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        The Bellamy trial 1927 [play], 1928 [novel]

Hart, Fred H.
        The Sazerac lying club: a Nevada book 1878

Hart, Henry
        A godly newe short treatyse instructyng every parson howe they shulde trade theyr lyves in the imytacyon of vertu 1548

Hart, Horace
        Notes on a century of typography at the University Press, Oxford, 1693–1794 1900

Hart, James
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        Forestus’ (P.) Arraignment of urines tr. 1623
        or, the diet of the diseased 1633

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Hart, John
        An orthographie 1569

Hart, John H.
        Cacao, a manual on the cultivation and curing of cacao 1911

Hart, Norman de Villiers
        The bridge players’ bedside book 1939

Hart, Richard
        Ecclesiastical records of England, Ireland and Scotland, from the fifth century till the Reformation 1836 (1846)

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        A treatise of moral and intellectual virtues 1691

Harte, F. Bret
        Works 18.. (1873, 1880–1900)
        Poetical works 1872
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        An episode of Fiddletown, and other sketches 1873
        A first family of Tasajara 1891
        Flip and other stories 1882
        Gabriel Conroy 1876 (US 1 vol., UK 3 vols.)
        An heiress of Red Dog, and other tales 1879
        The Hoodlum Band, and other stories 1878
        In the Carquinez woods 1883
        The luck of roaring camp, and other sketches 1869
        The man on the beach 1878
        Maruja 1885
        Mrs. Skaggs’s husbands, and other sketches 1873
        Sandy Bar; with other stories 1873
        Stories of the Sierras, and other sketches 1872
        The story of a mine 1877
        Wan Lee, the Pagan, and other sketches 1876

—— & ‘Twain, Mark’ (S. L. Clemens)
        Sketches of the sixties: being forgotten material now collected…from The Californian ed. J. Howell 1926

Harte, Walter
        An essay on reason 1735
An essay on satire, particularly on the Dunciad
        The history of the life of Gustavus Adolphus 1759
        Poems a 1774 (1810)
Poems on several occasions

Hartford, Countess of
        See Hertford, Countess of

Harting, James E.
        Bibliotheca accipitraria. A catalogue of books ancient and modern relating to falconry, with notes, glossary, and vocabulary 1891
        British animals extinct within historic times 1880
See also Perfect booke

Hartland glossary 1891
        See Chope, R. P.

Hartley, David
        Observations on man 1749

Hartley, Leslie Poles
        Eustace and Hilda 1947
        The go-between 1953
        The hireling 1957
        A perfect woman 1955
        Two for the river, and other stories 1961

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        Christy Carew 1880

Hartley, Thomas
        Preface to tr. of Swedenborg’s Treatise concerning heaven and hell 1778 (1851)

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        Comenius’s (J. A.) Reformation of schooles tr. 1642
        A discourse of husbandrie used in Brabant and Flanders 1650
Samuel Hartlib his legacie: or, an enlargement of the Discourse of husbandry 1651 (1655)
        A discoverie for division or setting out of land as to the best form 1653
        The reformed common-wealth of bees 1655
        The reformed Virginian silk-worm 1655

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        The true preserver and restorer of health 1682

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        Dictionary of language and linguistics 1972

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        Old English glasses 1897

Hartshorne, Charles H.
        English medieval embroidery 1848
ed. Ancient metrical tales; printed chiefly from original sources 1829
        Salopia antiqua, or, an enquiry from personal survey into the Druidical, military, and other early remains in Shropshire and the North Welsh borders; with a glossary of words used in the county of Salop 1841

Hartshorne, Henry
        1931: a glance at the twentieth century 1881

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        A report of the kingdome of Congo. Drawen out of the writings of O. Lopez by P. Pigafetta, tr. 1597 (in Purchas, Pilgrims, pt. II. 1625; Osborne’s Collect. voy. II. 1745)

Hartwig’s (G.) Aerial world tr. 1874
        The sea and its living wonders tr. 1860
        The subterranean world tr. 1871

Harvard memorial biographies 1866

Harvard psychological studies 1903–06

Harvard studies in classical philology 1890–)

Harvard University. Computation Laboratory
        Annals 1946–

Harvard University, Orders and regulations of the faculty of 1837

‘Harvester, Simon’ (Henry Gibbs)
        The Chinese hammer 1960
        A corner of the playground 1973
        Treacherous road 1966

Harvey, Annie J.
        Our cruise in the Claymore, with a visit to Damascus and the Lebanon 1861

Harvey, Christopher
        Complete poems a 1663 (Grosart 1874)
        Schola cordis, or the heart of it selfe gone away from God; brought back againe to him; and instructed by him (Adapted from B. von Haeften’s Schola cordis) 1647 (1664)
        The synagogue, or, the shadow of the temple 1640 (1647)

Harvey, Gabriel
        Works a 1600 (Grosart 1884–85)
        Foure letters, and certain sonnets, especially touching R. Greene 1592
        Letter-book 1573–80 (Camden Soc. 1884)
        A new letter of notable contents 1593
        Pierces supererogation, or a new prayse of the old asse 1593
        The trimming of Thomas Nashe 1597
        Three proper letters 1580 See Spenser, E.

Harvey, Gideon
        A discourse of the plague 1665
        The art of curing diseases by expectation 1689
        Morbus Anglicus: or, the anatomy of consumptions 1666

Harvey, James
        Scelera aquarum: or, a supplement to Mr. Graunt on the bills of mortality. By J. H. 1701

Harvey, John
        A discoursive probleme concerning prophesies 1588

Harvey, Peter & Bohlman, Kenneth John
        Stereo F.M. radio handbook 1974

Harvey, Richard
        An astrological discourse vpon the coniunction of Saturne and Jupiter 1583
        Philadelphus, or a defence of Brutes and the Brutans history 1593
        Plaine Perceuall the peace-maker of England 1590 (1860)

Harvey, Ruth
        Curtain time 1949

Harvey, William
        Anatomical exercises concerning the motion of the heart and blood 1653

Harvey, William H.
        A manual of the British (marine) algæ 1841 (1849)
        The sea-side book 1849 (1854)

Harwood, Philip
        History of the Irish rebellion of 1798 1844

Harwood, Richard
        King David’s sanctuary 1644

Haselgrove, Maurice Lawrence
        Photographers’ dictionary 1962

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        Observations on madness (and melancholy) 1798 (1809)

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ed. Ancient critical essays upon English poets and poesy v.d. (1811–15)

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        The model engineer’s handybook 1888 (1900)

Hassell, J.
        Picturesque rides and walks, with excursions by water, thirty miles round the British Metropolis 1817–18

Hastings, Charles S.
        Light 1901

Hastings, James
See Dictionary of the Bible; Encyclopædia of religion and ethics

Hastings, Lewis
        Dragons are extra 1947

Hastings, Macdonald
        Cork and the serpent 1955

Haston, Dougal
        In high places 1972

Haswell, William A.
        See Parker, Thomas J.

