Focal dictionary of photographic technologies, The
See Spencer, Douglas Arthur

Focal encyclopedia of film and television techniques 1969

Focal encyclopedia of photography, The 1956
—(rev. Desk ed.) 1969

Focus 1945–

Fog’s Weekly journal 1728–31
        See Molloy, Charles

Foley, Henry
        Jesuits in conflict 1873
        Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus 1875–83

Foley, Winifred
        A child in the forest 1974

Folkard, Henry C.
        The wild fowler 1859

Folkingham, William
        Brachigraphy; or the art of short writing 1620
        Feudigraphia. The synopsis or epitome of surveying methodized (Page-heading: The art of survey) 1610

Folk-lore 1890–

Fonblanque, Albany
        England under seven administrations 1827–34 (1837)
        Life and labours of (1874)

Fonseca, José N. da
        An historical and archæological sketch of the city of Goa 1878

Foot, James
        Penseroso, or the pensive philosopher in his solitudes, a poem 1771

Foot, Michael Richard Daniell
        SOE in France: an account of the work of the British Special Operations Executive in France 1940–1944 1966

Foot, Peter
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Middlesex 1794

Foote, Henry Stuart
        Texas and the Texans; or, Advance of the Anglo-Americans to the south-west 2 vols. 1841

Foote, Horace
        A companion to the theatres, and manual of the British drama 1829

Foote, Samuel
        Dramatic works a 1777 (1778, 1830)
        The author 1757
        The bankrupt 1773
        Capuchin 1776
        The commissary 1765
        The cozeners 1774
        The devil upon two sticks 1768
        The Englishman in Paris 1753
        The Englishman return’d from Paris 1756
        The knights 1754
        The lame lover 1770
        The lyar 1762
        The maid of Bath 1771
        The mayor of Garret 1764
        The minor 1760
        The nabob 1772
        The orators 1762
        The patron 1764
        Taste 1752
        Trip to Calais 1776
        Memoirs of (1778, 1805)

Forbes, Bp. Alexander P.
        An explanation of the Thirty-nine Articles 1867–68
        A short explanation of the Nicene Creed 1852

Forbes, Archibald
        Chinese Gordon 1884
        My experiences of the war between France and Germany 1871
        Souvenirs of some continents 1885

Forbes, Duncan
        Reflexions on the sources of incredulity with regard to religion (anon.) a 1747 (1750)

Forbes, Duncan
        The heart of Malaya 1966

Forbes, Edward
        A history of British starfishes, and other animals of the class echinodermata 1841

—— & Hanley, Sylvanus
        A history of British mollusca and their shells 1853

Forbes, Gordon S.
        Wild life in Canara and Ganjam 1885

Forbes, Henry Ogg
        A hand-book to the primates 2 vols. 1894
        A naturalist’s wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago 1885

Forbes, James
        Oriental memoirs 1813–15

Forbes, John
        Certain records touching the estate of the Kirk in 1605 and 1606 16.. (Wodrow Soc. 1846)

Forbes, Sir John
        Laennec’s (R. T. H.) Treatise on the diseases of the chest tr. 1821 (1834)
See also Cyclopædia

Forbes, Patrick
        A defence of the lawful calling of the ministers of reformed churches 1614
        An exquisite commentarie upon the Revelation of Saint John 1613

Forbes, Peter
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1812

Forbes, Robert
        Ajax, his speech to the Grecian Knabbs, attempted in broad Buchans. To which is added a Journal to Portsmouth and a Shop-Bill in the same dialect, with a key 1742 (1755)
        Select collection of Scots poems, A, chiefly in the broad Buchan dialect 1785

Forbes, William
        The dominie depos’d; or some reflections on his intrigue with a young lass ? 1746 (1785)

Forbes, Sir William
        An account of the life and writings of James Beattie, including many of his original letters 1806 (1824)

Forbes-Mitchell, William
        Reminiscences of the great mutiny 1857–59 1893

Forby, Robert
        The vocabulary of East Anglia a 1825 (1830)
See also Spurdens, W. T.

Ford, Edmund Brisco
        Mendelism and evolution 1931
        Moths 1955

Ford, Ford Madox (until 1919 name Joseph L. Ford H. Madox Hueffer) The good soldier: a tale of passion 1915
        Letters ed. R. M. Ludwig 1965
        A man could stand up 1926
        No more parades 1925
        The panel: a sheer comedy 1912

Ford, John
        Dramatic works 16.. (1827, 1869)
        The broken heart 1633
        The chronicle historie of Perkin Warbeck 1634
        Fames memoriall; or the Earle of Devonshire deceased 1606
        The fancies, chast and noble 1638
        Honor triumphant; or, the Peeres challenge 1606 (Shaks. Soc. 1843)
        The ladies triall 1638 (1639)
        A line of life 1620 (Shaks. Soc. 1843)
        The lovers melancholy 1628 (1629)
        Loues sacrifice 1633
        ‘Tis pity shees a whore 1633
See also Rowley, W.

