A. 1593
See Passionate Morrice

A., A.
        Reply to Dr. Sanderson 1650

A., D.
        The art of converse 1683

A., H. 1613, 1633
        See Austin, Henry; Hawkins, Henry

A., W.
        A speciall remedie against the furious force of lawlesse loue 1579 (Roxb. Cl. 1844)

‘Aarons, E. S.’ (Paul Ayres & Edward Ronns)
        Assignment treason 1956

Abbay, Richard
        The Castle of Knaresborough 1887

Abbot, Charles
        Jurisdiction and practice of the Court of Great Sessions of Wales on the Chester Circuit 1795

Abbot, Abp. George
        A briefe description of the whole worlde (anon.) 1599 (1617, 1634)
        An exposition upon the prophet Jonah 1600
        A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie and succession of the true church (anon.) 1624

Abbot, George
        The whole book of Job paraphrased 1640

Abbot, Robert
        The old waye 1610

Abbott, Charles C.
        Waste-land wanderings 1887

Abbott, David
        Inorganic chemistry 1965

Abbott, Edwin A.
        Francis Bacon: an account of his life and works 1885

Abbott, Jacob
        Wallace: a Franconia story 1853

Abbott, John Henry Macartney
        Tommy Cornstalk 1902

Abbott, John S. C.
        Life of Napoleon 1854 (1855)

Abbs, Akosua
        Ashanti boy 1959

Abdy, Edward S.
        The water cure 1842 (1843)

Aberbrothoc. Liber S. Thome de Aberbrothoc. Registrorum Abbacie de Aberbrothoc pars prior; pars altera v.d. (Bannatyne Cl. 1848, 1856)

Abercrombie, David
        English phonetic texts 1964
        Problems and principles: studies in the teaching of English as a second language 1956

——et al.
eds. In honour of Daniel Jones: papers contributed on the occasion of his eightieth birthday 1964

Abercrombie, John
        Every man his own gardener 1767 (1803)

Abercromby, Hon. Ralph
        Weather 1887

Aberdeen, Extracts from the council register of the Burgh of 1398–1625 (Spalding Cl. 1844–48)
1625–1747 (Scott. Burgh Rec. Soc. 1871–72)

Aberdeen, Selections from the records of the Kirk session of 1562–1681 (Spalding Cl. 1846)

Aberdeen Press and Journal 1922–39 (continued as Press and Journal)

Abernethy, Bp. John
        A christian and heavenly treatise containing physicke for the soule 1615 (1622)

Abernethy, John
        Diseases resembling syphilis 1809 (1826)
        Surgical observations 1804–06
Surgical works

Abingdon. Accounts of the obedientiars of A. Abbey 1322–1479 (Camden Soc. 1892)

Abney, William de W.
        Colour vision 1895
        A treatise on photography 1878 (1881)

Abraham, George Dixon
        Modern mountaineering 1933

Abraham, Louis Arnold & Hawtrey, Stephen Charles
eds. A parliamentary dictionary 1956
—(ed. 2) 1964

Abrahams, Beth-Zion
tr. The life of Glückel [Segal] of Hameln 1646–1724, written by herself 1962

Abrahams, Peter Henry
        Dark testament 1942
        The path of thunder 1952
        Return to Goli 1953
        Wild conquest 1951

Abrahams, Roger D.
ed. Jump-rope rhymes: a dictionary 1969
        Positively black 1970

Abridgment of the English military discipline 1685

Abridgments of specifications of patents relating to agriculture, artificial leather, etc. 1617–1866 (1876–77)

Académie des Sciences (Paris)
        Compte rendu hebdomadaire des séances 1835–

Academy, The: a monthly record of literature, learning, science, and art 1869–99

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
        Proceedings 1841–

Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.
        Doklady [French ed.] 1935–47
        Doklady: earth science sections 1959–
        Soviet physics: Doklady [Eng. trans.] 1956–

Account of the depredations committed on the Clan Campbell and their followers, during 1685–86 16.. (1816)

Account of the French Settlements in North America 1746

Account of the present persecution of the Church in Scotland 1690

Account of proceedings at the Guildhall 13 Sept. 1679 1679

Account of several late voyages and discoveries 1694 (1711)

