Additions Series Volume 3: Preface

Here you can read the full text of the Preface to the Additions Series Volume 3. You can also view the original as a PDF.

This third volume in the Oxford English Dictionary: Additions Series presents a selection of approximately 3,000 entries and subsenses not previously included in the OED.

The principles followed in the preparation of this volume are identical to those used in preparing Volumes 1 and 2. Again, the material is not confined to a particular alphabetical range, permitting a new entry to be included in any volume rather than having to wait for its turn in a publication cycle, and allowing related entries which are alphabetically distant to be included in a single volume. In each volume, however, there are concentrations of entries, reflecting the recent work of the project. In Volume 3, the bulk of the entries lies in the ranges A–C and K–O, and derives from the systematic analysis of the OED‘s quotation files (paper and electronic). Other entries reflect the OED‘s role in providing fully researched new entries for the range of dictionaries produced by the Oxford University Press, notably in this volume the Oxford English Reference Dictionary and the Concise Oxford Dictionary (ninth edition).

A cumulative index of volumes 1, 2, and 3 is included at the end of this volume.

The Editors would as ever be delighted to hear of suggestions for words or senses which might be treated later in the series.

Oxford, May 1996                                                                                                  Michael Proffitt