Analog science fact—science fiction (title varies) 1960–

Analysis 1933–

Analyst, The: a journal of pure and applied mathematics 1874–11

Anatomical record 1906–31

Ancient ballads and songs of the North of Scotland v.d. (ed. Buchan 1828)

Ancient constitution and government of England, A brief enquiry into 1695

Ancient cookery 1381 (in Warner, Antiq. culin. 1791)

Ancient cookery a 1400 (in Household ordinances 1790)

Ancient laws and customs of the Burghs of Scotland 1124–1424 (Burgh Rec. Soc. 1868)

Ancient poems, ballads, and songs of the peasantry of England v.d. (Percy Soc. 1846)

Ancient popular poetry v.d. (ed. Ritson 1791)

Ancient songs v.d. (ed. Ritson 1790, Hazlitt 1877)

Ancient trades decayed 1678

Ancren riwle a 1225 (Camden Soc. 1853)

Anderdon, John L.
        Life of T. Ken 1851

Anderida; or, the Briton and the Saxon 1875

Anderson, Æneas
        A narrative of the British embassy to China in 1792–94 1795

Anderson, Alexander
        Joseph the bookman, a heroic-comic poem. By a gent 1821

Anderson, Anthony
        An exposition of the hymne commonly called Benedictus 1573
        A godlie sermon preached on newe yeeres day last, before Sir W. Fitzwilliam 1576

Anderson, David
        Poems, English and Scotch 1813

Anderson, Gene
        Coring and core analysis handbook 1975

Anderson, J. W.
        Fur trader’s story 1961

Anderson, James
        Essays relating to agriculture. By a farmer 1775
        General view of the agriculture and rural economy of the county of Aberdeen 1794

Anderson, James M.
        Structural aspects of language change 1973

Anderson, John Neil
        Applied dental materials 1956
—(ed. 2) 1961

Anderson, John Richard Lane
        Death on the rocks 1973

Anderson, Lewis Flint
        The Anglo-Saxon scop 1903

Anderson, Maxwell & Stallings, Laurence
        What price glory? in Three American plays 1926

Anderson, Nels
        The hobo 1923

Anderson, Rasmus B.
        Rydberg’s Teutonic mythology tr. 1889

Anderson, Robert
        Cumberland ballads a 1833 (c 1850)

Anderson, Robert Henry
        The trees of New South Wales 1932
—(ed. 2) 1947

Anderson, Rufus
        History of the missions of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1870–74

Anderson, William
        Regeneration 1850 (1871)

Anderson, William Arnold D.
ed. Pathology 1948

Anderson (South Carolina) Independent 1924– (1925–49 with title Anderson Independent-Tribune)

Andersson, Carl J.
        Lake Ngami; or, Explorations and discoveries, during four years’ wanderings in the wilds of South Western Africa 1856
        The Okavango River 1861

Anderton, Thomas
        The history of the iconoclasts 1671

‘Andom, R.’ (Alfred Walter Barrett)
        We three and Troddles 1894

Andrade, Edward Neville da Costa
        The structure of the atom 1923
—(ed. 3) 1927

Andreas a 1000 (Kemble 1844; Grein 1888)

Andree, Richard Vernon
        Selections from modern abstract algebra 1958

Andrew, Laurence
        Jherom Brunswyke’s Vertuose boke of distyllation tr. 1527
        Noble lyfe c 1520

Andrew, Warren
tr. E. D. P. de Robertis’s General cytology 1948
        Textbook of comparative histology 1959

Andrewes, Lancelot
        Sermons a 1626 (1629, 1661, 1841)

Andrews, Tom Gaylord
ed. Methods of psychology 1948

Andrews, William E.
        Critical review of Foxe’s Book of martyrs 1824–26

Andros tracts: being a collection of pamphlets and official papers issued between the overthrow of the Andros Government and the establishment of the second Charter of Massachusetts 1688–1701 (Prince Soc. 1868–74)

Androse, Richard
        Alexis’ (= Alessio’s) Very excellent booke. The fourth and finall booke of secretes tr. 1568 (1569)

Anecdota literaria v.d. (Wright 1844)

Anecdota Oxoniensia. Texts, documents, and extracts chiefly from manuscripts in the Bodleian and other Oxford libraries. Mediaeval and modern series v.d. (1882– )

