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        See Dupin, L. E.

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        The English treasury of wit and language 1655
        Wits interpreter; the English Parnassus 1655

Cotgrave, Randle
        A dictionarie of the French and English tongues 1611
—(with) a most copious dictionarie, of the English set before the French, by R(obert) S(herwood) 1632

Cotta, John
        A short discoverie of the dangers of ignorant practisers of physicke 1612

Cotterell, Sir Charles
        Calprenéde’s Cassandra tr. 1652
        Davila’s (E. C.) Historie of the civill warres of France 1647–48 (1678)

Cottle, Joseph
        Early recollections, chiefly relating to S. T. Coleridge in Bristol 1837
        Reminiscences of Coleridge and Southey 1847 (an enlarged ed. of prec.)

Cotton, Charles
        Burlesque upon burlesque, or the scoffer scoft 1675
        The compleat angler. Being instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear stream 1676. See also Walton, Izaak
        The compleat gamester 1674
        Girard’s (Guillaume) History of the life of the duke of Espernon tr. 1670
        Montaigne’s Essays tr. 1685
        Poems a 1687 (1689)
        Poetical works a 1687 (1765)
        Scarronides, or Virgile travestie 1664,–67
        The wonders of the Peake 1681

Cotton, Charles A.
        Landscape, as developed by processes of normal erosion 1941
        Volcanoes as landscape forms 1944

Cotton, Frank & Wilkinson, Geoffrey
        Advanced inorganic chemistry 1962
—(ed. 2) 1966
—(ed. 3) 1972

Cotton, Harry
        Advanced electrical technology 1967

Cotton, John
        A brief exposition of the whole book of Canticles 1642 (1868)
        A briefe exposition upon Ecclesiastes a 1652 (1868)
        Singing of psalmes, a Gospel-ordinance 1647

Cotton, Nathaniel
        Observations on a particular kind of scarlet fever, that lately prevailed in and about St. Albans 1749
        Various pieces in prose and verse a 1788 (1791)
        Visions in verse, for the entertainment and instruction of younger minds 1751

Cotton, Sir Robert B.
        An abstract out of the records of the Tower touching the kings revenue a 1631 (1642)
        A short view of the long life and reigne of Henry the third 1627
        A treatise against recusants in defence of the Oath of allegiance a 1631 (1641)

Cotton, Roger
        An armor of proofe, brought from the tower of Dauid, to fight against Spannyardes 1596

Cotton, William C.
        My bee book 1842

Cotton Homilies a 1175 (in O. E. Homilies, E.E.T.S. 1868)

Cottrell, Alan Howard
        An introduction to metallurgy 1967

Couch, Sir A. T. Quiller-
        See ‘Q’

Couch, Jonathan
        A history of the fishes of the British Islands 1860–65
        The history of Polperro a 1870 (ed. T. Quiller Couch 1871)

Couch, Thomas Quiller 1880
        See Courtney, M. A.

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        Birds of the Northwest 1873 (1874)
        Fur-bearing animals 1877
        Key to North American birds 1872 (1884)
ed. New light on the early history of the Greater Northwest: the manuscript journals of Alexander Henry…and of David Thompson 3 vols. 1897

—— & Allen, Joel A.
        North American Rodentia 1877

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        Adventures in the Pacific 1845

Coulter, John Merle, Barnes, C. R., & Cowles, H. C.
        A textbook of botany for colleges and universities 2 vols. 1910–11

Coulter, Stephen
        The château 1974
        Embassy 1969
        The Soyuz affair 1977

Countrey-man’s letter to the Curat, The 1711

Country gentleman, The 1853–65, 1898–

Country gentlemen’s catalogue 1894–31

Country gentlemen’s magazine 1900–51

Country life 1897–71

Countryman, The 1927–91

County, The; a novel 1889

Couper, Robert
        Poetry, chiefly in the Scottish language 1804

Courant, Richard & Robbins, Herbert Ellis
        What is mathematics? 1941

Courier and Advertiser (Dundee) 1926–

Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) 1868

Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 1953–

Course, Alfred George
        A dictionary of nautical terms 1962

Coursing calendar and review of the season 1857–1918

Court, Andrew
        The true way to vertue and happinesse, intreating specially of constancie in publick calamaties and private afflictions (tr. from G. Du Vair) 1623

Court and times of Charles I, James I 1848
        See Birch, Thomas

Court magazine, The 1835 (vol. VI)

