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Broke, Lord
        See Greville, F.

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        The northern lasse 1632
        The queenes exchange a 1652
        The sparagus garden 1635 (1640)

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        A treatise of specters 1658

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        In the absence of the body 1972

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        Shirley 1849
        Villette 1853

Brontë, Emily Jane
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        See Greville, F.

Brooke, 2nd Baron
        See Greville, R.

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        A collection of the pieces formerly published, which are added several plays and poems 1778 (1789)
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        The silver cord, a story 1861

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tr. A. J. W. Sommerfeld’s Atomic structure and spectral lines 1923
—(ed. 3) 1934

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Brother Jonathan 1825
        See Neal, J.

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        Works 1588–1612
        Letters..about Sheol and Hades 1599
        A require of agreement to the groundes of divinitie studie 1611

Broughton, Rhoda
        Belinda 1883
        Cometh up as a flower 1867
        Joan, a tale 1876
        Nancy 1873
        Red as a rose 1870
        Second thoughts 1880

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        Words in our time 1958

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        Misread passages of scripture 1869–71

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        A compendious history of the British churches in England, etc. 1784 (1823)
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Brown, John
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Brown, John
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        John Leech and other papers 1861– (1882)
        Letters; with letters from Ruskin, Thackeray, and others ed. J. Brown & D. W. Forrest 1907
—(ed. 3) 1912
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Brown, Thomas
        Works a 1704 (1720, 1730)
        A praise of poverty a 1704
        An essay on the satire of the antients a 1704
        Fresny’s amusements serious and comical tr. 1700
        Letters from the dead to the living c 1700 (1702)
        The saints in an uproar 1687

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        Letters a 1897 (1900)

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        The history of the propagation of christianity among the heathen since the reformation 1814

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        Ars pictoria, or an academy teaching drawing, painting, etc. 1669

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        The sylva americana; or, A description of the forest trees indigenous to the United States 1832
        The American poultry yard 1849 (1855)

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        A brief account of some travels in Hungaria etc. 1673 (1685)

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        An exposition of the thirty-nine articles 1850

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        Poems 1706–60 (1768)

Browne, Joseph
        An account of the wonderful cures perform’d by the cold baths 1707

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        The civil and natural history of Jamaica 1756 (1789)

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        An answere to master (T.) Cartwright c 1585

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        Works a 1682 (1835–36, 1851–52)
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        A letter to a friend 1672 (1881)
        Certain miscellany tracts a 1682 (1684)
        Pseudodoxia epidemica or enquiries into very many received tenents (= Vulgar errors) 1646 (1658, 1686)
        Religio medici 1643 (1656)

Browne, Thomas Alexander
        See ‘Boldrewood, Rolf’

Browne, William
        Works a 1643 (1772)
        Britannia’s pastorals 1613, 1616
        Inner Temple masque 1615
        The shepheard’s pipe 1614
        Thirsis’ praise to his mistress a 1643 (1772)

Browne, William
        His fiftie yeares practice, or an exact discourse concerning snaffle-riding 1624
        Le Roy’s (M.) History of Polexander tr. 1647

Browning, Carl Hamilton
        Bacteriology 1925

Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett
        Poetical works a 1861 (Poems 1844, 1850)
        Aurora Leigh 1856
        Casa Guidi windows 1851
        A drama of exile 1844
        A lament for Adonis 1850
        Letters addressed to R. H. Horne 1839–51 (1877)
        Prometheus bound 1833
        Some account of the Greek Christian poets 1842 (1863)
        Sonnets from the Portuguese a 1846
        A vision of poets 1844

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        Poetical works a 1889
        Aristophanes’ Apology 1875
        Balaustion’s adventure 1871
        Bells and pomegranates 1841–46
        Dramatic idyls 1879–80
        Dramatis personæ 1865
        Ferishtah’s fancies 1884
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        The inn album 1875
        La Saisiaz 1878
        Men and women 1855
        Paracelsus 1835
        Pauline 1833
        Red cotton night-cap country 1873
        The ring and the book 1868
        Sordello 1840
        Strafford, a tragedy 1837
        The two poets of Croisic 1878

Brownrig, Bp. Ralph
        Sermons a 1659 (1674)

