Clifford, Lucy
        Aunt Anne 1892

Clifford, Martin
        Notes upon Mr. Dryden’s poems 1687
        A treatise of humane reason 1675

Clifford, William K.
        Lectures and essays a 1879 (1879)
        Seeing and thinking 1879

Clington, Allen H.
        Frank O’Donnell: a tale of Irish life 1861

Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics 1960–

Clinical Society of London
        Transactions 1868–

Clinton, Sir Henry
        Narrative of his conduct in America 1783

Clinton-Baddeley, Victor Clinton
        No case for the police 1970
        Only a matter of time 1969
        To study a long silence 1972

Clissold, F.
        The ascent of Mont Blanc 1823

Clitherow (Margaret), The life and death of. (By John Mush) a 1617 (now first published from the original MS. and edited by William Nicholson 1849)

‘Clitus, Alex.’
        See Brathwait, R.

Clobery, Christopher
        Divine glimpses of a maiden muse 1659

Clodd, Edward
        Myths and dreams 1885
        The story of creation 1888

Cloria and Narcissus. A delightful and new romance 1653–54

Close, Charles F.
        Text book of topographical and geographical surveying 1905

Close, John
        The satirist; or, every man in his humour 1833

Close Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office 1227– (Eng. Record series 1902– ).
See also Calendar

Closet for ladies and gentlewomen 1611

Cloud of witnesses for the royal prerogatives of Jesus Christ; being the last speeches and testimonies of those who have suffered for the truth in Scotland, since 1680 1714
Reprinted from the original editions, with explanatory and historical notes by John H. Thomson (1871)

Clough, Arthur H.
        Poems a 1861 (1862, 1869)
        Ambarvalia 1849
        Amours de voyage 1849
        Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich 1848
        Dipsychus 1849

Clowes, Evelyn Mary
        On the wallaby through Victoria 1911

Clubbe, John
        The history and antiquities of the ancient villa of Wheatfield, in the county of Suffolk 1758
        Miscellaneous tracts 17.. (1770)

Clune, Francis Patrick (Frank)
        The red heart: sagas of Centralia 1944
        Roaming round the Darling 1936

Clute, Willard Nelson
        The common names of plants and their meanings 1931

Coal-trade terms of Northumberland and Durham 1851
        See Greenwell, G. C.

Coast to coast: Australian stories 1941–

Coats, James
        A new dictionary of heraldry 1725

Cobb, Richard Charles
        Reactions to the French Revolution 1972

Cobbe, Frances P.
        An essay on intuitive morals 1855–57
        The final cause of woman 1869 (in J. E. Butler, Woman’s work)
        Italics: notes on Italy in 1864 1864
        Life, by herself 1894
        The Peak in Darien, with other inquiries touching soul and body 1882

Cobbett, William
        The English gardener 1829
        History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland 1824–27
        Political register 1802–13
        Rural rides 1825
        A year’s residence in the United States of America 1818–19
        Cobbett’s Complete collection of state trials (1809–14)
See also Howell, T. B.; State trials

Cobden, Richard
        Speeches on peace, financial reform, colonial reform, and other subjects 1849

Cobine, James Dillon
        Gaseous conductors 1941

Cobler of Caunterburie, The 1590; another ed., entitled The tincker of Turvey 1630

Cochran-Patrick, Robert W.
        Mediæval Scotland 1892
        Records of the coinage of Scotland from the earliest period to the Union 1876
        Early records relating to mining in Scotland 1878

Cock, James
        Simple strains: or, the hamespun lays of an untutored muse 1806 (1810)

Cockain(e, Sir Aston
        See Cokaine, Sir A.

Cockayne, Leonard
        New Zealand plants and their story 1910

Cockayne, T. Oswald
ed. Narratiunculae Anglice conscriptae a 1000 (1861)
ed. The shrine. A collection of occasional papers on dry subjects a 1000 (1864–70)
See also Leechdoms

Cockburn, Alexander & Blackburn, Robin
eds. Student power 1969

Cockburn, Henry Thomas, Lord
        Life of Lord Jeffrey, with a selection from his correspondence 1852
        Memorials of his time 1821–30 (1856)
        Journal; being a continuation of the memorials 1831–54 (1874)

Cockburn, John
        Fifteen sermons preach’d upon several occasions 1697
        A vindication of the late Bishop Burnet from the calumnies and aspersions of a libel, entitledA specimen of some free and impartial remarks, etc.’ 1724

Cocke Lorelles bote c 1515 (Percy Soc. 1843)

Cocker, Edward
        English dictionary 1704
        Morals; or, the muses spring-garden 1675
        Tutor to arithmetic 1664

Cockeram, Henry
        The English dictionarie, or an interpreter of hard English words 1623 (1626)

Cockerell, Douglas
        Bookbinding, and the care of books 1901

Cockersand Abbey of the Premonstratensian Order, The chartulary of v.d. (Chetham Soc. 1898–1900)

Cockett, Sydney Russell & Hilton, Kenneth Arthur
        Dyeing of cellulosic fibres and related processes 1961

Cockin, Francis
        Divine blossomes 1657

Cockle, G. R.
ed. Car and locomotive cyclopedia of American practice 1966
—(ed. 3) 1974

Cockman, Thomas
        Tully’s three books of Offices in English 1699 (1706)

Cocks, Richard
        Diary in Japan 1615–22 (Hakluyt Soc. 1883)

Cockton, Henry
        The life and adventures of Valentine Vox, the ventriloquist 1840

Codex diplomaticus
See Kemble, John M.

