poeme tr. 1584 (at end of Sylvester’s tr. of Du Bartas 1608, etc.)

Hudson, William
        Flora Anglica 1762 (1798)

Hudson, William Henry
        Far away and long ago: a history of my early life 1918
        Green mansions: a romance of the tropical forest 1904
        Idle days in Patagonia 1893
        The naturalist in La Plata 1892

Hudson’s Bay Record Society
        Publications 1938–

Hueffer, Ford Madox
        See Ford, Ford Madox

Hueffer, Francis
        Musical studies: a series of contributions 1880

Hueppe’s (F.) Principles of bacteriology tr. by E. O. Jordan 1899

Hues’ (R.) Treatise of globes tr. 1638
        See Chilmead, J.

Hughes, Anne
        Henry and Isabella; or, a traite through life 1788

Hughes, Arthur Frederick William
        The mitotic cycle: the cytoplasm and nucleus during interphase and mitosis 1952

Hughes, Dorothy Belle
        The expendable man 1963 (UK 1964)

Hughes, George
        The art of embalming dead saints 1642
        The saints losse and lamentation 1632

Hughes, George Edward & Londey, David George
        The elements of formal logic 1965

Hughes, Griffith
        The natural history of Barbados 1750

Hughes, John
        St. Pauls exercise; or a sermon of conscience 1622

Hughes, John
        Poems a1720 (1790)
        The siege of Damascus; a tragedy 1720 (1777)

Hughes, Mary Vivian
        A London child of the seventies 1934

Hughes, Matthew L.
        Mediterranean, Malta, or undulant fever 1897

Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren
        A high wind in Jamaica 1929
        In hazard 1938

Hughes, Ted
        Crow: from the life and songs of the crow 1970
        The hawk in the rain 1957
        Lupercal 1960

Hughes, Thomas
        The misfortunes of Arthur 1587 (in Certaine deuises and shewes; in Hazl., Dodsley)

Hughes, Thomas
        The scouring of the White Horse 1859
        Tom Brown’s school days 1857
        Tom Brown at Oxford 1861

Hughes, Thomas Patrick
        A dictionary of Islam 1885

Hughes, Thomas S.
        Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania 1820

Hughes, William
        The American physitian 1672

Hughes, William
        The man of sin: or a discourse of popery 1677

Hugo’s (Victor) Hunchback of Notre-Dame tr. 1839
        Les misérables tr. (by Sir F. C. L. Wraxall) 1862

Huish, Robert
        Memoirs of George the Third 1821

Huke, Douglas Wynne
        Introduction to natural and synthetic rubbers 1961

Hulke, J. W. 1883
        See Holmes, T.

Hull, Clark Leonard
        Principles of behavior: an introduction to behavior theory 1943

Hull, Richard Francis Carrington, et al.
tr. C. G. Jung’s Collected works 20 vols. 1953–79

Hull, Thomas
        The history of Sir William Harrington 1771 (1797)
        Select letters between the late Duchess of Somerset, Lady Luxborough, and others; including a sketch of the manners, laws, etc. of the republic of Venice 17.. (ed. by T. Hull 1778)

Hull, William
        The mirrour of maiestie; set forth in five sermons 1615

Hull Advertiser and Exchange gazette 1796– (various years)

Hull letters printed from a collection of original documents found in the Town Hall, Hull 1625–46 (ed. by T. T. Wildridge 1888)

Hulme, Alfred Cresswell
        The biochemistry of fruits and their products 2 vols. 1970–1

Hulme, F. Edward
        Familiar wild flowers figured and described 1877–84

Hulme, Kathryn Cavarly
        The nun’s story 1956

Hulme, Robert T.
        Moquin-Tandon’s (H.-B. A.) Elements of medical zoology tr. 1861

Huloet, Richard
        Abcedarium Anglico Latinum 1552
—newelye corrected by John Higgins 1572

Human world: a quarterly review of English letters 1970–

Humble, William
        Dictionary of geology and mineralogy 1840

Humboldt’s (F. H. A. von) Geognostical essay on the superposition of rocks in both hemispheres tr. 1823
        Travels and researches tr. by W. Macgillivray 1832
        Views of nature, tr. by E. C. Otté and H. G. Bohn 1850
See also Ross, Thomasina

Hume, Alexander
        Poems a1609 (S.T.S. 1902)
        Ane afold admonitioun to the ministerie of Scotland 1609 (in Wodrow Soc. Misc. 1844)
        Hymnes, or sacred songs, and certain precepts 1599 (Bannatyne Cl. 1832)