—— & Dekker, Thomas
        The sun’s darling 1624 (1656)

Ford, Kenneth William
        The world of elementary particles 1963

Ford, Paul Leicester
        The Honorable Peter Stirling and what people thought of him 1894 (UK 1898)

Ford, Richard
        Gatherings from Spain 1846
        A hand-book for travellers in Spain 1845

Ford, Robert 1893
See Harp of Perthshire

Ford, Sewell
        Inez and Trilby May 1921
        Shorty McCabe 1906 (UK 1908)
        Side-stepping with Shorty 1908

Ford, Simon
        or, the loyall subjects exultation for the royall exiles restauration 1660

Ford, William J.
        A history of the Cambridge University cricket club, 1820–1901 1902

Ford-Robertson, F. C.
ed. Terminology of forest science, technology, practice and products 1971

Forde, Emanuel
        Parismus, the renowned prince of Bohemia 1598–99 (1661)

Forde, Thomas
        Lusus fortunæ: the play of fortune 1649

Forde, William
        A sermon preached at Constantinople 1616

Fordun, John
        Scoti-chronicon, sive Scotorum historia a 1384 (1691, 1871–72)
cum ejusdem supplemento ac continuatione (by Walter Bower) a 1449 (1722, 1759)

Fordyce, James
        Sermons to young women 1765 (1767)

Fordyce, Sir William
        A letter to Sir J. Sinclair, concerning the virtues of the muriatic acid in the cure of putrid diseases 1790

Foreign accounts v.d. (MSS. in Public Record Office)

Foreign quarterly review 1827–46

Foreign review and continental miscellany 1828–30

Forest and stream. (A weekly journal of the rod and gun) 1873–

Forest of Hohenelbe, The; a tale 1803

Forester, Cecil Scott
        The commodore 1945
        The good shepherd 1955
        Hornblower and the Atropos 1953
        Mr. Midshipman Hornblower 1950
        The ship 1943
        A ship of the line 1938

‘Forester, Frank’ (H. W. Herbert)
        Field sports in the United States, and the British provinces of America 1848

Forestry 1927–

Forestry bureau bulletin
See: United States. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Forestry

Forgan, Robert
        The golfer’s handbook 1881

Form for Church government, propounded to General Assembly at Edinburgh 1647

Forman, Charles
        Some queries and observations upon the Revolution in 1688 1741

Forman, Harry B.
        Our living poets 1871

Forman, Simon
        The autobiography and personal diary, from 1552 to 1602 a 1611 (Halliwell 1849)

Forme of cury, The ? c 1390 (Pegge 1780; in Warner, Antiq. culin. 1791)

Formularies of faith, put forth by authority during the reign of Henry VIII 1536–43 (1825)

Forney, M. N.
        Car-builder’s dictionary 1880

Forrest, Thomas
        A voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui Archipelago 1792
        A voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas in 1774–76 1779

Forrest, Sir William
        The pleasaunt poesye of princelye practise 1548 (partly repr. in Starkey’s England, E.E.T.S. 1878)
        Theophilus 1572 (in Anglia, VII and X)
        A true and most notable history of a right noble lady entitled the second Gresield 1558

‘Forrester, Mrs.’
        Mignon 1877
        Roy and Viola 1880

Forrester, James
        The polite philosopher (anon.) 1734 (1778)

Forrester (a novel) 1830

Forrester, Larry
        A girl called Fathom 1967

Forster, Edward Morgan
        Abinger harvest: a miscellany 1936
        Aspects of the novel 1927
        The hill of Devi: being letters from Dewas State Senior 1953
        Howards End 1910
        The longest journey 1907
        Maurice 1971 (written 1913–14, rev. 1959–60)
        A passage to India 1924
        A room with a view 1908
        Two cheers for democracy 1951
        Where angels fear to tread 1905

Forster, George
        A journey from Bengal to England 1790 (1798)

Forster, George (i.e. Johann Georg A.)
        A voyage round the world in his Britannic Majesty’s sloop Resolution, commanded by Captain James Cook, in 1772–75 1777
        Sparrman’s (Anders) Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope in 1772–76 tr. 1785 (1786)