Codrington, Robert
        Curtius Rufus’ (Quintus) Life and death of Alexander the Great tr. 1661 (1670)
        The history of Justine tr. 1654

Coe, Malcolm James
        The ecology of the Alpine zone of Mount Kenya 1967

‘Coe, Tucker’ (Donald Edwin Westlake)
        Wax apple 1970 (UK 1973)

Coer de Lion, Richard 13.. (in Weber, Metr. rom. II. 1810)

Coffey, Charles
        The devil to pay, or the wives metamorphos’d 1731

Cogan, Henry
        The history of Diodorus Siculus tr. 1653
        The scarlet gown; or the history of all the present cardinals of Rome tr. from the Italian 1653
        Scudery’s Ibrahim, or the illustrious Bassa tr. 1652 (1674)
        The voyages and adventures of F. M. Pinto tr. 1653

Cogan, Thomas
        The hauen of health 1584 (1636)

Cogan, Thomas
        A philosophical treatise on the passions 1800

Cohen, Antoine
        The phonemes of English: a phonemic study of the vowels and consonants of Standard English 1952

Cohen, Gerda Lesley
        What’s wrong with hospitals? 1964

Cohen, J. Solis
        Diseases of the throat 1872

Cohen, Julius Berend
        Organic chemistry for advanced students 2 vols. 1907–13

Cohen, Laurence Jonathan
        The diversity of meaning 1962
—(ed. 2) 1966

Cohen, Leonard
        Beautiful losers 1966 (UK 1970)

Cohen, Morris Raphael & Nagel, Ernest
        An introduction to logic and scientific method 1934

Cohen, Murray
        Sensible words: linguistic practice in England 1640–1785 1977

Cohn, Nik
        Pop from the beginning 1969
—(reissued with title Awopbopaloobopalopbamboom: pop from the beginning) 1970

Coit, Thomas W.
        Puritanism 1845

Cokaine, or Cokayne, Sir Aston
        Dramatic works v.d. (1874)
        Loredano’s (G. F.) Dianea tr. 1654
        The obstinate lady 1657
        Small poems of divers sorts 1658
        The tragedy of Ovid 1662
        Trappolin creduto Principe, or Trappolin suppos’d a Prince 1658

Cokaine, or Cokayne, Sir Thomas
        A short treatise of hunting 1591 (Roxb. Cl. 1897)

Coke, Desmond Francis Talbot
        The bending of a twig 1906
        Sandford of Merton: a story of Oxford life 1903

Coke, Sir Edward
        The first part of the institutes of the lawes of England: or a commentarie vpon Littleton 1628. Part II. a 1634 (1642). Parts III–IV. (1644)
        Reports 1600–15
An exact abridgment in English of the eleven books of reports of Sir Edw. Coke (1650)

Coke, John
        The debate betwene the heraldes of Englande and Fraunce 1550 (1877)

Coke, Lady Mary
        Letters and journals 1756–74 (1889–96)

Coke, Roger
        A discourse of trade 1670
        Justice vindicated from the false fucus put upon it by Tho. White etc. as also, Elements of power and subjection 1660

Coke, Zachary
        The art of logick 1654 (1657)

Colbatch’s (John) Novum lumen chirurgicum extinctum: or, new light of chirurgery put out. By W. W. 1695

Colborne, John
        With Hicks Pasha in the Soudan 1884

Colburn, Zerah
        Locomotive engineering and the mechanism of railways 1864–82

Colburn’s United service magazine 1842–71

Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 1933–

Coldingham, The correspondence, inventories, account rolls, and law proceedings of the Priory of 13..–14.. (Surtees Soc. 1841)

Cole, George Douglas Howard
        Workshop organization 1923

—— & Cole, Margaret Isabel
        Murder at the munition works 1940

Cole, Sir Henry
        Fifty years of public work, accounted for in his deeds, speeches and writings 1884

Cole, James
        Of death, a true description 1629

Cole, Mellen
        Cy Ross 1891

Cole, Robert E. G.
        A glossary of words used in south-west Lincolnshire 1886 (E.D.S.)

Cole, William
        See Coles, William

Colebrooke, Henry T.
        Algebra of the Hindoos, with arithmetic and mensuration 1817
        Miscellaneous essays a 1837 (1837)
        On import of colonial corn 1818
        Remarks on the husbandry and internal commerce of Bengal 1804 (1806)

Coleman (Edward), The tryal of 1678

Coleman, James Smoot
        Nigeria 1958

Coleman, John
        Charles Reade as I knew him 1903 (1904)

Coleman, Thomas
        A brotherly examination re-examined 1646

Coleman, William S.
        Our woodlands, heaths and hedges 1859 (1866)

Colenso, John William
        Ten Weeks in Natal 1855

Coleridge, Arthur D.
        Eton in the forties 1896

Coleridge, Christabel Rose
        Charlotte Mary Yonge: her life and letters 1903

