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        See Fleming, Abraham

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        See Fisher, E.

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        See Freake, J.; French, John

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        See Forde, Thomas

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        The primitive doctrine of justification investigated 1837
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        The revival of the French emperorship 1853
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        A treatise on the genius and object of the Patriarchal, the Levitical, and the Christian dispensations 1819 (1823)
        A treatise on the origin of expiatory sacrifice 1827

Fabian News 1891–

Fabric rolls of York Minster v.d. (Surtees Soc. 1859)

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        The newe cronycles of Englande and of Fraunce a 1513 (1516); continued to the death of Henry VII 1533, 1542; continued to the death of Q. Mary 1559 (1811)

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        Studies in the philosophy of religion and history 1876

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        Prophecy viewed in respect to its distinctive nature 1856
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        Iron, its history, properties, and processes of manufacture 1861

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ed. The encyclopedia of geomorphology 1968

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ed. Dictionary of sociology 1944

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ed. 3, enlarged and thoroughly revised by the Hon. H. A. Dillon 1885
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        The roadmender 1902

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        A philosophical dissertation on the diving vessel projected by Mr. Day 1775

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        An account of the slave trade on the coast of Africa 1788

‘Falconer, Lanoe’ (Mary Eliz. Hawker)
        Mademoiselle Ixe 1890 (1891)

Falconer (Captain R.), Voyages of 1720
        See Chetwood, W. R.

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        The shipwreck 1762
        An universal dictionary of the marine 1769 (1776)
—enlarged by W. Burney (1815)

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        Horologiographia; the art of dialling 1593

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        Etymologisk ordbog over det Norske og det Danske sprog 1901–06

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        See Cary, L.

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        Moonfleet 1898

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        Two treatises a 1682 (1684)

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        A field guide to the birds of New Zealand and outlying islands 1966

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        An account of the isle of Jersey 1694

Fambresarius 1684
        See La Framboisière, N. A. de

Family dictionary (Dictionaire oeconomique: or, the family dictionary. Tr. from M. Chomel. Revised and recommended by Mr. R. Bradley) 1725

Family in-compact, The, contrasted with the family compact 1778

Family of Rose of Kilravock, A genealogical deduction of the v.d. (Spalding Cl. 1848) See Rose, Hew

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        Tannhäuser; or, the battle of the bards 1861

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        A practical treatise on water-supply engineering 1877

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        The practice of the Exchequer Court a 1601 (1658)

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        Memoirs, written by herself, to which are added extracts from the correspondence of Sir R. Fanshawe a 1680 (1829, 1905)

Fanshawe, Sir Richard
        Camoens’ (Luis de) Lusiad tr. 1655
        Guarini’s (Baptista) Il Pastor fido; the faithfull shepheard tr. With an addition of divers other poems 1647–48

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        Chemical manipulation 1827
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        On the various forces of nature a 1867 (1874)

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ed. A glossary of aeronautical terms 1919

Faraday Society
        Transactions 1905–

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        The foundation of phenomenology; Edmund Husserl and the quest for a rigorous science of philosophy 1943

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        See Watreman, W.

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        General view of the agriculture and minerals of Derbyshire 1811

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        Forty sermons a 1658 (1663, 1672, 1849)
        Thirty sermons 1657

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        The betrayal of John Fordham 1896
        Three times tried 1886

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        The London art of cookery 1804

Farley, Robert
        Kalendarium humanæ vitæ 1638
        Lychnocausia, sive moralia facum emblemata. Lights. Morall emblemes 1638

Farley’s Exeter Journal 1725–28

Farlow, William G.
        Marine algæ of New England and adjacent coast 1881

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        Scrap book, being a selection of poems, songs, scraps, etc. 1846 (1869)

Farmer, Fannie Merritt
        The Boston Cooking-School cook book 1896 (and several later editions used)

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        Forty several ways of two parts in one made upon a playn song 1591

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        Americanisms, old and new: a dictionary 1889
ed. Musa pedestris: canting songs and slang rhymes 1536–1896 (1896)
        The public school word-book 1900

—— & Henley, William E.
        Slang and its analogues, past and present 1890–1904

Farmer, Richard
        An essay on the learning of Shakespeare 1767

Farmer and stockbreeder, The 1889–

Farmer’s complete guide through all the articles of his profession 1760

Farmer’s Ha’ 1776
        See Keith, C.

