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        The origin of the English nation 1907

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        The art of pitching and fielding 1886

Chadwick, Leigh E.
tr. W. Linsenmaier’s Insects of the world 1972

Chadwick, William
        Life and times of De Foe 1859

Chaffers, William
        Marks and monograms on pottery and porcelain 1863
—(ed. 2) 1866

Chafin, William
        Anecdotes respecting Cranbourn Chase, with a very concise account of it 1818

Chalkhill, John
        Thealma and Clearchus, a pastoral history c 1600 (1683)

Chalkley, Thomas
        Works a 1741 (1751)

Challenger. Report of the scientific results of the voyage of H.M.S. Challenger 1873–76, Zoology vol. XXV 1888

Challice, Annie Emma
        Heroes, philosophers, and courtiers of the time of Louis XVI (anon.) 1863

Challinor, John
        A dictionary of geology 1961

Challis, Simon
        Death on a quiet beach 1968

Challoner, Richard
        The Catholick Christian instructed in the sacraments, etc. 1737 (1753)
        Memoirs of missionary priests and of other Catholics that have suffered death in England from 1577–1684 1741–42

Chalmers, Alexander
ed. The works of the English poets from Chaucer to Cowper 1810

Chalmers, George
        An apology for the believers in the Shakespeare papers which were exhibited in Norfolk Street, London 1797
        Caledonia 1807–24
        An estimate of the comparative strength of Great Britain 1782
        An historical view of the domestic economy of Great Britain and Ireland 1812
        The life of Mary queen of Scots 1818

Chalmers, Thomas
        Works a 1847 (1849)
        The evidence and authority of the Christian revelation 1814
        Natural theology 1835
        On political economy in connection with the moral state and moral prospects of society 1832
        On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God as manifested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral and intellectual constitution of man (Bridgewater treatise) 1833
        A series of discourses on the Christian revelation, viewed in connection with modern astronomy 1817
        Sermons preached at S. John’s Church, Glasgow 1823
        Memoirs of the life and writings of, by William Hanna (1849–52)

Chaloner, Edward
        Six sermons a 1625 (1629)

Chaloner, Sir Thomas (the elder)
        The praise of folie. (Erasmi) Moriæ encomium tr. 1549
        St. Chrysostom’s Homilie tr. 1544

Chaloner, Sir Thomas (the younger)
        A shorte discourse of the most rare vertue of nitre 1584

Chamber, John
        A treatise against judicial astrologie 1601

Chamberlain, Mrs.
        A glossary of West Worcestershire words 1882 (E.D.S.)

Chamberlain, Basil Hall
        Things Japanese 1890

Chamberlain, E.
        The Indiana gazetteer; or, Topographical dictionary of the State of Indiana (ed. 3) 1849

Chamberlain, John
        Letters ed. N. E. McClure 2 vols. 1939

Chamberlain, John
        Hosiery, yarns and fabrics 1926

Chamberlayne, Edward
        Angliæ notitia: or the present state of England 1667 ( –1707)

Chamberlayne, John
        The art of making tea, coffee, and chocolate 1685
        Magnæ Britanniæ notitia: or the present state of Great Britain 1708 ( –1748)
        The religious philosopher 1718
See also Natural history of coffee

Chamberlayne, William
        Pharonnida; a heroick poem 1659 (also Caroline poets, ed. Saintsbury 1905)

Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder & Salisbury, Rollin Dean
        Geology 3 vols. 1904–6 (UK 1905–6)

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        The English folk-play 1933
        The mediæval stage 2 vols. 1903

Chambers, Ephraim
        Cyclopædia; or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences 1728 (1738, 1741, 1751)
Supplement 1753
        Le Clerc’s (Sebastian) Treatise of architecture tr. 1723–24

Chambers, Eric
        Photolitho-offset 1967

Chambers, George F.
        Descriptive astronomy 1867 (1876)

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        Divine worship in England in the 13th and 14th centuries, contrasted with, and adapted to, that in the 19th 1877