Court of love c 1530 (in Chaucer’s Works, ed. Stowe 1561; Skeat, Chaucerian pieces 1897)

Courtenay, Edward
        Paleario’s (A.) Benefit of Christ’s death tr. 1855

Courtenay, Florence
        Physical beauty: how to develop and preserve it 1922

Courthope, William J.
        Addison 1884

Courtier, Peter L.
        Pleasures of solitude 1800

Courtier, Sidney Hobson
        Death in dream time 1959

Courtney, Margaret A.
        Glossary of words in use in Cornwall. West Cornwall by Miss M. A. Courtney. East Cornwall by Thomas Q. Couch 1880 (E.D.S.)

Cousteau, Jacques Yves & Dumas, Frédéric
        The silent world 1953

Covarrubias, Miguel
        Island of Bali 1937
—(another ed.) 1972

Covel, John
        Extracts from diaries of 1670–79 (Hakluyt Soc. 1893)

Covel, John
        Some account of the present Greek Church 1722

Covell, William
        Polimanteia, or, the meanes to judge of the fall of a common-wealth 1595

Covenant of Grace, not absolute, but conditional, asserted 1692

Coventry, Francis
        The history of Pompey the Little: or, the life and adventures of a lap-dog 1750

Coventry, Henry
        Letters of Philemon to Hydaspes; relating a conversation with Hortensius upon the subject of false religion 1736

Coventry Corpus Christi plays, Two a 1500 (E.E.T.S. 1902)

Coventry Leet book: or Mayor’s register 1420–1555 (E.E.T.S. 1907–13)

Coventry mysteries (Ludus Coventriæ: a collection of mysteries formerly represented at Coventry on the feast of Corpus Christi) c 1450 (Shaks. Soc. 1841; E.E.T.S. 1922)

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        Writings and translations; Remains v.d. (Parker Soc. 1844, 1846)
        Certain most godly letters of such true saintes and holy martyrs as gaue their lyues, etc. v.d. (1564)
        The christen state of matrymonye tr. (from H. Bullinger) 1541
        A confutacion of that treatise, which one J. Standish made agaynst the protestacion of D. Barnes in 1540 ? 1541
        The defence of a certayne poore christen man tr. 1545
        An exhortacion to the careinge of Chrystes crosse ? 1550
        A faythful and most godly treatyse concernynge the most sacred sacrament of the blessed body and blood of Christ tr. 15..
        Fruitfull lessons upon the passion, etc. 1540
        The hope of the faythfull ? 1554 (1574)
        A most frutefull, pithye, and learned treatise how a christen man oughte to behaue hymselfe in the daunger of death tr. ? 1550 (1579)
        The old faith tr. (from H. Bullinger) 1541
        The order that the churche in Denmarke doth use ? 1550
        The original and sprynge of all sectes and orders tr. 1537
        The second tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Newe Testament 1549
        A spyrytuall and moost precious pearle 1550
        A very excellent and swete exposition upon the two and twentye Psalme of David tr. (from M. Luther) 1537
        A worke entytled of ye olde God and the newe, etc. tr. 1523 (1534)
See also Bible

Coverte, Robert
        A true and almost incredible report of an Englishman that travelled by land throw many unknowne kingdomes 1612

Cowan, James
        The Maoris of New Zealand 1910

Cowan, Lester
ed. Recording sound for motion pictures 1931

Coward, Noël Pierce
        Australia visited, 1940 1941
        Blithe spirit: an improbable farce 1941 (UK 1942)
        Design for living: a comedy 1933
        Future indefinite 1954
        Middle East diary 1944
        Play parade 6 vols. 1934–62
        Present indicative 1937
        Private lives 1930
        To-night at 8.30: plays 3 vols. 1936

Cowell, Colin Robert, et al.
        Inlays, crowns, and bridges ed. G. F. Kantorowicz 1963

Cowell, Emilie Marguerite
        The Cowells in America: the diary of Mrs. S. Cowell, 1860–1861 ed. M. W. Disher 1934

Cowell, John
        The interpreter: or booke containing the signification of words 1607 (1637, 1672)
augmented by Thomas Manley (1684)
farther augmented by W. Kennett (1701)

Cowell, Joseph
        Thirty years passed among the players in England and America 1844