Angelo, Henry
        The school of fencing 1765

Angelo, Henry
        His reminiscences, with memoirs of his late father and friends 1828

Angier, John
        Lancashire’s Valley of Achor is England’s doore of hope (anon.) 1643

Anglesea, A minute account of the social condition of the people of 1613 (Halliwell 1860)

Anglia: Zeitschrift für englische Philologie 1878–

Anglia rediviva 1647
        See Sprigge, Joshua

Anglo-American cataloguing rules: British text 1967

Anglo-Saxon chronicle, The v.d. (Thorpe, Rolls series 1861; Earle 1865; Earle and Plummer 1892, 1899)

Anglo-Saxon Gospels c 1000 (Skeat 1871–87)

Anglo-Saxon hymnarium c 1000
See Hymns

Anglo-Saxon Laws v.d. (Thorpe 1840; Schmid 1858; Liebermann 1898)

Anglo-Saxon Psalter
See Psalter

Angus, Henry
        Sermons 1861

Animadversions on the last speeches of the five Jesuits 1679

Animal management (War Office) 1908

Annalia Dubrensia, vpon the yeerely celebration of Mr. Robert Dovers Olimpick Games vpon Cotswold-Hills, written by Drayton etc. 1636 (Grosart 1877)

Annals of agriculture and other useful arts; collected and published by Arthur Young 1784–1815

Annals of the Barber-Surgeons of London, compiled from their records and other sources, by Sidney Young v.d. (1890)

Annals of botany 1887–

Annals of internal medicine 1927–

Annals of mathematics 1884–9; 1900–

Annals of natural history 1838–40; continued as The annals and magazine of natural history 1841–

Annals of philosophy; a periodical publication. By T. Thomson 1813–20

Annals of surgery 1885–

Annals of the Congress of the U.S.
See United States. Congress. Debates Debates and proceedings 1789–1824

Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology 1907–

See also under the names of particular institutions

Annan, Noel Gilroy
        Leslie Stephen 1951

Annand, William
        Mysterium pietatis or mysterie of godlinesse 1671

Annandale, Charles
        Ogilvie’s Imperial dictionary of the English language 1881–83

Annesley (Samuel), The character of, by way of elegy 1697

Anniversary, The, or poetry and prose for 1829. Edited by Allan Cunningham 1829

Annual register, The (incl. Dodsley’s; also separate publ. of Rivington, Otridge, etc.) 1758–

Annual reports of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records v.d. (1840– )

Annual reports on the progress of chemistry (Chemical Society of London) 1904–

Annual review and History of literature 1803–09

Annual review of microbiology 1947–

Annual review of nuclear science 1952–

Anois’ (Countess d’) Works tr. 1707 (1715)
        The ingenious and diverting letters of the Lady (Countess d’Anois); travels into Spain tr. 1692 (1697)

Anscombe, Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret
tr. L. J. J. Wittgenstein’s Philosophical investigations 1953

Ansoff, Harry Igor
        Corporate strategy: an analytic approach to business policy for growth and expansion 1965 (UK 1968)

Anson, Peter Frederick
        Bishops at large 1964
        Scots fisherfolk 1950

Anson’s (George) Voyage round the world, compiled from his papers 1748

Ansted, David T.
        The ancient world 1847
        Elementary course of geology etc. 1850
        Geology 1844
        Manual of geographical science 1852

—— & Latham, Robert G.
        The Channel Islands 1862

Anstey, Christopher
        An Election Ball 1776
        The new Bath guide 1766 (1767, 1807)

‘Anstey, F.’ (T. A. Guthrie)
        The pariah 1889
        The tinted Venus, a farcical romance 1885
        Vice versâ, or a lesson to fathers 1882
        Voces populi 1890, 1892

Anstey, John
        The pleader’s guide 1796 (1803)

Anstey, Thomas C.
        Notes uponThe representation of the people Act’ 1867

Anstie, Francis E.
        Report on practical medicine 1867 (in Biennial retrospect med., New Syd. Soc.)

Answer out of the West to a question out of the North 1667

Answer to Cartwright c 1585
        See Browne, R.

Answer to Fontenelle’s History of oracles tr. 1709

Answer to observations against the King 1642

Answer to Sacheverell’s Assize sermon at S. Mary’s Oxford 1704

Answer to Dr. Stillingfleet’s sermon, by some nonconformists 1680

Answer to Talon’s Plea 1688

Answer to two papers, called a Lords speech without doors and a Commoners speech 1689

Answere to a papystycall exhortacyon c 1548
        See Bale, J.