Farmer’s magazine, The 1800–25

Farmers weekly 1934–

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        The golfer’s manual 1857

Farnol, John Jeffery
        The broad highway 1910
        The definite object 1917

Farquhar, George
        Works a 1707 (1742, 1892)
        The beaux stratagem 1706–07
        A constant couple 1700
        The inconstant, or the way to win him 1702
        Love and a bottle 1699
        The recruiting officer 1706
        Sir Harry Wildair 1701

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        Poems on several occasions 1794

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ed. Select poetry chiefly devotional of the reign of Queen Elizabeth a 1600 (Parker Soc. 1845)
ed. Select poetry, chiefly sacred, of the reign of James I 16.. (1847)

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        The life of D. G. Farragut 1879

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        Chapters on language 1865
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        Eric; or, little by little 1858
        Essay on the origin of language 1860
        Families of speech 1869 (1873)
        History of interpretation 1886
In the days of my youth: sermons, Marlborough 1871–76 (1876)
        Julian Home 1859
        Life and work of St. Paul 1879
        Life of Christ 1874
        Lives of the Fathers 1889
        Seekers after God 1868
        The silence and the voices of God, with other sermons 1874
        Witness of history to Christ 1871

Farrell, James Thomas
        Studs Lonigan: a trilogy (Young Lonigan; The young manhood of Studs Lonigan; Judgment day) 1935 (UK 1936)
        Young Lonigan: a boyhood in Chicago streets 1932
        The young manhood of Studs Lonigan 1934

Farrer, Reginald John
        The garden of Asia: impressions from Japan 1904
        My rock-garden 1907

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        A dictionary of military terms 1918
        Military encyclopedia 1885

Fary, John
        God’s severity on man’s sterility 1644 (1645)

Fasciculus florum: or, a nosegay of flowers 1636

Fashionable follies 1782
        See Vaughan, T.

Fast, Howard Melvin
        The immigrants 1977

Fastnedge, Ralph
        English furniture styles, from 1500 to 1830 1955

Fate of Sedley, The 1795

Fates of the Apostles a 1000 (Grein)

Father’s instruction a 1000 (Grein)

Fathers of the desert 1867
        See Hahn-Hahn

Faulkner, William
        Absalom, Absalom! 1936
        As I lay dying 1930 (UK 1935)
        A fable 1954 (UK 1955)
        Go down, Moses, and other stories 1942
        The hamlet 1940
        Light in August 1932 (UK 1933)
        Sanctuary 1931
        Sartoris 1929 (UK 1932)
        The sound and the fury 1929
        The wild palms 1939

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        Memorable days in America 1823

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Favour, John
        Antiquitie triumphing over noveltie 1619

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        A seasonable sermon for these troublesome times 1641

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        Manual of political economy 1863 (1876)

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        Poems a 1777 (1810)
        Apollonius Rhodius tr. a 1777
        The idylliums of Theocritus tr. 1767
        Original poems and translations 1761

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        A glossary of the mining and mineral industry 1920

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        Memoirs of the martyr King, being a detailed record of the last two years of the reign of Charles I 1905

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        Murder-on-Thames 1960

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        Sketches of America 1818

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        A description of the sea coast of England and Wales 1738

Fearon, William Robert
        An introduction to biochemistry 1934

Feather, Leonard Geoffrey
        The encyclopedia of jazz 1955 (UK 1956)
        Inside be-bop 1949

Feathered world 1889–

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        Clavis mystica; a key opening divers texts of scripture 1636
        The dippers dipt 1645 (1646)
        Featley’s Pelagius redivivus. Or, Pelagius raked out of the ashes. (Containing a transl. of ‘Parallelismus novantiqui erroris Pelagiarminiani’) 1626
        The fisher catched in his owne net 1623
        Roma ruens 1644
        Stricturæ in Lyndomastigem 1638
        Transubstantiation exploded 1638
        Vertumnus Romanus 1642

Featley, John
        The honor of chastity 1632

Federalist, The 1788
        See Hamilton, Alex.