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—(ed. 4, revised by J. T. Greensmith) 1965

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eds. Curme volume of linguistic studies 1930

Hatton, Edward
        The merchant’s magazine, or trades-man’s treasury 1701
        New view of London (anon.) 1708

Hatton, Joseph
        Bitter sweets: a love story 1865
        Clytie: a novel of modern life 1874
        The old house at Sandwich 1887
        The Tallants of Barton 1867
        Three recruits, and the girls they left behind them 1880
        The valley of poppies 1872

Hatton, Correspondence of the family of. Being chiefly letters addressed to Christopher first Viscount Hatton 1601–1704 (Camden Soc. 1878)

Hatton gospels c 1160 (The Holy Gospels, in Anglo-Saxon, etc., Skeat 1871–87)

Hatzfeld, Adolphe & Darmesteter, Arséne
        Dictionnaire général de la langue française, avec le concours de Antoine Thomas 1895–1900

Haughton, Samuel
        Six lectures on physical geography 1880

Hauksbee, Francis
        Physico-mechanical experiments on various subjects 1709

Haupt’s (Moriz) Zeitschrift für deutsches Alterthum 1841–

Haurwitz, Bernhard
        Dynamic meteorology 1941

Hausman, Louis
        Clinical neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neurology 1958

Hausted, Peter
        The rivall friends. A comdie 1632

Havelok the Dane, The lay of c 1300 (E.E.T.S. 1868, Skeat 1902)

Havergal, Francis T.
        Herefordshire words and phrases 1887

Havers, George
        The travels of Pietro della Valle into East India and Arabia Deserta tr. Whereunto is added a relation of sir Thos. Roe’s voyage into the East Indies (by E. Terry) 1665

Haward, Lazarus
        The charges issuing forth of the crown revenue of England 1647

Haward, Nicolas
        Eutropius’ (F.) Briefe chronicle tr. 1564

Hawes, Stephen
        The conuercyon of swerers 1509 (Abbotsford Cl. 1865)
        The example of virtue 1510
        The pastime of pleasure 1509 (1517)
—another ed., entitled The historie of graunde Amoure and la bell Pucel, called The pastime of pleasure 1554 (1555; Percy Soc. 1845)

Hawke, Michael
        Killing is murder and no murder 1657

Hawker, Essex
        The wedding 1729

Hawker, Lieut.-Col. Peter
        Diary 1802–53 (1893)
        Instructions to young sportsmen in all that relates to guns and shooting 1824 (ed. 3)

Hawker, Robert S.
        The Cornish ballads and other poems; including a second edition ofThe quest of the Sangraal’ 1869
        Footprints of former men in far Cornwall 1870
        The quest of the Sangraal 1864
        Life and letters a 1875 (1905)

Hawkes, Jessie Jacquetta & Hawkes, Charles Francis Christopher
        Prehistoric Britain 1943
—(rev. ed.) 1947

Hawkesworth, John
        An account of the voyages undertaken for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook (from 1764–71) 1773
See also Adventurer

Hawkey, Raymond & Bingham, Roger
        Wild card 1974

Hawkins, Benjamin (1754–1816) A sketch of the Creek country, in 1798 and 1799 (Georgia Historical Society) 1848

Hawkins, Charles Caesar & Wallis, F.
        The dynamo: its theory, design and manufacture 1893

Hawkins, Edward
        The silver coins of England arranged and described 1841

Hawkins, Francis
        Youth’s behaviour: or, decency in conversation amongst men tr. 1646 (1663)

Hawkins, Henry
        Partheneia sacra. Or, the mysterious and delicious garden of the sacred Parthenes. By H. A. (i.e. Henry Hawkins) 1633

Hawkins, Sir John
        The first made to the West Indies 1562
        The (second) voyage made to the coast of Guinea and the Indies of Nova Spania, begun in 1564 (signed at end Iohn Sparke) c 1565
        A true declaration of the (third) troublesome voyadge to the parties of Guynea and the west-Indies in 1567–68 1569 (in Hakluyt, Voy. 1589; Hakluyt Soc. 1878; partly repr. in Arber, Eng. Garner V)

Hawkins, Sir John
        A general history of the science and practice of music 1776
        The life of Samuel Johnson 1787
See also Walton, I.

Hawkins, John & Hawkins, Ward
        Death watch, and The missing witness 1958 (UK 1959)

Hawkins, Lætitia M.
        The Countess and Gertrude 1811
        Memoirs, anecdotes, facts, and opinions 1824

Hawkins, Nehemiah, et al.
        Hawkins’ electrical dictionary 1910

Hawkins, Sir Richard
        Observations in his voiage into the South Sea 1593 1622 (Hakluyt Soc. 1847, 1878)

Hawkins, Susanna
        Poems and songs 1841

Hawkins, Sir Thomas
        Caussin’s (N.) Holy court tr. 1626
        Manzini’s (G. B.) Political observations on the fall of Seianus tr. 1634
        Matthieu’s (P.) Unhappy prosperitie, expressed in the histories of Ælius Sejanus and Philippa tr. 1632 (1639)
        The odes and epodes of Horace tr. 1625

Hawkins, Thomas
        The origin of the English drama 1773

Hawkstone 1845
        See Sewell, W.