Bruce, Alexander B.
        Apologetics; or christianity defensively stated 1892
        The kingdom of God; or Christ’s teaching according to the synoptical gospels 1889
        The miraculous element in the gospels 1886
        St. Paul’s conception of christianity 1894

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        Poems, ballads and songs 1813

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        Travels to discover the source of the Nile 1790

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        Letters and journals a 1863 (1872)

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        Lectures and sermons, good news in evil times 1708

Bruce, Peter H.
        Memoirs..containing an account of his travels in Germany etc. 1782

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        Sermons preached in the kirk of Edinburgh 1591 (Wodrow Soc. 1843)
        Sermons upon the sacrament of the Lord’s supper 1590

Bruce, William
        Hebrew odes, and other poems 1874

Bruel’s (W.) (= Bruele, G.) Praxis medicinæ or the physitians practise tr. 1632

Bruin, Cornelis de. Corneille le Bruyn’s Voyage to the Levant tr. W. J. 1702

Bruner, Jerome Seymour
        Beyond the information given: studies in the psychology of knowing ed. J. M. Anglin 1973 (UK 1974)

Brunne, Robert Manning of
        Handlyng synne 1303 (Roxb. Club 1862; E.E.T.S. 1901)
        Langtoft’s Chronicle 1338 (1725, 1810)
        The story of England (= Chron. Wace) c 1330 (Rolls series 1887)
For Meditations on the supper of our Lord 13.. See Bonaventura

Brunswyke’s (or Braunschweig, H.) The noble experyence of the vertuous handywarke of surgeri..Here after..the antidotharius tr. 1525.
See also Andrew, L.

Brunt, David
        Meteorology 1928

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Bruton, Eric Moore
        Dictionary of clocks and watches 1962

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        Harvest home 1674

Bryan, William Alanson
        Natural history of Hawaii 1915

Bryant, Charles
        Flora diætetica; or the history of esculent plants 1783

Bryant, Edwin
        What I saw in California 1848
—(ed. 5) 1849

Bryant, Jacob
        A new system, or analysis of ancient mythology 1774–76

‘Bryant, Peter’ (Peter Bryan George)
        Two hours to doom 1958

Bryant, Thomas
        The practice of surgery 1872 (1878)

Bryant, William Cullen
        Poetical works a 1878 (1856 etc.)
        The Iliad of Homer tr. 1870
        The Odyssey of Homer tr. 1871

Bryce, James
        The American commonwealth 1888
        The holy Roman empire 1864 (1875)
        Impressions of South Africa 1897

Bryden, Henry Anderson
        Animals of Africa 1900
        Kloof and karroo: sport, legend, and natural history in Cape Colony 1889
        Tales of South Africa 1896

Brydges, Grey, Baron Chandos
        Horæ subsecivæ: observations and discourses (anon.) 1620

Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton
        Archaica 1815
        Censura literaria 1805–09

—— & Haslewood, J.
        The British bibliographer 1810–14

Brydges, Thomas
        See Bridges

Brydone, Patrick
        A tour through Sicily and Malta 1773

Bryskett, Lodovick
        A discourse of civill life 1606

Bryson, Alexander
        Medicine and medical statistics 1851–59 (in Manual of scientific enquiry 1859)

Bryson, Herbert Courtney
        The gramophone record 1935

Bucaniers of America, The history of the tr. (from J. Esquemeling) 1684

Buccleuch MSS. Report on the manuscripts of the Duke of Buccleuch (Historical Manuscripts Commission 1899–)

See Briefe examination 1564

Buch, Carl W.
        Hagenbach’s (C. R.) Compendium of the history of doctrines tr. 1847

Buchan, John
        The blanket of the dark 1931
        Castle Gay 1930
        The courts of the morning 1929
        The dancing floor 1926
        The gap in the curtain 1932
        Greenmantle 1916
        The house of the four winds 1935
        Huntingtower 1922
        The island of sheep 1936
        John Macnab 1925
        Memory hold-the-door 1940
        Mr. Standfast 1919
        Nelson’s history of the war 24 vols. 1915–19
        Prester John 1910
        A prince of the captivity 1933
        The thirty-nine steps 1915
        The three hostages 1924

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        Ancient ballads and songs of the north of Scotland 1828
        Gleanings of Scotch, English, and Irish scarce old ballads 1825

Buchan, William
        Domestic medicine 1789 (1790)