Account of workhouses 1732

Accountant, The 1874–31

Account-book of Will. Wray c 1600 (in Antiquary XXXII)

Accounts of the Exchequer of the King’s Remembrancer v.d. (MSS. in Public Record Office)

Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland 1473– (Scott. Record series 1877–)

Accounts of the Revels at Court, Extracts from the, with an introduction and notes by Peter Cunningham 15.. (Shaks. Soc. 1842)

Accum, Friedrich C. A.
        Chemical tests 1816 (1818)

Acerbi, Giuseppe
        Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape 1798–99 1802

Achebe, Chinua
        Girls at war, and other stories 1972
        A man of the people 1966
        Things fall apart 1958

Ackerley, Joe Randolph
        My father and myself 1968

Acland, Leopold George Dyke
        The early Canterbury runs (ser. 1) 1930
—(complete ed.) 1951

Acosta’s (Joseph de) Naturall and morall historie of the East and West Indies tr. by E. G(rimstone) 1604

Acronyms dictionary (Gale Research Co.) 1960 (also later editions used, and supplements with title New acronyms and initialisms)

Act of Pennsylvania 1723

Acta crystallographica 1948–

Acta Dominorum Auditorum (Acts of the Lords Auditors of Causes and Complaints) 1466–94 (Record Comm. 1839)

Acta Dominorum Concilii (Acts of the Lords of Council in civil causes) 1478–95 (Record Comm. 1839)

Acta radiologica 1920–

Acton, Eliza
        English bread-book 1857
        Modern cookery 1845

Acton, Eugenia de
        The nuns of the desert 1805
        A tale without a title 1804

Acton, Harold Mario Mitchell
        Memoirs of an aesthete 1948

Actors by daylight; or, Pencillings in the pit 2 vols. 1838–9

Acts and ordinances made in the Parliament 1640–56 (ed. Henry Scobell 1658).
See also Statutes

Acts and proceedings of the general assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland (Booke of the universall Kirk of Scotland) 1560–1618 (Bannatyne Cl. 1839–45)

Acts of the Generall Assemblies of the Church of Scotland 1638–49 (1682)

Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland v.d. (1566, 1597, 1814–75)

Acts of the Privy Council of England 1542– (1890–)

Acts of Sederunt of the Lords of Council and Session 1553–1790 (1790)

Adair, James
        The history of the American Indians 1775

Adam, Alexander
        Roman antiquities 1791

Adam Bel, Clym of the Clough, and William of Cloudesly 15.. (Ritson 1791; Hazlitt 1864; Child 1888)

Adam Davy’s five dreams about Edward II 13.. (E.E.T.S. 1878)

Adami, John George
        The principles of pathology 2 vols. 1909–10

Adams, Andy
        The log of a cowboy 1903
        The outlet 1905

Adams, Arthur, et al.
        A manual of natural history 1854

Adams, Bertram Martin (‘Bill’)
        Ships and women: an autobiography 1936

Adams, Briggs Kilburn
        The American spirit: letters 1918

Adams, Carsbie Clifton, et al.
        Space flight 1958

Adams, Edwin Plimpton
tr. A. Einstein’s The meaning of relativity 1922

Adams, Francis W. L.
        The new Egypt 1893

Adams, Frank Davis
        Aeronautical dictionary 1959

Adams, George
        Lectures on natural and experimental philosophy 1794 (1806)
        Micrographia illustrata; or the knowledge of the microscope explained 1746 (1747)

Adams, Henry
        John Randolph 1882

Adams, John
        Works a 1826 (1850–56)
        A defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America 1787–88
        Familiar letters of J. A. and his wife, Abigail Adams, during the Revolution 17.. (1876)

Adams, Ramon Frederick
        Western words: a dictionary of the range, cow camp and trail 1944
—(rev. ed.) 1968

Adams, Richard George
        Shardik 1974
        Watership Down 1972

Adams, Thomas
        Works v.d. (1629, 1861–62)
        The barren tree 1623
        The blacke devill or the apostate 1615
        A commentary or exposition upon the second epistle by St. Peter 1633 (1865)
        Diseases of the soule 1616
        The divells banket described in sixe sermons 1614
        Eirenopolis; the citie of peace 1622
        Englands sicknes, comparatively conferred with Israels 1615
        The gallants burden 1612
        The happiness of the church considered in contemplations upon Hebrewes 1618
        Heaven and earth reconcil’d 1613
        The Holy Choice 1625
        Lycanthropy, or the wolfe worrying the lambes 1615
        The sacrifice of thankefulnesse 1616
The sinners passing-bell; or a complaint from heaven of mans sinnes
        The spirituall navigator 1615
        The white devil, or the hypocrite uncased 1613