Federation proceedings (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) 1942–

Feinsilver, Lillian Mermin
        The taste of Yiddish 1970

Feldenkrais, Moshé
        Judo: the art of defence and attack 1941

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        The life of Dr. H. Hammond 1661

Fellowes, Robert
        Milton’s Second defence of the people of England tr. 1806 (in Milton’s Works, VI, 1806)

Feltham, John
        The picture of London for 1802 1802
        A tour through the Island of Mann in 1797–98 1798

Feltham, Owen
        Lusoria, or occasional pieces 1661 (in Resolves, ed. 8, 1661)
        Resolves divine, morall, politicall ? 1623 (1628, 1661, 1677)
        Three moneths observations of the Low Countries 1648 (1652)

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        Familiar letters from Europe 1865
        Greece, ancient and modern 1866 (1867)

Felton, Henry
        A dissertation on reading the classics, and forming a just style 1709 (1713)
        Sermons on the creation, fall, and redemption of man a 1740 (1748)

Felton, William
        A treatise on carriages 1794 (1801)

Female foundling, The 1751

Female spectator, The 1744–45
        See Haywood, Eliza

Female tatler, The 1709
        See Baker, T.

Femina (Bombay) 1959–

Fenise 1651
See De las Coveras

Fenn, George Manville
        Dick o’ the fens 1888
        In an Alpine valley 1894
        The master of the ceremonies 1886
        Middy and ensign 1883
        Patience wins 1886
        Real gold 1894

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        Frutes 1590
        Hecubaes mishaps 1590 (in prec., lf. 91)

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        Michaelis’ (A.) Ancient marbles in Great Britain tr. 1882
See also Stanford dictionary

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        A defence of the godlie ministers, against the slaunders of D. Bridges 1587

Fenner, William
        Works a 1640 (1651–58)
        Hidden manna, or the mystery of saving grace a 1640 (1652)

Fennessy, J. C.
        The sonnet in the bottle 1951

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        Poems a 1730 (1790)
        Mariamne, a tragedy 1723
        Poems on several occasions 1717
Ferguson, David
        Scottish proverbs: gathered together a 1598 (1641, 1785; S.T.S. 1924)

Ferguson, Fergus
        A popular life of Christ 1878

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ed. Papers illustrating the history of the Scots brigade in the service of the United Netherlands 1572–1782 (S.H.S. 1899–1901)

Ferguson, James
        Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton’s principles 1756
        Tables and tracts relative to several arts and sciences 1767

Ferguson, R.
        View of an ecclesiastick in his socks and buskins (anon.) 1698

Ferguson, Richard S.
        Carlisle 1889
        A history of Cumberland 1890

—— & Nanson, W.
ed. Some municipal records of the city of Carlisle v.d. (1887)

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        The dialect of Cumberland 1873

Ferguson, Robert M.
        Electricity 1866 (1870)

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        Lays of the Western Gael, and other poems 1865 (1888)
        Poems 1880

Fergusson, Bernard Edward
        The watery maze: the story of combined operations 1961

Fergusson, David
        See Ferguson, D.

Fergusson, Erna
        Our Southwest 1940

Fergusson, James
        A brief exposition of the Epistles of Paul to the Galatians and Ephesians 1659

Fergusson, Sir James
        Decisions of the Court of Session from 1738 to 1752 1775

Fergusson, James
        History of architecture in all countries 1865–67 (1873–76)
        The illustrated handbook of architecture 1855

Fergusson, Robert
        Works a 1774 (1807)
        Poems 1773
        Poems on various subjects a 1774 (1789)

Fergusson, Robert M.
        My village 1893
        Rambling sketches in the Far North, and Orcadian musings 1883
        A village poet 1897

Fergusson, William
        System of practical surgery 1842

‘Fern, Fanny’ (Sara Payson Parton)
        Gingersnaps 1870

Ferne (Henry), A fuller answer to a treatise written by 1642

Ferne, Sir John
        The blazon of gentrie 1586

Fernie, John
        A history of the town and parish of Dunfermline 1815

Ferrand’s Melancholy 1640
        See Chilmead, E.

