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        See N. D.

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        See T., D. (i.e. Tuvil, D.)

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        See Derham, W.

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Da Costa
        See Mendes da Costa

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ed. Fragments of Scottish history (1798)

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Dame Siriz
See Siriz

Damon and Pithias
See Edwards, R.

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The civile wares..corrected and continued 1609
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—— & Mather, Kenneth
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—— & Darwin, Francis
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D’Aunoy See Anois

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—(another ed.) 1955
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ed. New Zealand short stories 1953
For 2nd ser. see Stead, Christian Karlson
        Not here, not now 1970
        Roads from home 1949
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‘Daviot, Gordon’ (Elizabeth Mackintosh)
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See also ‘Tey, Josephine’

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Davis, Arthur Hoey
        See ‘Rudd, Steele’

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ed. Narrative of the North Polar expedition, U.S. ship ‘Polaris’ 1876

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        See ‘Ransome, Stephen’

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—(ed. 2) 1955

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        See Lewis, Cecil Day

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—— & Walker, J.
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        See Acton

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See Bower, F. O.; Garnsey, H. E. F.

Debate between the body and the soul a 1300, c 1325 (Mapes’ poems, Camden Soc. 1841)

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Debate on a motion for the abolition of the slave trade in the House of Commons, The 1791

Debates in the House of Commons 1625 (Camden Soc. 1873)

Debates in the House of Lords 1621
        See Elsing, H.

Debates and proceedings in the Congress of the United States
See: United States. Congress. Debates

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        A booke containing divers sortes of hands, as well the English as French secretarie with the Italian, Roman, chancelry and court hands 1571

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        Embryology and evolution 1930
        Vertebrate zoology 1928
—(ed. 2) 1951

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tr. E. Mandel’s Late capitalism 1975

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        Certayne causes gathered together, wherin is shewed the decaye of England,..by the great multitude of shepe 1550–53 (in Supplication for the beggers, E.E.T.S. 1871)
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Declaration of the Commons..concerning..the grand rebellion in Ireland, A 1642 (1643)

Declaration of the Pfaltzgraves, A: concerning the faith and ceremonies professed in his churches 1637

Declarations, ordinances, and remonstrances of the Lords and Commons 1642 (45 pamphlets)

Decree of Starre-chamber concerning printing, A 1637 (Arber, Milton’s Areopagitica)
See also Star-chamber

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        Autobiographical tracts a 1608 (Chetham Soc. Miscellany 1851)
        The compendious rehearsall 1592 (in Autob. tracts)
        General and rare memorials pertayning to the perfecte arte of navigation 1577
        A præface (to H. Billingsley’s Euclid) specifying the chiefe sciences, what they are etc. 1570
        The private diary 1554–61 a 1608 (Camden Soc. 1842)
        A true and faithful relation of what passed between..J. D. and some spirits a 1608 (1627, 1659)

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tr. Hsia Chih-yen’s The coldest winter in Peking 1978

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        Kitty 1927
        Roper’s Row 1927
        Second youth 1919
        The secret sanctuary; or, The saving of John Stretton 1923
        Sincerity 1912
        Sorrell and son 1925
        Three rooms 1924

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        An introduction to the rock-forming minerals 1966
        Rock-forming minerals 5 vols. 1962–3

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        A defence of dramatick poetry, being a review of Mr. Collier’sView of the immorality and profaneness of the stage’ 1698
        A defence of the ministers reasons 1607: see Hieron, S.
        A defence of the rights and priviledges of the university of Oxford 1649 etc. (1690)
        Defence of Dr. G. Walker. Mr. J. Mackenzyes narrative of the siege of London Derry, a false libel 1690

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tr. E. Kraepelin’s Clinical psychiatry: a text-book for students and physicians 1902

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ed. Living with the computer 1971

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        A compleat English dictionary 1735

