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        See Copley, Anthony

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—another ed., entitled The drayner confirmed 1647

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C., J.
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C., J.
        See Cheyney, J.; Cleveland, J.

C., R.
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C., R.
        See Carew, R.; Cawdrey, R.; Cudworth, R.

C., S.
        The art of complaisance; or the means to oblige in conversation 1673

C., W.
        Italian convert
See Crashaw, W.

C., W.
        See Covell, William

CB magazine (Communications Publication Corporation, Oklahoma City) 1964–

        See European Organization for Nuclear Research

CRC journal (Community Relations Commission) 1972–

        See Australia. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

Cabala sive scrinia sacra; mysteries of state and government in letters in the reigns of Henry VIII, Elizabeth, James I, and the late King Charles 1654 (1691)

Cabinet maker and retail furnisher (title varies) 1880–

‘Cable, Boyd’ (Ernest Andrew Ewart)
        Action Front 1916
        Doing their bit: war work at home 1916
        The Old Contemptibles 1919

Cable, Dan. 1670
        See Valentinus, B.

Cable, George W.
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        The grandissimes: a story of Creole life 1880
        Madame Delphine 1881
        Old Creole days 1879 (1883)

‘Cade, Alexander’ (Kenneth Methold)
        Turn up a stone 1969

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        A sermon of the nature of conscience 1621

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        A Quaker grandmother 1896

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        R. von Jaksch’s Clinical diagnosis tr. 1890 (1899)

Cain, James Mallahan
        The postman always rings twice 1934

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        The bondman 1890
        The Christian 1897
        The Deemster 1887
        The Little Man island 1894
        The Manxman 1894
        The scapegoat 1891
        The shadow of a crime 1885
        A son of Hagar 1886

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        A critical account of the philosophy of Kant 1877
        The critical philosophy of Kant 1889

Caird, Janet
        Perturbing spirit 1966

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        Fundamental ideas of Christianity 1892–96 (1899)
        Introduction to the philosophy of religion 1880

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        Unbelief in the eighteenth century as contrasted with its earlier and later history 1881
        Life and letters. By Alex. R. MacEwen (1895)

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        Sermons preached upon several occasions a 1686 (1687)

Calamy, Edmund
        The doctrine of the bodies fragility; a sermon preached 19 Oct. 1654 1655
        An indictment against England, because of her self-murdering divisions 1645

Calamy, Edmund
        A caveat against new prophets 1708

Caldcleugh, Alexander
        Travels in South America 1819–21 1825

Calder, Nigel David Ritchie
        The restless earth 1972

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        A Berwickshire bard: the songs and poems of R. M. C. 1897

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        History of the Kirk of Scotland a 1651 (1678; Wodrow Soc. 1842–49)

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        The relations of mind and brain 1879

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        Letters and journals from England, Holland, and the Low Countries 1756 (1884)

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Caldwell, Erskine Preston
        God’s little acre 1933

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        A comparative grammar of the Dravidian, or South Indian, family of languages 1856 (1875)

Caldwell, William
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Calendar of the state papers relating to Scotland 1509–1603 (1858)

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        An aunswere to (John Martiall’s) treatise of the crosse 1565 (Parker Soc. 1846)

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Calhoun, John C.
        Works a 1850 (1863, 1874)

California. University
        Publications in geography 1913–

California Academy of Natural Sciences
        Proceedings 1854–

California Historical Society
        Quarterly 1922–

Calisto and Melibea. (A new commodye in englysh in maner of an enterlude wherein is dyscrybyd as well the bewte and good propertes of women as theyr vycys, printed by John Rastell c 1525) 1520 (in Hazl. Dodsley)

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—— & Summers, Francis Marion
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        A musical grammar 1806

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        His reading upon the statute of 23 Hen. VIII cap. 5, of sewers 1622 (1647)

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        Power from the sea: the search for North Sea oil and gas 1973

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        Fly leaves 1871 (1903)
        Verses and translations 1862