Adams, W. Bridges
        English pleasure carriages 1837

Adams, William H. D.
        Great rivers of the world: The Amazon and its wonders 1879 (1883)

Adamson, Arthur Wilson
        A textbook of physical chemistry 1973

Adamson, Henry
        The muses threnodie, or mirthfull mournings on the death of master Gall 1638 (1774)

Adamson, Robert
        Fichte 1881

Adanson’s (Michel) Voyage to Senegal, the Isle of Goree and the River Gambia tr. 1759

Adburgham, Alison
        Shops and shopping, 1800–1914 1964

Adby, Paul Raymond & Dempster, Michael Alan Howarth
        Introduction to optimization methods 1974

Adderley, A. J.
        The fisheries of the Bahamas 1883 (Fisheries exhibition literature)

Addis, William E. & Arnold, Thomas
        A Catholic dictionary containing some account of the doctrine, discipline, rites of the Catholic Church 1884 (also 1897)

Addison, Alexander
        Report of cases in the County Courts of the Fifth Circuit of Pennsylvania 1800

Addison, Joseph
        Works v.d. (1721, 1726–27, 1758)
        Cato 1712 (1721)
        Count Tariff 1713
        Dialogues upon the usefulness of ancient medals 1702 (1727)
        The drummer, or the haunted house 1715 (1721)
        Essay onParadise Lost’ 1719 (Arber)
        The Freeholder 1716 (1751)
        The Freethinker a 1719 (1722)
        Poems 1705 (1726)
        The present state of the war 1707 (1746)
        Remarks on Italy 1705 (1733)
        Rosamond 1707 (1726)
        The Spectator 1711–14
        The Tatler 1709–10
The Whig Examiner
See also Garth, Sir S.

Addison, Lancelot
        The first state of Mahumedism 1678 (1679)
        The life and death of Mahumed 1679
        The present state of the Jews in Barbary 1675
        West Barbary 1671

Addleshaw, W. P.
        See Hemingway, Percy

Addy, Sidney O.
        A glossary of words used in the neighbourhood of Sheffield 1888. Suppl. 1891 (E.D.S.)

Addyman, Frank T.
tr. A. M. Villon’s Practical treatise on the leather industry 1901

Ade, George
        Artie 1896
        Doc’ Horne 1899
        Fables in slang 1900 (UK 1902)
        Forty modern fables 1901
        Hand-made fables 1920
        In Babel 1903
        Knocking the neighbors 1912
        Letters ed. T. Tobin 1973
        More fables 1900 (UK 1902)
        People you know 1903
        True bills 1904

Adelphi, The 1923–7, 1930–

Adler, George J.
        Fauriel’s History of Provençal poetry tr. 1860

Adlington, William
        Apuleius: The XI bookes of the Golden asse, with the marriage of Cupido and Psiches 1566 (1893)

Administration of affairs in Scotland under the Duke of Lauderdale 1679

        See United Kingdom. Admiralty

Admonycion, A faythfull, of a certen trewe pastor (tr. from Luther) 1554

Advances in chemistry series 1950–

Advances in genetics 1947–

Adventure (New York) 1910–11

Adventurer, The (by Hawkesworth, Johnson, etc.) 1753–54

Adventures of Captain Robert Boyle 1726
        See Chetwood, W. R.