Antecrist c 1380 in Todd Three treat. Wyclif (1851) (= Cursor Mundi ll. –22426)

‘Anthony, Evelyn’ (Eve Stephens)
        The Malaspiga exit 1974

Anthony’s Photographic bulletin 1889–91

Anthropological linguistics 1959–

Antibiotic medicine 1955–61 (from 1956 with title Antibiotic medicine and clinical therapy)

Antibiotics and chemotherapy 1951–62

Anti-Coton, or A refutation of (Petrus) Cottons letter declaratorie tr. by G. H. 1611

Antidote to miseries of human life 1807

Anti-Jacobin, The poetry of The 1798 (1800)

Antipodean notes: nine months’ tour round the world, by Wanderer 1888

Antiquaries’ journal 1921–

Antiquary, The 1880–

Antiquitates Sarisburienses 1771
        See Ledwich, Edward

Antiquity: a quarterly review of archæology 1927–

Antrim and Down, A glossary of words in use in the counties of. By W. H. Patterson 1880 (E.D.S.)

Antrobus, Frederick I.
        Pastor’s History of the Popes from the close of the Middle Ages tr. 1894–1924

Anturs of Arther c 1400 (Bannatyne Cl. 1839; Camden Soc. 1842; Laing 1885; S.T.S. 1897)

Anzac book, The: written and illustrated in Gallipoli by the men of Anzac 1916

Apel, Willi
ed. The Harvard dictionary of music 1944
—(ed. 2) 1970

Apollonius of Tyre, Anglo-Saxon version of the story of, a 1000 (Thorpe 1834)

Apologeticall relation of the particular sufferings of the faithfull ministers etc. of the Church of Scotland (by John Brown) 1665

Apology for the clergy of Scotland 1693

Apology for Mr. John Goodwin 1653

Apology for Lollard doctrines c 1400 (Camden Soc. 1842)

Apology for the Protestants of France 1683

Apperley, Charles J.
        The chase, turf, and road 1837 (1851)

Appleton’s Annual cyclopædia 1875–

Approved names
See United Kingdom. General Medical Council

Apthorp, East
        Letters on the prevalence of Christianity before its civil establishment 1778

Arabian Nights tr. c 1850 (Routledge)

Arabian Nights’ entertainments tr. 1712 (1785)

Arable farmer and vegetable grower 1966–

Arber, Agnes
        The Gramineae: a study of cereal, bamboo, and grass 1934
        Water plants: a study of aquatic angiosperms 1920

Arber, Edward
ed. An English Garner v.d. (1877–96)
ed. English reprints v.d. (1868–71)
ed. The English scholar’s library v.d. (1878–84)
See also Eden, Richard

Arbuthnot, John
        Works a 1735 (1751)
        An essay concerning the nature of aliments 1731 (1735)
        An essay on the effects of air on human bodies 1733
        Law is a bottomless pit. Exemplified in the case of the Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog, and Lewis Baboon 1712 (in Arber, Eng. Garner VI)
        A learned dissertation on dumpling 1726
        Rules of diet 1732
        Tables of the Grecian, Roman, and Jewish measures, weights, and coins 1705

—— et al.
        Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus c 1714

Arch, Joseph
        The story of his life, by himself 1898

Archaeologia: or Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London v.d. (1770– )

Archaeologia Æliana: or, Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne v.d. (1816– )

Archæologia Cantiana; being Transactions of the Kent Archæological Society 1858–

Archaica 1815
        See Brydges, Sir S. E.

Archbold, John
        The beauty of holines 1621

Archbold, William A. J.
        Somerset religious houses 1892

Archer, William
        The theatricalworld’ 5 vols. 1894–8

Archers, Poems on archers and the Royal Company of 1726

Architect, The (title varies) 1869–

Architectural Publication Society
        Dictionary of architecture 1852–92

Architectural review 1896–

Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen (Herrig, etc.) 1846–

Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de thérapie 1898–

Archives of biochemistry 1924– (from 1951 with title Archives of biochemistry and biophysics)