Chambers, Robert
        The book of days 1863–64 (1868)
        Essays familiar and humorous 1866
        Popular humourous poems of Scotland 1862
        Popular rhymes of Scotland 1826 (1870)
        The Scottish ballads 1829
        The Scottish songs 1829
        The traditions of Edinburgh 1825
        Vestiges of the natural history of creation 1844 (1845)

Chambers, Robert William
        The common law 1911
        The firing line 1908

Chambers, William
        A tour in Holland in 1838 1839
        Wintering at Mentone 1870

Chambers’s Cyclopædia of English literature 1844 (1876)

Chambers’s Edinburgh journal 1832–54

Chambers’s Encyclopædia 1860–68

Chambers’s Information for the people 1851–60

Chambers’s Journal of popular literature 1854–

Chambers’s technical dictionary ed. C. F. Tweney & L. E. C. Hughes 1940 (and several later editions used)

Chamier, Frederick
        My travels: an unsentimental journey through France, etc. 1855

Champny, Anthony
        A treatise of the vocation of bishops and other ecclesiasticall ministers 1616

Chancellor’s preparation for a trial 1689 (in Harl. Misc.)

Chandler, John
        Van Helmont’s Oriatrike, or, physick refined tr. 1662

Chandler, Maurice Henry
        Ceramics in the modern world: man’s first technology comes of age 1967

Chandler, Raymond Thornton
        The big sleep 1939
        Farewell, my lovely 1940
        The high window 1942 (UK 1943)
        The lady in the lake 1943 (UK 1944)
        The long good-bye 1953
        Raymond Chandler speaking [letters and an unfinished novel] 1962 (paperback ed. 1966)
        Trouble is my business, and other stories 1950

Chandler, Richard
        Travels in Asia Minor 1775
        Travels in Greece 1776

Chandler, Samuel
        A critical history of the life of David 1766
        Limborch’s (P. van) History of the Inquisition tr. 1731
        The history of persecution 1736
        Sermons a 1766 (1768)
        A vindication of the Christian religion 1725

Chandlery, Peter J.
        Pilgrim-walks in Rome 1903 (1908)

Chang, Kwang-chih
        See Kwang-chih Chang

Channing, Edward
        Town and county government in the English colonies of North America 1884

Channing, George G.
        Early recollections of Newport, R.I., from the year 1793 to 1811 1868

Chapel Royal, The old cheque-book, or book of remembrance, of the 1561–1744 (Camden Soc. 1872)

Chaplin, Charles Spencer
        My autobiography 1964

Chapman, Abraham
ed. New Black voices: an anthology of contemporary Afro-American literature 1972

Chapman, George
        Al fooles, a comedy 1605
        The blinde begger of Alexandria 1598
        Bussy D’Ambois: a tragedie 1607
        Cæsar and Pompey; a Roman tragedy, declaring their warres 1631
        Comedies and tragedies a 1634 (1873)
        The conspiracie, and tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron 1608
        The gentleman usher 1606
        The Georgicks of Hesiod tr. 1618
        The whole works of Homer in his Iliads and Odysses tr. 1616; Batrachomyomachia ? 1624; Hymns 1616; Seven bookes of the Iliades 1598; The Iliads of Homer 1611; Odyssey 1615
        Juvenal’s fifth satire tr. 1629 (1858)
        May-Day. A wittie comedie 1611
        Monsieur d’Olive: a comedie 1606
        The divine poem of Musaeus tr. 1616 (1858)
        Ouids banquet of sence 1595
        A pleasant comedy entituled: An humerous dayes myrth 1599
        The revenge of Bussy d’Ambois 1613
        The tragedie of Alphonsus a 1634
        The widdowes teares, a comedie 1612

——et al.
        Eastward Hoe 1605

Chapman, James
        Travels in the interior of South Africa 2 vols. 1868

Chapman, Reginald Frederick
        The insects: structure and function 1969

Chapman, Robert McDonald & Bennett, Jonathan
eds. An anthology of New Zealand verse 1956