Forster, Harold
        Flowering lotus: a view of Java 1958

Forster, Johann R.
        Kalm’s (Pehr) Travels into North America tr. 1770–71 (1772)
        Observations made during a voyage round the world 1778
        Osbeck’s (Pehr) Voyage to China and the East-Indies 1771

Forster, John
        The debates on the Grand Remonstrance, 1641 1860
        Historical and biographical essays 1858
        The life and adventures of Oliver Goldsmith 1848
        The life of C. Dickens 1872–74
        Walter Savage Landor. A biography 1869

Forster, Thomas F.
        The pocket encyclopædia of natural phenomena a 1825 (1827)

Forster, Thomas I. M.
        Observations of the natural history of the swallow tribe 1817
        Researches about atmospheric phaenomena 1813 (1815)

Forster, Westgarth
        A treatise on a section of the strata commencing near Newcastle upon Tyne 1809

Forster, William E.
        See Reid, Sir T. Wemyss

Forsyth, Andrew R.
        Theory of functions of a complex variable 1893

Forsyth, Frederick
        The day of the jackal 1971
        The dogs of war 1974

Forsyth, Capt. James
        The Highlands of central India 1871

Forsyth, Joseph
        Remarks on antiquities, arts, and letters during an excursion in Italy in 1802–03 1813

Forsyth, Robert
        The beauties of Scotland 1805–08

Forsyth, William
        A treatise on the culture and management of fruit trees 1802 (1818)

Fortes, Meyer
ed. Social structure: studies presented to A. R. Radcliffe-Brown 1949

Fortescue, Sir John
        Works a 1476 (1869)
        The governance of England: otherwise called The difference between an absolute and a limited monarchy c 1460 (1714, 1885)
See also Mulcaster, Robert

Fortescue, Thomas
        Mexia’s (P.) Foreste; or, collection of histories tr. 1571

Fortescue papers, The: consisting chiefly of letters relating to state affairs. Edited from MSS. in possession of Hon. G. M. Fortescue 16.. (Camden Soc. 1871)

Fortnight in a waggonette, A 1885

Fortnightly review, The 1865–1912

Fortnight’s ramble to the lakes 1792
        See Budworth, J.

Fortnum, Charles Drury E.
        A descriptive catalogue of the maiolica, Hispano-Moresco, Persian, Damascus, and Rhodian wares, in the South Kensington Museum 1873
        Maiolica 1875
        Maiolica: a historical treatise on the glazed and enamelled earthenwares of Italy 1896

Fortnum & Mason Ltd.
        Price list c 1938

Fortunate country-maid 1740
See De Mouhy

Fortunate orphan 1745

Fortune 1930–

Forum, The (New York) 1886–1930

Forum, The (Johannesburg) 1938–

Fosbroke, John
        Six sermons delivered at Kettering and other places 1617–31 (1633)

Fosbroke, Thomas D.
        British monachism 1802
        Encyclopedia of antiquities 1825 (1840)

Fosdick, Harry Emerson
        A pilgrimage to Palestine 1927 (UK 1928)

Foster, Adriance Sherwood & Gifford, Ernest Milton
        Comparative morphology of vascular plants 1959

Foster, Albert J.
        The Ouse 1891

Foster, Brian
        The changing English language 1968

Foster, Frank Pierce
ed. An illustrated encyclopædic medical dictionary 4 vols. 1888–92

Foster, Harry La Tourette
        The adventures of a tropical tramp 1922
        A beachcomber in the Orient 1923
        A tropical tramp with the tourists 1925

Foster, Herbert L.
        Ribbin’, jivin’, and playin’ the dozens: the unrecognized dilemma of inner city schools 1974

Foster, Idris Llewellyn & Alcock, Leslie
eds. Culture and environment: essays in honour of Sir Cyril Fox 1963

Foster, John
        Essays 1805
        Life and correspondence (1846)

Foster, Sir Michael
        Text-book of physiology 1877 (1878)

Foster, Robert Frederick
        Foster’s complete Hoyle 1897

Foster, William
        Hoplocrisma-spongus; or, a sponge to wipe away the weapon-salve 1631

Foster, William
ed. The English factories in India, a calendar of documents in the India Office, British Museum and Public Record Office 1618–41 (1906–12)

Foster-Harris, William
        The look of the old West 1955

Fotherby, Martin
        Atheomastix; clearing foure truthes against atheists and infidels a 1619 (1622)
        Foure sermons 1608

