Dial, The (Chicago) 1880–1929

Dialect notes. Published by the American Dialect Society 1890–

Dialogue betwixt Tom and Dick, A (by T. Jordan) 1660
        A dialogue betwixt Rattle-head and Roundhead 1641
        A proper dyaloge betwene a gentillman and a husbandman 1530 (in Roy, Rede me, etc. Arber 1871)
        Saint-German’s (C.) Fyrst (secunde) dyaloge in Englisshe betwyxt a doctoure of dyvnyte and a student in the lawes of Englande tr. 1531, 1532 (1638)

Diary of the siege and surrender of Lymerick, A 1692

Dibdin, Charles
        A collection of songs, selected from the works of C. D. 1790, a 1814 (1841, 1842)

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall
        The bibliographical decameron 1817
        An introduction to the knowledge of rare and valuable editions of the Greek and Latin classics 1802
        The library companion, or the young man’s guide and the old man’s comfort in the choice of a library 1824

Dice-play c 1550
        See Walker, G.

Dicey, Edward
        Six months in the Federal states 1863

Dick, Everett Newfon
        The Dixie frontier 1948

Dick, H. St. John
        Flies and fly-fishing 1873

Dick, William
        Manual of veterinary science 1841 (1862)

Dick, William Brisbane
        The American Hoyle; or, Gentleman’s hand-book of games 1864 (and several later editions used)

Dick of Devonshire, The play of c 1626 (Bullen, Old plays II. 1883)

Dickens, Charles
        American notes for general circulation 2 vols. 1842 (1850)
        Barnaby Rudge 1841 [in Master Humphrey’s clock, q.v.]         The battle of life; a love story 1846
        Bleak House 1853 [1852–53 in parts]         A child’s history of England 2 vols.1852–53 [1851–53 in Household words]         The chimes, a goblin story of some bells that rang an old year out and a new year in 1845
        A Christmas carol, in prose 1843
        The cricket on the hearth, a fairy tale of home 1846
        Doctor Marigold’s prescriptions 1865 [in All the year round]         Dombey and son 1848 [1846–48 in parts]         Great expectations 3 vols. 1861 [1860–61 in All the year round]         Hard times, for these times 1854
        The haunted man and the ghost’s bargain 1848
        Letters v.d. (3 vols. 1880–82)
        Letters ed. M. House et al. 1965–
        The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit 1844 [1843–44 in parts]         The life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1839 [1838–39 in parts]         Little Dorrit 1857 [1855–57 in parts]         Master Humphrey’s clock 3 vols. 1840–41
        Mrs. Lirriper’s legacy 1864 [in All the year round: partly by Dickens]         Mrs. Lirriper’s lodgings 1863 [in All the year round: partly by Dickens]         Mugby Junction 1866 [in All the year round: partly by Dickens]         The mystery of Edwin Drood 1870
        The old curiosity shop 1840–41 [in Master Humphrey’s clock vols. I-II] (1848)
        Oliver Twist; or the parish boy’s progress 3 vols. 1838 [1837–39 in Bentley’s miscellany]         Our mutual friend 2 vols. 1865 [1864–65 in parts]         The personal history of David Copperfield 1850 [1849–50 in parts]         Pictures from Italy 1846
        The posthumous papers of the Pickwick club 1837 [1836–37 in parts]         Sketches by Boz [1st series] 2 vols. 1836 [1834–35 in periodicals] — 2nd series 1837 [1833–36 in periodicals]         A tale of two cities 1859
        The uncommercial traveller 1861 [1860–63 in periodicals] (1866)

Dickens, Charles, Jr.
        Dictionary of London 1879
        Dictionary of the Thames 1880

Dickens, Monica Enid
        The happy prisoner 1946
        The heart of London 1961
        Man overboard 1958
        No more meadows 1953
        One pair of feet 1942
        One pair of hands 1939

Dickenson, John
        Arisbas, Euphues amidst his slumbers: or Cupids journey to hell 1594 (Grosart 1878)
        Greene in conceipt new raised from his grave to write the tragique historie of faire Valeria of London 1598 (1878)
        The shepheardes complaint c 1595 (1878)

Dickenson, Jonathan
        God’s protecting providence man’s surest help and defence..evidenced in the remarkable deliverance of R. Barrow..Florida 1700

Dickeson, Montroville W.
        The American numismatic manual of the aborigines, and Colonial, State, and United States coins 1859

Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth
        Poems ed. T. H. Johnson 3 vols. 1955

Dickinson, Gordon Cawood
        Maps and air photographs 1969

Dickinson, Peter Malcolm de B.
        The lizard in the cup 1972
        The poison oracle 1974
        A pride of heroes 1969
        Sleep and his brother 1971

Dickinson, Reginald Ernest
        Electric trains 1927

Dickinson, Thomas Albert
        The aeronautical dictionary 1945

Dickinson, William
        A glossary of words and phrases pertaining to the dialect of Cumberland (with Supplement) 1878 (E.D.S.)
—re-arranged etc. by E. W. Prevost (1899)

Dicksee, J. R.
        School perspective 1859

Dickson, Adam
        A treatise of agriculture 1765 (ed. 2)

Dickson, David
        Select practical writings a 1663 (1845)