Buchan dialect. A select collection of Scots poems, chiefly in the broad Buchan dialect 1785

Buchanan, George
        Vernacular writings a 1582 (S.T.S. 1892)
        Chamæleon 1570
        B.’s detection of the duings of Marie quene of Scottes tr. 1572
        Opinion anent the reformation of the universitie of St. Andros 1563–67

Buchanan, Joseph R.
        Outlines of lectures on the neurological system of anthropology 1854

Buchanan, Robert
        The ten years’ conflict, being the history of the disruption of the church of Scotland 1849

Buchanan, Robert James McLean
        The blood in health and disease 1909

Buchanan, Robert W.
        Poetical works 1874 (also 1884, 1901)
        Annan water 1885
        The coming terror and other essays 1891
        The heir of Linne: a romance 1888

Buchanan, Robertson
        Practical essays on mill-work 1814 (1823)

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        A technological dictionary 1846

Buck, Albert H.
ed. A reference handbook of the medical sciences. By various writers. 1885–90

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Buck, Sir George
        The history of the life and reign of Richard the third a 1623 (1646)

Buck, Peter Henry
        The coming of the Maori 1925
—(rev. ed.) 1949 (corrected impression, 1950)

Buckham, Philip W.
        The theatre of the Greeks 1825

Buckingham, George Villiers, 1st Duke of. Documents illustrating the impeachment of the Duke of Buckingham in 1626 (Camden Soc. 1889).
See also Wotton, Sir H.

Buckingham, 2nd Duke of
        See Villiers, G.

Buckingham and Chandos, Richard P. Grenville, 2nd Duke of
        Memoirs of the court of George IV 1820–30 1859
        Memoirs of the courts and cabinets of William IV and Victoria 1861

Buckingham and Normanby, 1st Duke of
        See Sheffield, John

Buckland, Francis T.
        Log-book of a fisherman and zoologist 1875
        Notes and jottings from animal life a 1880 (1882)

Buckland, William
        Geology and mineralogy considered with reference to natural theology (Bridgewater treatise) 1836 (1837)
        Reliquiæ diluvianæ; or observations on the organic remains contained in caves (etc.) attesting the action of an universal deluge 1823

Buckle, Henry T.
        History of civilisation in England 1857–61
        Miscellaneous and posthumous works a 1862 (1872)

Buckle, John S.
        The manufacturer’s compendium 1864

Buckler, Ernest Redmond
        Ox bells and fireflies 1968

Buckley, Theodore A. W.
        The Iliad of Homer tr. 1848

Buckman, S. S.
        John Darke’s sojourn in the Cotswolds 1890

‘Buckmaster, Henrietta’ (Henrietta Stephens)
        The walking trip 1972

Bucknill, John C. & Tuke, D. H.
        A manual of psychological medicine: containing the history, nosology, description and treatment of insanity 1874

Budd, George
        Treatise on diseases of the liver 1845

Budgell, Eustace
        The bee 1733
        The moral characters of Theophrastus tr. 1714

Budworth (afterwards Palmer), Joseph
        A fortnight’s ramble to the lakes in Westmoreland etc. 1792

Buel, Jesse
        The farmer’s companion 1840

Buenos Aires Herald 1876–

Büsching’s (A. F.) New system of geography tr. 1762

Buffon’s (G. L. Le Clerc, Comte de) Natural history of birds tr. 1792
See also Smellie, W.

Bugbears, The c 1580 (in Archiv Stud. neu. Sprachen, Bd. 98, 1897)

Bugge’s (T.) Travels in the French republic tr. J. Jones 1801

Builder, The; an illustrated weekly magazine 1842–

Builder’s dictionary, The, or gentleman’s and architect’s companion 1734

Building news 1857–

Bulkeley, John & Cummins, J.
        A voyage to the South-seas 1743

Bulkeley, Peter
        The gospel covenant, or the covenant of grace opened 1646

Bull, Digby
        The watchman’s voice giving warning to all men of the dreadful day of the Lord 1695

Bull, Bp. George
        Works a 1710 (1846)

Bull, Henry
        Luther’s Commentarie upon the fiftene psalmes called psalms of degrees tr. 1577 (1615)