Calvert, Frederick C.
        Dyeing and calico printing a 1873 (1875)

‘Calvin, Henry’ (Clifford Leonard Clark Hanley)
        It’s different abroad 1963
        A nice friendly town 1967
        The poison chasers 1971

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        Account of the war in India 1761
        The Scribleriad: an heroic poem 1751

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—(ed. 3 of Vols. I–II) ed. I. E. S. Edwards et al. 1970–7

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        Britannia siue florentissimorum regnorum, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ chorographica descriptio 1586; tr. by P. Holland 1610
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        Remaines of a greater worke concerning Britaine 1605 (1614, 1623, 1629, 1637)

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Camden Society
        Publications 1838–

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        The new North: being some account of a woman’s journey through Canada to the Arctic 1909

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eds. Computers and Old English concordances 1970

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        Willie Gavin, crofter man: portrait of a vanished lifestyle 1980

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        Pink tippet 1824

Camp, Walter Chauncey
        Football without a coach 1920

Campaigns of 1793–94 1796

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        A journey from Edinburgh through parts of North Britain 1802

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        Old English grammar 1959

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        Episomes 1969

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        A practical text-book of inorganic chemistry 1849

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        A dictionary of the military science 1830

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        Dearlove: the history of her summer’s makebelieve 1906

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        The four Gospels, translated from the Greek, with preliminary dissertations and notes 1789
        The philosophy of rhetoric 1776

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        White and black: outcome of visit to U.S. 1879

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        Darkness and daylight; or, Lights and shadows of New York life 1891

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        Love-letters of Mary Queen of Scots 1824

Campbell, Ignatius Roy Dunnachie (1901–57) Adamastor 1930
        Broken record 1934
        Collected poems 3 vols. 1949–60
        The flaming terrapin 1924
        Flowering rifle 1939
        The Georgiad 1931
        Light on a dark horse 1951
        Lorca: an appreciation of his poetry 1952
        Mithraic emblems 1936
        Poems 1930
tr. Poems of Baudelaire 1952
        Portugal 1957
        Talking Bronco 1946
        The wayzgoose 1928

Campbell, J. Duncan
        The fisheries of China 1883 (Fisheries exhibition literature)

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        Memoirs, written by himself 1832

Campbell, James
        Balmerino and its Abbey 1867

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        A political survey of Great Britain 1774

Campbell, John
        Travels in South Africa 1815–22

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        Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal 1845–47 (1856–57)
        Life, consisting of a selection from his autobiography, diary, and letters. Edited by his daughter, the Hon. Mrs. Hardcastle (1881)

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        Frost and fire, natural engines, etc. 1865
        Popular tales of the West Highlands 1860–62

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        The life of James Clerk Maxwell: with a selection from his correspondence and occasional writings, and a sketch of his contributions to science 1882

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick
        See Shaw, George Bernard

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        Private Spud Tamson 1915

Campbell, Roy
        See Campbell, Ignatius Roy Dunnachie

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        Diary of a visit to England in 1775 ed. J. L. Clifford 1947
        A philosophical survey of the south of Ireland (anon.) 1777 (1778)
        Strictures on the ecclesiastical and literary history of Ireland 1789

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        Poetical works a 1844 (1860, 1907)
        The battle of the Baltic 1804–05
        The exile of Erin 1800
        Gertrude of Wyoming 1809
        Hohenlinden 1801
        The pilgrim of Glencoe 1842
        The pleasures of hope 1799
        The power of Russia 1831
        Reullura 1824
        Theodric 1824

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        Life in Normandy 1848 (1863)

Campbell-Walker, Arthur
        The correct card; or how to play at whist 1876 (1880)

Campden wonder
See Overbury, Sir T.

