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        See A., H.

H., A.
        See Asshurst, Sir H.

H. D. 1661
        See Collinges, John

H. G.
        See G., H.

H., G. 1611
See Anti-Coton

H., G.
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H., G.
        See Hakewill, G.; Harvey, G.; Herbert, G.

H., I.
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H., J.
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H., J.
        See Hall, John, Joseph; Hammond, J.; Harvey, James; Healey, J.; Heath, J.; Humfrey, J.; Hutton, J.

H., N. 1694
See Ladies dictionary

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H., P.
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H., R.
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H., R.
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H., S.
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See also Harsnet, Samuel

H., T.
        See Hawkins, Thomas

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        Poems a 1645 (1810)
        The Queene of Arragon 1640

Habits of good society, The; a handbook of etiquette for ladies and gentlemen 1859

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        A collection of original voyages 1699

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        A century of sermons upon several remarkable subjects a 1670 (Published by Thomas Plume (with life) 1675)
        Scrinia reserata a memorial offer’d to the great deservings of John Williams, archbishop of York a 1670 (1693)

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        Sixteen bells: stories 1946

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        Father clears out 1966

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        The races of man and their distribution 1909
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—revised, and in part rewritten, by F. de F. Allen (1884)

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        The concise encyclopedia of continental pottery and porcelain 1960
        A dictionary of art terms 1962
See also Mankowitz, C. W. 

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        The high wire 1963
        The power house 1966
        The protectors 1972

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ed. Introduction to molecular biology 1964

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—(rev. ed.) 1957

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Hakewill, William
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—another ed. 1598–1600 (1809–12, 1903–05)
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        The technique of film animation 1959

Halberstam, David
        The powers that be 1979

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        James Frederick Ferrier 1899

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        Christmas in Narragansett 1884
        His level best 1873
        How to do it 1872
        If, yes, and perhaps 1868
        In his name: a story of the dark ages 1873
        Ups and downs 1873

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Hale, John
        The grudge fight 1964

Hale, Mason Ellsworth
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        A discourse of religion a 1676 (1684)
        A discourse touching provision for the poor a 1676 (1683)
        Historia placitorum coronæ. The history of the pleas of the crown a 1676 (1736)
        The history and analysis of the common law of England a 1676 (1713)
        The jurisdiction of the Lords House, or Parliament, considered according to antient records a 1676 (1796)
        Pleas of the crown; or, a methodical summary of the principal matters relating to that subject a 1676 (1678, 1682)
        Preface to H. Rolle’s Abridgment 1668
        The primitive origination of mankind a 1676 (1677)
See also Hargrave, F.

Hale, Susan
        Letters ed. C. P. Atkinson 1919

Hale, Thomas
        An account of several new inventions; also a treatise of naval philosophy written by Sir W. Petty 1691

Hales, John
        Golden remains a 1656 (1659); with additions, viz. sermons and miscellanies, also, letters and expresses concerning the Synod of Dort (1673, 1688)
        Several tracts a 1656 (1677)
        A sermon at St. Maries in Oxford concerning the abuses of obscure and difficult places of Holy Scripture 1617
        A tract concerning schisme and schismatiques (anon.) 1642
        Brevis disquisitio 1653 See Stegmann, J.
        Dissertatio de pace 1653 See Przipcovius, S.

Hales, John W.
        Longer English poems 1872
        Notes and essays on Shakespeare 1884

Hales, Stephen
        Some considerations on the causes of earthquakes 1750
        Statical essays 1727–31

Half-hours with best authors (publ. C. Knight) 1847

Halfpenny, William
        The art of sound building, demonstrated in geometrical problems 1725

Halhed, Nathaniel B.
        A code of Gentoo laws tr. 1776

Hali meidenhad, an alliterative homily c 1230 (E.E.T.S. 1866, 1922)

‘Haliburton, Hugh’ (James L. Robertson)
        Dunbar: being a selection from the poems of an old makar, adapted for modern readers 1895
        In Scottish fields 1890
        Ochil idylls and other poems 1891