Cowie, Robert
        Shetland, descriptive and historical 1871

Cowley, Abraham
        Works a 1667 (1668, 1687, 1710–11, 1905–06)
        Cutter of Coleman-street 1663
        Davideis 1638–56
        The guardian; a comedie 1650
        Loves riddle 1638
        Miscellanies 1656
        The mistress 1647
        Ode upon the Restoration 1660
        Of plants tr. Bks. I and II, by J. O. 1693; Bk. III, by C. Cleeve 1711; Bks. IV and V, by N. Tate 1695; Bk. VI, by Mrs. Behn 1680
        Pindarique odes 1656
        Poeticall blossomes 1633
        A proposition for the advancement of experimental philosophy 1661
        Several discourses by way of essays in verse and prose a 1667
        Sylva, or, dyvers copies of verses 1636
        The tragicall history of Piramus and Thisbe 1633
        Verses written on several occasions 1663
        A vision, concerning his late pretended highnesse, Cromwell the Wicked 1661

Cowley, Captain
        Voyage round the globe in 1683 (in Hacke’s Collect. Voy. 1699)

Cowley, Hannah
        A bold stroke for a husband 1782
        Who’s the dupe? 1779

Cowper, Mary, Countess
        Diary 1714–20 (1864)

Cowper, Bp. William
        His dikaiologie: contayning a just defence of his apologie 1614

Cowper, William
        Works a 1800 (1835–37)
        Poetical works a 1800 (1889, 1905)
        Poems 1782, 1800
        Anti-Thelyphthora 1781
        Charity 1781
        Conversation 1781
        Correspondence ed. T. Wright 4 vols. 1904
        The diverting history of John Gilpin 1782
        Expostulation 1781
        Homer tr. 1791; ed. 2, a 1800 (1802)
        Hope 1781
        Letters v.d. (1876)
        Olney hymns 1779
        Private correspondence with several friends v.d. (1837)
        The progress of error 1780
        Retirement 1781
        Table talk 1781
        The task 1784
        Tirocinium 1784
        Truth 1781

Cox, Charles Brian & Dyson, Anthony Edward
        The twentieth-century mind: history, ideas and literature in Britain 3 vols. 1972

Cox, Sir George W.
        A general history of Greece 1876
        The mythology of the Aryan nations 1870

Cox, Homersham
        The institutions of the English government 1863

Cox, James Stevens
        An illustrated dictionary of hairdressing and wigmaking 1966

Cox, John C.
        Notes on the churches of Derbyshire 1875–79
        The royal forests of England 1905

Cox, Leonard
        The arte or crafte of rhethoryke 1524 (1899)

Cox, Nicholas
        The gentleman’s recreation 1674 (1677, 1686)

Cox, Nigel Shaun Maturin & Grose, Michael William
eds. The organization and handling of bibliographic records by computer 1967

Cox, Sir Richard
        Hibernia Anglicana; or, the history of Ireland from the conquest thereof by the English to this present time 1689–90

Cox, Ross
        Adventures on the Columbia River 2 vols. 1831 (US 1 vol. 1832)

Cox, Samuel
        The pilgrim psalms; an exposition of the songs of degrees 1874
        Salvator mundi: or, is Christ the Saviour of all men? 1877

Cox, Thomas
        Magna Britannia et Hibernia 1720–31

Coxe, Daniel
        A description of the English province of Carolana 1722

Coxe, William
        Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America 1780
        History of the House of Austria from 1218–1792 1807
        Travels in Switzerland 1789

Coxe, William
        A view of the cultivation of fruit trees, and the management of orchards and cider 1817

Coxhead, Eileen Elizabeth
        The figure in the mist 1955
        One green bottle 1951
        The thankless muse 1967
        A wind in the west 1949

Coxon, Ethel
        A basil plant 1881

Cozens-Hardy, H. T.
        Broad Norfolk: being a series of articles and letters. Reprinted from theEastern Daily Press.’ ed. by C.-H. 1893

Cozzens, Frederic S.
        The Sparrowgrass papers: or, living in the country 1860

Crabb, George
        Universal technological dictionary 1823

Crabbe, George
        Poetical works a 1832 (1834, 1905–07)
        The borough 1810
        The candidate 1780
        Inebriety 1775
        The library 1781
        The newspaper 1785
        The parish register 1807
        Posthumous tales a 1832
        Tales (in verse) 1812
        Tales of the Hall 1819
        The Village 1783

‘Craddock, Charles Egbert’
        See Murfree, Mary N.