Chapman, Ronald George
        Father Faber 1961

Chapman, Royal Norton
        Animal ecology: with especial reference to insects 1931

Chapman, Valentine Jackson
        Coastal vegetation 1964

Chapone, Hester
        Letters on the improvement of the mind 1773 (1774)

Chappell, William
        Popular music of the olden time 1855–59

Character of a coffee-house, with the symptomes of a town-wit 1673

Character of Italy, by an English chyrurgion 1660

Character of a quack-astrologer 1673

Charant’s (Antoine) Letter in answer to divers curious questions concerning the religion, manners, and customs, of the countrys of Muley Arxid, King of Tafiletta tr. 1671

Chardin’s (Sir John) Travels into Persia and the East Indies tr. 1686
        The coronation of the present King of Persia, Solyman the Third tr. 1686

Charles I
        Works a 1649 (1662)
        A large declaration concerning the late tumults in Scotland 1639

Charles II. Moneys received and paid for secret services of Charles II and James II 1679–88 (Camden Soc. 1851)
        Secret history of the reigns of Charles II and James II 1690

Charles II’s Escape from Worcester 1660

Charles, Duke of Orleans
        See Orleans

Charles Auchester 1853
        See Sheppard, Eliz. S.

Charles-Edwards, Thomas Charles & Richardson, Brian
        They saw it happen Vol. III (1689–1897) 1958

Charleson, John M. M.
        Eain Macarthon 1901

Charleton, Walter
        Chorea gigantum; or the most famous antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-heng, restored to the Danes 1663
        The darknes of atheism dispelled by the light of nature 1652
        The Ephesian matron 1659
        The Ephesian and Cimmerian matrons; two notable examples of the power of love and wit 1668
        Onomasticon zoicon 1668
        A ternary of paradoxes tr. (from J. B. van Helmont) 1650

Charlesworth, John Kaye
        The quaternary era 2 vols. 1957

Charlton, Lionel Evelyn Oswald
        Britain at war: the Royal Air Force from September 1939 to September 1945 5 vols. 1941–7

Charlton, Mary
        The wife and the mistress 1803

Charnock, Richard S.
        A glossary of the Essex dialect 1880

Charnock, Stephen
        Works a 1680 (1683–84, 1864–65)
        Several discourses of the existence and attributes of God a 1680 (1682, 1834)

Charters of the Abbey of Crosraguel v.d. (1886)

Charters of the Royal Burgh of Stirling 1124–1705 (1884)
See also Edinburgh; Peebles

Chase, John Centlivres
        The Cape of Good Hope and the Eastern Province of Algoa Bay ed. J. S. Christophers 1843

Chastysing of goddes chyldern, The prouffytable boke for mannes soule called The, c 1491 (W. de Worde)

Chatelaine (Toronto) 1928–

Chatfield, Charles Hugh & Taylor, Charles Fayette
        The airplane and its engine 1928
—(ed. 2) 1932

Chatham, William Pitt, Earl of
        Letters to his nephew, Thomas Pitt a 1778 (1804).
See also Almon, J.

Chatterton, Edward Keble
        The auxiliary patrol 1923

Chatterton, Thomas
        Poetical works a 1770 (1842)
        Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol by Tho. Rowley and others in the XVth century a 1770 (ed. T. Tyrwhitt 1777)

Chatto, William A.
        On origin etc. of playing cards 1848
        A treatise on wood engraving 1839 (1861)