Advice to a painter; being a satyr upon the French King, etc. 1692

Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
        See United Kingdom. Advisory ——

Advocate-News (Barbados) 1895–

Ady, Thomas
        A candle in the dark; or, a treatise concerning the nature of witches and witchcraft 1656

        Boethius De consolatione philosophiae tr. c 888 (Sedgefield 1899)
        Gregory’s Pastoral care tr. c 897 (E.E.T.S. 1871)
        Orosius tr. c 893 (E.E.T.S. 1883)
        Soliloquien des Augustinus (= Blooms) c 900 (1922)
        Soliloquia Augustini selecta (Cockayne 1864–70)

        De veteri et de novo testamento c 1000 (Grein 1872; E.E.T.S. 1922)
        Genesis, Exodus, etc. c 1000 (Grein 1872; E.E.T.S. 1922)
        Grammar c 1000 (Zupitza 1880)
        Homilies c 1000 (Thorpe 1844–46)
        Lives of saints c 1000 (E.E.T.S. 1881–85)
See also Fragment

Aeronautical journal 1897–1923, 1968–

Aeronautical Research Committee (later Council)

SeeUnited Kingdom. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

Aëronautical Society of Great Britain
        Annual Report 1866–95

Aeronautics 1939–

Aeroplane, The 1911–68 (with title The Aeroplane and astronautics 1959–62, and The Aeroplane and commercial aviation news 1962–8)

Aeroplane spotter, The 1941–8

        Anglo-Saxon Benedictine rule c 960 (Schröer 1885)

Affecting narrative of the catastrophe of his majesty’s shipWager’ 1751

Aflalo, Frederick George
        A sketch of the natural history of Australia 1896

Africa. Journal of the International Institute of African Languages and Culture 1928–40, 1943–

African encyclopedia 1974

Agar, Wilfred Eade
        Cytology, with special reference to the Metazoan nucleus 1920

Agassiz, Louis J. R.
        Scientific results of a journey in Brazil 1871

Agate, James Evershed
        More first nights 1937
        Red letter nights 1944

Age, The (Melbourne) 1859–

Agger, Leo Thomas
        Introduction to electricity 1971

Agiatis, Queen of Sparta, or the civil wars of the Lacedemonians tr. 1686

Aglionby, William
        Painting illustrated in three dialogues 1685

Agnel, H. R.
        Chess for winter evenings 1848

Agnew, David C. A.
        Theology of consolation 1881

Agricultural and biological chemistry 1955–

Agricultural surveys of Great Britain and Ireland, and Scotland 1793–1815

Agriculture 1939–

Agrippa’s Vanity of arts and sciences tr. 1684.
See also Sanford, J.

Aharoni, Joseph
        The special theory of relativity 1959

Aiken, Joan Delano
        The butterfly picnic 1972
        Last movement 1977

Aiken, John
        Nightly deadshade 1971

Aikin, Arthur
        A dictionary of chemistry and mineralogy 1807–14

Ailesbury, Thomas
        The passion sermon at Pauls-Crosse, April 7 1626
        A sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse the second day of June, 1622 1623

Ailesbury, Thomas Bruce, 2nd Earl of
        Memoirs 17.. (Roxb. Cl. 1890)

Ainger, Arthur C.
        See Heathcote, C. G.

Ainslie, Hew
        A pilgrimage to the land of Burns: and poems 1822, a 1878 (1892)

Ainsworth, Henry
        Annotations upon Genesis 1616; Exodus 1617; Leviticus 1618; Numbers 1619; Deuteronomie 1619; the book of Psalms 1617
        Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses and the booke of Psalmes 1622; and the Song of Songs 1627 (1639)

Ainsworth, Leopold
        Confessions of a planter in Malaya 1933

‘Ainsworth, Milo’ (Peter Fison)
        Murder is catching 1959

Ainsworth, Robert
        Thesaurus linguæ Latinæ compendiarius 1736 (1773, etc.)

Ainsworth, William Harrison
        Crichton 1837
        Jack Sheppard 1839
        John Law 1864 (1881)
        The Lancashire witches 1848
        Merry England 1874
        The miser’s daughter 1842
        Old St. Paul’s 1841
        Ovingdean Grange 1860
        Rookwood 1834
        Saint James’s, or the court of Q. Anne 1844
        Tower Hill 1871
        The Tower of London 1840
        Windsor Castle 1843

Ainsworth’s magazine 1842–54

Air Conference [London], 1920
        Proceedings 1920

Air News (Chicago) 1941–46

Aircraft engineering 1929–

‘Aird, Catherine’ (Kinn Hamilton McIntosh)
        Henrietta who? 1968

Aird, Thomas
        Poetical works 1848, 1856
        Memoir of D. M. Moir 1852

Airth, Rennie
        Snatch! 1969

Airy, George B.
        Astronomy 1851–59 (in Manual of scientific enquiry)
        Undulatory theory of optics 1866

