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See also Polehampton, E. T. W.

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        See Gother, J.

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Good huswifes jewell, The 1596
        See Dawson, T.

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Palingenius’ (M.)” The zodiake of life tr. 1560 (1561)

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        For richer, for poorer 1959

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Gorbodoc 1561
        See Norton, T.

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        See Wallace, Lady G. M.

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        or a sermon of the union of Great Brittanie 1604

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—— & Trenchard, J.
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        Pleasant quippes for upstart newfangled gentlewomen (anon.) 1595 (1596)
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        The birds of Australia 1840–69
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        A monograph of the Trogonidæ, or family of trogons 1838

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—(ed. 3) 1884

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Government of Venice 1677
See Amelot de la Houssaye, A.N.

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        A glossary of Surrey words 1893 (E.D.S.)

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        In praise of peace c 1400 (Eng. Works, E.E.T.S.)

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        My reminiscences 1883
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Gowrie conspiracy. The earle of Gowries conspiracie against the kings maiestie of Scotland 1600
See also Mackenzie, G.

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        Two and two make five 1973

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        A chronicle at large and meere history of the affayres of England 1568 (1809)
        A continuacion of the chronicle of England, begynning where J. Hardyng left (1470–1543) 1543 (1812)

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        Letters on education 1790

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        The collected writings of D. G.skellatbellman of Glasgow a 1779 (1883)

‘Graham, James’ (Henry Patterson)
        Bloody passage 1974

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        Life and letters 1792–1861 (1907)

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        Murder in a dark room: a Solo Malcolm thriller 1973

Graham, P. Anderson
        The red scaur: a novel of manners 1896

Graham, Patrick
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Graham, Stephen
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Graham, Thomas
        Elements of chemistry 1842 (1850–58)

Graham, Thomas J.
        Modern domestic medicine 1827 (1834, 1861)

Graham, W. W.
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Graham, William
        Last links with Byron, Shelley and Keats 1898

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        The birds of Scotland: with other poems 1806
        The sabbath, a poem 1804

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        The golden age 1895
        Pagan papers 1894
        The wind in the willows 1908

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        The aeroplane: past, present and future 1911
        Aircraft in the Great War: a record and study 1915

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        Poetical works a 1766
        The sugar-cane, a poem 1764
        A poetical translation of the elegies of Tibullus and of the poems of Sulpicia 1759

Gramophone, The 1923–

Granada Television
        Some technical terms and slang 1974

‘Grand, Sarah’ (Mrs. M‘Fall)
        Babs the impossible 1901 (1906)
        The heavenly twins 1893

Grand debate, The 1661
See Book of common prayer

Grandmother’s money 1860
        See Robinson, F. W.

Granger, James
        Letters between G. and many of the most eminent literary men of his time v.d. (1805)

Granger, Thomas
        A familiar exposition or commentarie on Ecclesiastes 1621
        Syntagma logicum, or the divine logike 1620

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        Bush life in Queensland 1881 (1882)

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        Mr. Secretary Pepys, with extracts from his diary 1867

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        Letters from the mountains; being the real correspondence of a lady between the years 1773 and 1807 1807
        Poems on various subjects 1803

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        Scotch stories, or the chronicles of Keckleton 1888

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Grant, James A.
        A walk across Africa 1864

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of the House of Lords 1836
        Sketches in London 1838

Grant, James, novelist
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        Arthur Blane, or the hundred cuirassiers 1858
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        A summary of the history of the English church 1811–25

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        The sun-maid: a romance 1876 (1877)

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        History of physical astronomy 1852

Grant, Robert E.
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        Works and letters 1665–1703 (Miscellanea, Surtees Soc. 1861)

Granville, George
        See Lansdowne

Granville, Harriet, Countess
        Letters 1810–45 (1894)

Granville, Mary
        See Delany, Mrs. M.

Granville, Wilfred
        A dictionary of sailors’ slang 1962
        A dictionary of theatrical terms 1952

Graphic, The: an illustrated weekly newspaper 1869–

Grassi (G. de) His true arte of defence, plainlie..teaching..how a man..may safelie handle all sortes of weapons etc. tr. I. G. 1594

Grassineau, James
        A musical dictionary 1740

Gratarolus’ (G.) Direction for the health of magistrates and studentes Englished by T. Newton 1574

Gratiæ theatrales, or a choice ternary of English plays 1662

Grattan, John Henry Grafton & Gurrey, Percival
        Our living language: a new guide to English grammar 1925

Grattan, Thomas C.
        The history of the Netherlands 1830

Grau, Robert
        The theatre of science: a volume of progress and achievement in the motion picture industry 1914

Graunt, John
        Natural and political observations..made upon the Bills of mortality 1662 (1676)

Graves, Charles
        Chasles’ (M.) Two geometrical memoirs on the general properties of cones of the second degree etc. 1841