Ferrar, Nicholas
        The hundred and ten considerations of Signior J. Valdesso tr. a 1637 (1638)
        The story books of Little Gidding, being the religious dialogues recited in the great room 1631–32 (1899)

‘Ferrars, Elizabeth’ (Morna Doris Brown)
        Breath of suspicion 1972
        Murder in time 1953

Ferriar, John
        Illustrations of Sterne; with other essays and verses 1798

Ferrier, Andrew
        Memoir and sermons 1841

Ferrier, David
        The functions of the brain 1876

Ferrier, James F.
        Institutes of metaphysic 1854 (1856)
        Lectures on Greek philosophy and other philosophical remains a 1864 (1866)

Ferrier, Richard
        Journal while travelling in France 1687 (in Camden Misc. IX, No. 7, 1894)

Ferrier, Susan E.
        Destiny 1831
        The inheritance 1824
        Marriage 1818

Ferris, Paul
        The detective 1976

Ferris, Richard
        The most dangerous and memorable adventure of R. F. 1590 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VI)

Ferris, Richard
        How it flies; or, The conquest of the air 1910

Ferumbras, Sir a 1380 (E.E.T.S. 1879)

Fessenden, Thomas G.
        Democracy unveiled 1805
        Original poems 1804 (1806)
        Pills, poetical, political, and philosophical 1809
        Terrible tractoration 1803

Festival of Britain, 1951. South Bank Exhibition
        Catalogue of exhibits 1951

Festivall (John Mirk’s Liber festivalis) 1483 (Caxton); 1493 (W. de Worde; 1515)

Festive songs
See Songs

Fetherstone, Christopher
        Calvin’s Commentaries vpon the actes of the Apostles tr. 1585

Feuchterleben, E. von
See Lloyd, Hannibal E

Feuillerat, Albert
ed. Documents relating to the office of the revels in the time of queen Elizabeth 1558–1602 (1908)
ed. Documents relating to the revels at court in the time of king Edward VI and queen Mary 1547–1558 (1914)

Ficchi, Rocco F.
        Electrical interference 1964

Fick, Carl
        The Danziger transcript 1971 (UK 1973)

Fiddes, Richard
        Fifty-two practical discourses on several subjects 1720
        The life of cardinal Wolsey 1724 (1726)
        Theologia speculativa, or the first part of a body of divinity 1718
        Theologia practica, or the second part etc. 1720

Field, Edward Salisbury
        A six-cylinder courtship 1907

Field, George
        Chromatography; or, A treatise on colours and pigments 1835

‘Field, Michael’
        Attila, my Attila! 1896

Field, Nathaniel
        Amends for ladies 1618
        A woman is a weathercocke 1612

Field, Nathaniel
        Some short memorials concerning the life of Dr. R. Field, dean of Glocester 1716–17

Field, Richard
        Of the Church. Five bookes 1606–10

Field, Samuel & Weill, A. Dudley
        Electroplating: a survey of modern practice 1930

Field, William
        Memoirs of the life, writings, and opinions of the rev. S. Parr 1828

Field, The, the farm, the garden: the country gentleman’s newspaper 1853–

Field archaeology (Ordnance Survey Professional Papers) 1932
—(ed. 4) 1963

Field exercises and evolutions of infantry 1877

Field naturalist, The, and scientific student 1882–83

Fielding, Alexander Wallace (‘Xan’)
        The stronghold; the four seasons in the White Mountains of Crete 1953

