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        A new dictionary of the terms ancient and modern of the canting crew a 1700

E., O. 1600
        See Sutcliffe, M.

E., T.
        The lawes resolutions of womens rights (Preface signed, I. L. Epistle to the reader signed, T. E.) 1632

        See English Dialect Society

        See Early English Text Society

Eachard, John
        The grounds and occasions of the contempt of the clergy and religion enquired into 1670 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VII)
        Some observations upon the answer to the above 1671
        Mr. Hobbs’s State of nature considered 1672 (1705)

Eaddy, Percy Allen
        Hull down 1933

Eadie, John
        A biblical cyclopædia 1849
        A commentary on the Greek text of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians 1869
to the Thessalonians a 1876 (1877)

Eadwine’s Canterbury psalter c 1150 (E.E.T.S. 1889)

Eagle, William
        The act for the commutation of tithes in England and Wales 1836 (1837)
        A treatise on the law of tithes 1830

Eagles, John
        The sketcher 1833–36 (1856)

Eagleson, Robert D. & McKie, Ian
        The terminology of Australian national football 3 parts 1968–9 (Sydney University: Australian Language Research Centre: Occasional Papers Nos. 12–14)

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        Criticism and ideology: a study in Marxist literary theory 1976

Eales, Mary
        Receipts 1718

Earbery, Matthias
        Burnett’s (T.) Of the state of the dead tr. 1727 (1728)
        Reflections upon modern fanaticism 1720

Earl, John
        How to choose and use tuners and amplifiers 1970

Earle, Augustus
        A narrative of a nine months’ residence in New Zealand, in 1827; together with a journal of a residence in Tristan D’Acunha 1832
—(new ed.) ed. E. H. McCormick 1966

Earle, Bp. John
        Micro-cosmographie; or, a peece of the world discovered 1628 (Arber 1868)

Earle, John
        English plant names from the tenth to the fifteenth century 1880
ed. A hand-book to the land-charters, and other Saxonic documents v.d. (1888)
        The philology of the English tongue 1871 (1873, 1879)
        The psalter of the Great Bible of 1539, 1894
See also Anglo-Saxon chronicle

Earliest complete English prose psalter, The
See Psalter

Earliest English wills in the Court of Probate, London, The fifty 1387–1439, 1454 (E.E.T.S. 1882)

Early English alliterative poems in the west-midland dialect A. Pearl. B. Cleanness. C. Patience. 13.. (E.E.T.S. 1864–69)

Early English miscellanies, in prose and verse c 1485 (Warton Club 1856)

Early English poems and lives of saints a 1325 (Philol. Soc. 1862)

Early English psalter
See Psalter

Early English Text Society
        Publications (1864– )

Early music 1973–

Early prose romances, A collection of 1500–25 (Thoms 1828)

Earp, George B.
        The gold colonies of Australia 1852

Earth-science reviews 1966–

Earth upon earth
See Erthe upon erthe

Earthquake Peru (A true and particular relation of the dreadful earthquake which happen’d at Lima, the capital of Peru, 28 Oct. 1746) tr. 1748

East, Sir Edward H.
        Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King’s Bench 1801–14
See also Durnford, C.

East Africa journal 1964–

East African annual 1936–

East African Standard (Nairobi, Kenya) 1902–

East Anglian glossary
See Forby, R.; Rye, W.; Spurdens, W. T.

East Hampton, New York
        Records 5 vols. 1887–1905

East India Company, Letters received by the 1602–17 (1896–1902)

East India sketch book; or, life in India 1832–33

East London (Daily) Dispatch (East London, Cape Province) 1872–1925

Eastern Evening News (Norwich) 1882–

Eastern Province Herald (Port Elizabeth, S. Africa) 1845–

Easther, Alfred
        A glossary of the dialect of Almondbury and Huddersfield. Complied by the late A Easther, ed. by Thomas Lee 1883 (E.D.S.)

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        Hints on household taste in furniture, upholstery and other details 1868

Eastlake, Elizabeth, Lady
        Life of John Gibson, R.A., sculptor 1870

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tr. K. A. von Zittel’s Text-book of palæontology 3 vols. 1900–25

Eastman, Max Forrester
tr. L. Trotsky’s The history of the Russian Revolution 3 vols. 1932–3

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        Dry leaves from young Egypt: being a glance at Sindh 1849
See also Lutfullah

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        The Bible word-book: a glossary of old English Bible words 1866

Eaton, Amos
        A manual of botany for the northern states 1817
—(ed. 2 with title —— for the northern and middle states) 1818

Eaton, John
        The honey-combe of free justification by Christ alone 1642

Eaton, Timothy, & Co. Ltd.
        A shopper’s view of Canada’s past: pages from Eaton’s catalogues 1886–1930 1969

Ebb and flow. A novel 1859 (1863)