Chaucer, Geoffrey
        Collected works v.d. (Thynne 1532, –42, –50; Stowe 1561; Speght 1598, 1602; Urry 1721)
        Complete Works v.d. (Skeat 1894)
        Minor poems v.d (Parallel-text edition, Chaucer Soc.)
        An A. B. C. c 1366
        Anelida and Arcite c 1374
        Astrolabe, A treatise on the c 1391 (E.E.T.S., Chaucer Soc. 1872)
        Boethius De consolatione philosophiæ c 1374 (E.E.T.S. 1868; Chaucer Soc. 1886)
        The book of the duchesse (= Dethe of Blaunche)
        Canterbury Tales (quoted by the title of the tale) c 1386 (Six-text print, Chaucer Soc.; Harl. MS. 7334, Chaucer Soc.; also Tyrwhitt 1775–78)
        The compleynt of Mars c 1374
        The compleynte unto pite c 1368
        The compleint to his empty purse c 1399
        The compleynt of Venus c 1392
        The dethe of Blaunche c 1369
        The former age c 1374
        Fortune c 1398
        Gentilesse c 1393
        The hous of fame c 1384
        Lak of stedfastnesse c 1397
        The legend of good women c 1385
        Lenvoy to Bukton (= Mariage)
        Lenvoy to Scogan c 1393
        Mariage, The counseil of Chaucer touching c 1393
        The parlement of foules c 1381
        The romaunt of the rose (ll. 1–1705) a 1366
        Troilus and Criseyde c 1374 (Parallel-text print, Chaucer Soc.)
        Truth c 1390
        Words unto Adam, his owne scriveyn c 1374

Chaucer Society
        Publications 1868–

Chaucer’s Dreme a 1500 (Speght 1598)

Chauncy, Isaac
        An enquiry whether the gospel be a new law 1693
        Neonomianism unmasked: or, the ancient gospel pleaded, against the other, called a new law or gospel 1692
        A rejoinder to Williams’ Reply to Neonomianism unmaskt 1693

Cheadle, Walter Butler
        Journal of a trip across Canada, 1862–1863 1931

Cheeseman, Thomas Frederick
        Manual of the New Zealand flora 1906

Cheever, George B.
        Wanderings of a pilgrim in the shadow of Mont Blanc 1845

Cheever, H. T.
        See Scoresby, W.

Cheke, Sir John
        The hurt of sedicion howe greuous it is to a communewelth 1549
        The New Testament in Englishe c 1550
        A remedy for sedition 1536

Chemical abstracts 1906–

Chemical and engineering news 1942–

Chemical gazette 1842–59

Chemical news and journal of physical science (title varies) 1859–1932

Chemical Society of London
        Annual reports on the progress of chemistry See under title
        Journal 1862–
        Proceedings 1890–1914
        Quarterly reviews 1947–71

Chemistry and industry 1932–

Chemistry in Britain 1965–

Cheney, John
        See Cheyney, John

Cheng, Thomas Clement
        The biology of animal parasites 1964

Chequered career, A: 15 years in Australia and New Zealand 1881

Cherubini’s (M. L.) Treatise on counterpoint and fugue tr. 1854

Cheselden, William
        The anatomy of the human body 1713 (1726)

Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard
        Bomber pilot 1943

Cheshire glossary 1886
        See Holland, R.

Cheshire (south) glossary 1887
        See Darlington, T.

Chesley, Henry
        The customes of Yardley Hastings 1609 (1881)

Chester, Bishop of
        Charge 1691
        See Stratford, N.

Chester, Robert
        Loues martyr: or, Rosalins complaint 1601 (New Shaks. Soc. 1878)

Chester mysteries c 1430 (Roxb. Cl. 1818)

Chester Whitsun plays ? a 1500 (Shaks. Soc. 1843, –47; E.E.T.S. 1893)

Chesterfield, 4th Earl of (Philip Dormer Stanhope) (1694–1773) Miscellaneous works v.d. (1777–78)
        Advice to his son on men and manners 1775 (1778)
        Letters ed. B. Dobrée 6 vols. 1932
        Letters to his son 1737–68 (1774)

Chesters triumph in honor of her prince 1610 (Chetham Soc. 1844)