Hawkwood, History of Sir John (The honour of the taylors; or, the famous and renowned history of Sir J. Hawkwood) 1687

Hawthorne, Julian
        Dust 1883
        Fortune’s fool 1883
        Garth 1877
        The laughing mill and other stories 1879
        Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife 1885

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
        The Blithedale romance 1852
        Doctor Grimshawe’s secret a 1864 (1883)
        The house of the seven gables 1851
        The marble faun (The original title of Transformation)
        Mosses from an old manse 1846
        Our old home 1863
        Passages from the American note-books a 1864 (1868)
        Passages from the English note-books 1853–58 (1870)
        Passages from the French and Italian note-books a 1864 (1871)
        The scarlet letter 1850
        Septimius Felton; or the elixir of life a 1864 (1872)
The snow image, and other tales
        Tanglewood tales, for girls and boys: being a second Wonder-book 1853
        Transformation; or the romance of Monte Beni 1860
        Twice told tales 1837–42
        A wonder-book for girls and boys 1851

Hay, Alexander
        Saint Germain’s (C. de) Royal physician tr. 1689

Hay, Andrew
        Diary 1659–60 (S.H.S. 1901)

Hay, Edward
        History of the insurrection of the county of Wexford in 1798 1803

‘Hay, Ian’ (John Hay Beith)
        The first hundred thousand: being the unofficial history of a unit of ‘K(1)’ [Kitchener’s First Army] 1915
        Housemaster 1936
        A knight on wheels 1914
        The last million 1919
        The lighter side of school life 1914
        The poor gentleman 1928
The right stuff’: some episodes in the career of a North Briton 1908
        A safety match 1911
—— & ‘Armstrong, Anthony’ (A. A. Willis)
        Orders are orders 1933

Hay, John M.
        The bread-winners: a social study 1884
        Pike county ballads, and other pieces 1871 (1880)

Hay, Malcolm Vivian
        Foot of pride: the pressure of Christendom on the people of Israel for 1900 years 1950

Hay, Roy & Synge, P. M.
        The dictionary of garden plants 1969

Hay, William
        Deformity; an essay 1754
        An essay on civil government 1728
        Remarks on the laws relating to the poor 1735 (1751)

Hay, William D.
        Brighter Britain! or, Settler and Maori in northern New Zealand 2 vols. 1882
        Elementary text-book of British fungi 1887
        Three hundred years hence; or, A voice from posterity 1881

Hayashi, Takashi
ed. Olfaction and taste II 1967 (Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste, Tokyo, 1965)

Haycraft, Howard
        Murder for pleasure: the life and times of the detective story 1942

Hayden, Arthur
        Chats on old furniture: a practical guide for collectors 1905

Haydocke, Richard
        Lomazzo’s (G. P.) Tracte containing the artes of curious paintinge tr. 1598

Haydon, Benjamin R.
        Correspondence and table-talk a 1846. With a memoir by F. W. Haydon (1876)
        The life of Haydon, from his autobiography and journals ed. T. Taylor 3 vols. 1853

Haydon, G. H.
        The Australian emigrant 1854
        Five years’ experience in Australia Felix 1846

Haye, Sir Gilbert
        The buke of the law of armys or buke of bataillis 1456 (S.T.S. 1901)
        The buke of knychthede and the buke of the governaunce of princis 1456 (S.T.S. 1914)

Hayes, Alice M.
        The horsewoman 1893

Hayes, Arnold Richard W.
        Revision physics for sixth forms 1962

Hayes, Augustus Allen
        New Colorado and the Sante Fé trail 1880 (UK 1881)

Hayes, Charles
        A treatise of fluxions 1704

Hayes, Roy
        The Hungarian game 1973

Hayes, William
        A natural history of British birds 1775

Hayes, William
        A short introduction to conveyancing 1834 (1837, 1840)

Hayes, William
        The genetics of bacteria and their viruses 1964

Haygarth, Henry William
        Recollections of bush life in Australia during a residence of eight years in the interior 1848

Hayley, William
        A philosophical, historical, and moral essay on old maids. By a friend to the sisterhood (i.e. W. Hayley) 1785
        The triumphs of temper; a poem 1781

Haymaker, Webb Edward
tr. R. Bing’s Textbook of nervous diseases 1939

Hayman, Robert
        Owen’s (J.) Epigrams tr. 1628
        Quodlibets, lately come over from new Britaniola, old Newfoundland 1628

Hayne, Thomas
        The life and death of Dr. Martin Luther 1641

Hays, David G.
        Introduction to computational linguistics 1967

Hayward, Abraham
        A selection from the correspondence of A. H., with an account of his early life 1834–84 (ed. H. E. Carlisle 1886)

Hayward, Charles Brian
        Practical aeronautics 1912

Hayward, Harry Maxwell & Harari, Manya
tr. B. Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago 1958

Hayward, Helena
ed. The Connoisseur’s handbook of antique collecting: a dictionary of furniture, silver, ceramics, glass, fine art, etc. 1960

Hayward, James
        Biondi’s (G. F.) Donzella desterrada; or the banish’d virgin tr. 1635
        Biondi’s (G. F.) Eromena; or love and revenge tr. 1632

Hayward, Sir John
        Annals of the first four years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth a 1627 (Camden Soc. 1840)
        An answer to the first part of a certaine conference concerning succession, published under the name of R. Dolman 1603
        The first part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII 1599
        The life and raigne of King Edward the sixt a 1627 (1630)
        The lives of the three Normans, kings of England 1613 (in Harl. Misc.)
        A reporte of a discourse concerning supreme power in affaires of religion (anon.) 1606; another ed., entitled Of supremacie in affaires of religion 1624
        The sanctuarie of a troubled soule 1604 (1616, 1620)

Hayward, John Davey
        Prose literature since 1939 1947

Hayward, Samuel
        Seventeen sermons on various important subjects 1758

Hayward, W. Stephens
        Love against the world 1875

Haywood, Mrs.
        A new present for a servant-maid: containing rules for her moral conduct, the whole art of cookery, etc. 1771

Haywood, Eliza
        The female spectator (anon.) 1744–45 (1748)
        The history of Miss Betsy Thoughtless 1751
        La belle assemblée by M. A. Poisson de Gomez tr. 1724–25 (1732)

Hazard, Samuel
        Cuba with pen and pencil 1871

Hazard, Thomas Benjamin
        Nailer Tom’s diary ed. C. Hazard 1930

Hazlitt, William
        Characters of Shakespear’s plays 1817 (1818)
        Lectures chiefly on the dramatic literature of the age of Elizabeth 1820
        Lectures on the English poets 1818 (1869)
        Political essays, with sketches of public characters 1819
        The spirit of the age; or, contemporary portraits 1825
        Table talk; or, original essays on men and manners 1821–22 (1824, 1869)

Hazlitt, William C.
        English proverbs and proverbial phrases 1869
        Four generations of a literary family 1897
        The history of the origin and rise of the republic of Venice 1858
        Offspring of thought in solitude: modern essays 1884
ed. Remains of the early popular poetry of England v.d. (1864–66)
See also Dodsley, R.

