Second edition staff and contributors



Project Director: T. J. Benbow


Co-Editors: J. A. Simpson, E. S. C. Weiner

Editorial Co-ordinators: J. C. Swannell, Y. L. Warburton

Senior Editor (Science): A. M. Hughes (part-time)

Senior Assistant Editor: S. K. Tulloch

Assistant Editors: E. Bonner (part-time), E. C. Dann, P. M. Gilliver, J. Paterson, B. T. Paton

Editorial Assistants (freelance): V. Broughton, M. Harrington, V. Hurst, P. E. Rooke, J. R. Spencer

Integration Assistants: S. Chapman, H. Y. Clarke, L. C. Elliott, A. Gibson, C. Goodrick-Clarke, M. E. Hague, S. C. Rennie, J. S. Siddle, I. C. Watson


Administration Manager: C. S. Bennett

Secretary: S. Enjily (1984-6), S. Garrard (1986), K. C. E. Vines (1986-7), K. R. Manville (1987- )

Computer Group

Manager: A. R. Prescott (IBM) (1984-6), R. V. Sabido (1986-7), R. S. Hawi (1987- )

Chief Designer: J. P. Howes

D. B. Harrison (IBM), J. J. Cahill, M. F. Cowlishaw (IBM), J. M. A. Few, F. R. Kazman (University of Waterloo), R. B. Machin, A. M. Webb

L. V. Anada, M. Dite, E. F. Erbes, C. T. Midgley, J. A. N. Mostyn, P. Osman, R. Pryce


The following assisted with library research:

G. M. Briggs (Oxford), G. Chowdharay-Best (London), D. Gilbert-Carter (Washington), D. T. Hanks (Washington), S. Hinkle (Boston), D. D. Honoré (Oxford), R. Keckeissen (New York), M. Y. Offord (Oxford), A. P. Orr (Washington)

The following gave valuable editorial assistance:

V. Donaghy, A. Dubin, M. Dunkley, D. J. Edmonds, A. Emmans, C. Hart, R. Temple, J. Waller-Vintar, C. M. Weiner, A. Whear, L. Yeates

During the span of the project, the files of the Oxford Dictionaries Department continued to benefit from the labours of the directed readers, the material submitted by voluntary readers, and the resources of independently compiled collections. In particular, it received from Mrs M. Moe a gift of a large collection of quotations relating to American English, compiled by her husband, the late Colonel A. F. Moe. Significant help was received from Mr D. Barnhart, Mr R. Barnhart, and Mr B. Garner. Notable contributors included Mr S. C. Boorman, Mr G. Charters, Mr G. Chowdharay-Best, Mr C. Collier, Mrs S. Fleming, Miss C. Graves Taylor, Mr. F. D. Hayes, Miss R. Mateer, Miss V. Painting, Sir Edward Playfair, Miss G. Rathbone, Mr F. R. Shapiro, Mrs K. Shock, Mr David Shulman, Mr E. Trehern, Dr P. J. Wexler, and Mrs J. K. Williams.

It is with the greatest sadness that the Co-editors record the death, in February 1988, of Miss Marghanita Laski, a steadfast friend of the OED and its Supplement over some thirty years; especially as she did not live to see the results of her work incorporated into the OED itself. The exact size of her written contribution will never be known, but has been estimated at a quarter of a million quotations.

The following consultants and critical readers assisted with the new vocabulary:

Dr M. J. Aitken, Dr R. E. Allen, Dr P. W. Atkins, Mr A. J. Augarde, Dr S. Bradbury, Dr J. Branford, Mr S. Brooks, Dr M. R. Bryce, Dr R. W. Burchfield, Mr P. Burnett , Miss P. Byrde, Sir Alec Cairncross, Dr R. Cammack, Professor F. G. Cassidy, Dr P. A. Charles, Dr D. Clark, Dr F. Close, Dr J. Clutton-Brock, Professor J. Cortés, Mr J. M. Cottis, Mr M. Cowlishaw, Professor G. N. C. Crawford, Dr D. S. Davies, Dr P. D. Dennis, Dr G. Furniss, Mr C. Gillett, Mr P. G. W. Glare, Dr I. Goddard, Mrs J. Gray, Mr P. S. Green, Mr M. W. Grose, Mr R. Hall, Mr P. R. Hardie, Dr R. Hardie, Mr A. Hawke, Mr R. E. Hawkins, Mr M. T. Heydeman, Mr T. F. Hoad, Mr A. G. Hodgkin, Mrs D. D. Honoré, Dr D. M. Jackson, Mr P. Jarrett, Dr Ann Jefferson, Dr R. Jones, Professor T. Kaufman, Dr W. J. Kirwin , Dr H. E. M. Klein, Professor K. Koike, Miss M. Laski, Professor J. D. Latham, Professor J. Leech, Professor B. Lennox, Dr G. Lewis, Mr A. Louth, Dr R. S. McGregor, Ms I. MacLeod, Professor J. B. McMillan, Dr L. V. Malakhovski, Dr F. H. C. Marriott, Dr K. Morgan, Dr C. Nic Phaidin, Mrs I. Opie, Dr W. S. Ramson, Mrs V. M. Richardson, Professor R. H. Robins, Dr D. A. Roe, Dr H. M. Rosenberg, Professor J. M. Rosenberg, Mr R. Russell, Professor N. G. Sabbagha, Mr R. Scruton, Mr D. L. F. Sealy, Mrs P. Simpson, Ms J. Smith, Dr J. R. Spencer, Professor E. G. Stanley, Mr A. J. Stevens, Dr J. Stubbs, Dr J. B. Sykes, Professor J. Tao, Professor G. Treitel, Dr W. R. Trumble, Mr G. W. Turner, Professor J. O. Urmson, Professor T. G. Vallance, Dr M. Weitzmann, Mr D. Willand, Mr J. Wilson, Mrs H. C. Wright, Mr B. Zephaniah, Dr R. D. Zorc

In addition to the members of the Advisory Council and the Editorial Board, the following gave valuable advice and help at various stages in the project:

Mr R. Beale, Mr E. Bodger, Dr L. Burnard, Mr R. Corwin, Mr E. O. V. Fletcher, Mr T. Hunt, Mr P. F. J. Luna, Mr J. Mackay, Mr A. Rosenheim, Dr W. R. Trumble, Mr L. Urdang, Mr N. S. Wedd, Mr R. Zich

The assistance of the following organizations was instrumental in the completion of this work:

The management of IBM UK Ltd., especially Mr J. W. Fairclough, Dr G. W. Robinson, Mr P. D. Wright.

The University of Waterloo Centre for the New OED, especially Professor G. Gonnet, G. Johannesen, Professor J. Stubbs, Professor F. W. Tompa.

The University of Oxford Phonetics Laboratory, especially its acting head, Dr I. Watson.