Chesterton, Gilbert K.
        Autobiography 1936
        The club of queer trades 1905
        The flying inn 1914
        Four faultless felons 1930
        George Bernard Shaw 1910
        Heretics 1905
        The incredulity of Father Brown 1926
        The innocence of Father Brown 1911
        The man who was Thursday: a nightmare 1908
        The Napoleon of Notting Hill 1904
        Orthodoxy 1909
        The thing 1929
        The wisdom of Father Brown 1914

Chestre, Thomas
        Launfal c 1400 (in Ritson, Metrical romances I. 1802)

Chetham, James
        The angler’s vade-mecum 1681 (1689)

Chetham Society
        Publications 1844–

Chettle, Henry
        Englandes mourning garment 1603
        Kind harts dreame 1592 (Percy Soc. 1841)
        The tragedy of Hoffman 1602 (1631)

—— & Day, John
        The blind beggar of Bethnal Green 1600 (1902)
See also Dekker, T.; Munday, A.

Chetwood, William R.
        The voyages and adventures of Captain Robert Boyle 1726 (1735)
        The voyages, dangerous adventures and imminent escapes of Captain R. Falconer 1720 (1724)
        The voyages, travels, and adventures of W. O. G. Vaughan 1736

Cheuelere Assigne c 1430 (Roxb. Cl. 1820; E.E.T.S. 1868)

Chevy chase c 1465 (Child, Ballads 1889)

Cheyne, George
        The English malady; or a treatise of nervous diseases of all kinds 1733
        An essay on regimen 1740
        A new theory of fevers 1702
        Philosophical principles of natural religion 1705
        Philosophical principles of religion, natural and revealed 1715

Cheynell, Francis
        Divers letters to Dr. Jasp. Mayne concerning false prophets 1647

Cheyney, John
        A vindication of oaths and swearing 1679

Cheyney, Reginald Evelyn Peter S.
        I’ll say she does! 1945
        You can always duck 1943

Chicago (title varies) 1952–

Chicago Daily News 1876–1960

Chicago Record 1881–1901

Chicago Tribune 1847–

Chichevache & Bycorne
See Lydgate, John

Chilcot, William
        Practical treatise concerning evil thoughts 1698 (1851)

Child. Here begynneth a lytell treatyse called the wyse chylde of thre yere old ? 1520 (W. de Worde)

Child, Francis J.
ed. English and Scottish ballads 1857
ed. The English and Scottish popular ballads 1882–98

Child, Sir Josiah
        A new discourse of trade 1690 (1698)

Child, Lydia M.
        Romance of the Republic 1867

Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications etc. in the diocese of Chester, etc. 1558–1600 (E.E.T.S. 1897)

Childe, Vere Gordon
        The Danube in prehistory 1929
        The dawn of European civilization 1925
—(ed. 3) 1939
—(ed. 6) 1957
        The most ancient East 1928
—(rewritten with title New light on the most ancient East) 1934
—(rewritten) 1952

Childe of Bristowe c 1480 (in Hazlitt, Early popular poetry 1864)

Children, John G.
        An essay on chemical analysis 1819

Children of Thespis 1792

Childrey, Joshua
        Britannia Baconica; or the natural rarities of England, Scotland, and Wales 1661

Chillingworth, William
        Works a 1644 (1704, 1742, 1838)
        The apostolicall institution of episcopacy 1644
        Nine sermons on occasional subjects a 1644 (1664)
        The religion of protestants a safe way to salvation 1638

Chilmead, Edmund
        Ferrand’s (Jacques), or a treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, and cure of love, or erotique melancholy tr. 1640
        Leon Modena’s History of the rites, customes and manner of life of the present Jews tr. 1650

Chilmead, John
        Hues’ (R.) Learned treatise of globes tr. 1638 (Hakluyt Soc. 1889)

Chilton-Young, Francis
        Every man his own mechanic (anon.) 1881

China now 1970–

Chinese letters 1741
        See D’Argens, Marquis

Chipman, Nathaniel
        Vermont Supreme Court reports 1789–91 (1871)

Chirche of the euyll men and women 1522 (W. de Worde)