Head, Barclay V.
        Historia numorum; a manual of Greek numismatics 1887

Head, Sir Francis B.
        Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau 1834
        Rough notes taken during some rapid journeys across the Pampas and among the Andes 1826

Head, Sir George
        Forest scenes and incidents in the wilds of North America 1829
        A home tour through the manufacturing districts of England 1836

Head, Percy R. & Poynter, Edward J.
        Classic and Italian painting 1880

Head, Richard
        The canting academy, or, the devil’s cabinet opened, with several new catches and songs 1673
        The English rogue described in the life of Meriton Latroon 1665; Part II by F. Kirkman 1671; Parts III and IV by Head and Kirkman 1671 (1874)
        Jackson’s recantation, or, the life and death of the notorious highway-man now hanging in chains at Hampstead (anon.) 1674
        Proteus redivivus: or the art of wheedling or insinuation 1675

Headley, Henry
        Poems and other pieces 1786

Headrick, James
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Angus or Forfar 1813
        View of the mineralogy, agriculture, manufactures and fisheries of the Island of Arran 1807

Heal and Son
        Heal’s catalogue 1853–1934 1972 [facsimile reproductions from catalogues]

Heald, Frederick Deforest
        Introduction to plant pathology 1937
        Manual of plant diseases 1926

Heald, Timothy Villiers
        Deadline 1975
        Just desserts 1977
        Let sleeping dogs die 1976

Healey, Edna May
        Lady unknown: the life of Angela Burdett-Coutts 1978

Healey, John
        St. Augustine Of the citie of God with the learned comments of J. L. Vives tr. 1610 (1616)
        Discovery of a new world, or a description of the South Indies, hitherto unknowne (a version in English of Bp. Jos. Hall’s Mundus alter et idem) 1609
        Epictetus his manuell. And Cebes his table tr. 1610
—ed. 1616 adds (And) Theophrastus characters (1636)

Health. International health exhibition; official catalogue 1884

Health and longevity, Account of persons remarkable for their. By a physician 1829

Hearn, Patricio Lafcadio T. C.
        In ghostly Japan 1899
        Japan: an attempt at interpretation 1904
        Kokoro: hints and echoes of Japanese inner life 1896
Kott: being Japanese curios, with sundry cobwebs

Hearn, William E.
        The Aryan household, its structure and its development 1878

Hearne, John
        Stranger at the gate 1956

Hearne, Samuel
        A journey from Prince of Wales’s fort in Hudson’s Bay to the Northern ocean in 1769–72 1795

Hearne, Thomas
        Ductor historicus; or a short system of universal history 1698
—ed. 2, augmented and improv’d 1704–05 (1714)
        Reliquiæ Hearnianæ: the remains, being extracts from his MS. diaries 17.. (collected by P. Bliss 1857)
        Remarks and collections 1705–12 (ed. C. E. Doble, O.H.S. 1885–89)

Hearst’s international 1925–

Heart: a journal for the study of the circulation 1909–33

Heath, Francis G.
        The fern world 1877
        Theromanceof peasant life in the West of England 1872 (1880)

Heath, James
        A brief chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland 1663
        England’s chronicle: or, the lives and reigns of the kings and queens from the time of Julius Cæsar to K. William and Q. Mary 1689
        Flagellum: or, the life and death, birth and burial of Oliver Cromwel. By S. T. gent. (i.e. James Heath) 1663 (1672)

Heath, James D.
        The complete croquet-player 1874

Heath, John B.
        Some account of the worshipful Company of Grocers of the city of London 1829 (1869)

Heath, Peter
tr. G. A. Wetter’s Soviet ideology today 1966

Heath, Richard
        The English peasant 1893

Heath, Robert
        A natural and historical account of the islands of Scilly 1750

Heath, Thomas
        A manifest and apparent confutation of an astrological discourse (by R. Harvey) 1583

Heath, Sir Thomas L.
        Apollonius of Perga. Treatise on conic sections 1896
        The works of Archimedes 1897

Heathcote, Charles G. & John M.
        Tennis: by J. M. Heathcote. Lawn tennis: by C. G. Heathcote. Rackets: by E. O. Pleydell-Bouverie. Fives: by A. C. Ainger. 1890 (Badminton Library)

Heathcote, Frederick G.
        See Claus, C.

Heathcote, Ralph
        Sylva, or, the wood: being a collection of anecdotes, dissertations, characters, apophthegms, original letters, bons mots, and other little things (anon.) 1786

Heaton, Mary M.
        The history of the life of Albrecht Dürer 1870 (1881)

Heaviside, Oliver
        Electromagnetic theory 3 vols. 1893–9

Heavysege, Charles
        Saul; a drama 1857 (1869)

Heber, Bp. Reginald
        Hymns a 1826 (1827)
        Life of Jeremy Taylor 1822
        Narrative of a journey through the upper provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay 1824–25, with notes upon Ceylon; an account of a journey to Madras and the
Southern provinces 1826, and letters written in India
a 1826 (1828, 1844)
        Palestine; a prize-poem 1803
        Palestine and other poems v.d. (1843)

Heberden, William (the younger)
        Heberden’s (W., the elder) Commentaries on the history and cure of diseases tr. 1803

Hecht, Ben & MacArthur, Charles
        The front page 1928

Hector, Mrs. Annie F.
        See ‘Alexander, Mrs.’

Hector, James
        Handbook of New Zealand 1883

Hector, William
ed. Selections from the judicial records of Renfrewshire 16..–17.. (1876)

Hedderwick, Peter
        A treatise on marine architecture 1830

Hedgecoe, John
        The photographer’s handbook 1977

Hedges, Sir William
        Diary a 1701 (Hakluyt Soc. 1887–88)

Hedin, Sir Sven A.
        Through Asia 1898

Heffner, Roe-Merrill S.
        General phonetics 1949

Heffron, Dorris
        Crusty crossed 1976
        A nice fire and some moonpennies 1971

Heflin, Woodford Agee
ed. Aerospace glossary 1959
ed. The United States Air Force dictionary 1956

Heilbron, Ian Morris
ed. Dictionary of organic compounds 3 vols. 1934–7

Heilprin, Angelo
        The geographical and geological distribution of animals 1887

Hein, Leonard William
        An introduction to electronic data processing for business 1961

Heinlein, Robert Anson
        The door into summer 1957 (UK 1960)

Heinrich, Eberhardt William
        Microscopic petrography 1956

Heister’s (L.) General system of surgery tr. 1743

Heitler, Walter
        The quantum theory of radiation 1936

Helfenstein, Jacob
        A comparative grammar of the Teutonic languages 1870

Heliconia; comprising a selection of English poetry 1575–1604 (ed. T. Park 1815)

Heliodorus’ Triumphs of love and constancy: a romance, containing the heroick amours of Theagenes and Chariclea. In ten books. The first five rendered by a person of quality, the last five by N. Tate 1686

——another ed., entitled
        Æthiopian adventures 1753

Heller, Joseph
        Catch–22 1961 (UK 1962)
        Something happened 1974

Hellman, Lilian
        The little foxes 1939
        Pentimento: a book of portraits 1973 (UK 1974)
        An unfinished woman: a memoir 1969

Hellowes, Edward
        Guevara’s (A. de) Chronicle, conteyning the liues of tenne emperours of Rome tr. 1577
        Guevara’s Familiar epistles tr. 1574 (1577, 1582, 1584)
(For Gueuara’s Golden epistles see Fenton, Sir G.)