Coleridge, Hartley
        Essays and marginalia a 1849 (1851)
        Poems a 1849 (1851)
        Worthies of Yorkshire and Lancashire 1836 (1852)

Coleridge, Henry J.
        The life and letters of St. Francis Xavier 1872

Coleridge, Henry N.
        Introduction to the study of the Greek classic poets 1830 (1834)
        Six months in the West Indies in 1825 1826

Coleridge, Sir John T.
        Memoir of J. Keble 1869

Coleridge, Samuel T.
        Aids to reflection in the formation of a manly character 1825 (1848)
        Ancyent marinere, The rime of the 1798
        Biographia literaria or biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions 1817 (Bohn)
        Christabel 1797, 1800–01 (1816)
        Conciones ad populum 1795
        Confessions of an inquiring spirit a 1834 (1840)
        On the constitution of the church and state 1830
        Death of Wallenstein 1800
        Essays on his own times; forming a second series ofThe Frienda 1834 (1850)
        Fall of Robespierre 1794
        The Friend; a literary, moral, and political weekly paper 1809–10; re-issued as ‘a series of essays’ 1812; new and greatly altered ed. 1818 (1837, 1865)
        Lay sermons 1816–17 (Bohn)
        Lectures and notes on Shakspere and other English poets a 1834 (Bohn 1883)
        Letters a 1834 (ed. E. H. Coleridge 1895)
        Letters, conversations, and recollections a 1834 (1836)
        Literary remains a 1834 (1836–38)
        Notes and lectures upon Shakespeare and some of the old poets and dramatists a 1834 (1849)
        Notes, theological, political and miscellaneous a 1834 (1853)
        Philosophical lectures ed. K. Coburn 1949
        The Piccolomini (tr. from Schiller) 1800
        Poems a 1834 (1852, 1862)
        Complete poetical works a 1834 (1912)
        Remorse, a tragedy 1813
        Sibylline leaves. A collection of poems 1793– (1817)
        Specimens of his table talk a 1834 (1835)
        The statesman’s manual; or the Bible the best guide to political skill and foresight; a lay sermon 1816
        The watchman 1796
        Zapolya, a Christmas tale 1817

Coleridge, Sara
        Memoir and letters, edited by her daughter a 1852 (1873)

Coles, Elisha
        A dictionary English-Latin, and Latin-English 1677
        An English dictionary 1676

Coles, William
        Adam in Eden: or natures paradise 1657
        The art of simpling: an introduction to the knowledge and gathering of plants 1656

Colet, John
        Sermon of conforming and reforming (Sermon made to the conuocation at Paulis) 1511 (? 1530; in Phenix II. 1708)

Colin Blowbol’s testament a 1500 (in Halliwell, Nugæ poeticæ 1844)

Colinvaux, Paul Alfred
        Introduction to ecology 1973

Colkelbie Sow a 1500 (Bannatyne MS., repr. Hunterian Club, p. 1021)

Collectanea v.d. (O.H.S. 1885–1905)

Collection of all Orders etc. in House of Peers and House of Commons relating to Earl of Danby 1679

Collection of the newest and most ingenious poems, songs, catches, etc. against Popery 1689; a second (third, and fourth) collection 1689

Collection of poems written upon several occasions, by several persons 1673; a new collection 1674

Collection of poems on affairs of State, by A— M—l esq. (i.e. Andrew Marvell), and other eminent wits 1689; a new collection 1705
See also Dodsley, R.; State songs

Collections and recollections 1898
        See Russell, G. W. E.

Collector’s guide 1942–

Colledge, Stephen, The arraignment, trial, and condemnation of 1681

College English: an official organ of the National Council of Teachers of English (US) 1939–

College humor 1921–

College of Jesuits, Short narrative of 1679
        See Croft, Bp. H.

Collier, Giles
        An answer to fifteen questions 1656
        Vindiciæ thesium de sabbato; or, a vindication of certain passages in a sermon of the morality of the sabbath 1656

Collier, Jane
        The art of tormenting 1753

Collier, Jeremy
        Essays upon several moral subjects 1697, 1705, 1709
        The emperor Marcus Antoninus his conversations with himself tr. 1701 (1726)
        Miscellanies 1694
        A panegyrick upon the Maccabees by St. Gregory (of Nazianzus) tr. 1716
        Several discourses upon practical subjects 1725
        A short view of the immorality and profaneness of the English stage 1697

‘Collier, Joel’ (J. L. Bicknell or G. Veal)
        Musical travels through England 1774 (1775)

Collier, John (‘Tim Bobbin’)
        Works v.d. (1775, 1862)
        A view of the Lancashire dialect c 1746

Collier, John Henry Noyes
        His monkey wife; or, Married to a chimp 1930

Collier, John Payne
        The history of English dramatic poetry to the time of Shakespeare: and annals of the stage to the Restoration 1831 (1879)

Collier, Richard Hugheson
        The city that wouldn’t die: London, May 10–11, 1941 1959
        A house called Memory 1960

Collier, William F.
        A history of English literature 1861
        Pictures of the periods: a sketch-book of old English life 1865

Collier’s: the national weekly (US) 1905–57

Collinges, John
        Responsoria ad erratica piscatoris, or a caveat for old and new prophanenesse 1652 (1653)
        A sober and temperate discourse concerning the interest of words in prayer, the just antiquity and pedegree of liturgies or forms of prayer in churches. By H. D. (i.e. John Collinges) 1661