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tr. A. Schweitzer’s On the edge of the primeval forest 1922

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        A historie of Ireland 1571 (in Holinshed’s Chron. 1587; Ware 1633)

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        Works a 1619 (1889, 1909)
        Observations in the art of English poesie 1602 (Haslewood 1815; in G. G. Smith, Eliz. Crit. Ess. 1904)
        Two books of ayres; being songs without accompanyments 1610; the third and fourth books of ayres 1612 (in Arber, Eng. Garner III).
See also Playford, John

Canada. Department of the Environment. Fisheries and Marine Service
        Fisheries fact sheet 1973–

Canada. Geological Survey
        Reports of progress (later Annual reports) 1857–1906

Canada. Senate
        Official report of debates 1870–

Canadian annual review of public affairs 1903–

Canadian antiques collector (title varies) 1966–

Canadian geographical journal 1930–

Canadian historical review 1920–

Canadian journal of linguistics 1961–

Canadian journal of physics 1951–

Canadian journal of research 1929–50 (from 1935 divided into subject series)

Canadian Medical Association
        Journal 1911–

Canadian mineralogist 1957–

Cancer (American Cancer Society) 1948–

Cancer research 1941–

Candid remarks on the stage bill 1785

Candler, Edmund
        The unveiling of Lhasa 1905

‘Candy, Edward’ (Alison Neville)
        Words for murder perhaps 1971

Cane, John V.
        Fiat lux 1661

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        Fables for parents 1937 (UK 1938)
        Understood Betsy 1917 (UK 1922)

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        A maid of the frontier 1898

Cannan, Joanna Maxwell
        All is discovered 1962
        And all I learned 1951
        And be a villain 1958
        High table 1931
        Little I understood 1948
        Long shadows 1955
        Murder included 1950
        No walls of jasper 1930

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        A necessitie of separation from the Church of England, prooved by the nonconformists principles 1634 (1849)

Canning, George (the elder)
        A translation of Anti-Lucretius 1766

Canning, George (son of the above)
        Speeches a 1827 (1828)
See also Anti-Jacobin; Microcosm

Canning, Victor
        Flight of the grey goose 1973
        The great affair 1970
        The melting man 1968
        The python project 1967
        Queen’s pawn 1969
        The rainbird pattern 1972
        The whip hand 1965

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        A sermon preached after the renovation of the National Covenant and celebration of the Lord’s Supper at Glasgow 1638 (1727)

Cantarow, Abraham & Schepartz, Bernard
        Biochemistry 1954
—(ed. 4) 1967

Canterburian’s self-conviction 1640
        See Baillie, R.

Canticum de creatione c 1375 (in Anglia I; Horstmann, Sammlung Altenglischer Leg. 1878)

Canting dictionary, A new 1725.
See also E., B.

Caoursin’s (Gulielmus) Siege of Rhodes
See Kay, J.

Cape Argus (Cape Town) 1888– (title varies)

Cape of Good Hope in 1822, State of 1823

Cape monthly magazine 1857–81

Cape Times (Cape Town) 1876–

Capel, Richard
        Tentations: their nature, danger, cure 1633 (1655)
        Remains, being an appendix to his excellent treatise of tentations a 1656 (1658)

Capell, Edward
        Mr. W. Shakespeare his Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies republished (with) notes, critical and explanatory, and various readings 1760–68
        Two tables elucidating the sounds of letters 1749

Capell, Richard
        Simiomata: a Greek note book, 1944–1945 1946

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        Ballads and songs 1858
        Poems 1856

Capgrave, John
        The chronicle of England 1460 (Rolls series 1858)
        Lives of St. Augustine and St. Gilbert of Sempringham c 1450 (E.E.T.S. 1910)
        The life of St. Katharine of Alexandria c 1440 (E.E.T.S. 1893)
See also Bridget

Capote, Truman
        The grass harp 1951 (UK 1952)
        In cold blood: a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences 1965 (UK 1966)

Captain, The: a magazine for boys 1899–1924

Captain Underwit
See Newcastle, 1st Duke of

Captive of Valence, The 1804

Caraccioli, Charles
        The life of Robert lord Clive, baron Plassey 1775

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        Autobiography 1947
        Close of play 1956
        Days in the sun: a cricketer’s journal 1924