Hellyer, Arthur George Lee
        T. W. Sanders’ Encyclopaedia of gardening (ed. 22) 1952
        The encyclopaedia of garden work and terms 1954
        Practical gardening for amateurs 1935

Helme, Elizabeth
tr. F. Le Vaillant’s Travels from the Cape of Good-Hope, into the interior parts of Africa 2 vols. 1790
        St. Margaret’s cave, or the nun’s story 1801

Helmer, Olaf
tr. A. Tarski’s Introduction to logic and to the methodology of deductive sciences 1941

Helps, Sir Arthur
        Companions of my solitude 1851 (1874)
        Essays written in the intervals of business 1841 (1875)
        Friends in council 1847–49, 1859
        Organization in daily life. An essay (anon.) 1862
        Realmah 1868 (1876)
        Social pressure 1875
        Some talk about animals and their masters 1873 (1875)

Helps to the study of the Bible 1880 (1884; revised and enlarged edition 1893)

Helsham, Richard
        A course of lectures in natural philosophy a 1738 (1739)

Helvetius’ (C. A.) Child of nature improved by chance tr. 1774

Hely, James
        O’Flaherty’s (R.) Ogygia, or, a chronological account of Irish events tr. 1793

Helyas, Knight of the Swanne 1512 (W. de Worde; in Thoms, Prose romances III. 1828)

Hemans, Felicia D.
        Works a 1835 (1839)
        Poems 1808
        Poetical works a 1835 (1875)
        Early blossoms of spring, a collection of poems written between eight and fifteen years of age 1808 (1840)
        England and Spain; or, valour and patriotism 1808

Hemingway, Ernest
        Across the river and into the trees 1950
        Death in the afternoon 1932
        A farewell to arms 1929
        The fifth column [a play], and The first forty-nine stories 1938 (UK 1939)
        For whom the bell tolls 1940
        Green hills of Africa 1935 (UK 1936)
        In our time 1924
—(enlarged ed.) 1925 (UK 1926)
        Men without women 1927 (UK 1928)
        The old man and the sea 1952
        The sun also rises 1926 (UK ed. with title Fiesta 1927)
        To have and have not 1937
        The torrents of spring: a romantic novel in honour of the passing of a great race 1926 (UK 1933)

‘Hemingway, Percy’ (W. P. Addleshaw)
        Out of Egypt 1895

Hempstead, Joshua
        Diary, 1711–1758 1901

Hemyng, Bracebridge
        Eton school days 1864

Henchman, Richard
        A peace-offering in the temple; or, a seasonable plea for unity among dissenting brethren 1661

Henckel, J. F.
        See Henkel, J. F.

Henderson, A. G.
tr. V. Cousin’s The philosophy of Kant: lectures 1854

Henderson, Alexander
        The history of ancient and modern wines 1824

Henderson, Alexander Morell & Parsons, Talcott
tr. M. Weber’s Theory of social and economic organization 1947

Henderson, Andrew
        Scottish proverbs 1832 (1881)

Henderson, David Kennedy & Gillespie, Robert Dick
        A text-book of psychiatry for students and practitioners 1927
—(ed. 9) 1962

Henderson, Ebenezer
        Iceland; or the journal of a residence in that island 1814–15 1818

Henderson, George
        The popular rhymes, sayings, and proverbs of the county of Berwick 1856

Henderson, George C.
        Keys to crookdom 1924

Henderson, James
        Memorials 1867

Henderson, John
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Caithness 1812
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Sutherland 1812

Henderson, Peter
        Practical floriculture 1869

Henderson, Stephen
        Understanding the new Black poetry: Black speech and Black music as poetic references 1973

Henderson, William
        Notes on the folk lore of the northern counties of England and the Borders 1866 (1878)

Hendrick, Burton Jesse
        The life and letters of Walter H. Page 3 vols. 1922–5

Hendyng, Proverbs of
See Proverbs of Hendyng

Heney, Thomas
        In middle harbour, and other verse, chiefly Australian 1890

Henfrey, Arthur
        An elementary course of botany 1857
        The rudiments of botany 1849
        The vegetation of Europe, its conditions and causes 1852
See also Griffith, John W.

Henissart, Paul
        Winter quarry 1976

Henkel’s (J. F.) Pyritologia; or, a history of the pyrites tr. 1757

Henley, William E.
        A book of verses 1888
        For England’s sake: verses and songs in time of war 1900
        Poems 1898
—— & Stevenson, Robert L.
        Three plays: Deacon Brodie, Beau Austin, Admiral Guinea 1892
See also Farmer, J. S.

Hennell, Mary
        An outline of the various social systems and communities which have been founded on the principle of co-operation 1841 (1844)

Henney, Julian Keith
        Principles of radio 1929
ed. The radio engineering handbook 1933
—(ed. 5) 1959

—— & Dudley, Beverley
eds. Handbook of photography 1939

Henning, Rachel (1826–1914) Letters ed. D. Adams 1966

Henrot, Thérèse
        Belgium (English version by R. E. Wolf and the author) 1961

Henry VII, Materials for a history
See Materials

Henry VII, Memorials of 15.. (Rolls series 1858)

Henry VIII
        A declaration, conteynyng the iust causes and consyderations, of this present warre with the Scottis 1542 (in Complaint of Scotland, E.E.T.S. 1872)
        The privy purse expences of 1529–32 (1827)

Henry, Alexander
        Travels and adventures in Canada and the Indian territories 1760–76 1809

Henry, Caleb S.
        Doctor Oldham at Greystones, and his talk there 1860

Henry, Frank Souder
        Printing for school and shop 1917

‘Henry, Joan’ (Constance Ann Standage)
        Who lie in gaol 1952

Henry, John J.
        An accurate account of the hardships of that band of heroes who traversed the wilderness in the campaign against Quebec in 1775 1812