‘Collingwood, Harry’ (W. J. C. Lancaster)
        Under the Meteor flag 1884

Collingwood, Robin George
        An autobiography 1939
        The idea of history 1946
        The idea of nature 1945
        The new Leviathan; or, Man, society, civilization and barbarism 1942
        The principles of art 1938
        Roman Britain 1923

Collingwood, William G.
        The life and work of John Ruskin 1893
        Scandinavian Britain 1908

Collins, Anthony
        A discourse of the grounds and reasons of the Christian religion 1724

Collins, Archie Frederick
        Manual of wireless telegraphy 1906

Collins, Arthur
ed. Letters and memorials of state v.d. (1746)

Collins, Gilbert
        The valley of eyes unseen 1923

Collins, Grenville
        Great Britain’s coasting pilot 1693

Collins, J.
        Scripscrapologia; or, Collins’s doggerel dish of all sorts 1804

Collins, John
        Salt and fishery, a discourse thereof 1682

Collins, John H.
        A first book of mining and quarrying 1872
        Principles of metal mining 1872 (1875)

Collins, Mabel
        Cobwebs 1882
        The prettiest woman in Warsaw 1885

Collins, Mortimer
        Marquis and merchant 1871
        Miranda 1873
        Pen sketches by a vanished hand a 1876 (1879)
        The princess Clarice 1872
        Squire Silchester’s whim 1873
        Thoughts in my garden a 1876 (1880)
        Transmigration 1873
        The Vivian romance 1870

Collins, Mortimer & Frances
        Frances 1874
        The village comedy 1878

Collins, Samuel
        Epphata to F. T. (i.e. T. Fitzherbert); or, the defence of the Bishop of Elie concerning his answer to Cardinall Bellarmine’s Apologie 1617
        A sermon preached at Paules-Crosse 1607 (1608)

Collins, Samuel
        The present state of Russia a 1670 (1671)

‘Collins, Tom’ (Joseph Furphy)
        Such is life: being extracts from the diary of Tom Collins 1903

Collins, William
        Poetical works a 1759 (1765, 1771, 1858)

Collins, William L.
        The luck of Ladysmede (anon.) 1860

Collins, William Wilkie
        After dark, and other stories 1856
        Antonina; or the fall of Rome 1850
        Armadale 1866
        Basil 1852
        The black robe 1881
        The dead secret 1857
        Hide and seek 1854
        The moonstone 1868
        The new Magdalen 1873
        No name 1862
        A plot in private life 1859
        The queen of hearts 1859
        Rambles beyond railways 1851
        The woman in white 1860

Collins music encyclopaedia by J. A. Westrup & F. L. Harrison 1959

Collinson, John
        The history and antiquities of the county of Somerset 1791

Collinson, John
        The life of Thuanus, with some account of his writings 1807

Collinson, William Edward
        Contemporary English; a personal speech record 1927

Collocott, Thomas Charles
ed. Dictionary of science and technology 1971

Colloquium ad pueros linguae Latinae locutione exercendos ab Ælfrico compilatum a 1000 (in Wright, Vocabularies 1857, 1884)

Collyer, David
        The sacred interpreter 1726

Collyer, John
        Reports of cases decided in the High Court of Chancery, by Sir J. L. K. Bruce 1845–47

Colman, George (the elder)
        Dramatic works 1777
        Prose on several occasions 1761–86 (1787)
        The comedies of Terence translated into familiar blank verse 1765
        The jealous wife 1761
        The musical lady 1762

—— & Garrick, David
        Clandestine marriage 1766

Colman, George (the younger)
        Broad grins 1797–1802
        The heir at law 1797
        Inkle and Yarico 1787
        Jests; or, festival of wit and humour a 1836
        John Bull; or, The Englishmen’s fireside 1803 (pirated ed.)
—(authorized ed.) 1805
        Poetical vagaries 1812
        The poor gentleman 1802
        Posthumous letters, from various celebrated men, addressed to Francis and George Coleman the elder 1721–1820 (1820)

Colman, Henry
        Report on the agriculture of Massachusetts See: Massachusetts, Agricultural Survey

Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886
        Reports on the colonial sections of the exhibition ed. H. T. Wood 1887

Colorado magazine 1923–

Colquhoun, Archibald R.
        Across Chrysê; from Canton to Mandalay 1883

Colquhoun, Patrick
        A treatise on the commerce and police of the river Thames 1800
        A treatise on the police of the metropolis 1796
        A treatise on the wealth, power and resources of the British Empire 1814 (1815)

Colquhoun, Sir Patrick
        A companion to theOarsman’s guide’ 1857

Colse, Peter
        Penelopes complaint: or, a mirrour for wanton minions 1596 (Grosart 1880)

Colson, William
        A general treasury of accounts for all countries in Christendome. To which is added the Art of arithmetike 1612

Colt, Miriam Davis
        We went to Kansas 1862

Colton, Charles C.
        Lacon: or many things in few words 1820–22

Colton, Walter
        Ship and shore in Madeira, Lisbon and the Mediterranean 1851