Graves, Charles Patrick Ranke
        Life line 1941

Graves, Richard
        Eugenius, or anecdotes of the golden vale 1785
        Euphrosyne, or amusements on the road of life 1776
        Recollections of some particulars in the life of W. Shenstone 1788
        The spiritual Quixote; or the summer’s ramble of Mr. Geoffrey Wildgoose 1772 (1873)

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        A system of clinical medicine 1843

Graves, Robert P.
        Life of Sir W. R. Hamilton 1882–89

Graves, Robert von Ranke
        Claudius the god and his wife Messalina 1934
        Collected poems 1938
        The feather bed 1923
        Good-bye to all that: an autobiography 1929
        I, Claudius 1934
        Mock Beggar Hall 1924
        The pier-glass 1921
        Poems, 1926–1930 1931
        Poems, 1938–1945 1946
        Poems, 1953 1953
        Seven days in new Crete 1949
        Welchman’s hose 1925
        Whipperginny 1923

—— & Hodge, Alan Searle
        The long week-end: a social history of Great Britain, 1918–1939 1940

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        A yachting cruise in the Baltic 1863

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tr. R. Grelling’s The crime 3 vols. 1917–18

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        The botanical text-book 1858
—6th ed. I. Structural botany 1880. II. Physiological botany 1885
        First lessons in botany and vegetable physiology 1857
        A manual of the botany of the Northern United States 1848 (1867)

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        Poems 1811
—(2nd ed.) Poems and songs 1814

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        Contingencies, and other essays 1947

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Gray, Henry
        Anatomy, descriptive and surgical 1858 (1869, 1883)

Gray, James Henry
        The boy from Winnipeg 1970

Gray, John
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Gray, John E.
        Catalogue of the specimens of mammalia in..the British Museum 1850–52
        List (of the same) 1843

Gray, Laurence F. & Graham, Richard
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Gray, Louis Herbert
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‘Gray, Maxwell’ (M. G. Tuttiett)
        The reproach of Annesley, a novel 1888
        The silence of dean Maitland, a novel 1886

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Gray, T. de
        See De la Grey, T.

Gray, Thomas
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        Correspondence with N. Nicholls 1764–71 (Wks. V. 1843)
        The descent of Odin, an ode 1761
        Elegy written in a country church-yard 1750, 1768
        The fatal sisters, an ode 1761
        Hymn to ignorance c 1742
        Letters 1736–71 (1775, 1884, 1893)
        A long story 1750
        Ode on a distant prospect of Eton college 1742
        Ode on the pleasure arising from vicissitude 1754
        Ode on the spring 1751
        The progress of poesy, a pindaric ode 1754
(Translations from) Propertius 1738, 1742
Statius 1736

Gray’s Inn Journal, The (by A. Murphy) 1752–54 (1756)

Graymore, Clive N.
ed. Biochemistry of the eye 1970

Great Exhibition
        Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations 5 parts 1851

Greatheart 1866
        See Thornbury, G. W.

Greatorex, Wilfred
        Crossover 1976

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Greeley, Horace
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Green, Abel & Laurie, Joe
        Show biz, from vaude to video 1951

Green, Alexander H.
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—— et al.
        Coal, its history and uses 1878

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        Hand and ring (a novel) 1883

Green, Bennett Wood
        Word-book of Virginia folk-speech 1899

Green, Helen
        At the actors’ boarding house 1906
        The Maison de Shine: more stories of the actors’ boarding house 1908

‘Green, Henry’ (Henry Vincent Yorke)
        Living 1929

Green, John Herbert
        Basic clinical physiology 1969

Green, John R.
        The conquest of England 1883
        Letters a 1883 (L. Stephen 1901)
        The making of England 1881
        Readings from English history 1879
        A short history of the English people 1874
        Stray studies from England and Italy 1876

Green, Lawrence George
        Great African mysteries 1935
        In the land of afternoon 1949
        Tavern of the seas 1947
        To the river’s end 1948

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ed. Letters of royal and illustrious ladies of Great Britain..to the close of the reign of Queen Mary 1846

Green, Matthew
        Poems a 1737 (1790)
        On Barclay’s Apology for the Quakers a 1737
        The spleen, an epistle (in verse) 1737

Green, Matthias
        An English grammar 1837

Green, Peter
tr. R. Escarpit’s The novel computer 1966

Green, Mrs. S.
        The reformist, a serio-comic-political novel 1810

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Green, Thomas
        The universal herbal; or botanical, medical and agricultural dictionary 1816–20

Green, Thomas Henry
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Green, Thomas Hill
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See also Defence of conny catching; George a Greene; Greenes vision; Selimus

—— & Lodge, T.
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—revised ed. by W. H. Rosser (1879)

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        See Norman, John Roxborough

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—(later edd.) A handbook of inorganic chemistry 1853 (1857)
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        See Granville

Grenville, Richard P.
        See Buckingham and Chandos, 2nd Duke of

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        See Burgon, J. W.