Dickson, Mora
        A world elsewhere 1964

Dickson, Nicholas
        The auld Scotch minister 1892

Dickson, R. W.
        General view of the agriculture of Lancashire 1815
        Practical agriculture; or a complete system of modern husbandry 1805

Dickson, William E.
        Practical organ-building 1881

Dickson, William Puride
tr. T. Mommsen’s The history of Rome 4 vols. 1862–6

Dictionarie English and Latine, A 1623

Dictionarium polygraphicum: or the whole body of arts regularly digested 1735

Dictionarium rusticum, urbanicum & botanicum: or a dictionary of husbandry, gardening, trade, commerce, and all sorts of country affairs 1704, 1726 (ed. 3)

Dictionary of American English on historical principles, A ed. W. A. Craigie & J. R. Hulbert 4 vols. 1938–44

Dictionary of Americanisms on historical principles, A ed. M. M. Mathews 2 vols. 1951

Dictionary of architecture, The, issued by the Architectural Publication Society 1852–92

Dictionary of the bible, A ed. J. Hastings 1898–1904

Dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles, A
See Avis, Walter Spencer, et al.

Dictionary of Jamaican English
See Cassidy, Frederic Gomes & Le Page, R. B.

Dictionary of national biography ed. L. Stephen et al. 63 vols. & Supplements 1885–

Dictionary of occupational terms 1921
        See United Kingdom. Ministry of Labour

Dictionary of South African English, A
See Branford, Jean

Didoniad, The 1831
        See Hudiger, P.

Dieffenbach, Ernst
        Travels in New Zealand 1843

Diehl, Edith
        Bookbinding: its background and technique 2 vols. 1946

Dieulafait’s (L.) Diamonds and precious stones tr. 1874

Difference between the church and court of Rome considered, The (by W. Lloyd) 1674

Digby, George, 2nd Earl of Bristol
        Elvira,..a comedy 1667
        Letters between the lord G. Digby and Sir K. Digby concerning religion 1639 (1651)
        The Lord Digby’s speeches in the House of Commons 1640–41

Digby, Sir Kenelm
        Chymical secrets and rare experiments in physick and philosophy a 1648 (1682–83)
        The closet of Sir K. D. opened a 1648 (1669, 1677)
        A discourse concerning the cure of wounds by the sympathetic powder 1644
        Journal of a voyage into the Mediterranean 1628–29 (Camden Soc. 1868)
        Observations upon Religio medici 1642 (1644)
        Private memoirs of Sir K. D. written by himself a 1648 (1827–28)
        Two treatises, in the one of which, the nature of bodies, in the other the nature of mans soule, is looked into 1644 (1658)
See also Digby, G.

Digby, Kenelm E.
        An introduction to the history of the law of real property 1875 (1876)

Digby, Kenelm H.
        The broad stone of honour, or the true sense and practice of chivalry 1828–29 (1848)
        Mores catholici or ages of faith 1831 etc.

Digby mysteries. Ancient mysteries from the Digby manuscripts c 1485 (Abbotsford club 1835)
        The Digby mysteries c 1485 (New Shaks. Soc. 1882; E.E.T.S.1896)

Digges, Dudley
        The unlawfulnesse of subjects taking armes against their soveraigne 1643 (1647)

Digges, Sir Dudley
        The compleat ambassador..Collected by Sir D. D. 15.. (1655)
See also Digges, Thomas

Digges, Leonard
        A book called Tectonicon 1562 (1592)
        A prognostication of right good effect 1555

—— & Digges, Thomas
        An arithmeticall militarie treatise named Stratioticos a 1571 (1579)
        A geometrical practise named Pantometria 1571 (1591)

Digges, Thomas & Digges, Sir Dudley
        Foure paradoxes, or politique discourses; 2 concerning militarie discipline..by T. D. (a 1595) 2 of the worthinesse of warre and warriors by D. D. his sonne 1604

Dilke, Sir Charles W.
        Greater Britain: a record of travel in English-speaking countries 1868
        Problems of Greater Britain 1890

Dillard, Joey Lee
        Black English: its history and usage in the United States 1972

Dilley, Arthur Urbane
        Oriental rugs and carpets 1931

Dillon, Harold A., 17th Viscount
        Calais and the Pale 1891 (Archaeologia, 2nd series, III, 1893)

Dillon, Sir John T.
        Travels through Spain 1780 (1781)

Dills, Lanie
        TheofficialCB slanguage language dictionary and cross-reference ed. D. Gilbertson 1975
—(rev. ed.) 1976

Dilworth, W. H.
        The life of Alexander Pope 1759
        The life of..Jonathan Swift 1758 (1760)

Diment, Adam
        The bang bang birds 1968
        The dolly dolly spy 1967
        The great spy race 1968
        Think Inc. 1971

Di Mona, Joseph
        Last man at Arlington 1973 (UK 1974)

Dineley, Thomas
        Journal giving some account of his visit to Ireland 1681 (Journal of the Kilkenny Archæol. Soc., 2nd series, I, 1858)

Dingwall, William Orr
ed. A survey of linguistic science 1971

Dirac, Paul Adrien Maurice
        The principles of quantum mechanics 1930
—(ed. 3) 1947