Eberhart, Mignon Good
        Danger money 1974 (UK 1975)

Ebers, John
        Seven years of the King’s Theatre 1828

Eby, Cecil DeGrotte
        The siege of the Alcázar 1965 (UK 1966)

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        Sciatica 1893

Eccles, William Henry
        Wireless telegraphy and telephony: a handbook of formulae, data and information 1915

Ecclesiologist, The 1843–61

Ecclestone, Alan
        A staircase for silence 1977

Echard, Laurence
        A general ecclesiastical history 1702 (1710)
        The history of England, from the first entrance of Julius Cæsar to the end of the reign of James II 1707–18
        Plautus’s comedies, Amphitryon, Epidicus, and Rudens tr. 1694

Echo, The (newspaper; various years) 1868–1905

Eclectic review 1805–68

Ecological monographs 1931–

Ecology 1920–

Economic geology and Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists 1905–

Economic journal 1891–

Economist, The 1843–

Ecton, John
        A state of the proceedings of the corporation of the governours of the bounty of Queen Anne for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy, from 1704–18 1719

Eddington, Arthur Stanley
        The internal constitution of the stars 1926
        The nature of the physical world 1928
        New pathways in science 1935
        Report on the relativity theory of gravitation 1918
        Space, time and gravitation: an outline of the general relativity theory 1920

Eddison, Eric Rücker
        A fish dinner in Memison 1941
—(new ed.) 1968
        The Mezentian Gate 1958
—(new ed.) 1972
        Mistress of mistresses 1935
        The worm Ouroboros 1922

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        Cubists and Post-Impressionism 1914 (UK 1915)

Eddy, Mary Baker
        Science and health 1875

Edelman, Jacob Murray
        Political language 1977

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        My wife and I in Queensland 1872

Eden, F.
        A garden in Venice 1903

Eden, Richard
        Cortes’ (Martin) Arte of nauigation tr. 1561
        The decades of the newe worlde or west India tr. 1555 (Arber 1885)
        A treatyse of the newe India tr. 1553 (Arber 1885)

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        The life and times of Jesus the Messiah 1883; new and revised ed. 1886

Edgar, Andrew
        Old Church life in Scotland 1885–86

Edgar, John G.
        Runnymede and Lincoln Fair 1866

Edgcumbe, Kenelm
        Industrial electrical measuring instruments 1908
        Maria Edgeworth in France and Switzerland: selections from the Edgeworth family letters ed. C. Colvin 1979

Edgeworth, Maria

Letters from England 1813–1844 ed. C. Colvin 1971
        Tales and novels v.d. (1832–33)
        Belinda 1801
        Castle Rackrent 1800
        Early lessons 1801
        Harrington 1817
        Harry and Lucy concluded; being the last part of Early lessons 1825
        Helen 1834
        Leonora 1806
        Letters for literary ladies 1795
        Modern Griselda 1804
        Moral tales 1801
        Ormond 1817
        The parent’s assistant 1800
        Patronage 1814
        Popular tales 1804
        Tales from fashionable life 1809–12
        Life and letters ed. A. J. C. Hare (1894)

—— & Richard L.

Essay on Irish bulls 1802
        Practical education 1798 (1822)

Edgeworth, Maria in France and Switzerland: selections from the Edgeworth family letters ed. C. Colvin 1979

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        Rydberg’s (A. V.) Magic of the middle ages tr. 1879

Edib, Halidé
        The clown and his daughter 1935

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Edinburgh, Extracts from the records of the burgh of 1403–1589 (Scott. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1869–82)

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Edinburgh, Registrum cartarum ecclesie sancti Egidii de 1344–1567 (App. –1648) (Bannatyne Club 1859)

Edinburgh encyclopædia, The, conducted by D. Brewster a 1830

Edinburgh Evening News 1873– (title varies)

Edinburgh medical and surgical journal 1805–55

Edinburgh new philosophical journal 1826–64

Edinburgh Obstetrical Society
        Transactions 1868–1921

Edinburgh review, The 1802–

Edington, George Miller & Gilles, Herbert Michael
        Pathology in the tropics 1969
—(ed. 2) 1976

Editha, St. c 1420
See Chronicon Vilodunense

Edlin, Herbert Leeson
        Collins guide to tree planting and cultivation 1970
        The forester’s handbook 1953

Edmondes, Clement
        Observations upon Cæsars Commentaries 1600 (1604)

Edmonds, Henry
        Botany for beginners 1896

Edmondson, Joseph
        A complete body of heraldry 1780

Edmondston, Arthur
        A view of the ancient and present state of the Zetland Islands 1809

Edmondston, Biot & Saxby, Jessie M. E.
        The home of a naturalist 1888

Edmondston, Eliza
        Sketches and tales of the Shetland Islands 1856

Edmondston, Thomas
        An etymological glossary of the Shetland and Orkney dialect 1866 (Philol. Soc.)

Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta) 1903–

Edmundson, George
        The Church in Rome in the first century 1913

Educational review, The 1891–93

Edward, David B.
        The history of Texas 1836

Edward I
See Elegy

Edward II, Household ordinances of tr. 1601
        See Tate, F.

Edward II, A poem on the times of c 1325 (Percy Soc. 1849; in Political songs, Camden Soc. 1839)

Edward the third, The raigne of King 1596 (in Shakespeare Apocrypha, 1908)

Edward IV, Historie of the arrival of 1471 (Camden Soc. 1838)
        Wardrobe accounts of a 1483 (Nicolas 1830)
See also Liber niger

Edward VI
        Iniunccions 1547
        Journal a 1553 (1884)
        Literary remains a 1553 (Roxb. Club 1857–58)

Edwardes, Annie
        A Girton girl 3 vols. 1885

Edwardes, Charles
        Sardinia and the Sardes 1889

Edwards, Amelia B.
        Barbara’s history 1864
        Half a million of money 1865
        Hand and glove 1858
        Miss Carew 1865
        A thousand miles up the Nile 1877

Edwards, Annie
        Archie Lovell 1866

Edwards, Anthony William Fairbank
        Likelihood: an account of the statistical concept of likelihood and its application to scientific inference 1972

Edwards, Bryan
        The history civil and commercial of the British colonies in the West Indies 1793–1801

Edwards, C. A.
        Organs and organ building 1881

Edwards, D. H.
        Historical guide to Edzell and Glenesk districts 1893
ed. Modern Scottish poets, with biographical and critical notices v.d. (1880–97)

Edwards, Edward
        Life of Sir W. Raleigh 1868

Edwards, Elwyn Hartley
        Saddlery 1963

Edwards, George
        A natural history of uncommon birds, and of some other rare and undescribed animals 1743–51
        Gleanings of natural history 1758–64

Edwards, George
        The appropriate measures of true policy, competent to remove our burdens, grievances, etc. 1813
        A plain practical plan, by which Great Britain may extricate herself from her present difficulties 1808

Edwards’ (H. M.) Manual of zoology tr. R. Knox 1856

Edwards, John
        A demonstration of the existence and providence of God 1690
        A discourse concerning the authority, stile and perfection of the books of the Old and New Testament 1693–95
        A farther enquiry into several remarkable texts of the Old and New Testament 1692

Edwards, John Newman
        Shelby and his men; or, The war in the west 1867

Edwards, Jonathan
        Works v.d. (1804–47)
        A careful and strict enquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of will, which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, etc. 1754
        The doctrine of original sin as it was always held in the Catholick church 1711
        A history of the work of redemption 1786

Edwards, Matilda Betham-
        Felicia 1875
        John and I 1862 (1876)
        Kitty 1869
        Next of kin wanted 1887

Edwards, Richard
        The excellent comedie of two the moste faithfullest freendes, Damon and Pithias a 1566 (1571; Hazl. Dodsley)
        The paradyse of dainty deuises a 1566 (1576, 1578)

Edwards, Thomas
        Gangræna; or, a catalogue and discovery of many of the errours, heresies, blasphemies and pernicious practices of the sectaries of this time 1646

Edwards, Thomas
        A supplement to Mr. Warburton’s edition of Shakespear; being the canons of criticism, and glossary (anon.) 1748

Edwards, Thomas
        Strathearn lyrics and other poems 1889

Edwards’s botanical register 1829–47

Edwin 1803

Eedes, Richard
        Christ exalted and wisdom justified 1659

‘Egan, Lesley’ (Barbara Elizabeth Linington)
        Blind search 1977
        Paper chase 1972 (UK 1973)

Egan, Pierce
        Anecdotes of the turf, the chase, the ring and the stage 1827
        Book of sports and mirror of life 1832
        Boxiana; or, Sketches of ancient and modern pugilism 3 vols. 1812–21 (Vol. IV, 1824, by J. Badcock)
—(new ser.) 2 vols. 1828–9
        Life in London; or, the day and night scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, etc. 1821
        The life of an actor 1825
        Real life in London 1821
See also Grose, F.