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        Works a 1731 (1840, 1841)
        The complete English tradesman 1726 etc. (1732, 1745, 1841)
        The double welcome, a poem to the duke of Marlborough 1705
        The dyet of Poland, a satyr 1705
        An essay on the history and reality of apparitions (= The secrets of the invisible world disclos’d or an universal history of apparitions) 1727 (1735, 1840)
        The family instructor 1715 (1841)
        The fortunes and misfortunes of Moll Flanders 1722
        The history and remarkable life of Colonel Jacque (= Col. Jack) 1722 (1840)
        A hymn to the pillory 1703
        A hymn to victory 1704
        A journal of the plague year 1722 (1754)
        Jure divino, a satyr 1706
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        The life and strange adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1719 (1840, Globe 1873)
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        New discovery of an old intreague (anon.) 1691
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        Religious courtship 1722 (1840)
        Serious reflections during the life..of Robinson Crusoe 1720
        The shortest way with the dissenters 1702
        A speech for Mr. D—ss (Dundas) of Arnistoun (anon.) 1711
        Street-robberies consider’d 1728
        A system of magick; or a history of the black art 1727 (1840)
        The true-born Englishman 1700 (1701)
        A new voyage round the world 1725 (1840)

De Foe’s Tour through the whole island of Great Britain 1724–27 (enlarged ed. 1769)
See also Richardson, S.

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Degge, Sir Simon
        The parson’s counsellor, with the law of tithes and tithing 1676 (1703)

Degore, Syr (a metrical romance) 13.. (c 1550; Utterson 1817)

De Gray, T.
        See De la Grey, T.

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‘Dehan, Richard’ (Clotilde Graves)
        Between two thieves 1912

Deighton, Len
        Billion-dollar brain 1966
        An expensive place to die 1967
        Funeral in Berlin 1964
        Horse under water 1963
        The Ipcress file 1962
        Len Deighton’s London dossier with contributions by A. Bailey et al. 1967
        Only when I larf 1968
        SS–GB 1978
        Spy story 1974
        Twinkle, twinkle, little spy 1976
        XPD 1981
        Yesterday’s spy 1975

De imitatione Christi. The earliest English translation c 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1893)
See also Atkynson, W.; Richmond, Countess of; Stanhope, G.

Deism. An account of the growth of deism in England 1696

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        Zoology of New York, or the New York fauna 1842

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        International maritime dictionary 1948

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        The dramatic works a 1632 (1873)
        The non-dramatic works (Grosart 1884–86)
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        The belman of London bringing to light the most notorious villanies 1608
        The dead tearme 1608
        D. his dreame 1620
        The guls horne-booke 1609 (1812)
        The honest whore 1604 (The second part 1630)
        If it be not good, the diuel is in it 1612
        A knights conjuring, done in earnest (revision of Newes from hell) 1607
        Lanthorne and candle-light, or the bell-mans second nightswalke 1608
        Newes from hell; brought by the diuells carrier 1606
        The owles almanacke (anon.) 1618
        The pleasant comedie of old Fortunatus 1600
        The ravens almanacke 1609
        The roaring girle 1611 See Middleton, T.
        Satiro-mastix or the untrussing of the humorous poet 1602
        The seuen deadly sinnes of London 1606 (Arber)
        The shomakers holiday or the gentle craft 1600
        A tragi-comedy: called Match mee in London 1623 (1631)
        The whore of Babylon 1607
        The witch of Edmonton See Rowley, W.
        The wonderfull yeare 1603, wherein is shewed the picture of London lying sicke of the plague 1603

——, Chettle, H., & Haughton, W.
        Patient Grissil, a comedy 1603 (Shaks. Soc. 1841)

—— & Webster, J.
        North-ward hoe 1607 (D.’s works 1873)
        The famous history of Sir Thomas Wyat 1607 (D.’s works 1873)
        West-ward hoe c 1605 (1607, D.’s works 1873)

De la Beche, Sir Henry T.
        A geological manual 1831 (1832)
        Mineralogy 1851–59 (in Manual of scientific enquiry, 1859)
        Report on the geology of Cornwall, Devon, and West-Somerset 1839

‘Delafield, E. M.’ (Edmée Elizabeth Monica Dashwood)
        Thank Heaven fasting 1932

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        The compleat horse-man and expert ferrier 1639 (1654, 1670)

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        Grammelogia; or the mathematicall ring 1630

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        The burning-glass, and other poems 1945
        Collected stories for children 1947
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        Crossings: a fairy play 1921
ed. Early one morning, in the spring: chapters on children and on childhood 1935
        The fleeting, and other poems 1933
        The listeners, and other poems 1912
        The Lord Fish 1933
        Memoirs of a midget 1921
        Memory, and other poems 1938
        Private view 1953
        The riddle, and other stories 1923
        Songs of childhood 1902
        This year, next year 1937
        The three mulla-mulgars 1910
        The traveller 1946
        The veil, and other poems 1921
        The wind blows over 1936
        Winged chariot 1951