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        Documentary annals of the reformed church of England; being a collection of injunctions, declarations, orders, etc. from 1546 to 1716 (1839)

Carew, Bampfylde Moore
        The life and adventures of, (1745)
        An Apology for the life of, 1749 (1763)
See also Price, Thomas

Carew, Dorothea Petrie
        Many years, many girls 1967

Carew, Lady Eliz.
        The tragedie of Mariam, the faire queene of Iewry 1613

‘Carew, Francis Wylde’ (Arthur E. G. Way)
        No. 747: being the autobiography of a gipsy 1891

Carew, Jan Alwin Rynveld
        Black Midas 1958
        The wild coast 1958

Carew, Richard
        Epistle on the excellency of the English tongue ? 1595–96 (1602; in G. G. Smith, Eliz. Crit. Ess. 1904)
        Estienne’s World of wonders tr. 1607
        A herrings tayle 1598
        Huarte’s Examination of men’s wits tr. 1594 (1616)
        The survey of Cornwall 1602
        Tasso’s Godfrey of Bulloigne tr. 1594 (1881)

Carew, Thomas
        Cœlum Britanicum. A masque at White-Hall 1634
        Poems a 1639 (1640, 1651, 1824)

Carey, George C.
        Every man his own stock-broker; or, a complete guide to the public funds 1820

Carey, Henry
        Poems on several occasions 1713, 1720, 1729
        The ballad of Sally in our alley (in 1729 ed. of prec.; in Arber, Eng. Garner VI)
        Chrononhotonthologos: the most tragical tragedy that ever was tragediz’d by any company of tragedians 1734
        Hanging and marriage; or, the dead-man’s wedding 1722

Carey, Patrick
        See Cary, Patrick

Carey, Sir Robert, Earl of Monmouth
        Memoirs, written by himself a 1639 (1759)

Carey, Rosa N.
        Passage perilous 1903
        Uncle Max 1887

Caribbean quarterly 1949–

Carlell, Lodowick
        The deserving favourite 1629

Carles, William R.
        Life in Corea 1888

Carleton, Sir Dudley
        Letters from and to Sir D. C. during his embassy in Holland 1616–20 (1757)

Carleton, Bp. George
        Jurisdiction regall, episcopall, papall 1610

Carleton, William
        Fardorougha the miser 1839
        Traits and stories of the Irish peasantry 1830–33 (1843)

Carlile, Christopher
        A discourse, wherein is plainly proued..that Peter was neuer at Rome (by R. T., i.e. C. Carlile) 1572

Carlile, James
        Fortune-hunters 1689

Carlile, M. J. & Skehel, J. J.
        Evolution in the microbial world 1974 (24th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology)

Carlisle, G. W. F. Howard, 7th Earl of
        Diary in Turkish and Greek waters 1854

Carlop Green, or equality realized; a poem 1793 (1817)

Carlquist, Sherwin John
        Hawaii: a natural history 1970

Carlson, Elof Axel
        The gene: a critical history 1966

Carlton, Robert
        The new purchase, or seven and a half years in the Far West 1843

Carlyle, Alexander
        Autobiography a 1805 (1860)

Carlyle, Jane Welsh
        Early letters 18.. (1889)
        Letters and memorials a 1866 (1883)

Carlyle, John A.
        Dante’s Inferno tr. 1848

Carlyle, Thomas
        Works v.d. (1872)
        Critical and miscellaneous essays v.d. (1839, 1840, 1847, 1857)
ed. Oliver Cromwell’s letters and speeches 1845
        Essay on chartism 1839
        The French Revolution 1837
        German romance 1827
        Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister tr. 1824
        On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in history 1840
        Historical sketches of persons and events in the reigns of James I and Charles I a 1881 (1898)
        History of Friedrich II, called the Great 1858–65
        Inaugural address, Edinburgh 1866
        E. Irving 1866 (in Remin.: see below)
        Latter-day pamphlets 1850
        Letters 18.. (ed. C. E. Norton, 1886, 1888)
        The life of John Sterling 1851
        The life of Friedrich Schiller 1825
        Past and present 1843
        Reminiscences 1832–67 (1881)
        Sartor resartus 1833–34 (1838, etc.)
        Tales by Musæus, Tieck, Richter tr. 1827
See also Froude, J. A.