Dircks, Henry
        The life, times, and scientific labours of the second Marquis of Worcester 1865

Directions of parliament for the electing and choosing of ruling elders, 19 Aug. 1645

Director, The; a weekly literary journal 1807

Directorium Anglicanum, The, being a manual of directions for the right celebration of the Holy Communion, etc. ed. F. G. Lee 1865 (1866)

Directory for the publique worship throughout the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, A 1644

Diringer, David
        The alphabet: a key to the history of mankind 1948

Discipline and ceremonies of the Church of England, Two papers of proposals concerning the 1661

Discourse concerninge the Spanish fleet invadinge Englande tr. (from P. Ubaldini) 1590

Discourse of the common weal of this realm of England, A c 1550 (1893)

Discourse of the religion of England, A (by J. Corbet) 1667

Discourse wherein is plainly proued..that Peter was neuer at Rome, etc., A. By R. T. (Christopher Carlile) 1572

Discourses and characters..wherein the vanities of the modish women are discovered, Several 1689

Discoveries of John Poulter, written by himself, The 1753

Discovery: a monthly popular journal of knowledge 1920–66

Discriminator, The: a periodical 1905

Diseases of the nervous system 1940–

Disinterested love; or the modern Robin Grey. By a widow lady 1788

Dispute (Disputation) between Mary and the cross c 1375 (Legends of the holy rood, E.E.T.S. 1871; Minor poems of the Vernon MS., E.E.T.S. 1901)

Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield
        Coningsby, or the new generation 1844
        Contarini Fleming, a psychological autobiography 1832
        Correspondence with his sister 1832–52 (1886)
        Endymion 1880
        Henrietta Temple 1836
        Lothair 1870
        The revolutionary epick 1834
        Sybil; or the two nations 1845
        Tancred; or the new crusade 1847
        Venetia 1837
        Vivian Grey 1826–27
        The voyage of Captain Popanilla 1828
        The young duke 1831

D’Israeli, Isaac
        Amenities of literature 1841 (1859)
        Calamities of authors 1812 (1867)
        Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles the first 1828–31
        Curiosities of literature 1791–1823 (1849, 1866)
        Quarrels of authors 1814 (1867)

Dissertation abstracts 1952–

‘Distaff, John’
        A character of Don Sacheverellio 1710 (1711)

Distracted emperor, The: a tragi-comedy ?c 1600 (Bullen, Old plays III, 1884)

Ditchburn, Robert William
        Light 1952
—(ed. 2) 1963

Ditmars, Raymond Lee
        The reptile book 1907
        Snakes of the world 1931

Diurnal of remarkable occurrents that have passed within the country of Scotland since the death of king James the fourth till the year 1575, A 15.. (Bannatyne Club 1833)

Diver, Katherine Helen Maud
        Candles in the wind 1909

Diverting muse, The; or the universal medly 1707

Dives and pauper
See Parker, H.

‘Divine, David’ (Arthur Durham Divine)
        The King of Fassarai 1950

Divine and politike observations newly translated out of Dutch, upon some lines in the speech of (Abp. Laud) 1637 1638

Divine lover, A (1657)
        See Baker, David

‘Dix, Dorothy’ (Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer)
        Fables of the elite 1902

Dixie, Lady Florence
        Across Patagonia 1880

Dixon, Henry Hall
        Field and fern, or Scottish flocks and herds 1865
        The post and the paddock, by the Druid 1856 (1880)
        Silk and scarlet, by the Druid 1859 (1880)

Dixon, James H.
ed. Ancient poems, ballads and songs of the peasantry of England (1650–) (Percy Soc. 1846)

Dixon, James M.
        Dictionary of idiomatic English phrases 1891

Dixon, Richard W.
        History of the church of England 1877–85

Dixon, Robert
        The nature of the two testaments 1676

Dixon, Robert V.
        A treatise on heat 1849

Dixon, William Hepworth
        British Cyprus 1879
        Her majesty’s Tower 1869–71
        History of two queens 1873–74
        New America 1867
        Personal history of Lord Bacon 1861
        Royal Windsor 1879–80
        Spiritual wives 1868
        The Switzers 1872
        White conquest 1876
        William Penn, an historical biography 1851 (1872)

Dobbs, Arthur
        An account of the countries adjoining to Hudson’s Bay 1744

Dobell, Sydney T.
        Poetical works a 1874 (1875)
        Balder 1853
        The Roman, a dramatic poem 1850

Dobie, James
        Memoir of William Wilson of Crummock 1896

Dobie, James Frank
ed. Rainbow in the morning 1965 (‘reprint ed.’ of Vol. V of Publications of the Texas Folklore Society 1926)

Dobson, Edward
        A rudimentary treatise on the manufacture of bricks 1850 (1868)

Dobson, George E.
        Catalogue of the chiroptera in..the British Museum 1878

Dobson, Gordon Miller Bourne
        Exploring the atmosphere 1963
—(ed. 2) 1968

Dobson, H. Austin
        At the sign of the lyre 1885
        Eighteenth century vignettes 1892–96
        Sir Richard Steele (English worthies) 1886
        Vignettes in rhyme and vers de société 1873