Columbus Evening Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio) 1871–

Columbus News (Columbus, Montana) 1901–

Columella (L. J. M.): Of husbandry; and his book concerning trees tr. 1745

Colvil, Samuel
        Mock poem, or Whiggs supplication 1681

Colvill, John
        Letters 1582–1603 (Bannatyne Cl. 1858)
        The palinod of J. C., wherein he doth recant his former offences 1600

Colyer, Charles Norman & Hammond, Cyril Oswald
        Flies of the British Isles 1951

Combe, Andrew
        The physiology of digestion 1842 (ed. 4)

Combe, William
        An history of the river Thames 1794–96
        The tour of Doctor Syntax in search of the picturesque 1812
        The second tour of Doctor Syntax in search of consolation 1820
        The third tour of Doctor Syntax in search of a wife 1821
See also History and antiquities of York 1785

Comber, Thomas
        A companion to the temple and closet; or a help to devotion in the use of the Common Prayer 1672–75 (1702)

Combes’ Historical explication of what there is most remarkable in the French King’s Royal House at Versailles tr. 1684

Comenius’ (J. A.) Porta linguarum trilinguis reserata. The gate of tongues unlocked and opened, or else a seminarie or seed-plot of all tongues and sciences, in Latine, English, and French. By John Ancoran 1631 (1639)
        Janua linguarum reserata. The gate of languages unlocked. Formerly tr. by T. Horn, afterwards corrected by J. Robotham 1643 (1650).
See also D., W.; Du Gard, W.
        Orbis sensualium pictus. The visible world tr. by C. Hoole 1659

Comforts of rash and inconsiderate marriage, The fifteen tr. 1682

Comical history of Francion 1655
See Sorel

Commentary, incorporating Contemporary Jewish record (American Jewish Committee) 1945–

Commission of array, Copy of 1642

Commission Géologique de la Finlande
        Bulletin 1895–

Committee of Inquiry on Decimal Currency
        Report 1963
See United Kingdom. Parliamentary papers

Committee on Broadcasting
        Report 1960
        See United Kingdom. Parliamentary papers

Committe on the Future of Broadcasting (Chairman: Lord Annan)
        Report 1977 (Cmnd. 6753)

Common Prayer, Book of
See Book of Common Prayer

Common sense: or, The Englishman’s journal 1737–39

Commons, House of
See House of Commons

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
        See Australia ——

Communycacyon bytwene God and man ?1507 (W. de Worde)

Compendious olde treatyse shewynge howe that we ought to haue the scripture in Englysshe c 1430 (1530; in Roy, Rede me, etc., Arber 1871)

Complaint of the black knight c 1402
        See Lydgate, J.

Complaynt of Scotlande 1549 (E.E.T.S. 1872)

Complaynte of them that ben to late maryed ?1535 (1862)

Compleat collier 1708
        See C., J.

Compleat servant-maid; or the young maidens tutor 1677

Complete family-piece and country gentleman and farmer’s best guide 1741 (ed. 3)

Complete grazier; or gentleman and farmer’s directory 1776

Complete letter-writer; or, new and polite English secretary 1755

Complete maltster and brewer 1765

Compt buik of David Wedderburne, merchant of Dundee, 1587–1630; together with the shipping lists of Dundee, 1580–1618 v.d. (S.H.S. 1898)

Compte rendu (Académie des Sciences) See Académie des Sciences

Compton, Arthur Holly
        Atomic quest 1956

Compton, Bp. Henry
        Charge to the clergy of his diocese (of London) at his visitation 1693–94 1696
        Episcopalia; or letters to the clergy of his diocess 1686

Compton-Burnett, Ivy
        Darkness and day 1951
        A house and its head 1935
        More women than men 1933

Computer journal 1958–

Computers and automation 1953–

Computers and the humanities: a newsletter 1966–

Comstock, John H.
        Introduction to entomology 1888

—— & Comstock, Anna
        A manual for the study of insects 1895

Comyns’ (Sir John) Digest of the laws of England tr. 1762–76
        Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Courts of King’s Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer tr. 1744

Conan Doyle, Arthur
        See Doyle, Arthur Conan

Conant, Hannah O.
        The English Bible: popular history of the translation 1856 (1881)

Conceits, clinches, flashes, and whimzies 1639

Concise Oxford dictionary of opera by H. Rosenthal & J. Warrack 1964

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—(ed. 2) 1967

—— & Shortley, G. H.
        The theory of atomic spectra 1935

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        The Manchurian candidate 1959 (UK 1960)
        The whisper of the axe 1976

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Conferences held in the Tower of London with Ed. Campion, Jesuit 1581 1584

Confession of faith professit, and beleuit, be the Protestantes within the realme of Scotland 1561

Confession, Ane shorte and generall, of the trewe christian faith (of the Kirk of Scotland) 1580

Confessions of faith. A collection of confessions of faith, catechisms, directories, books of discipline, etc. of publick authority in the church of Scotland v.d. (1719–22)

Conformist’s second plea 1682
See Second plea

Congressional globe
See: United States. Congress. Debates

Congressional record
See: United States. Congress. Debates

Congreve, William
        Works v.d. (1710, 1849)
        The double-dealer 1694
        Juvenal’s eleventh satire tr. 1693 (seeDryden, J.)
        Love for love 1695
        The mourning bride 1697
        The old batchelour 1693
        A Pindarique ode humbly offer’d to the king on his taking Namur 1695
        The tears of Amaryllis for Amyntas 1703
        The way of the world 1700
See also Garth, Sir S.