Carlyon, Clement
        Early years and late reflections 1836–58

Carman, Philip Crosbie
        Chemical constitution and properties of engineering materials 1949

Carmeni’s (Francis) Nissena tr. 1653

Carmichael, Mrs. A. C.
        Domestic manners and social condition of the white, coloured, and negro population of the West Indies 1833

‘Carmichael, Harry’ (Leopold Horace Ognall)
        Naked to the grave 1972
        The seeds of hate 1960
        Too late for tears 1973

Carmichael, Robert Daniel
        Introduction to the theory of groups of finite order 1937

Carnap, Rudolf
        Meaning and necessity: a study in semantics and modal logic 1947

Carnegie, William
        Practical game preserving 1884
        Practical trapping 1880

Carnegie Institution of Washington
        Publications 1902–
        Year-book 1902–

Carolina, Description of South 1761

Caroll, William
        A letter to the rev. Dr. Benj. Pratt 1707

Carpenter, Frank De Y.
        Round about Rio 1883

Carpenter, George Herbert
        The biology of insects 1928

Carpenter, John
        The plaine mans spirituall plough 1607
        Schelomonocham, or King Solomon his solace 1606

Carpenter, John Richard
        An ecological glossary 1938

Carpenter, Joseph Estlin
        Tiele’s (C. P.) Outlines of the history of religion tr. 1877

Carpenter, Kathleen E.
        Life in inland waters 1928

Carpenter, Nathanael
        Achitophel; or, the picture of a wicked politician 1629
        Geography delineated forth in two bookes 1625 (1635)

Carpenter, Philip P.
        Lectures on mollusca; orshell-fishand their allies 1860 (in Rep. Smithsonian Inst.)

Carpenter, Rhys
        Greek sculpture: a critical review 1960

Carpenter, Richard
        Christ’s larumbell of love resounded 1616
        The conscionable christian 1623
        A pastorall charge 1616
        The soules sentinel 1612

Carpenter, Richard
        Astrology proved harmless, usefull, pious 1657
        Experience, historie, and divinitie 1642
        A new play call’d the pragmatical Jesuit new-leven’d 1660

Carpenter, Spencer Cecil
        Christianity according to S. Luke 1919

Carpenter, William B.
        Animal physiology 1848
        Manual of physiology 1851
        The microscope and its revelations 1856
        Principles of general and comparative physiology 1839
        Principles of human physiology 1844
        Principles of mental physiology 1874
        Vegetable physiology 1858
        Zoology 1847

Carpenter, Will. Boyd
        Lectures on preaching 1894 (1895)
        Permanent elements of religion 1887 (1889)

Carpenter, William L.
        A treatise on the manufacture of soap and candles, lubricants and glycerine 1885

Carpentry and joinery for amateurs 1875

Carr, Mrs. Comyns
        The arm of the Lord 1899
        Cottage folk 1897
        Margaret Maliphant 1889

Carr, Edward Hallett
        A history of Soviet Russia:
        The Bolshevik revolution, 1917–1923 3 vols. 1950–3
        The interregnum, 1923–1924 1954
        Socialism in one country, 1924–1926 3 vols. 1958–64
        Foundations of a planned economy, 1926–1929 by E. H. Carr & R. W. Davies 3 vols. 1969–71

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        A synopsis of elementary results in pure and applied mathematics 2 parts 1880–6

Carr, Sir John
        Caledonian sketches, or a tour through Scotland 1807

Carr, John Dickson
        Below suspicion 1949 (UK 1950)

Carr, Lisle
        Judith Gwynne 1874

Carr, William
        The travellours guide, and historians faithful companion 1695

Carr, William
        The dialect of Craven, in the West-Riding of the County of York (anon.) 1824, 1828