Docquets of letters patent passed..at Oxford 1642–46 (1838)

Doctors’ Commons, Wills from: a selection from the wills of eminent persons proved in the Prerogative court of Canterbury 1495–1695 (Camden Soc. 1863)

Doctrine and erudition for any christen man, A necessary 1543

Doctrine of devils proved to be the grand apostacy of these later times, The 1676

Doctrynall of good servauntes c 1500 (Ancient poetical tracts, Percy Soc. 1842)

Documentary history of American industrial society, A ed. J. R. Commons et al. 11 vols. 1910–11

Documents relating to the proceedings against William Prynne in 1634 and 1637 (Camden Soc. 1877)

Documents relative to the colonial history of the State of New York, procured in Holland, England and France collected by J. R. Brodhead; ed. E. B. O’Callaghan & B. Fernow 15 vols. 1853–87

Dod, John & Cleaver, R.
        A plaine exposition of the ninth and tenth (eleventh and twelfth) chapters of the Proverbs of Salomon 1608

Dodd, F. Lawson
        Municipal milk and public health 1905

Dodd, George
        The textile manufactures of Great Britain (= British manufactures) 1844–46

Dodd, Ralph
        Letters..on the improvement of the Port of London 1798

Dodd, Robert Edward
        Chemical spectroscopy 1962

Doddridge, Philip
        The family expositor: or a paraphrase and version of the New Testament 1739–56 (1799)

Dodge, Richard Irving
        Our wild Indians 1882

Dodington, George Bubb, Baron Melcombe
        Diary 1749–61 (1784)

See Lyte, H.

Dods, Marcus
        Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ 1877 (1878)

‘Dods, Margaret’
        The cook and housewife’s manual 1826 (1842)

Dodsley, Robert
ed. A collection of poems by several hands (1748, 1755, 1758, 1782)
ed. A select collection of old plays (1744, 1780, 1825–27, Hazlitt 1874–76)
        Poems a 1764 (1810)
        Public virtue, a poem in three books (1. Agriculture)

Dodson, William
        The designe for the perfect draining of the great level of the fens 1665

Dodwell, Edward
        A classical and topographical tour through Greece 1819

Dodwell, Henry
        A defence of the vindication of the deprived bishops 1695
        A discourse concerning Sanchoniathon’s Phœnician history 1680 (1691)
        The natural mortality of humane soules clearly demonstrated… Being an explication of a famous passage in the dialogue of S. Justin Martyr with Tryphon 1708
        Two letters of advice 1680 (1691)

Dodypoll, The wisedome of Doctor 1600 (Bullen, Old plays III, 1884)

‘Doe, John’ (F. R. Roe)
        The bridge manual, an illustrated guide to the conventions of the game 1900

‘Doesticks, Q. K. Philander’ (Mortimer Neal Thomson)
        Doesticks, what he says 1855

Dogs, Breaking and training. ByPathfinder’ 1875

Doklady See: Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.

‘Doleman, N.’
        See Parsons, Robert

Dolinsky, Meyer
        There is no silence 1959

Dolman, Richard
        The third volume of La Primaudaye’s (P. de) French academie englished 1601 (1618)

Domesday of inclosures, The 1517–18 (R. Hist. Soc. 1897)

Domett, Alfred
        Ranolf and Amohia, a South-sea day dream 1872
        Flotsam and jetsam, rhymes old and new 1877

‘Dominic R. B.’ (Mary Jane Latsis & Martha Henissart)
        Epitaph for a lobbyist 1974
See also ‘Lathen, Emma’

Dominis (M. A. de). A manifestation of the motives whereupon M. A. de Dominis, archbishop of Spalatro ..vndertooke his departure thence tr. 1616

Dominoes and solitaire. ByBerkeley’ 1890

Dominy, Eric Norman
        Teach yourself judo 1954

Dommett, William Erskine
        A dictionary of aircraft 1918

Don, George
        A general history of the dichlamydeous plants 1831–37

Don Bellianis. The honour of chivalry, or the famous and delectable history of Don Bellianis of Greece tr. 1650
See also Kirkman, F.

Donald, G. W.
        Poems, ballads and songs 1867 (1879)

Donaldson, David
        Supplement to Jamieson’s Scottish dictionary 1887

Donaldson, James
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Elgin 1794; of Kincardine 1795; of Nairn 1794

Donaldson, John W.
        Christian orthodoxy reconciled with the conclusions of modern biblical learning 1857
        The theatre of the Greeks 1836 (1849, 1860)
        A vindication of protestant principles (anon.) 1847

Donaldson, Thomas
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1809

Donaldson, William
        The life and adventures of Sir Bartholomew Sapskull (anon.) 1768

Doncaster, Leonard
        An introduction to the study of cytology 1920

Done, John
        Aristeas’ Auncient historie of the Septuagint tr. 1633
        Polydoron, or a miscellanea of morall, philosophicall and theologicall sentences 1631