Craddock, Harry
        The Savoy cocktail book 1930

Cradock, Joseph
        Zobeide; a tragedy 1771

Craft of deyng c 1450 (in Ratis raving, etc., E.E.T.S. 1870)

Crafte of nombrynge c 1425 (E.E.T.S. 1922)

Craig, Alexander
        Poetical works a 1631 (Hunterian Club 1873)
        Amorose songes, sonets, and elegies 1606
        The pilgrime and heremite 1631
        Poeticall essayes 1604
        Poetical recreations 1609, 1623

‘Craig, David’ (Allan James Tucker)
        A dead liberty 1974
        Young men may die 1970

Craig, Elizabeth
        Collins family cookery 1957

Craig, John
        A new universal etymological, technological, and pronouncing dictionary of the English language 1849

Craig, William M.
        Lectures on drawing, painting, and engraving 1821

Craigie, David
        Elements of general and pathological anatomy 1848

Craigie, Pearl M. T.
        The herb-moon. A fantasia 1896

Craigie, Sir William A.
        The religion of ancient Scandinavia 1906

—— & Hulbert, James R.
eds. A dictionary of American English on historical principles
See under title

Craik, Mrs. Dinah M. (Miss Mulock)
        Agatha’s husband 1853
        Bread upon the waters 1852
        Christian’s mistake 1865
        Domestic stories 1860
        Fair France 1871
        The head of the family 1852
        John Halifax, gentleman 1856
        A life for a life 1859
        Mistress and maid 1863
        A noble life 1866
        The Ogilvies 1849
        Romantic tales 1859
        The woman’s kingdom 1869
        A woman’s thoughts about women 1858

Craik, George L.
        A manual of English literature, or of the history of the English language 1862 (1874)

Craik, Georgiana M. (Mrs. A. W. May)
        Faith Unwin’s ordeal 1865
        Lost and won 1859

Crakanthorp, Richard
        A sermon at the solemnizing of the inauguration of King James, 24 Mar. 1608 1609
        A sermon of sanctification 1607 (1608)
        Vigilius dormitans, Romes seer overseene, or a treatise of the fift Generall Councell 1631

Cramer’s (J. A.) Elements of the art of assaying metals tr. 1741

Cramer’s Pittsburgh almanac 1812–14; 1816–17

Cramond, William
        The annals of Banff 1891–93 (New Spalding Cl.)
        The annals of Cullen 1888
        The annals of Fordoun 1894
ed. The records of Elgin 1234–1800 (New Spalding Cl. 1903–08)

Crandall, Irving Bardshar
        Theory of vibrating systems and sound 1927

Crandall, Lee Saunders
        The management of wild mammals in captivity 1964

Crane, Harold Hart
        Letters 1916–32 ed. B. Weber 1952
—(paperback ed.) 1965

Crane, Stephen
        Maggie, a girl of the streets 1893
        The red badge of courage. An episode of the American Civil War 1895

Crane, William J. E.
        Bookbinding for amateurs 1885
        The smithy and forge 1883

Cranmer, Thomas
        Works a 1556 (1833)
        Writings and disputations; Remains a 1556 (Parker Soc. 1844, 1846)
        An answer vnto a crafty and sophisticall cauillation deuised by Stephen Gardiner 1551
        Catechismus. That is to say; a shorte instruction into christian religion 1548
        A defence of the true and catholike doctrine of the Sacrament 1550
See also Bible

Crans’s (David) Ancient and modern history of the Brethren tr. by B. La Trobe 1780

Crapsey, Edward
        The nether side of New York; or, The vice, crime, and poverty of the great metropolis 1872

Crashaw, Richard
        Poems a 1649 (1858, 1904)
        Carmen Deo nostro a 1649 (1652)
        Steps to the temple. With the delights of the muses 1646

Crashaw, William
        The Jesuites gospel 1610
        Newes from Italy of a second Moses: or, the life of Galeacius Caracciolus the noble marquesse of Vico tr. 1608; another ed., entitled The Italian convert 1635
        Romish forgeries and falsifications 1606

Craske, Margaret & Beaumont, Cyril William
        The theory and practice of the allegro in classical ballet 1930

Craufurd, Quintin
        Sketches relating chiefly to the history, religion, learning, and manners of the Hindoos 1790

Craufurd, Thomas
        History of the University of Edinburgh 1580–1646 16.. (1808)

Craven, Isaac
        Gods tribunall and mans tryal 1630 (1631)

Craven glossary 1824, 1828
        See Carr, W.