Chisenhale, Edward
        Catholike history 1653

Choate, Rufus
        Addresses and orations a 1859 (1878)

Choice, chance and change 1606 (Grosart 1881)

Choice drollery; songs and sonnets 1656

Chomsky, Avram Noam
        Aspects of the theory of syntax 1965
        The logical structure of linguistic theory 1975
        Syntactic structures 1957

—— & Halle, Morris
        The sound pattern of English 1968

Chope, Richard P.
        The dialect of Hartland, Devonshire 1891 (E.D.S.)
        Some old farm implements 1919 (From Trans. Devonsh. Assoc. for Adv. Science, Lit. and Art, 1918)

Choppin, Gregory Robert
        Experimental nuclear chemistry 1961

Chorley, Henry F.
        Memorials of Mrs. Hemans 1836

Christ exalted, and Dr. Crisp vindicated 1698

Christian 1973–

Christian Century, The 1900–

Christian prayers, A booke of 1578
        See Day, R.

Christian religion’s appeal 1675
        See Smith, John

Christian Science Monitor (Boston, Mass.) 1908–

Christian World, The 1857–

Christie, Agatha Mary Clarissa
        The ABC murders 1936
        An autobiography 1977
        The body in the library 1942
        Come, tell me how you live 1946
        Curtain: Poirot’s last case 1975
        Elephants can remember 1972
        Evil under the sun 1941
        Lord Edgware dies 1933
        The mirror crack’d from side to side 1962
        The moving finger 1943
        Murder in the mews 1937
        The murder of Roger Ackroyd 1926
        Murder on the Orient Express 1934
        The mysterious affair at Styles 1921
        The pale horse 1961
        Peril at End House 1932
        Poirot investigates 1924
        Postern of fate 1973
        Third girl 1966

Christie, Ella R.
        See ‘Home, Julian’

Christis Kirke of the Greene a 1550 (Bannatyne MS., repr. Hunterian Club, p. 282– ).
See also Ramsay, A.

Christison, Sir Robert
        Autobiography 1885

‘Christopher, John’ (Christopher Samuel Youd)
        The twenty-second century 1954

Christophersen, Paul
        The articles: a study of their theory and use in English 1939

Chrodegang, Rule of a 1000 (E.E.T.S. 1916)

Chronicle of Calais, in the reigns of Henry VII and VIII to the year 1540 15.. (Camden Soc. 1846)

Chronicle of England c 1325 (in Ritson, Metr. rom. II. 1802)

Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London 1556 (Camden Soc. 1852)

Chronicle of London from 1089 to 1483 c 1483 (1827)
See also Kingsford, C. L.

Chronicle of the rebellion in Lincolnshire 1470 (Camden Soc. 1847)

Chronicle (English) of the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, V, and VI c 1465 (Camden Soc. 1856)

Chronicles, Three fifteenth-century 14.. (Camden Soc. 1880)

Chronicles of the White Rose of York, The v.d. (1845)

Chronicon Vilodunense, sive de vita et miraculis Sanctæ Edithæ Regis Edgari filiæ c 1420 (1830; Horstmann 1883)

Chrysler, Charles Byron
        White slavery 1911

Chubb, John
        On the construction of locks and keys 1850

Chujoy, Anatole
        The dance encyclopedia 1949
—(rev. ed. by A. Chujoy & P. W. Manchester) 1967

Church, Arthur H.
        Food grains of India 1886
        Precious stones 1883

Church, Benjamin
        History of King Philip’s war 1716 (1865–67)

Church, Richard Thomas
        The voyage home 1964

Church, Richard W.
        Bacon 1884
        Pascal, and other sermons 1895
        Spenser 1879

Church, William C.
        The life of John Ericsson 1890

Church and court of Rome 1674
See Difference

Church and the world, The 1866

Church Missionary Society
        A grammar and vocabulary of the language of New Zealand ed. S. Lee from materials supplied by T. Kendall 1820