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—(2nd ser.) 2 vols. 1844
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        Nature and human nature 1855
        Sam Slick’s wise saws and modern instances; or, what he said, did, or invented 2 vols. 1853
ed. Traits of American humour, by native authors 1852 (1866)

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        Poetical works a 1715 (1790, 1810)

—— & Prior, Matthew
        The hind and the panther transvers’d 1687

Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of
        Works a 1695 (1912)
        A character of King Charles the second: and political, moral, and miscellaneous thoughts and reflections a 1695 (1750)
        Miscellanies a 1695 (1699–1700)

Halkett, Lady Anne
        Autobiography a 1699 (Camden Soc. 1875)

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        The Manhattaner in New Orleans; or, Phases ofCrescent Citylife 1851

‘Hall, Adam’ (Trevor Dudley-Smith)
        The Kobra manifesto 1976
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        The Striker portfolio 1969
        The Tango briefing 1973

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        Sketches of Irish character 1829
        The Whiteboy; a story of Ireland in 1822 1845
See also Hall, S. C.

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        The standard handbook of textiles 1946
—(ed. 7) 1969
        A student’s textbook of textile science 1963

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        Ten books of Homers Iliades tr. 1581

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        Account of a voyage of discovery to the west coast of Corea and the great Loo-Choo Island 1818
        Patchwork 1841

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        A collection of college words and customs (anon.) 1851

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        One man’s war: the story of the Lafayette escadrille 1929

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        Narrative of the North Polar expedition 1876

Hall, Chr. Newman
        An autobiography 1898

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        Chronicle (The union of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancestre and Yorke) 1548 (1550, 1809)

Hall, Fitzedward
        Modern English 1873
        On English adjectives in -able, with special reference to reliable 1877
        A rational refutation of the Hindu philosophical systems tr. 1862
        Recent exemplifications of false philology 1872

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        An introduction to abstract algebra 2 vols. 1966–9

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        Adolescence: its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology 1904
        Aspects of German culture and education 1881

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        Society in the Elizabethan age 1886

Hall, James
        Legends of the West 1833
        Letters from the West 1828
        Notes on the Western States 1838
        Statistics of the West, at the close of the years 1836 1836

Hall, James Norman
        Kitchener’s mob: the adventures of an American in the British Army 1916

Hall, John 1565
        See Halle, John

Hall, John
        Horæ vacivæ, or essays 1646
        An humble motion to the parliament, concerning the advancement of learning 1649
        Paradoxes 1650 (1653)
        Poems 1646–47 (1816)

Hall, John
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Hall, John

Memoirs of the right villainous. To which is added the cant us’d by those sort of people 1708 (1714)

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ed. Radar aids to navigation 1947