Carr-Saunders, Alexander Morris & Jones, David Caradog
        A survey of the social structure of England and Wales, as illustrated by statistics 1927

Carrick, John D.
        The Laird of Logan 1835

Carrier, Robert
        Great dishes of the world 1963

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——, Davies, P., & Richman, B.
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        Alice’s adventures in Wonderland 1865
        The game of logic 1887
        The hunting of the snark 1876
        Sylvie and Bruno 1889
        Sylvie and Bruno concluded 1893
        Through the looking-glass 1871

Carruthers, William Alexander
        See Caruthers

Carson, Gerald
        Cornflake crusade 1957 (UK 1959)

Carson, Rachel Louise
        Silent spring 1962 (UK 1963)

Carson, Robert Andrew Glendinning
        Coins: ancient, mediaeval & modern 1962

Carstairs, John Paddy
        The concrete kimono 1965

Carte, Thomas
        A collection of original letters and papers concerning the affairs of England, from the year 1641 to 1660 found among the Duke of Ormonde’s papers v.d. (1739)
        A general history of England to 1654 1747–55
        An history of the life of James, Duke of Ormonde, 1610–88 1735–36

Carter, Elizabeth
        Algarotti’s (F.) Sir Isaac Newton’s philosophy explain’d tr. 1739 (1742)
        A series of letters between Mrs. E. Carter and Miss Cath. Talbot 1741–70 (1809)
        Memoirs of the life of Mrs. E. C. with a new edition of her poems. To which are added some miscellaneous essays, etc. By M. Pennington 17.. (1808)

Carter, John
        The nail hit on the head 1644
        A plaine and compendious exposition of Christs sermon in the mount 1627
        The wheel turned by a voice from the throne of glory 1647

Carter, John Waynflete
        ABC for book-collectors 1952
—(ed. 3) 1961

Carter, Matthew
        Honor redivivus; or the analysis of honor and armory 1655 (1680)

Carter, Philip Youngman
        Mr. Campion’s falcon 1970
        Mr. Campion’s farthing 1969

Cartwright, Christopher
        Certamen religiosum 1651
        Exceptions against a writing of Rich. Baxters in answer to some animadversions upon his aphorismes a 1658 (1675)

Cartwright, George
        A journal of transactions and events, during a residence of nearly sixteen years on the coast of Labrador 3 vols. 1792

Cartwright, James J.
        Chapters in the history of Yorkshire: a collection of letters, papers, etc., with notes 1872

Cartwright, John
        The preachers travels: wherein is set downe a true journall to the East Indies 1611

Cartwright, Julia
        Madame; A life of Henrietta, daughter of Charles I, Duchess of Orleans 1894

Cartwright, Peter
        Autobiography of a backwoods preacher 1856

Cartwright, Thomas
        A confutation of the Rhemists translation, glosses, and annotations on the New Testament a 1603 (1618)
        A Replye to an Answere made of M. Doctor Whitegift 1573

Cartwright, William
        Comedies, tragi-comedies, with other poems a 1643 (1651)
        The lady-errant 1641
        The ordinary c 1634 (1651; in Hazl. Dodsley)
        The royal slave 1639

Caruthers, William Alexander
        The Kentuckian in New York; or, The adventures of three Southerns 2 vols. 1834

Carver, Jonathan
        Travels through the interior parts of North America in 1766, etc. 1778
        A treatise on the culture of the tobacco plant 1779

Carvic, Heron
        Miss Seeton sings 1973 (UK 1974)

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        History of the Church of England 1829–33 (1849)

Cary, Alice
        Ballads, lyrics and hymns 1865 (1876)
        Pictures of country life 1859 (1876)

Cary, Arthur Joyce Lunel
        The African witch 1936
        Aissa saved 1932
        An American visitor 1933
        The captive and the free 1959
        Castle Corner 1938
        Except the Lord 1953
        Herself surprised 1941
        Mister Johnson 1939