Henry, Matthew
        Works a 1714 (1726, 1853)
        Disputes reviewed; a sermon 1710
        An exposition of the Old and New Testament 1710 (1737–38)
        A sermon concerning the forgiveness of sin as a debt 1711
        A short account of the life of lieutenant Illidge 1710

‘Henry, O.’ (William Sydney Porter)
        Cabbages and kings 1904
        The four million 1906 (UK 1916)
        The gentle grafter 1908 (UK 1928)
        Heart of the west 1907 (UK 1912)
        Options 1909 (UK 1916)
        Roads of destiny 1909
        Rolling stones 1912 (UK 1916)
Strictly business
1910 (UK 1917)
        The trimmed lamp 1907 (UK 1915)
        Whirligigs 1910

Henry, Philip
        Diaries and letters 1631–96 (1882)

Henry, Robert
        The history of Great Britain 1771–85; a 1790 (1793)

Henry, Thomas
        An account of a method of preserving water at sea from putrefaction 1781

Henry, Thomas Anderson
        The plant alkaloids 1913

Henry, William
        The elements of experimental chemistry 1810 (1826–40)
        An epitome of chemistry 1800 (1808)

Henry the Minstrel
        The actis and deidis of the illustere and vaileand campioun Schir William Wallace c 1470 (1570, 1820; S.T.S. 1889)

Henry and Isabella: a novel 1811

Henryson, Robert
        Poems c 1480 (S.T.S. 1906–14)
        The morall fabillis of Esope c 1480 (1570; Maitland Cl. 1832; in Anglia IX. 1886)
        Orpheus and Eurydice c 1480
        The testament of Cresseid c 1480

Henshall, James A.
        Camping and cruising in Florida 1884

Henshall, Samuel
        The Saxon and English languages reciprocally illustrative of each other 1798

Henshaw, Bp. Joseph
        Horæ succisivæ, or, spare-houres of meditations 1631 (ed. 2)
        Meditations miscellaneous, holy and humane 1637; ed. 3, much enlarged, entitled Daily thoughts; or a miscellany of meditations, holy and humane 1651

Henslow, George
        The origin of floral structures through insect and other agencies 1888

Henslow, John S.
        A dictionary of botanical terms 1856
        The principles of descriptive and physiological botany 1835 (1836)

Henslowe, Philip
        Diary 1591–1609 (Shaks. Soc. 1845; 1904–08)
        Henslowe papers, being documents supplementary to Henslowe’s diary a 1616 (ed. W. R. Greg 1907)

Henty, George A.
        The cornet of horse; a tale of Marlborough’s wars 1881
        Through Russian snows: a story of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow 1896
        With Lee in Virginia: a story of the American civil war 1890

Hentzner’s (Paul) Journey into England in the year 1598 (being a part of the Itinerary of P. H. translated by R. Bentley; ed. H. Walpole, Earl of Oxford) 1757

Hepburn, George B.
        General view of the agriculture and rural economy of East Lothian 1794

Hepworth, Cecil Milton
        Animated photography: the ABC of the cinematograph 1897

Heraclitus ridens 1681–82
        See Flatman, T.

Herak, Milan & Stringfield, V. T.
eds. Karst: important karst regions of the northern hemisphere 1972

Herald, The. By Stentor Telltruth 1757–58

Herball, Grete
See Grete herball

Herbert, Alan Patrick
        Holy deadlock 1934
        Independent Member 1950
        Laughing Ann, and other poems 1925
        Plain Jane 1927
        The water gipsies 1930
        What a word! 1935

Herbert, Alfred Xavier
        Capricornia 1938 (UK 1939)

Herbert, Edward, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury
        The life and reigne of King Henry the eighth a 1648 (1649, 1682)
        Life, written by himself a 1648 (1764, 1886)
        Occasional verses a 1648 (1665)

Herbert, Sir Edward
        A short account of the authorities in law, upon which judgement was given in Sir Edw. Hales his case 1688

Herbert, George
        Poetical works a 1633 (Grosart 1876)
        Outlandish proverbs a 1633 (1640)
—another ed., entitled Jacula prudentum, or outlandish proverbs, sentences, etc. (1651)
        A priest to the temple, or, The countrey parson his character, and rule of holy life a 1633 (1652)
        The temple; sacred poems and private ejaculations 1633

Herbert, George Robert C. (Earl of Pembroke) & Kingsley, George H.
        South Sea bubbles 1872

Herbert, H. 1727–30
See Fleury

Herbert, Henry, 10th Earl of Pembroke
        A method of breaking horses, and teaching soldiers to ride, designed for the use of the army 1761
—ed. 3, entitled Military equitation 1778

Herbert, Henry W.
        See ‘Forester, Frank’

Herbert, Mary E.
        Cradle lands 1867
        Hübner’s (J. A. von) Ramble round the world 1874 (1878)
        Impressions of Spain in 1866 1867

Herbert, Sir Thomas
        A relation of some yeares travaile begunne anno 1626, into Afrique and the greater Asia 1634 (1638, 1665, 1677)
        Threnodia Carolina 1678 (printed from original MS. in A. Fea, Memoirs of the martyr King 1905); repr. with additions under the title of Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of Charles I 1702

Herbert, Thomas Ernest
        Telegraphy: a detailed exposition of the telegraph system of the British Post Office 1906
        Telephony: an elementary exposition of the telephone system of the British Post Office 1923
—(new ed., by T. E. Herbert & W. S. Procter) 2 vols. & Suppl. 1932–40
—(new ed., by J. Atkinson) 2 vols. 1948–50

Herbert, William
        Ella Rosenberg, a romance 1808

Herbert, William
        The history of the twelve great Livery Companies of London 1834–37

Herbert, Xavier
        See Herbert, Alfred Xavier

Herd, David
ed. Ancient and modern Scottish songs, heroic ballads, etc., v.d. (1776)

Here and now: an independent monthly review 1949–

Heren, Louis
        Growing up onThe Times’ 1978

Hergesheimer, Joseph
        The bright shawl 1922 (UK 1923)

Hering, Francis
        See Herring, Francis

Héristal, Adam d’
        Our discordant life 1894

Herkless, John & Hannay, Robert K.
        The archbishops of St. Andrews 1907–13

Herle, Charles
        An answer to Dr. Ferne’s Reply entituled: Conscience satisfied etc. 1643
        David’s song of three parts 1643
        A fuller answer to a treatise written by Dr. Ferne, entituled, The resolving of conscience etc. 1642

Herman, Henry
        His angel, a romance of the Far West 1891
See also Murray, D. C.