Aitchison, Charles U.
        A collection of treaties, etc. relating to India and neighbouring countries 1876–78

Aitken, Adam Jack, McIntosh, A., & Pálsson, H.
eds. Edinburgh studies in English and Scots 1971

Aitken, William
        The science and practice of medicine 1863 (1866)

Aitken, William
        Automatic telephone systems 3 vols., 1921–4

Aiton, John
        Manual of domestic economy for clergymen 1842 (1857)

Aiton, William
        Hortus Kewensis; or, A catalogue of plants cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew 3 vols. 1789
—(ed. 2, ed. by W. T. Aiton) 5 vols. 1810–13

Aiton, William
        General view of the agriculture of the county Ayr 1811

Akenside, Mark
        Poems v.d. (1790)
        The pleasures of imagination 1744
—revised ed. (1788)

Akerman, John Y.
        A glossary of provincial words and phrases in use in Wiltshire 1842

Alabaster, Henry
        The wheel of the law: Buddhism illustrated from Siamese sources 1871

Albanesi, Effie Maria
        For love of Anne Lambert 1910

Albee, Edward
        Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1962

Albemarle, George Monk, 1st Duke of
        Observations upon military and political affairs 1671

Albert, Abraham Adrian
        Modern higher algebra 1937 (UK 1938)

Albert, Arthur Lemuel
        Fundamentals of telephony 1943
        Radio fundamentals 1948

Alberta historical review 1957–

Albery, James
        Dramatic works ed. W. Albery 2 vols. 1939

Albin, Eleazar
        A natural history of birds 1731–38
        A natural history of English insects 1720

Albion’s triumph, a poem 1705

Albright, William Foxwell
        The archaeology of Palestine 1949

>Alcilia 1613

Alcock, Bp. John
        Mons perfeccionis, the hyll of perfeccion 1496 (1497)
        Sermo pro episcopo puerorum c 1496 (W. de Worde)

Alcock, Leslie
        By South Cadbury 1972

Alcock, Sir Rutherford
        The capital of the Tycoon: three years in Japan 1863

Alcoran of Mahomet 1649
        See Ross, A.

Alcott, Amos B.
        Table-talk 1877

Alcott, Louisa M.
        Hospital sketches, and camp and fireside stories 1863
        Little men 1871
        Little women 1868 (1869)
        An old-fashioned girl 1870

Alday, John
        Boaystuau’s Theatrum mundi, the theatre or rule of the world tr. 1566

Alden, William Livingston
        The adventures of Jimmy Brown 1885

Aldhelm glosses a 1100 (Napier 1900)

Aldington, Richard
        All men are enemies 1933
        The colonel’s daughter 1931
        Death of a hero 1929
        The strange life of Charles Waterton 1782–1865 1949

Aldiss, Brian Wilson
        The airs of earth 1963
        The moment of eclipse 1970
A soldier erect

—— & Harrison, Harry Max
eds. Decade: the 1950’s 1976
        Decade: the 1940’s 1975

Aldrich, Thomas B.
        Marjorie Daw, and other people 1873
        Prudence Palfrey 1874 (1885)
        The story of a bad boy 1869

Alexander 1340–70 (Roxb. Cl. 1849, App.) (= Alexander and Dindimus, E.E.T.S. 1878)

Alexander, Alliterative romance of, a 1400–50 (Roxb. Cl. 1849) (= The Wars of Alexander, E.E.T.S. 1866)

Alexander, Prose life of c 1420 (E.E.T.S. 1913)

‘Alexander, Mrs.’ (Mrs. Annie F. Hector)
        The admiral’s ward 1883
        A choice of evils 3 vols. 1894
        Stronger than love 1902

Alexander, James Edward
        An expedition of discovery into the interior of Africa 2 vols. 1838
        Sketches in Portugal during the Civil War of 1834 1835

Alexander, Jerome
        Colloid chemistry, theoretical and applied 6 vols. 1926–46

Alexander, Samuel
        Space, time and deity 2 vols. 1920

Alexander, Sir William a 1640
        See Stirling, Earl of

Alexander, William
        The history of women 1779 (1782)

Alexander, William
        Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk 1871
        Sketches of life among my ain folk 1875