Bull, Peter
        I know the face, but… 1959

Bull, Roger
        Dedekind’s (Fr.) Grobianus, or the compleat booby tr. 1739

‘Bull-Us, Hector’ (James Kirke Paulding)
        The diverting history of John Bull and Brother Jonathan 1812
—(ed. 2) 1813
—(new ed.) 1835

Bull of Pope Innocent VIII 1485 (Camden Soc. 1847)

Bullein, William
        Bulwarke of defence against all sicknesse, soarenesse and woundes (The booke of simples, Dialogue betweene sorenes and chirurgi, The boke of compoundes, The booke of the vse of sicke men and medicines) 1562 (1579)
        A dialogue against the feuer pestilence 1564 (1578; E.E.T.S. 1888)
        The government of health 1558

Bullen, Arthur H.
ed. A collection of old English plays (2 series 1882–85, 1887)

Bullen, Frank T.
        The cruise of theCachalot’ 1898
        Idylls of the sea 1899
        The log of a sea-waif 1899
        The way they have in the navy 1899
        With Christ at sea 1900

Bullens, Denison Kingsley
        Steel and its heat treatment 1916

Buller, Francis
        An introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius 1775 (ed. 2)

Buller, Walter Lawry
        A history of the birds of New Zealand 1873
        Manual of the birds of New Zealand 1882

Bulletin (Glasgow) 1915–60 (1924–60 with title Bulletin and Scots pictorial)

Bulletin (Sydney) 1880–

Bulletin of the atomic scientists 1945–

Bulletin of entomological research 1910–

See also under the names of particular institutions

Bullinger’s (H.) Fiftie godlie..sermons diuided into fiue decades tr. H. I. 1577 (1592; also Parker Soc. 1849–52)

Bullins, Ed
        The theme is blackness:The cornerand other plays 1973

Bulloch, John
        George Jamesone the Scottish Vandyck 1885
        The Pynours: historical notes on an ancient Aberdeen craft 1887

Bullock, Alan Louis Charles
ed. The twentieth century: a promethean age 1971

Bullock, Christopher
        Woman is a riddle 1717

Bullock, William R.
        Cazeaux’ (P.) Treatise on midwifery tr. 1857

Bullokar, John
        An English expositor 1616 (also 1641–76)

Bulwer, Henry Earle
        A glossary of technical terms employed in connection with church bells 1901

Bulwer, John
        Anthropometamorphosis; Man transformed, or the artificial changeling etc. 1650
        Chirologia, or the naturall language of the hand..Whereunto is added, Chironomia; or the art of manuall rhetoricke 1644
        Pathomyotomai; or a dissection of the significative muscles of the affections of the minde 1649

        See Lytton

Bumstead, Freeman J.
        The pathology and treatment of venereal diseases 1864 (1879)

Bunn, Alfred
        The stage: both before and behind the curtain 3 vols. 1840

Bunsen, Frances, Baroness
        Life and letters a 1876 (1879)

Bunting, Brian Talbot
        The geography of soil 1965

Bunyan, John
        Works a 1688 (Offor 1853)
        A book for boys and girls 1686
        Come and welcome to Jesus Christ 1678
        Grace abounding to the chief of sinners 1666
        The greatness of the soul 1683 (1691)
        The heavenly foot-man 1688 (1886)
        The holy city: or the new Jerusalem 1665
        The holy war made by Shaddai upon Diabolus 1682
        The life and death of Mr. Badman 1680 (1767)
        The pilgrim’s progress from this world to that which is to come 1678, 1684

Burbridge, William Frank
        From balloon to bomber 1946

Burbury, John
        The history of..Christina Allessandra, queen of Swedland,..Also a relation of the severall entertainments given her journey to Rome etc. 1658

Burbury, Samuel H.
        See Watson, Henry W.