Hall, John Whitney
        Japan from prehistory to modern times 1970

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        The shaking of the olive tree: The remaining works of J. H. With some specialities of divine providence in his life, noted by his own hand. Together with his Hard Measure, written also by himself a 1656 (1660)
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        The arte of divine meditation 1606
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        The best bargaine. A sermon 1623
        Breathings of the devout soul: see Select thoughts
        Characters of vertues and vices 1608
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        A common apologie of the Church of England against the unjust challenges of the over-just sect, commonly called Brownists 1610
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The residue of the contemplations upon the New Testament, with sermons, etc. 1618–34 (1634)
        Decisions of divers practicall cases of conscience See Resolutions and decisions
        The devout soul; or, rules of heavenly devotion 1644
        Discovery of a new world 1609 See Healey, J.
        Dissuasive from Popery See The peace of Rome
        Episcopacie by divine right asserted 1640
        Epistles 1608–11
        The great impostor, laid open in a sermon 1623
        The great mysterie of godliness, laid forth by way of affectuous and feeling meditation. Also, the invisible world discovered to spirituall eyes 1652
        Heaven upon earth, or of true peace and tranquillitie of minds 1606
        Holy observations 1607
        An holy panegyrick. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse 1613
        Holy raptures; or patheticall meditations of the love of Christ 1653
        The honor of the married clergie mayntayned 1620
        An humble remonstrance to the High Court of Parliament (anon.) 1640
A defence of the humble remonstrance 1641
        The hypocrite: set forth in a sermon 1630
        The imprese of God; in two sermons preacht at the court 1611–12 (in Recoll. treat. 1614)
        The invisible world: see Great mysterie of godliness
        The kings prophecie: or, weeping joy 1603
        Meditations and vowes divine and morall 1605 (1606, 1608, 1621)
        A modest confutation of (Milton’s) Animadversions upon the remonstrants defense against Smectymnuus 1642
        No peace with Rome tr. 1614 (in Recoll. treat.)
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        The olde religion 1628
        The peace of Rome. To which is prefixed a Dissuasive from Popery 1609
        The peace-maker, laid forth in a sermon 1624
        Pharisaisme and christianity 1608
        A plaine and familiar explication (by way of paraphrase) of all the hard texts of the whole divine scripture of the Old and New Testament 1633
        Quo vadis? a just censure of travell as it is commonly undertaken by the gentlemen of our nation 1617
        The reconciler, an epistle pacificatorie of the seeming differences of opinion concerning the truenesse and visibility of the Roman Church 1629
        The remedy of discontentment; or, a treatise of contentation in whatsoever condition 1645
        The remedy of prophanenesse, or, of the true sight and feare of the Almighty 1637
        Resolutions and decisions of divers practicall cases of conscience in continuall use amongst men 1649
        The Revelation unrevealed 1650
        The righteous mammon. An hospitall sermon 1618
        Salomon’s divine arts. Drawne out of his Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 1609
        Satan’s fiery darts quenched; or, temptations repelled 1647
        Select thoughts. Also The breathings of the devout soul 1648
        The Song of Songs paraphrased 1614 (in Recoll. treat.)
        Susurrium cum Deo. Soliloques: or, holy self conferences of the devout soul. Together with the souls farewell to earth 1651
        The true peace-maker: laid forth in a sermon before his Majesty at Theobalds 1624
        Virgidemiarum, sixe bookes: first three bookes, of toothlesse satyrs 1597; the three last bookes, of byting satyres 1598

Hall, Marshall
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        On the diseases and derangements of the nervous system 1841
        On the mutual relations between anatomy, physiology, pathology, and therapeutics, and the practice of medicine, being the Gulstonian lectures for 1842 1842

Hall, Mildred Lillington
ed. Newnes complete amateur photography
See under title

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        The life and death of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester c 1559 (1655)

Hall, Richard Pinkham
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        Works a 1831 (1832)
        Fifty sermons a 1831 (1843)
        Selections a 1831 (1840)

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        External history of the Romance languages 1974
        Introductory linguistics 1964

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        A book of memories of great men and women of the age 1871
        Retrospect of a long life: from 1815 to 1883 1883

—— & Anna M. (Mrs. S. C. Hall)
        Ireland: its scenery, character, etc. 1841–43
See also Hall, Anna M.

Hall, Thomas
        Funebria floræ; the downfall of May-games 1660

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        Introduction to the literature of Europe in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries 1837–39 (1847, 1864)
        View of the state of Europe during the middle ages 1818 (1872)

Halle, Edward 1548
        See Hall, Edward

Halle, John
        A most excellent and learned woorke of chirurgerie called Chirurgia parua Lanfranci tr. 1565; (also) an historiall expostulation against the abuses of chyrurgerie and phisicke 1565 (Percy Soc. 1844)

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        A thousand miles on an elephant in Shan states 1890

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‘Halliday, Dorothy’ (Dorothy Dunnett)
        Dolly and the cookie bird 1970
        Dolly and the doctor bird 1971
        Dolly and the nanny bird 1976
        Dolly and the starry bird 1973

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        A dictionary of archaic and provincial words, obsolete phrases, proverbs and ancient customs, from the fourteenth century 1847
        Letters of the kings of England. Now first collected from the originals, with an historical introduction and notes 1846
        A new boke about Shakespeare and Stratford-on-Avon 1850
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—ed. 2, with alterations and additions 1843
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        Popular rhymes and nursery tales; a sequel to the nursery rhymes of England 1849
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        American club list and sportsman’s glossary 1878
        Sportsman’s gazetteer and guide 1877 (1883)