Fielding, Henry
        Works a 1754 (1771, 1882)
        Amelia 1751
        The author’s farce, and the pleasures of the town 1730
        The coffee-house politician (= Rape upon rape) 1730
        The Covent-garden journal 1752
        The Covent Garden tragedy 1732
        Don Quixote in England 1734
        Eurydice 1737
        The fathers, or the good-natured man a 1754
        The Grub-street opera 1731
        The historical register for the year 1736 1737
        The history of the adventures of Joseph Andrews 1742
        The history of Tom Jones 1749
        The intriguing chambermaid 1734
        Journal of a voyage to Lisbon 1754
        The letter writers 1731
        The life of Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great 1743
        The lottery 1732
        Love in several masques 1728
        Miscellanies 1743
        The miser 1733
        Miss Lucy in town 1742
        The mock doctor 1732
        The modern husband 1732
        The old debauchees 1732
        An old man taught wisdom 1735
        Pasquin 1736
        The temple beau 1730
        Tom Thumb 1730
        Tumble-down Dick 1736
        The universal gallant 1735
        The wedding day 1743

Fielding, Sir John
        An account of the origin and effects of a police set on foot by the Duke of Newcastle in 1753 1758

Fielding, Sarah
        The adventures of David Simple in search of a faithful friend 1744–52
        Familiar letters between the principal characters in David Simple and some others 1747
        The history of the Countess of Dellwyn 1759
        The history of Ophelia a 1768 (1785)

Fields, James T.
        Biographical notes and personal sketches; with unpublished fragments 1881

Fiennes, Celia
        Journeys ed. C. Morris 1947
        Through England on a side saddle in the time of William and Mary; being the diary of C. Fiennes c 1710 (1888)

Fiennes, Gerard F. G. Twisleton-Wykeham-
        I tried to run a railway 1967

Fieser, Louis Frederick & Fieser, Mary A.
        Advanced organic chemistry 1961
        Organic chemistry 1944

Fife-Cookson, John C.
        With the armies of the Balkans and at Gallipoli, 1877–78 1879

Fifteen oes (O Ihesu endles swetnes of louyng soules) 1491 (Caxton)

——(The xv. oos in Englysshe with other prayers) 1529 (R. Copland)

Fight at Finnesburg, The Anglo-Saxon poem of the (in Beowulf, etc., ed. Thorpe 1855)

Figuier’s (Louis) Human race tr. 1872
        The insect world tr. by Y. D. 1868; new ed. by P. M. Duncan 1872
        The ocean world tr. by W. S. O. 1868; new ed. by E. P. Wright 1872
        Reptiles and birds tr. by P. Gillmore 1869 (1870)
        The world before the deluge tr. by W. S. O. 1865; new ed. by H. W. Bristow 1867

Filippini, Alessandro
        The international cook book 1906

Filmer, Sir Robert
        The necessity of the absolute power of all kings (anon.) 1648
        Political discourses a 1653 (1679–80)

Filson, John
        The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucke 1784

Financial Times 1888–

Finar, Ivor Lionel
        Organic chemistry 2 vols. 1951–6

Finch, Sir Heneage
        An exact and most impartial account of the indictment, arraignment, etc. of twenty-nine regicides 1660 (1679)

Finch, Sir Henry
        Law, or, a discourse thereof, in foure bookes a 1625 (1636)

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        Advance Australia! 1885

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        General view of the agriculture of the county of Peebles 1802

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tr. W. Ostwald’s The principles of inorganic chemistry 1902

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        The man on horseback: the role of the military in politics 1962

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        Philoxenis: some choice observations touching the reception and precedence, etc., of forren ambassadors in England a 1641 (1656)

Fingleton, John Henry Webb
        The Ashes crown the year: a Coronation cricket diary 1954
        Four chukkas to Australia: the 1958–59 M.C.C. tour of Australia 1960

Finito! The Po Valley Campaign 1945 (15th Army Group) 1945

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ed. Electronics engineers’ handbook 1975
        Principles of television engineering 1940

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ed. Scottish historical and romantic ballads, chiefly ancient, with..notes and a glossary (1808)

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        Brown man’s burden 1938
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        Simple Scotish rhymes 1815

Firmin, Giles
        a brief review of Mr. Davis’s vindication 1693
        A serious question stated 1651
        A sober reply to the sober answer of Mr. Cawdrey 1653