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        The flower garden 1856 (1861)
        The kitchen garden 1855 (1860)

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        Works a 1693 (1694)

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        Old Chester tales 1898

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        The autobiography and correspondence 1779–88 (1861, 1862)
        Letters…to Mrs. F. Hamilton 1779–88 (1820)

De la Pasture, Mrs. Henry
        Cornelius 1903

De la Pryme, Abraham
        Diary a 1704 (Surtees Soc. 1870)

De la Ramée, Louisa
        See ‘Ouida’

De la Roche, Mazo
        Finch’s fortune 1931
        Jalna 1927
        The master of Jalna 1933
        Whiteoak harvest 1936
        Whiteoaks (US ed. with title Whiteoaks of Jalna) 1929
        Young Renny 1935

De las Coveras’ (F.) History of Don Fenise; a romance out of Spanish 1651

Delaune, Thomas
        The present state of London 1681 (1690)

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        An introduction to machine translation tr. by K. M. Delavenay and the author 1960

Delawne, Nathaniel
        Du Moulin’s (P.) Elements of logick tr. 1624

Delightes for ladies 1602
        See Plat or Platt, Sir H.

Delineator 1873–1937

‘De Lisle’s, F.’ (= L. Regnier de la Planche)

Legendarie conteining an ample discourse of the life..of Charles cardinal of Lorraine and his brethren of the house of Guise tr. 1577

De Lisser, Herbert George
        The cup and the lip 1956

Delitzsch’s (F.) System of biblical psychology tr. R. E. Wallis 1867

Dell, Jeffrey
        Nobody ordered wolves 1935

Dell, William
        Right reformation, or the reformation of the church of the New Testament represented in gospell-light 1646

Della Valle’s (P.) Travels 1665 See Havers, G.

Delman, David
        Sudden death 1972 (UK 1973)

De Lolme, John L.
        The constitution of England, or an account of the English government 1775

Deloney, Thomas
        The gentle craft 1597, a 1600
        The pleasant historie of Iohn Winchcomb, in his yonguer yeares called Iack of Newbery 1597–1626
        Thomas of Reading, or the sixe worthie yeomen of the west a 1600 (Thoms, Early prose romances I, 1828)

Demant, Vigo Auguste
        Christian polity 1936
        Religion and the decline of capitalism 1952

De Mauny, Erik
        The huntsman in his career 1949

D’Emillianne’s, G.’ (= A. Gavin)

The frauds of the Romish monks and priests tr. 1691
        Observations on a journey to Naples tr. 1691

Demmin, Auguste
See Black, C. C.

Democrat See Clarke County Democrat

Democratic State Journal (Sacramento, California) 1852–8

De Monfart’s (= H. de Feynes) An exact and curious survey of all the East Indies tr. 1615

De Morgan, Augustus
        A budget of paradoxes a 1871 (1872)
        An essay on probabilities 1838
        Formal logic 1847

De Morgan, Sophia E.
        From matter to spirit 1863

De Morgan, William Frend
        Alice-for-short 1907
        Joseph Vance 1906
        The old madhouse (completed by M. E. De Morgan) 1919
        The old man’s youth and the young man’s old age (completed by M. E. De Morgan) 1920 (UK 1921)
        When ghost meets ghost 1914

Dempsey, Jack (William Harrison Dempsey)
        Championship fighting 1950

De Mouhy’s (C. de Fieux) The fortunate country-maid tr. 1740 (1741)

Denham, Sir James Steuart
        An inquiry into the principles of political economy 1767

Denham, Sir John
        Cato Major or old age c 1650 (1669)
        Coopers-Hill 1642 (1669, 1709)
        The destruction of Troy, an essay upon the second book of Virgil’s Æneis tr. 1636 (1656)
        A dialogue between Sir J. Pooley and Mr. T. Killigrew a 1668
(Directions to a painter 1667 (1689))
        Poems and translations 16.. (1668)
        The progress of learning c 1650
        The sophy (a tragedy) 1641