Eger. The history of sir Egeir, sir Gryme, and sir Gray-steill a 1650 (in Laing, Early metrical tales 1826; Percy MS., Hales and Furnivall, I)

‘Egerton, George’
        Discords 1894

Egerton, John C.
        Sussex folk and Sussex ways 1884

Egerton papers, The. A collection of public and private documents, chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I 15.. (Camden Soc. 1840)

Eggleston, Edward
        The circuit rider: a tale of the heroic age 1874
        The end of the world: a love story 1872
        The faith doctor 1891
        The Graysons, a story of Illinois 1888
        The Hoosier school-master 1871 (UK 1872)
        Roxy 1878
        The transit of civilization from England to America in the seventeenth century 1901

Eglamour, The romance of Sir (Camden Soc. 1844)

Egleton, Clive
        Seven days to a killing 1973

‘Eha’ (E. H. Atken)
        The tribes on my frontier 1881 (1883)

Ehrenberg, Victor L.
        From Solon to Socrates: Greek history and civilization during the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. 1968

The pourtraicture of his sacred maiestie in his solitudes and sufferings 1648
        a poeme, wherein is perswaded the composing of the differences of all the faithfull in Christ 1656

Einstein, Albert
        See Adams, Edwin Plimpton

Einstein, Alfred
        Music in the Romantic era 1947

Eiseley, Loren Carey
        The immense journey 1957

Eissler, Manuel
        The modern high explosives 1884

Ekwall, Bror Oscar Eilert
        The place-names of Lancashire 1922

Elaboratory laid open, The; or the secrets of modern chemistry and pharmacy revealed 1750

Eland, William
        Hemerologium astronomicum, or an almanack for 1656 1656
        A tutor to astrology. Whereunto is added an ephemeris for the years 1694, 1695, 1696 1694 (1704)

Elborowe, Thomas
        The famous epistles of Saint Polycarp and Saint Ignatius, with the epistle of Saint Barnabas tr. 1668

Elderfield, Christopher
        The civill right of tythes 1650

Elder’s house, The; or the three converts 1850

Elderton, William
        The panges of loue and louers fittes 1559

Electrical communication 1922–

Electrical world (title varies) 1899–

Electrician, The 1861–1952

Electricity in daily life; a popular account of the applications of electricity to every day uses by C. F. Brackett, F. L. Pope, etc. 1891

Electrochemical industry 1902–9 (1905–9 with title Electrochemical and metallurgical industry)

Electronic engineering 1941–

Electronics (New York) 1930–

Elegy on the author of The true-born Englishman etc. 1704

Elegy on the death of Edward I 1307 (in Political songs, Camden Soc. 1839; Warton, Hist. Eng. poetry I. 1840)

Elene a 900
        See Cynewulf

Elgin, James Bruce, 8th Earl of
        Letters and journals a 1863 (1872)

Elgin, The records of
See Cramond, W.

Eliason, Norman E.
        Tarheel talk: an historical study of the English language in North Carolina to 1860 1956

Eliot, Charles Norton Edgcumbe
        A Finnish grammar 1890
See also: ‘Odysseus’

‘Eliot, George’ (Marian Evans)
        Adam Bede 1859
        Amos Barton 1858
        College breakfast party 1874
        Daniel Deronda 1876
        Essays v.d. (1884)
tr. L. Feuerbach’s The essence of Christianity 1854
        Felix Holt 1866
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        Impressions of Theophrastus Such 1879
tr. D. F. Strauss’s The life of Jesus, critically examined 3 vols. 1846
        Middlemarch 1872
        The mill on the Floss 1860
        Romola 1863
        Scenes of clerical life 1858
        Silas Marner 1861
        The Spanish gypsy 1868
        Life of, by J. W. Cross (1885)

Eliot, John
        Bertrand de Loque’s Discourses of warre and single combat tr. 1591

Eliot, Thomas Stearns
tr. Anabasis by ‘St.-J. Perse’ (A. St. Léger Léger) 1930
        Ara vos prec 1920
        Burnt Norton 1941
        The cocktail party: a comedy 1950
        Collected poems, 1909–1935 1936
        Collected poems, 1909–1962 1963
        The confidential clerk 1954
        The dry salvages 1941
        East Coker 1940
        The elder statesman 1959
        Elizabethan essays 1934
        The family reunion 1939
        Little Gidding 1942
        Murder in the cathedral 1935
        Notes towards the definition of culture 1948
        Old Possum’s book of practical cats 1939
        On poetry and poets 1957
        Poems 1919
        Prufrock, and other observations 1917
        The rock: a pageant play 1934
        Selected essays 1917–1932 1932
—(ed. 3) 1951; new impression 1953
        Sweeney agonistes 1932
        The waste land 1922 (UK 1923)
        The waste land: a facsimile and transcript of the original drafts including the annotations of Ezra Pound ed. V. Eliot 1971

Eliza Warwick, History of. By a lady 1778

Eliza’s babes: or the Virgin’s offering 1652

Elizabeth, Queen
        Copie of a letter to the Earle of Leycester 1586
        Englishings of Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae 1593; Plutarch, De curiositate 1598; Horace, De arte poetica (part) 1593 (E.E.T.S. 1899)
See also Gilbert, Sir H.; Nichols, John

Elizabeth and her German garden 1898
        See Von Arnim, Mary Annette

Elizabeth, Queen, and the Levant Company 1904

Elizabeth of York, Privy purse expenses of 14.. (Nicolas 1830)

