1933 Supplement: staff and contributors

Editorial staff

Dr C. T. Onions, Sir William Craigie

H. J. Bayliss, J. W. Birt, Miss E. S. Bradley, Miss E. V. V. Clark, Mrs Heseltine, Miss E. A. Lee, W. J. Lewis, A. T. Maling, Miss D. E. Marshall, M. M. Matthews, Miss R. A. N. R. Murray, J. L. N. O’Loughlin, Mrs L. F. Powell, Mrs A. S. C. Ross, F. J. Sweatman, G. Watson, W. Worrall, J. M. Wyllie

Contributors, proof-readers, and researchers

C. W. Adams, Dr F. A. Bather, H. Bayles, Dr Max Born (Berlin), E. S. Brown, Dr R. W. Chapman, Mrs E. A. Coulson, Miss M. B. Cruickshank, Revd Dr W. Cruickshank, Revd F. G. Ellerton , C. A. Exley (Chicago), K. Foster, A. J. Fowler, D. Freeman, L. N. Feipel (Brooklyn), E. V. Gatenby (Fukushima, Japan), Edvard Giese (Copenhagen), H. W. Horwill, E. W. Hulme, Mrs A. J. Jenkinson, Revd J. B. Johnston, Dr E. H. Lendon, A. Lewis, G. G. Loane, Professor W. S. Mackie (Capetown), F. Madan, A. Matthews, H. J. R. Murray, Revd. T. G. Phillips (Isle of Man), H. F. Rutter, Professor H. L. Savage (Princeton), Dr A. B. A. Scott, W. B. Shaw, K. Sisam, Dr L. J. Spencer, E. V. Stocks (Durham), L. R. M. Strachan, Dr E. H. Sugden, Dr A. E. H. Swaen (Amsterdam), M. Venkanah (Vizianagram, India), J. M. Watt, Miss E. G. Withycombe


Sir Richard Burn, L. G. Carr Laughton, Dr J. Chadwick, R. P. Dewhurst, G. R. Driver, Sir Arthur Eddington, Professor A. Findlay, Professor N. Forbes, Dr J. K. Fotheringham, Dr A. E. M. Geddes, R. F. Harrod, N. B. Jopson, Dr J. G. Milne, Lord Passfield, Lord Riddell, M. Shaw, Dr N. V. Sidgwick, Professor F. Soddy, Col. H. R. H. Southam, M. H. Spielmann, D. Suboti, Sir Ernest Swinton, Professor F. W. Thomas, Dr J. F. Tocher, Dr N. T. Walker, The Librarian of the India Office, The Superintendent of the Kew Observatory, The Directors and staffs of the Natural History Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Printer to the University of Oxford, The Secretary of the Zoological Society, The Editors of The Evening News, The Field, The Sketch, and The Stock Exchange Gazette