Archives of dermatology and syphilology (title varies) 1920–

Archives of general psychiatry 1959–

Archives of internal medicine 1908–

Archives of Maryland 1883–

Archives of neurology (London) 1899–1907

Archives of neurology and psychiatry (London) 1909–50

Archives of neurology and psychiatry (Chicago) 1919–59

Archives of ophthalmology 1879–

Archives of pathology 1928–

Archives of surgery 1920–

Archivum linguisticum 1949–80 (vols. 1970–80 are new series)

Archmagirus Anglo-Gallicus 1658

Archpriest controversy, The 1597–1602 (Camden Soc. 1896–98)

Arctic terms 1955
        See United States. Arctic, Desert and Tropic Information Centre

Ardagh, John
        The new France 1970

Arden of Feversham, The lamentable and true tragedie of 1592 (in Shakespeare Apocrypha 1908)

Arderne’s (John) Treatises of fistula in ano tr. a 1425 (E.E.T.S. 1910)

Ardrey, Robert
        The territorial imperative 1966 (UK 1967)

Arendt, Hannah
        Origins of totalitarianism 1951
—(new ed.) 1967

Arey, Leslie Brainerd
        Developmental anatomy: a textbook and laboratory manual of embryology 1924 (7 later editions to 1974)

Argenti, John
        Management techniques: a practical guide 1969

Argles, Margaret W.
        See Hungerford, M. W.

Argus (Melbourne) 1846–1957 (title varies)

Argyle, John Michael
        Psychology and social problems 1964
        The psychology of interpersonal behaviour 1967
        Religious behaviour 1958
        The social psychology of work 1972

Argyle’s (Marquis of) Last will and testament c 1661 (in Harl. Misc.)

Argyll, G. D. Campbell, 8th Duke of
        The philosophy of belief 1896
        Primeval man 1869
        The reign of law 1867
        Unseen foundations of society 1893

Ariana. Translated out of the French (of J. Desmarets de Saint Sorlin) 1636 (1641) 2/1

Aristotelian Society for the Systematic Study of Philosophy
        Proceedings 1888–96, 1900–
        Supplementary volumes 1918–31

Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona) 1879–51

Arkell, William Joscelyn
        The Jurassic system in Great Britain 1933

Arlen, Michael
        Man’s mortality 1933
Piracy’ 1922
        The romantic lady 1921

Armin, Robert
        Works v.d. (Grosart 1880)
        Foole upon foole 1605 (1880)
        The history of the two maids of More-clacke 1609
        The Italian taylor, and his boy 1609 (1810)
        A nest of ninnies 1608
        The valiant Welshman, or Chronicle history of Caradoc the great 1615 (1663)

‘Armstrong, Anthony’ (George Anthony Armstrong Willis)
        Taxi! 1930

Armstrong, Charlotte
        The black-eyed stranger 1951 (UK 1952)
        Seven seats to the moon 1969

Armstrong, John
        The art of preserving health 1744 (1807)

Armstrong, Louis
        Satchmo: my life in New Orleans 1954 (UK 1955)

Armstrong, Neil, et al.
        First on the moon 1970

Armstrong, Terence, Roberts, Brian, & Swithinbank, Charles
        Illustrated glossary of snow and ice 1966

Armstrong, William
        Stocks and stock-jobbing in Wall Street 1848

Army and Navy Co-operative Society, Ltd. (later Army and Navy Stores, Ltd.)
        Price lists and Catalogues 1878–

Arnald, Richard
        A critical commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon, etc. 1744–52

Arnim, Countess of
        See Von Arnim, Mary Annette

Arnold, Sir Edwin
        The light of Asia 1879 (1881)
        The light of the world 1891
        Pearls of the faith 1882 (1883)

Arnold, James
        The Shell book of country crafts 1968

Arnold, Matthew
        Culture and anarchy 1869
        Essays in criticism 1865 (1875)
—2nd series 1879–88 (1888)
        God and the Bible 1875
        Last essays on Church and religion 1877
        Lecture on modern art 1842
        Literature and dogma 1873 (1876)
        Mixed essays 1879
        Poems v.d. (1877)
        The popular education of France 1861
        St. Paul and Protestantism 1870
        Schools and universities on the continent 1868
        Southern night 1861
        The study of Celtic literature 1865–66 (1867)

Arnold, Robert A.
        History of the cotton famine 1864

Arnold, Thomas
        Observations on the nature, kinds, causes, and prevention of insanity 1782–86

Arnold, Thomas
        History of Rome 1838–42 (1844–49)
        Lectures on modern history 1841–42 (1871)
        Sermons on Christian life a 1842 (1845)
        Life and correspondence; by A. P. Stanley (1844)

Arnold, Thomas
        New Zealand letters of Thomas Arnold the younger, with further letters from Van Diemen’s Land and letters of Arthur Hugh Clough; 1847–1851 ed. J. Bertram 1966

Arnold, Thomas 1884
        See Addis, William E.