Cary, G.
        A physician’s phylactic, against a lawyer’s venefic 1706

Cary, Henry
        Memorials of the great civil war in England, 1646–52 1842

Cary, Henry F.
        Aristophanes, Birds tr. 1824
        Dante tr. 1805–12

Cary, Lucius
        Discourse of the infallibilitie of the Church of Rome a 1643 (1646)

Cary, Patrick
        Trivial poems, and triolets. Written in obedience to Mrs. Tomkin’s commands 1651 (1820)

Cary, Robert
        Palæologia chronica; or a chronological account of ancient time 1677

Caryl, Joseph
        An exposition upon the book of Job 1644–66
        The nature, solemnity, grounds, etc. of a sacred covenant 1643

Casamassa, Jack V.
ed. Jet aircraft power systems: principles and maintenance 1950

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        Of credulity and incredulity in things divine and spiritual 1670
        The originall cause of temporall evils 1645
        A treatise concerning enthusiasme 1655

Case, John
        The praise of musicke (anon.) 1586

Case, Thomas
        Gods rising, his enemies scattering 1644

Case of Exeter Colledge, Oxford, related and vindicated 1691

Case of our affairs 1643
        See Spelman, Sir J.

Case of the kingdom stated 1647

Case of Protestants in England under a Popish prince c 1680

Casey, James P.
        Pulp and paper 2 vols. 1952

Casey, John
        Spherical trigonometry, geodesy, and astronomy 1889

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        Notes on the ventilation of textile factories (Read before Society of Dyers and colourists) c 1890

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        Lives of the bishops of Bath and Wells 1829

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        See Jones, T. R.

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Cassell’s dictionary of abbreviations 1966
        See Gurnett, John William & Kyte, Colin Henry John

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Cassell’s Encyclopædic dictionary 1879–88
        Supplementary volume 1902

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Cassell’s Technical educator 1877–82

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        Supernatural religion (anon.) 1874–77

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—— & Le Page, Robert Brock
eds. Dictionary of Jamaican English 1967
—(ed. 2) 1980

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        The masque of Mary, and other poems 1858

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Catalogue of the special loan collection of scientific apparatus at the South Kensington Museum 1876

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        A treatise on the deluge and structure of the earth 1761

Catechism, The shorter, agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster 1648

Catesby, Mark
        The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands 1731–48 (1754)

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        See Addis, W. E.

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        Illustrations of the manners, customs, and condition of the North American Indians 1841 (1844)

Catlow, Agnes
        Popular conchology 1843

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Cato’s Morals c 1400 (in Cursor M. App. IV)

Catto, Maxwell Joseph
        Bird on the wing 1966

‘Caudwell, Christopher’ (Christopher St. John Sprigg)
        Illusion and reality 1937

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        Seamanship notes 1886

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        The dictionary of needlework 1882

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        Oriental annual 1834

Causes of the decay of Christian piety. By the author of The whole duty of man 1667

Caussin’s (N.) Angel of peace to all Christian princes tr. 1650.
See also Hawkins, Sir T.

‘Caustic, Christopher’
        See Fessenden, T. G.

Cautions and advices to officers in the army; by an old officer 1760

Cavallier, James
        Memoirs of the wars of the Cevennes 1726

Cavallo, Tiberius
        A complete treatise of electricity in theory and practice 1777

Cavalry, Instructions and regulations for 1796–99 (1813)

Cavalry tactics: by a cavalry officer 1897

Cave, Alfred
        The inspiration of the Old Testament inductively considered 1888
        The scriptural doctrine of sacrifice 1877

Cave, William
        A dissertation concerning the government of the ancient church by bishops, metropolitans and patriarchs 1683
        Ecclesiastici; or a history of the most eminent Fathers of the Church in the fourth century 1682
        Primitive Christianity 1672

Cavell, Stanley Louis
        The world viewed: reflections on the ontology of film 1971

‘Cavendish’ (H. Jones)
        The principles of whist 1862 (1870, 1879)