Ellacombe, Henry T.
        The church bells of Devon: with a list of those in Cornwall. To which is added a Supplement on various matters relating to the ‘Bells of the church’ 1872
        Practical remarks on belfries and ringers 1850 (1871)

‘Ellan, B. J.’
        Spitfire!: the experiences of a fighter pilot 1942

Ellenborough, Edward Law, Earl of
        A political diary 1828–30 (1881)

Ellery Queen’s mystery magazine 1941–

Ellicott, Andrew
        Journal 1802 (1803)

Ellicott, Charles J.
        A commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians 1854
        The destiny of the creature: and other sermons 1858
        Historical lectures on the life of Our Lord 1860

Ellin, Stanley
        The bind 1970 (UK ed. with title The man from nowhere 1971)
        The eighth circle 1958 (UK 1959)

Elliot, Anne
        An old man’s favour 1887

Elliot, Frances M.
        Roman gossip 1894

Elliot, George
        A very true report of the apprehension of that arch-Papist Edmund Campion 1581 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VIII)

Elliot, John Herbert
        Duel 1969

Elliott, Charles W.
        The New England history, from the discovery of the continent by the Northmen, A.D. 986 to 1776 1857

Elliott, Ebenezer
        Poetical works 1840
—new and revised ed. (1876)
        The splendid village: corn law rhymes; and other poems 1832 (1904)

Ellis, Alexander J.
        On early English pronunciation, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer 1869–89 (Philol. Soc., E.E.T.S., and Chaucer Soc.)

Ellis, Carleton
        The chemistry of synthetic resins 2 vols. 1935

Ellis, Clement
        The vanity of scoffing 1674

Ellis, George
ed. Specimens of early English metrical romances v.d. (1805)
ed. Specimens of the early English poets v.d. (1790)

Ellis, George V.
        Demonstrations of anatomy 1840

Ellis, Henry
        A voyage to Hudson’s Bay in 1746–7, for discovering a north-west passage 1748

Ellis, Sir Henry
        The British Museum: Elgin and Phigaleian marbles 1833 (1846)
ed. Original letters illustrative of English history v.d. (1824–46)
ed. Original letters of eminent literary men of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries v.d. (Camden Soc. 1843)

Ellis, Henry Havelock
        Studies in the psychology of sex 7 vols. 1897–1928

Ellis, John
        S. Austin imitated; or retractations and repentings in reference to the late civil and ecclesiastical changes in this nation 1662

Ellis, John
        The knowledge of divine things from revelation 1743 (1811)

Ellis, Joseph
        Caesar in Egypt, Costanza and other poems 1876

Ellis, Philip
        Sermon preach’d before the King and Queen 1685 (1686)

Ellis, Robert
        The laws and practical regulations of the customs 1837–41

Ellis, Robinson
        The poems and fragments of Catullus tr. 1871

Ellis, Sarah
        Pique, a novel (anon.) 1850

Ellis, T. Mullett
        The three cat’s-eye rings, a tale of the pursuit of the Khalifa 1899

Ellis, William
        A compleat system of experienced improvement, made in sheep, grass-lambs, and house-lambs 1749
        Chiltern and Vale farming 1733
        The country housewife’s family companion 1750
        Every farmer his own farrier a 1758 (1759)
        The modern husbandman 1750
        New experiments in husbandry for the month of April 1736
        The practical farmer 1732 (1759)
        The timber-tree improved 1738

Ellis, William
        A journal of a tour around Hawaii 1825

Ellis, William A.
        Glasenapp’s (C. F.) Life of R. Wagner tr. 1900–08

Ellis, William S.
        The antiquities of heraldry 1869

Ellistone, John
        The epistles of Jacob Behmen. Also, a warning from J. Beem to such as reade his writings tr. 1649 (1886)

Ellwanger, George H.
        The garden’s story 1890

Ellwood, Thomas
        Davideis; the life of David, king of Israel, a sacred poem 1712
        The history of the life of, written by his own hand a 1713 (1714)

Ellwood, Thomas
        Lakeland and Iceland, being a glossary of words in the dialect of Cumberland, Westmorland, and North Lancashire which seem allied to or identical with the Icelandic or Norse 1895 (E.D.S.)