First English book on America (Of the newe landes and of ye people founde by the messengers of the kynge of portyngale named Emanuel) c 1511 (Arber 1885)

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        Tall, balding, thirty-five 1966

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        Cromwell’s army 1902
        The last years of the Protectorate 1656–58 1909

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        Highways and byways in Derbyshire 1905

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        Speech 1930
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tr. W. Ostwald’s Handbook of colloid-chemistry 1915

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        An introduction to Anglo-Saxon architecture and sculpture 1959

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        Sea-birds: an introduction to the natural history of the sea-birds of the North-Atlantic 1954

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        English works a 1535 (E.E.T.S. 1876)
        Funeral sermon of Margaret Countess of Richmond (A mornynge remembraunce had at the moneth mynde of Margarete, countesse of Rychemonde) 1509 (1708)
        Sermon made agayn ye pernicious doctryn of M. luther 1521
        Sermon sayd in the cathedrall chyrche of saynt Poule the body beynge present of Kynge Henry the VII 1509
        Treatise concernynge the fruytfull saynges of Dauyd in the seuen penytencyall psalmes 1508
        Fisher’s Godlie treatisse declaryng the benefites of prayer tr. 1560
See also Hall, R.

‘Fisher, John’ (John Percy)
        The answere unto the nine points of controversy prepared by our late soveraygne 1625–26

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        The female orgasm: psychology, physiology, fantasy 1972 (UK 1973)

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tr. A. F. W. Schimper’s Plant-geography upon a physiological basis 1903
See also Schlich, William A manual of forestry

Fisheries (Great international) exhibition catalogue 1883

Fisheries of the United States 1884, –87
        See Goode, G. B.

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ed. Readings in the sociology of language 1968

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        Kamilaroi and Kurnai; group-marriage and relationship etc. 1880

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        Journal and letters, 1767–1774 ed. J. R. Williams 1900
        Journal, 1775–1776 ed. R. G. Albion & L. Dobson 1934

Fitz, Sir John 1605
See Narrative

Fitz-Geffrey, Charles
        Poems a 1636 (Grosart 1881)
        The blessed birth-day, celebrated in some pious meditations 1634 (1881)
        Elisha his lamentation 1622
        Sir Francis Drake his honorable lifes commendation 1596 (1881)

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        Euphranor, a dialogue on youth 1851 (1855)
        Letters and literary remains a 1883 (1889)
        Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam tr. 1859
—ed. 2 (enlarged) 1868; ed. 3, 1872

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        Letters ed. A. Turnbull 1963 (UK 1964)
        Tender is the night 1934
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        Recreations of a literary man 1882 (1883)

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        The newe boke of Iustices of the peas 1538

Fitzherbert, John
        A newe tracte or treatyse moost profytable for all husbande men 1523
The boke of husbandry 1534 (E.D.S. 1882)
        A ryght frutefull mater: and hath to name the boke of surueyeng 1523
(Often attributed to Sir A. Fitzherbert)

Fitzherbert, Thomas
        A defence of the Catholyke cause. With an apology of his innocence in a fayned conspiracy 1602

Fitzosborne’s letters 1739
        See Melmoth, W.

Fitzpatrick, William J.
        The life, times, and correspondence of the right rev. Dr. Doyle 1861
The sham squire’; and the informers of 1798 1866

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        The weather book 1863

Fitzsimons, Frederick William
        The snakes of South Africa 1910
—(new ed.) 1912

Five letters on inspiration 1690
        See Le Clerc, J.

Five years’ penal servitude 1877

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        The complete book of running 1977

Flagellum 1663
        See Heath, J.