Donkin, William F.
        Acoustics. Theoretical part I. 1870

Donleavy, James Patrick
        The ginger man 1955

Donne, John
        Works a 1631 (1839)
        a declaration of that paradoxe or thesis that self-homicide is not so naturally sin, that it may never be otherwise c 1608 (1648)
        Devotions upon emergent occasions and seuerall steps in my sicknes 1624
        Essayes in divinity a 1615 (1651)
        Juvenilia; or certaine paradoxes and problemes 1600–06 (1633)
        The lamentations of Jeremy a 1631 (1633)
        Letters to severall persons of honour a 1631 (1651)
        Paradoxes, problemes, essayes, characters 1600–06 (1652)
        Poems a 1631 (1633, 1650, 1669, Grosart 1872–73)
        The progress of the soule 1612 (1633)
        Pseudo-martyr, wherein out of certaine propositions and gradations, this conclusion is euicted, That etc. 1610
        Satires 1593 (1669)
        Selections from the works of D. a 1631 (1840)
        Sermons a 1631 (LXXX. S. 1640, Fifty S. 1649, XXVI. S. 1661)
See also Mayne, Jasper

Donovan, Charles Henry Wynne
        With Wilson in Matabeleland; or, Sport and war in Zambesia 1894

Donovan, Michael
        Domestic economy 1830 (1837)

Doogue, Raymond Brian & Moreland, John Munn
        New Zealand sea anglers’ guide 1960

Doomed religions: a series of essays on the great religions of the world ed. J. M. Reid 1884

Doomsday. Be domes dæge, De die judicii, an old English version of the Latin poem ascribed to Bede a 1000 (E.E.T.S. 1876; Vom jüngsten tage, Grein 1894)

Doomsday c 1000 (Das jüngste gericht, Grein 1897)

Doomsday (a poem) c 1250, c 1275 (O.E. Misc., E.E.T.S. 1872)

‘Doone, Jice’ (Vance Marshall)
        Timely tips for new Australians 1926

Dopping, Olle
        Computers and data processing 1970

Doran, John
        Habits and men 1854
        The history of court fools 1858
        A lady of the last century (Mrs. E. Montagu) 1873
Mannand manners at the court of Florence 1740–86, founded on the letters of Horace Mann to Horace Walpole 1876
        Saints and sinners; or in church and about it 1868
Their majesties’ servants,annals of the English stage 1864

Dorland, W. A. Newman
        The illustrated medical dictionary 1901 (ed. 2), 1903 (ed. 3), 1913 (ed. 7)

Dorman, Thomas
        A proufe of certeyne articles in religion, denied by M. Juell, sett furth 1564

Dorner’s (I. A.) History of the development of the doctrine of the person of Christ tr. W. L. Alexander and D. W. Simon 1861–63 (1872)

Dornford, Josiah
        Pütter’s (J. S.) Historical developement of..the Germanic empire tr. 1790

Dorothy; a country story in elegiac verse (by A. J. Munby) 1880

Dorrington, Edward ? pseud.
        The hermit: or the unparalleled sufferings and surprising adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll 1727 (1751, 1816)

Dorset, A glossary of provincial words used in the county of 1851

Dorset, Charles Sackville, Earl of
        Poetical works c 1680 (1721, 1750)

Dorset, Thomas Sackville, Earl of
        See Sackville

Dorson, Richard M.
ed. Peasant customs and savage myths: selections from the British folklorists 2 vols. 1968

Dos Passos, John Roderigo
        The best times: an informal memoir 1966 (UK 1968)
        The big money 1936
        The 42nd parallel 1930
        1919 1932
        Streets of night 1923
        Three soldiers 1921 (UK 1922)

Dossie, Robert
        The handmaid to the arts (anon.) 1758

Double welcome, The, a poem to the Duke of Marlborough (by De Foe) 1705

Douce, Francis
        Illustrations of Shakespeare and of ancient manners 1807

Douce MS. 55 (Bodl. Libr.) c 1440 (Two cookery-books, E.E.T.S. 1888)

Dougall, John
tr. M. Born’s Atomic physics 1935

Dougherty, George S.
        The criminal as a human being 1924

Doughty, Charles M.
        Travels in Arabia deserta 1888

Doughty, Henry M.
        Friesland meres and through the Netherlands 1889
        Our wherry in Wendish lands 1892

Doughty, John
        Discourses 1627 (1628)

Douglas, Alexander
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1806

Douglas, Bp. Gavin
        Poetical works a 1522 (1874)
        The xiii bukes of Eneados of the famose poete Virgill tr. 1513 (1553, 1710, 1874)
        King Hart c 1510 (1874)
        The palice of honour 1501 (1710, 1874)

‘Douglas, George’ (G. D. Brown)
        The house with the green shutters 1901

Douglas, George Norman
        London street games 1916
        South wind 1917

Douglas, Sir Howard
        An essay on the principles and construction of military bridges 1816 (ed. 3, 1853)

Douglas, Jack D. & Johnson, John M.
eds. Existential sociology 1977

Douglas, James
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        See Douglas, George Norman

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        A discourse concerning the currencies of the British plantations in America 1740

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        The first (second, third) book of songs or airs 1597, 1600, 1603 (Arber, Eng. Garner IV)
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D’Ouvilly, Baron
        See Gerbier, Sir B. G.