Hermann and Emilia 1805
        See Lafontaine, A. H. J.

Hermann’s (C. F.) Manual of the political antiquities of Greece historically considered tr. 1836

Hermeticall banquet drest by a spagiricall cook, for the better preservation of the microcosme 1652

Hermit in the country 1820–22; in Edinburgh 1824; in London 1819–20
        See McDonogh, Felix

Herne, Samuel
        Domus Carthusiana; or an account of the foundation of the Charter-House 1677

Hero and Leander 1651
See Loves of H. and L.

Herodian’s History tr. 1629
        See Maxwell, James

Herodotus, The famous hystory of, tr. by B. R(ich) 1584

Heroic epistle to an unfortunate monarch, by Peregrine the Elder 1778

Heroine of the Peninsula, The 1826
        See McDonogh, Felix

Heron, Alastair
ed. Towards a Quaker view of sex: an essay by a group of Friends 1963

Heron, James
        The Celtic Church in Ireland 1898

Heron, Patrick
        The changing forms of art 1955

Heron, Robert
        Information concerning the strength, views, and interests of the powers presently at war 1794

Herrick, Robert
        The complete poems a 1674 (Grosart 1876)
        Poetical works a 1674 (1869, 1915)
        Hesperides: or, the works both humane and divine of R. H. 1648
        The noble numbers: or, his pious pieces 1647

Herrig’s Archiv
See Archiv

Herring, Francis
        A modest defence of the caveat given to the wearers of impoisoned amulets 1604
        Oberndoerffer’s (J.) Anatomyes of the true physition and counterfeit mounte-banke tr. 1602

Herring, Richard
        Paper and paper-making, ancient and modern 1855

Herrings tayle 1598
        See Carew, R.

‘Herriot, James’ (J. A. Wight)
        It shouldn’t happen to a vet 1972

Herschel, Sir John F. W.
        Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, with addresses and other pieces v.d. (1857)
        Familiar lectures on scientific subjects 1866
        A manual of scientific enquiry, ed. by Sir J. F. W. Herschel 1849; ed. 3, superintended by Robert Main 1859
        Meteorology 1859 (in Manual of scientific enquiry)
        Outlines of astronomy 1849 (1853)
        Physical geography 1861
        A preliminary discourse on the study of natural philosophy 1830
        Schiller’s (J. C. F. von) Walk tr. 1847
        A treatise on astronomy 1833

Herskowitz, Irwin Herman
        Genetics 1962

Hertford, Frances Seymour, Countess of
        Correspondence between Frances, countess of Hartford (afterwards duchess of Somerset), and Henrietta Louisa, countess of Pomfret 1738–41 (1805)

Hervé, Peter
        Beauties of Paris 1818
        How to enjoy Paris 1816

Hervet, Gentian
        Xenophon’s Treatise of householde 1532 (1768)

Hervey, Mrs.
        The Mourtray family 1800

Hervey, Frederic
        The naval history of Great Britain 1779

Hervey, George F.
        A handbook of card games 1963

Hervey, James
        Meditations and contemplations. Vol. I. Meditations among the tombs, Reflections on a flower garden, A descant upon creation 1746; Vol. II. Contemplations on the night, Contemplations on the starry heavens, A winter piece 1747 (1767, 1818)
        Theron and Aspasio: or, a series of dialogues and letters upon the most important and interesting subjects 1755

Hervey, John, Baron Hervey of Ickworth
        Memoirs of the reign of George the second a 1743 (ed. from the original MS. by J. W. Croker 1848)

Herzog’s (J. J.) Religious encyclopædia: or, dictionary of Biblical, historical, doctrinal, and practical theology, ed. by P. Schaff 1882–83

Heslop, Richard O.
        Northumberland words. A glossary of words used in the county of Northumberland and on the Tyneside 1892–94 (E.D.S.)

Hess, Fr. Cuthbert (Lawrence Anthony Hess)
ed. God and the supernatural: a Catholic statement of the Christian faith 1920

Hessey, James A.
        Sunday: its origin, history, and present obligation considered 1860

Hester, John
        A compendium of the rationall secretes of L. Phioravante tr. 1582

Heth, Thomas 1583
        See Heath, T.

Hetley, Sir Thomas
        Reports and cases in the third–seventh years of the late King Charles as they were argued at the Common-pleas barre 1657

Hett, Charles L.
        A glossary of popular, local, and old-fashioned names of British birds 1902

Hewer, Evelyn Everard
        Text-book of histology for medical students 1937

Hewett, John a 1658
        See Hewit, J.

Hewett, Sarah
        The peasant speech of Devon 1892

Hewett, William
        Glossary of Berkshire provincialisms 1847

Hewit, John
        Repentance and conversion the fabrick of salvation, or the saints joy in heaven for the sinners sorrow upon earth, being the last sermons preached by J. H. With other of his sermons a 1658 (1658)

Hewitson, William C.
        Coloured illustrations of the eggs of British birds 1846

Hewitt, James
        Yoga 1960

Hewitt, John a 1658
        See Hewit, J.

Hewitt, John
        Ancient armour and weapons in Europe 1855–60

Hewlett, Joseph T. J.
        The parish clerk 1841
        Parsons and widows 1844
        Peter Priggins, the college scout (anon.) 1841

Hewlett, Maurice H.
        Earthwork out of Tuscany 1895
        The forest lovers, a romance 1898

Hewlett, Richard Tanner
        A manual of bacteriology, clinical and applied 1898
—(ed. 2) 1902

Hewyt, John a 1658
        See Hewit, J.

Hexameron of St. Basil
See Basil, St.