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        See Greville, F.

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(2nd and 3rd parts) A journal of the reign of Queen Victoria 1837–52, 1852–60 (1885, 1887)

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        The tragedy of Mustapha 1609 (1633; Dodsley)

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        The nature of truth 1641

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        Cosmologia sacra; or a discourse of the universe, as it is the creature and kingdom of God 1701
        Musæum regalis societatis; or a catalogue and description of the rarities belonging to the Royal Society, and preserved at Gresham College 1681

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Grey, Lady Jane
        See Jane, Queen

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‘Grey Owl’ (George Stansfield Belaney)
        The men of the last frontier 1931

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        War birds: diary of an unknown aviator 1926 (UK 1927)

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        The mechanic’s pocket dictionary, being a note book of technical terms, rules etc. 1837

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        A crime of one’s own 1967
        Reputation for a song 1952

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        Viaud’s (P.) Shipwreck tr. 1771
See also Griffith, R.

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—— & Griffith, Elizabeth
        A series of genuine letters between Henry and Frances 1757 (1767)

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        M. T. Cicero’s Three bookes of dueties (Offices) tr. 1553 (1558, 1598)
        Poems a 1557 (Tottel’s miscellany, Arber)

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        A pattern of islands 1952
        Return to the islands 1957

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Grimstone, Edward
        Acosta’s (J. de) Naturall and morall historie of the East and West Indies tr. E. G. 1604 (also Hakluyt Soc. 1880)
        Goulart’s (S.) Admirable and memorable histories tr. 1607
        Matthieu’s (P.) Heroyk life..of..Henry the fourth tr. 1612
        A true history of the siege of Ostend tr. 1604

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        Life; its nature, varieties and phenomena 1856 (1875)

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See also Dekker, T.

Grobianus 1739
        See Bull, R.

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tr. J. E. B. Warming’s Oecology of plants 1909

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ed. The Chertsey worthies library 1876–
ed. The Fuller worthies library 1868–70
ed. The Huth library or Elizabethan-Jacobean unique or very rare books in verse and prose 1881–
ed. Occasional issues of unique or very rare books 1875–83
        Small sins 1863 (ed. 2)

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ed. The antiquarian repository 1775 (1807–09)
        A classical of the vulgar tongue 1785 (also 1796, and Egan 1823)
        Military antiquities respecting a history of the English army 1786–88
        The olio; being a collection of essays, etc. 1793
        A provincial glossary; with a collection of local proverbs etc. 1787 (also 1790)
        A treatise on ancient armour and weapons 1786

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        A voyage to the East-Indies 1757 (1766)

Gross, Charles
        The gild merchant, a contribution to British municipal history 1890

Gross, Samuel D.
        A practical treatise on the diseases..of the urinary bladder etc. 1851 (1876)

Grossinger, Jennie
        The art of Jewish cooking 1958

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Grote, George
        Analysis of the influence of natural religion on the temporal happiness of mankind. By P. Beauchamp 1822
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        Fragments on ethical subjects a 1871 (1876)
        A history of Greece 1846–56 (1862)
        Plato and the other companions of Sokrates 1865

Grote, John
        An examination of the utilitarian philosophy (of J. S. Mill) a 1866 (1870)
        Exploratio philosophica: rough notes on modern intellectual science 1865
        A treatise on the moral ideals 1865 (1876)

Grotius (H.) Of the law of warre and peace tr. C. B(arksdale) 1654
See also Whewell, W.

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        Petrography and petrology 1932

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        A dictionary of music and musicians 1878–89 (1904–10)

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        Contributions to science a 1874 (in 6th ed. of next)
        On the correlation of physical forces 1846 (1855, 1867, 1874)

Growth (Menasha, Wisconsin) 1937–

Growth of deism in England, An account of the 1696

Gruber, Jeffrey S.
        Lexical structures in syntax and semantics 1976

Grub-street journal, The 1730–37

Grundy, George Beardoe
        Fifty-five years at Oxford 1945

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        Miscelanea, meditations, memoratives 1604

Gualtier, Bon
See Martin, Sir T.

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Guardian, The (continuation of The Manchester Guardian) 1959–

Guardian Weekly, The (continuation of Manchester Guardian Weekly) 1968–

Guazzo’s (S.) Art of conversation tr. 1738
See also Pettie, G.