Denham, Michael A.
        A collection of proverbs and popular sayings, relating to the seasons, the weather, and agricultural pursuits 1846 (Percy Soc.)
        The D. tracts, a collection of folk-lore 1846–59 (1892–95)
        Folk-lore; or a collection of local rhymes, proverbs, etc. relating to Northumberland etc. 1858
        Folk-lore; or manners and customs of the north of England 1850–52

Deniker’s (J.) The races of man tr. 1900

Denison, Edmund Beckett (afterw. Beckett, E.)
        Astronomy without mathematics 1865 (1867)
        A rudimentary treatise on clocks, watches, and bells 1850 (1860 etc.)

Denison, John
        The heavenly banquet 1619 (1631)
        Heauens joy for a sinners repentance, a sermon 1623

Denison, William
        Cricket: sketches of the players 1846

Denlinger, William Watson
        The complete Boston [terrier] 1955

Denne, Samuel 1772
See History and antiquities of Rochester

Denning, David
        The art and craft of cabinet-making 1891

Dennis, Clarence James
        The moods of Ginger Mick 1916
        The songs of a sentimental bloke 1915 (1916 impression used)

Dennis, John 1613
        See Dennys

Dennis, John
        The characters and conduct of Sir John Edgar 1720
        The impartiall critick: or some observations uponA short view of tragedywritten by T. Rymer 1693 (also Spingarn 1909)
        The monument, a poem 1702
        A plot and no plot, a comedy 1697

Dennison, Walter T.
        The Orcadian sketch-book 1880

Denny, Grace Goldena
        Fabrics and how to know them 1923

Denny, Sir William
        Pelecanicidium, or the christian adviser against self-murder (anon.) 1653

Dennys, John
        The secrets of angling, by J. D. 1613 (also in Arber, Eng. Garner I)

Dennys, Nicholas Belfield
        A descriptive dictionary of British Malaya 1804

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        The plaine mans path-way to heaven 1601 (1603)

Dent, Colin
        Quantity surveying by computer 1964

Dent, Daniel
        A sermon against drunkennes 1628

Denton, Daniel
        A brief description of New York 1670 (1845)

Dentry, Robert
        Encounter at Kharmel 1971

Departing soul’s address to the body, The c 1300 (Sir T. Phillipps 1838; S. W. Singer 1845)

Department of Education and Science
        See United Kingdom

Deplorable state of New England 1708
        See Asshurst, Sir H.

Deposition of Richard II, A poem on the
See Langland, W.

Depositions from the castle of York relating to offences committed in the northern counties in the seventeenth century 1650–85 (Surtees Soc. 1861)

Depredations committed on the clan Campbell and their followers, An account of c 1686 (1816)

Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, First (second, etc.) report 1840–

Depuy, Charles H. & Chapman, Orville L.
        Molecular reactions and photochemistry 1972

De Quatrefages de Bréau (J. L. A.)
        See Quatrefages de Bréau, J. L. A. de

De Quincey, Thomas
        Works a 1859 (1853–60, 1862–71, 1889–90)
        Analects from J. P. Richter 1824
        Autobiographic sketches 1834–53
        The Cæsars 1832–34
        Confessions of an opium-eater 1822–56
        The English mail coach 1849
        The Essenes 1840–59
        On murder considered as one of the fine arts 1827
        Recollections of the lakes and the lake poets 1839
        The Spanish military nun 1847
        On war 1854
        De Quincey: his life and writings, byH. A. Page’. (1877)

Derby, Edward G. G. S. Stanley, 14th Earl of
        Homer’s Iliad rendered into English blank verse 1864

Derby, George Horatio
        See ‘Phoenix, John’

Derby, Henry, Earl of (afterw. Henry IV)
        Expeditions to Prussia and the Holy Land 1390–91, 1392–93 (Camden Soc. 1894)

Derbyshire Times 1854–

Derham, William
        The artificial clock-maker, a treatise of watch and clock-work by W. D. 1696 (1700, 1759)
        Astro-theology; or a demonstration of the being and attributes of God from a survey of the heavens 1714 (1715, 1769)
        Physico-theology; or a demonstration of the being and attributes of God from his works of creation 1711–12 (1713)

Dering, Edward
        xxvi lectures or readings upon part of the epistle..to the Hebrews 1576