Ellys, Bp. Anthony
        A plea for the sacramental test (anon.) 1736
        Tracts on the liberty spiritual and temporal of Protestants in England a 1761 (1763–65)

Elmes, James
        A general and bibliographical dictionary of the fine arts 1824–26
        Metropolitan improvements 1827
        A practical treatise on the law of dilapidations 1823 (1829)

Elmhirst, Edward Pennell
        The cream of Leicestershire 1883

Elmore, H. M.
        The British mariner’s directory and guide to the trade and navigation of the Indian and China seas 1802

Elphinston, James
        The epigrams of M. V. Martial tr. 1782
        The principles of the English language digested 1765
        Propriety ascertained in her picture 1786–87

Elphinstone, Howard W., Norton, R. F., & Clark, J. W.
        Rules for the interpretation of deeds 1885

Elphinstone, Mountstuart
        An account of the kingdom of Caubul 1815 (1842)
        History of India 1841

Elsing, Henry
        Notes of the debates in the House of Lords 1621 (Camden Soc. 1870)

Elton, Charles I.
        Origins of English history 1882

Elton, Edward
        The complaint of a sanctified sinner answered; or an explanation of the seventh chapter of the epistle of St. Paul to the Romans 1618 (1622)

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        Life of Roger Williams 1852 (1853)

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        A dictionary of heraldry 1889
        A synopsis of heraldry 1866

Elvina; a novel 1792

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        The evil eye 1895
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        See Patrick, S.; a 1723 See Fleetwood, W.

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        French and German socialism in modern times 1883
        An introduction to political economy 1891

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        The boke named The gouernour 1531 (repr. 1880; 1537, 1580)
        The castel of helth 1539 (1541)
        Dictionary 1538, 1542, 1545
—inriched by T. Cooper 1548, 1552
        The defence of good women 1545
        The doctrinal of princes tr. 1534
        The image of gouernance 1540–41
        Of the knowledge whiche maketh a wise man 1533
        Pasquil the playne 1532 (1540)

Em 1592
See Faire Em

Emanuel, Henry
        Diamonds and precious stones 1865

Emare c 1400 (Ritson, Metr. rom. II; E.E.T.S. 1906)

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        Peter Mark Roget, the word and the man 1970

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        Christianity in Ceylon 1850

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        Birds, beasts, and fishes of the Norfolk Broadland 1895
        East coast yarns 1891
        English idyls 1889
        On English lagoons 1892
        Marsh-leaves from the Norfolk Broad-land 1898
        Signor Lippo, burnt-cork artist 1893
        A son of the fens 1892
        Wild life on a tidal water 1890

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        Journals ed. E. W. Emerson & W. E. Forbes 10 vols. 1909–14
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        The conduct of life 1860
        Correspondence with Carlyle v.d. (1883)
        English traits 1856
        Essays 1841–44
        Lectures on the times 1841
        Letters and social aims 1876
        Miscellanies 1855
        Nature 1836
        New England reformers 1844
        Poems v.d. (1847, 1857)
        Representative men 1847
        Society and solitude 1870

Emerson, William
        The doctrine of fluxions 1743
        The method of increments 1763
        The principles of mechanicks 1758

Emerton, James H.
        The common spiders of the United States 1902

Emillianne, G. D’
See D’Emillianne, G.

Emmot, George
        A Northern blast, or the spiritual Quaker converted 1655

Emory, William Hemsley
        Notes of a military reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California 1848

Empey, Arthur Guy ‘Over the topby an American soldier who went, together with Tommy’s dictionary of the trenches 1917 (UK also 1917 with title From the fire step)

Empson, William
        The gathering storm 1940
        Poems 1935
        Seven types of ambiguity 1930
        Some versions of pastoral 1935
        The structure of complex words 1951

Encounter 1953–

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        Cambria triumphans; or Brittain in its perfect lustre 1661

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        A descriptive catalogue of the musical instruments in the South Kensington Museum 1870
—(ed. 2) 1874
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        Music of the most ancient nations 1864
        Musical instruments 1875

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Engineering 1866–

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Engineering news-record 1874–

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England’s gazetteer 1751 (1778)

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England’s monarchy asserted, and proved to be the freest state, and the best common-wealth throughout the world 1659

Englands Parnassus 1600
        See Allott, R.

Englands welcome to James, King of England 1603

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See Chronicle

English church furniture
See Peacock, E.

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English dialect dictionary
See Wright, J.

English Dialect Society
        Publications 1873–

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English garner
See Arber, E.

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        See Wadsworth, J.

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Englishwoman in Russia, The; by a lady, ten years resident 1855

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        Television broadcasting: equipment, systems and operating fundamentals 1971

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Enquiry whether the tripe-wife etc. 1595
See Quest

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        England, 1870–1914 1936

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        History and survey of London and places adjacent 1766

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        Proceedings 1926–76 (from 1936 divided into separate series)
        Transactions 1834–

Entomological Society of Washington
        Proceedings 1886–

Entwistle, William James
        Aspects of language 1953

Environmental conservation 1974–

        Female poems on several occasions 1679

Ephesian matron 1659
        See Charleton, W.