Fothergill, Jessie
        Kith and kin 1881
        A march in the ranks 1890

Foulis, Henry
        The history of the Romish treasons and usurpations a 1669 (1671, 1681)
        The history of the wicked plots and conspiracies of our pretended saints 1662

Foulis, Hugh
        Erchie, my droll friend 1904

Foulis, Sir John of Ravelston, The account book of 1671–1707 (S.H.S. 1894)

Foulkes, Robert
        An alarme for sinners 1679

Foundation of St. Bartholomew’s Church in London, The book of the c 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1923)

Fountainhall, Sir John Lauder, Lord
        The decisions of the Lords of Council and Session 1678–1712 a 1722 (1759–61)
        Journals of, with his observations on public affairs and other memoranda 1665–76 (S.H.S. 1900)

Four centuries of English letters 14..–18.. (ed. W. B. Scoones 1880)

Fourcroy’s (A. F. de) Elements of natural history and of chemistry tr. 1788
        General system of chemical knowledge tr. by William Nicholson 1804

Fowke. The trial of Joseph Fowke for a conspiracy against W. Hastings 1776

Fowler, Bp. Edward
        A vindication of an undertaking of certain gentlemen (anon.) 1692

Fowler, Elizabeth ‘Between Trent and Ancholme.In and around an old-fashioned garden (anon.) 1908

Fowler, Henry Watson
        A dictionary of modern English usage 1926
—(ed. 2, rev. by E. A. Gowers) 1965

Fowler, Jacob
        Journal ed. E. Coues 1898

Fowler, John 1586
        See Fulke, W.

Fowler, Joseph T.
        Adamnan 1894

Fowler, Robert
        The medical vocabulary 1860

Fowler, Thomas
        Bacon 1881
        The elements of deductive logic 1867
        The elements of inductive logic 1870
        The history of Corpus Christi College 1893 (O.H.S.)

Fowler, William
        Works 15..–16.. (S.T.S. 1914)

Fowles, Anthony
        Dupe negative 1970
        Pastime 1974

Fowles, John
        The collector 1963
        The French lieutenant’s woman 1969
        The magus 1966

Fownes, George
        A manual of elementary chemistry 1844 (1848, 1850, etc.)
—revised by H. Watts (1873, 1877)

Fox, Abraham L.
        See Wuertz, Felix

Fox, Caroline
        Journals ed. W. Monk 1972
        Memories of old friends, being extracts from the journals and letters of C. F. 1835–71 (1882)

Fox, Charles
        Educational psychology: its problems and methods 1925

Fox, Charles James
        History of the early part of the reign of James II a 1806 (1808)
        Correspondence of Gilbert Wakefield with C. J. Fox 1796–1801 (1813)

Fox, Cornelius B.
        Ozone and antozone, their history and nature 1873

Fox, Cyril Fred
        The archaeology of the Cambridge region 1923

Fox, John
        The wanderer 1718

Fox, Lawrence Webster
        Diseases of the eye 1904

Fox, Leslie
        The numerical solution of two-point boundary problems in ordinary differential equations 1957

—— & Mayers, D. F.
        Computing methods for scientists and engineers 1968

Fox, Richard Middleton & Fox, Jean Walker
        Introduction to comparative entomology 1964

Fox, Miss S. P.
        Kingsbridge estuary 1864

Fox, Thomas W.
        The mechanism of weaving 1894

Fox, William T.
        The classification of skin diseases 1864

Foxe, John
        Actes and monuments of these latter and perillous dayes (= The book of martyrs) 1563 (1570, 1576, 1583, 1596, 1610, 1631, 1641, 1684)

Foxe, Luke
        The North-West Fox, or Fox from the North-West Passage 1635

—— & James, Thomas
        Voyages in search of a North-West passage in 1631–32; with narratives of the earlier North-West voyages v.d. (Hakluyt Soc. 1894)

Foye, William Owen
ed. Principles of medicinal chemistry 1974

Fozard, Basil
        Instrumentation and control of nuclear reactors 1963

Fraas, Arthur Paul
        Aircraft power plants 1943

Fraenkel, Gottfried S. & Gunn, D. L.
        The orientation of animals 1940

Fraenkel-Conrat, Heinz Ludwig & Wagner, R. R.
ed. Comprehensive virology 1974–

Fragment of Ælfric’s Grammar, Ælfric’s Glossary, and a poem on the soul and the body 11.. (ed. Sir T. Phillipps 1838)

Fragment on popular science a 1300 (in T. Wright, Pop. treat. science 1841; Early South-Eng. Legendary, E.E.T.S. 1887, p. 311/391– )