Crawford, D.
        Thinking black, 22 years without a break in the long grass of central Africa 1912

Crawford, David
        Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect, on various subjects 1798

Crawford, Francis Marion
        Doctor Claudius 1883
        Greifenstein 1889
        Mr. Isaacs 1882
        A Roman singer 1884
        Saracinesca 1887
        A tale of a lonely parish 1886
        With the immortals 1888

Crawford, James Coutts
        Recollections of travel in New Zealand and Australia 1880

‘Crawford, Robert’ (Hugh Crauford Rae)
        Whip hand 1972

Crawford, Samuel
        Basic engineering processes 1964

Crawford collection of early charters and documents now in the Bodleian library. Ed. by A. S. Napier and W. H. Stevenson (Anecdota Oxon. 1895)

Crawfurd, John
        History of the Indian archipelago 3 vols. 1820

‘Crawley, Captain R.’ (G. F. Pardon)
        Billiards 1856 (1859)
        The card player 1863
        Football, golf and shinty, hockey, polo, and curling 1878
        Hoyle’s games modernized 1863

Crazy tales 1762
        See Stevenson, John H.

Creasy, Sir Edward S.
        The fifteen decisive battles of the world 1851
        History of the Ottoman Turks 1854–56
        The rise and progress of the English constitution 1853 (1854)

Creech, Thomas
        Juvenal’s thirteenth satire tr. 1693 (see Dryden, J.)
        T. Lucretius Carus, his six books De natura rerum tr. 1682 (1683)
        The five books of M. Manilius, containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology; together with the philosophy of the Stoicks tr. 1697
        The Idylliums of Theocritus tr. 1684

Creed, David
        The trial of Lobo Icheka 1971

Creevey papers, a selection from the correspondence and diaries of the late Thomas Creevey a 1838 (1903)

Creichton, Captain John
        Memoirs, written by himself (? by J. Swift) 1731

Creighton, Charles
        History of epidemics in Britain 1891–94

Creighton, Bp. Mandell
        Historical essays and reviews 1872–96 (1902)
        History of the Papacy during the period of the Reformation 1882–94
        Life and letters, by his wife (1904)

Crescendo 1962–

Cresswell, Dan. 1823
        See Venturoli, G.

Cressy, Hugh P.
        Reflexions upon the oathes of supremacy and allegiance 1661

Cresy, Edward
        Encyclopædia of civil engineering 1847

‘Crèvecœur, J. H. St. John de’ (Michel Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecœur) Letters from an American farmer 1782

Crew, Peter
        Encyclopædic dictionary of mountaineering 1968

Crichton, A. W.
        A naturalist’s ramble to the Orcades 1866

Crichton, Andrew
        History of Arabia, ancient and modern 1833

Cricket 1882–1913

Cricketer, The 1921–

Cries of blood (Pamphlet on murder of W. Harrison 1660 at Campden) 1767

‘Crispin, Edmund’ (Robert Bruce Montgomery)
        Buried for pleasure 1948
        Frequent hearses 1950
        Glimpses of the moon 1977
        The long divorce 1951

Crist a 900
        See Cynewulf

Critchley, Macdonald
        Developmental dyslexia 1964
        The parietal lobes 1953

Critic, The (New York) 1881–1906

Critical review; or, Annals of literature 1756–1817

Crockett, David
        An account of Col. Crockett’s tour to the North and down East. Written by himself 1835
        Colonel Crockett’s exploits and adventures in Texas…written by himself 1836 (attributed to Richard Penn Smith)
        Narrative of the life of David Crockett 1834
        Sketches and eccentricities of Colonel David Crockett See under title

Crockett, Samuel R.
        The banner of blue 1902
        The Black Douglas 1899
        Bog-Myrtle and peat 1895
        Cleg Kelly 1896
        The dark o’ the moon 1902
        The dew of their youth 1910
        The grey man 1896
        Kit Kennedy: country boy 1899
        Lad’s love 1897
        The lilac sunbonnet 1894
        Little Anna Mark 1900
        Lochinvar 1897
        Love idylls 1901
        Mad Sir Uchtred of the hills 1894
        The men of the moss-hags 1895
        The raiders; passages in the life of John Faa 1894
        The standard bearer 1898
        The stickit minister, and some common men 1893
        That Popish parson fellow 1896