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Epulario, or, the Italian banquet 1598

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See also various translators

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Erckmann-Chatrian’s Waterloo tr. 1865

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        The silver bears 1974

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        The science and art of surgery 1853 (1877)

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        The French garden, being an instruction for attayning the French tongue 1605

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        Underworld and prison slang 1935

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        Sermons a 1754 (1755)

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        An institute of the law of Scotland a 1768 (1773)
        Principles of the law of Scotland 1754 (1809)

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        General view of the agriculture of the county of Clackmannan 1795

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        An essay on faith 1822 (1825)

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        A handbook of wireless telegraphy 1907

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Esau, Katherine
        Plant anatomy 1953

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        England: its people, polity, and pursuits 1879

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Esquire 1933–

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        Cornwall and its coasts 1865

Essay peace and truth in the church 1681
        See Harley, Sir E.

Essay to revive the ancient education of gentlewomen in religion, etc. 1673

Essay to the memory of John lord Cutts 1707

Essay towards a method of speedily manning a fleet 1754

Essays and reviews 1860

Essays and studies by members of the English Association 1910–

Essays from the Batchelor 1771–72 (1773)

Essays in criticism: a quarterly journal of literary criticism 1951–

Essays on Christian union 1845

Essays on a liberal education 18.. (ed. F. W. Farrar 1867)

Essays on reform 1867

Essays on religion and literature 18.. (ed. H. E. Manning 1865, –67, –74)

Essays on social subjects, from the Saturday Review 1864–65

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        Letters 1675 (1770)
        Essex papers 1672–79 (Camden Soc. 1890, 1913)

Essex’s excellency; or, the gallantry of the freeholders of that county 1679

Essex freeholders, A faithful account of the behaviour of a party of 1679

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Essex Institute [Salem, Massachusetts] historical collections 1859–

Essig, Edward Oliver
        College entomology 1942

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        The fair example 1706

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Estwick, Nicolas
        or a treatise of the Holy Ghost 1648

Etc.: a review of general semantics 1943–

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        Works a 1691 (1888)
        The comical revenge, or love in a tub 1664
        The man of mode 1676
        She wou’d if she cou’d 1668

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        Stratigraphical geology and palæontology 1885

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ed. Nuclear engineering handbook 1958

Eton school days 1864
        See Hemyng, B.

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Etoniana ancient and modern 1865

Eugene Register-Guard (Eugene, Oregon) 1955–

Eugenius 1785
        See Graves, Richard

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European Organization for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire)
        Proceedings of CERN symposium 2 vols. 1956

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        Poems 1714, 1722
See also Garth, Sir S.

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        A tour through Italy 1813
—ed. 2, entitled A classical tour through Italy 1814 (1815, 1821)

Evance, Daniel
        The noble order; or the honour which God conferr’s on them that honour him 1646

Evangelium Nicodemi 13..
See Gospel of Nicodemus

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        Vertumnus 1713

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        Leicestershire words, phrases, and proverbs 1848
—new ed. by Sebastian Evans 1881 (E.D.S.)

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        The Palace of Minos 7 vols. 1921–36
        Through Bosnia and the Herzegóvina on foot 1876

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        A dictionary of contemporary American usage 1957

Evans, Charles
        See Evans, Robert Charles

Evans, Edward P.
        Animal symbolism in ecclesiastical architecture 1896

Evans, Edward T.
        The history and topography of the parish of Hendon, Middlesex 1890

Evans, Emyr Estyn
        Irish fell ways 1957

Evans, George Ewart
        Ask the fellows who cut the hay 1956
        The horse in the furrow 1960
        The pattern under the plough 1966
        Where beards wag all 1970

Evans, Howard T.
tr. G. Hagg’s General and inorganic chemistry 1969

Evans, John
        A sketch of the denominations of the Christian world 1795 (1821)

Evans, John
        An excursion to Windsor 1817

Evans, Sir John
        The ancient stone implements, weapons, and ornaments of Great Britain 1872 (1897)
        The coins of the ancient Britons 1864

Evans, John G.
        The environment of early man in the British Isles 1975

Evans, Lewis 1574
        See Withals, John

Evans, Lewis
        Geographical, historical, political, philosophical and mechanical essays; the first, containing an analysis of a general map of the middle British Colonies in America 1755

Evans, Maurice J. 1872
        See Watson, John W.

Evans, Philip
        The bodyguard man 1973

Evans, Robert Charles
        On climbing 1956

Evans, Robley Dunglison
        The atomic nucleus 1955

Evans, Sebastian
        Brother Fabian’s manuscripts; and other poems 1865
        In quest of the Holy Graal 1898
See also Evans, Arthur B.