Dering, Sir Edward
        A collection of speeches in matters of religion 1642
        A discourse of proper sacrifice, in way of answer to A.B.C. Jesuite 1644
        The fower cardinal-vertues of a Carmelite fryar 1640 (1641)

Derrick, June
        Teaching English to immigrants 1966

Derricke, John
        The image of Ireland; a poem 1581 (1883)

Desaguliers, John T.
        A course of experimental philosophy 1734–44
        Gauger’s (N.) Fires improv’d: being a new method of building chimneys tr. 1715

Desch, Cecil Henry
        Metallography 1910

Description of the isles of Scotland 1577–95 (W. F. Skene, Celtic Scotland III. 1880)

Description of Kentucky in North America, A 1792

Description of the river Thames etc., A ed. R. Binnell 1758

Description of S’hertogenbosh: see Pelegromius

Description of South Carolina, A (by James Glen) 1761

De Sélincourt, Hugh
        The cricket match 1924

Desha, Lucius Junius
        Organic chemistry: the chemistry of the compounds of carbon 1936

Design: a monthly journal for manufacturers and designers 1949–

Design and work 1876–81

Design engineering 1971–

De Sitter, Lamoraal Ulbo
        Structural geology 1956

Desmond, George
        The history of G. D., founded on facts which occurred in the East Indies 1821

De Sola, Ralph & De Sola, Dorothy
        A dictionary of cooking 1969

D’Esterre-Keeling, Elsa
        A return to nature, a Kentish idyll 1897

Destruction of Troy. The gest hystoriale of the destruction of Troy: an alliterative romance translated from Guido de Colonna’s Hystoria Troiana c 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1869–74)

Destruction of Troy, The 1636
        See Denham, Sir J.

De Toledano, Ralph
ed. Frontiers of jazz 1947

Detroit Free Press (title varies) 1835–

Deuel, Harry James
        The lipids: their chemistry and biochemistry 3 vols. 1951–7

Deuine lover, A (1657) Baker, David

Deutsch, Emanuel O. M.
        Literary remains a 1873 (1874)

Deutsch, Sid
        Theory and design of television receivers 1951

Deutscher, Isaac
        Marxism in our time ed. T. Deutscher 1971 (UK 1972)
        Stalin: a political biography 1949

Devanny, Jean
        Bushman Burke 1930
        The butcher shop 1926
        Dawn beloved 1928
        Old savage, and other stories 1927

Developmental biology 1959–

De Vere, Sir Aubrey
        A song of faith 1842

De Vere, Aubrey Thomas
        Poetical works 18.. (1884–98)
        The legends of St. Patrick 1872
        Picturesque sketches of Greece and Turkey 1850

De Vere, M. Schele
        Americanisms; the English of the New World 1871 (1872)

Device to entertayne hir Majesty att Harfielde, The 1602 (Shaks. Soc. Papers II. 1845)

Devils. The parlyament of deuylles (in verse) 1509

De Voto, Bernard Augustine
        Across the wide Missouri 1947

Devout communicant exemplifi’d in his behaviour, The 1670 (1688)

De Vries, Leonard
        Victorian advertisements 1968

De Vries, Peter
        The glory of the hummingbird 1974 (UK 1975)
        The Mackerel plaza 1958

De Warren, Count E.
        Caignart de Saulcy’s (L. F. J.) Narrative of a journey round the Dead Sea 1853

Dewees, William B.
        Letters from an early settler of Texas ed. ‘C. Cordelle’ (E. C. Kimball) 1852

        See Du Wes

D’Ewes, Sir Simonds
        The autobiography and correspondence a 1650 (Halliwell 1845)
        College life in the time of James the first, as illustrated by an unpublished diary of Sir S. D’E. 16.. (1851)
        The journals of all the parliaments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth a 1650 (1682)
        Two speeches 1642

Dewhurst, Henry W.
        A lecture illustrative of the architecture of the human body etc. 1832 (1834)
        The natural history of the order cetacea 1834

De Windt, Harry
        On the equator, by H. De W. 1882

De Wykes or Wikes, Thomas
        Chronicon Salisburiensis monasterii a 1293 (Historiæ Anglicanæ scriptores quinque II. 1687)

Dexter, Colin
        Last seen wearing 1976