See La Framboisière

Frame, Janet
        The edge of the alphabet 1962
        The lagoon: stories 1951
        Owls do cry 1957 (UK 1961)

Frampton, John
        Monardes’ (Nicolas) Ioyfull newes out of the newe founde worlde tr. 1577
newly corrected, whereunto are added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone, the herbe Escuerçonera, the properties of yron and steele, in medicine and the benefite of snow 1580 (1596)
        The most noble and famous trauels of Marcus Paulus to the east partes of the world tr. 1579

Francion, Comical history of 1655
See Sorel

Francis, Dick (Richard Stanley Francis)
        Blood sport 1967
        Bonecrack 1971
        Dead cert 1962
        Enquiry 1969
        Flying finish 1966
        Forfeit 1968
        For kicks 1965
        In the frame 1976
        Knock down 1974
        Nerve 1964
        Odds against 1965
        Rat race 1970
        Risk 1977
        Slay-ride 1973

Francis, Francis
        A book on angling 1867 (1880)

Francis, Francis, Jr.
        Saddle and mocassin 1887

Francis, George H.
        Opinions and policy of Viscount Palmerston 1852

Francis, George W.
        The dictionary of the arts, sciences, and manufactures 1842

Francis, John
        History of the Bank of England 1847

‘Francis, M. E.’ (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
        A daughter of the soil 1895

Francis, Peter W.
        Volcanoes 1976

Francis, Philip
        Horace tr. 1743–46

Francis the philanthropist; an unfashionable tale 1785

Franck, Richard
        Northern memoirs, calculated for the meridian of Scotland. To which is added the contemplative and practical angler 1658 (1694, 1821)

Franco, R. Solomon
        Truth springing out of the earth 1668

Frank, André Gunder
        Latin America: underdevelopment or revolution 1969

Frank, Mark
        LI sermons; to which is added, a sermon preached at St. Pauls Cross in 1641 a 1664 (1672)

Frank, Pat Harry Hart
        Seven days to never 1957

Frankau, Gilbert
        More of us, being the present-day adventures ofOne of us: a novel in verse 1937
Tid’apa: what does it matter? 1914 (UK 1915)

Frankau, Pamela
        The winged horse 1953

Franke, Traugott
        Technological dictionary, English-German-French. (Vol. II of Beil’s (J. A.) Techn. Wörterbuch) 1855

Frankland, Sir Edward
        Experimental researches in pure, applied, and physical chemistry 1877

Franklin, Benjamin
        Works a 1790 (1840, 1887–88)
        Writings ed. A. H. Smyth 10 vols. 1905–7
        Memoirs of the life and writings, written by himself to a late period, and continued to the time of his death by W. T. Franklin (Autobiography) 1788 (1818)
        Poor Richard improved; being an almanack for the year 1758 1758 (in Arber, English Garner V)
        Private correspondence 1753–90 (1817)

Franklin, John
        Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea, 1819–22 1823

Franklin, Stella Maria Sarah Miles
        All that swagger 1936 (UK 1947)
        My brilliant career 1901
See also ‘Brent of Bin Bin’

Franklyn, Julian E.
        A dictionary of nicknames 1962
        A dictionary of rhyming slang 1960

Fraser, Edward & Gibbons, John
        Soldier and sailor words and phrases 1925

Fraser, James
        Chronicles of the Frasers: the Wardlaw MS. entitledPolichronicon seu policratica temporum, or, the true genealogy of the Frasers, 916–1674 c 1700 (S.H.S. 1905)

‘Fraser, James’ (Alan White)
        A cock-pit of roses 1969
        Heart’s ease in death 1977
        Who steals my name? 1976

Fraser, James B.
        Journal of a tour through part of the snowy range of the Himālā Mountains 1820
        The Kuzzilbash (anon.) 1828
        Travels in Koordistan, Mesopotamia, etc. 1840

Fraser, William C.
        The Whaups of Durley 1895

Fraser’s Magazine 1830–82

Fraunce, Abraham
        The Countesse of Pembrokes Yuychurch 1591
        The lawiers logike 1588
        Watson’s (Thomas) Lamentations of Amyntas tr. 1587

Frayn, Michael
        The Russian interpreter 1966
        The tin men 1965

Frayne, John George & Wolfe, H.
        Elements of sound recording 1949

Frazee, Irving Augustus & Bedell, Earl L.
        Automotive fundamentals 1949

Frazer, James G.
        The golden bough: a study in comparative religion 1890
—ed. 2, revised and enlarged 1900; ed. 3, 1907–12

Frazer, John
        or, a brief discourse concerning the second sight 1707

Freake, J.
        Agrippa’s (H. C.) Three books of occult philosophy tr. 1651

Freake, William
        The doctrines and practises of the Societie of Jesuites 1630

Fred Wilson’s fate 1892
        See Murdoch, A.