Coningsby, Sir Thomas
        Journal of the siege of Rouen 1591 (Camden Soc. 1847)

        Public records of the Colony of Connecticut 1850–90

Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences
        Transactions 1866–

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
        Annual report 1877–
        Bulletin 1877–

Connecticut Historical Society
        Collections 1897

Connecticut probate records
See Manwaring, Charles William

Conners, Bernard F.
        Don’t embarrass the Bureau 1972 (UK 1973)

Connoisseur, The 1754–56

Connoisseur, The: an illustrated magazine for collectors 1901–

Connolly, Cyril Vernon
        A romantic friendship: the letters of Cyril Connolly to Noel Blakiston 1975

Conquest: a magazine of modern endeavour 1919–26

Conrad, Joseph (Teodor Józef Konrad Korzeniowski)
        Almayer’s folly: a story of an eastern river 1895
        Lord Jim 1900
        The nigger of theNarcissus’ 1897
        Nostromo: a tale of the seaboard 1904
        The rover 1923
        The shadow-line: a confession 1917
        Suspense: a Napoleonic novel 1925
        Victory: an island tale 1915

—— & Hueffer, Ford Madox

Romance 1903

Consett, Henry

        The practice of the spiritual or ecclesiastical courts 1685

Considerations. Certain considerations tending to promote peace and goodwill amongst the Protestants 1674

Considerations about the most proper way of raising money in the present conjuncture c 1690

Considerations on dissolving the court of Chancery 1653

Considerations touching the better pacification and edification of the Church of England 1640

Conspiracie for pretended reformation 1592

Constable, F.
        Pathomachia: or, the battell of affections (anon.) 1630

Constable, Henry
        Diana 1592
        Diana, or the excellent conceitful sonnets of H. C. Augmented with divers quatorzains of honourable and learned personages 1594 (1818; in Arber, Eng. Garner II)

Constable, John
        Correspondence ed. R. B. Beckett 6 vols. 1962–8

Constable, Thomas
        Archibald Constable and his literary correspondents. A memorial by his son 1873

Constable’s (Archibald) Miscellany of original and selected publications in the various departments of literature, the sciences and the arts 1826–35

Constellation, The 1829–32

Constitution of the United States, The 1789

Constitutions and canons ecclesiasticall agreed upon 1603 1604

Consumer reports 1942–

‘Contact’ (Alan John Bott)
        An airman’s outings 1917

Contemplations of the state of man in this life, and in that which is to come (by Jer. Taylor) a 1667 (1684, 1699)

Contemporary history of affairs in Ireland from 1641–52 a 1660 (Irish Archæol. Soc. 1879–80)

Contemporary review, The 1866–

Contention betweene liberalitie and prodigalitie, A pleasant comedie shewing the 1602 (in Hazl., Dodsley)

Contention betwixt the two famous houses of Yorke and Lancaster, The first part of the 1594

Contra-replicant’s complaint to his Majestie c 1642

‘Conway, H. Derwent’ (H. D. Inglis)
        Journey through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark 1829

Conway, Henry Seymour
        False appearances, a comedy altered from the French (of L. de Boissy) 1789

‘Conway, Hugh’ (F. J. Fargus)
        Called back 1883
        Dark days 1885
        A family affair 1885
        Living or dead a 1885 (1886)

Conway, Moncure D.
        Demonology and devil lore 1879
        The earthward pilgrimage 1870

Conway, Robert Seymour, et al.
        The præ-Italic dialects of Italy 3 vols. 1933

Conybeare, Edward
        A history of Cambridgeshire 1897

Conybeare, John
        Letters and exercises of J. C., schoolmaster at Molton, Devon, 1580 and at Swimbridge, 1594, with notes and a fragment of autobiography by the very rev. W. D. Conybeare 15.. (ed. F. C. Conybeare 1905)

Conybeare, Bp. John
        A defence of reveal’d religion against the exceptions of (Tindal) 1732
        The mysteries of the Christian religion credible 1723

Conybeare, William J. and Howson, John S.
        Life and epistles of Paul 1852 (1862)

Cook, E. Dutton
        Dr. Muspratt’s patients, and other stories 1868
        Paul Foster’s daughter 1861

Cook, Eliza
        Poems 1838–53, 1870

Cook, Captain James
        An account of the voyages undertaken for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere in 1768–71 (= First voyage round the world) 1773
        A voyage towards the South Pole and round the world in 1772–75 (= Second voyage) 1777
        A voyage to the Pacific Ocean in 1776–80 (= Third voyage) 1784. Vol. III by Capt. James King
        Voyages v.d. (1790)

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        Fifty years on the old frontier, as cowboy, hunter, guide, scout, and ranchman 1923

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        Boston Monday lectures 1881–91

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        The manner of raising, ordering, and improving forrest-trees 1676

Cook, Robin
        The crust on its uppers 1962

Cooke, Alexander
        More worke for a masse-priest (anon.; pref. verses signed E. W.) 1621
        Pope Joane. A dialogue betweene a protestant and a papist 1610