Hume, Alexander
        Of the orthographie and congruitie of the Britan tongue c 1620 (E.E.T.S. 1865)

Hume, David
        The history of the houses of Douglas and Angus 1644

Hume, Sir David
        Domestic details 1697–1707 (1843)

Hume, David
        Philosophical works a1776 (1826, 1874–75)
        An enquiry concerning the principles of morals 1751
        Essays, moral and political 1741–42 (1742)
        Essays and treatises on several subjects 1752 (1777)
        The history of Great Britain (under the House of Stuart) 1754–57
        The history of England under the House of Tudor 1759
from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the accession of Henry VII 1762
to the Revolution in 1688 1763
The history of England to the Revolution in 1688
The natural history of religion
1757 (in Four dissertations)
        Philosophical essays concerning human understanding 1748
        Political discourses 1752
        A treatise of human nature (anon.) 1739–40

Hume, Fergus
        Madame Midas: realistic and sensational story of Australian mining life 1888
        The mystery of a Hansom cab 1888

Hume, John
        The Jewes deliverance out of Babylon 1628

Hume, Sir Patrick
        Narrative of occurrences in the expedition of the Earl of Argyle in 1685 16.. (at end of G. Rose’s Observ. C. J. Fox 1809)

Humfrey, John
        De justificatione Baxteriana coronis 1707
        A letter to G. Keith, concerning the salvability of the heathen 1700
        Mediocria; or the middle way between Protestant and Papist 1695 (ed. 2)
        A paper to William Penn, at the departure of that gentleman to his territory (anon.) 1700
        The righteousness of God revealed in the Gospel 1697

Humourist, The 1720–25
        See Gordon, T.

Humours and conversations of the town, expos’d in two dialogues 1693

Humphrey, George
        Thinking 1951

Humphrey, John
        See Humfrey, John

Humphrey, John Herbert & White, R. G.
        Immunology for students of medicine 1963

Humphrey, Richard
        Saint Ambrose’s Christian offices crystal glasse tr. 1637

Humphreys, David
        The Yankey in England 1815
        Miscellaneous works 1790
        Poems 1789 (ed. 2)

Humphreys, Henry N.
        British moths and their transformations 1843–45
        The coin collector’s manual 1853 (1876)

Humphries, Derek W. & Humphries, Evelyn E.
tr. H. & G. Termier’s Erosion and sedimentation 1963

Humphry, Sir George M.
        Observations in myology 1872

Hundred merry tales (A C. mery talys) ?1525 (Hazlitt 1887)

Hungerford, Mrs. Margaret W. (formerly M. W. Argles)
        Green pleasure and grey grief 1886
        A lonely girl 1896
        A maiden all forlorn and other stories 1885

Hunnis, William
        Hunnies recreations: conteining foure godlie and compendious discourses. Whereunto is newly adjoyned The creation, or first weeke; the life and death of Joseph, etc. 1595
        A hyue full of hunnye: contayning the firste booke of Moses called Genesis turned into English meetre 1578
        Seuen sobs of a sorrowfull soule for sinne; his Handfull of honisuckles, etc. 1583

Hunt, James
        Vogt’s (Carl) Lectures on man tr. 1864

Hunt, James Henry Leigh
        Poetical works 1832, 1844 (1860, 1923)
        Autobiography, with reminiscences of friends and contemporaries 1850 (1860)
        Foliage; or poems original and translated 1818
        Imagination and fancy 1844 (1875)
        The Indicator 1820–22
        A jar of honey from Mount Hybla 1848
        Juvenilia; or, a collection of poems 1801
        Lord Byron and some of his contemporaries 1828
        Men, women, and books 1847
The months, descriptive of the successive beauties of the year
The seer; or, common-places refreshed
        Sir Ralph Esher 1832
The town; its memorable characters and events
1834 (1848)
See also Examiner

Hunt, John
        Religious thought in England from the Reformation to the end of last century 1870–73

Hunt, John Leslie & Pringle, Alan George
        Service slang 1943

Hunt, Robert
        A descriptive guide to the Museum of Practical Geology 1857 (1859)
        Photography 1851
        Popular romances of the West of England 1865
        A popular treatise on the art of photography, including daguerreotype 1841
        Researches on light 1844

Hunt, Robert Nigel Carew
        A guide to Communist jargon 1957

Hunt, Robert William Gainer
        The reproduction of colour 1957

Hunt, Thomas
        A defence of the charter and municipal rights of the City of London 1683

Hunt, William Holman
        Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood 1905

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        Children at Jerusalem: a sketch of modern life in Syria 1881

Hunt’s merchants’ magazine and commercial review
See Merchants’ magazine and commercial review