Hallywell, Henry
        An account of familism as it is revived by the quakers 1673
        The excellency of moral vertue from the serious exhortation of St. Paul to the practice of it 1692
        Melampronoea: or, a discourse of the polity and kingdom of darkness 1681
        The sacred method of saving humane souls by Jesus Christ 1677

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eds. Christmas mumming in Newfoundland: essays in anthropology, folklore and history 1969

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        The laws of England, being a complete statement of the whole law of England. By the Earl of Halsbury and other lawyers 1907–

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        Elementary synthetic geometry 1893 (ed. 2)
        Mensuration 1881

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        Thoughts about art 1873

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Hamilton, Alexander
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Hamilton, Alexander
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        The Federalist; a collection of essays by A. H., J. Jay, & J. Madison 1788 (1857)

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        Nervous diseases: description and treatment 1878

Hamilton, Augustus
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Hamilton, Bruce
        Too much of water 1958

Hamilton, Cosmo
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        Diary 1880–1885 ed. D. W. R. Bahlman 2 vols. 1972

Hamilton, Elizabeth
        Letters of a Hindoo Rajah tr. 1796 (1811)

Hamilton, Lady Elizabeth E.
        Louis Pasteur: his life and labours, by his son-in-law, Vallery-Radot, tr. 1885

Hamilton, Elizabeth Vidal
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        The outlaws of the marches 1897

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ed. The world encyclopedia of dogs 1971

Hamilton, Francis
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Hamilton, Frederic Spencer
        P. J.: the Secret Service boy 1922

‘Hamilton, Gail’ (Mary Abigail Dodge)
        Gala-days 1863

Hamilton, Henrietta
        Answer in the negative 1959

Hamilton, Ian
        The man with the brown paper face 1967
        The thrill machine 1972

Hamilton, James
        Works a 1867 (1869–73)
        Lessons from the great biography 1857
        Memoirs of the life of James Wilson 1859
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Hamilton, Abp. John
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ed. Countries of the world 6 vols. (originally published in 40 parts) 1924–5

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<or a pacifick discourse of God’s grace and decrees 1660
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        Of conscience 1644
        Of fundamentals in a notion referring to practise 1654
        Of the power of the keyes, or of binding and loosing 1647
        Of schisme 1653
        A parænesis: or seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England 1656
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        A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms 1659
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        Poetical works a 1742 (1790, 1810)
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See also Misyn, R.

Hampshire glossary
        See Cope, Sir W. H.

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        See Flückiger, F. A.

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—(ed. 2) 1972 See United Kingdom. Department of the Environment. Building Research Establishment

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Handbook to the special loan collection of scientific apparatus South Kensington Museum 1876 (1877)

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        See Hunnis, W.

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        See Dossie, R.

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        See Holland, Clive

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        The works of Shakespear revised and corrected 1744

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        The earlier years of Our Lord’s life on earth 1864
See also Chalmers, Thomas

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        Satires and satirists 1854
        Singleton Fontenoy, R. N. 1850

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Hannay, Robert K.
        See Herkless, J.

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        Bibliopegia 1835

Hansard’s Parliamentary debates 1803–

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        An accurate historical account of all the orders of knighthood at present existing in Europe 1802

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—(ed. 7) 1923

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        See Hardyng, J.

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—— & Augustus W.
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—— & Wilkinson, T. T.
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A selection from the Harleian miscellany v.d. (1793)

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—(ed. 3) 1944

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—(UK ed.) 1929–70

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        See Harris, R.

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        The petition of divers well-affected persons 1659
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        The wayes and meanes whereby an equal and lasting commonwealth may be suddenly introduced etc. 1659

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        See Harris, James Thomas Frank

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ed. Dartmouth out o’doors 1913

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        See Malmesbury

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        A sermon preached to the House of Commons at a publike fast 1642

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See Overbury, Sir T.

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—(ed. 2) 1959
—(ed. 3) 1971

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Har’st rig, The 1786 (1801)