Free, Montague
        All about house plants 1946

Freebody, John William Henry
        Telegraphy 1959

Freedomways 1961–

Freeling, Nicolas
        Because of the cats 1963
        Criminal conversation 1965
        Double-barrel 1964
        The Dresden Green 1966
        Dressing of diamond 1974
        The king of the rainy country 1966
        Lake isle 1976
        A long silence 1972
        Love in Amsterdam 1962
        Strike out where not applicable 1967
        Tsing-boum 1969
        What are the bugles blowing for? 1975

Freeman, B. E.
tr. A. Vandel’s Biospeleology: the biology of cavernicolous animals 1965

Freeman, Edward A.
        General sketch of European history 1872
        The growth of the English Constitution 1872
        Historical and architectural sketches; chiefly Italian 1876
        Historical essays v.d. (1871–79)
        The history of architecture 1849
        The history of the Norman Conquest 1867–79
        The reign of William Rufus and the accession of Henry I 1882
        Sketches from the subject and neighbour lands of Venice 1881
        Some impressions of the United States 1883
        Life and letters ed. W. R. W. Stephens (1895)

Freeman, Gillian
        Jack would be a gentleman 1959
        The liberty man 1955

Freeman, Mary Eleanor (Wilkins)
        See Wilkins, Mary Eleanor

Freeman, Philip
        The principles of divine service 1855–62

Freeman, Samuel
        The town officer 1799

Freeman-Mitford, Algernon B.
        Tales of old Japan 1871

Freemantle, Brian
        The November man 1976

Freemasonry, Poem on (The early history of freemasonry in England) c 1430 (Halliwell 1840)

Freer, Martha W.
        History of the reign of Henry IV, King of France 1860–63
        History of Marie de Medici 1861

Freese, John H.
        The commercial class-book 1849

Free-thinker, The 1718 (1733)

Freind, John
        An account of the Earl of Peterborow’s conduct in Spain 1707

Freiris of Berwik, The a 1550 (in Dunbar’s Poems, S.T.S. 1885)

Frejus’ (Rolland) Relation of a voyage made into Mauritania to Muley Arxid, King of Tafiletta tr. 1671

Freke, William
        Select essays, tending to the universal reformation of learning 1693

Fremdsprachen 1957–

Fremlin, Celia Margaret
        Appointment with yesterday 1972
        By horror haunted: stories 1974
        The jealous one 1965

Frémont, John Charles
        Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in…1842, and to Oregon and North California in…1843–’44 1845

French, John
        The art of distillation 1651
        A new light of alchymie, and a treatise of sulphur, by Michael Sandivogius; also nine books of the nature of things by Paracelsus. Also a chymical dictionary explaining hard places and words in Paracelsus tr. 1650
        The York-shire spaw 1652

French, Nicholas
        Historical works a 1678 (1846)
        The vnkinde desertor of loyall men and true frinds (anon.) 1676

French book of rates, The 1714

Frendz 1971–2

Frere, Mary
        Old Deccan days; or, Hindoo fairy legends current in Southern India 1868

Frere, Bp. Walter H.
ed. Visitation articles and injunctions of the period of the Reformation 1910
See also Procter, Francis

Frere and boy
See Friar and boy

Freud, Sigmund
        See Brill, Abraham Arden; Riviere, Joan; Strachey, James

Frewer, Ellen E.
        Holub’s (E.) Seven years in South Africa tr. 1881

Frey’s (Heinrich) Histology and histochemistry of man tr. by A. E. J. Barker 1874

Frezier’s (Amédée Fr.) Voyage to the South-Sea and along the coasts of Chili and Peru in 1712–14 tr. 1717

Friar and boy. A mery geste of the frere and the boye 1509–18 (W. de Worde; in Hazlitt, Early pop. poetry III. 1866)

Friar Bacon. The famous historie of Fryer Bacon; also the manner of his death ? a 1600 (1627; in Thoms, Prose romances I. 1828)

Friar Gerund 1772
        See Nugent

Friar Rush. The historie of Frier Rush 1620 (in Thoms, Prose romances I. 1828)

Friedländer, Michael
        The Jewish religion 1891

Friend, Hilderic
        A glossary of Devonshire plant names 1882 (E.D.S.)