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        An advertisement to the English seminaries and Iesuites 1610
        A confutation of atheisme 1605

Dove, Patrick E.
        Logic of the Christian faith 1856

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        A discourse of the sabbath and the Lord’s day 1636

‘Dow, Jr.’ (E. G. Paige)
        Short patent sermons c 1850

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        Southey (English men of letters) 1879
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        Gallia 1895
        A girl in the Karpathians 1891

        See Douland

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        The sport of fate 1880

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        A treatise..concerning christian libertie 1609

Down beat 1934–

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        Letters from continental countries 1832
        Letters from Mecklenburgh and Holstein 1822

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ed. Handbook of hematology 4 vols. 1938

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See also Davis, C. A.; Smith, Seba

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        A treatise on the disorders incident to horned cattle 1797

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        His last bow 1917
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        Micah Clarke 1889
        Rodney Stone 1896
        Sir Nigel 1906
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        History of America 1875

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        The life of William Sancroft, archbishop of Canterbury 1821 (1840)

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        The Garrick year 1964
        Jerusalem the golden 1967
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        A summer bird-cage 1962
        The waterfall 1969

Drackett, Philip Arthur
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Drainer. The drayner confirmed,..and the obstinate fen-man confuted 1629 (1647)
See also C., H.

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        Natural and statistical view; or, Picture of Cincinnati and the Miami country 1815
        Pioneer life in Kentucky a 1852 (1870)

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        See Maynarde, T.

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Drake, Joseph R.
        The culprit fay, and other poems 1836

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        A journal of the first and second sieges of Pontefract 1644–45 (Surtees Soc. 1860)

Drake, Nathan
        Literary hours, or sketches critical and narrative 1798 (1820)

Drake, Peter
        The memoirs of captain P. D. 1754 (1755)

Drant, Thomas
        A medicinable morall, that is the two bookes of Horace his satyres englished… The wailyngs of the prophet Hieremiah done into Englyshe verse, also epigrammes 1566
        Horace his arte of poetrie, pistles and satyrs englished 1567

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        The death penalty 1972
        Swansong for a rare bird 1970

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        History of the American civil war 1867
        History of the conflict between religion and science 1875 (1877)
        History of the intellectual development of Europe 1863
        Human physiology 1858

Draper’s dictionary 1886
        See Beck, S. W.

Draughts, backgammon and dominoes 1866

Drayson, Alfred W.
        Sporting scenes amongst the Kaffirs of South Africa 1858

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        A view of South-Carolina, as respects her natural and civil concerns 1802

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        Works a 1631 (1748, 1753; 1876)
        Ballad of Agincourt c 1605 (Poemes lyrick and pastorall)
        The Barons’ wars See Mortimeriados, below
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        The miseries of queene Margarite c 1600 (1627)
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The barrons warres in the raigne of Edward the second 1603 (1619)
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        The owle (a poem) 1604 (1619)
        Poemes lyrick and pastorall c 1605
        Poems 1606, 1619 (also Roxb. Club 1856)
        Poly-olbion, or a chorographicall description of..Great Britain 1612, 1622 (also 1876)
        The tragicall legend of Robert Duke of Normandy..With the legend of Matilda,..and the legend of Piers Gaveston 1596 (1619)

Dream, The, a poem sacred to the..memory of Queen Caroline (Wilhelmina) 1737

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ed. Electric illumination 1882

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        An American tragedy 2 vols. 1925 (UK 1926)
        The financier 1912

Drew, Samuel
        See Hitchins, F.

Driscoll, Peter
        The white lie assignment 1971
        The Wilby conspiracy 1972 (UK 1973)

Drive 1967–

Driver, Abraham & Driver, W.
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Hants 1794

Driver, Christopher
        The disarmers 1964

Drout, John
        The pityfull historie of..Gaulfrido and Barnardo le vayne tr. 1570 (1844)

Druid, The
See Dixon, H. H.

Drum, Jack
See Marston, J.

Drum (East African ed.) 1965–

Drummond, Alexander
        Travels through different cities of Germany, Italy etc. 1754

Drummond, Charles
        Death and the leaping ladies 1968
        A death at the bar 1972
        Death at the furlong post 1967
        The odds on death 1969

Drummond, Henry
        The Lowell lectures on the ascent of man 1894
        Natural law in the spiritual world 1883

‘Drummond, Ivor’ (Roger Erskine Longrigg)
        The jaws of the watchdog 1973
        The man with the tiny head 1969
        The power of the bug 1974

Drummond, June
        Bang! Bang! You’re dead! 1973
        The black unicorn 1959
        The Gantry episode 1968

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tr. G. Haberlandt’s Physiological plant anatomy 1914

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        Origines, or remarks on the origin of several empires, states and cities 1824–29

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        A cypress grove 1613
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        Flowres of Sion 1623
(The river of) Forth feasting 1617
        The history of the five James’s, kings of Scotland a 1649 (1711)
        Irene, a remonstrance for concord..amongst his majesty’s subjects 1638 (1711)
        Notes of Ben Jonson’s conversations with D. 1619 (Shaks. Soc. 1842)
        or a defence of a petition 1642 (1711)
        D.’s Polemo-medinia (The muckomachy; or the middenfecht, a poem. With enlargements by the moderns) tr. (1846)

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        Called to the rescue 1879

Drury, Heber
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ed. The book of gardening: a handbook of horticulture 1900

Dry leaves 1849
        See Eastwick, E. B.