Arnolde, Richard
        Chronicle (The names of ye baylifs custos mairs and sherefs of london) 1502 (1811)

Arnot, Hugo
        A collection and abridgement of celebrated criminal trials in Scotland, from 1536–1784 1785 (1812)
        History of Edinburgh 1779 (1816)

Arnot, William
        Laws from heaven for life on earth 1857–58

Arnott, Neil
        Elements of physics or natural philosophy 1827 (1833)

Arnould, Joseph
        Law of marine insurance and average 1848 (1857, 1866)

Arnway, John
        The tablet; or moderation of Charles the first, martyr 1649

Aron-bimnucha (by Laurence Womock) 1663

Aronson, Joseph
        The encyclopedia of furniture 1965 (UK 1966)

Arraignment of J. van Olden Barnevelt tr. 1619

Arrowsmith, John
        Armilla catechetica; a chain of principles 1659

Art and mystery of vintners and wine-coopers 1682 (1703)

Art journal, The 1849–

Art journal illustrated catalogue of the Great Exhibition 1851

Art of contentment, by the author of The whole duty of man 1675 (1684)

Art of limming, A very proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the 1573

Art of nombryng c 1430 (E.E.T.S. 1922)

Art of painting, and the lives of the painters. Done from the French of M. De Piles 1706 (1744)

Art of planting 1572
        See Mascall, L.

Art of preserving the feet 1818

Art of speaking in publick; or an essay on the action of an orator tr. 1727

Art of tormenting 1753
        See Collier, Jane

Arthour and Merlin c 1330, c 1400 (Abbotsford Cl. 1838; Kölbing 1890)

Arthur ?a 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1864)

Articles deuised by the Kynges highnes maiestie, to stablyshe christen quietnes 1536 (1825)

Articles exhibited in Parliament against William (Laud), Archbishop of Canterbury 1640

Articles of peace 1648 (in Milton’s Wks. 1851 II)

Articles of religion (Articles, whereupon it was agreed by the Archbishoppes and Bishoppes and the whole cleargie, in the Convocation holden at London in 1562) 1562 (1571)

Artificial handsomeness. A discourse of auxiliary beauty, or artificiall hansomenesse 1656

Artillery exercises, Manual of 1873 (1879)

Arts improvement 1703
        See S., T.

Arwaker, Edmund
        An embassy from heaven; or the ghost of queen Mary 1704

Asbury, Herbert
        Sucker’s progress: an informal history of gambling in America from the colonies to Canfield 1938

Ascham, Roger
        A report and discourse of the affaires and state of Germany 1552
        The scholemaster, or plaine and perfite way of teachyng children the Latin tong a 1568 (Arber)
        Toxophilus, the schole of shootinge 1545 (Arber)

Asgill, John
        An argument proving that man may be translated from hence into that eternal life, without passing through death 1700
        The metamorphosis of man by the death and resurrection of Christ from the dead 1727

Ash, Edward Cecil
        The practical dog book 1930

Ash, John
        The new and complete dictionary of the English language 1775

Ashburner, John
        Reichenbach’s physico-physiological researches on the dynamics of magnetism, etc., tr. 1850

Ashby, George
        Poems v.d. (E.E.T.S. 1899)
        Active policy of a prince a 1475
        Dicta et opiniones diversorum philosophorum a 1475
        A prisoner’s reflections 1463

Ashby-Sterry, Joseph
        The lazy minstrel 1886 (1892)
        A tale of the Thames 1896 (1903)

Ashe, Jonathan
        The Masonic manual, or lectures on Freemasonry 1813

Ashe, Simeon
        The good mans death lamented. A sermon preached June 18th 1655

Ashe, Thomas
        Travels in America performed in 1806 1808

Ashenhurst, Thomas R.
        Practical treatise on weaving and designing of fabrics 1879