—— & Bennett, Joseph
        Billiards 1872

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        Works a 1562 (1825)
        The life of Cardinal Wolsey a 1562 (1825; Kelmscott Press 1893)

Cavendish, William, Duke of Newcastle
        The country captaine; a comoedye 1649
        A new method and extraordinary invention, to dress horses, etc. 1667
        The varietie; a comoedy 1649

Cawdrey, Daniel
        Humilitie, the saints liverie 1624
        Three sermons 1641

Cawdrey, Robert
        A table alphabeticall of English wordes 1604 (1613)

Caws, Peter
        The philosophy of science 1965

Cawthorn, James
        Abelard and Heloise 1746
        The perjured lovers 1736
        Poems a 1761 (1790, 1810)
        A sermon preach’d before the burgesses of Westminster 1745

Cawton, Thomas
        The life and death of T. C. with severall of his speeches and letters while in exile. To which is annexed a sermon preached by him not long after the beheading of his Majesty a 1659 (1662)

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        The subtyl historyes and fables of Esope, of Auyan, Alfonse, and Poge tr. 1484 (1889)
        The arte and crafte to knowe well to dye tr. 1490
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        Dialogues in French and English c 1483 (E.E.T.S. 1900)
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        The book of fayttes of armes and of chyualrye tr. 1489
        The foure sonnes of Aymon tr. c 1489 (E.E.T.S. 1884)
        Geoffroi de la Tour l’Andri (the knyght of the toure) tr. 1483
        Godeffroy of Boloyne tr. 1481 (E.E.T.S. 1893)
        The golden legende tr. 1483
        The historie of Jason tr. c 1477 (E.E.T.S. 1913)
        The mirrour of the world tr. 1481 (E.E.T.S. 1913)
        The book of the ordre of chyualry tr. 1484
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        Thystorye of the knyght Parys and the fayr Vyenne tr. 1485 (1868)
        The recuyell of the historyes of Troye tr. 1471 (Sommer 1894)
        The historye of reynart the foxe tr. 1481 (Percy Soc. 1844; Arber 1880)
        The ryall book tr. 1484
        Vitas patrum tr. 1491 (W. de Worde 1495)
        The lyf of saynt Wenefryde tr. 1485
See also Botoner, W. Rivers, Earl; Tiptoft, J.

Cayley, Arthur
        The collected mathematical papers a 1895 (1889–98)

Cayley, George J.
        Las Alforjas 1853

Cecil, Edward Christian David
        Two quiet lives: Dorothy Osborne, Thomas Gray 1948

Cecil, Mirabel
        Heroines in love 1750–1974 1974

Cecil, Richard
        Works a 1810 (1811)

Cecil, Robert, Earl of Salisbury
        The secret correspondence of Sir R. C. with James VI, King of Scotland a 1612 (1766)

Cecil, William, Baron Burghley
        The execution of iustice in England for maintenaunce of publique and christian peace, against certeine stirrers of sedition, without any persecution of them for questions of religion 1583 (1675)

Celestina 1631
        See Mabbe, James

Cely papers: selections from the correspondence and memoranda of the Cely Family, Merchants of the Staple 1475–88 (Camden Soc. 1900)

Censor, The 1803 (Vol. I)

Census of England and Wales, 1881. Instructions to the clerks employed in classifying the occupations and ages of the people 1881 (1885)

Census of Great Britain in 1851 1851

Centlivre, Susanna
        Works a 1722 (1760–61, 1872)
        The basset-table 1706
        A bold stroke for a wife 1717
        The busie body 1708
        Love at a venture 1706
        Love’s contrivance 1703
        The perjur’d husband 1700

Century dictionary, The. An encyclopedic lexicon of the English language. Prepared under the superintendence of W. D. Whitney 1889–91
        Supplement 1909

Century illustrated monthly magazine, The 1881–

Cercle Linguistique de Prague
        Travaux 1929–

Ceylon Daily News (Colombo) 1918–

Ceylon Observer (Colombo) 1834–