Cooke, Deryck
        The language of music 1959

Cooke, Edward
        A voyage to the South Sea and round the world in 1708–11 1712

Cooke, George A.
        Topographical and statistical description of the county of Surrey ?1817

Cooke, James
        Mellificium chirurgiæ; or, the marrow of chyrurgerie 1616 (1685)

Cooke, John
        Greenes Tu quoque: or, the cittie gallant 1614

Cooke, John Esten
        The Virginia comedians; or, Old days in the Old Dominion 2 vols. 1854

Cooke, Josiah P.
        The new chemistry 1873 (1876)

Cooke, Mordecai C.
        British fungi 1871
        Fungi; their nature, influence and uses 1874 (1875)
        Manual of botanic terms 1862
        Manual of structural botany 1884

Cooke, Nelson Magor & Markus, John
        Electronics and nucleonics dictionary 1960

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        Somebody’s neightbors 1881
        Steadfast: the story of a saint and a sinner 1889

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        Hesiod’s Works tr. 1728
        Tales, epistles, odes, fables, etc. (With) proposals for perfecting the English language 1729

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        Descriptions to the plates of Thames scenery engraved by W. B. C. and G. Cooke 1818

Cooke, Sir William F.
        The electric telegraph: was it invented by Professor Wheatstone? 1854

Cookery. Noble boke of cookry 14.. (Napier 1882)
        A proper new booke of cookery 1575
        Two fifteenth-century cookery-books c 1430, –50 (E.E.T.S. 1888)
See also Ancient cookery; Forme of cury

Cooksey, Richard
        Essay on the life and character of John, Lord Somers, Baron of Evesham 1791

Cooley, Arnold J.
        Cyclopædia of practical receipts 1845

Cooley, Thomas M.
        A treatise on the constitutional limitations which rest upon the legislative power of the States of the American Union 1868

Cooley, William D.
        The world surveyed in the nineteenth century 1845–48

‘Coolidge, Susan’ (Sarah Chauncey Woolsey)
        What Katy did 1873
        What Katy did at school 1873 (UK 1874)

Coombe, William
        See Combe, William

Coon, Carleton Stevens
        The races of Europe 1939

Cooper, A.
        The complete distiller 1757 (1760)

Cooper, Anthony A.
        See Shaftesbury, Earl

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        The anatomy of the breast 1840
        Illustrations of diseases of the breast 1829

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        Life of Sir A. Cooper, with sketches from his note-books 1843

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        Here’s to crime 1937

Cooper, David Graham
        Psychiatry and anti-psychiatry 1967

Cooper, Evelyn Barbara
        Drown him deep 1966

Cooper, Mrs. Frank
        Hide and seek 1881

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        The deerslayer 2 vols. 1841 (UK eds. 1 & 2, both 3 vols., both also 1841)
        Home as found 2 vols. 1838 (UK ed. as Eve Effingham; or, Home 3 vols. 1838)
        Homeward bound; or, The chase 2 vols. 1838 (UK ed. 3 vols. 1838)
        The last of the Mohicans 1826
        Ned Myers; or, A life before the mast 1843 (UK ed. 2 vols. 1843)
        The oak-openings 2 vols. 1848 (UK ed. as The bee-hunter 3 vols. 1848)
        The pathfinder 1840
        The pilot 1823
        The pioneers 1823
        The prairie 1827
        The red rover 3 vols. 1827
        The spy 1822
        The two admirals 1842
        The water witch 1830

Cooper, John Butler
        Coo-oo-ee! A tale of bushmen from Australia to Anzac 1916

Cooper, John G.
        Gresset’s Vert-Vert tr. 1759
        The power of harmony 1745
        Poems 1764

Cooper, Leonard
        The accomplices 1960

Cooper, Lettice Ulpha
        Tea on Sunday 1973

Cooper, Samuel
        The first lines of the practice of surgery 1807 (1826)
ed. J. M. Good’s Study of medicine 1829

Cooper, Susan Augusta Fenimore
        Rural hours 1850

Cooper, Thomas
        An admonition to the people of England 1589
        An answer in defence of the truth against the Apology of private masse 1562 (Parker Soc. 1850)
        Thesaurus linguæ Romanæ et Britannicæ 1565
See also Elyot, Sir Thomas

Cooper, Thomas
        The paradise of martyrs 1873
        Poetical works 1877
        The purgatory of suicides 1845

Cooper, Thomas T.
        Travels of a pioneer of commerce in pigtail and petticoats; overland journey from China towards India 1871

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        Memoirs of a new man 1966
        The struggles of Albert Woods 1952

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        A glossary of the provincialisms in use in the county of Sussex 1836 (1853)

Cooper, William R.
        An archaic dictionary, from the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Etruscan monuments and papyri 1876
        A short history of the Egyptian obelisks 1877

Cope, Edward D.
        The origin of the fittest 1887
        The primary factors of organic evolution 1896

Cope, Sir John 1749
See Report

Cope, Sir William H.
        A glossary of Hampshire words and phrases 1883 (E.D.S.)