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        Gently at a gallop 1971
        Gently coloured 1969
        Gently continental 1967
        Gently French 1973

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        A complete dictionary of farriery and horsemanship 1796

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        The natural history of the human teeth 1771–78
        Observations on certain parts of the animal economy 1786 (1792)
        A treatise on the blood, inflammation, and gunshot wounds a1793 (1794)

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        An historical journal of the transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island 1793

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        Memoirs of a captivity among the Indians of North America 1823

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ed. The trail drivers of Texas 1920

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        Hallamshire 1819
        The Hallamshire glossary 1829
        South Yorkshire 1828–31

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        The journal of; and some letters of Lady Hunter 17..–18.. (1894)

‘Hunter, Matthew’
        The Cambridgeshire disaster 1967

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        After the exile 1890
        James Inwick 1894
        John Armiger’s revenge 1897

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        The encyclopædic dictionary
See under title

Hunter, William
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Hunter, Sir William W.
        The annals of rural Bengal 1868
Orissa; being the second and third volumes of the (above) 1872
        The Indian empire 1882
        The old missionary 1895

Hunting, Henry Gardner
        The vicarion 1926

Hunting of the fox, The; or, the sectaries dissected in a parallel between them and foxes 1648

Hunting of the hare ?c 1475 (in Weber, Metrical Romances III. 1810)

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        A glossary of the Cotswold (Gloucestershire) dialect 1868

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        A treatise of monarchie 1643 (1689)
        A vindication of the treatise of monarchy 1644

Hurd, Bp. Richard
        Works a 1808 (1811)
        An introduction to the study of the prophecies concerning the Christian Church 1772 (1788)
        A letter to Mr. Mason on the marks of imitation 1748
        Letters on chivalry and romance 1762
        Moral and political dialogues 1759 (1760)
        Sermons preached at Lincoln’s Inn 1765–76 (1776–80)

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        The favorite village, a poem 1800
        Tears of affection 1794

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        Eastern Med. 1943

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        New Zealand; or Zealandia, the Britain of the South 1857

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—(another ed.) 1970

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        A collection of all the publicke orders, ordinances, and declarations of both Houses of Parliament (compiled by E. Husband) 1642–46 (1646)

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ed. Glossary of meteorology 1959

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        Computer handbook 1962

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        The question concerning the depreciation of our currency stated and examined 1810

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        The rise of papal power traced in three lectures 1851

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        An exposition of the gospel according to John 1657

Hutching’s illustrated California magazine 1856–61

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        A survey of printing processes 1970

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        An historical narrative and topographical description of Louisiana and West Florida 1784
        A topographical description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina 1778

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        Once aboard the lugger: the history of George and his Mary 1908
        One increasing purpose 1925
        This freedom 1922

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        A treatise on limnology 1957–

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        Extinct monsters 1892

Hutchinson, Horace G.
        Cricket 1903
        Golfing 1893
—et al. Golf (Badminton Library) 1890 (1898)

Hutchinson, Jonathan
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        A first course in wireless 1926

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        The image of God, or laie mans booke 1550 (1560)

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ed. A collection of original papers relative to the history of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay (anon.) v.d. (1769)
        Diary and letters a 1780 (1883–86)
        The history of the Colony of Massachusets Bay from 1628 to 1691 1760 (ed. 2)
        The history of the Province of Massachusetts Bay (1628–1750) 1764–67
—ed. 2, entitled The history of the Colony of Massachusets Bay 1765–68

Hutchinson, William
        The history of the County of Cumberland, and some places adjacent 1794
        A view of Northumberland with an excursion to the Abbey of Mailross in Scotland 1778

Hutchinson’s pictorial history of the war ed. W. V. Hutchinson 1939–45

Hutchinsonians, A word to the 1756
        See Kennicott, B.

Hutchison, Alexander C.
        Some practical observations in surgery 1816 (1826)

Hutchison, Isobel Wylie
        North to the rime-ringed sun: being the record of an Alaskan–Canadian journey made in 1933–34 1934

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        The reformed Presbyterian church in Scotland 1893

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        The life and writings of H. T. Buckle 1880

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        Pam 1904
        What became of Pam 1906

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        An answere to a certaine treatise of the crosse in baptisme 1605

Hutten, Robert
        The sum of diuinitie drawen out of the holy scripture tr. 1548

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        A course of mathematics 1798 (1806)
        A mathematical and philosophical dictionary 1795–96
        The principles of bridges 1772
        The school-master’s guide; or, a complete system of practical arithmetic 1766 (ed. 2)
        A treatise on mensuration, both in theory and practice 1770