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        Cinyras and Myrrha 1700 (Fables)
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        On the death of Amyntas, a pastoral elegy a 1700
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        Of dramatick poesie, an essay 1668 (Arber, Eng. Garner III; Ker)
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        An evening’s love: or the mock astrologer 1668 (1671)
        Examen poeticum: being the third part of Miscellany poems 1693
        Fables, ancient and modern, translated into verse from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, and Chaucer, with originall poems 1700
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        The first book of Homer’s Ilias tr. 1700 (Fables)
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        The Indian emperour, or the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards (a tragedy) 1665
        Juvenal. The satires of D. J. Juvenalis, translated into English verse by Mr. Dryden, and several other eminent hands. Together with the satires of A. Persius Flaccus, made English by Mr. Dryden. To which is prefix’d a discourse concerning the original and progress of satire 1693 (1697)
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ed. Miscellany poems 1684–94
        Ovid’s Metamorphoses tr. 1693, 1700 (Examen poeticum; Fables) See also Garth, Sir S.
        Palamon and Arcite: or the knight’s tale from Chaucer 1700 (Fables)
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        The rival ladies, a tragi-comedy 1663 (1669)
        Saint-Evremond’s (C. Marguetel de Saint-Denis, Seigneur de) Miscellaneous essays tr. (? by K. Chetwood), contin. by Dryden 1692
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        The Spanish fryar, or the double discovery 1681
        The state of innocence and fall of man, an opera 1676
        Sylvæ, or the second part of Poetical miscellanies 1685
        The tempest See Davenant, Sir W.
        Troilus and Cressida, or truth found too late, a tragedy 1679
        Tyrannick love, or the royal martyr, a tragedy 1669
        The works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, Georgics, and Æneis tr. 1697
        The wild gallant, a comedy 1663

—— & Lee, N.
        The duke of Guise, a tragedy 1682 (1683)
        Oedipus, a tragedy 1679

—— & Newcastle, Duke of
        Sir Martin Mar-all, or the feign’d innocence, a comedy 1667 (1668)

Duane, Alexander
tr. E. Fuchs’s Text-book of ophthalmology 1892

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Dublin University review 1885–7

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        A piece of family biography (anon.) 1799

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        The violin 1836

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        The punishment and prevention of crime 1885

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        Glossarium mediæ et infimæ Latinitatis (1840–50; 1883–87)

‘Ducange anglicus’
        The vulgar tongue: comprising two glossaries of slang, cant, and flash words and phrases, principally used in London at the present day 1857

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        Some account of..Croydon 1783

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        Explorations and adventures in equatorial Africa 1861
        The viking age 1889

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        Discourses on various subjects 1779 (1790)

Duckett’s register 1946–

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        Amoroso: a novel 1810

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        Letters..to the bishop of Llandaff 18.. (1840)

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        Correspondence of R. Dudley, Earl of Leycester, during his government of the Low Countries 1585–86 (Camden Soc. 1844)

Dudley, Sir Robert c 1595
        See Wyatt, Captain

‘Dudley-Gordon, Tom’ (Dudley Barker et al.)
        Coastal command at war 1943

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        The true nobility 1868

Duff, David Skene
        Victoria in the Highlands 1968

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        A collection of poems, songs etc. chiefly Scottish 1816

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        A glance over Europe 1868
        A political survey 1868

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        Letters from high latitudes 1857

Dufferin and Ava, Hariot G., Marchioness of
        My Canadian journal 1872–78 1891

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        The mock-tempest; or the enchanted castle 1675

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        The ingenious knight Don Quixote de la Mancha. A new translation (of Cervantes) 1881

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        That’s how it was 1962

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        The nature and treatment of deafness and diseases of the ear 1844

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        Comenius’ (J. A.) Latinæ linguæ janua reserata..The gate of the Latine tongue unlocked 1656

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        The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated 1656
        The history of imbanking and drayning of divers fens and marshes 1662
        D.’s Monasticon Anglicanum; or the history of the ancient abbies and other monasteries etc. tr. (1693, 1718, 1817–30, 1846)

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Duhring, Louis A.
        A practical treatise on diseases of the skin 1876 (1881)

Duke, Richard
        Poems a 1711 (1790, 1810)

Duke-Elder, William Stewart
        Parsons’ Diseases of the eye
        See Parsons, John Herbert
        Text-book of ophthalmology 7 vols. 1932–54

——et al.
        System of ophthalmology 1958–01

Dulcinead variorum, The: a satyrical poem in hudibrastick verse 1729

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        The breaking point: eight stories 1959
        Rebecca 1938

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        The Martian 1897
        Trilby, a novel 1894
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Du Moncel’s (T. A. L.) The telephone, the microphone, and the phonograph tr. 1879

Du Mont’s (J.) New voyage to the Levant tr. 1696

Dumpling, A learned dissertation on
See Arbuthnot, J.