Croft, Bp. Herbert
        The naked truth; or the true state of the primitive church 1675
        A short narrative of the discovery of a college of Jesuits at Come, Hereford 1679
        Some animadversions upon a book (by T. Burnet) intituledThe theory of the earth’ 1685

Croft, John Michael
        Spare the rod 1954

Crofts, Freeman Willis
        Inspector French and the Cheyne mystery 1926

Croke, John
        Thirteen Psalms, and the first chapter of Ecclesiastes 1540–54 (Percy Soc. 1844)

Croke’s (Sir George) Reports of cases adjudged in the courts of Kings-bench and Common-bench tr. by Sir H. Grimston 1669

Croker, B. M.
        The Company’s servant: a romance of Southern India 1907
        Peggy of the Bartons 1898
        Proper pride 1885
        Village tales and jungle tragedies 1895 (1896)

Croker, John W.
        Essays on the early period of the French Revolution 1857
        The Croker papers. The correspondence and diaries of the late rt. hon. J. W. Croker a 1857 (1884)

Croker, Temple H.
        Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso tr. 1755
et al. The complete dictionary of the arts and sciences 3 vols. 1764–6

Croker, Thomas C.
        Fairy legends and traditions of the south of Ireland 1825–28 (1862)
        Researches in the south of Ireland 1824

Croll, James
        Climate and time in their geological relations 1875

Croly, George
        Historical sketches, speeches and characters 1842

Cromarty, George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of
        An historical account of the conspiracies by the Earls of Gowry and Robert Logan against James VI 1713

Cromek, Robert H.
        Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song 1810
        Select Scottish songs 1810

Crompton, Richard
        L’authoritie et jurisdiction des courts de la maiestie de la roygne 1594
        Loffice et aucthoritie de iustices de peace, in part collect per A. Fitzherbert, et ore enlarge per R. C. 1583

‘Crompton, Richmal’ (Richmal Crompton Lamburn)
        Just — William 1922
        Still — William 1925
        William again 1923
        William and the evacuees 1940
        William and the moon rocket 1954
        William carries on 1942
        William does his bit 1941
        William — the detective 1935

Cromwell, Oliver
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        See Merriman, R. B.

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        Hatter’s Castle 1931
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        Dyeing and tissue-printing 1882

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        You’ve gone astray 1944

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        To hell for half-a-crown 1967

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        Synchronology: being a treatise on the history, chronology and mythology of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Phoenicians 1839

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        See Burton, Richard or Robert

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        The scarlet bikini 1970

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        A sermon preached before the University of Oxford, Nov. 5. 1781 1781
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        Beethoven 1899

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        Select works a 1588 (E.E.T.S. 1872)
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        An informacion and peticion agaynst the oppressours of the pore Commons 1548
        One and thyrtye epigrammes 1550
        Pleasure and payne, heauen and hell 1551
        A setting open of the subtyle sophistrie of T. Watson 1569
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—(rev. ed.) 1948

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See also Garth, Sir S.

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        R.F.D. No. 3 1924

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        A good keen man 1960
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        General view of the agriculture in the county of Rutland 1794

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        Linguistics 1971

—— & Quirk, Charles Randolph
        Systems of prosodic and paralinguistic features in English 1964

Cuckoo and nightingale
See Clanvowe, Sir T.

Cuckoo Song (‘Sumer is icumen in’) c 1240 (in Ritson, Ancient songs 1877)

Cudlip, Mrs. Pender
        See Thomas, Annie

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        A discourse concerning the true notion of the Lords supper 1642 (1676)
        A treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality a 1688 (1731)
        The true intellectual system of the universe 1678
        The union of Christ and the Church a shadow 1642

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        Round about Bradford 1876

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        Contract bridge complete 1936

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Culina 1806
        See Hunter, A.