Burchell, William John
        Travels in the interior of Southern Africa 2 vols. 1822–4

Burchett, Josiah
        Memoirs of transactions at sea 1703 (1720)

Burden (Burthen) of Issachar 1646
        See Maxwell, Bp. John

Burdett, Geoffrey Arnold T.
ed. Automatic control handbook 1962

Bureau of American Ethnology
        See United States. Bureau of American Ethnology

Bureau of Standards
        See United States. National Bureau of Standards

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        Poems c 1590 (J. Watson’s Choice collection II, 1709)

Burge, Cyril Gordon
ed. Complete book of aviation 1935

Burgersdicius (Burgersdijck), F. Monitio logica, or an abstract of Burgersdicius’s Logic tr. 1697

Burges, Cornelius
        A new discovery of personal tithes 1625
        Sermon 1641

Burges, John
        An answer rejoyned 1631
        The lawfulnes of kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper 1631

‘Burgess, Anthony’ (John Anthony Burgess Wilson)
        Beds in the east 1959
        A clockwork orange 1962
        The doctor is sick 1960
        The enemy in the blanket 1958
        MF 1971
        The right to an answer 1960
        Time for a tiger 1956

Burgess, Francis Henry
        A dictionary of sailing 1961

Burgess, James J. H.
        Lowra Biglan’s mutch, a Shetland novelette 1896

Burgess, James W.
        A practical treatise on coach-building 1881

Burgess, Bp. Thomas
        The divinity of Christ proved 1790

Burgh records. Extracts from the council register of the burgh of Aberdeen 1398–1625 (Spalding Club 1844–48)
—1625–1747 (Sc. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1871–72)
        Extracts from the records of the burgh of Edinburgh 1403–1589 (Sc. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1869–82)
        Burgh records of the city of Glasgow 1573–81 (Maitland Club 1832–34)
        Extracts from the records of the burgh of Glasgow 1573–1780 (Sc. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1876–1912)
        Charters and documents relating to the burgh of Peebles 1165–1710 (Sc. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1872)
        Records of the burgh of Prestwick 1470–1782 (Maitland Club 1834)
        Extracts from the records of the royal burgh of Stirling 1519–1752 (1887–89)

Burghersh, Priscilla A. W. Fane, Lady
        The letters of Lady Burghersh..from Germany and France 1813–14 (1893)

Burghope, George
        A discourse of religious assemblies (= Divine worship) 1697

Burgon, John W.
        Life and times of Sir T. Gresham 1839
        Lives of twelve good men 1888

Burgoyne, John
        The lord of the manor, a comic opera 1781

Burke, Carl F.
        God is beautiful, man: interpretations of Bible passages and stories 1969 (UK 1970)

Burke, Edmund
        Works a 1797 (1808, 1842)
        An abridgement of English history 1757
        Address to the British colonists of North America c 1775
        An appeal from the new to the old Whigs 1791
        Articles of charge..against Warren Hastings 1786
        Correspondence v.d. (1844)
        Heads for consideration on the present state of affairs 1792
        A letter to a member of the National Assembly 1791
        A letter to a noble Lord 1796
        A letter to..the sheriffs of Bristol 1777
        Two (Four) letters..on the proposals for peace with the regicide directory of France 1795–97
        Observations on the conduct of the minority 1793
        Observations on…The present state of the nation’ 1769
        A philosophical inquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful 1756
        Reflections on the revolution in France (= Fr. Rev.) 1790
        Remarks on the policy of the allies with respect to France 1793
        Report on affairs of India 1783
        Speech on American taxation 1774
        Speech on..conciliation with the colonies (America) 1775
        Speech on..the economical reformation of the civil and other establishments 1780
        Speech on Fox’s East India Bill 1783
        Speech on..the Nabob of Arcot’s debts 1785
        Speeches on the impeachment of Warren Hastings 1788
        Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents 1770
        Thoughts on French affairs 1791
        Tracts, relative to the laws against popery in Ireland 1756
        A vindication of natural society 1756

Burke, Jackson Frederick
        Death trick 1975 (UK 1976)

Burke, John
        Till death us do part (adapted from the television series by J. Speight) 1967

Burke, John F.
        British husbandry (anon.) 1834–40 (Library of useful knowledge)

Burke, Thomas
        Nights in town 1915

Burke, Thomas A.
ed. Polly Peablossom’s wedding, and other tales 1851

Burkitt, Miles Crawford
        Prehistory: a study of early cultures in Europe and the Mediterranean basin 1921

Burkitt, William
        Expository notes on the New Testament a 1703 (1739, 1818)

Burlesque. Quevedo’s Visions made English by Sir R. L’Estrange and burlesqu’d by a person of quality 1702

Burley, Dan
        Original handbook of Harlem Jive 1944

Burley, William John
        Death in a salubrious place 1973
        Guilt edged 1971
        To kill a cat 1970