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        An introduction to the study of fishes 1880

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Guest, M. J.
        Lectures on the history of England 1879

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        S.O.S. Rhino 1966

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Guide to the stage, A 1751

Guidman. Legends of the north. The guidman o’ Inglismill, and the fairy bride 1873

Guilfoyle, William Robert
        Australian plants suitable for gardens, parks, timber reserves, etc. 1911

Guillemeau’s (J.) French chirurgerye or the manualle operations of chirurgerye tr. A. M. 1597

Guilletiere’s (G. Gillet’s) Account of a late voyage to Athens tr. 1676

Guillim, John
        A display of heraldrie 1610 (also 1632, 1638, 1660)

Guilpin, Edward
        Skialetheia, or a shadowe of truth in certaine epigrams and satyres 1598 (Grosart 1878)

Guinness, Henry G.
        The approaching end of the age viewed in the light of history, prophecy and science 1878

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Guizot’s (F. P. G.) General history of civilization in Europe tr. 1837

Gulbenkian, Nubar
        Pantaraxia 1965

Gulland, William Giuseppi
        Chinese porcelain 1898

Gullick, John Michael
        Malaysia 1969

Gullick, Thomas J. & Timbs, J.
        Painting popularly explained 1859

‘Gulliver, Lemuel, Jr.’
        Modern Gulliver’s travels 1796

Gulliver, Sam
        The Vulcan bulletins 1974

Gully, James Manby
        Magendie’s (F.) Formulary for the reparation and medical administration of certain new remedies tr. 1835 (1836)

‘Gun Buster’ (John Austin)
        Return via Dunkirk 1940

Gungwu, Wang
        See Wang Gungwu

Gunning, Bp. Peter
        The paschal or Lent-fast apostolical and perpetual 1662

Gunpowder Treason, The history of the (by Bp. J. Williams) 1678
        A true and perfect relation of the whole proceedings against the late..traitors 1606
The gunpowder treason, with a discourse of the manner of its discovery, and a perfect relation etc. (1679)

Gunter, Archibald C.
        Miss Dividends, a novel 1892 (1893)
        Mr. Potter of Texas 1888

Gurnall, William
        The christian in compleat armour, or, a treatise of the saints war against the devil (3 parts) 1655, 1658, 1662

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        Cassell’s dictionary of abbreviations 1966

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Gurney, Henry P.
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Gurney, Hudson
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Gurney, Oliver Robert
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Gurr, Edward
        The rational use of dyes in biology, and general staining methods 1965
        Synthetic dyes in biology, medicine and chemistry 1971

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ed. The dispatches of..the Duke of Wellington 1799–1818 1834–38

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        The foundation of death, a study of the drink question 1884 (1888)

Gutch, John
ed. Collectanea curiosa; or miscellaneous tracts, relating to the history and antiquities of England and Ireland, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, etc. 1781

Guthlac. The Anglo-saxon version of the life of St. Guthlac, written by Felix..of Crowland c 1000. With a translation by Charles W. Goodwin (1848)

Guthrie, Frederick
        Practical physics. Molecular physics and sound 1878

Guthrie, Gideon
        G. G., a monograph written 1712–30 (1900)

‘Guthrie, John’ (John Brodie)
        The little country 1935

‘Guthrie, Ramsay’ (J. G. Bowran)
        Kitty Fagan: a romance of pit life 1900

Guthrie, Thomas
        Christ and the inheritance of the saints 1858 (1860)

Guthrie, Thomas A.
        See ‘Anstey, F.’

Guthrie, Virgil B.
        Petroleum products handbook 1960

Guthrie, William
        The christian’s great interest 1659 (1667, 1724)
        Sermons a 1665 (1880)

Guthrie’s (W.) New system of modern geography 1792

Guthrie-Smith, William Herbert
        Tutira: the story of a New Zealand sheep station 1921

Guthry, Bp. Henry
        Memoirs a 1676 (1702)

Guy of Warwick. The romances of Sir Guy of Warwick and Rembrun his son 13.. (Abbotsford Club 1840)
        The romance of Guy of Warwick 13.. (E.E.T.S. 1883–91)
—(later version) 14.. (E.E.T.S. 1875–76)

Guy, Albert Glasgow
        Physical metallurgy for engineers 1962

Guy, Richard
        Practical observations on cancers, etc. 1762

Guy Livingstone 1857
        See Lawrence, G. A.

Guylforde, Sir Richard
        The pylgrymage of Sir R. G. to the Holy land 1506 1511 (Camden Soc. 1851)

Guy’s Hospital reports 1836–

Guyton, Arthur Clifford
        Textbook of medical physiology 1956

Guyton de Morveau (L. B.). A translation of the table of chemical nomenclature proposed by de Guyton, Lavoisier, Bertholet, and de Fourcroy (by G. Pearson) 1794, 1799

Gwilt, Joseph
        An encyclopædia of architecture, historical, theoretical, and practical 1842 (1859)

Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen Charlotte I. & Barnes, Bertie Frank
        The structure and development of the fungi 1927

Gzowski, Peter
        Peter Gzowski’s book about this country in the morning 1974