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        First lines of the practice of physic 1776–84
        Nosology tr. 1800
        A treatise of the materia medica 1789

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        See Bailey, John

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        Glossary (from the above) 1813 (E.D.S. 1879)

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        They’re a weird mob 1957 (UK 1958)

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        Pharmacopœia Londinensis; or, the London dispensatory further advanced by the studies and collections of the Fellows now living of the said Colledg 1654
        Semeiotica Uranica; or, an astrologicall judgment of diseases 1651

—— & Cole, Abdiah
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——, —— & Rowland, W.
        The practice of physick, being chiefly a translation of the works of L. Riverius, with a physical dictionary explaining hard words 1655

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Cultural news from India 1960–

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tr. E. Landolt’s The refraction and accommodation of the eye and their anomalies 1886

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        A treatise of faith 1623 (ed. 2)

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        Aristophanes’ Clouds tr. 1798
        The brothers 1769
        Calvary; or the death of Christ 1792
        John De Lancaster c 1800 (1809)
        Memoirs 1806 (1807)
        The natural son 1785
        The West Indian, a comedy 1771
See also Observer

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Cumberland and Westmoreland Archaeological Society
        Transactions 1874–

Cumberland glossary 1878
        See Dickinson, W.

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        Sketches of a tour to the western country 1810

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        Christ receiving sinners 1849
        Ruth: a chapter in providence 1859
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        Scripture readings on the book of Genesis 1853

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        eimi 1933
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        See Bulkeley, J.

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        The lamplighter 1854
        Mabel Vaughan 1857

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—(ed. 4) ed. A. Robinson 1913

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        Poems a 1773 (1790)

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        Two years in New South Wales 1827 (1828)

Cunningham, Peter 1842
See Accounts of the Revels at Court

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        A new and complete law dictionary 1764–65

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        Diary and general expenditure book 1673–80 (S.H.S. 1887)

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        English women’s clothing in the present century 1952

——, Cunnington, P. E., & Beard, C.
        A dictionary of English costume 1960

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Cupples, George
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‘Curate, Jacob’
        The Scotch presbyterian eloquence 1692

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        Corpus Ignatianum: a complete collection of the Ignatian Epistles tr. 1849

Curiosities of nature and art in husbandry and gardening 1707

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        Observations on the diseases of the rectum 1851 (1863, –76)

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        See Hatfield, James Taft, et al.

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        The coal viewer, and engine builder’s practical companion 1797

Current researches in anesthesia and analgesia 1922–56

Current slang (University of South Dakota) 1966–71

Current trends in linguistics 1963–

Curry-combe for a coxe-combe 1615
        See Hoby, Sir E.

Cursor Mundi (The Cursur o the world). A Northumbrian poem of the 14th century in four versions 13.., 14.. (E.E.T.S. 1874–92)

Curtasye, Boke of c 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1868).
See also Caxton

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        A sermon preached before the Queenes Majestie at Grenewiche 1573
        Two sermons preached, the first at Paules Crosse, the second at Westminster 1576

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        Life of Buchanan, fifteenth president of the United States 1883

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        Lotos-eating: a summer book 1852
        Nile notes of a Howadji 1851
        The Potiphar papers 1854 (1866)

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        The gilt kid 1936
        They drive by night 1938

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        Elements of the history of England 1861

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        Flora Londinensis 1777

Curtis’s Botanical magazine 1787–1844

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        History of booksellers 1873

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        Hints on the economy of feeding stock 1808

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        Visits to the monasteries in the Levant 1849

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        The electrical and magnetic properties of solids 1958

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tr. P. Hajdú’s Finno-Ugrian languages and peoples 1975

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        A practical treatise on the trustee process, or foreign attachment of the laws of Massachusetts and Maine 1833

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        The handbook of heraldry 1868 (1869)
        History of Hertfordshire 1870–81

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        A sketch of the modern languages of Africa 1883

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Custine’s (Astolphe de) Empire of the Czar tr. 1843

Custom car 1970–

Custome house, The rates of the 1545 (1583)

Customes of Yardley Hastings 1609
        See Chesley, H.

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Cuthill, Ronald
tr. J. Schober’s Silk and the silk industry 1930

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        Life, journal, and correspondence, by his grandchildren a 1823 (1888)

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        Dramatic rights; or, private theatricals and picnic suppers justified by fair argument 1802

Cutwode, Thomas
        Caltha poetarum: or the bumble bee 1599

Cuvier’s Animal kingdom tr. 1834–37
See also Blyth, E.; Griffith, E.

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        Heart culture 1872 (1879)
        Pointed papers for the Christian life 1878

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        Crist a 900 (Grein; Gollancz 1892)
        Elene a 900 (Grein)
        Juliana a 900 (Grein)

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        An inquiry into the process of human experience 1880

Cyrurgyons of Mountpyller, The practyse of c 1540