Friend, John Albert Newton
        A text-book of physical chemistry 2 vols. 1932–5

Friend, The 1843–

Friends, Extracts from State Papers relating to 1654–69 (1910–12)

Friends’ Historical Society
        Journal 1903–

See Friar

Fries, Charles Carpenter
        American English grammar: the grammatical structure of present-day American English with especial reference to social differences or class dialects 1940

Frisch, Otto Robert
ed. The nuclear handbook 1958

Friswell, James H.
        Sham! a novel written in earnest 1858 (1861)

Frith, John
        Works a 1533 (1573)
        A boke answering vnto M. Mores lettur 1533 (1546)
        An other boke against Rastel 1533
        A disputacion of purgatorye 1533 (1829)
        Judgment upon Will Tracey his testament a 1533
        A mirrour or glasse to know thyselfe 1533
        A pistle to the christen reader; the reuelation of antichrist: antithesis wherein are compared togeder Christes actes and oure holye father the Popes 1529
See also Tindale, W.

Frith, William P.
        My autobiography and reminiscences 1887

Fritsch, Felix Eugen
        The structure and reproduction of the algae 2 vols. 1935–45

Froger’s (François) Relation of a voyage made in 1695–97 on the coasts of Africa, etc. tr. 1698

Frogges of Egypt, The; or, the caterpillers of the Commonwealth truly dissected and laid open 1641

Frost, Robert Lee
        Collected poems 1930
—(new ed.) 1939
        Letters to Louis Untermeyer ed. L. Untermeyer 1964

—— & Frost, Elinor
        Family letters ed. A. Grade 1972

Frost, Thomas
        Reminiscences of a country journalist 1886 (1888)

Frost and fire 1865
        See Campbell, J. F.

Frost of 1683–84, Old ballads illlustrating the great a 1700 (Percy Soc. 1844)

Frothingham, Octavius B.
        George Ripley 1882

Froud, Nina, et al.
tr. P. Montagné’s Larousse Gastronomique 1961

Froude, James A.
        Cæsar; a sketch 1879
        Thomas Carlyle: a history of the first forty years of his life, 1795–1835 1882
: a history of his life in London, 1834–81 1884
        The divorce of Catherine of Aragon 1891
        History of England 1856–70
        The nemesis of faith 1849
        Oceana, or England and her colonies 1886
        Short studies on great subjects 1850–81 (1867–83)

Froude, Richard H.
        Remains a 1836 (1838–39)

Frowde, The life, extraordinary adventures, voyages and escapes of Neville 1773

Froysell, Thomas
        The gale of opportunity 1650 (1652)

Fruton, Joseph Stewart & Simmonds, Sofia
        General biochemistry 1953
—(ed. 2) 1958

Fry, Caroline
        The scripture reader’s guide to the devotional use of the holy scriptures 1828

Fry, Charles B. (and others)
        Cricket 1903

Fry, Christopher
        The lady’s not for burning: a comedy 1949
        Venus observed 1950

Fry, Roger Eliot
        Cézanne: a study of his development 1927
        Letters ed. D. Sutton 2 vols. 1972
        Transformations: essays on art 1926

Frye, Northrop
        Anatomy of criticism 1957
ed. Romanticism reconsidered 1963
ed. Sound and poetry 1957

Frye, William E.
        Ohlenschläger’s (A. G.) Gods of the North tr. 1845

Fryer, John
        A new account of East India and Persia 1698

Fryke’s Voyage tr. 1700
        See L., S.

Fulbecke, William
        The pandectes of the law of nations 1602
        A parallele or conference of the civill law, the canon law and the common law of England 1601. Pt. ii 1602

Fulford, Roger Thomas Baldwin
ed. Dearest child: letters between Queen Victoria and the Princess Royal, 1858–1861 1964
ed. Dearest Mama: letters between Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia, 1861–1864 1968
ed. Your dear letter: private correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia, 1865–1871 1971