Church of yvell men
See Chirche

Church quarterly review 1875–1968

Church Times, The 1869–

Churchill, Charles
        Poems a 1764 (1763,–4,–5,–9)
        The apology 1761
        The ghost 1762
        Night 1761
        The Rosciad 1761

Churchill, John
        Collection of voyages and travels (1704)

Churchill, Randolph Spencer & Gilbert, Martin
        Winston S. Churchill 1966–

Churchill, Winston
        Coniston 1906
        The Crisis 1901

Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer
        The end of the beginning: war speeches, 1942 compiled by C. Eade 1943
        Into battle: speeches compiled by R. S. Churchill 1941
        My early life: a roving commission 1930
        The Second World War 6 vols. 1948–53 (UK 1948–54)
        Secret session speeches compiled by C. Eade 1946
        Victory war speeches, 1945 compiled by C. Eade 1946
        The world crisis 6 vols. 1923–31

Church-lands not to be sold 1648

Churchwardens’ Account book of St. Giles, Reading 15.. (ed. W. L. Nash. Privately printed)

Church-wardens’ accounts of Croscombe, Pilton, Yatton, Tintinhull, Morebath, and St. Michael’s, Bath 1349–1560 (Somerset Rec. Soc. 1890)

Churchwardens’ accounts of S. Edmund and S. Thomas, Sarum 1443–1702 (Wilts. Rec. Soc. 1896)

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Chylde, The wyse
See Child

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        The careless husband 1705
        Love makes a man 1701
        Love’s last shift 1696
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See also Vanbrugh, Sir J.

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ed. The Cincinnati miscellany 2 vols. 1845–6
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Civil engineer and architect’s journal, The 1837–

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        Errour on the right hand through a preposterous zeal 1608

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        Journal of a second expedition into the interior of Africa 1829

Clapperton, Richard
        No news on Monday 1968

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        Poems descriptive of rural life and scenery 1820
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        A brief view and survey of the errors to Church and State in Hobbes’ Leviathan a 1674 (1676)
        A collection of several tracts a 1674 (1727)
        The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England 1647, a 1674 (1702–04, 1888)
        His life, written by himself a 1674 (1759)

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—(ed. 6) 1937

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—(Apollo ed., with title University dictionary of ——) 1967

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        Sick to death 1971

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        See Clark, John Grahame Douglas

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—(ed. 3) 1957
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—(ed. 3) 1977

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        See Willis, Robert

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ed. Harlem, U.S.A. 1964

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        A defense of an argument 1707
        A second defense 1707
        A third and fourth defense 1708
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        Memoirs of the private and public life of W. Penn 1813

Classical Association
        Proceedings 1904–

Classical quarterly 1907–

Classification of occupations 1960 See United Kingdom. General Register Office

Classification of occupations and directory of occupational titles 1972 See United Kingdom. Department of Employment

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ed. The encyclopedia of engineering materials and processes 1963

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        A journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again tr. 1753

Cleanness (= Purity) c 1325
See Early English alliterative poems

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        High Commissioner 1966
        The long pursuit 1967
        Peter’s Pence 1974
        The safe house 1975
        The sundowners 1952

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Clemens, Samuel L.
        See ‘Twain, Mark’

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        High tension 1959
        Honey for the Marshal 1960

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        Plant indicators: the relation of plant communities to process and practice 1920
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Clene maydenhod c 1370 (E.E.T.S. 1867)

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        Problems in astrophysics 1903
        The system of the stars 1890

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        See Maxwell

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tr. R. Jungk’s Brighter than a thousand suns 1958

Cleveland, John
        Works a 1658 (1687)
        The character of a London diurnall 1644 (1647)
        The character of a diurnall-maker 1654
        Poems v.d. (1651, 1653, 1659, 1660, 1677)
        The rustick rampant 1658

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) 1845–

Clevely, Hugh Desmond
        Public enemy 1953

Cleverly, C. F. M.
        See Warren, E. Prioleau