Evans, Thomas
ed. Old ballads, historical and narrative, with some of modern date v.d. (1777, 1784, 1810)

Evans-Pritchard, Edward Evan
        Social anthropology 1951

——et al.
        The institutions of primitive society 1954

Evats, William
        The most excellent Hugo Grotius his three books treating of the rights of war and peace tr. 1682

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        Acetaria, or a discourse of sallets 1699
        De la Quintinie’s Compleat gard’ner tr. 1693
        Diary ed. E. S. de Beer 6 vols. 1955
        Diary (a 1700) and correspondence v.d. (1850–52, 1879)
        Fréart’s Idea of the perfection of painting tr. 1668
        Fréart’s Parrallel of the antient architecture with the modern; to which is added an account of architects and architecture tr. 1664
        The French gardener tr. 1658
        Fumifugium; or, the inconveniencies of the aer and smoak of London dissipated 1661
        The history of religion a 1706 (1850)
        Kalendarium hortense 1664
        The life of Mrs. Godolphin 1685
        Memoirs v.d. (1881)
        Miscellaneous writings v.d. (1825)
        Mundus muliebris See Evelyn, Mary
        Navigation and commerce 1674
        Numismata; a discourse of medals antient and modern 1697
        Pomona 1664
        Sculptura; or, the history and art of chalcography and engraving in copper 1662
        The state of France as it stood in the ninth year of Lewis XIIII 1652
        Sylva, or a discourse of forest-trees 1664 (1729, 1776)
        Terra. A philosophical discourse of earth 1675 (1729, 1778)
        Tyrannus, or the mode 1661

Evelyn, Mary
        Mundus muliebris: or, the ladies dressing-room unlock’d, and her toilette spread. Together with the fop-dictionary (ascribed to John or Mary Evelyn) 1690

Evening News (Edinburgh) See Edinburgh Evening News

Evening News (London) 1881–1980

Evening Post (Nottingham) 1878–

Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand) 1865–

Evening Standard 1860–1980 (continued as New Standard)

Evening Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) 1910–

Evening Telegram (St. John’s, Newfoundland) 1879–

Everard, Edmund
        The depositions and examinations of, concerning the horrid Popish plot 1679
        Discourses on the present state of the Protestant princes of Europe 1679

Everett, Edward
        Orations and speeches, on various occasions 1836 (1850)

Everett, Joseph D.
        Illustrations of the centimetre-gramme-second system of units 1875

Everett, Thomas H.
        Living trees of the world 1969

Ever green, The, being a collection of Scots poems, wrote by the ingenious before 1600, (ed.) by Allan Ramsay 1724

Everie woman in her humor 1609 (in Bullen, Old Plays IV, 1885)

Everybody’s magazine (US) 1899–1929

Everyman c 1520 (in Eng. miracle plays, ed. Pollard 1890)

Every man his own mechanic (by F. Chilton-Young) 1881

Ewald, Alexander C.
        Stories from the State Papers 1882

Ewart, Alfred James
tr. W. Pfeffer’s The physiology of plants 3 vols. 1900–6

Ewart, Gavin
        The Gavin Ewart show: poems 1971

Ewing, Juliana H.
        Dandelion clocks a 1885 (1887)
        Mary’s meadow a 1885 (1886)

Examination and refutation of a late pamphlet intituled Considerations on the Navy bill, An 1749

Examiner, The (ed. successively by W. King, J. Swift, Mrs. Manley, and W. Oldisworth) 1710–14

Examiner, The; a Sunday paper, on politics, domestic economy, and theatricals (ed. successively by Leigh Hunt, A. Fonblanque, et al.) 1808–36

Examynatyons towcheynge Cokeye More 15.. (in Chetham Soc. Misc. II)

Exceptions of the presbyterian-brethren, against some passages in the present liturgy 1661

Excerpta historica
See Bentley, S.

Exchequer rolls of Scotland 1264– (Scott. Record series 1878–)

Execution for treason 1583 (1675)
        See Cecil, W.

Exercitation concerning usurped powers 1650
        See Hollingworth, R.

Exeter book, The (Codex Exoniensis); an anthology of Anglo-Saxon poetry presented to Exeter Cathedral by Leofric (1050–71) a 1000 (Thorpe 1842; (Poems i–viii) E.E.T.S. 1895)

Exhibition, Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Great 1851

Exhibition, The International of 1862. The illustrated catalogue of the industrial department. British division 1862

Exhortation vnto prayer 1544

Exmoor courtship 1746 (in Gentleman’s Mag. June)

Exmoor scolding 1746 (in Gentleman’s Mag. July)

Exmoor scolding, also, an Exmoor courtship. (With) a vocabulary 1778 (E.D.S. 1879)

Experiment station record (United States Department of Agriculture) 1889–1946

Experimental wireless and the wireless engineer 1923–31

Explication, A short, of such foreign words as are made use of in the musick books 1724

Exposition of the doctrine of the Church of England, An (by Abp. W. Wake) 1686

Expositor, The 1875–

Expostulatory letter, A mild, from the plaindealing farmers of the neighbouring villages to the men of Buckingham c 1670

Eye opener 1902–22

Eyre, Mary
        A lady’s walks in the south of France in 1863 1865

Eyton, Robert W.
        The antiquities of Shropshire 1854–60

Eyton, Thomas C.
        A history of the rarer of British birds 1836