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        The far west; or, A tour beyond the mountains 2 vols. 1838

Flammarion’s (Camille) L’inconnu: the unknown tr. 1900

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        Heraclitus ridens: or a discourse between jest and earnest 1681–82 (1713)
        Poems and songs 1674

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        Works a 1691 (1731)
        The fountain of life opened 1672
        Husbandry spiritualized 1669
        The method of grace 1680
        A practical treatise of fear 1682
        The righteous man’s refuge 1681 A saint indeed 1671

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        The damoiselles à la mode; a comedy 1667
        Enigmaticall characters 1658
        Love’s kingdom 1664
        A relation of ten years travels 1655

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        A complete collection of his sermons, tracts, and pieces of all kinds a 1723 (1737)
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        Chronicon preciosum; or, an account of English money 1707 (1745)
        An essay upon miracles 1701

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        Caius (Johannes): Of Englishe dogges, the diuersities and the properties tr. 1576 (1880; in Arber, Eng. Garner III)
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        The schoole of skill 1581 (1598; Part III of The footepath to felicitie)
        Virgil’s Bucolikes tr. 1575; Bucoliks, Georgiks tr. 1589
See also Holinshed

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        Description of the county of Westmoreland 1671 (1882)

Fleming, David Hay
        Mary Queen of Scots 1897
        The Reformation in Scotland 1910

Fleming, Ian Lancaster
        For your eyes only 1960
        Goldfinger 1959
        The man with the golden gun 1965
        Moonraker 1955
        On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1963
        Thunderball 1961
        You only live twice 1964

Fleming, Joan Margaret
        Kill or cure 1968
        Miss Bones 1959
        Nothing is the number when you die 1965
        You won’t let me finish 1973
        Young man, I think you’re dying 1970

Fleming, John
        A history of British animals 1828
        The lithology of Edinburgh a 1857 (1859)

Fleming, John Ambrose
        The principles of electric wave telegraphy 1906
        Short lectures to electrical artisans 1886

Fleming, Robert
        The fulfilling of the scripture 1669, 1677 (1726)

Fleming, Robert Peter
        Brazilian adventure 1933
        News from Tartary: a journey from Peking to Kashmir 1936

Fleming, William
        The vocabulary of philosophy 1857 (1876)

Fleming, William H.
        Slavery and the race problem in the South 1906

Flemming, Louis Andrew
        Practical tanning 1903

Fleta, seu commentarius juris Anglicani sic nuncupatus c 1290 (ed. Selden 1647)

Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie & Kipling, Rudyard
        A school history of England 1911

‘Fletcher, David’ (Dulan Friar Barber)
        Don’t whistleMacbeth’ 1976

Fletcher, Giles (the elder)
        Of the Russe common wealth 1591 (Hakluyt Soc. 1856)
        Licia, or poemes of love. Whereunto is added The rising to the crowne of Richard the Third (anon.) 1593 (Grosart 1871; in Arber, Eng. Garner VIII)

Fletcher, Giles (the younger)
        Poems a 1623 (1868)
        Brittain’s Ida. Written by that renowned poet, Edmond Spencer (ascribed to Fletcher) a 1623 (1628)
        Christs victorie, and triumph in heaven, and earth, over, and after death 1610

Fletcher, John
        The beggars bush 1622
        The bloody brother a 1625
        The chances 1620
        The fair maid of the inn a 1625
        The faithfull shepheardesse 1610
        The humorous lieutenant 1619
        The island princesse 1621
        The knight of Malta 1619
        The loyall subject 1618
        The mad lover 1617
        Monsieur Thomas 1619
        The nice valour a 1625
        The noble gentleman a 1625
        The pilgrim 1621
        Rule a wife and have a wife 1624
        The sea-voyage 1622
        The Spanish curate 1622
        The tragedy of Thierry and Theodoret c 1616
        Valentinian 1614
        A wife for a month a 1625
        The wild goose-chase 1621
        Wit at severall weapons c 1614
        The woman’s prize a 1625
        Women pleased c 1620
See also Beaumont, Francis

——et al.
        The Queene of Corinth a 1619

—— & Rowley, William
        The maide in the mill 1623

—— & Shirley, James
        The night-walker, or the little theife 1625

Fletcher, John W. (of Madeley)
        Works a 1785 (1800–04, 1826)
        An appeal to matter of fact and common sense 1772
        Checks to Antinomianism 1771–72
        Logica Genevensis (Fourth and fifth check) 1772