Copi, Irving Marmer
        Symbolic logic 1954

Copland, James
        A dictionary of practical medicine 1844–58

Copland, Robert
        The hye way to the Spytell hous ? 1536
        Iyll of breyntfords testament 15.. (c 1562; Ballad Soc. 1871)
        The questyonary of cyrurgyens, with the formulary of lytell Guydo in cyrurgie, with the spectacles of cyrurgyens newly added, with the fourth boke of the terapeutyke, or methode curatyfe of Claude Galyen tr. 1541–42
        The rutter of the sea, wt the hauons, rodes, soundinges, etc. with the lawes of the Ile of Auleron 1528 (? 1555)

Copleston, Bp. Edward
        Advice to a young reviewer, with a specimen of the art 1807 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VIII)

Copleston, Frederick Charles
        A history of philosophy 9 vols. 1946–75

Copley, Anthony
        An answere to a letter of a Jesuited gentleman by his cousin 1601
        Wits fittes and fancies; also Loves owle 1595

Copson, Edward Thomas
        Metric spaces 1968

Copywell, J.
        The shrubs of Parnassus. Consisting of a variety of poetical essays, etc. 1760

Corah’s doom 1672
        See T., D.

Corbet, John
        A discourse of the religion of England 1667
        A humble endeavour of some plain and brief explication of the decrees and operations of God about the free actions of men a 1680 (1683)
        The non-conformist’s plea for lay-communion with the church of England a 1680 (1683)

Corbet, Richard
        Certain elegant poems a 1635 (1647)
        Iter Boreale a 1635

Corbett, Julian S.
        The full of Asgard 1886

Corcoran, Dennis
        Pickings from the portfolio of the reporter of the New OrleansPicayune’ 1846

‘Cordell, Alexander’ (George Alexander Graber)
        The bright Cantonese 1967

Cordial for low spirits
See Gordon, Thomas

Corelli, Marie
        The secret power 1921
        Thelma 3 vols. 1887

Corfield, William H.
        A digest of facts relating to the treatment and utilization of sewage 1870

‘Coriat Junior’
        See Paterson, S.

Coriat, Isador H.
        Abnormal psychology 1911

Cork Examiner 1841–

Corkhill, Thomas W.
ed. A concise building encyclopaedia 1932

Corlett, Peter Norman & Tinsley, John David
        Practical programming 1968

Cormack, William Epps
        Narrative of a journey across the island of Newfoundland 1856

Cornell, Frederick Carruthers
        The glamour of prospecting 1920

Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
        Bulletin 1888–
        Memoirs 1913–

Corner, Edred John Henry
        The life of plants 1964
        The natural history of palms 1966
        Wayside trees of Malaya 2 vols. 1940

Cornford, Leslie C.
        The defenceless islands 1906

Cornhill magazine, The 1860–31

Cornish, Charles J.
        The naturalist on the Thames 1902

Cornish, John
        The provincials 1951

Cornu-copiæ, Pasquils nightcap: or Antidot for the headache 1612 (Grosart 1877)

Cornwall 1855
        See Leifchild, J. R.

‘Cornwall, Barry’
        See Procter, Bryan W.

Cornwall glossary 1880
        See Courtney, M. A.

Cornwalleys, Henry
        The country curate’s advice to his parishioners 1693

Cornwallis, Sir Charles
        A discourse of the most illustrious Prince Henry, late Prince of Wales 1626 (1641)

Cornwallis, Charles, 1st Marquis of
        Correspondence a 1805 (1859)

Cornwallis, Sir William
        Discourses upon Seneca the tragedian 1601 (1631)
        Essayes 1600–01 (1631)
        The miraculous and happie union of England and Scotland 1604

Coronation of Q. Anne. The noble tryumphaunt coronation of quene Anne, wyfe vnto kynge Henry the viij 1553

Corpus glossary c 725 (Oldest Eng. texts, E.E.T.S. 1885; Hessels 1890)

Corri, Eugene
        Thirty years a boxing referee 1915

‘Corrigan, Mark’ (Norman Lee)
        Why do women—? 1963

Corry, John
        Memoirs of Alfred Berkeley 1802
        A satirical view of London 1799 (1803)

Corson, Dale R. & Lorrain, Paul
        Introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves 1962

Cortasye, Knight of 1500–25 (in Ritson, Metr. rom. III)

‘Corvo, Baron’
        See Rolfe, Frederick William

‘Cory, Desmond’ (John Lloyd McCarthy)
        Bennett 1977
        Sunburst 1971

Cory, William
        Extracts from his letters and journals 1838–92 (1897)

Coryat, Thomas
        Coryats crudities; hastily gobled up in five moneths travels 1611
        The Odcombian banquet 1611

Cosgrave, Patrick
        Cheyney’s law 1977

Cosin, Bp. John
        A collection of private devotions in the practice of the ancient church, called the houres of prayer (anon.) 1627
        Correspondence 1618–71 (Surtees Soc. 1869, –72)
        A scholastical history of the canon of the Holy Scripture 1657

Cosmopolitan, The 1886–1925

Costard, George
        Two dissertations 1750

Costello, Dudley
        Stories from a screen 1855

Costello, Louisa S.
        Pilgrimage to Auvergne 1842

Costlie whore, The 1633 (in Bullen, Old plays IV, 1885)

Costume, Satirical songs and poems on, from the 13th to the 19th century v.d. (Percy Soc. 1849)