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        Principles of stratigraphy 1957

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        Social life in former days, chiefly in the province of Moray 1865–66

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Dunbar, Janet
        Mrs. G. B. S.: a biographical portrait of Charlotte Shaw 1963

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        Poems 1500–20 (S.T.S. 1893)
        The flyting of D. and Kennedie 1508
        The goldyn targe 1508
        The tua mariit wemen and the wedo 1508

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        Latinae grammaticae pars prior..Appendix etymologiæ ad copiam exemplorum una cum indice interprete 1595 (E.D.S. 1874)

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        A correct narrative of the funeral of Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson 1806
        Life of Lord Nelson 1806
        The mariner’s chronicle 1810

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        Clinical lectures on the diseases of women 1879 (1889)

Duncan, Lee
        Over the wall 1936

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        History of Allan and Woodson Counties, Kansas 1901

Duncan, Peter M.
        See Figuier, L.

Duncan (later Cotes) Sara J.
        A social departure 1890

Duncan, William
        Cicero’s Select orations tr. 1755 (1816)

Duncan, William Murdock
        The big timer 1973

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ed. Letters by several eminent persons deceased (1773)

Duncumb, John
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Provincial customs and words (from the above) (E.D.S. 1874)
        General view of the agriculture of the county of Hereford 1805

Dundas, John
        A summary view of the feudal law, with the differences of the Scots law from it (anon.) 1710

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ed. Mother wit from the laughing barrel: readings in the interpretation of Afro-American folklore 1973

Dundy, Elaine
        The dud avocado 1958

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        Medical lexicon. A dictionary of medical science 1842, 1848 (ed. 7), 1857 (1874, 1893)

Dunkin, Edwin
        The midnight sky: familiar notes on the stars and plants 1869

Dunkin, John
        The history and antiquities of Bicester, Oxfordshire. (With..Kennett’s glossary) 1816

Dunlap, William
        Memoirs of George Fred. Cooke, Esq., late of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden 2 vols

Dunlop, Derrick Melville
ed. Textbook of medical treatment 1939
—(ed. 10) ed. D. M. Dunlop & S. Alstead 1966

Dunlop, William
ed. A collection of confessions of faith, catechisms, directories, books of discipline etc. of publick authority in the church of Scotland 1719–22

Dunman, Thomas
        A glossary of biological, anatomical and physiological terms 1879 (1889)

Dunmore, Charles A. Murray, 7th Earl of
        The Pamirs 1893

Dunn, Henry A. C.
        Fencing (All England series) 1889

Dunn, Robert
        The ornithologist’s guide to the islands of Orkney and Shetland 1837

Dunn, Robert
        The shameless diary of an explorer 1907

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        Mr. Dooley in peace and in war 1898

Dunphy, Eamon
        Only a game? The diary of a professional footballer ed. P. Ball 1976

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        D.’s Ladies dictionary, being a general entertainment for the fair sex 1694
        Letters written from New England 1686 (Prince Soc. 1867)

Dupin’s (L. Ellies-) New ecclesiastical history of the XVI century tr. 1706–10
        D.’s New ecclesiastical history of the XVII century tr. D. Cotes 1725
        D.’s New history of ecclesiastical writers, containing an account of the authors of the several books of the Old and New Testaments 1692–93

Du Ponceau, Pierre E.
        A dissertation on the nature and character of the Chinese system of writing 1838

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        Angels rejoicing for sinners repenting 1648
        Holy rules and helps to devotion a 1662 (1675)
        The soule’s soliloquie and conference with conscience 1648

Duppa, Richard
        Travels in Italy etc. 1828 (1829)

Du Quesne’s (A.) New voyage to the East Indies tr. 1696

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        Butler’s ghost, or Hudibras, the fourth part 1682
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        Madam Fickle: or the witty false one, a comedy 1676 (1677)
        New operas, with comical stories and poems on several occasions a 1721 (1721)
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        Tales tragical and comical 1704
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Durham. A description..of all the ancient monuments, rites and customes within the monastical church of Durham before the suppression 1593 (Surtees Soc. 1845, 1903)
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        Extracts from the account rolls of the abbey of D. 1278–1580 (Surtees Soc. 1898–1901)
        Halmota prioratus Dunelmensis, containing extracts from the halmote court or manor rolls of the prior and convent of D. 1296–1384 (Surtees Soc. 1889)
        Rites of D., being a description etc. (as above) 1593 (Surtees Soc. 1903)
        Wills and inventories from the registry at D. 1563–99 (Surtees Soc. 1860)

Durham, James
        A commentary upon the book of the Revelation a 1658 (1680)
        A practical exposition of the X Commandments a 1658 (1675)

Durham, William
        Maran-atha; the second advent 1651 (1652)

Durham glossary 1896
        See Palgrave, F. M. T.

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        Introduction to advanced inorganic chemistry 1962

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        Catch me a Colobus 1972
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        Encounters with animals 1958
        Menagerie Manor 1964
        My family and other animals 1956
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        Three singles to adventure 1954
        Two in the bush 1966
        The whispering land 1961
        A zoo in my luggage 1960

Durrell, Lawrence George
        Balthazar 1958
        Bitter lemons 1957
        Clea 1960
        Justine 1957
        Mountolive 1958
        Nunquam 1970
        Spirit of place: letters and essays on travel ed. A. G. Thomas 1969
        Tunc 1968

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