Burlington magazine 1903–

Burn, James D.
        The autobiography of a beggar boy 1855 (1859)

Burn, John S.
        The history of the French..and other protestant refugees settled in England 1846

Burn, Joshua Harold
        Drugs, medicines and man 1962
        Lecture notes on pharmacology 1948
—(ed. 9) 1968

Burn, Richard
        The history of the poor laws 1764
        A new law dictionary a 1785 (1792)

Burn, Robert
        A naval and military technical dictionary of the French language 1842, 1852 (1863)

Burnaby, Andrew
        Travels through the middle settlements in North America 1759–60 1775

Burnaby, Frederick G.
        A ride to Khiva 1873

Burnand, Francis C.
        My time and what I’ve done with it 1874

Burne, Charlotte S.
        Shropshire folk-lore: a sheaf of gleanings. Ed. from the collections of Georgina F. Jackson 1883

Burne, Nicol
        The disputation concerning the controversit headdis of religion, halden in..Scotland 1581 (Catholic tractates, S.T.S. 1901)

Burne-Jones, Sir Philip
        Dollars and democracy 1904

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        Travels into Bokhara 1834 (1835)

Burnet, Charles H.
        The ear 1877

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        A discourse of the pastoral care 1692
        An exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the church of England 1699
        History of his own time a 1715 (1724, 1734, 1766)
        History of the reformation of the church of England 1679, 1681, a 1715 (1865)
        The history of the rights of princes in the disposing of ecclesiastical benefices 1682
        Letters of the state of Italy 1688 (Tracts 1689)
        Some letters; containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, etc. (= Travels) 1686 (1689)
        Life of William Bedell, bishop of Kilmore, Ireland 1692
        Some passages in the life and death of..John Earl of Rochester 1680
        More’s Utopia tr. 1683
        News from France in a letter giving a relation of the present state of the difference between the French King and the Court of Rome (anon.) 1682

Burnet, Thomas
        The theory of the earth 1684–90

Burnett, Frances Eliza Hodgson
        Little Lord Fauntleroy 1886
        A little princess 1905
        The making of a marchioness 1901
        The secret garden 1911
        The shuttle 1907
        T. Tembarom 1913

Burnett, James
        See Monboddo, Lord

Burnett, John
ed. Useful toil: autobiographies of working people from the 1820s to the 1920s 1974

Burnett, William Riley
        Little Caesar 1929
        Vanity Row 1952 (UK 1953)

Burney, Charles
        A general history of music 1776–89
        Memoirs of the life and writings of Metastasio 1796
        The present state of music in France and Italy 1771

Burney, James
        A chronological history of the discoveries in the south sea 1803–17

Burney, Richard
        King Charles the second..presented to the houses of parliament etc. (sermons) 1660 (1661)

Burney, William
ed. Falconer’s (W.) New universal dictionary of the marine 1815

Burnham, George P.
        Memoirs of the United States Secret Service 1872

Burning of Paules, The 1563
        See Pilkington, Bp. J.

Burns, James D.
        Memoirs and remains a 1864 (1869)

Burns, John
        The principles of surgery 1831–38

Burns, Robert
        Works a 1796 (1800, 1857)
        Address to the deil 1785–86
        The auld farmer’s new-year morning salutation to his auld mare, Maggie 1786
        The author’s earnest cry and prayer 1786
        The cottar’s Saturday night 1785
        Death and doctor Hornbook 1785
        The death and dying words of poor Mailie 1783
        A dream 1786
        Election ballads 1795
        Halloween 1785
        The holy fair 1786
        The jolly beggars 1785
        Letters v.d. a 1796
        The twa dogs 1786

Burnside, William
        Theory of groups of finite order 1897

Burr, Enoch F.
        Ad fidem; or parish evidences of the Bible 1871
        Ecce cœlum, or parish astronomy 1870

Burrard, Gerald, et al.
        Big game hunting in the Himalayas and Tibet 1925

Burrell, Andrewes
        A cordiall for the calenture 1648

Burrill, Alex. M.
        A new law dictionary and glossary 1850

Burritt, Elihu
        A walk from London to Land’s End 1865

Burroughes, Jeremiah
        An exposition of Hosea 1643–52
        Lectures on the beatitudes 1659 (1867)

Burroughes, Sir John
        The soveraignty of the British seas 1633 (1651)