Hexham, Henry
        A copious English and Netherduytch dictionarie 1647 (1660)
        Groot-Woorden-Boeck; a large Netherdutch and English dictionarie 1648 (1658)
        The principles of the art militarie 1637
        A tongue-combat (anon. Preface signed H. Hexham) 1623 See Scott, Thomas

Hexham, The Priory of, its chroniclers, endowments and annals v.d.; its title deeds, black book, etc., v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1864–65)

Hey, John
        Lectures in divinity, delivered in Cambridge 1780–85 1796–98

Heydon, Sir Christopher
        An astrological discourse in justification of the validity of astrology. Together with an astrological judgement upon the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter 1603 c 1610 (1650)
        A defence of judiciall astrologie 1603

Heyer, Georgette
        A blunt instrument 1938
        Death in the stocks 1935
        The false colours 1963
        They found him dead 1937

Heyerdahl, Thor
        Fatu-Hiva: back to nature 1974
        The Kon-Tiki expedition See Lyon, Francis Hamilton

Heylin, Peter
        Historical and miscellaneous tracts a 1662 (1681)
        Aerius redivivus; or, the history of the presbyterians from 1536 to 1647 a 1662 (1670)
        Antidotum Lincolniense; or an answer to a book entituled, The Holy Table, name and thing 1637
        A brief and moderate answer to the seditious and scandalous Challenge of H. Burton 1637
        Certamen epistolare; or the letter-combate with Mr. Baxter, etc. 1659
        A coale from the altar 1636
        Cosmographie 1652 See Microcosmus, below
        Cyprianus Anglicus; or the history of the life and death of William Laud a 1662 (1668, 1671)
        Ecclesia restaurata; or, the history of the reformation of the Church of England 1661
        Ecclesia vindicata; or, the Church of England justified 1657
        Examen historicum, or a discovery and examination of the mistakes in some modern histories 1659
        Extraneus vapulans; or, the observator rescued from the violent but vaine assaults of Hamon L’Estrange 1656
        A full relation of two journeys: the one, into the mainland of France; the other, into some of the adjacent islands 1656
—another ed., entitled A survey of the estate of France 1656
        Anglorum; or, an help to English history 1641
        Historia quinqu-articularis; or a declaration of the judgement of the Western churches, particularly of the church of England, in the five controverted points reproached
by the name of Arminianism
        The historie of episcopacie 1642
        The history of St. George of Cappadocia 1631
        The history of the Sabbath 1636
        Microcosmus. A little description of the great world 1621 (–1639); enlarged and entitled Cosmographie in four bookes, containing the chorographie and historie of the whole world 1652 (1674)
(Relations and observations 1648–49: see C. Walker History of Independency)
        The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion cunningly laid by Calvin in the subjects way, discovered, censured and removed 1658
        Survey of the estate of France See A full relation of two journeys, above
        The undeceiving of the people in the point of tithes 1648

Heyne, Benjamin
        Tracts, historical and statistical, on India 1814

Heywood, Eliza
        See Haywood, Eliza

Heywood, Jasper
        Seneca his tenne tragedies tr. by J. Heywood and others 1581
        L. A. Senecæ Tragedia prima quæ inscribitur Hercules Furens tr. 1561
        The seconde tragedie of Seneca entituled Thyestes tr. 1560
        The sixt tragedie of L. A. Seneca, entituled Troas tr. 1559

Heywood, John
        Dramatic writings 15.. (J. S. Farmer 1905–08)
        Woorkes. A dialogue conteynyng prouerbes and epigrammes 1562 (Spenser Soc. 1867)
        A dialogue conteinyng the nomber in effect of all the prouerbes in the Englishe tongue 1546 (1874)
        A dialogue on wit and folly 15.. (Percy Soc. 1846)
        Epigrammes 1555–60
        A mery play betwene Iohan Iohan the husbande, Tyb his wyfe, and syr Jhan the preest 1533 (Brandl 1898)
        A mery play betwene the pardoner and the frere, the curate and neybour Pratte 1533 (in Pollard, Eng. miracle plays 1890)
Of gentylnes & nobylyte
See Rastell, John
The playe called the foure PP. A newe and a very mery enterlude of a palmer, a pardoner, a potycary, a pedler
?1545 (in Manly, Specim. pre-Shaks. drama I, 1897)
        A play of love 1534 (Brandl 1898)
        The play of the wether 1533 (Brandl 1898)
        The spider and the flie, a parable 1556 (Spenser Soc. 1894)

Heywood, Oliver
        Works a 1702 (1825–27)
        Autobiography, diaries, anecdote and event books, illustrating the general and family history of Yorkshire and Lancashire a 1702 (1881–85)
        The best entail, or, dying parents living hopes for their surviving children 1693
        Heart-treasure 1667–72

Heywood, Thomas
        Dramatic works a 1650 (1874)
        An apology for actors 1612 (Shaks. Soc. 1841)
        The brazen age 1613
        The captives; or, the lost recovered 1624 (in Bullen, Old Plays IV)
        A challenge for beautie 1636
        England’s Elizabeth, her life and troubles during her minoritie from the cradle to the crowne 1631 (1641; in Harl. Misc.)
        The English traveller 1633
        The exemplary lives and memorable acts of nine the most worthy women of the world 1640
        The fayre mayde of the Exchange 1607 (Shaks. Soc. 1845)
        The fair maid of the west 1631 (Shaks. Soc. 1850)
        The foure prentices of London, with the conquest of Jerusalem 1615
        A funerall elegie upon the death of Henry, Prince of Wales 1613
        A funeral elegie upon the death of King James 1625
        The golden age 1611 (Shaks. Soc. 1851)
        or nine bookes of various history concerninge women 1624
        The hierarchie of the blessed angells 1635
        If you know not me, you know no bodie: or, the troubles of Queene Elizabeth 1605 (Shaks. Soc. 1851)
        The second part of, If you know not me, you know no bodie. With the building of the Royall Exchange 1606 (Shaks. Soc. 1851)
        The iron age 1632
        The first and second partes of King Edward the fourth 1599 (Shaks. Soc. 1842)
        Londini sinus salutis 1635
        Londini speculum; or, Londons mirror 1637
Londini status pacatus; or, Londons peaceable estate
        London’s jus honorarium exprest in sundry triumphs 1631
        Loves maistresse: or the Queens masque 1636
        A pleasant comedy called A mayden-head well lost 1634
        A marriage triumphe 1613 (Percy Soc. 1842)
        Philocothonista; or the drunkard opened, dissected, and anatomized 1635
        Pleasant dialogues and dramma’s 1637
        Porta pietatis, or the port or harbour of piety 1638 (Percy Soc. 1844)
        The rape of Lucrece 1608
        The royall king and the loyall subject 1637 (Shaks. Soc. 1850)
        Sallust’s Two most worthy and notable histories tr. 1608–09
        The silver age 1613 (Shaks. Soc. 1851)
        Troia Britanica: or Great Britaines Troy 1609
        A true description of his Majesties royall ship built at Wooll-witch 1637
        The wise-woman of Hogsdon 1638
        A woman kilde with kindnesse 1607 (Shaks. Soc. 1850)
See also Tourneur, C.

—— & Brome, Richard
        The late Lancashire witches 1634

—— & Rowley, William
        Fortune by land and sea 16.. (1655; Shaks. Soc. 1845)