Fletcher, Joseph
        Christes bloodie sweat. By I. F. 1613

Fletcher, Joseph S.
        The builders 1897
        The wonderful wapentake 1895

Fletcher, Phineas
        Elisa: an elegie upon the unripe demise of Sr Antonie Irby 1633 (Pt. iii of The purple island)
        Locustae vel pietas Jesuitica. The Locusts or Appollyonists 1627
        The purple island, or the isle of Man; together with piscatorie eclogs and other poeticall miscellanies 1633

Fletcher, R.
        Ex otio negotium. Or, Martiall his epigrams translated. With sundry poems and fancies 1656
        Radius Heliconius; or, the revolution of a free state 1650

Fleury’s (Claude) Ecclesiastical history tr. by H. Herbert 1727–30

Flight 1908– (title varies; from 1962 with title Flight international)

Flint, Austin
        A treatise on the principles and practice of medicine 1866 (1880)

Flint, James
        Letters from America 1822

Flint, Timothy
        A condensed geography and history of the Western States, or the Mississippi valley 1828
        George Mason, the young backwoodsman 1829

Flitch, John Ernest Crawford
        Modern dancing and dancers 1911

Flloyd, Thomas
        Gueullette’s (T. S.) Tartarian tales tr. 1764 (1785)

Floddan field in nine fits, being an exact history of that famous memorable battle fought between the English and Scots on Floddan-Hill 1513 a 1600 (1664)

Flores, Jean de
See Aurelio and Isabell

Florey, Howard Walter, et al.
        Antibiotics: a survey of penicillin, streptomycin and other antimicrobial substances from fungi, actinomycetes, bacteria, and plants 2 vols. 1949

Florey, Mary Ethel
        The clinical application of antibiotics 4 vols. 1952–61

Florice and Blauncheflour c 1330 (Abbotsford Cl. 1857)
See also Floriz

Florida FL Reporter 1962–

Florida plantation records
See Jones, George Noble

Florio, John
        Firste fruites. Also a perfect induction to the Italian, and English tongues 1578
        Second frutes 1591
        Montaigne’s Essayes, or morall, politike and millitarie discourses tr. 1603 (1632)
        A worlde of wordes, or most copious and exact dictionarie in Italian and English 1598 See also Torriano, G.
        Queen Anna’s new world of words 1611

Florist’s journal 1845

Floriz and Blauncheflur a 1300 (E.E.T.S. 1866, 1901; Hausknecht 1885)

Florkin, Marcel & Stotz, Elmer Henry
eds. Comprehensive biochemistry 1962–

Flower, Philip W.
        A history of the trade in tin 1880

Flower, William H. & Lydekker, Richard
        An introduction to the study of mammals 1891

Flower and the leaf, The a 1500 (in Chaucer’s Works 1598; Chaucerian pieces, Skeat 1897)

Flower-garden display’d, The 1732

Floyer, Ernest A.
        Unexplored Baluchistan 1882

Floyer, Sir John
        The ancient revived: or, an essay to prove cold bathing both safe and useful 1702 (1706)
        or, the touch-stone of medicines 1687–90
        The physician’s pulse-watch 1707–10
        The preternatural state of animal humours described by their sensible qualities 1696
        The Sibylline Oracles tr. 1713
        A treatise of the asthma 1698

Floyer, Mrs. L. S.
        Plain hints for examiners of needlework 1880

Flückiger, Friedrich A. & Hanbury, Daniel
        Pharmacographia; a history of the principal drugs of vegetable origin, met with in Great Britain and British India 1874

Flügel, John Carl
        A hundred years of psychology, 1833–1933 1933

Fluff-hunters, The, byMarjoribanks’ 1903

Flying 1917–19

Flying (New York) 1927–

Flynn’s (title varies) 1924–8

‘Flynt, Josiah’ (Josiah Flynt Willard)
        The rise of Ruderick Clowd 1903 (UK 1904)
        Tramping with tramps 1899 (UK 1900)
        The world of graft 1901

—— & ‘Walton, Francis’ (Alfred Hodder)
        The powers that prey 1900