Fulke, William
        An answer of a true Christian 1577
        A confutation of a treatise made by William Allen in defence of the usurped power of popish priesthood to remit sinnes. An apologie of the professors of the gospel in Fraunce against the railing declamation of Peter Frarine tr. by John Fowler 1586
        A defense of the sincere and true translations of the holie scriptures into the English tong 1583
        A goodly gallerye with a most pleasaunt prospect into the garden of naturall contemplation, to behold the naturall causes of all kynde of meteors 1563 (1655)
        D. Heskins, D. Sanders, and M. Rastel, accounted three pillers of the popish synagogue, and ouerthrowne (Heskins parleament repealed; A confutation of Sanders treatise; A refutation of Rastels confutation) 1579
        A retentiue to stay good christians in true faith and religion against the motiues of Richard Bristow; also, a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish church 1580
        T. Stapleton and Martiall confuted 1580
        The text of the New Testament translated by the papists of the traiterous seminarie at Rhemes. With a confutation of all such arguments, etc. as conteine manifest impietie 1589
        Two treatises written against the papistes: the one being an answere of the Christian protestant to the proud challenge of a popish catholicke (W. Allen); the other a confutation of the popish churches doctrine touching purgatory and prayers for the dead 1577

Fullarton, John H.
        Troop Target 1944

Fullarton, William
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Ayr 1793
        A view of the English interests in India 1787

Fuller, Andrew
        A literary courtship under the auspices of Pike’s Peak 1893

Fuller, Francis
        Medicina gymnastica: or, a treatise concerning the power of exercise with respect to the animal œconomy 1704

Fuller, George D. & Conard, H. S.
tr. J. Braun-Blanquet’s Plant sociology: the study of plant communities 1932

Fuller, Henry W.
        On diseases of the chest 1862

Fuller, Jane G.
        Uncle John’s flower-gatherers 1869

Fuller, Richard Buckminster
        Operating manual for Spaceship Earth 1969
        Untitled epic poem on the history of industrialization 1962

Fuller, Roy Broadbent
        The ruined boys 1959
        The second curtain 1953

Fuller (afterwards Ossoli), Sarah Margaret
        Life without and within 1859
        Woman in the nineteenth century 1845 (1862)

Fuller, Thomas
        Abel redivivus; or the dead yet speaking 1651 (1867)
        The appeal of injured innocence 1659 (1840)
        The cause and cure of a wounded conscience 1647 (1841, 1867)
        The church-history of Britain 1655
        A comment on Ruth 1654 (1868)
        David’s hainous sinne, heartie repentance, heavie punishment 1631 (1867)
        Good thoughts in bad times 1645 (1841)
        Good thoughts in worse times 1647 (1841)
        The historie of the holy warre 1639 (1647, 1840)
        The history of the university of Cambridge since the Conquest 1655 (1840)
        The history of Waltham-abbey 1655 (1840)
        The history of the worthies of England a 1661 (1662, 1840)
        The holy state 1642; The profane state 1642 (1841)
        Joseph’s party-coloured coat 1640 (1867)
        The just man’s funeral 1649
        Mixt contemplations in better times 1660 (1840)
        Ornitho-logie, or the speech of birds (anon.) 1655
        A Pisgah-sight of Palestine 1650
        A sermon on the 27th March 1643 1643
        Sermons a 1661
        Two sermons 1654

Fuller, Thomas
        Pharmacopœia extemporanea 1702 (1710)

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana C.
        Constance Sherwood, an autobiography of the sixteenth century 1865
        Ellen Middleton 1844
        Grantley Manor 1847
        Lady-bird 1852

Fullwood, Francis
        Toleration not to be abused 1672

Fulton, John
        Index canonum 1872 (1883)

Fulton, Robert
        The illustrated book of pigeons; ed. Lewis Wright 1876 (1882); ed. W. F. Lumley 1893–95

Fulwell, Ulpian
        The first part of the eight liberale science entituled Ars adulandi, the art of flattery 1576
newly corrected and augmented 1579
        An enterlude intituled Like wil to like quod the Deuel to the Colier 1568

Fulwood, William
        The enimie of idleness 1568

‘Fume, Joseph’ (W. A. Chatto)
        A paper: of tobacco 1839

Fundamentals, The—a testimony to the truth 1911–14

Funk & Wagnalls Co.
        A standard dictionary of the English language ed. I. K. Funk et al. 2 vols. 1893–5
—(new ed.) 2 vols. 1928
        Standard dictionary of folklore, mythology, and legend ed. M. Leach 2 vols. 1949–50

Funnell, William
        A voyage round the world 1707

Furley, Robert
        A history of the Weald of Kent 1871–74

Furness, William H.
        Domestic worship 1842 (1850)
        Folk lore in Borneo 1899 (privately printed)

Fuseli, Henry
        Lectures on painting 1801–15 (ed. R. N. Wornum 1848)

Fysshynge wyth an angle, An older form of the treatyse of, attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes a 1450 (Printed from a MS., by Thomas Satchell 1883).
See also Book of St. Albans