Burroughs, John
        Locusts and wild honey 1879
        Wake-robin 1871
        Winter-sunshine 1876

Burroughs, W. H.
        A treatise on the law of taxation 1877

Burroughs, William, Jr. Speed 1970

Burroughs, William Seward
        Junkie 1953
        The naked lunch 1959

Burrow, Edward J.
        Elements of conchology 1815

Burrow, Sir James
        Reports of the court of King’s Bench 1776–80

Burrow, Thomas
        The Sanskrit language 1955

Burrows, E. Julie
        Like an evening gone 1973

Burt, Edward
        Letters from a gentleman in the north of Scotland (anon.) c 1730 (1745, 1818)

Burthogge, Richard
        An argument for infants baptisme 1684
        Causa dei; or an apology for God 1675
        An essay upon reason and the nature of spirits 1694

‘Burton, Alfred’ (John Mitford)
        The adventures of Johnny Newcome in the navy 1818

Burton, Edward
        Lectures upon ecclesiastical history 1831–33

Burton, Henry
        An apology, or an appeale 1636
        Babel no Bethel 1629
        A divine tragedie lately acted 1636 (1641)
        For God and the king (sermons) 1636
        Israel’s fast 1628
        Truth’s triumph over Trent 1629

Burton, John E.
        Handbook of midwifery 1880

Burton, John Hill
        The book hunter 1862
        The Cairngorm mountains 1864
        A history of the reign of queen Anne 1880
        The history of Scotland 1867–70 (1873)
        The Scot abroad 1864

Burton, Maurice
        Wild animals of the British Isles 1960

Burton, Richard or Robert (N. Crouch)
        The English empire in America 1685
        The vanity of the life of man 1688

Burton, Richard F.
        Arabian nights 1886 (Lady Burton’s ed.)
        A plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights’ entertainments 10 vols. 1885–6 (unexpurgated Kamashastra Soc. ed.)
        Camoens’ (L. de) The Lusiads englished 1881
        The city of saints 1861
        Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil 1869
        Falconry in the valley of the Indus 1852
        Goa and the Blue Mountains 1851
        The lake region of Central Africa 1860
        A mission to Gelele, king of Dahome 1864
        Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah 1855–56
        Two trips to gorilla land 1876
        Ultima thule, or a summer in Iceland 1875
        Wanderings in West Africa 1863
        Zanzibar: city, island, and coast 1872

—— & Cameron, V. F.
        To the Gold Coast for gold 1883

Burton, Robert
        The anatomy of melancholy 1621 (1624, 1628, 1638, 1651, 1676)

Burton, Thomas
        Diary of T. B.: member in the parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell from 1656–59 (1828)

Burton, William
        A commentary on Antoninus his itinerary 1658

Burton, William E.
        Waggeries and vagaries; a series of sketches 1848

Burton-Brown, Theodore
        Early mediterranean migrations. An essay in archaeological interpretation 1960

Bury, Lady Charlotte
        The history of a flirt 1840

Bury, Edward
        The husbandmans companion; containing one hundred occasional meditations 1676 (1677)

Bury, John Bagnell
        A history of Greece to the death of Alexander the Great 1900

Bury, William C. Keppel, Viscount & Hillier, G. L.
        Cycling 1887 (Badminton library)

Bury St. Edmunds, Wills and inventories from the registers of the Commissary of 1370–1650 (Camden Soc. 1850)

Busby, Roger
        Deadlock 1971
        Pattern of violence 1973

Busby, Thomas
        A complete dictionary of music 1801 (1811)
        Lucretius’ Nature of things tr. 1813

Bush, Harry Derrick
        Atomic and nuclear physics: theoretical principles 1962

Bush, John
        Hibernia curiosa 1764 (1769)

Bushell, Stephen Wootton
        Chinese art 2 vols. 1904–6
—(ed. 2) 1909

Bushnell, Edward
        The complete ship-wright 1664

Bushnell, Horace
        Forgiveness and law 1874
        God in Christ 1850
        Moral uses of dark things 1867
        Sermons on living subjects 1872
        Sermons for the new life 1858
        The vicarious sacrifice grounded on principles of universal obligation 1865
        Women’s suffrage; the reform against nature 1869

Business week 1929–

Busk, Hans
        The banquet 1819
        The dessert, to which is added The tea 1819
        Fugitive pieces in verse 1814
        The vestriad 1819