Alexander, Bp. William
        St. Augustine’s holiday, and other poems 1886

Alexander, William L.
        Dorner’s (Isaac A.) Development of the doctrine of the person of Christ tr. 1861–63 (1872)

Alexius, The legend or life of St. c 1400 (E.E.T.S. 1878)

Alexopoulos, Constantine John
        Introductory mycology 1952
—(ed. 2) 1962

Alford, Henry
        Essays and addresses, chiefly on Church subjects 1869

Alger, William R.
        History of the doctrine of a future life 1858
        The solitudes of nature and of man 1866

Algren, Nelson
        The man with the golden arm 1949
        A walk on the wild side 1956 (UK 1957)

Alice, Princess
        Biographical sketch and letters a 1878 (1884)

Alienist and neurologist 1880–

Alingham, William
        Geometry epitomized 1695

Alisaunder, King 13.. (Weber 1810; MS. Laud Misc. 622)

Alisaunder of Macedoine 1340–70 (E.E.T.S. 1867, App.)

Alison, Archibald
        History of Europe 1833–42 (1849–53)

Alison, Richard
        Cantus Primus. An howres recreation in musicke, apt for instrumentes and voyces 1606 (Arber, Eng. Garner VI)

All the year round 1859–95

Allan-Olney, Mary
        The New Virginians 1880

Allbeury, Theo Edward Le Bouthillier (‘Ted’)
        A choice of enemies 1973
        The lantern network 1978
        The only good German 1976
        Snowball 1974
        The special collection 1975

Allbutt, Thomas C.
        On visceral neuroses 1884
ed. A system of medicine: by many writers 1896–99

Allee, Warder Clyde
        Animal aggregations: a study in general sociology 1931

Alleine, Joseph
        An alarme to unconverted sinners a 1668 (1672)
        A sure guide to heaven a 1668 (1691)
        The life and death of J. A.; whereunto are annexed diverse Christian letters, and his funeral sermon preached by Mr. Newton (1672, 1677)

Alleine, Richard
        Vindiciæ pietatis: or, a vindication of godliness from the imputations of folly and fancy 1663

Allen, Arthur Charles
        The skin: a clinico-pathological treatise 1954
—(ed. 2) 1967

Allen, Clifford
        A textbook of psychosexual disorders 1962
—(ed. 2) 1969

Allen, David Elliston
        British tastes: an enquiry into the likes and dislikes of the regional consumer 1968

Allen, Edmund
        The paraphrase of Erasmus vpon the Epistle of S. Paule to the Philippians tr. 1549
        The paraphrase or commentarie (of Leo Jude) vpon the Reuelacion of S. Iohn tr. 1549

Allen, Frederick Lewis
        Only yesterday: an informal history of the nineteen-twenties 1931

Allen, Geoffrey Freeman
        British Rail after Beeching 1966

Allen, Grant
        Babylon 1885
        The colour-sense 1879
        Life of Charles Darwin 1886
        In all shades 1886
        Kalee’s shrine 1886
        For Maimie’s sake 1886
        Philistia 1884
        The scallywag 1893
        The type-writer girl 1897

Allen, Herbert Stanley
        Photo-electricity: the liberation of electrons by light 1913
—(ed. 2) 1925

Allen, Ira
        Natural and political history of Vermont 1798

Allen, James Lane
        The choir invisible 1897

Allen, Joel A.
        The American bison 1876

Allen, John
        No acceptance with God by faith only 1761

Allen, John
        History of the borough of Liskeard 1856

Allen, Jules Verne
        Cowboy lore 1933

Allen, Percy Stafford
        Letters ed. H. M. Allen 1939

Allen, Ralph
        Home made banners 1946

Allen, Reginald Lancelot Mountford
        Colour chemistry 1971

Allen, William
        An admonition to the nobility and people of England and Ireland 1588
        An apologie and true declaration of the institution, etc. of the two English Colleges, Rome, Rhemes, etc. 1581
        A defense and declaration of the catholike churches doctrine touching purgatorie 1565

Allen, William 1657
        See Titus, Silius

Allen, William
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Alliterative poems
See Early English Alliterative Poems; href=”http://public.oed.com/history-of-the-oed/oed-editions/bibliography-to-the-second-edition/s-sc#scottishalliterative”>Scottish Alliterative Poems

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