Hutton, Frederick W.
        Fishes of New Zealand 1872

Hutton, Henry
        Follie’s anatomie: or satyres and satyricall epigrams. With a compendious history of Ixion’s wheele 1619 (Percy Soc. 1842)

Hutton, James
        A dissertation upon the philosophy of light, heat and fire 1794

Hutton, John
        A tour to the caves, in the environs of Ingleborough and Settle in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Also a large glossary of old and original words made use of in common conversation in the North of England 1780 (1781; E.D.S. 1873)

Hutton, John Henry
        Caste in India: its nature, function and origins 1946

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        Essays, theological and literary 1871

Hutton, Thomas
        Reasons for refusal of subscription to the Booke of Common Praier 1605

Hutton, William
        A bran new wark, by William de Worfat 1785 (E.D.S. 1879)

Hutton, William
        Life, including a particular account of the riots at Birmingham in 1791. Written by himself 1798 (1816)

Hutton, William H.
        Philip Augustus 1896

Huxley, Aldous Leonard
        Adonis and the alphabet 1956
        After many a summer 1939
        Along the road: notes and essays 1925
        Antic hay 1923
        Ape and essence 1948 (UK 1949)
        Beyond the Mexique Bay 1934
        Brave new world 1932
        Brave new world revisited 1958 (UK 1959)
        Brief candles 1930
        Crome yellow 1921
        Do what you will: essays 1929
        Ends and means: an enquiry into the nature of ideals and into the methods employed for their realization 1937
        Essays new and old 1926
        Eyeless in Gaza 1936
        The genius and the goddess 1955
        Grey eminence: a study in religion and politics 1941
        Island 1962
        Jesting Pilate: the diary of a journey 1926
        Leda 1920
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        The olive tree, and other essays 1936
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        Those barren leaves 1925
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        Vulgarity in literature 1930

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        Evolutionary ethics 1943
        The individual in the animal kingdom 1912
        On living in a revolution 1944
        Problems of relative growth 1932
        Religion without revelation 1927
—(rev. ed.) 1957
        TVA: adventure in planning 1943
        Unesco: its purpose and philosophy 1946
        The uniqueness of man 1941
        What dare I think? 1931

—— & Haddon, Alfred Cort
        We Europeans 1935
See also Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson

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        Life and letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker based on materials collected and arranged by Lady Hooker 2 vols. 1918

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        Evidence as to man’s place in nature 1863
        Hume 1879
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        Lectures on the elements of comparative anatomy 1864
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        A manual of the anatomy of invertebrated animals 1877
        A manual of the anatomy of vertebrated animals 1871
        The oceanic hydrozoa 1859
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        Science and culture, and other essays 1881
        Life and letters. By his son Leonard Huxley (1900)

—— & Martin, Henry N.
        A course of practical instruction in elementary biology 1875 (1877, 1883)
See also Laing, S.

Hvistendahl, Herbert Selwyn
        Engineering units and physical quantities 1964

Hyams, Edward Solomon
        Gentian violet 1953
        Into the dream 1957
        Soil and civilization 1952
        Taking it easy 1958

Hyams, Joseph
        The pool 1978

Hyckescorner ?1510 (W. de Worde; in Manly, Pre-Shaksperean drama, I. 1897)

Hyde, Edward & Henry
        See Clarendon, 1st and 2nd Earls of

‘Hyde, Robin’ (Iris Guiver Wilkinson)
        Check to your king: the life history of Charles, Baron de Thierry, King of Nukahiva, Sovereign Chief of New Zealand 1936
        Nor the years condemn 1938
        Passport to hell: the story of John Douglas Stark, Bomber, Fifth Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Forces 1936

Hye way to the Spytell hous ?1536
        See Copland, R.

Hyland, Henry Stanley
        Top bloody secret 1969
        Who goes hang? 1958

Hylander, Clarence John
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Hyll, T.
        See Hill, T.

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—(ed. 2) 1942
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Hymn to victory 1704
        See De Foe, D.

Hymns a 1000 (Grein)

Hymns. The Latin hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, with an interlinear Anglo-Saxon gloss c 1000 (Surtees Soc. 1851)

Hymns to the Virgin and Christ c 1430 (E.E.T.S. 1867)

Hynd, John 1606
        See Hind, J.

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        Further adventures of Captain Kettle 1899
        McTodd 1903
        Mr. Horrocks, purser 1902
        Thompson’s progress 1902

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—(ed. 8) 1964
For earlier eds. see Whitby, Sir Lionel E. H.

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Hyrde, Richard
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