Busk, Rachel H.
        The valleys of Tirol 1874

Busy man’s magazine (Toronto) 1896–1911 (continued as Maclean’s magazine)

Butcher, A. Judith
        Copy-editing: the Cambridge handbook 1975

Butcher, Roger William
        A new illustrated British flora 2 parts 1961

Butcher, Samuel H. & Lang, A.
        The Odyssey of Homer done into English prose 1879

Butler, Alban
        The lives of the fathers, martyrs, and other principal saints 1756–59 (1847)
        The moveable feasts, fasts, and other annual observances of the catholic church a 1773 (1839)
        Sermons a 1773

Butler, Alfred J.
        The ancient Coptic churches of Egypt 1884

Butler, Charles
        The feminine monarchie; or a treatise concerning bees 1609 (1634)

Butler, Charles
        Philological and biographical works 1817

Butler, Gwendoline
        Coffin following 1968
        A coffin for Pandora 1973
        Coffin in Oxford 1962

Butler, Lady Harriot
        Memoirs (a romance) 1741

Butler, Bp. Joseph
        Works a 1752 (1874)
        The analogy of religion natural and revealed 1736
        Sermons v.d. (Wks. 1874)

Butler, Richard
        Where all the girls are sweeter 1975

Butler, Samuel
        Characters and passages from note-books a 1680 (1908)
        Hudibras 1663, 1664, 1678
        Remains a 1680 (1759)

Butler, Samuel
        Erewhon; or, Over the range 1872
        Erewhon revisited twenty years later 1901
        A first year in Canterbury settlement 1863
        Note-books ed. H. F. Jones 1912
        The way of all flesh ed. R. A. Streatfeild 1903

Butler, Sir William F.
        Autobiography a 1910 (1911)

Butt, Isaac
        Home government for Ireland. Irish federalism! its meaning 1874

Butterworth, Hezekiah
        Zigzag journeys in the Western States of America 1884

Butterworth, Michael
        Remains to be seen 1976

Buttes, Henry
        Dyets drie dinner 1599

Byatt, Antonia Susan
        The virgin in the garden 1978

Byfield, Nicholas
        An exposition upon the epistle to the Colossians 1615

Byfield, Richard
        The doctrine of the sabbath vindicated 1631

        See Bugge

Bygod, Sir Francis
        A treatise concernynge impropriations of benefices c 1535

Byng, John (5th Viscount Torrington)
        The Torrington diaries: containing the tours through England and Wales 1781–94 ed. C. B. Andrews 4 vols. 1934–8

Bynner, Edwin L.
        Agnes Surriage 1886

Byrd, William
        The Westover manuscripts 1728–36 (1841)

Byrhtferth’s Handboc c 1055 (in Anglia VIII)

Byrhtnoth’s Tod (= Battle of Maldon) 993 (Grein)

Byrne, Brian Oswald Donn
        Destiny Bay 1928

Byrne, Oliver
        The handbook for the artisan, mechanic, and engineer 1853

Byrom, John
        Miscellaneous poems a 1763 (1773)
        The private journal and literary remains a 1763 (Chetham Soc. 1854–57)

Byron, George Gordon, 6th Baron
        Poetical works a 1824
        Beppo 1817
        The bride of Abydos 1813
        Childe Harold’s pilgrimage 1812–18
        The corsair 1813
        The deformed transformed 1824
        Diary (see Letters and journals)
        Don Juan 1818–24
        English bards and Scotch reviewers 1809
        The giaour 1813
        Hebrew melodies 1815
        Hints from Horace 1811
        The island 1823
        Lara 1814
        Letters (in Memoir of the rev. F. Hodgson 1878)
        Letters and journals (ed. T. Moore 1830, 1860)
        Manfred 1817
        Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice 1820
        Mazeppa 1817
        The prisoner of Chillon 1816
        Sardanapalus, a tragedy 1821
        The vision of judgment 1822

Byron, John
        The narrative of..distresses suffered..on the coast of Patagonia 1768
        Byron’s voyage round the world. By an officer 1767

Bysshe, Edward
        The art of English poetry 1702

By-stander, The, or universal weekly expositor 1790

Bywater, Adam
        The Sheffield dialect 1839 (also 1854, 1877)