Ashford, Daisy
        The young visiters; or, Mr. Salteenas plan 1919

‘Ashford, Jeffrey’ (Roderic Graeme Jeffries)
        The double run 1973
        Prisoner at the Bar 1969

Ashley, Anthony E. M.
        The life of H. J. Temple, Viscount Palmerston 1876

Ashley, Robert
        Barri’s Cochin-China tr. 1633
        Loys le Roy Of the interchangeable course of things in the whole world tr. 1594
        Malvezzi’s Il Davide persequitato tr. 1637

Ashmole, Elias
        Fasciculus chemicus: chymical collections 1650
        The history and antiquities of Berkshire a 1692 (1717–23)
        Memoirs..drawn up by himself by way of diary 16.. (1774)
        Theatrum chemicum Britannicum 1652

Ashmolean Museum
        SeeOxford University. Ashmolean Museum

Ashton, John
        Eighteenth century waifs 1887
        Social life in the reign of Q. Anne 1882

Ashton, Peter
        Jovius’ (P.) Shorte treatise upon the Turkes chronicles tr. 1546

Ashton, Thomas
        Sermons on several occasions 1770

Ashton-Warner, Sylvia
        Spinster 1958

Ashwell, George
        Fides apostolica 1653

Asiatic annual register, The 1800

Asiatic costumes 1828

Asiatic journal, The 1816–45

Asiatic Society of Bengal (later Royal ——)
        Journal (title varies) 1832–

Asiatic Society of Japan
        Transactions 1874–

Asiatick researches 1808–09

Asimov, Isaac
        Earth is room enough 1957 (UK 1960)
        Fantastic voyage: a novel based on the screenplay by H. Kleiner 1966
        Inside the atom 1956
        The naked sun 1957 (UK 1958)

Asmar’s (Maria T.) Memoirs of a Babylonian princess tr. 1844

Aspects of translation (The Communication Research Centre, University College, London) 1958

Assheton, Nicholas
        Journal 1617–18 (Chetham Soc. 1848)

Asshurst, Sir Henry
        The deplorable state of New England by A. H. 1708 (1879)

Assmann, Bruno
ed. Angelsächsische Homilien und Heiligenleben v.d. (1889)

Association football (‘Know the game’ series) 1948
—(rev. ed.) 1953

Association for Computing Machinery
        Communications 1958–
        Journal 1954–

Association of American Geographers
        Annals 1911–

Assumption of our Lady a 1300, c 1330 (E.E.T.S. 1866, 1901)

Assurance of Abbey lands 1687
        See Johnston, N.

Astle, Thomas
        The origin and progress of writing, as well hieroglyphic as elementary 1784

Astley, Sir John D.
        Fifty years of my life 1894

Aston, William George
        A history of Japanese literature 1899

Astounding science fiction 1933–60

Astrophysical journal 1895–

Astruc’s (Jean) Academical lectures on fevers tr. 1747

Astry, James A.
        Saavedra-Faxardo’s Royal politician tr. 1700

Atcherley, Rowland J.
        A trip to Boërland 1879

Athenæum, The: journal of literature, science, and the fine arts 1828–1921
See also Nation and Athenæum

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin
        Perch of the devil 1914

Atkins, John
        A voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West Indies 1723–35 (1737)

Atkins, William
ed. The art and practice of printing 6 vols. 1932–3

Atkinson, Edmund
        Ganot’s Elementary treatise on physics tr. 1863

Atkinson, James
        Herbert & Procter’s Telephony
See Herbert, Thomas Ernest

Atkinson, John C.
        British birds’ eggs and nests 1861
        Forty years in a moorland parish 1891
        Glossary of the Cleveland dialect 1868; 1876 (E.D.S.)
        The last of the giant-killers 1891
        Provincial names of birds 1864
        Stanton Grange 1863
        Walks, talks, travels, and exploits of two school-boys 1859

Atkinson, Richard John Copland
        Field archaeology 1946
—(ed. 2) 1953

Atkinson, Mrs. T. W.
        Recollections of the Tartar steppes and their inhabitants 1863

Atkyns, John T.
        Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery in the time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke 1765–68 (1781–82)

Atkyns, Richard
        The original and growth of printing in England 1664

Atkyns, Sir Robert
        Parliamentary and political tracts a 1709 (1734)

Atkyns, Sir Robert (the younger)
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Atkynson, William
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See I believe

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See Anois

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See also Martin, Sir T.